#clojure log - Jun 10 2013

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22:43 akurilin2: Is the idea behing the new clojure jdbc composable query / korma approach to building sql statements that it's simply easier to compose the statement that way rather than by trying to massage a bunch of strings?

22:46 callen: akurilin2: manual undisciplined string mangling is a bad idea. Use korma.

22:52 akurilin2: callen, cool! thanks.

22:53 Raynes: SegFaultAX: Because I thought it was a good show.

22:53 SegFaultAX: Turns out that some people like things other people don't. Mind blowing, ain't it?

22:54 This revelation changed my life.

22:55 callen: Raynes: I didn't like it at first, but developed an appreciation for the characters.

22:55 the first episode is really superficial.

22:55 Raynes: SegFaultAX: There may or may not have been too much snark in there. If so, know I'm only half serious and trying to be funny and not mean.

22:56 callen: Raynes: it's okay, we know you're a bad person.

22:56 Raynes: Just making sure.

23:17 tomjack: bbloom: I found a paper by "B Bloom" about CCS/CSP, got excited for a minute

23:17 http://www.brown.edu/Research/Istrail_Lab/papers/p232-bloom.pdf

23:18 callen: I'd be more amazed if I saw Eich on a whitepaper.

23:27 Raynes: callen: I really like Bill SkarsgÄrd's character.

23:27 callen: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

23:27 :D

23:28 muhoo: where is -?> hiding? i forgot.

23:28 Raynes: In a place where it can never be found and for good reason.

23:28 Damned symbol names.

23:28 muhoo: (second question is, why is it not in clojure.core)

23:28 yeah, you try grepping for that :-)

23:28 Raynes: Because clojure.core already has too many arrows.

23:29 muhoo: fuck it, i'll just do (if-let instead, it'll be ugly and verbose

23:29 why, i could even nest if-lets all through the pipeline

23:29 Raynes: That's the spirit

23:30 muhoo: or throw a try/catch around it and be all java-like

23:30 Raynes: muhoo: Now you're going too far.

23:30 Simmer down, kid.

23:30 tomjack: muhoo: -?> is called some-> now

23:31 or at least they're close relatives I think

23:31 and it is in core

23:31 as of 1.5

23:32 $fact new threading macros is https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/master/changes.md#24-new-threading-macros

23:33 lazybot: got it?

23:33 did -?> stop on false?

23:34 muhoo: oh, cool

23:34 thank you!

23:36 tomjack: $whatis new threading macros

23:36 lazybot: new does not exist in my database.

23:36 tomjack: oic

23:37 muhoo: and, incubator was the answer i thought i was looking for. some-> is a better answer.

23:39 tomjack: wonder why it's not called keep->

23:40 SegFaultAX: tomjack: Why would it be?

23:41 tomjack: some looks for logical falsity, some-> looks for nil, as does keep

23:42 keep and some seem otherwise identical

23:42 err, no

23:49 amalloy: tomjack: lazybot's factoid plugin is truly abysmal. teach things to clojurebot

23:50 tomjack: clojurebot: new threading macros is https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/master/changes.md#24-new-threading-macros

23:50 clojurebot: Alles klar

23:50 tomjack: thanks

23:57 bbloom: tomjack: heh, sadly not me

23:59 futile: You know,

23:59 Now that I think about it, Common Lisp is actually more of a toy language than Clojure.

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