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1:51 RazLaptop: How would I form client.Network.Login("data") in clojure?

1:52 Most examples I find only go one object deep

1:54 rplaca: (.Login (.Network client) "data) ought to do it

1:54 RazLaptop: thanks, I'll give it a shot :)

1:54 rplaca: np

1:55 RazLaptop: Phew it worked! That stumped me for ages- do you know where I can find more relevant info in the doc's?

1:56 rplaca: not really, just think about it as functions on objects rather than method invocations and it should be pretty clear

1:56 RazLaptop: rplaca, ok, at least with this I have a footing now, thanks :)

1:57 rplaca: that is, client.Network returns something (yeah, it's actually a field, but that doesn't matter) and you want to call .Login with that thing and "data"

1:57 similar logic all the way through

3:03 ChongLi: hmm

3:06 lighttable has a bunch of hotkeys using the Cmd key

3:06 but I don't have that key (on linux)

3:07 Apage43: ChongLi, most of those are also bound to Ctrl

3:07 mytrile: Try Alt instea

3:07 Apage43: or Alt

3:07 mytrile: instea*

3:07 ChongLi: yeah I see that

3:07 how do remove/change keybindings?

3:07 supersym: Ctrl+Space search for "key"

3:08 Apage43: command -> Change key bindings/shortcuts

3:08 ChongLi: yeah I'm on that screen

3:08 I only see options to add bindings

3:08 Apage43: ag

3:08 yeah, not sure how to remove them

3:09 ChongLi: this is so damn slick

3:11 supersym: yeah I dunno either.. doing some reflection stuff trying to look a bit more inside

3:11 I'd like to change some css properties from the repl on the running client :)

3:12 I do miss some stuff that was in 0.2 tho - like connect to repo etc? Really would have loved some documentation/source

3:13 also we have editor search but no replace

3:13 also large workspace directory = slugishness

3:14 oh well.... o

3:14 still great, sweet and more awesomeness

3:16 ChongLi: the "vim mode" really ought to be called "vi mode"

3:16 though it's not even a complete vi mode at that!

3:16 supersym: yeah

3:17 shouldnt be too hard to get some more ... dunno if this is native codemirror or..

3:17 ChongLi: the key features for me with vi are @ and !

3:18 @ being the macro key and ! being the "pipe to external command"

3:19 supersym: yeah i was wondering @? ... q/@ and ! yeah :) I love being able to do :!. %

3:20 but it always seemed a bit silly to have like a seperate 'bash' implement like vim does... dunno whats about that

3:20 ChongLi: separate bash?

3:20 supersym: wouldn't it just have been easier to tie it to the running shell (e.g. I use zsh but vim is still bash)

3:21 ChongLi: I used zsh for a while but I'm back to bash

3:21 supersym: or did i miss an option somewhere all those months

3:21 ChongLi: since I installed on my new ssd I've been avoiding reinstalling stuff like emacs, vim etc.

3:21 it's really enlightening to use vi and bash in their default states

3:21 supersym: I love zsh but stopped scripting in it... node.js cli apps way easier to do :P

3:22 ChongLi: and leverage the full power of unix!

3:22 supersym: well with some tweaks vi can be made 'ok'

3:22 ChongLi: what's wrong with it?

3:22 supersym: default key behaviour for me anyway

3:22 arrows, home key, maps

3:22 ChongLi: what?!

3:22 I don't use any of those keys!

3:22 they're too far away!

3:22 :)

3:23 supersym: :P

3:23 good point,... I try to force myself learning to get used to hjkl but it takes tiiime

3:23 ChongLi: ah

3:23 supersym: did remap the Caps to esc tho

3:23 ChongLi: I learned hjkl easily back when I got this keyboard

3:24 supersym: a lot better

3:24 ChongLi: it has no numeric keypad

3:24 so I was forced to learn hjkl to play nethack

3:24 supersym: ^^ nethack

3:24 ChongLi: now I can't live without it!

3:24 supersym: from that perspective, vi does have great keymap convention by itself, yeah

3:25 it actually tries to unlearn your bad-MS-based habit

3:26 trade-off, many ppl got scared away at first tries tho

3:26 ChongLi: haha, amazing that it can do that from 1976!

3:26 supersym: I like my vim a lot better with https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim also

3:26 ChongLi: yeah I have a vim that's all tricked out too

3:27 I'm reluctant to go back to it though

3:27 just too much mental baggage

3:27 supersym: yeah for me its about the right balance of tweakability and relative ease... some stuff I have to work too hard in Bash, and while Arch is great for me now, I doubt I'll like Unix much later

3:28 ChongLi: supersym: why not?

3:29 supersym: well I dunno, I never got it the 3,4 times I tried, but so didn't get Arch untill I learned everything in the book (wiki)

3:29 but I dunno, I have the idea I'll have to rely on sed and awk like stuff to get around :P

3:29 ChongLi: I think the key to "getting" unix is to understand the gnu coreutils

3:30 supersym: well I get the ideas behind a few I guess but automake nor c/c++ seem like my cup of tea

3:31 ChongLi: http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/manual/coreutils.html

3:31 here's the giant combined man page of all the coreutils!

3:31 supersym: sweet

3:32 ChongLi: my fave commands are column, cut and grep

3:32 you can do a lot with those

3:32 sort as well

3:32 supersym: yeah they are sweet :)

3:32 the best tools are 30 years old or more :P

3:33 ChongLi: and integrating them with vi is fantastic

3:33 the other thing I really appreciate about vi is the low latency

3:33 on basically everything

3:34 supersym: oi.. well u said since 1976.. i was born in 80 and got raised with DOS... go figure

3:34 ChongLi: vim and emacs just seem to feel "heavy"

3:34 there's a lot going on with every keystroke

3:34 and a lot of the time it's blocking the UI

3:35 supersym: yes .. F1 being the most famous :P

3:36 well whats your alternative tho

3:36 ChongLi: alternative to what?

3:36 supersym: sublime is pretty cool but closed source

3:36 vim and emacs being relatively heavy

3:37 ChongLi: the alternative is to use something light like vi :)

3:37 Arafangion: Another editor-discussion?

3:37 supersym: seems like lighttable might become open-source (mixed model of perhaps free/paid plugin ideas)

3:37 Arafangion: sorry ><

3:37 ChongLi: lighttable will be open source

3:37 supersym: ok kool

3:37 ChongLi: I've heard it from ibdknox himself!

3:38 Arafangion: ChongLi: Sadly, you have to hack the sources to get vi to display on today's monitors - the maximum lines and columns are hard-coded constants. (Referring to the *real* VI, of course)

3:38 Apage43: most of the .cljs source is pretty easy to find already ;)

3:38 supersym: yeah

3:38 Apage43: last I looked anyway

3:38 ChongLi: Arafangion: hmm? I'm not having any problems

3:38 supersym: line-height is a bitch but so is xft in my urxvt unicode and anti-aliasing with vim

3:39 Arafangion: ChongLi: Where did you get your vi from, then?

3:39 ChongLi: Arafangion: it came installed in the base system

3:39 running arch

3:39 Apage43: ah, perhaps not. The stuff it downloaded used to include the cljs

3:39 Arafangion: ChongLi: Then it's probably linked to vim, running in vi-emulation mode.

3:40 ChongLi: Arafangion: no...

3:40 which vi returns /usr/bin/vi

3:40 supersym: ownm

3:40 Arafangion: ChongLi: Yes, which is likely either a hard or a soft link to /usr/bin/vim, or else they've compiled their own vi from vim code.

3:41 ChongLi: Very few systems provide the original vi.

3:41 ChongLi: Arafangion: no, it's linked to ex

3:41 Arafangion: ChongLi: Interesting! Then it might be the original vi, after all!

3:42 ChongLi: yeah it has all the limitations of vi

3:42 single undo, no command history or anything like that

3:42 but it's still just as powerful, you just have to work a bit at it

3:42 a lot like lisp

3:43 Arafangion: ChongLi: This bug refers to the line and column width limitation I mentioned: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/15844 :)

3:44 ChongLi: Arafangion: ah that's weird

3:44 Arafangion: ChongLi: But sensible, it means you don't have to dynamically allocate the buffer, it's static.

3:44 ChongLi: when I first installed (before even installing X) I was editing stuff with vi fullscreen on my 2560x1600 monitor

3:44 Arafangion: ChongLi: And therefore faster. :)

3:44 * Apage43 doesn't understand the paranoia around having a configured editor

3:44 Arafangion: ChongLi: That bug there seems to have been fixed in 2010. :)

3:44 ChongLi: I have no idea how many columns it was but it was a lot

3:45 Apage43: paranoia?

3:45 Apage43: like you'll learn it too much and be helpless on a machine without your config

3:45 ChongLi: I've heard that argument before and it makes sense

3:45 but that's not the one I'm using

3:47 Arafangion: ChongLi: Why do you like ex-vi, anyway?

3:47 supersym: Apage43: well i would have "gotten" awk and sed a lot better/sooner if it was still 1975 or so but to say I miss out on essentials,....

3:47 ChongLi: Arafangion: it's helping me appreciate and understand the unix philosophy

3:47 * Apage43 jumps around a lot though

3:48 ChongLi: if vi doesn't have some weird feature I need I can often get it by piping to an external command

3:48 Apage43: at home I'm on an Arch linux machine and at work I use a macbook

3:48 ChongLi: plus I just really like the low latency

3:48 supersym: can you compile vi in utf-8?

3:48 Arafangion: ChongLi: Worse Is Better? :)

3:48 ChongLi: emacs was starting to drive me nuts with its latency

3:49 Arafangion: ChongLi: Funnily, that was what made me switch from vim to emacs. :)

3:49 ChongLi: when you have auto-complete running and everything it does is synchronous

3:49 it can often block the UI for 1/4 second to 1/2 second on every keystroke

3:49 Arafangion: ChongLi: So don't do auto-complete, then. You don't have it with vi, anyway. :)

3:49 Chousuke: that's one of the only remaining big issues emacs has tbh :P

3:50 Apage43: I've noticed that MacVim is a lot snapper than gvim for me

3:50 *snappier

3:51 supersym: Arafangion: can't you do ctags for that?

3:51 Chousuke: it's not easy to transform 30 years of code into something multithreaded

3:51 Arafangion: supersym: I can, but ctags for object-oriented languages is very limited.

3:51 Chousuke: especially with elisp being dynamically scoped. Though didn't they already add lexical scoping in 24?

3:52 Arafangion: supersym: I do, in point of fact, use ctags from time to time.

3:52 supersym: ok :)

3:53 Apage43: https://github.com/Valloric/YouCompleteMe is actually quite usable, but a hell of a pain to set up for c/c++

3:53 supersym: ah... well I do miss out of Visual Studio...2010 Ultimate was such a breeze

3:53 I really got spoiled

3:53 Arafangion: supersym: You think VS 2010 is a breeze?

3:53 supersym: You obviously haven't tried VS 2012. VS 2010 was just... Meh...

3:54 supersym: yeah I hardly had any issues...

3:54 ah ok no i havent

3:54 I know there was a lot not done yet

3:54 like menu customizing was like 40% done :P

3:54 Arafangion: Heh.

3:55 supersym: only thing really buggy was rending xaml

3:55 at times

3:56 i should fire up a vm and check out 2012 some time ..

3:57 Arafangion: supersym: Definitely, and while I haven't tested it, they claim to be backwards compatible, for once.

4:02 ucb: is anybody here using lightable in anger (other than the devs :) ?

4:03 ChongLi: I haven't used it enough to make me angry

4:03 I really haven't "got it" yet

4:03 ucb: I just tried it and, of course, I was confused by it.

4:03 Apage43: ucb, I typically fall back to my typical setup for a while when it does something weird

4:03 it's nice when it works of course

4:03 ucb: but that's because I come with bad old habits

4:04 Apage43: oh? I was wondering about that email sent to the ML saying that it has leiningen integration. That's why I decided to give it a go.

4:04 Apage43: my typical problem is I'll type something that is going to block a thread for a while, it tries to evaluate it, and then nothing that involves evaling code works for a bit =P

4:04 ucb, it does. It works really well actually.

4:05 ucb: Apage43: I failed to see where that was done. Unless it's all automagical?

4:06 Apage43: ucb, when you have a .clj open and do the eval-this-form shortcut (ctrl-enter), it'll go through the process of going up the directory tree to find a project.clj and starting up a nrepl connection

4:06 ucb: ah, cool

4:06 Apage43: if you never actually do anything that needs it to talk to lein/nrepl it won't actually bother

4:08 ucb: I see. I suppose I'll stick to my emacs for now. I rely too much on nrepl, midje-mode and others :(

4:10 Apage43: you can also pull up a instarepl-tab on a connected project

4:10 if you just need a scratchpad

4:11 That's the one where I get in trouble, since it evals the code as soon as it is valid

4:11 ucb: yeah, saw that

4:11 oh

4:11 Apage43: typically really nice, until you're messing with stuff that blocks

4:12 you can turn off the live update behavior though and just make it a scratchpad you can eval in on-demand

4:19 broquaint: ??maud

4:19 ww

4:54 ChongLi: thinking of maud you forget everything else!

4:56 Raynes: ChongLi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maude_(TV_series)

4:57 ChongLi: Raynes: http://www.bartleby.com/42/6491.html

6:02 augustl: is there still no way to easily run a single deftest with "lein test" other than creating tags and adding metadata etc?

6:03 clgv: augustl: in midje, evaluation of the test namespace runs the tests as well

6:06 ucb: +1 for midje

6:09 pisketti: clgv: but if you just want a single deftest/fact be run, how do you go about it?

6:09 with lein

6:09 augustl: I'm not using midje though, I'm using the built-in stuff

6:10 clgv: pisketti: why do you want to do it with lein? most IDEs support evaluation of single forms (emacs, CCW, ...)

6:10 ucb: augustl: I believe that lein-midje can run your standard deftest tests

6:10 pisketti: it does

6:11 augustl: how would I go about running a single deftest with lein-midje?

6:11 pisketti: It runs and reports both deftests and midje facts

6:11 clgv: That question aside, can it be done? :)

6:13 clgv: pisketti: I guess there is no real use to select a single test. but you can use the tag/metadata approach

6:13 pisketti: I guess I'm not familiar with that either

6:13 clgv: pisketti: usually you group those test in meaningful groups which you often want to test together

6:14 pisketti: And midje has support for such groups then?

6:15 clgv: good question, I do not remember if what was mentioned here was clojure.test only

6:16 augustl: so lein-midje is not able to run a single deftest?

6:16 clgv: pisketti: yes it has: https://github.com/marick/Midje/wiki/Metadata

6:16 augustl: what works for groups also works for trivial groups of size 1 ;)

6:17 lein midje :filter my-single-test

6:17 pisketti: heh

6:17 augustl: i just want to run a single test by name without having to edit the source code

6:17 clgv: well at least when written as midje fact. dont know if deftest works as well

6:17 pisketti: clgv: Thanks

6:17 augustl: oh I see

6:18 clgv: augustl: you gotta research that on your own ;)

6:18 pisketti: and perhaps write your own lein plugin 8)

6:18 augustl: so my-single-test is just the name of the test, not a group/tag I have to create?

6:19 clgv: augustl: see the wiki page above. it shows how it works for midje.

6:20 oh but the feature is new in midje 1.5 ...

6:21 pisketti: I noticed

6:21 I'm currently using 1.4

6:21 But I guess I have no reason not to upgrade

6:25 ucb: pisketti: are you using midje-mode? if so, together with nrepl?

6:40 jcidaho: Hi - looking at using clostache... anyone had success with it?

6:44 there is stencil also..

6:44 the CTO here is very keen on using Mustache

6:45 cmdrdats: in nRepl+emacs, I'd like to automatically load up a namespace when connecting to a speficic

6:45 specific* project

6:50 clgv: jcidaho: well you should be able to try it quickly I guess

6:53 jcidaho: clgv: yes. Just been through hiccup and enlive before being informed about mustache. Looking at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/clojure/2dRbv-S0UuQ seems Stencil is a good forerunner choice. Performance is very important.

7:00 augustl: is there a way to disable "lein test", or make "lein test" actually invoke "lein midje"?

7:01 clgv: augustl: maybe an "alias" can overwrite it

7:07 augustl: doesn't seem like there's an easy way to run a single "deftest" with "lein midje"

7:15 pisketti: ucb: No. I don't know why I've kept using lein to run my tests. ;)

7:15 I do use nrepl, though

7:19 pbollen: i'm trying to play with https://github.com/pallet/vmfest-playground

7:19 more specifically with https://github.com/pallet/vmfest-playground/blob/master/src/play.clj

7:19 however executing this in the repl: (setup-model "https://s3.amazonaws.com/vmfest-images/debian-" my-server)

7:19 gives me: CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: setup-model in this context, compiling:(NO_SOURCE_PATH:1)

7:20 can't grasp the meaning of this yet...

7:20 any tips?

7:21 clgv: pbollen: you did not :require or :use the namespace properly

7:21 pbollen: omg

7:21 I forgot to copy the second line

7:21 thanks!

7:21 clgv: you need line 2 (use '[vmfest.virtualbox.image :only [setup-model]])

7:23 pbollen: (y) thx!

7:30 ucb: pisketti: so do I. But it does take a bit with the whole a new JVM every time I try to run tests :(

7:33 clgv: ucb: SSDs do really help with that

7:33 ucb: clgv: surely that's not the right answer though?

7:34 clgv: ucb: well if you have the problem of slow leiningen (startup, compile, uberjar) very often it is good workaround.

7:35 ucb: clgv: in terms of lein things drip has helped me a great deal, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work with midje. Perhaps I should query the ML

7:35 clgv: usb: just for the testing there is lazytest and from midje 1.5 on it offers the same functionality

7:35 midje 1.4 works with lazytest....

7:36 mpenet: ucb: you can run the tests from the nrepl

7:36 just put a (run-tests) at the end of the file an reload it

7:36 or C-c C-c the expression

7:37 * ucb ponders about all these solutions

7:37 ucb: clgv, mpenet: thanks!

7:38 clgv: ah I thought running from repl was discarded earlier on ... ;)

7:38 mpenet: was it?

7:39 ucb: I just want a quick way of running tests as I work on my code

7:39 mpenet: I am not sure how it would work with midje though

7:39 ucb: and having to wait several seconds (close to a minute sometimes) breaks my workflow :(

7:41 mpenet: The nrepl solution is the fastest I know or. There is also lein.el, but I never tested it.

7:41 of*

7:43 ucb: midje-mode was great because of the navigation between test->code and such

7:43 unfortunately it's broken for nrepl

7:50 dan_b: just before I go to the effort of downloading and building JUDS by hand - is there any less involved way of reading from a unix domain socket in clojure?

7:52 oh wait, https://github.com/jnr/jnr-unixsocket may fit the bill

10:12 devn: good morning my fellow clojurians

10:12 i hope the force is with you today

10:14 hyPiRion: wish it were

10:14 I have to work with locks and mutexes today

10:16 * znDuff is glad it's not just him.

10:17 znDuff: (Distributed locking, even, with cleanup required).

10:18 hyPiRion: Oh dear.

10:22 * arcatan works with advanced garbage collection technology

10:27 pepijndevos: danlarkin: ping

10:27 danlarkin: hi

10:27 hyPiRion: arcatan: That actually sounds interesting

10:28 hard, but interesting

10:28 pepijndevos: danlarkin: I came across your IRC server. Curious what the status of that is. I also read you whre considering moving to Aleph?

10:28 dcolish: distributed locking is the most fun

10:28 arcatan: hyPiRion: let me show you a video of our garbage collector: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-HLwHHtDT8 :)

10:30 pepijndevos: arcatan: wow, you work for them?! Awesome

10:31 arcatan: pepijndevos: yea, it's pretty cool

10:32 * pepijndevos needs to get an AI Phd or something.

10:33 hyPiRion: arcatan: Oh, hahahah. Garbage collection. I got it now.

10:33 danlarkin: pepijndevos: cool, yeah, it's "in production" at work

10:33 hyPiRion: Looks pretty sweet though

10:33 danlarkin: totally stable

10:33 I made a spike at using aleph but it's lacking support for some things I need right now

10:49 pepijndevos: danlarkin: I got netsplit, so if you said anything after saying hi, I did not get it.

10:50 Fatalnix: Can I set the classpath for clojure on the command line? changing javas classpath doesn't seem to do anything.

10:51 pepijndevos: Fatalnix: Are you using leiningen? As far as I know, Clojure uses the Java classpath

10:51 Fatalnix: pepijndevos: I do, but not at the moment, I'm just doing some tiny tests

10:51 that's weird.

10:51 Ember-: clojure does use java's classpath

10:52 znDuff: Fatalnix: How are you invoking Clojure? If you're going through Leiningen, that's a very different thing.

10:53 Ember-: leiningen does not pass -D parameters for example to your app

10:53 Fatalnix: oh no, for this I'm just invoking the clojure 1.4 jar

10:55 I was just testing some tiny java interopt but I couldn't get a file to compile because it complains it doesn't exist, when its right there and my classpath is my current working directory, so I just thought it was weird.

10:55 I'd use lein but I didn't want the whole mess of files distributed around.

10:57 znDuff: Fatalnix: ...so, if you ask the JVM what its classpath is...

10:57 Fatalnix: well I defined its classpath with -cp

10:59 hyPiRion: Clojure 1.5 out

10:59 Party time

10:59 Fatalnix: lol

11:02 aroemers: Nice!

11:02 Ember-: really? clojure 1.5 final?

11:02 \o/

11:03 http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Cg%3A%22org.clojure%22%20AND%20a%3A%22clojure%22%20AND%20v%3A1.5.0* <- only RC17 available?

11:03 ejackson: woo hoo !

11:04 mpenet: it take a little time to get on maven central

11:04 Ember-: no link on clojure home page either

11:04 aroemers: Takes a while, see: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/clojure/kzF5O0Yfdhc

11:04 Ember-: this must be *really* new thing

11:04 hyPiRion: Ember-: it's on the dev list

11:05 danlarkin: pepijndevos: yeah I said it's "in production" at work, very stable

11:05 it doesn't support all of the RFC(s) but it's enough for what we need

11:07 pepijndevos: danlarkin: cool. I found some post on the aleph list about plans to change from jetty to aleph. Did that ever happen?

11:07 danlarkin: netty

11:07 pepijndevos: project.clj includes both

11:07 danlarkin: I started working on it, yeah, but aleph doesn't support some things I need yet

11:07 so that's on hold

11:08 pepijndevos: danlarkin: ah i see. Aleph is also based on netty right? What doesn't aleph support?

11:08 danlarkin: lamina is an abstraction over netty channels

11:09 but unfortunately it's not perfect, like I can't get the InetAddress object that I'm connected to

11:09 but I need that for hostname formatting

11:09 pepijndevos: I see.

11:09 Ember-: cool stuff, just read the changelog

11:11 pepijndevos: danlarkin: I wonder if I could build some bouncer like functionality right into the server, especially replaying messages.

11:11 danlarkin: it's been suggested before

11:11 pepijndevos: but there where objections, or it just never happened?

11:12 danlarkin: and it's definitely possible, of course, but there are some issues beyond just the code-writing

11:12 like how do you know who's connected, to send them the right messages

11:13 pepijndevos: danlarkin: uh, just look at the nick? juding your response, it can;t be that simpe...

11:13 danlarkin: but what if I log in with your nick?

11:13 am I allowed to get your PMs?

11:14 pepijndevos: then you get my messages… I never studied IRC security, but can you just do that?

11:15 danlarkin: some networks have what are called "services" to prevent it

11:15 pepijndevos: I mean, I'm on ZNC now, if you would log in as me, you'd also get my messages

11:15 nickserv and such?

11:15 danlarkin: NickServ on freenode,yeah

11:16 pepijndevos: My bouncer has a password, but I'm not sure how that works.

11:16 danlarkin: it works as a server password

11:16 meaning anyone who knows that password (which should be only you) can log in and act as you

11:16 but what it means is that your ZNC can only serve one user, you

11:16 pepijndevos: yea, that's how password generally work...

11:17 no, ZNC support multiple accounts

11:17 danlarkin: on different ports, yes

11:17 pepijndevos: really? *reads NC wiki*

11:17 danlarkin: different unix processes

11:18 yedi: happy release day, #clojure

11:18 what's on the celebration agenda

11:18 danlarkin: oh, looks like it can do it in the same process, but each is on its own port

11:18 hyPiRion: yedi: booze and cake

11:19 yedi: hyPiRion: ahh, can't go wrong with that

11:19 hyPiRion: exactly

11:21 aroemers: leiningen 2.0.0 out not too long ago, now clojure 1.5, happy times!

11:22 jajohnson: Using the jetty ring adapter I'm seeing a hard limit of 1k simultaneous connections. Even when increasing the max thread pool size and ulimit for the user - can't get the needle to move.

11:23 I have a graph, even! http://i.imgur.com/l8uD9lX.png

11:23 Anyone ever see something like this?

11:24 pepijndevos: danlarkin: ZNC seems to do PASS username:password. That would work a server as well, right?

11:24 hashbang1: haha i love that you have a graph. I wish i could help but am clueless

11:25 danlarkin: pepijndevos: oh, that's smart, yeah maybe so

11:25 jajohnson: The actual count is 1009 simultaneous connections, if that means anything. The graph isn't completely clear on that point.

11:26 Fatalnix: what am I doing wrong here with :methods ? I've tried replacing them with nil and leaving them blank: http://pastebin.com/JHAgParQ

11:27 pepijndevos: danlarkin: Maybe I'll try implementing this, if it makes sense to you.

11:27 danlarkin: sure

11:27 IMO just using ZNC seems easier :)

11:27 pepijndevos: meh...

11:27 Fatalnix: I just keep irssi on a vps

11:27 and screen it

11:28 if you're talking about the IRC bouncer

11:28 Frozenlock: \o/ 1.5 baby

11:28 pepijndevos: danlarkin: why did you chose to use this in-memory clojure database?

11:29 weavejester: jajohnson: Have you tried increasing the amount of memory available to the VM instance?

11:29 danlarkin: I was use contrib's datalog way back when, but I was using such a small set of its features I decided to write something from scratch that suited what I needed

11:29 and that's what I ended up with

11:30 jajohnson: weavejester: I have, starting the jvm with java -server -Xms256m -Xmx3072m -Xss256k -- the vm doesn't ever break 1g though.

11:31 pepijndevos: danlarkin: I think that if the server is actually going to store messages, I would rather use something persistent.

11:31 aroemers: leiningen 2.0.0 out not too long ago, now clojure 1.5, happy times!

11:31 whoops..

11:32 danlarkin: pepijndevos: sure

11:32 Fatalnix: is lein using 1.5 yet though?

11:32 pepijndevos: I'll browse the code a bit over the weekend and see if it's something I'd like to hack on.

11:34 xeqi: Fatalnix: lein itself uses 1.4, but you can use whichever for your project

11:34 Fatalnix: yeah I know that much

11:34 weavejester: jajohnson: Curious. You've used the :max-threads option to set the max number of threads higher than 1000?

11:35 Fatalnix: EW

11:35 ambrosebs: Is Aaron Cohen in here?

11:35 Fatalnix: more than 1000 threads? that sounds dangerous.

11:35 Ember-: indeed

11:35 jajohnson: weavejester: yeah, it's set to 2k at the moment.

11:35 Ember-: oh wow

11:35 Fatalnix: fewwer threads + promises to make up for it?

11:35 jajohnson: Fatalnix: lots and lots of CPU and memory in these machines :)

11:35 Fatalnix: yeah but..

11:35 weavejester: Fatalnix: It's a web server

11:36 hashbang1: Fatalnix: depending on the hardware, i dont think thats unreasonable

11:36 Fatalnix: I dunno, it just doesn't sound right.

11:36 jajohnson: weavejester: toying with the ulimit on my load machine. may have fiddled with that incorrectly. one sec.

11:36 Ember-: linux kernel scheduler starts to spend more time on thread context switches than on anything else after something like 1500 threads if I remember correctly

11:36 Fatalnix: I would provide like 1 thread per x ammount of connections, and try some sort of non blocking like promise to handle them.

11:37 so thered be like say 5 threads per 20 connections.

11:37 weavejester: jajohnson: What does ulimit -n say?

11:38 jajohnson: weavejester: 10k on the web server, still 1024 on the load server. think I missed the mod to the pam config to make it sticky-er. may explain what's going on here.

11:39 once I'm sure that takes, I'll run this again.

11:39 weavejester: Fatalnix: Jetty does use nio for connections, I believe.

11:39 Fatalnix: I see.

11:40 I thought this was some custom codebase

11:42 jajohnson: weavejester: aha! we're in business! 2k connected.

11:42 the server was fine, it was my load machine.

11:42 most excellent.

11:42 weavejester: jajohnson: Ah, excellent :)

11:43 Fatalnix: huh, I wonder what if I build an interface instead of supplying methods in the ns form

11:43 and the interface could be used for java to find methods?

11:43 jajohnson: weavejester: thanks for taking a moment. very much appreciate your work, btw.

11:43 weavejester: jajohnson: No problem

11:49 octagon: hi, how would i read in some clojure forms from a string and obtain an AST?

11:50 antares_: octagon: read-string (if it is from a trusted source)

11:50 ,(read-string "(count [1 2 3 4])")

11:50 octagon: antares_: read-string gives forms, but not an analyzed AST

11:50 clojurebot: (count [1 2 3 4])

11:51 antares_: octagon: what is analyzed AST in Clojure?

11:51 octagon: forms are AST. Details of the Java compiler are not exposed much further, I believe

11:51 ambrosebs: Is this what you want? https://github.com/frenchy64/analyze

11:51 octagon: antares_: well metadata about the forms that is used in the compilation process. the AST is a map of some sort, which contains type info that the compiler uses

11:52 antares_: octagon: I am not a Clojure compiler expert but from what I saw in the source, I don't think that's exposed via clojure.core

11:52 and that it is meant to be easy to consume without knowing much about clojure.lang.Compiler internals

11:52 octagon: ambrosebs: thanks man, that looks like what i need

11:52 ambrosebs: antares_: You're correct. The above project digs it out with reflection.

11:54 octagon: antares_: sometimes you need to know the _meaning_ of forms, which is something that is done in the analysis phase.

11:54 ambrosebs: I think antares_ is worried that there is no official way of doing it, and he's right.

11:55 analyze is a bit of a hack, but it does the job mostly.

11:56 octagon: ambrosebs: i'm working on a little structural editor for programming in clojure, so i need more than just the forms themselves

11:57 ambrosebs: there's a thread going on currently on the ml about a possible tools.analyze, you might be interested.

11:57 ah, clojure-dev actually

12:05 cemerick: Bodil: why does cljs-noderepl define its own :eval fn (nrepl-eval)? It doesn't seem to do anything special.

12:08 pepijndevos: danlarkin: huh, it seems some bouncer code is already there: https://github.com/danlarkin/subrosa/blob/master/src/subrosa/plugins/catchup.clj

12:08 danlarkin: sortof

12:08 not exactly bouncer, just replying chat

12:09 Frozenlock: I'm somewhat afraid... I've tried a function that previously took 12 minutes with `map', and with `pmap' it took ~30s o_O (It's a network polling function)

12:11 hyPiRion: Frozenlock: 24x speedup?

12:11 Frozenlock: yeah

12:12 Most of the time wasted was just 'waiting for other machine to respond', so I suppose it makes sense.

12:14 hyPiRion: still fast, I think pmap runs x + 2 tasks at most

12:14 where x is core #

12:25 Frozenlock: I can't believe how fast it is now. Or how dumb I was doing everything in sequence.

12:25 mrb_bk: what's the preferred means of using lein2/repl with a github SHA commit as the dep in project.clj?

12:27 cemerick: mrb_bk: first, we mock you for using SHA-versioned dependencies. Then we hesitantly point you towards e.g. https://github.com/tobyhede/lein-git-deps

12:28 mrb_bk: cemerick: blame dnolen for putting shit on github that i want to play with!

12:29 cemerick: mrb_bk: Fair. Using checkout dependencies would probably be saner

12:29 leku: hi anyone use 'Joodo'?

12:32 mrb_bk: cemerick: ahhh right i forgot about thtose

13:11 Frozenlock: Is there a parallel 'for', just like pmap?

13:23 * znDuff tries to figure out how to get an XQResultSequence (which can write to a SAX ContentHandler or a javax.xml.transform.result) into clojure.data.xml without an otherwise completely unnecessary serializing and reparsing step

13:47 pandeiro: cemerick: would a couchdb log parsing utility be something appropriate for clutch?

13:47 cemerick: log parsing?

13:47 like, from the couchdb process?

13:47 pandeiro: yeah

13:48 i need to do some work with my couchdb logs and i am here trying to write the parser and then i wondered if that were something that would belong in a couchdb client lib or not

13:48 cemerick: no, probably not

13:48 why would you be parsing couchdb logs?

13:49 pandeiro: well i need to do some analysis and i was inspired by mmcgrana's talk at 2011 conj i think it was

13:49 about logs as data

13:49 i would love to just transform them into a map

13:49 a sequence of maps i mean

13:50 cemerick: sure

13:50 pandeiro: maybe i am missing some tool that already does this?

13:50 cemerick: but, you're talking about application logs, then?

13:50 not the couchdb process' log file?

13:50 pandeiro: yeah, /var/log/couchdb/couch.log

13:51 cemerick: ah, ok, that makes a lot more sense

13:51 it's certainly something that could *use* couch

13:51 s/couch/clutch

13:51 probably not something that should be in the client API

13:51 seangrove: Should I (or is it even possible to) type-hint functions and return values in cljs libraries I'm writing?

13:52 pandeiro: is there a lib out there that will do that parsing for me? like i somehow define a grammar and it does the hard stuff?

13:52 there's a good couchdb log parser for nodejs that i could use to create JSON and just flip it over

13:53 gfredericks: can repositories configured in leiningen have proxy info included?

13:55 cemerick: pandeiro: Not sure. I'm sure there's a ton of log parsing libs in Java-land.

13:58 DaReaper5: Quick question: how do i get the lenght of (.toByteArray out-stream)

13:58 Frozenlock: Any clojuredocs maintainter in here? I would REALLY like an autofocus function for the search field :)

13:58 DaReaper5: (.length (...)) does not wrk

13:58 work*

13:58 gfredericks: DaReaper5: count should work

13:58 DaReaper5: ok thanks

13:58 dakrone: Frozenlock: I maintain it since zkim left, but I'm not really a rails person

13:58 znDuff: DaReaper5: alen, IIRC

13:58 gfredericks: ,(-> [1 2 3 4] (into-array) (count))

13:58 znDuff: count is expensive.

13:58 clojurebot: 4

13:58 znDuff: ...well, potentially expensive. It doesn't promise not to be expensive.

13:58 gfredericks: is it?

13:59 for arrays?

13:59 Frozenlock: dakrone: Ah? clojuredocs isn't written in clojure o_O

13:59 znDuff: For arrays, there's alength

13:59 dakrone: Frozenlock: not the first iteration, we're working on a rewrite in clojure

13:59 DaReaper5: alength? ill try that

14:00 Frozenlock: dakrone: Well let me tell you that I find it to be an amazing resource :)

14:01 dakrone: Frozenlock: glad you like it, it definitely shows its age though

14:08 Frozenlock: When I started using clojure, it was so that I could use an existing java library. And yet, I find myself canalizing and re-writing more and more of its part in clojure.

14:08 I find that awesome, but at the same it's like I completely missed my goal -_-

14:08 *time

14:11 gfredericks: any way to use proxies in leiningen for deploy repos?

14:14 cemerick: gfredericks: you can definitely set a global proxy configuration. There may be per-repo options too, but I don't recall atm.

14:14 gfredericks: they only thing I saw was some env variables; I guess that's what you mean by "global proxy configuration"?

14:16 jsims: I'm trying to use atoms with lazy seqs…attempting to do something like this give me an out of memory error: (swap! (atom (range)) next) is there a lazy way to do this?

14:17 cemerick: gfredericks: yeah; actually, looks like that's all that's available. Aether supports per-repository proxies, but only allows one per dependency resolution.

14:17 s/but/but pomegranate

14:18 gfredericks: `lein deploy` failed because leiningen was trying to sign the jar

14:19 Bronsa: mmh, one of my ticket in jira has been closed because the test case I provided couldn't be reproduced because it got fixed by another commit, I have another case where that bug still holds though, should I reopen the ticket myself or just leave a comment?

14:20 I have sufficent permissions to reopen the ticked, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do so though :)

14:20 technomancy: http://p.hagelb.org/mystery.gif

14:22 amalloy: jsims: that OOM is from the repl trying to print the whole range for you

14:23 znDuff: Why is pull-seq in clojure.data.xml private?

14:23 jsims: amalloy: you're right….grr. thanks

14:24 gfredericks: are there docs somewhere on why lein is trying to sign my jar?

14:24 technomancy: gfredericks: :sign-releases for the given :repositories entry isn't set to false

14:25 I think it's covered in `lein help deploying`; if not it should be

14:25 gfredericks: technomancy: aw man I swear I had skimmed DEPLOY.md thoroughly enough :D :(

14:25 hyPiRion: gfredericks: Yeah, I hate it when Leiningen is trying to do the right thing™

14:25 gfredericks: hyPiRion: I don't mind it doing that I just couldn't figure out how to get it to do anything else

14:26 hyPiRion: ah

14:30 devn: https://github.com/tpope/heroku-fucking-console

14:30 whoops, wrong channel

14:30 Gonzih: hehe, nice plugin :)

14:30 devn: haha, yeah, great name

14:37 TimMc: Good license as well.

14:38 I can't remember whether Legal ever got back to me at my last job about whether we could incorporate WTFPL code into our products.

14:39 Arafangion: Don't they usually just say "no"?

14:39 devn: That's just an excuse people use to not ask

14:40 but i would imagine the answer is often "no", simply because they don't want to spend the time

14:40 technomancy: at least it's not the JSON license

14:40 ("must be used for good, not evil")

14:40 devn: ugh

14:40 cemerick: oh, that's funny

14:41 Arafangion: devn: It's the less risky answer, too, from their perspective.

14:41 devn: *nod*

14:41 TimMc: technomancy: That would be a fantastic court case.

14:42 technomancy: TimMc: could be fun to issue C&Ds to DRM systems found in violation

14:42 TimMc: Except the lawyers would probably argue that that's meant to be silly, and therefore not material.

14:42 hiredman: "man is evil, there for no one can use json"

14:42 * Arafangion is still reeling from the Google/Sun java court case.

14:43 cemerick: sounds like progress

14:43 technomancy: "the prosecution would like to draw your attention to exhibit A: Contra Pelagius by St. Augustine of Hippo"

14:44 TimMc: snrk

14:45 leku: loll

14:45 type 'do the harlem shake' into the youtube search field on the mainpage

14:47 S11001001: devn: I've seen a legal team delay for literally years on getting back to me on such a subject, despite pinging every month or so. So no thanks.

14:48 Frozenlock: Is there a function in core that does `(if (coll? x) x [x]) ?

14:48 S11001001: coincidentally I saw this today https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#JSON

14:55 technomancy: that seems to imply the license is on the format, not an implementation of a parser

14:55 I don't think that's actually possible?

14:56 oh, misread; nm

14:56 randomenduser: if I have nrepl running with `lein repl`, what's a good way just to send one command to that instance from another terminal and get the output?

14:57 gfredericks: so most config approaches seem to rely on a single "config.clj" being available on the classpath, implying that the file is creating dynamically based on the environment you want; if that's the case, is hooking around `lein jar` or some other task the best place to create the config.clj file?

14:57 or profiles with extra classpath dirs?

14:57 technomancy: randomenduser: you would need leiningen 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT to do that

14:57 hiredman: gfredericks: carica looks at all config.clj files on the classpath and merges them

14:57 gfredericks: hiredman: that's what I was looking at

14:57 technomancy: (inc carica)

14:57 lazybot: ⇒ 1

14:58 technomancy: randomenduser: :eval-in :nrepl

14:58 randomenduser: technomancy, so it'll be available in 2.1.0? I'll check out the docs for that version, thanks :)

14:58 technomancy: randomenduser: currently only on git master

14:58 gfredericks: I guess I haven't figured out how that translates to "now I'm going to deploy to UAT"

14:58 hiredman: gfredericks: at work we have config files with defaults that get built in to the jars, then chef generates overriding configs and puts them on the classpath

14:58 randomenduser: technomancy, hmm, what about from bash?

14:58 hiredman: gfredericks: so for us chef knows what stack it is deploying to and what values to put where

14:58 technomancy: randomenduser: bash is a shell?

14:59 gfredericks: hiredman: okay so your deployed runtime config file is not in the jar?

14:59 (or there is one but it's overridden)

14:59 hiredman: gfredericks: some parts are overridden, some are not

14:59 carica does a merge

15:00 randomenduser: technomancy, yes? are you saying :eval-in will work there? or is that a command I can pass to leiningen or something?

15:00 hiredman: so there are configs in the jar and configs on disk written by chef

15:00 technomancy: randomenduser: you need an nrepl implementation to communicate with a running repl process. Leiningen includes one, which can be activated by putting :eval-in :nrepl in project.clj or a profile

15:00 or you could use another nrepl client like nrepl.el (from eshell) or jark (which I'm not sure works yet)

15:01 gfredericks: hiredman: that's helpful, thanks

15:02 technomancy: something like jark would be best if you don't use eshell since you wouldn't have to pay a startup time penalty, but development on it doesn't seem particularly active

15:02 randomenduser: technomancy, ahh, so I need to either write a client or use one is what you're saying? that makes sense. what I'm trying to do is run a command in the shell, and see it's output in some other shell (that's running `lein repl`)

15:03 ljos: Is there a way to apply a constructor over a seq? something like this, just that doesn't work: (apply Integer. [1])

15:03 gfredericks: I think only with reflection

15:03 unless you have the seq at compile-time

15:04 ljos: What if it is a record instead>

15:04 ?

15:06 technomancy: randomenduser: you could do something simpler by just opening a socket in your application code and sending stuff via netcat

15:07 ljos: gfrederics: I think map->Contructor might help; thanks.

15:07 technomancy: but all the existing tooling centers around nrepl

15:13 * znDuff glares at clojure.data.xml's utter lack of namespace support

15:30 randomenduser: technomancy, opening a socket? that sounds good. do I just send something like this to the running nrepl: https://github.com/clojure/tools.nrepl/blob/e7cd0d44fd4b7c9c0589cf9a3abf4b2654aa3518/src/main/clojure/clojure/tools/nrepl.clj#L148

15:31 technomancy, also, the output (and input from my socket, I guess) would show up in the running repl, right?

15:31 technomancy: randomenduser: for nrepl you need to use bencode, which is more complicated unfortunately. I meant if you want to avoid bencode you could just use a socket-repl.

15:32 randomenduser: technomancy, why would I need to use bencode? I think I need to get a POC up to understand this more

15:33 hiredman: nrepl uses bencode

15:33 nrepl is not just a repl on a socket

15:33 technomancy: https://github.com/technomancy/server-socket <- this is probably more in line with what you're looking for

15:33 you can just netcat straight to it and not worry about bencode

15:34 randomenduser: technomancy, fancy :) thanks

16:17 craigbro: dakrone: aroundp?

16:17 dakrone: a clj-http question

16:17 dakrone: craigbro: what's up?

16:18 craigbro: dakrone: looking in request, it appears that you don't shutdown the conn-mgr if in lines 240 - 244 of core.clj

16:18 there is an error

16:18 I don't know apache http client well enough, but it would seem to me that should be try/finally'ed

16:19 dakrone: true, I should move the when predicate to a finally block there

16:19 craigbro: ok, so we discovered it 8)

16:19 hehe

16:19 I have an http API for a sublayer of our app

16:20 and when one of our users scripted some stuff againt our top level HTTP api, we saw hundreds of sockets open

16:20 cause he was calling an API call that resulted in a 406 or some other error from the second level HTTP api

16:21 me gusta clj-http

16:21 dakrone: craigbro: glad to hear it, if I push this to master can you give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

16:22 craigbro: ok, I'll have ot figure out how to get it into my app

16:22 I've not yet explored the hell of git deps in lein etc..

16:22 dakrone: craigbro: how are you using it currently?

16:22 craigbro: clojars

16:22 technomancy: snapshots

16:22 plz

16:22 craigbro: I could aso just monkey patch that function

16:23 and test it that way

16:23 dakrone: yea, I can push a snapshot

16:26 craigbro: pushed clj-http-0.6.5-SNAPSHOT

16:26 technomancy: I mean in general any time you're tempted to use git deps you should use snapshots instead

16:26 craigbro: dakrone: am I corect that (execute DefaultHTTPClient....) will throw an error on a 406 or 404 or any non 200?

16:27 dakrone: craigbro: no, it shouldn't; exceptions are handled by wrap-exceptions in client.clj

16:27 craigbro: dakrone: ok, but that would trigger this boog

16:27 dakrone: the case here is that I was calling something that returned a 40?

16:27 dakrone: craigbro: do you have a stacktrace?

16:28 craigbro: not handy, but I can scare one up

16:28 dakrone: that would be excellent

16:28 craigbro: i don't have a non production recipe yet, so...

16:28 ok, I have it here

16:29 https://gist.github.com/craigbro/5067961

16:29 you can see wrap-exceptions catch it

16:30 dakrone: yea, in that case, it should have been shut down

16:30 craigbro: dakrone: are you saying that wrap-exception wouldhave shut it down?

16:31 dakrone: no, it would have been shut down previous to that, core.clj wouldn't do the actual exception throwing, so the .shutdown would have happened

16:31 are you using connection pooling by chance?

16:31 craigbro: not on this code path

16:32 gfredericks: lastlog -clear

16:32 craigbro: dakrone: to be clear, I'm still running the old code here

16:33 dakrone: I see only two calls to .shutdown, one in coerce body type, and then that one insdie the (when clause in request

16:34 dakrone: yea, but the exception isn't actually short-circuiting the shutdown in core.clj, so I'm not sure how it would remain open

16:34 how are you checking for the open connections?

16:35 craigbro: netstat 8^)

16:35 I will get a recipe to reproduce this

16:35 dakrone: so, it may be that the connection has been closed by clj-http, but is still in a half-open state from the OS perspective

16:36 craigbro: we have 1k+ sockets in established and 588 sitting in CLOSE_WAIT

16:36 the CLOSE_WAIT would be what you are talking about

16:36 the 588 are sitting in close_wait (aka, no change in the set of sockets)

16:37 dakrone: craigbro: hmm, if you do have a way to reproduce, I'd be very interested in figuring it out

16:37 craigbro: one of our devs did alot of android work, and apparently this is a big issue with the http client (built on apache http client)

16:37 dakrone: are you starting 1000 threads each doing a request?

16:37 craigbro: dakrone: yah, I'll work on that, I just came across the issue with the .shutDown being bypassable when reviewing code

16:38 dakrone: nope, not even close to that number

16:38 dakrone: which is why I was suspicious of conn-mgr being left alive

16:38 dakrone: craigbro: let me run some tests with itsy and see if I can reproduce it locally

16:38 craigbro: dakrone: I'll work on a recipe here too

16:38 dakrone: craigbro: can you open an issue with clj-http so I don't forget it?

17:07 mpenet: is there a way to have print statements from another thread show in the nrepl buffer?

17:07 it worked in slime

17:07 * mpenet is sad

17:12 rabbit_airstrike: I feel like a similar question was asked an hour or two ago

17:13 casion: there's has to be some sort of end of the loop of trying to learn web development, where every guide/tutorial says "just like in ruby/python"

17:13 clojure seems to be no exception to this :|

17:13 rabbit_airstrike: "<randomenduser> if I have nrepl running with `lein repl`, what's a good way just to send one command to that instance from another terminal and get the output?"

17:14 mpenet: is that more or less similar to what you're looking for?

17:15 mpenet: not really

17:15 rabbit_airstrike: oh well :/

17:16 mpenet: I am testing multithreaded code, and it seems some statements don't show depending which thread does them.

17:17 anyway, I am using atoms instead, but for quick (and dirty) testing, it was useful

17:17 rabbit_airstrike: maybe send messages to a single logging agent?

17:18 I'd love to hear the best solution in this case

17:19 mpenet: odd (future (println :foo)) just works, I'll have to dig in the giant pile of java that does the threading magic

17:23 well no, the magic is in future, (.start (Thread. (fn [] (println :foo)))) outputs nothing

17:25 this works though, good enough for now (.start (Thread. (bound-fn [] (println :foo))))

17:26 craigbro: dakrone: so, I cannot get a anice reproduction of our sitaution on my local machine

17:26 dakrone: s/anice/naive

17:28 dakrone: craigbro: hmm, well I'll try to get something that does it on my end

17:32 craigbro: dakrone: I'm keeping at it too

17:33 dakrone: one issue with this production instance is we are getting a weird mix of tcp and tcp6

17:34 dakrone: craigbro: that I have no idea about, is your DNS sending ipv6 stuff?

17:34 craigbro: dakrone: should not, we removed the :::0.1 or whaever from /etc/hosts

17:35 dakrone: it looks like that bug I brought up earlier is a red herring tho

17:35 dakrone: prolly a good idea to put tht in a finally anyways, since .execute is declared to throw 2 different exception types

17:35 dakrone: I'm getting more suspicious of it being some environment issue tho

17:36 dakrone: are you blocking reset packets in some way that prevents connections from being entirely closed?

17:37 craigbro: dakrone: this is all over localhost

17:37 dakrone: no blockination 8)

17:37 dakrone: could try to prevent DNS

17:39 craigbro: dakrone: intrestinly enough, when I do that on my local machine, i still get tcp6

17:39 dakrone: however curl to uses tcp

17:39 dakrone: oh, the world is a funny place 8)

17:39 dakrone: interesting

17:40 craigbro: dakrone: when I reproduce the errors we were getting I get sockets properly going into TIME_WAIT

17:40 jonasac: is there something like lein execute or something that would let me run a clojure file more like a script

17:41 mindbender1: is there a way to use cljsbuild as a development middleware?

17:42 craigbro: dakrone: anyways, thanks for your help so far, consider this one punting back into my half until I have a working recipe for you 8)

17:42 dnolen: mindbender1: googling turned this up http://github.com/jblomo/ring.middleware.clojurescript

17:42 dakrone: craigbro: np, I'll let you know if I find anything while trying to reproduce

17:42 corecode: hi there

17:43 is (mapv (fn ...) ...) a common construct, or are there other ones that are more typical?

17:44 mindbender1: dnolen: thanks, I think that's great I'll investigate it further

17:48 squidz: what would be the preferred way of developing interactive web app graphics. Use clojurescripts c2 library for d3.js, or code in javascript then compile with closure

17:50 rabbit_airstrike: I thought c2 was inspired by but distinct from d3?

17:50 last I looked into it c2 wasn't well suited to animations which bummed me out

17:51 "Unlike D3, C2 does not have an animation system, although you can use CSS transitions to perform animations."

17:51 squidz: yeah that's also what I heard. So is it common practice to have pieces of code in java script alongside clojurescript

17:51 rabbit_airstrike: unfortunately I don't know much more than that, hopefully someone else here does

17:52 squidz: ill wait and see if anybody is awake

17:53 mpenet: squidz: yes, cljs-build helps with all that

17:54 you will need an externs file for d3 if you want to compile in advanced mode

17:54 Frozenlock: Oh the rabbit hole of `externs'...

17:54 mpenet: not really, it's often 1 google search away

17:55 there are a few here as well https://code.google.com/p/closure-compiler/source/browse/#git%2Fcontrib%2Fexterns

17:55 squidz: mpenet: so it is common practice, okay that's what I wanted to know before embarking on my journey. Also, if a project requires javascript, would compiling clojurescript with closure produce readable js for non-clojurists. I assume it could be readable but not neccisarily beautiful in non-advanced mode

17:56 Frozenlock: mpenet: I spent a day trying to figure out to make my own externs, and then making sure it was included when jaring everything.

17:57 Bodil: squidz: Frankly, I'd avoid JS as much as possible. At the very least, write a wrapper.

17:57 mpenet: if not in advanced it is somewhat readable for a developer with js + clojure knowledge. But it won't be as clear as say coffeescript

17:58 yeah +1 on thin wrappers

17:58 squidz: okay, thanks for the tips guys

18:07 lynaghk: squidz: C2 is a lot of the same ideas as D3, but implemented entirely in Clojure/ClojureScript. That said, it's definitely not as complete as D3 is w.r.t. different scales and layout functions

18:08 squidz: lynaghk: okay, so as much as i'd like to use c2, I think i'll have to wait until it matures

18:08 lynaghk: squidz: As for animation, there's no explicit support for JavaScript tweening because that's a disaster for performance on mobile. We do tons of animated stuff with C2---we just use CSS animations

18:08 squidz: lynaghk: do you have any examples?

18:09 of css animations that is

18:10 lynaghk: squidz: nah, not anything specific to CSS animation

18:10 squidz: okay. I will probably use c2 for personal stuff, but I will probably have to drop to using d3 for when i'm doing stuff for others

18:11 lynaghk: that's an orthogonal topic to C2. The tl;dr is to just add "transition: all 1s" to your CSS, and then any style property changes will animate over 1 second.

18:12 squidz: lynaghk: i was actually watching your talk before you messaged me on http://blip.tv/clojure/kevin-lynagh-extending-javascript-libraries-from-clojurescript-5919758

18:12 lynaghk: squidz: it's definitely worth considering the tradeoffs of language/library popularity if you're building something that needs to be maintained or extended by others. The JavaScript and D3 communities are an order of magnitude or two larger than ClojureScript and C2.

18:14 squidz: hope you find something helpful/interesting in there =) That's a pretty old talk---at least, it was before C2. If you want to hear more recent talks they're all at http://keminglabs.com/talks/

18:14 squidz: oh thanks ill definitely take a look

18:14 lynaghk: Bodil, mpenet: just curious, what benefits are you getting from writing wrappers around JavaScript stuff?

18:17 Bodil: lynaghk: It gives me more concise and (pardon the French) more idiomatic code.

18:18 squidz: lynaghk: just a quick question. When you develop frontend stuff, I assume you use some sort of templating library. Do you use enlive/hiccup or something else?

18:18 lynaghk: Bodil: heh. Have you seen Zach Tellman's talk about wrapping Java API's from Clojure/west last year?

18:19 squidz: we've typically used HAML, but we just switched to Slim

18:19 Bodil: lynaghk: Though I'm not advocating wrappers over native Cljs. :)

18:19 squidz: lynaghk: okay thanks

18:19 Bodil: lynaghk: No. But I will if you tell me I should. :)

18:19 lynaghk: squidz: almost all of our stuff is clientside applications though---we don't generate any markup serverside.

18:19 saolsen: When you reset! an atom, which thread do any of the atom watchers get called on? Do they get called on the same thread and execute before the reset! returns?

18:20 squidz: lynaghk: so you are using ruby?

18:20 lynaghk: Bodil: you should, it's a great talk about the tradeoffs of writing wrappers.

18:20 squidz: do you maybe have a link to that talk?

18:21 Bodil: And please please let it not be on InfoQ...

18:21 lynaghk: squidz: yeah, the templating story is much more mature in the Ruby world than the Clojure world (e.g., Compass is essential for doing any real design work). Also most solid designers are already familiar with those things.

18:22 Bodil, squidz: http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Distilling-Java-Libraries

18:22 squidz: so it is just the templating? or are yall also using rails

18:23 lynaghk: squidz: just templating; most of our apps have been rich frontends hitting either existing or custom-designed Compojure-based APIs

18:23 squidz: okay thanks. Interesting to know. And thanks for the talk ill take a look

18:24 akhudek: you can use compass with clojure + enlive

18:24 lynaghk: squidz: although now that I think about it we've outsourced a few Rails backends for totally-stock CRUD apps rather than reinvent that wheel in Clojure.

18:25 squidz: : yeah I can understand.

18:26 pandeiro: clojure.data.json is faster than cheshire?

18:26 dakrone: pandeiro: shouldn't be

18:27 akhudek: last I heard cheshire was the fastest

18:27 though things could have changed

18:28 pandeiro: just parsed a 411kb json file with no key fn or anything and clojure.data.json/read-str outperforms cheshire/parse-string

18:29 dakrone: pandeiro: did you use criterium to benchmark it?

18:29 pandeiro: dakrone: nope, just did a dirty bench inside nrepl.el

18:31 wow lighttable just keeps updating itself right before my eyes

18:41 n_b: Having a tiny bit of trouble with lazy-cat here and thinking I'm doing something very stupid - https://gist.github.com/nickbarnwell/5068816

18:43 Running into an eventual memory overflow, which is, I assume from exec-request continually concatting until everything blows

18:44 but I'd expect that to only happen once more requests had actually been realised

18:45 hiredman: too many concats will blow the stack

18:46 n_b: right, but shouldn't lazy-cat return a lazy seq?

18:47 hiredman: but once you realize it puts one method call on stack per lazy-seq layer

18:48 so, for example, if resp once is nil or empty lots, and you have lots of (lazy-cat resp (genenerte-more-resp)) once you go to realize it, it explodes

18:49 pandeiro: dakrone: yeah so with criterium cheshire is >2x faster.. happy to discover that tool, thanks

19:01 n_b: hiredman: oh, I've done it again. I always forget REPL tries to realise the entire seq before printing it >>

19:02 so my fn *does* work, just not if I do => (fn foo bar)

19:12 doerp: hi; I'm relatively new to languages targetting the JVM. Is it a reasonable idea to assume I can write GUI applications in Clojure (and, say, Seesaw) and use lein uberjar to produce something that will run on major platforms with a JVM?

19:14 znDuff: doerp: Yes.

19:16 doerp: I don't know why I dismissed this for so long, then :P

19:17 not a huge fan of Java, but Clojure looks like a lot of fun...

19:18 znDuff: doerp: It is that. Takes a bit to get into the mindset if you don't have experience with other functional languages, but well worth it once you're there.

19:20 doerp: I spent a decent amount of time with CL back in the day, so this is a little mind blowing that I can actually deploy it easily

19:41 majyk: in counterclockwise is there a way to disable the namespace hint that shows right below the tab for the current file being edited?

19:52 trenthauck: Hi, I have a csv file, what is good way to work with it? Idealy I'd be able to refer to columns be a header, and calculate simple aggregate statistics...

19:52 be = by

19:52 hiredman: there is a csv parser in contrib

19:52 http://clojure.github.com/data.csv/

19:54 trenthauck: thanks - I should've been more specific - I already have what I think is an seq... I'm new to clojure... how can I process taht

19:54 hiredman: http://clojure.org/sequences

19:56 trenthauck: (rest (-main))

19:56 exit

20:10 harob: Is there a way to create an agent with a bounded queue size? e.g. Such that `(send ag foo)` would block if ag already has 100 tasks in its queue. Or is there another pattern that would give similar functionality?

20:11 bbloom: harob: you can just use java's concurrent queues

20:12 harob: bbloom: Would I still be able to use an agent, or would I just use a future that consumes the queue?

20:12 bbloom: depends on your use case

20:13 amalloy: harob: i thought of writing such an agent once, and it turned out to be harder than i expected: a lot of agents' existing functionality is tangled together with the idea of using a c.l.PersistentQueue

20:15 harob: I am processing some huge files (larger than can fit in memory - I am reading them line by line, doing some processing and then writing out to various other files). To speed things up I am parallelizing as much as possible, and in particular want to do some of the output work in an agent. But if the agent gets too backed up then its queue might blow the heap, hence the bounded requirement.

20:15 amalloy: how did you end up resolving your need then?

20:18 preyalone: Where can I find an MSI installer for Clojure that adds a "clj.exe" to PATH? The typical "clj.bat" in most installers isn't compatible with Git Bash (msysGit).

20:25 AtKaaZ: i guess I could add a way here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=385973

20:26 technomancy: preyalone: don't install Clojure

20:26 AtKaaZ: oops wrong window, sorry

20:27 preyalone: technomancy: Let me guess... "Install Leiningen"?

20:27 Because Chocolatey Leiningen fails, and so does the "Cygwin-compatible" shell script.

20:27 I've looked at five different vectors for installing Clojure, and they're all terrible, some 3 years out of date.

20:28 That Clojure is based on a JAR is really cool, but it's a reasonably critical feature that the JAR be deployed with a one-click MSI installer in Windows.

20:28 technomancy: they're all terrible because no one uses them

20:29 preyalone: In particular, some Windows installers for Clojure DO work, but they only add a "clj.bat", which Git Bash can't run. "clj.exe" is a more flexible target for this reason, but most installers don't provide one.

20:30 hiredman: what technomancy said

20:30 preyalone: what do you want such a thing?

20:31 why

20:33 preyalone: hiredman: Do you use Windows?

20:33 hiredman: of course not

20:33 AtKaaZ: preyalone: did you try lein.bat ?

20:35 preyalone: AtKaaZ: Yes. I tried Chocolatey Leiningen, lein.bat, and the "Cygwin-compatible" lein shell script. All fail, either silently, or with thrown Java errors.

20:35 AtKaaZ: preyalone: ok i see you just replied that on ML

20:35 hiredman: generally the why I run clojure/clojure code breaks down in to 1. developement (run, tests, do builds etc) which lein does 2. "production" which is run from a jar via java … or was a war via jetty-runner 3. as a "script" with #!/path/to/java -jar /path/to/clojure.jar

20:35 AtKaaZ: but lein.bat from master? or other?

20:36 preyalone: AtKaaZ: Whatever the official Leiningen repo's README linked to.

20:37 The point is, I've tried more than a few ways to install Clojure, and they all suck. Needs MSI installer.

20:38 hiredman: preyalone: that runs counter to how clojure is typically used

20:38 generally clojure is just another library dependency that your build system (lein, maven, ?) deals with

20:38 preyalone: hiredman: Not so. That Clojure is at its core a JAR is great, but the JAR's delivery needs a nice wrapper. Hence Homebrew Clojure, Chocolatey Clojure, Aptitude Clojure, ...

20:39 hiredman: preyalone: yeah, those are all dumb and I would never use them

20:39 preyalone: I'm not taking the bait.

20:39 hiredman: there is a reason why the scripts suck, it is because no one uses them, and the reason no one uses them is they are dumb

20:40 AtKaaZ: I'll check latest lein.bat and see what's "wrong"

20:40 preyalone: Clojure installed very nicely on my MacBook with Homebrew.

20:40 hiredman: :(

20:40 ridiculous

20:40 preyalone: Clojure also installed incredibly well on my Android phone through the Google Play store (Clojure REPL app).

20:41 kzar: If you've got a tree and you're starting at the root how do you come up with a list of the complete path to each leaf node? I did it in PHP by writing a recursive function that, when there were no children, just printed the path out. I can't figure out how to do something similar in a functional way though and it's bugging me

20:41 preyalone: AtKaaZ: Thank you, I'll redownload it and paste error traces. An hour ago, it successfully downloaded a JAR, but silently halted after that and never finished self-installing.

20:43 AtKaaZ: I don't mind having to run the initial lein.bat setup through a Command Prompt, just as long as the end result can be run from Git Bash.

20:43 akhudek: kzar: look up clojure.zip

20:44 AtKaaZ: preyalone: ok, though I only ever used lein.bat but I do still have git bash

20:45 preyalone: AtKaaZ: This is what lein.bat is doing on my computer. http://pastebin.com/A82E0auL

20:45 kzar: akhudek: I was hoping to understand the idea behind how to do it rather than using a library to do it for me.

20:47 akhudek: kzar: basically, you want to walk the tree and carry around some state that tracks the current path

20:47 AtKaaZ: preyalone: i see that lein.bat got changed since last time I used it... what does lein bash script do?

20:47 akhudek: that library implements something called a "functional zipper" that does exactly that

20:48 I think there are some talks/tutorials around that explain the details behind the zipper

20:48 preyalone: AtKaaZ: From what I gather, every lein... thing is supposed to download a leiningen bootstrap script in order to perform "self-install", the real leiningen installation process.

20:48 akhudek: it's not too complicated

20:48 craigbro: dakrone: reproced it, but don't think it's a clj-http issue at all

20:48 kzar: akhudek: Right I get the part of passing the path along down to the leaf node a step at a time, but how do you get that path back to the result if you can't just print it out or modify some variable outside?

20:49 craigbro: dakrone: so in ring you can provide a stream as the body of a response, and it appears that if the client shuts down the connection, that stream stays open indefinetly

20:49 dakrone: and in our case, that meant damn near forever

20:49 hiredman: cute

20:49 craigbro: so, a client polling us with a timeout on their client, was effectively DoSing us do to this FD leak

20:49 akhudek: kzar: add it to a container in your state

20:49 hiredman: time for an ExpiringInputStream

20:50 AtKaaZ: preyalone: they're both failing on my system now http://pastebin.com/GCjVpXDa

20:50 craigbro: hiredman: or have ring close the stream?

20:50 akhudek: kzar: so you have in your state the current path, plus a list of leaf paths that you've stored so far, at the end you return the right part of the state

20:50 craigbro: hiredman: or immediate fix was for the backend rest API to put a timeout in place

20:50 AtKaaZ: preyalone: but to be honest i never used them to download, I rather compiled leiningen myself so it didn't have to download the .jar, i made it build it

20:50 craigbro: hiredman: shutting down the stream from the far side basically 8)

20:50 preyalone: AtKaaZ: I like how we get completely different errors.

20:51 hiredman: craigbro: ring may just pass the stream on to the servlet whatever

20:51 AtKaaZ: preyalone: i used the lein.bat and lein bash from master branch

20:51 preyalone: AtKaaZ: Also it's funny how many of the Leiningen installers have an unstated requirement of wget.exe

20:51 AtKaaZ: preyalone: here https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/tree/master/bin

20:51 akhudek: kzar: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-treevisit/index.html?ca=drs-

20:52 hiredman: https://github.com/ring-clojure/ring/blob/master/ring-servlet/src/ring/util/servlet.clj#L93 huh

20:52 AtKaaZ: preyalone: i think the lein.bat from master switched to using powershell(in windows) so no wget required

20:52 hiredman: I would expect the finally in the with-open to close it

20:52 preyalone: AtKaaZ: Ah, I used the stable one. I guess both are broken. Nice, no wget dependency :)

20:53 craigbro: hiredman: hmmm

20:53 (.openStream (java.net.URL. (artifact-url "d6ee3b53340a825a6f4635580147abdf" "processes.json")))

20:53 #<HttpInputStream sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$HttpInputStream@7ac68e7c>

20:53 yah, I would assume so too

20:53 maybe my ring is old

20:53 preyalone: If someone can produce a "clj.exe", I can write an MSI installer for it.

20:55 craigbro: hiredman: ok, get this. I bet that copy is waiting on input, which never comes

20:56 hiredman: Heh

20:56 kzar: akhudek: thanks

20:57 craigbro: hiredman: wether the close gets fired woudl depend on the servlet handler (jetty?)

20:57 AtKaaZ: preyalone: i don't know how to fix the 403...

21:00 craigbro: hiredman: I have a hook middleware layer where I could stick a FN that closes the stream I suppose

21:53 majyk: anyone familiar with building CCW? Where can I get the missing library called 'lib': "Project 'ccw.core' is missing required library: 'lib' ccw.core"

21:53 tyler_: whats the difference between `lein run` and `lein trampoline run` ?

21:54 it says it quits the leiningen jvm

21:54 but why not just do that in lein run if its a good idea

21:56 TimMc: tyler_: It's not compatible with all tasks, especially some things that plugins do.

21:57 tyler_: TimMc: ah gotcha. how do you find out if its 'compatible'? run it and see if it fails?

21:58 TimMc: I suppose? It's not a feature I use, in general.

21:59 Anything that does multiple invocations is generally not a good idea to try to use with trampoline. For instance, I had weird results with the lein-multi plugin.

21:59 tyler_: TimMc: thats my where my curosity comes into play. if its sole purpose is to kill leiningen jvm to save memory, one would think everone would use it. Does it just not save enough memory to be valuable?

22:01 TimMc: It does, but it's extra typing. :-P

22:01 tyler_: you seriously let extra typing inhibit memory management?

22:01 ok

22:01 heh

22:01 xeqi: I'd imagine it takes extra time

22:01 TimMc: I have 8 GB of RAM. Memory is not usually the issue.

22:02 The LEIN_FAST_TRAMPOLINE feature will save time, too, so I might start using trampoline when that comes out. (Or is that already in 2.0.0?)

22:24 gfredericks: consarnit crate. I apparently can't do svg by hand when it goes straing from cljs->dom

22:24 straight*

22:59 tyler_: is there a way to make reader macros yourself or are they hard coded into the language?

23:00 Raynes: You cannot make reader macros.

23:00 tyler_: meh

23:00 "Unlike Common Lisp, Clojure doesn't support user-defined reader macros"

23:01 Raynes: is there a way to make a 'wrapped' macro (for lack of a better term) like <<<fooo>>> or is that synonymous with reader macro?

23:05 tomoj: tyler_: http://clojure.org/reader#The%20Reader--Tagged%20Literals

23:05 that's what you've got

23:05 tyler_: tomoj: thanks

23:05 tomoj: so `#tyler/tagged fooo` or something

23:05 TimMc: Technically, you *can* reach into the reader and do horrible things to its entrails, but people will beat you with sticks.

23:06 tyler_: TimMc: yeah i try to avoid that, one of the reasons im fleeing ruby for clojureland is that im tired of everyone monkeypatching the shite out of everything

23:06 TimMc: Yeah, and this would be even worse, since it involves wallhacks.

23:07 * tyler_ pretends to know what wallhacks are

23:07 ChongLi: wallhacks are a method of cheating in first-person-shooters

23:07 tyler_: ahh

23:07 ChongLi: they allow you to see through walls!

23:07 tyler_: like idclipping

23:08 TimMc: tyler_: If the security manager doesn't forbid it, you can force a private method to become callable by otherwise locked-out code.

23:08 amalloy: tyler_: well, different from that. in shooters, you can shoot through walls without cheating. the hack just allows you to also see through them

23:10 tyler_: im just looking for a way to make pseudoidiomatic cute macros, i don't want to violate anything sacred

23:11 TimMc: Yeah, there are times when it would be nice to have Racket's language embedding features.

23:12 Not *many* times, but they're there.

23:25 Ring/Compojure question: How can I wrap my handlers in a reloading middleware only if I'm running it in dev mode? (e.g. FOO_DEV=true in the environment)

23:26 I don't like the idea of automatically running modified code in production; seems like a stepping-stone for an attacker.

23:28 Raynes: TimMc: Do you use lein ring?

23:29 TimMc: I have been, but it has seemed unpredictable.

23:29 Raynes: So no?

23:29 This is a simple question with exactly two answers.

23:29 TimMc: heh

23:29 Raynes: My response depends on the precise answer.

23:29 TimMc: Well... I was using it a couple of commits ago.

23:29 "No" is misleading, in this case.

23:29 Raynes: So you have stopped and intent to remain that way?

23:29 intend*

23:30 TimMc: No idea. I'm new to this Ring business.

23:30 Raynes: TimMc: If using lein ring, setting LEIN_NO_DEV turns off reloading and any other extraneous middleware.

23:31 If not using lein ring, you can look for that variable yourself, or some new variable, and simply not use the middleware in those cases.

23:31 TimMc: Hmm, OK. Interesting that it's an opt-in thing.

23:32 Raynes: The "not use the middleware" bit is what I'm having trouble with. Let me... refheap some code.

23:32 Lajjla: Raynes, let us worship His Shadow together.

23:33 TimMc: Hmm, I see that Persona is still being a bit of a piece of shit.

23:34 Raynes: I think you're literally the only person who isn't using conkeror that has issues with it.

23:34 amalloy: TimMc: (defn wrap-maybe-debug [handler] (if (debug-mode?) (wrap-debug handler) handler))?

23:34 Raynes: That's generally the answer.

23:35 TimMc: Raynes: I'm on Firefox 16, which probably doesn't have a certain bugfix that's blocking password saving.

23:35 amalloy: That's more or less what I tried: https://www.refheap.com/paste/11990

23:36 (Part of the problem here is that I'm cargo-culting my way to a working app.)

23:36 Raynes: It looks fine except that apparently the @settings/config :dev bit doesn't work.

23:37 amalloy: yeah, agreed. what you posted looks fine except for the comment saying it's not fine

23:37 TimMc: app is a def, so dev-wrap is called at compile time

23:37 Raynes: And the -> calls for just two forms that always causes my ass to itch a bit.

23:37 TimMc: Ah, settings/config is not available until runtime.

23:37 Raynes: ;)

23:37 TimMc: Raynes: It's there for hysterical raisins.

23:37 Raynes: lol

23:38 amalloy: TimMc: so just put app into start-server, not as a def

23:39 TimMc: Doesn't that hurt reloadability?

23:39 amalloy: my suggestion probably doesn't work. but you're the one building control towers out of wood

23:39 Raynes: lol

23:39 Interesting.

23:39 TimMc: hrmf

23:40 amalloy: anyway, i don't really know how wrap-reload *works*

23:40 so i can't comment on whether i've broken it

23:40 TimMc: It's just this thing, you know?

23:40 Some... middleware thingum.

23:42 I guess I'll go look at 4clojure and see how it does things.

23:45 OK, you're doing something similar: https://github.com/4clojure/4clojure/blob/develop/src/foreclojure/core.clj#L54

23:46 Apparently 4clojure just reads its config file at compile time, like a badass.

23:47 amalloy: TimMc: it's not like we AOT, so runtime is compile time

23:48 TimMc: It's not quite the right phrase, yeah.

23:48 At... namespace load time?

23:55 Yeah, that works.

23:56 amalloy: Anyway, what do you mean by "building control towers out of wood"? This looks a *lot* like 4clojure's core.clj.

23:56 amalloy: well, i didn't say you were doing anything wrong. you just asserted you were cargo-culting, so it seemed apropos

23:59 TimMc: Oh! Yes.

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