#clojure log - May 17 2013

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22:38 tomoj: can you make a goal into a constraint, e.g. for treec?

22:41 basically I want tree-membero

22:42 (I have plusg instead of composeg already)

22:59 duncanm: hello

22:59 i'm trying to use nrepl, so M-x nrepl-jack-in shows me a repl buffer

22:59 but it doesn't seem to evaluate anything

22:59 i type (+ 1 1) and it hangs

22:59 i'm on a mac, is it because i need to open up some port?

23:14 anyone around?

23:17 decaf: duncanm: I'm probably newer than you on clojure but I know nrepl works with a tcp port

23:20 duncanm: hmm

23:23 decaf: and it's changing, looks like first one available

23:23 duncanm: woohoo

23:23 i got it working

23:23 it was my paredit setup

23:24 it bound newline to something else

23:24 neat

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