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4:09 stardiviner: test

4:11 godd2: 1 line run; 1 failure; 0 successes

4:34 TEttinger: wow, sleepy in here today. I see two messages in my scrollback

4:34 chiffr: TEttinger: Friday daze ;)

4:57 zot: i have a midje test that triggers a parked thread, blocking my tests. is there any way short of restarting repl to manage/handle this case?

5:08 noidi: you could do the operation in a future and deref it with a timeout

5:14 schmir: what's the best clojure book for clojure newbies?

5:16 mnngfltg: schmir, I like this one: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920013754.do

5:18 schmir: mnngfltg: LOL 'No, Parentheses Actually Won’t Make You Go Blind'

5:23 mnngfltg: Thanks. I'll buy that for my new coworker...

5:31 mnngfltg: schmir, you're welcome

5:31 zot: noidi: that's what i ended up doing, copying a macro to handle it. it's not perfect, but for testing, won't be too evil as long as the contents don't spawn tooooo many orphanable threads :)

6:16 noncom|2: i am working in a repl, but i have to change java code frequently. is there a way to reload a java class?

6:52 wow, it is so friday here :)

6:57 jballanc: noncom|2: more likely it's just too early in negative-UTC-offset-world

6:57 noncom|2: right, could be!

6:57 it is about 7 am in new york i guess

6:58 jballanc: yup

7:02 ordnungswidrig: how can I wait for a list of channels to unblock in core.async? (map <!! list-of-channels) ?

7:06 hyPiRion: Pretty sure you want something that's not lazy for that

7:06 like, (dolist [ch list-of-channels] (<!! ch))

7:08 ordnungswidrig: hypririon: ok, now assume I have an error channel where which I will read alternatively. i.e. if there's a val in the error channel then use that, else the list returned.

7:09 I tried something like (alts!! [err-chann (async/map <!! list-of-chans)])

7:18 agarman: having an issue with cider & nREPL --> https://www.refheap.com/98150 ... any chance someone has an idea of what I borked?

7:19 the_frey: I find that when I hit the cider and write clojure it all goes tits up too

7:20 agarman: this is recent issue for me. I was doing Java stuff for a couple months and now back to Clojure and made the mistake of updating emacs-live and my lein profiles.clj

7:34 wizzo: hi. is there a way to get just a section of a byte-array. like just from byte 5 to 10 or whatever

7:39 muhuk: wizzo: you can convert it to a seq, or you can copy those elements to a new array.

7:41 wizzo: muhuk: it is 12mb i wasn't sure if it was a good idea to make it a seq or not

7:41 i'll probably just not read the whole thing in memory if that's an insane idea

7:44 Glenjamin: wizzo: possible a combination of (byte-array) and a (for)

7:46 wizzo: glenjamin: do you have an example of that working? i'm not really getting it from the docs

7:47 Glenjamin: ,(let [b (byte-array (range 100))] (byte-array (for [i (range 10 20)] (aget b i))))

7:47 clojurebot: #<byte[] [B@418700a3>

7:47 Glenjamin: something along those lines

7:48 wizzo: thank you! i'll have a play around with it

8:09 sandbags: anyone know how to shut up the "cljx no longer provides Leiningen hooks; please use :prep-tasks in your project.clj instead" messages every time you run a lein command with cljx installed? Esp. annoying when I do use :prep-tasks

9:14 profil: Hey guys, I am building a tcp server and I want to use PING/PONG messages just like irc. Right now I use a loop inside a future to send ping messages every Nth second. Would it be better to use core.async's go block instead? The future macro will create a new thread which I think may a bit heavy for this case. Any ideas?

9:16 sujeet: profil, if you're doing aio, use aio

9:16 you don't need to thread it

9:16 profil: sujeet: I am using aleph and just mapping over the stream, how would I fit my ping loop inside that?

9:49 ocharles_: does anyone know if it's possible to use s/check (prismatic schema) on a record, where the schema was defined with s/defrecord?

9:49 Right now, I get "not (instance? type)" which is valid, but I only want to valid the underlying map against the same schema

9:49 whidden: /msg NickServ identify pegasus

10:16 matthewwest: I'm aiming to be a part of GSOC this year, and I'm especially interested in maybe adapting clojure/tools.reader to be able to run on a JS runtime such as Node.js.

10:16 I'm looking to understand why it currently doesn't work, but not how to get started.\

10:17 Does anyone know if clojure currently uses clojure/tools.reader to read in sourcecode?

10:17 Glenjamin: matthewwest: jvm clojure currently doesn't use tools.reader

10:17 but clojurescript does

10:18 it doesn't currently run on Node.js because there's a bunch of JVM-specific things in the codebase

10:18 matthewwest: Alright, that's helpful.

10:18 Glenjamin: there's some WIP on tools.reader here: https://github.com/nasser/tools.reader/tree/nodejs

10:18 i dunno how far along it is

10:18 matthewwest: Is it an eventual language target to use tools.reader for the JVM?

10:19 Glenjamin: certainly none of the tests are ported

10:19 no idea, i suspect not but Bronsa will know more if he's around

10:20 matthewwest: Alright, I'll just need to poke around and figure out what's going on.

10:21 Once my academic term ends I'll have a bit more time to devote (at least until the next one starts)

10:22 Bronsa: Glenjamin: matthewwest no, no plans to make t.reader the default Clojure reader

10:23 matthewwest: Is that because since it's a hosted language anyway, there's no purpose in bootstrapping?

10:26 Bronsa: a number of reasons, since clojure is not self-hosted there's no point in using a slower reader just for the sake of having it written in clojure

10:26 also there would be bootstrapping issues

10:30 matthewwest: Thanks

10:40 Ven: hi -- people using the cursive plugin here? It's completly failing to resolve defn, ns, defmacro and the others :). I have a sdk configured

10:43 kras: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: clj_antlr/ParseError : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

10:43 why do I get this error when I "lein run"?

10:44 something to do with the JRE version?

10:55 profil: sujeet: How do you mean use aio? I can use manifolds periodically, but how do I get it to stop executing when the stream is closed? And how do I create a periodic loop without using either clojure's future or manifold.deferred's future?

11:25 octe: i'm listening to modification events for files with inotify, and when a file is completly written i want to do something. to ensure it's completly written i want to wait a few seconds after the last modify event for each file and then do something

11:25 what would be a good way to do that?

11:30 muhuk: octe: Thread/sleep ?

11:30 justin_smith: octe: sounds like you want a debounce

11:31 octe: justin_smith, yeah

11:31 Glenjamin: https://gist.github.com/loganlinn/4719107#file-debounce-clj-L12

11:31 octe: it's pretty easy to do in javascript since it's single threaded

11:31 cool, thanks

11:31 Glenjamin: there's an mildly annoying lack of license on that gist

11:32 justin_smith: debounce should be in clojure.core, or at least in core.async

11:32 and I think it can be done without two atoms

11:39 timvisher: is there anything that's more 'battle tested' than loom as far as nice clojure libraries for dealing with graphs

11:55 justin_smith: octe: Glenjamin: this one is public domain. Since you always want the last bounce's time when debouncing, it doesn't need atoms. Maybe it should have a locking block for the odd case where two bounces were waiting on the same time stamp? https://www.refheap.com/98153

11:56 another difference is that each debounce call can provide its own args, only the args for the last one before the timeout are used

11:57 *each call to the debounced function

11:57 need coffee

11:58 octe: why an array?

11:58 justin_smith: octe: because it is mutable

11:59 I guess any Box would have worked though

12:00 *any mutable Box

12:01 octe: so each attempt puts its timestamp in the box, and only runs the function if after waiting the required time its timestamp is still in the box

12:02 since the timestamp is intentionally "last writer wins", it is fine to just let the calls race

12:04 octe: hm, it doesn't seem to work the same

12:05 i'll try to see how

12:05 justin_smith: octe: mine runs in the thread that calls it

12:05 so you can choose to put a call in a future, or to just wait for it to complete / cancel in your own thread

12:06 (that may not be the only difference)

12:07 octe: yes, that was one thing

12:08 vas: justin_smith how do you take your coffee? *carries out tray with spoons and variegated sundries*

12:08 octe: i think that in the first, while the debounced function is running, further calls to it doesnt run it multiple times

12:08 if you see

12:08 justin_smith: vas: black

12:08 vas: well then *pitches tray out window*

12:09 justin_smith: octe: nor should mine (unless you mean after the debounce period, mine will run multiple times, but with a debouncing interval enforced)

12:11 eg. one use of debouncing is to have a debounced message handler or channel, where you want repeated invocation, but constraining the rate with the debounce logic

12:12 octe: well, i only want one to run for each file so it's better to ignore further invocations while it's actually being processed

12:12 which is a property the first implementation seems to have

12:13 justin_smith: yeah, if you want one-shot logic that could be tacked onto my version, but isn't inherent to it

12:13 octe: how would i do that? :)

12:16 justin_smith: octe: simplest version I can think of is to close over a delay with the function - (let [status (delay (f status)) final-status (debounce #(deref status))] ...)

12:16 in that manner, the delay only does the work the first time, it's cached afterward

12:16 I missed the wait arg for the debounce there of course

12:33 lvh: Is there something cool in Clojure for wrapping POJOs that are basically just data containers?

12:34 e.g. I have this class with ctor GroupConfiguration(String name, int cooldown, int minEntities, int maxEntities, Map<String,String> metadata); I'd be nice if I could autogenerate something that knew how to turn a map with the appropriate keys into one of those things. Preferably automagically with introspection run once at compile time :-)

12:34 justin_smith: lvh: for accessing them or creating them? for the latter we just use hashmaps

12:34 lvh: justin_smith: I'm interfacing with an existing Java API, I want to use hashmaps on the clj side but I can't; the Java API really wants this POJO

12:40 Glenjamin: (doc bean)

12:40 clojurebot: "([x]); Takes a Java object and returns a read-only implementation of the map abstraction based upon its JavaBean properties."

12:41 Glenjamin: i dunno about the reverse though

12:48 justin_smith: lvh: it would be easy enough with deftype, except for the fact that you can only implement methods that are in an interface, so you would need to define a custom protocol or interface for the type that had the standard get/set methods

12:49 lvh: it's one of the places where clojure's opinionated nature starts to show

12:51 puredanger: I wrote a macro that can take a map and call the appropriate setters on a Java object here:

12:51 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27308061/whats-the-idiomatic-way-to-do-this-java-function-in-clojure/27308254#27308254

12:51 justin_smith: puredanger: interesting, I think something very much like that is used by a c3p0 wrapper I use

12:52 Glenjamin: "unbean" would be a fun name for that :)

12:52 lvh: puredanger: Thanks for the pointer :-) This POJO does have one thing going for it: it's immutable ;-)

12:52 justin_smith: Glenjamin: texas-style

12:52 lvh: so I guess some ctor inspection is in my future

12:52 puredanger: lvh: well that's good :)

12:52 Glenjamin: https://github.com/arohner/unbean

12:52 puredanger: the downside of a positional constructor is of course needing to know the positions

12:52 but certainly seems like something you could abstract

12:53 Glenjamin: i guess bean isn't quite accurate, as this is contructor in, getters out

12:53 lvh: puredanger: right. But I should be able to do all of that introspection at compile time, right?

12:53 octe: justin_smith, cool, that works! the delay i mean

12:54 puredanger: sure, if you use reflection. and assuming there is some standard mapping from param names to map fields

12:54 actually, do you get param names in reflection?

12:54 I know this was an old problem, not sure of current state

12:54 iamjarvo: is there a way to update an atom asynchronously>

12:54 lvh: iamjarvo: reset!

12:55 puredanger: that's not asynchronous

12:55 lvh: Huh, it's not?

12:55 justin_smith: (future (swap! a f))

12:55 no need to deref the future if you don't care about the return value

12:55 puredanger: swap! and reset! guarantee that the change is complete when they return

12:55 lvh: ah

12:56 puredanger: agent send is asynchronous

12:56 or wrapping in future

12:56 iamjarvo: lvh thanks

12:56 puredanger: although the cost of wrapping in future is likely significantly higher than the reset!

12:56 lvh: iamjarvo: Don't thank me, I gave the wrong answer ;)

12:56 iamjarvo: ha i was just reading about ti

12:56 it*

12:56 justin_smith: yeah, if you want async update, you may want an agent instead of an atom anyway

12:57 iamjarvo: thanks all

13:12 lvh: puredanger: So, this class does have a Builder nested class, which probably makes the macroing a lot simpler

13:15 bcham: Hey I have a question about hash-maps and their potential key values. It's very straight forward.

13:15 http://www.codeshare.io/rg0vn

13:16 why is it, in that code that lines 14 and 15 print nil?

13:18 hiredman: keywords are not numbers

13:19 you map has a number as a key, you are looking up the value for a keyword, there is no value, so nil

13:19 bcham: You mean that keywords cannot be numbers? Because shouldn't the (str ) wrap make it into a string and thus can be turned into a keyword?

13:20 justin_smith: bcham: keyword is not the same as key

13:21 bcham: justin_smith: There's my issue I need (name )?

13:21 it seems

13:21 hiredman: no

13:21 look, your map doesn't have keyword keys

13:21 a map can have keys that are of any type

13:21 keys are not always keywords

13:22 justin_smith: (get {{"apple" "red"} "fruity"} {"apple" "red"})

13:22 ,(get {{"apple" "red"} "fruity"} {"apple" "red"})

13:22 bcham: Gotcha, now I understand. My misunderstanding was that "keyword" was doing what "name" actually does. Because the code " (@hash-links (name "112785")) ; nil"

13:22 works

13:22 clojurebot: "fruity"

13:22 justin_smith: ,(= (name "112785") "112785")

13:22 clojurebot: true

13:23 bcham: thank you for humoring my learning.

13:23 justin_smith: bcham: notice in the above silly example with the apple, I use a hash-map as the key in a hash-map

13:24 oskarth: Does anyone know of any good alternative to cljs-ajax?

13:24 bcham: justin_smith: yeah I see that! Thanks

13:29 sritchie: oskarth: what’s wrong with cljs-ajax?

13:30 oskarth: sritchie: tired of all these different places params end up, there's a key called :params on client side, but it can end up in either body, params or query-params depending on various things

13:30 sritchie: oskarth: that’s not cljs-ajax’s fault -

13:30 oskarth: that’s the middleware stack on the clojure side

13:30 oskarth: aware, but it complicates things

13:30 sritchie: each middleware that intercepts params merges them into its own key, then merges all of them into :params

13:30 oskarth: my pt is you’ll have that problem if you hit your server w/ curl

13:31 nothing to do with cljs-ajax

13:31 oskarth: for example, ring-edn and query-params (with format edn) using non-edn format

13:32 just asking for an alternative :) disagree with the diff behaviors for GET/POST etc, don't believe it's necessary

13:40 lvh: So, I'm doing (.. (Something/whatever) (aMethod (:some-key some-map))) a bunch of times. Is there a neat way to only call those methods when (:some-key some-map) isn't nil? Example: https://gist.github.com/lvh/bd35d7506bc0f127cbb9

13:41 I tried to do it with ->> and when-let but I can't get it to work

13:42 cfleming: Ven: How did you set up your project? With Lein?

13:42 Ven: cfleming: yes

13:42 lvh: Maybe something like (->> (LaunchConfiguration/builder) (when-let [v (:load-balancers lc)] apply #(.loadBalancers))) ?

13:42 Ven: cfleming: a long time before I set up cursive, though :)

13:43 cfleming: Ven: Are your files under a source root? (blue folder in the project view)?

13:43 Ven: cfleming: src/ isn't a blue dir, an in "project settings" there's "excluded" but no way to mark as source

13:44 cfleming: Ven: Right click the folder and you can mark as source

13:44 Ven: But if you set your project up with lein the problem is that your src folder isn't configured in your project.clj

13:44 lvh: Except of course (apply #(.someMethod) ..) doesn't really do what you want

13:45 Ven: cfleming: do you have a doc link on how I should configure it in project.clj?

13:45 cfleming: also I see no link to make it a source folder

13:46 cfleming: Ven: Right click the folder in the project view->Mark directory as->Source folder

13:46 Ven: cfleming: found project.cj config

13:47 cfleming: Ven: Source paths are taken from :source-paths, :resource-paths, :java-source-paths

13:47 Ven: Assuming this is Clojure and not CLJS

13:47 Ven: cfleming: alright, much better! it now finds my own defs. but still, any other external defs, even "defn", "ns" and so on so forth are unrecognized

13:48 mgaare: lvh: is .. what you want? you might be looking for doto

13:48 cfleming: Ven: Do you have a Clojure jar attached to your project?

13:48 lvh: mgaare: I'm currently using .., but that doesn't let me express the when-let part

13:48 mgaare: I don't want to call the method at all when (nil? (:k m))

13:48 Ven: cfleming: if the jar is indeed "clojure-complete", then yes -- but intellij did warn me about not recognizing the jar

13:49 mgaare: lvh: you could take a look at cond->

13:49 cfleming: Ven: Under External Libraries in the Project view, you should have one saying Leiningen: org.clojure/clojure:<some version>

13:50 Ven: cfleming: ah, I don't

13:50 that's definitely it

13:50 mgaare: in your case it'll be somewhat duplicative

13:50 cfleming: Ven: Do you have clojure as a dep in your project.clj?

13:50 Ven: cfleming: no

13:50 cfleming: actually! [org.clojure/clojure "1.6.0"]

13:51 lvh: mgaare: Cool! that is kind of what I want; also my current when-let thing seems to work: (when-let [v (:load-balancers lc)] apply #(.loadBalancers % v))

13:51 mgaare: lvh: I've occasionally written utility functions that handle this kind of thing too

13:51 cfleming: Ven: That is very strange. Try refreshing your project (open the Leiningen toolwindow, Refresh)

13:52 Ven: I have to go, sorry, I'll be around later on probably

13:52 Ven: cfleming: it does say "there are no lein project to display"

13:52 lvh: yeah, I think this is going to have to be a macro, unless there's a thing that does what the (.method) special form does except where method is given as a string

13:52 Ven: alright, thanks anyhow :)

13:52 that'll do it, definitely

13:52 cfleming: Ven: Oh - Right click on project.clj, add as lein project

13:52 Ven: I just did :)

13:52 thanks!

13:52 cfleming: NP - good luck!

13:53 Ven: cfleming: amazing :)

14:12 sritchie: oskarth: for sure -

14:12 oskarth: I was just confused as to why you thought an alternative for cljs-ajax would do anything about your params issue

14:12 oskarth: since the “problem” is on the ring side, nothing to do with cljs-ajax

14:12 oskarth: an alternative is to use jquery: http://api.jquery.com/jquery.ajax/

14:12 oskarth: but it won’t help

14:13 oskarth: sritchie: I think it's just some edge case with edn as transport, resolved it by reverting to json

14:13 the problem is not on the ring side

14:14 sritchie: oskarth: the ring-edn middleware adds :edn-params and merges them into :params

14:14 oskarth: nope :)

14:14 not in this case

14:14 was about GET and query-params non-edn format

14:15 anyway, have to go. If I were to run into problems again I think I'll go with just a thin wrapper over xhr, seems like the most transparent abstraction to me

14:16 a la https://github.com/swannodette/om-sync/blob/master/src/om_sync/util.cljs#L34 or https://github.com/hackerschool/community/blob/master/client/src/community/util/ajax.cljs

14:29 lvh: I wrote a macro that tries to call some methods on a POJO, but there's always a space between the dot and the method name e.g. (. x) instead of (.x), which fails because that name doesn't exist

14:29 https://gist.github.com/lvh/bd35d7506bc0f127cbb9

14:29 kw-to-sym is a simple function that turns :some-keyword-name into 'someKeywordName

14:39 aperiodic: lvh: you can't concatenate symbols in a macro in the way you seem to be trying to with #(.~m ...)

14:40 muhuk: lvh: you need to join them as strings, then convert.

14:40 lvh: (str "." m)

14:40 Bronsa: or just use the . form

14:40 aperiodic: lvh: you can, however, use the dot special form

14:41 (. object method)

14:41 method doesn't need to have a dot at the front there

14:41 Bronsa: (. % ~m ..)

14:41 muhuk: which is a better idea IMO

14:41 aperiodic: http://clojure.org/java_interop#Java%20Interop-The%20Dot%20special%20form

14:48 ARM9: what's the data structure behind defrecord

14:48 does it just use something basic like a c struct? or is it a hash map

14:49 Bronsa: ARM9: for it stores declared fields in class slots, for extra keys it uses a hashmap

14:52 ARM9: class slots, is that a java thing

14:52 so it stores the data the way java does for a class?

14:52 Bronsa: ARM9: i mean, as regular class fields yes

14:53 ARM9: alright cool, thanks

14:54 jcromartie: what would cause this type of error?

14:54 java.lang.ClassCastException: foo.Bar cannot be cast to foo.Bar, compiling:(foo.clj:28:3)

14:54 sorry it's anonymized

14:54 this is during aot

14:54 stuartsierra: jcromartie: Protocols and records.

14:54 jcromartie: with a defrecord that implements a protocol

14:54 yes

14:54 so

14:54 what are we doing wrong?

14:54 stuartsierra: It can happen if you reload the a namespace which has already been AOT-compiled.

14:57 jcromartie: this happens during lein uberjar

14:57 literally

14:57 lein clean && lein uberjar

14:57 (sorry I'm not trying to be obtuse on purpose)

15:03 stuartsierra: Something is getting compiled / loaded twice. Sorry, can't be more specific.

15:11 jcromartie: is there a way to see what's being compiled and loaded?

15:12 is (:gen-class) unnecessary?

15:15 the_danko: mr. cfleming, does cursive offer an "organize imports" functionality for java classes? like eclipse does

15:18 stuartsierra: jcromartie: `:gen-class` is unlikely to be the issue.

15:22 jcromartie: I'm trying to create a minimal test case to reproduce

15:22 it's very strange

15:24 stuartsierra: Some of the AOT loading issues may have been fixed in Clojure 1.7.

15:28 puredanger: is Bronsa here?

15:43 jcromartie: stuartsierra: got it...

15:43 we had an app that depended on a lib

15:43 the lib called protocol functions at load time

15:43 as part of a (def ...)

15:44 the app that required the lib had :profiles {:uberjar {:main whatever :aot :all}}

15:44 and the main namespace had (:gen-class)

15:45 moving to {:main ^:skip-aot whatever :profiles {:uberjar {:aot :all}} fixed it

15:46 stuartsierra: wow

15:48 amalloy: clojurebot: :gen-class is likely to be the issue

15:48 clojurebot: 'Sea, mhuise.

15:48 justin_smith: ~aot

15:48 clojurebot: aot was so ahead of its time

15:49 justin_smith: well, he's not wrong

15:58 cfleming: the_danko: Not in Clojure code, unfortunately - lots of people have requested that though, there's an issue in the tracker

16:10 the_danko: cfleming thanks

16:15 ToxicFrog: Argh

16:15 lvh: How do I do lookahead assertions in regexes? I was hoping (re-matcher #"[a-z]+(?=[A-Z]|$)|[A-Z][a-z]*" "anABCMethod") might work, but, no luck.

16:16 ToxicFrog: Just wasted an hour debugging an issue caused by the fact that map always returns a list, rather than returning the same type it was passed

16:16 amalloy: lvh: (?=) works in clojure. if it doesn't do what you want, your regex is broken

16:16 ToxicFrog: So (map foo [x y z]) is a list rather than a vector and the two behave very differently in maros

16:16 ARM9: isn't it technically a sequence

16:16 a lazy one at that

16:16 SagiCZ: it is a sequence

16:16 ,(type (map inc (range 5)))

16:17 clojurebot: clojure.lang.LazySeq

16:17 amalloy: it looks like you don't want lookahead at all though, and you're just grouping things wrong

16:17 lvh: amalloy: Hm. Okay. So maybe my regex is broken. I was expecting that regex to match at the very least "abc", since the first part is 1-or-more lowercase chars, and the second part is zero-or-more Capitalized groups

16:17 SagiCZ: you can get a vector this way

16:17 ,(mapv inc (range 5))

16:17 clojurebot: [1 2 3 4 5]

16:17 lvh: amalloy: Instead, I'm getting no matches at all.

16:17 amalloy: #"[a-z]+(?:[A-Z][A-Za-z]*)" looks like more what you meant

16:17 er, #"[a-z]+(?:[A-Z][A-Za-z]*)?"

16:17 forgot the ?

16:18 lvh: I think that would parse someABCMethod differently

16:19 ("some" "ABC" "Method") vs ("some" "A" "B" "C" "Method"); if that makes any sense

16:19 amalloy: sure, but so what? you don't have any capturing groups

16:19 i can't tell from your malformed regex what you want to capture in some future version of the regex

16:20 anyway, mine "parses it like", if such a thing can really be usefully said, ("some" "A" "BCMethod")

16:21 Frozenlock: Any library suggestion to work with SQL? (sqlingvo, korma?)

16:22 amalloy: clojure.java.jdbc

16:23 Frozenlock: amalloy: I'll immediately look at it, thanks!

16:24 lvh: amalloy: Sorry, yes; I am trying to capture them. I'm trying to turn a bunch of Java variable names into Clojure-looking keywords.

16:25 amalloy: then i would say the most obvious thing wrong with your original regex is that you seem to believe [A-Z][a-z]* is the same as [A-Za-z]*

16:26 lvh: That's why I care how it would match; I'm going to (join "-" (map lower-case bits)) afterwards.

16:37 SagiCZ: lvh: have you heard of regexpal.com ? its really easy, like zero learning curve and helps me with my pathetic regex atempts

16:42 Frozenlock: There's also re-builder in emacs http://www.masteringemacs.org/article/re-builder-interactive-regexp-builder

16:58 AeroNotix: Does :java-source-paths affect how lein finds clojure classes with :gen-class?

16:58 I seem to not be able to properly compile things when I have a repo with java

16:58 creese: How do you tell clj-http not to throw exceptions for 40x, 50x, errors?

16:59 AeroNotix: creese: use http-kit :L)

16:59 creese: is that project more current?

16:59 AeroNotix: probably

16:59 hiredman: read the readme and do what it says?

17:00 creese: it says to use :throw-exceptions false, but that has no effect

17:01 I'm inside a go block, I wonder if that's breaks certain assumptions

17:01 pipi: k

17:01 hiredman: well 1. do do io in a go block 2. why do you think it has no effect?

17:01 don't do

17:01 clojurebot: Pardon?

17:02 creese: the io happens in a callback

17:02 it has no effect because I always get a traceback even if I try to catch

17:03 lurkOnTheWall: I'm trying to get fireplace working, and I have the leiningen plugin, but I can't seem to connect to the nREPL server.

17:03 I'm getting errno 111 connection refused.

17:03 AeroNotix: when I add :java-source-paths and then use the java package in a :gen-class then try to compile+import the gen-class'd joint, it complains about some classes missed.

17:04 missing*

17:04 any ideas?

17:04 hiredman: creese: so the clj-http option definitely works, if you think you are setting the option and it is not working, that is because you are failing to set it for some reason

17:05 either you are doing io in a go block or you are not, you say "I am inside a go block"

17:05 creese: definately in a go block

17:05 the exception comes from the callback

17:05 hiredman: creese: and how are you passing the option to clj-http?

17:06 lurkOnTheWall: hmmm... I may have installed cider-nrepl, but not cider

17:06 hiredman: what callback?

17:06 clj-http is synchronous, no callbacks

17:06 creese: I know

17:06 clj-http is called from a go block

17:07 AeroNotix: I am inside a cupboard

17:07 am I doing io?

17:07 hiredman: then you are doing io in a go block

17:07 creese: what's wrong with that?

17:08 hiredman: blocking io blocks, and go blocks all share a threadpool

17:09 (bounded)

17:10 creese: the exception is coming from thread "async-dispatch-2", can I assume that means it's within a go block?

17:10 hiredman: how are you trying to catch the exception?

17:11 creese: I want clj-http to not throw it at all

17:11 but :throw-exceptions false has no effect

17:11 hiredman: creese: so how are you tell in to not throw?

17:13 I know that setting the options works, I don't know how you are trying to set them that it doesn't work, you could be putting the option in the wrong place in the map

17:13 creese: (client/post url {:body (json/write-str data) :content-type :json :accept :json} {:as :json :throw-exceptions false})

17:14 ok

17:14 hiredman: or since core.async is at play, you could have spun off code running in a go loop or something, that is printing errors, fixed it in in your code, and never stopped the go-loop so you still see errors from the old code running

17:15 joegallo: pretty sure that's supposed to just be one map...

17:15 hiredman: yeah

17:16 creese: ok, that did it

17:16 I read the docs wrong

17:16 cool

17:16 joegallo: no worries, it happens

17:17 hiredman: (and stop doing io in a go block)

17:20 lurkOnTheWall: I'm not sure that lein's target/repl-port is being set correctly. How could I check that?

17:23 ToxicFrog: I think this may be a new, horrible record, at least for me: https://gist.github.com/ToxicFrog/2a24438134717968158d

17:23 117 lines of compiler crash vomit to scroll through to get to the error message.

17:24 lurkOnTheWall: idk what happened, but it's working now.

17:24 AeroNotix: when I add :java-source-paths and then use the java package in a :gen-class then try to compile+import the gen-class'd joint, it complains about some classes missing.

17:30 puredanger: ToxicFrog: the first line of the message tells you the problem and location doesn't it? there is no reason the tool (lein) has to show you the stack trace here.

17:30 ToxicFrog: puredanger: no reason at all! And yet it does.

17:42 iamjarvo: is there a recommended way to use jars with clojure?

17:42 articles im finding are older

17:42 puredanger: just put them on the classpath :)

17:43 iamjarvo: hrm i read that gets difficult. any experience with this? https://github.com/kumarshantanu/lein-localrepo

17:43 im also new to java so im exploring

17:44 puredanger: the easiest way to deal with jars etc is to use Leiningen and let it manage them for you in your local Maven cache

17:44 if you are experimenting, "lein try" is pretty handy https://github.com/rkneufeld/lein-try

17:45 iamjarvo: thanks

17:57 turns out this was already available with lein deps org.apache.poi/poi

18:25 timothyw: Hey all, quick q.

18:25 For emacs cider (https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider)

18:25 How can I get ac-cider working ? (https://github.com/clojure-emacs/ac-cider)

18:25 The given instructions don't work (not showing completions on my system)

18:42 paxan: clojure.core.match question. Is it possible to specify a clause with pattern dynamically? Two examples coming…

18:42 (match [{:yo 123}] [{}] :yes :else :no) ; => :yes

18:42 (let [p {}] (match [{:yo 123}] [p] :yes :else :no)) ;=> :no

18:43 amalloy: no

18:43 timothyw: … Nevermind. I just had to reboot my VM for some reason :)

18:43 probably just a zombie process or something

18:57 paxan: I've grokked how to use core.match with dynamic clauses…

18:57 (eval (let [v {:yo 123} p (read-string "{:yo _}")] `(match [~v] [~p] :yes :else :no))) ;=> :yes

18:57 (eval (let [v {:abc 123} p (read-string "{:yo _}")] `(match [~v] [~p] :yes :else :no))) ; => :no

18:58 the above demonstrates a pattern, p, obtained, say, from a command line arg.

18:58 martinklepsch: ,(let [a #{:a :b} b #{:c :a}] (clojure.set/difference (clojure.set/union a b) (clojure.set/intersection #{:a :b} #{:c :a})))

18:58 clojurebot: #<CompilerException java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.set, compiling:(NO_SOURCE_PATH:0:0)>

18:59 martinklepsch: is there a more elegant way of doing that?

19:00 amalloy: martinklepsch: this is computing the symmetric difference, right?

19:01 i'd say it's easier to understand when written as (union (difference a b) (difference b a)), but of course that's the same number of operations

19:06 martinklepsch: amalloy: ah neat, didn't know how do describe it.

19:07 amalloy: thanks

19:24 lvh: Hm.

19:25 I have a nested enum inside some other class. Is Outer$Inner/CONST_NAME not how I access those?

19:25 I figured it's a static field, and Outer$Inner is how you do nested classes, right?

19:25 amalloy: it is

19:25 did you forget to import Outer$Inner?

19:26 lvh: Ah; I didn't import it separately :)

19:26 Thanks!

19:27 amalloy: remember, inner classes are a fiction of javac. it's really just an ordinary class with a funny name, and if you want to use it you have to import it (or refer to it fully-qualified), just like any class

19:28 lvh: Right, makes sense. I guess I was hoping for those imports to be automatically resolved, or something.

19:29 But given how it's all lies anyway, it makes sense :)

19:39 vas: How do you switch a handler from "dev" to "production" (so that stack traces just return a 404 instead)?

20:54 jcromartie: what does "lein clean" do if it doesn't clean out target/

20:56 TEttinger: jcromartie: maybe the output dir isn't target?

20:56 jcromartie: maybe

20:57 this is a brand-new "lein new app"

21:02 TEttinger: so what's in target ?

21:04 jcromartie: target/uberjar/classes etc.

21:05 seems like target/uberjar is preserved during "lein clean"

21:11 TEttinger: jcromartie, is the uberjar running? it might be locked

21:13 jcromartie: the effect is that "lein uberjar" doesn't actually compile the code again

21:14 "rm -r target && lein uberjar" will compile the namespaces again

21:14 TEttinger: that's odd

21:14 jcromartie: yah

21:14 Leiningen 2.5.0 on Java 1.7.0_75 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

21:15 TEttinger: lein uberjar won't recompile if the sources haven't changed

21:15 so there's that

21:18 jcromartie: well anyway, this is tangential to what I'm trying to do

21:18 I'm trying to narrow down this issue with AOT and defrecord

21:26 creese: What's the best way to debug a macro?

21:27 jcromartie: (macroexpand-1

21:27 ,(macroexpand-1 '(when true :foo))

21:27 clojurebot: (if true (do :foo))

21:36 amalloy: creese: also, strive to write macros simple enough that you don't have to debug them

21:54 TimMc: amalloy: Arbitrarily small pieces of code can require debugging. :-)

21:55 amalloy: TimMc: did i say small?

21:57 TimMc: heh

21:57 I think my point still stands.

21:59 amalloy: of course, "don't write bugs" is not trivially-followable advice, but it's still useful advice. a lot of people who need help writing macros are building this giant thing, most (or all) of which shouldn't be a macro at all

22:01 TEttinger: this piece of code could be entertaining to debug http://www.ioccc.org/1984/mullender.c

22:01 valid C code, for a certain kind of machine

22:02 justin_smith: what a silly way to write machine code

22:02 TimMc: Oh, yes -- I think you have to pass a compiler flag to avoid a warning, though?

22:02 amalloy: and run a machine older than the stones

22:03 is that the right idiom? it doesn't feel right. older than the ____

22:04 the hills

22:05 TEttinger: TimMc, it was an entry in 1984, I doubt compilers cared much

22:05 justin_smith: I think "older than amalloy" is the accepted hyperbole

22:15 actually, "old as dirt" is the version I always heard in rural Vermont at least

22:15 or "old as the hills"

22:16 amalloy: you're probably right, old as the hills sounds best to me

22:17 justin_smith: there's also "older than the stars", which is a book, and has a nice ring to it

22:19 TEttinger: old as time, old as memory, old as AOL CDs in the mail...

22:20 justin_smith: older than the cue cat™

22:21 xemdetia: is there a better tarball out there right now that has a file index

22:21 justin_smith: ?

22:22 xemdetia: When you do tar -tf on a 14 GB file it takes a while :)

22:22 justin_smith: oh, so a replacement for tar with faster file index?

22:22 xemdetia: well, with a file index. The reason why it is so slow is that tar does not have a file index since it is designed for tape

22:22 justin_smith: right

22:23 xemdetia: I was writing one for fun a while ago

22:23 I forget what happened to that

22:23 justin_smith: tar = TApe ARchive

22:23 TEttinger: taar

22:23 justin_smith: TEttinger: for some reason everyon started spelling it wrong

22:23 TEttinger: heh

22:35 andyf: xemdetia: Zip ?

22:36 xemdetia: andyf, maybe I will have to check if it does perms like tar

22:36 I don't know I am just waiting for like 300 GB to process from a silly command and I dream of something else

22:36 andyf: Compression only occurs independently between files, I believe, not across files like tar.gz or whatever compression you use

22:38 xemdetia: yeah it's not the compression as much as just getting a good ol' manifest quick

22:38 andyf: I 'm surprised wikipedia's comparison of archive formats page doesn't mention that property, nor whether they maintain unix file permissions

22:44 TimMc: gfredericks: We still haven't figured out a name for the kid! So far I'm leaning towards mysql_escape_baby

22:45 justin_smith: TimMc: for bonus points, name the next kid mysql_real_escape_baby

22:45 to encourage healthy sibling rivalry

22:46 TimMc: Oh, that is a much better name, yes!

22:46 nuwanda_: robert');drop table students :)

22:46 gfredericks: ,(format "baby-%04d" (rand-int 10000))

22:46 clojurebot: "baby-2226"

22:46 TimMc: :-D

22:46 justin_smith: gfredericks: well, you could just make their social security number part of their name

22:46 xemdetia: andyf, I agree. I believe rar has an index but that's patent-hard

22:46 TimMc: justin_smith: They don't have one ye. Deadlock.

22:47 andyf: Looks like info-zip should maintain unix permissions, from what I have read, not personal testing

22:47 justin_smith: TimMc: well, you could get around that with a delay

22:47 or a promise

22:47 gfredericks: TimMc: you could also consider some contrived manner of having the baby determine its own name

22:48 or also you could use "Gary Fredericks"

22:48 TimMc: I think the state needs a string, not a reference.

22:49 gfredericks: Gurgle Psffwtt McCormack

22:49 the Hic'th

22:49 justin_smith: TimMc: I think the future is in ungoogleable names

22:50 things like "boobs" or "free ipad" that are totally impossible to google search for

22:50 thus guaranteeing privacy

22:50 TimMc: I've thought of that.

22:50 justin_smith: "mail order viagra, esquire"

22:51 TimMc: I did some NLP work so I know how to fool some of the algorithms.

22:51 gfredericks: also "Barack Obama"

22:51 TimMc: Fnu The

22:52 A name-placeholder + a stopword.

22:52 justin_smith: foo

22:53 that one has a built in scheme for naming all the kids

22:53 foo, bar, baz, quux

23:00 TEttinger: could just name him Lil' Satan

23:00 gfredericks: or node.js

23:01 TEttinger: oh!

23:01 unicode snowman

23:01 gfredericks: not even the unicode character just the two words "Unicode Snowman"

23:01 TEttinger: "please sign your name in cursive." "...uh... ☃"

23:02 TimMc: U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR

23:02 TEttinger: hahaha

23:02 U+FEFF BOM

23:05 gfredericks: U+20FG

23:05 justin_smith: "unbreakable space" would be a pretty kickass name

23:06 TEttinger: ,\u20fg

23:06 clojurebot: #<IllegalArgumentException java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid digit: g>

23:06 TEttinger: agh

23:06 ,\u20ff

23:06 clojurebot: \⃿

23:06 TEttinger: heh

23:06 andyf: Base 17 is hard

23:07 gfredericks: security by obscurity

23:07 TEttinger: ,17r20fg

23:07 clojurebot: 10097

23:07 TEttinger: ,(Integer/toString 10097 16)

23:07 clojurebot: "2771"

23:07 TEttinger: alternatively

23:07 ,(char 10097)

23:07 clojurebot: \❱

23:07 TEttinger: huh

23:07 that's nice

23:08 gfredericks: how on earth do they track unnamed kids at the hospital

23:08 TEttinger: then again, you don't know if it's base 17 or up to base 36, or even base64

23:08 "wiggly one"

23:08 gfredericks: I guess they can't rely on just names in general anyhow

23:10 TEttinger: "one of the 15 with the parents who say no vaccines, it doesn't matter, they'll be headed to the morgue in a few years anyway"

23:10 justin_smith: speaking of babies and systems, the craziest thing was that idea in the US of making one number that is simultaneously a unique identifier and also an authentication secret

23:10 TEttinger: heh

23:10 justin_smith: like, did they spend more than an hour or two thinking about the consequences of that?

23:12 gfredericks: was it designed to be an auth secret?

23:12 justin_smith: gfredericks: yeah, that may have just been a thing that ended up happening

23:12 TEttinger: kinda like Sony's authentication scheme for PS3 releases. scheme singular, they used the same phrase to authenticate any software for PS3, so the moment it was cracked anyone could bypass the hardware hypervisor

23:12 justin_smith: haha

23:12 TEttinger: you'd think with security practices like that they'd get hacked eventually or something

23:13 TEttinger: lol

23:13 this was long before the sony pictures hack, but it seems like security was not exactly on the mind of anyone at sony

23:13 clojurebot: Gabh mo leithscéal?

23:27 TimMc: gfredericks: Well, she's currently registered at the pediatrician's office as "Baby Girl Thorn" :-/

23:28 gfredericks: http://www.kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/falsehoods-programmers-believe-about-names/ #40

23:29 justin_smith: oh, there's a unicode character for "thorn" Þ

23:29 TimMc: yup

23:29 justin_smith: People’s names fit within a certain defined amount of space.

23:29 haha

23:30 amalloy: my name is infinite, because it includes by reference all experiences i have had up to the current instant in my life, including a recitation of my name

23:31 metellus: good thing you thought up that handy nickname

23:33 justin_smith: http://i.imgur.com/lJrFq.jpg

23:59 vas: justin_smith: what if i require a floating point quantity of ladies?

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