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10:45 hyPiRion: Since reader conditionals acts like "cond", should it be an error to do something like #?(:default foo :clj baz) ? Since foo will be the chosen path anyway

11:48 Shayanjm: Hey, so broad question: When working with clojure on a remote machine (i.e: writing code locally, but pushing & testing remotely due to hardware bottlenecks)

11:48 what's the best 'workflow', or is it as simple as starting nrepl on the remote machine and connecting locally?

12:02 Gonzih: Shayanjm: connecting to remote repl should be fine

12:02 Shayanjm: Gonzih: if I then eval statements within the repl would they execute on my machine, or the remote one?

12:03 i.e: Does connecting to a remote repl actually persist a connection to a remotely executing code base, or does it simply replicate application state in the local repl?

12:03 Gonzih: Shayanjm: everything will be send to remote machine and executed there

12:03 Shayanjm: Gonzih: awesome. follow up - what if I wanted to use incanter to plot a bunch of points using the remote machine

12:03 but view that plot via my local machine

12:03 Gonzih: incanter is harder

12:04 Shayanjm: That's what I figured

12:04 Gonzih: but you can always start nrepl server via ssh and do x forwarding

12:04 so X windows will apear on your machine

12:04 Shayanjm: hmm

12:04 Gonzih: works on linux fine in my experience

12:04 no idea about macos

12:05 Shayanjm: The remote machine is running Ubuntu, and I don't see why it wouldn't work on my local mac

12:05 thanks for the tip Gonzih. Will test it out later

12:06 Gonzih: Shayanjm: enjoy! :)

12:06 oddcully: Shayanjm: first try with e.g. xterm and see if it works

12:07 if they haven't butchered x11 on osx in recent years, this should work fine

12:07 Shayanjm: Sounds great oddcully

12:09 oddcully: is the machine in your lan or some where along a slow pipe in the internet?

12:10 Shayanjm: oddcully: somewhere along a slow pipe in the internet

12:11 it's a cluster, really. The plotting I have to do is pretty cpu intensive

12:11 some like 760k points

12:11 Tried doing it on my mbp and it threw up in my lap

12:11 oddcully: but you basically want to see some graphs? so no big interaction on X11 side?

12:12 Shayanjm: Right

12:12 the only X window i'd like to see is the result, which is the result of one command (view plot)

12:12 oddcully: well try it out. i don't see why it should not work

12:12 Shayanjm: past that everything can be done from inside the repl

12:12 awesome

12:14 oddcully: you can even tunnel your repl traffic via the ssh tunnel then. a) it's safe and sound and b) if you still send lots of data you can compress ssh

12:15 piecyk: Maybe someone knows why on heroku the core.async block don't run ? https://github.com/piecyk/ts/blob/master/src/cljs/ts/core.cljs#L31-L35 ?

12:23 danlentz_: Test message please disregard

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