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0:49 nonuby: using lein ring server in dev I have to create my own nrepl endpoint right?

0:50 or thinking using :repl-options { init-ns project.repl } and define (defn start-server [] run-jetty .. join? false from there) then I get best of both worlds i.e. repl ?

0:52 callen: nonuby: I usually have a "boot" function that inits the db connections and serves the app

0:53 nonuby: makes sense, I just want to make sure Ive not missed something and no one bothers lein ring server in dev as no repl?

0:54 callen: tbqh, I just run lein ring server and boot a normal repl and do not run the app inside the REPL

0:55 I'm generally testing functions and inspecting data in the REPL. I don't really need to see the request logs in there.

0:55 nonuby: true, i guess this is problem xy, is probably testing at the right level I shouldnt need to push stuff in and out over the local http endpoint to validate my dev

0:56 *rethinks*

0:56 tomjack: dnolen: I took a stab at removing the fd specificity: https://github.com/tomjack/core.logic/compare/generalized-domains

0:56 I'm guessing we should probably leave fd/dom and fd/in intact, huh..

0:56 callen: nonuby: that's precisely it. I try to keep neat little "models" functions that handle data access patterns that are easily testable

0:56 nonuby: the HTTP handlers are separate, and there's a separate template rendering function too.

0:57 nonuby: do you just want to see the app? It's a public website with a github repo.

0:57 nonuby: sure!

0:57 callen: nonuby: github.com/bitemyapp/neubite/ it's a simple CMS with authentication/admin

0:57 uhm, just uh...ignore the request context magic.

0:57 personal preference thing.,

1:01 nonuby: anyway let me know if you have any questions.

1:01 nonuby: it's built from a luminus template.

1:02 tomjack: if every domain ns defines its own in and dom then I guess removing the fd specificity is a much smaller patch

1:02 callen: with differences littered throughout.

1:02 tomjack: which lib?

1:02 tomjack: with no protocol changes needed

1:02 callen: core.logic

1:02 technomancy: cemerick: duuuuuude https://github.com/technomancy/nrepl-discover

1:05 in-flight hax

1:05 cemerick: technomancy: righteous! :-D

1:05 nonuby: callen, thanks, will have a browse

1:06 cemerick: global namespace trawling FTW and all that

1:08 technomancy: I love it when a plan comes together.

1:10 technomancy: Still seems like some seriously-tight coupling between the server and client, re: overlays, etc

1:10 Raynes: cemerick: Can I be a part of your A-Team? :D

1:10 I'm a crafty little bugger.

1:10 cemerick: Raynes: dude, surely you're a founding member?

1:12 technomancy: do you really want to reinvent X11 over nREPL? ;-P

1:13 Raynes: BTW, any more talk about you having a guitar in LA, and I'll assume that you'll be bussing dishes in a diner waiting for screenplay callbacks in three months

1:15 callen: this is the hardest time I've ever had understanding the purpose of a library and I've used Haskell before.

1:16 Raynes: cemerick: Man, I didn't even get to play it. I broke a string tuning the damned thing.

1:16 cemerick: I was trying to tune one string, but was tightening the wrong one.

1:16 cemerick: nice

1:16 Raynes: So I was like "Y U NO CHANGE TONE" and then POP

1:16 cemerick: I've been meaning to get my guitar out of the attic of late

1:17 Raynes: So now I have to go to a guitar store and buy strings tomorrow.

1:17 cemerick: Haven't touched it since high school :-O

1:17 callen: technomancy: so what does this help with in nrepl? I'm a bit dense and don't quite get it.

1:17 technomancy: searching docstrings in an ns?

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