#clojure log - Apr 20 2015

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0:21 TimMc: sobel, nuwanda_: Yes, it provides escape-html, but that is literally the least it can do -- and it's not sufficient. It only takes one mistake for an entire site to be client-side compromised.

0:22 I strongly recommend avoiding any HTML templating system that allows user data to become HTML by accident -- it has to be an opt-in thing on the part of the developer.

0:23 unless you only have ninja vulcan robots who never make mistakes coding and maintaining your website, in which case go for it.

0:33 saik0: there a reason why iterate does not have a 1 arity like [f] (iterate f (f)) ?

0:49 nuwanda_: ,(doc iterate)

0:49 clojurebot: "([f x]); Returns a lazy sequence of x, (f x), (f (f x)) etc. f must be free of side-effects"

0:50 nuwanda_: f needs to take an argument so that you can do (f (f (f ...)

1:28 TEttinger: saik0, if you want a lazyseq of calls to a 0-arg fn,

1:28 (doc repeatedly)

1:28 clojurebot: "([f] [n f]); Takes a function of no args, presumably with side effects, and returns an infinite (or length n if supplied) lazy sequence of calls to it"

1:28 TEttinger: (repeatedly #(rand-int 100))

1:28 ,(repeatedly #(rand-int 100))

1:28 clojurebot: (4 87 5 8 10 ...)

2:46 danielcompton: lein help gpg

2:46 <wall of text>

2:53 full credit to whoever wrote the documentation though, its very readable and understandable

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