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15:39 scriptor: anyone know why core.async pipelines has so many intermediate channels? https://github.com/clojure/core.async/blob/2afc2dc5102f60713135ffca6fab993fb35809f0/src/main/clojure/clojure/core/async.clj#L475

15:41 afaict, each value from the from channel is put into a tuple of [value (chan 1)]

15:41 hiredman_: to preserve ordering, to support multiple results from async pipelines, and uh, some other reason

15:42 oh, to make sure xforms are run on certain threads

15:45 scriptor: ah, right, `results` ensures ordering since the result channels are in order

15:45 hiredman_: https://ce2144dc-f7c9-4f54-8fb6-7321a4c318db.s3.amazonaws.com/buffer.html might be of interest, it looks at buffering behavior of pipelines

15:49 scriptor: hiredman_: what do you mean by multiple results? It looks like it closes `res` after only putting a single value in, https://github.com/clojure/core.async/blob/2afc2dc5102f60713135ffca6fab993fb35809f0/src/main/clojure/clojure/core/async.clj#L490

15:49 thanks for the link

15:50 hiredman_: https://github.com/clojure/core.async/blob/2afc2dc5102f60713135ffca6fab993fb35809f0/src/main/clojure/clojure/core/async.clj#L493-L499

15:50 scriptor: I see

15:50 xf might throw a bunch of stuff in there

15:51 hiredman_: right

15:51 https://github.com/clojure/core.async/blob/2afc2dc5102f60713135ffca6fab993fb35809f0/src/main/clojure/clojure/core/async.clj#L528-L530 pulls from res until res is closed

15:51 scriptor: yep

15:52 hiredman_: https://github.com/clojure/core.async/blob/2afc2dc5102f60713135ffca6fab993fb35809f0/src/main/clojure/clojure/core/async.clj#L561-L562

15:52 af must close res

15:53 scriptor: ah, perfect, that makes sense, I was mostly looking at the compute/blocking cases

15:54 thanks for the explanation

16:29 mgaare: Q: What does a Vulcan Clojure developer need to develop an idea to maturity?

16:30 technomancy: core.logic?

16:30 mgaare: A: Hamok Time

16:30 technomancy: nice

16:33 justin_smith: in the real world, Amok is named after a culturally specific mental illness from Malaysia

16:33 "In a typical case of running amok, an individual (often male), having shown no previous sign of anger or any inclination to violence, will acquire a weapon (traditionally a sword or dagger, but presently any of a variety of weapons) and in a sudden frenzy, will attempt to kill or seriously injure anyone he encounters and himself.["

19:12 WorldsEndless: I've heard a little bit of talking last year about running a repl in production. Has anyone tried running figwheel in production?

19:17 rhg135: omg!

19:18 justin_smith: WorldsEndless: that feels like a really bad idea - whose browser would you be taking over?

19:19 sometimes I find the built in socket repl server useful, and I run it (allowing localhost only connections) in case I need to post-mortem some issue on my server

19:19 but a browser repl is another thing entirely

19:22 rhg135: sounds fun in a sadistic way

19:30 TimMc: technomancy: Oooh, do you have lein stickers again? Can I collect my sticker now? :-D

19:32 technomancy: TimMc: you never got a sticker??

19:35 justin_smith: I just bought my ticket to clojure/west

19:35 YAY

19:35 (update-in conferences [:clojure/west] conj :justin_smith)

19:36 amalloy: sorry justin_smith, only users of modern clojure will be welcomed. anyone who doesn't know about update will be turned away at the door

19:36 justin_smith: haha

19:42 TimMc: technomancy: Yeah! I think you were out when it was relevant or something, I don't recall exactly.

19:45 technomancy: amalloy: flatland's useful doesn't have any mechanism for defining custom map types does it?

19:45 justin_smith: ptomkin iirc

19:45 amalloy: you mean potemkin

19:45 technomancy: justin_smith: potemkin is exactly the thing I am trying to not use =(

19:45 justin_smith: right

19:46 amalloy: technomancy: no

19:46 technomancy: ok, just checking

19:46 amalloy: if i did it would probably just look like potemkin

19:46 technomancy: amalloy: no

19:47 justin_smith: amalloy: but that would just be a thin facade, right?

19:47 technomancy: I mean, it will not pull in three jars and contain an `import-vars' which would make you want to scream

19:48 amalloy: well like, i worked with ztellman for a year or two, and he made compelling arguments for why some of the weird potemkin shit is not such a bad idea

19:48 i still don't use it myself but there are reasons for it to exist

19:48 technomancy: sure... it would be great if it could exist somewhere else tho

19:55 justin_smith: fork the library and remove all namespaces other than that one?

21:29 tolstoy: technomancy I know I'm late to this party, but I ditched "search" a long time ago because it never terminated. ;) However, adding something like "lein ancient" would be great.

22:27 technomancy: tolstoy: the main driver behind getting rid of search is being able to remove dependencies in order to make debian packaging smoother

22:31 tolstoy: Ah! In that case, suggestion withdrawn. ;)

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