#clojure log - Jan 10 2017

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22:11 timsgardner: I'm getting obnoxiously huge errors from cljs.spec.test/instrument when large data fails the spec, is there any easy way to truncate that?

22:14 tolstoy-: What's the reason to use reducers over regular map/reduce?

22:22 justin_smith: tolstoy-: they can evaluate in parallel, for one

22:22 they have logic for efficiently using the CPU

22:22 tolstoy-: You'd use them if you had huge data sets, for instance?

22:23 justin_smith: huge data sets and a task that was dominated by CPU time that was parallelizable

22:31 miatomi: exi

22:43 tolstoy-: Browsing the clojure.org site: it's amazing how much of Clojure you really don't have to take advantage of to get a lot done. Protocols. Hierarchy. Reducers. Transducers. Metadata. Transients. Deftype/Defrecord. Agents. Refs. Even defmulti if a case statement does the job.

22:46 technomancy: tolstoy-: boring doesn't sell well

22:47 tolstoy-: Eh?

22:48 justin_smith: tolstoy-: in the case of protocols an metadata, you might not use them explicitly but you won't get much done in clojure without using code that uses them

22:48 technomancy: I mean, the stuff you actually use day-to-day doesn't get front-page billing on clojure.org to convince you to try clojure

22:49 tolstoy-: Yeah, it's all great stuff, but the core is pretty solid. ;)

23:25 TimMc: TEttinger: I should clarify that I wasn't up 'til 2 AM making a patch; last night I just found and reported it, and weavejester woke up to an email prompting him to do so today.

23:26 haven't even seen the patch yet

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