#clojure log - Jun 24 2017

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5:04 dysfun: puredanger: the docs for s/conformer still say it returns :clojure.spec/invalid on failure to conform, but the namespace has of course changed

7:43 puredanger: On web site or if you call doc?

7:44 dysfun: on the website

7:45 http://clojure.github.io/clojure/branch-master/clojure.spec-api.html#clojure.spec/conformer

7:45 puredanger: Web site is way out of date

7:46 Long story, not interesting

7:46 I think the code is correct

7:46 dysfun: what are the chances of getting updated docs on the site?

7:49 puredanger: That's the long story, but it's in progress

7:49 dysfun: can you share any vague indications as to when?

7:49 puredanger: Unfortunately I have no control over it

7:50 Tom Faulhaber runs a server that does all that stuff

7:50 It's one of those old pieces of infrastructure that has never really migrated into our control

7:51 I've been working with him, but he's busy so it's just taking a while

7:51 dysfun: ah, shame

7:51 puredanger: All of this is frustrating to me as well

7:51 dysfun: well yeah, you have to read docs too

7:52 puredanger: The docs shouldn't even be there now - they should be under spec.alpha

8:05 dysfun: puredanger: is there any documentation about the Spec protocol?

8:06 the human sort of documentation that attempts to explain

8:06 puredanger: No as it still subject to violent change or even removal

8:06 dysfun: "violent" change. oh joy

9:30 puredanger: what's the difference between path and via for explain?

9:51 puredanger: I'm going from memory but I think one is the path of data keys and one is the path of nested specs

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