#clojure log - Oct 26 2015

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1:12 Charlie_Brown: Anyone home?

1:22 samssammerz: I'm home, at my desk.

5:15 ely-se: Is there any documentation on ISeq? I can't figure out what implementations should return from first, next, more and cons.

5:17 Or is ISeq not a public API?

5:39 stannie: hi, is there a channel for Prismatic/Schema library ?

6:08 visof: hi guys

6:09 is this allowable, to define a protocol and records which implement methods in protocol and then extend-type of these records?

6:09 ,(defprotocol Hello (hi [this]) (foo [this]))

6:09 clojurebot: Hello

6:10 visof: ,(defrecord XXX [] Hello (hi [this] (println hi this)))

6:10 clojurebot: sandbox.XXX

6:11 visof: ,(extend-type XXX Hello (foo [this] (println this)))

6:11 clojurebot: #error {\n :cause "class sandbox.XXX already directly implements interface sandbox.Hello for protocol:#'sandbox/Hello"\n :via\n [{:type java.lang.IllegalArgumentException\n :message "class sandbox.XXX already directly implements interface sandbox.Hello for protocol:#'sandbox/Hello"\n :at [clojure.core$extend invokeStatic "core_deftype.clj" 765]}]\n :trace\n [[clojure.core$extend invokeStatic "...

6:11 visof: why i got this error?

6:11 and how can i fix it?

6:17 nobody there?

6:19 xeqi: visof: a mechanism for only implementing part of a protocol does not exist. When you add it in the defrecord the compiler expects you to implement everything you care about

6:30 visof: xeqi: ah ok

7:31 eth0: i want type something

7:31 done

7:50 tdammers: talk about self-fulfilling prophecies

7:54 TEttinger: so... june 14 to october 26

7:55 how many days is that

7:55 TRICK QUESTION! 500 https://github.com/tommyettinger

8:00 tdammers: june 2014 to october 1926 should be a negative number though

8:00 TEttinger: heh

8:00 how do you know it's not 2026

8:00 tdammers: oh well, just use levenshtein distance... in the grand scheme of things it won't be far off

8:00 oddcully: ,(-> (java.time.LocalDate/of 2014 6 14) (.plusDays 500))

8:00 clojurebot: #error {\n :cause "java.time.LocalDate"\n :via\n [{:type clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException\n :message "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java.time.LocalDate, compiling:(NO_SOURCE_PATH:0:0)"\n :at [clojure.lang.Compiler analyzeSeq "Compiler.java" 6891]}\n {:type java.lang.ClassNotFoundException\n :message "java.time.LocalDate"\n :at [java.net.URLClassLoader$1 run "URLClassLoader.java...

8:02 TEttinger: I'm just happy as a clam about having 500 consecutive days of commits

8:05 tdammers: streak, huh

8:11 ely-se: Is it possible with test.check to mix test.check properties and clojure.test (is ...) calls in a single deftest?

8:12 defspec doesn't allow (is ...) and supports only one property

8:29 guess I'll just use this: https://gist.github.com/rightfold/9665515fd718c65a60d8

8:32 justin_smith: ely-se: first should return the first item, or nil if empty, next should return all but the first, or nil if the sequence has one item exactly, more is like next but returns an empty instance if there is only one item, cons returns a new collection with the argument provided in front of the existing items

8:34 ely-se: justin_smith: how do you know that?

8:34 justin_smith: ely-se: docs on clojure.org

8:34 also, calling the relevant functions

8:35 ,(next '(1))

8:35 clojurebot: nil

8:35 justin_smith: ,(rest '(1))

8:35 clojurebot: ()

8:35 justin_smith: ,(cons 2 '(1))

8:35 clojurebot: (2 1)

8:35 justin_smith: ,(first '(1))

8:35 clojurebot: 1

8:35 justin_smith: rest/more is counterintuitive, the rest are straightforward

8:38 ely-se: you can't find out the behaviour of a function just by calling them

8:38 but I'll check to see if I can find ISeq docs on clojure.org, thanks

8:41 justin_smith: ISeq is documented here - http://clojure.org/sequences

9:14 yenda: i'm trying to use components in my app, the more I'm refactoring, the more it looks like duct or even Luminouss

9:16 powered: is there a build-in function to map a collection of functions over a value?

9:16 oddcully: (doc juxt)

9:16 clojurebot: "([f] [f g] [f g h] [f g h & fs]); Takes a set of functions and returns a fn that is the juxtaposition of those fns. The returned fn takes a variable number of args, and returns a vector containing the result of applying each fn to the args (left-to-right). ((juxt a b c) x) => [(a x) (b x) (c x)]"

9:17 powered: thanks

9:52 franksinistra: /part/part

11:47 noncom: i want to user this https://github.com/weavejester/cljfmt as a library, not lein plugin...

11:47 how can i do this?

11:47 (except that i can rip the sources)

11:50 ah, nvm, i can just add it to deps instead of lein plugins

11:50 it works

11:50 justin_smith: noncom: can't you just include it in deps rather than your plugins list? I think you'll also have to include deps for leiningen, depending on whether it relies of lein functionality (lein plugins can call lein code without having lein in their deps)

11:50 oh, heh

11:50 cool

11:50 noncom: :)

11:50 yeah, thanks anyway

11:51 fortunately it does not call any lein code

11:51 justin_smith: yeah, some plugins will work as is, some will break because they look for lein stuff

11:51 awesome

12:47 noncom: is anyone here familiar with rewrite-clj ?

13:30 yenda: Is M-. suppose to jump to symbol definition in clojure-mode ?

13:30 In emacs, I get a call to find-tags and it doesn't work well

13:31 justin_smith: yenda: I think it needs some cider integration that overrides the find-tags call

13:32 yenda: so there is no such thing yet ?

13:33 justin_smith: yenda: it exists in cider, but requires a repl to be connected, and won't work in clojure mode without cider

13:34 favetelinguis: how do i pass a vector to a defrecord?

13:34 justin_smith: favetelinguis: what do you want the defrecord to do to the vector?

13:34 favetelinguis: i would like to do (defrecord MYTYPE (my-vector))

13:34 justin_smith: favetelinguis: that would require a macro

13:35 a pretty easy macro to write, but it can't be done without one

13:36 favetelinguis: justin_smith: ok can you give me some pointern, im just learning this stuff as i go

13:38 justin_smith: something like (defmacro make-record [n v & body] `(defrecord ~'n ~v ~@body)) - but realize that if the vector is constructed at runtime, then the macro needs to be called at runtime via eval somewhere - macros can only do compile time substitution

13:38 (and eval makes compile time happen later, which is why you would need it)

13:45 mavbozo: ,(ancestors (type {}))

13:46 clojurebot: #{clojure.lang.Counted clojure.lang.IObj clojure.lang.Associative clojure.lang.IFn clojure.lang.IHashEq ...}

13:46 mavbozo: how do i know which interfaces I have to implement to make something behave like a hash-map?

13:50 the ancestors function above gives me all the superclass and all the interface for a hash map. can I extract only the interfaces I need to implement?

14:02 justin_smith: mavbozo: best bet is to use defrecord - it's a shortcut for making something that acts like a PersistentHashMap

14:03 favetelinguis: justin_smith: Just getting the error "No fields vector given" calling like so (make-record TYPE [a b c d])

14:04 justin_smith: favetelinguis: try using (macroexpand '(make-record ...)) to see the result - it is likely a simple thing

14:07 amalloy: macroexpand-1, anyway. using macroexpand probably gives the same error

14:17 mavbozo: justin_smith, i guess the most reliable way to find the interfaces/protocols of PersistentHashMap is www.clojureatlas.com

14:18 favetelinguis: justin_smith: both macroexpand and -1 gives the same error

14:18 justin_smith: favetelinguis: with the quoted form?

14:19 ,(defmacro make-record [n v & body] `(defrecord ~'n ~v ~@body))

14:19 clojurebot: #'sandbox/make-record

14:19 justin_smith: ,(macroexpand-1 '(make-record recrec [a b]))

14:19 clojurebot: (clojure.core/defrecord n [a b])

14:19 justin_smith: ,(make-record recrec [a b])

14:19 clojurebot: sandbox.n

14:20 favetelinguis: this i get (defrecord (clojure.core/unquote (quote n)) (clojure.core/unquote v) (clojure.core/unquote-splicing body))

14:20 brb

15:02 WorldsEndless: I have files stored in GridFS in a mongo database in my web app; how can I stream the file to the client instead of writing to disk first?

15:03 _dugg: Hi, guys I'm new to clojure and I need help. I've a list of strings and I want to sort these strings by their characters. For example, I've the list ("word" "list"). How can I convert it to ("dorw" "ilst")? I've started using sort and got ((\d \o \r \w) (\i \l \s \t)). How can I proceed? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys.

15:03 favetelinguis: justin_smith: it works if i call (make-record type [a b c]) but i want to use a def for my vector like so (def keys ['a 'b 'c]) then then (make-record type keys) but then i get error

15:08 WorldsEndless: _dugg: what are you trying to do exactly? Thta is, what's wrong with whatyou got?

15:17 oddcully: _dugg: you can (apply str (\d ...)) to get a string back from that seq

15:17 WorldsEndless: _dugg: try (let [wordlist ["word" "list"]

15:17 sorted2 (into [] (map clojure.string/join (map sort wordlist)))] sorted2)

15:17 ["dorw" "ilst"]

15:30 _dugg: WorldsEndless: What I'm trying to do is giving a vector of strings and a number of caracters, return all the anagrams with that given number of caracters in a vetcor.

15:31 didibus: What case do people normally use for keywords, i.e, :CamelCase :pascalCase :lisp-case

15:31 amalloy: lisp-case unless there is a compelling reason not to

15:32 didibus: cool, thanks

15:39 _dugg: WorldsEndless: Thanks. I managed to do what I wanted. Now I have two vector of strings and I want to turn the first vector in a list of keywords and , after that, associate the both vectors forming a hash-map.

15:40 zexperiment: hey friends

15:41 I'm getting an error that I can't decipher and I was hoping someone might be able to lend me a hand

15:41 WorldsEndless: _dugg: Looks like you'll want to practice the map and keyword functions, and probably hashmap

15:41 zexperiment: What's the problem?

15:41 zexperiment: the error is "IllegalArgumentException No implementation of method: :sub* of protocol: #'clojure.core.async/Pub found for class: oracle.streams.publication.PublicationComponent"

15:41 and also IllegalArgumentException No implementation of method: :unsub* of protocol: #'clojure.core.async/Pub found for class: oracle.streams.publication.PublicationComponent

15:42 I'm using component, and core.async publications (which is probably obvious)

15:42 WorldsEndless: Are you trying to reference a key against the components?

15:43 zexperiment: I'm not sure what you mean

15:43 is it kosher ot paste code in here or should I link to a bin?

15:43 WorldsEndless: ie (:sub* my-publication-component)

15:43 zexperiment: ah, no I am not

15:43 WorldsEndless: zexperiment: Use a bin

15:46 zexperiment: @WorldsEndless thanks http://pastebin.com/NwJW3DWx

15:46 that's what I believe is the relevant parts

15:46 ah forgot something

15:48 here http://pastebin.com/6RfzWyc9

15:50 also I should mention that I'm using reloaded.repl and this happens when I do `(init`) in the repl

15:50 er.

15:50 `(start)` and `(reset)`

15:52 neoncontrails: _dugg: the suggestion to use map will work, but you will find zipmap works even better for your use case

15:53 (doc zipmap)

15:53 zexperiment: the error messages seems to be saying the Pub is a protocol, which is weird because I don't even see "Pub" in the docs, I just see "pub" and that is a function

15:53 clojurebot: "([keys vals]); Returns a map with the keys mapped to the corresponding vals."

15:58 WorldsEndless: zexperiment: I'm afraid I've too little experience with core.async to be of use to you here. Anyone else? http://pastebin.com/6RfzWyc9

15:58 xeqi: zexperiment: when you (start) does it refresh the core.async namespaces?

15:58 zexperiment: @xeqi do you mean the namespaces using core.async?

15:58 if so, no it doesn't

15:58 it continues to print that error

15:59 xeqi: no, not the namespaces using it. The core.async namespaces themselves

16:00 this reads like the protocol is reloaded and the previously defined publisher-channel/publication are objects implementing the old version of the protocol

16:00 zexperiment: i see, I'm not sure how to tell

16:01 that does make sense though

16:03 xeqi: I'm used to it printing out the list of namespaces it refreshes. but maybe that was only on (refresh)...

16:03 zexperiment: Ah, mine doesn't do that right now, but I've seen it do that before

16:03 like when it recompiles changes I've made

16:05 i can't try (refresh) right now because i'm struggling to get the repl to launch :D

16:06 ok well refresh seems to only reload my application code, not libs

16:16 Thanks for your help @xeqi and @WorldsEndless. Not working yet but I'll figure it out

16:16 I think your tips are helpful

16:18 _dugg: how can i remove repeated keywords in a list? this: (:k1 a :k1 b :k2 c) --> (:k1 [a b] :k2 [c])

16:21 glosoli: when I turn on clojure tracer in emacs cider mode, where do I see the trace ? I set the trace on ns and I can't seem to find where the logs appear

16:21 oddcully: _dugg: you could (partition 2) them and then put them in a map

16:21 ,(reduce (fn [m [k v]] (update m k (fnil conj []) v)) {} (partition 2 '(:k1 a :k1 b :k2 c)))

16:21 clojurebot: {:k1 [a b], :k2 [c]}

16:28 _dugg: oddcully: Thanks! I've forgot about partition.

16:46 justin_smith: favetelinguis: this has to do with what I was saying before about macros operating at compile time. If the var is visible when the code is compiled, there should be some variation on the syntax of your macro that works, but if the vector's value is not known until runtime, you'll need eval in order to make that work. And I would be dubious about using eval to generating new records at runtime.

17:59 TimMc: So hey, who wants to help name a library?

18:00 amalloy: ,(format "lib-%04d" (rand-int 10000))

18:00 clojurebot: "lib-7845"

18:00 TimMc: ++

18:00 I totally use that for working names, tho.

18:00 danneu: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/dwarf_names.php

18:01 TimMc: I wrote a URL parsing/manipulation/formatting library <https://github.com/timmc/johnny> but I'm still working up to the first real release.

18:01 The initial name "johnny" comes from my complaint "why can't johnny read URLs", which was funny, but now it's a bit stupid because org.timmc/johnny *can* read URLs.

18:03 justin_smith: ,(defn new-ns-name [] (->> (all-ns) (map str) (mapcat #(clojure.string/split % #"\.")) shuffle (take 3) (clojure.string/join \.)))

18:03 clojurebot: #'sandbox/new-ns-name

18:03 justin_smith: ,(new-ns-name)

18:03 clojurebot: "io.sandbox.clojure"

18:04 justin_smith: ,(new-ns-name)

18:04 clojurebot: "io.repl.clojure"

18:04 justin_smith: ,(repeatedly new-ns-name)

18:04 clojurebot: ("instant.io.clojure" "clojure.user.repl" "core.clojure.clojure" "core.string.clojure" "user.uuid.java" ...)

18:19 TMA: TimMc: normally pick some descriptive nickname and translate it to ancient greek. it works flawlessly

18:20 *normally, I pick

18:55 noncom|2: what's the most idiomatic way to find spans of identical elements in a vector? say (spans [1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3]) must return [4 2 3] ...?

18:55 i know a couple of ways, but i wonder for idiomatic guru answer...

19:01 justin_smith: ,(defn spans ([coll] (spans (rest coll) 1 (first coll))) ([coll acc item] (cond (empty? coll) (cons acc nil) (= item (first coll)) (recur (rest coll) (inc acc) item) :else (lazy-seq (cons acc (spans (rest coll) 0 (first coll))))))) ; a lazy version

19:01 clojurebot: #'sandbox/spans

19:01 justin_smith: ,(spans [1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3])

19:01 clojurebot: (4 1 2)

19:01 justin_smith: err...

19:01 needs fixing :P

19:02 ,(defn spans ([coll] (spans (rest coll) 1 (first coll))) ([coll acc item] (cond (empty? coll) (cons acc nil) (= item (first coll)) (recur (rest coll) (inc acc) item) :else (lazy-seq (cons acc (spans (rest coll) 1 (first coll)))))))

19:02 clojurebot: #'sandbox/spans

19:02 justin_smith: ,(spans [1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3])

19:02 clojurebot: (4 2 3)

19:02 noncom|2: wow!

19:03 TimMc: TMA: My usual approach is to find some pun or related concept in biology.

19:04 noncom|2: justin_smith: thats a functional approach :) even feels a bit haskellish or scalish :)

19:04 but clojuric too

19:05 justin_smith: glad you like it

19:07 amalloy: justin_smith: (defn spans [coll] (map count (parition-by identity coll)))?

19:07 justin_smith: amalloy: much better, thanks

19:08 amalloy: basically a simpler version of the classic RLE solution

19:08 RTLE? whatever you call runtime length encoding

19:09 justin_smith: run length encoding I thought - rle yeah

19:09 amalloy: you're probably right

19:10 TimMc: R'lyeh

19:11 noncom|2: but i really like the one which considers the three cases

19:11 justin_smith: TimMc: you caught me, I'm a secret cthullu worshipper

19:11 noncom|2: partition-by is short yeah

19:12 justin_smith: noncom|2: mine might be useful as a demo of the typical logic of making a lazy seq function, but amalloy 's is better because it better leverages the existing codebase of clojure.core

19:13 noncom|2: yeah, this is really a good insight for this evening coz i really not much know about lazy seqs, but getting more into them in the recent times

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21:21 neckwarper: Uh

21:21 Hello

21:36 gfredericks: ~hello

21:36 clojurebot: BUENOS DING DONG DIDDLY DIOS, fRaUline gfredericks

21:48 TimMc: Those Markov bots, man.

21:50 Maybe I can name my URL library "rudolph" after Rudolf Flesch, who wrote "Why Johnny Can't Read"

21:55 neckwarper: Name it after meeeeee

22:25 justin_smith: ,(defn new-ns-name [] (->> (all-ns) (map str) (mapcat #(clojure.string/split % #"\.")) shuffle (take 3) (clojure.string/join \.)))

22:25 clojurebot: #'sandbox/new-ns-name

22:25 justin_smith: ,(repeatedly new-ns-name)

22:25 clojurebot: ("string.protocols.clojure" "sandbox.core.instant" "repl.clojure.clojure" "instant.java.clojure" "sandbox.core.clojure" ...)

22:26 justin_smith: ,(defn new-ns-name [] (->> (all-ns) (map str) (mapcat #(clojure.string/split % #"\.")) shuffle (take 3) (clojure.string/join \.) symbol))

22:26 clojurebot: #'sandbox/new-ns-name

22:26 justin_smith: ,(repeatedly new-ns-name)

22:26 clojurebot: (clojure.clojure.clojure clojure.string.clojure instant.io.clojure protocols.core.clojure protocols.instant.java ...)

22:26 justin_smith: finally, clojure.clojure.clojure, jackpot, best namespace name ever

22:33 TEttinger: ,(repeatedly new-ns-name)

22:33 clojurebot: ("☃.uuid.string" "☃.sandbox.clojure" "io.☃.clojure" "☃.core.repl" "sandbox.☃.user" ...)

22:33 justin_smith: haha

22:33 TEttinger: it's almost that time of year!

22:33 when unicode snowmen can be made in the streets!

22:33 except here in southern california

22:34 although, el nino this winter

22:35 WickedShell: TEttinger, are you around by any chance? I'm stubbing my toe against asset-manager in play-clj

22:35 TEttinger: hello!

22:35 that's the one thing I really need to learn in libgdx in general, I'll be happy to bang my head against the same walls

22:36 WickedShell: (asset-manager! @assetManager :is-loaded tileLocation) is something its all unhappoy about

22:36 tileLocation is a string

22:36 TEttinger: http://oakes.github.io/play-clj/#core.asset-manager.html

22:37 hm

22:37 WickedShell: right so I made an instance of the manager (which worked)

22:37 throws an error of:

22:38 TEttinger: oh!

22:38 WickedShell: hmmm my clipboard is misbehaving

22:38 TEttinger: assetManager shouldn't be an atom

22:38 it's already mutable

22:38 WickedShell: oh wait xchat is losing its mind

22:38 one moment nothing is rendering right

22:38 TEttinger: oh it's a delay

22:38 nvm

22:39 WickedShell: yeah its a delay

22:39 TEttinger: hmm

22:40 so approximately what and when does that throw an exception?

22:40 WickedShell: Anyways the error I apaprently cant copy is No matching method found: tileLocation for class clojure.lang.Keyboard

22:40 and its as soon as it runs the line

22:40 TEttinger: clojure.lang.Keyboard ?

22:40 is that really it?

22:40 WickedShell: yeah

22:43 TEttinger: I think you uhh may have mismatched parens?

22:45 WickedShell: It looks reasonable...

22:46 lemme throw the whole thing up in pastebin

22:47 TEttinger, http://pastebin.com/UjUq41Z7 error is on line 84

22:49 justin_smith: are you shure it isn't clojure.lang.Keyword?

22:50 WickedShell: ie sure that tileLocation isn't a keyword?

22:50 justin_smith: you said " No matching method found: tileLocation for class clojure.lang.Keyboard" there is no clojure.lang.Keyboard, but there is a clojure.lang.Keyword

22:50 WickedShell: oh keyword

22:51 yeah sorry I typed it wrong

22:51 My appologiezs

22:51 Having trouble copying

22:54 TEttinger: so.... WickedShell, your buildTileLocation function is weird

22:55 you could replace (:z location) with just z

22:55 WickedShell: yeah I only learned that 2 days ago :P Haven't finished refactoring

22:55 but its faar cleaner

22:56 TEttinger: ,(defn thing [{:keys [x y z] :as location}] location)

22:56 clojurebot: #'sandbox/thing

22:56 TEttinger: ,(thing {:x 1 :y 2 :z 3})

22:56 clojurebot: {:x 1, :y 2, :z 3}

22:56 TEttinger: ok so it isn't the problem there

23:03 hm

23:03 what type is z, WickedShell? I see: z (.getValue oldRend/zoomSlider)

23:03 and all other cases where you use oldRend there's an @ deref involved

23:04 WickedShell: integer (its a JScrollBar) ohhh you might be right though...

23:05 no wait zoomSlider isn't delay'd or atom

23:05 TEttinger: ok, just wanted to be sure

23:06 it's like it thinks... the asset manager is a keyword

23:06 WickedShell: yeah I just dont know how I'm supposed to use the asset manager is the problem

23:07 IE in the docs it has a object being passed in?

23:07 TEttinger: yeah

23:07 hang on

23:07 (let [tileLocation (buildTileLocation location)]

23:07 can you put a println after that to print and maybe also call prn with tileLocation ?

23:07 ,(prn :wheee)

23:07 clojurebot: :wheee\n

23:08 TEttinger: ,(println :wheee)

23:08 clojurebot: :wheee\n

23:08 TEttinger: ,(println "wheee")

23:08 clojurebot: wheee\n

23:08 TEttinger: ,(prn ":wheee")

23:08 clojurebot: ":wheee"\n

23:08 TEttinger: hehe I had both on the last one

23:08 but that should show if it is the right type

23:10 tolstoy: Is there a zipper implementation for a data structure containing maps and vectors?

23:11 (As in transforming that nasty structures that come out of a datomic Pull API query?)

23:11 TEttinger: doesn't clojure.zip do that?

23:11 WickedShell: println looks valid, I dont see results from prn though?

23:12 oh wait its in the middle of the stack trace

23:14 TEttinger: hm.... tolstoy, maybe I am wrong http://www.exampler.com/blog/2010/09/01/editing-trees-in-clojure-with-clojurezip

23:14 tolstoy: TEttinger: Probably. I just assumed "next" would be depth-first, but seq-node treats a map as a single node, etc.

23:14 TEttinger: Yep. Just looked at that page.

23:14 TEttinger: WickedShell: so it prints a string, no colon in it?

23:15 WickedShell: TEttinger, yeah, I was trying to copy it but apparently windows has decided I shall not have a copy/paste functionality from powershell/cmd prompt today. Gawd windows is annoying

23:16 TEttinger: huh... quickedit mode?

23:16 WickedShell: idk what that is :P

23:17 TEttinger: in windows 7 and earlier, not sure about 8 and later, it's a settings option for cmd

23:17 WickedShell: win 7 atm

23:17 TEttinger: it lets you click and drag to select, enter to copy

23:17 right click to paste

23:17 it's a stupid rectangular select though

23:17 WickedShell: yeah I know all that but its not ending up in the clipboard (nor is picking from the menu)

23:18 TEttinger: I use Cmder

23:18 http://cmder.net/

23:19 WickedShell: I will try that because powershell/cmd are both awful and make me want to find my real linux box

23:19 TEttinger: also windows 7 sometimes just has the clipboard get stuck with some weird data

23:19 I haven't found any way to unstick it

23:19 jeaye: The alternative is to use a more suitable OS.

23:19 TEttinger: when it sticks, and I copy in my IRC client, my client crashes.

23:20 WickedShell: yeah I only still have windows here so that I can test on target devices/majoriy of people, and one bit of softtware that has no alteternatives

23:31 TEttinger, missing dll's with cmder :/ lol I'll see if I can chase that down

23:32 TEttinger: awwwww

23:33 WickedShell: part of VS2015 apparently?

23:37 TEttinger, cmder worked, I'll keep trying it, seems nice so far in compairson to the alternatives http://pastebin.com/qFBSzyQ4

23:41 TEttinger: yah

23:41 WickedShell: TEttinger, probably gonna ignore play-clj again and see how it goes with direct interop, so far that seems to be the trick :/

23:42 TEttinger: huh

23:42 at swiftgcs.mappanel$eval51$fn__73.invoke(mappanel.clj:91)

23:42 yeah, I'd do that too in your case, WickedShell

23:42 you seem to know enough OpenGL that that won't be too tough :)

23:43 WickedShell: I know just enough to stab myself painfully :D (Used to do some work on Q2W)

23:53 TEttinger, tripped across is in the end, you have to always pass your instance of assetManager to asset-manager! calls (even though I thought that was supposed to use the globabl one set with (set-asset-manager! foo) but this kinda line works and works correctly: (asset-manager! @assetManager :is-loaded tileLocation)

23:53 TEttinger: huh!

23:53 I thought you were doing that!

23:56 WickedShell: I was however I missed when my error moved from line 84 to line 91 (as you pointed out) (if you still have the pastebin open it was another call to asset-manager! that was missing @assetManager

23:56 Also ignore that code style in general thats stupid inefficent but its kidna meant to be for now :P

23:59 tolstoy: Ah, the map-zipper on ClojureDocs is broken for maps with values that are lists of maps.

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