#clojure log - Apr 10 2016

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20:19 ben_vulpes: oho wow cljr-add-project-dependency does in fact seem to behave correctly

20:25 justin_smith: cool

20:59 sdegutis: hey guys

20:59 is there any really cool clojure ides written entirely in clojure?

20:59 cuz that would be something

21:11 justin_smith: sdegutis: isn't this kind of what nightcode and light-table try to do?

21:19 tolstoy: There's also that Smalltalk-like thing I saw on one of the Clojure Conj videos. Really cool.

21:22 This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQvvgzvPgQI, though I think he wrote it in regular javascript (for the client part).

21:23 Ah, here: https://cloxp.github.io/cloxp-intro.html

21:38 sdegutis: why was that message green

21:39 justin_smith: but yeah nightcode sounds familiar, it may be really cool, but if it lacks the ability to alter itself while running, then that was a huge missed opportunity

21:52 rhg135: cljs, imo, is clojure sans io or runtime introspection

21:52 well, introspection of your code; you can modify js at runtime just fine

21:55 sdegutis: I'm assuming your client formats notices as green

21:56 raspasov: as far as I know Cursive for IntelliJ is written mostly in Clojure

21:56 sdegutis: rhg135: ahh yea

22:21 cfleming: Yeah, Cursive is about 70% Clojure

22:22 sdegutis: cfleming: sweet

22:37 cfleming: do you alter cursive while its running and refresh to get your changes live?

22:37 cfleming: sdegutis: I do, most of the time - I can't always do that since IntelliJ isn't designed for it.

22:37 I generally start another IDE instance and debug/REPL into that

22:38 sdegutis: oh cool

22:39 cfleming: But more and more I develop using tests, so I write the functionality then a bunch of tests for it and debug/REPL those if I can.

22:39 Lots of UI stuff I can't do that easily for, though.

23:50 lewis: .(first [])

23:50 ,(first [])

23:50 clojurebot: nil

23:50 justin_smith: ,(rest (first []))

23:50 clojurebot: ()

23:57 jeaye: ,(second (rest (first [])))

23:57 clojurebot: nil

23:57 lewis: justin_smith: https://gist.github.com/6ewis/07ec1af12198dbd5105fb45a37831e92

23:58 justin_smith: lewis: that behaves weird when a list has nil in it, you should check if rest-of-seq is empty

23:58 lewis: ,(sorted-set 5 7 2 7)

23:58 clojurebot: #{2 5 7}

23:59 lewis: justin_smith: it used to be rest-of-seq is empty i changed it because it was skipping the last item

23:59 amalloy: justin_smith: that behaves weird when a list is non-empty, you should check if updated-seq is empty

23:59 justin_smith: amalloy: I imagined also putting a conj on line 5, but yeah

23:59 amalloy: justin_smith: that would break for empty seqs

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