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0:05 ChongLi: anyone here use evil-mode seamlessly and successfully?

0:05 I tried it for a bit and it broke my brain

0:09 I got really confused about which regular emacs bindings are available in which mode

0:09 especially with paredit

0:09 which seems to operate differently in normal mode vs insert mode

0:16 amalloy: ludston, mattmoss: re pi factorial: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma_function

0:18 gamma(pi + 1) is about 7.188, apparently, so i'm gonna say that's pi factorial

0:23 technomancy: heyyyyy look at that: https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/tree/2.0.0

0:24 ChongLi: nice work!

0:25 hmmm

0:26 the one on the AUR is outdated

0:26 lsat updated 2012-07-22

0:26 technomancy: yeah, typically I recommend installing by hand

0:26 ChongLi: I probably ought to do the same with clojure

0:26 technomancy: nah

0:26 just skip clojure entirely

0:27 ChongLi: no I mean let lein install clojure

0:27 technomancy: oh right, yep

0:27 ChongLi: instead of using the one in arch community

0:27 mmarczyk: technomancy: whoa, great! congrats :-)

0:27 technomancy: I should update the nix recipe

0:27 mmarczyk: thanks

0:27 feels good to have it out

0:28 gdev: i've opened a beer to celebrate =D

0:28 ChongLi: I've heard openjdk7 is not recommended with clojure; why is that?

0:29 is it just performance?

0:29 technomancy: ChongLi: openjdk7 is highly recommended for clojure

0:29 amalloy: ChongLi: i've never heard that. 7 works fine, as does openjdk

0:29 ChongLi: oh ok

0:29 I guess I heard wrong

0:30 amalloy: the only incompatibilities i've heard of are some occasionaly problems with 64-bit jvms on macos

0:30 ChongLi: well the mac platform is really weird

0:30 amalloy: and that was like a year ago, so who knows now

0:30 technomancy: there are some people with left-over hate for openjdk from way back in the day when it lagged behind the sun one

0:30 but that was a long time ago

0:31 ChongLi: I like openjdk because it's free software :)

0:31 technomancy: other acceptable reasons include because you hate Oracle, or also because you hate Sun.

0:31 ChongLi: well, I didn't mind sun so much

0:31 but I hate oracle

0:32 sun did some nice stuff right up until they were bought by oracle

0:32 who then sent the community scrambling to fork everything

0:37 technomancy: you could also just hate Larry Ellison

0:37 or you could hate patent trolls in general

0:37 lots of good reasons

0:37 ChongLi: or patents in general

0:37 haha

0:38 I've never been able to make up my mind whether to hate the players or the game

0:40 anyone have the michael bolin closure book from oreilly?

0:41 wondering how good it is

0:42 it seems a lot of languages that compile to javascript can really benefit from closure and its compiler

0:45 tomoj: why would I get "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: swank.swank" from `lein ring server` but not from a swank repl?

0:46 hmm.. moving the dep on swank-clojure from :dev :dependencies to just normal :dependencies fixed it

0:49 gdev: glad we could be your rubberduck

0:50 ChongLi: gdev: where'd that term come from?

0:51 gdev: ChongLi: I read about it in a pragmatic programmers book

0:51 ChongLi: ah here we go

0:51 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging

0:51 hahaha

0:53 gdev: the rubber duck I use at work is a sticky note on my desk with a duck drawn on it that says "re-write it in clojure"

0:53 ChongLi: hahaha

0:54 that is great

0:54 that's basically the solution to all problems: "it's written in the wrong language!"

0:58 gdev: yeah but it's hard selling that idea in a place that requires all new hires to get java certification within the first 6 months

0:59 ChongLi: that's their loss

0:59 gdev: learning clojure and studying for the scjp has been interesting though

0:59 ChongLi: still, learning clojure can make you a better java programmer

0:59 learning any language that changes how you think can help

1:00 gdev: yes, thank goodness i followed the "learn a new language ever year" advice from the pragmatic book

1:00 ChongLi: java can be really hard to improve on though; particularly in situations what enforce rigid requirements on architecture

1:09 gdev: Yeah I know, I worked on a project that used struts and spring and flex, etc. is there a such thing as framework creep?

1:28 ChongLi: oh yes

1:29 part of the clojure philosophy is to use small, composable libraries instead of big monolithic frameworks

1:42 luxbock: why doesn't (map ffirst (partition 3 (range 9))) work?

1:43 ,(map ffirst (partition (range 9)))

1:43 clojurebot: #<ArityException clojure.lang.ArityException: Wrong number of args (1) passed to: core$partition>

1:43 luxbock: err

1:43 ,(map ffirst (partition 3 (range 9)))

1:43 clojurebot: #<ExecutionException java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Don't know how to create ISeq from: java.lang.Long>

1:44 cark: ,(map first (partition 2 (range 9)))

1:44 clojurebot: (0 2 4 6)

1:45 ChongLi: ,(ffirst (partition 3 (range 9)))

1:45 clojurebot: 0

1:45 ChongLi: to map ffirst you'd need another layer of nesting

1:45 luxbock: ahh doh, I'm dumb

1:46 ChongLi: ,(map ffirst (partition 3 (partition 3 (range 81))))

1:46 clojurebot: (0 9 18 27 36 ...)

2:17 seangrove: $seen emezeske

2:17 Ah, no lazybot

2:19 Damnit, can't run the tests for lein-cljsbuild

2:19 Must be missing something basic

3:08 jaimef: /me hunts for what is required to get (use 'clojure.contrib.json) to work without a file not found exception. classpath points right to clojure-contrib.jar. repl won't find it however


3:08 /me hunts for what is required to get (use 'clojure.contrib.json) to work without a file not found exception. classpath points right to clojure-contrib.jar. repl won't find it however


3:08 hmm

3:08 dnolen: jaimef: clojure.contrib is deprecated

3:08 jaimef: http://clojuredocs.org/clojure_contrib/clojure.contrib.json/read-json is this not accurate then?

3:09 dnolen: jaimef: use data.json or cheshire https://github.com/dakrone/cheshire

3:10 jaimef: just avoid clojure.contrib namespace projects, those days are long gone.

3:11 jaimef: thanks

3:13 so is there an easy way to require it from the repl?

3:36 muhoo: this seems goofy. isn't there already some function in aleph/lamina that does this? https://www.refheap.com/paste/8805

3:59 luxbock: ,(reduce #(+ (* %1 2) (- (int %2) 48)) 0 "11111111")

3:59 clojurebot: 255

4:00 luxbock: ,(int "11111111")

4:00 clojurebot: #<ClassCastException java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Character>

4:00 luxbock: can someone explain this?

4:01 isn in this function?

4:01 errr

4:01 isn't %2 assigned to "11111111"?

4:02 azkane: the string becomes \1\1\1... i guess

4:03 luxbock: oh right

4:04 what's the proper way to convert a string representation of a number into an integer? so "42" becomes 42?

4:04 Integer/parseInt?

4:05 hyPiRion: luxbock: correct

4:05 ,(Integer/parseInt "11111111)

4:05 clojurebot: #<ExecutionException java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: EOF while reading string>

4:05 hyPiRion: ,(Integer/parseInt "11111111")

4:05 clojurebot: 11111111

4:06 hyPiRion: ,(Integer/parseInt "11111111" 2)

4:06 clojurebot: 255

4:17 muhoo: pi * 1337% = 42

4:19 ejackson: :)

4:20 muhoo: hmm, is there a way to get a lamina channel to act like a straight-up fifo?

4:20 with a maximum size?

4:24 amalloy: yes, instead of (def l (lamina/channel)), (def l (atom (clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY))

4:24 bbloom: tpope: is there a key sequence for macroexpand ?

4:29 hyPiRion: clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY isn't a function, by the way. It's an empty queue.

4:29 ,(conj clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY 1 2 3)

4:29 clojurebot: #<PersistentQueue clojure.lang.PersistentQueue@6b58d153>

4:34 muhoo: amalloy: heh, basically, don't use lamina? nice.

4:35 amalloy: muhoo: if you need one that's bounded, and ejects old entries if it gets full, you can use https://github.com/amalloy/ring-buffer

4:36 muhoo: i was cache/fifo-cache-factory, actually. thought i'd retool this to use lamina, but realized, i'm not sure it'd be any faster or simpler

5:38 zxq9: What is the recent status of Clojure on Android? I'm only finding (apparently) slow/dead projects and some faint buzz from the end of 2011. Anything new or was this abandonned?

5:40 AimHere: Rich was making noises about it around the middle of this year

5:42 zby_home_: I've got a problem with sessions in ring: https://gist.github.com/4577752

5:42 zxq9: Did "noise" ever translate into a platform option? I'm loathe to develop a code base in Java.

5:43 zby_home_: possibly an obvious thing - I've just started learning clojure

5:43 but its driving me crazy

6:01 amalloy: zby_home_: that's not evidence of a problem. it's just a bunch of code: no output, no idea what you expected to happen or why you think it didn't

6:25 zby_home_: amalloy - I've put a comment there

6:25 the idea is to save referer to the session

6:26 but it is always {:x nil} in the output

6:44 pure_loulou: gfredericks thx for the code you gave me,it helped me

8:50 borkdude: I'm taking a further look into Markdown, clojure highlighting etc - one thing I notice from clojure-doc.org is that this setup doesn't allow for tables, so you have to revert to writing html? What do people use for tables in Markdown in general?

8:50 it seems to be a missing feature

8:52 jaen: borkdude: tables aren't really standard markdown; some parsers implement markup of them, but generally you unfortunately have to write html for that

9:14 jmibanez: quick q: i understand new is a special form. is it possible to call new with a var pointing to a class instead of the actual class?

9:14 i.e. can i do (def my-var SomeClass) … then (new my-var) ?

9:15 i've tried it and it doesn't work as is. i'm looking for a better alternative

9:15 i'm about to resort to writing a macro to get what i need done

9:17 hyPiRion: ,(macroexpand '(new foobar))

9:17 clojurebot: (new foobar)

9:17 antares_: jmibanez: no, that's not possible

9:17 jmibanez: antares_: yeah, figured as much

9:18 which means i need to rewrite something to use case / cond instead of lookup via map. oh well.

9:22 raek: jmibanez: you can use some reflection classes that are included in Clojure

9:23 (it is possible)

9:23 jmibanez: raek: too heavyweight. i bit the bullet and just rewrote my creation function to use case instead. it's a few cases, so no big

9:24 raek: https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/master/src/jvm/clojure/lang/Reflector.java#L150

9:24 heavyweight?

9:24 (Reflector/invokeConstructor <Class object goes here> 1 2 3)

9:25 equivalent to (SomeClass. 1 2 3)

9:31 jmibanez: raek: in terms of performance, maybe?

9:31 raek: and the case version is easier to read

9:31 if a bit repetitive

9:51 zilti: Is there a way to tell Leiningen the "systemPath" of a dependency entry?

10:16 Anderkent: zilti: you mean using a jar from the filesystem instead of the repo?

10:18 zilti: Anderkent: There's that systemPath tag for a maven dependency tag, but it seems like it's not possible to use that in Leiningen.

10:20 Thallasios_Xelon: hello :)

10:20 i am looking for a way to make jar from counterclockwise ,any tutorial to read?

10:20 i tried the official and stuck

10:21 Anderkent: zilti: yeah I don't think that option exists.

10:22 Thallasios_Xelon: I don't think it's any different with CCW than standard eclipse

10:22 Thallasios_Xelon: i have never made a jar before :)

10:23 Anderkent: Thallasios_Xelon: in the eclipse top menu, go File -> Epxport -> Java/JAR file

10:24 then you need to select stuff you want to include

10:24 Thallasios_Xelon: i want to make a runable jar

10:25 TimMc: technomancy: Now that the lein preview is released, how do I get my bin/lein2 script back onto the releases channel?

10:26 Thallasios_Xelon: thx Anderkent i will read eclipse documentation

10:26 Anderkent: Thallasios_Xelon: you can also just run `lein jar` in the command line :)

10:27 ticking: I wonder how useful it would be if there was a lazy file seq, that closed the file once all the data had been read

10:28 Thallasios_Xelon: do you know how much slower are the immutable data?

10:28 tpope: bbloom: that's kind of what cqq is for. I could add a special mapping for it, but I don't want to rush to add 200 special mappings

10:30 duck1123: ticking: if i recall, the problem was determining when the file was consumed

10:31 ticking: duck1123: you mean in case it is a stream? yeah that is kind of a problem. It's just so sad to have to choose between doall and a dangling open ^^

10:33 duck1123: Yeah, you have to just keep your with-open high enough that you can use the whole stream

10:33 I know it's been discussed at length before

10:33 ticking: duck1123: I'll check the logs to get some insight, thanks ^^

10:44 ne1: hi - is there a performant way to modify nested values in a map (eg changing strings to dates after parsing back from json) - clojure.walk/postwalk works, but doesn't seem all that quick

10:53 TimMc: ne1: Does your JSON lib allow you to do custom decoding?

10:54 ne1: TimMc: I'm using cheshire - looks like it supports custom encoding, but not custom decoding

10:54 TimMc: And postwalk is slow?

10:55 I recently wrote a tree-walking library, but I don't know if it would be any faster. You'd almost certainly get more speed out of writing your own structure-specific traverser.

10:56 ne1: it seems to be significantly slower to do a postwalk identity on the structure than the original parsing

10:58 TimMc: A combination of for, into, map, and update-in would almost certainly be the fastest way to do this.

11:05 ne1: ok, thanks

11:06 TimMc: The slower speed of a generic tree-walker comes from not being able to skip irrelevant things.

11:08 Bronsa: wtf.

11:08 PersistentVector doesn't implement Counted

11:09 ,(time (dotimes [_ 1e8] (count '[foo bar baz])))

11:09 clojurebot: "Elapsed time: 671.36448 msecs"

11:09 Bronsa: ,(time (dotimes [_ 1e8] (.count '[foo bar baz])))

11:09 clojurebot: "Elapsed time: 196.25403 msecs"

11:13 hyPiRion: $google CLJ-1084

11:13 oh, where's lazybot when you need him

11:13 or her

11:13 http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-1084

11:15 Bronsa: hyPiRion: PersistentVector itself should implement Counted, not only PersistentVector$ChunkedSeq

11:16 well, performance-wise there would be no difference, but it'd be more correct

11:16 hyPiRion: Yeah

11:19 Bronsa: oh, wait

11:19 ,(counted? [1])

11:19 clojurebot: true

11:19 Bronsa: so PersistentVector does implement Counted

11:21 yeah, Indexed extends Counted

11:27 hyPiRion: ,(counted? (vec (range 1e7)))

11:27 ,(counted? (vec (range 1e4)))

11:28 clojurebot: Did I kill you or something?

11:28 clojurebot: spear: ...so -- if you're doing something where you can take advantage of having Clojure's STM available instead of locking, and will be running on lots of cores, Clojure is a good fit. Otherwise, if you're performance-bound, probably not.

11:53 * gfredericks upgrades to lein 2

11:53 hyPiRion: Oh yeah

11:53 `lein upgrade 2.0.0` everyone :D

11:54 gfredericks: `lein upgrade` worked for me

11:54 hyPiRion: yeah, but it's better for those who's on RC1 with a broken upgrade command

11:55 gfredericks: "0.3.0-1.0.2b4" is quite a version string

11:55 does that suggest a forked project?

11:56 hyPiRion: no clue

11:57 I only understand a.b.c-RC/alpha/beta/SHA

11:57 (and snapshot)

13:02 nopolabs: I'm looking clojure code to read to get a sense of the language. I'm coming from a java perspective, but would like examples that are idiomatic clojure. Any recommendations?

13:03 hyPiRion: nopolabs: Work with 4clojure and follow some of the top users

13:12 Raynes: hyPiRion: wha

13:12 hyPiRion: 4Clojure is not the place to look for idiomatic Clojure.

13:12 Code, golf, dude.

13:14 nopolabs: I have to agree, 4clojure is too introductory, that part I've done, not I want to see how clojure is really used.

13:15 Raynes: It isn't the introductory part that is the problem, it's the fact that people vie for the shortest solutions which absolutely does not equate to the most idiomatic.

13:37 dnolen: nopolabs: get a good Clojure book, look at mature highly dependend on projects - Ring/Compojure/Lein etc

13:40 antares_: nopolabs: leiningen, clojurewerkz.org projects, compojure, REPLy

13:42 nopolabs: also, projects under http://github.com/ptaoussanis/

13:49 rodnaph_: anyone know the current status of clojurescript source maps?

13:54 dnolen: i saw you tweet about clojurescript source maps in chrome a few months ago - what's the current status?

13:54 labria: hey guys

13:55 I want to submit a pull request with a update to lein to homebrew, but I'm not sure: make 2.0.0 the main version, or to leave 1.7.1 as the main and make 2.0.0 the "devel" version

13:56 What's the state of adoption on lein2?

14:01 hyPiRion: Raynes: Huh, I always tried to approach it in the most idiomatic way.

14:01 Can't see why people would like to show their golfing skills if they can show elegance instead.

14:02 rodnaph_: labria: (total absence of actual facts but...) i swear i heard technomancy on a podcast a few weeks ago saying "most" users were on lein2 now.

14:03 labria: rodnaph_: thanks

14:03 hyPiRion: labria: More or less everyone is on lein 2, so I'd love to see 2.0.0 as main version

14:09 labria: Pull request sent, https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/pull/17212 if anyone interested

14:16 Aaaaand accepted into upstream

14:16 https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/commit/7b5a5591cd7c2cce0217367abd1a74f5d70098a2

14:17 hyPiRion: sweet

14:18 labria: This must be some kind of olimpic record

14:21 err, olympic

14:43 yedi: anyone know of non-trivial apps using cljs besides prismatic (open source is a big plus)

14:45 progo: light table is one I recall?

14:45 ibdknox: progo: correct

14:57 yedi: ibdknox: lighttable won't be opensource right?

14:57 ibdknox: it will

14:57 yedi: oh sweet, is the repo already public?

14:58 ibdknox: not yet, it's not quite stable enough

14:58 Raynes: I just stole ibdknox's laptop for a few hours.

14:58 Took the source.

14:58 ibdknox: lol

14:58 Raynes: He doesn't know it.

14:58 Oh, wait...

14:58 DigitalJack: For those here that use emacs, do you use it in the client/server mode?

14:58 dnolen: rodnaph: there's a lot more to do but I'm kind of waiting for 1.5.0 to get released to move forward

14:59 Raynes: dnolen: So you're working on source maps, right?

14:59 In cljs.

14:59 dnolen: rodnaph: also I would like to see tools.reader in contrib so I can add column info to symbols

14:59 Raynes: yes

14:59 Raynes: dnolen: Anyone ever tell you that you're a good person?

14:59 dnolen: Raynes: though I haven't done much lately because of the above

14:59 Raynes: Yeah, I understand.

15:00 Looks like lots of cool stuff leads up to it.

15:00 dnolen: Raynes: heh thanks, we're close. If the two above items get sorted out, probably a couple of weeks of work on emission

15:00 Raynes: oh, man I want source maps sooo bad. And clearly so does everyone else :)

15:00 borkdude: what are source maps?

15:00 yedi: ibdknox: i'll be interested to see how you organized/structured LT's cljs portion

15:00 Raynes: dnolen: Am I right that CoffeeScript doesn't even have source maps? I think we're winning.

15:00 ibdknox: yedi: the whole thing is CLJS actually :)

15:00 muhoo: a hard schlep, i bet

15:00 dnolen: borkdude: debugging CLJS directly in the browser

15:01 ibdknox: yedi: this will give you some idea: http://www.chris-granger.com/2012/12/11/anatomy-of-a-knockout/

15:01 borkdude: dnolen ah… cool

15:01 dnolen: Raynes: yes CoffeeScript doesn't have soure maps

15:01 ibdknox: yedi: I'm going to write the next part this week hopefully

15:01 dnolen: Raynes: and even if it did they aren't solving the merge source map problem

15:01 Raynes: which I've already done

15:01 Anderkent: What's an elegant way of going from list of pairs to lookup tables from the first element to the pair and the second element to the pair? Can't get it in an elegant way.

15:01 dnolen: so you can debug from CLJS all the way through advanced compilation

15:02 yedi: ibdknox: oh sweet, thanks

15:02 Anderkent: ah wait I think I have it

15:03 Raynes: Anderkent: Why not use maps?

15:04 Anderkent: Raynes: I am. Just can't get the construction function right -.-

15:05 Raynes: &(into {} [[:a :b] [:c :d]])

15:05 lazybot: ⇒ {:a :b, :c :d}

15:05 Raynes: Would also work with lists.

15:05 Anderkent: except keys may be duplicate

15:05 so I want a set of pairs as the value

15:05 sorry, forgot that :)

15:08 amalloy: Raynes: would not work with lists

15:08 you'd need to map vec

15:09 Raynes: amalloy: I meant '([] ..)

15:09 But yeah.

15:10 amalloy: Anderkent: you already have a list of pairs. asking for a set of pairs as output doesn't make sense. what do you want the output to look like?

15:10 Raynes: I assumed he meant a set of values.

15:10 Anderkent: https://www.refheap.com/paste/8815 this is my current monstrosity..

15:10 Raynes: [[:a :b] [:a :c]] -> {:a #{:b :c}}

15:10 tmciver: Anderkent: sounds like you might want to use group-by somehow.

15:11 amalloy: ugh, no group-by

15:11 aav: is it guaranteed that conj/disj for a set will take constant time?

15:11 amalloy: (apply merge-with into (for [[k v] pairs] [k #{v}]))

15:12 yedi: ibdknox: the ending is such a tease, haha

15:12 ibdknox: can't wait for the next post

15:12 ibdknox: bwahaha

15:13 Anderkent: amalloy: thanks

15:13 Raynes: ibdknox: When is the next lt release? You told me but I forgotses.

15:13 seangrove: lazybot: you alive?

15:13 Raynes: $kill

15:13 lazybot: KILL IT WITH FIRE!

15:13 Raynes: I fixed it earlier.

15:13 seangrove: $seen Raynes

15:13 lazybot: Raynes was last seen talking on #clojure 4 seconds and 809 milliseconds ago.

15:14 seangrove: $seen emezeske

15:14 lazybot: emezeske was last seen quitting 4 weeks and 4 days ago.

15:14 seangrove: Thanks Raynes

15:14 Hrm, that's not a good sign though

15:14 Raynes: Wow.

15:14 That's concerning.

15:14 :|

15:15 seangrove: So when trying to run the tests for lein-cljsbuild (so I can get a patch merged) via `lein test`, I get this error: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate midje/sweet__init.class or midje/sweet.clj on classpath

15:15 tmciver: amalloy: why not group-by? ##(group-by (fn [[k v]] k) [[:a :b] [:c :d] [:a :e]])

15:15 lazybot: ⇒ {:a [[:a :b] [:a :e]], :c [[:c :d]]}

15:15 seangrove: This is the project.clj: https://github.com/sgrove/lein-cljsbuild/blob/master/plugin/project.clj

15:16 Shouldn't midje be on the classpath with that project.clj?

15:16 amalloy: because going from group-by's output to the desired result is just as hard as going from the original input :P

15:16 dnolen: seangrove: emezeske watches the clojure & clojure-dev mailing lists, might want to ping him there.

15:16 tmciver: amalloy: hmm, I thought group-by's output was the desired output.

15:17 Anderkent: tmciver: should be set of values not vector - duplicates

15:17 tmciver: Anderkent: ah

15:17 amalloy: also, (fn [[k v]] k) is just first

15:19 ibdknox: Raynes: I was thinking beginning of feb, but since I added a few big things in, it might be end of feb

15:20 Anderkent: amalloy: your proposition seems to work once I make it (for [[k v] pairs {k #{v}}) - maps instead of vectors. Thanks!

15:20 amalloy: oh sure, sorry

15:21 went into my into/for autopilot

15:30 brainproxy: technomancy: congrats on the 2.0.0 release, and many many many thanks for your hard work

15:39 borkdude: what do people using markdown for writing books use for cross referencing… nothing?

15:46 technomancy: brainproxy: thanks; glad it's helpful

15:46 wow weird; it's the top story on hacker news

15:49 borkdude: technomancy yeah :)

16:00 hyPiRion: technomancy: Seems like the publicity pushed Leiningen over 2k faves. Wohoo!

16:01 technomancy: hyPiRion: only 200 to go to beat emacs starter kit, heh

16:02 but I am still super confused about how starring vs watching works in github now

16:02 I don' think I've ever starred anything since they switched things up

16:03 bruceadams: watching turns on emails. starring doesn't do very much.

16:03 hyPiRion: starring autocompletes in search fields

16:05 xeqi: star = publically vote for this project ; watch = I'm actually interested

16:05 Raynes: star = utterly useless

16:06 watch = utterly useless unless you want an email about every single thing that happens in the repo, including the author farting.

16:06 brehaut: star = measurement contest

16:06 pjstadig: star = keep it in a list of projects so i can see what is happening with it

16:06 watch = get e-mails when people do PR's etc

16:10 bbloom: Raynes: i've been finding that stars yield a somewhat interesting feed

16:10 it's pretty hard to scan

16:11 but otherwise, it's worth skimming every few days to see what projects are up to

16:18 seangrove: Harumph

16:18 I'd personally rather see cljs CI integrated with Sauce Labs than testling

16:19 And I'm sure having worked there years ago and having built a considerable amount of the system in no way biases my perception

16:19 xeqi: seangrove: what are you using for cljs tests?

16:20 seangrove: xeqi: Nothing for now. I tried for two days a month ago to get it running, couldn't get it to work at all, and no help on the mailing list

16:20 I may revisit it soon now that the release is almost ready and I have a better idea what I'm doing with cljs now

16:32 DigitalJack: I'm giving emacs a spin after being away for a few years.. I'm struggling with nrepl.el and getting nrepl-jack-in to work with a project. Any suggestions for debugging my setup? (emacs 24.2, osx 10.8, lein 2.0.0)

16:35 I've been able to start a repl from the command line via "lein repl" and connect nrepl.el to the running repl. I'm wondering if it's a path issue.

16:39 frozenlock: DigitalJack: IIRC, you need to be in the same path as your project.clj before running nrepl-jack-in.

16:40 Nope, I was wrong.

16:42 DigitalJack: frozenlock: I'll see if I can figure out how to set a breakpoint or otherwise examine the environment.

16:43 warz: hm, if im in a lein repl, and i started a web server, how do i kill it? on windows, ctrl-c doesn't seem to do anything.

16:44 hyPiRion: Ctrl-D ?

16:45 warz: doesn't work either

16:49 frozenlock: warz: (server/stop my-server) ?

16:50 Or rather, the `stop' function on your server symbol

16:50 warz: input is blocked. i started a ring web server, and its blocking repl input now. i had to kill the java process.

16:51 brehaut: warz: :join? false

16:51 in your ring options map

16:52 oh wait, you are using lein ring. i have no idea then

17:03 maio: any heroku+clojure expert here? :) I would like to run DB migrations (clojure code) during build/deploy. any idea how to do that?

17:05 technomancy: maio: if you include an executable bin/build script it will be run instead of the standard `lein compile :all`

17:05 you can put migrations in there

17:05 pjstadig: maio: i'm biased about https://github.com/pjstadig/migratus

17:05 ChongLi: damn, who thought structured clone was a good idea?

17:05 damn web workers :(

17:06 why can't they give us shared access to immutable data structures?

17:06 pjstadig: maio: but it depends on your use case, and if you have something small you can do what clojars does https://github.com/ato/clojars-web/blob/master/src/clojars/db/migrate.clj

17:08 oh you were just looking for the mechanism

17:09 technomancy: pjstadig: do you use downward migrations at work?

17:09 just curious

17:09 maio: pjstadig: ah nice to see you here :) I have been looking at several migration tools yesterday - migratus included :)

17:09 pjstadig: technomancy: i'm not a fan of them

17:09 we write them, but i doubt they're tested enough

17:09 or at all

17:10 technomancy: pjstadig: seems like most people (who have actually tried them) aren't fans

17:10 pjstadig: they might work if you're more disciplined about actually testing deploy failure scenarios

17:10 maio: pjstadig: then I decided to practice Clojure little bit and wrote simple&stupid implementation https://gist.github.com/4575985

17:10 technomancy: thanks. I will try that

17:11 I'm writing rollback scripts but I never had to use them so I'll probably stop doing that :)

17:12 pjstadig: maio: nice!

17:12 if migratus can be helpful i'd be pleased, but if something simple works, then stick with it

17:13 i'm a fan of not introducing complexity unless/until it's necessary

17:15 maio: this is my first real Clojure code and I will just use it for toy project for now. I could use something more sophisticated later on I guess :)

17:15 pjstadig: i've been hacking on this today https://github.com/pjstadig/clojurescript/tree/elisp

17:18 bbloom: pjstadig: is that a clojurescript to elisp transpiler?

17:18 pjstadig: yup

17:18 bbloom: pjstadig: heh. cool. what's the status?

17:18 brehaut: thats both cool and terrifying

17:18 maio: clojure -> emacs lisp? :) cool!

17:19 pjstadig: compiles def, fn, multi-arity functions, variadic functions, set!, try/catch, loop, recur

17:19 doesn't do deftype or defrecord yet

17:19 bbloom: neat

17:19 pjstadig: but deftype and defrecord are going to be tougher

17:19 oh it does letfn too, which was a bit tricky

17:20 maio: pjstadig: is there some real usecase that you have? or do you just hack it for fun now?

17:21 bbloom: pjstadig: have you needed to change the analyzer at all? or just core & compiler.clj ?

17:21 pjstadig: just core & compiler so far

17:21 maio: um, mostly for fun i guess, it would be cool to use clojure and persistent datastructures when writing emacs scripts

17:22 bbloom: pjstadig: please keep some notes on your experience & share them w/ the dev mailing list. there's a bunch of folks interested in making the clojurescript compiler be more amenable to additional backends

17:23 pjstadig: sure

17:23 though there are definitely some issues, elisp is mostly cheating

17:23 it was more about removing code than adding code

17:24 and i've done all the low hanging fruit :)

17:24 next are deftype and defrecord

17:27 Raynes: bbloom: I may or may not have used you as an example without asking first in that "cljs is hard to contribute to" thread. I apologize.

17:29 * bbloom is completely unfazed

17:30 bbloom: Raynes: my skin is thicker than most because my ego is disproportionately and unjustifiably large

17:30 Raynes: bbloom: Well, I used you as a good example.

17:30 bbloom: Raynes: thanks for helping justify my ego :-P

17:31 but yeah, apologizing would have been the right thing to do if i were pretty much anyone else... heh so thanks :-)

17:34 warz: where does leiningen store project dependencies? i see that it downloads them, but where do they go?

17:34 bbloom: warz: lein doesn't do it itself, it delegates to some maven ecosystem tools... they put that stuff in ~/.m2

17:41 i think i need to start a new rallying cry: "death to def". i hate any macro that "installs" something like defmethod

17:42 it sucks for all the same reasons i hate programs that "install" things.... i'm not granted a cleanup burden and an ambiguous state

17:42 and then there's sort of the opposite problem for defonce

17:44 Anderkent: subseq doesnt return a sorted collection? Why?

17:49 borkdude: I tried org-mode and a clojure code fragment, with minted (pygments) as the highlighter. This works well for org-mode -> latex, but in org-mode -> html there is no highlighting. is there someone here who got this working?

17:50 bbloom: Anderkent: not sure... the sorted interface has a seqFrom method... might not be straightforward to implement that on a seq already produced via seqFrom on something else

17:52 Anderkent: subseq returns a seq, not a collection, that's why

17:52 Anderkent: you'd need a per type sub-thing

17:52 like subvec or submap or subset

17:52 subseq always returns an ISeq, which isn't sorted

17:53 unfortunately, it may be impossible to implement submap or subset without access to the internals of the underlying type

17:53 Anderkent: gah. w/e, I'll just do drop-while and promise it's sorted :)

17:54 bbloom: Anderkent: it's an interesting thought tho to provide submap and subset

17:54 but that's why :-)

17:58 amalloy: bbloom: even with access to the internals submap and subset are hard to produce

17:59 subseq is fine because it just takes a slice out of a well-balanced tree and turns it into a seq; how do you get that slice and still guarantee performant modifications to it?

18:02 emezeske: technomancy: There used to be a leiningen.core.eval/*prepping?* -- did the need for that go away at some point?

18:11 jballanc: what's the suggested way to manage different deployment environments for a Ring app? Do people use RING_ENV?

18:16 akhudek: jballanc: I just have a dev mode that is toggled via a command line parameters (I start jetty via the jetty adapter, not lein-ring)

18:17 jballanc: hmm...I'm using Leiningen, so I could stick it in the deployment descriptor and use the immutant registry

18:17 ...just seems like that's a bit fragile

18:18 akhudek: jballanc: if you are starting things from lein, you could perhaps use lein profiles to do it

18:19 jballanc: hmmm...that's not a bad idea...

18:38 Wraithan: So avoiding the HTML DSLs out there, is fleet the standard for html templating or are there others that are more prefered?

18:38 brehaut: i dont think fleet is any kind of standard

18:39 various moustache implementations have more traction

18:39 and i dont know if you include enlive etc in HTML DSLs

18:39 clojurebot: Excuse me?

18:40 brehaut: clojurebot: nobody asked you

18:40 clojurebot: excusez-moi

18:40 jballanc: heh...clojurebot has a sense of humor

18:40 brehaut: he does

18:40 SrPx: o.o

18:40 brehaut: ~botslap

18:40 clojurebot: It's greek to me.

18:40 jballanc: ~botsnack

18:40 clojurebot: Thanks, but I prefer chocolate

18:40 brehaut: ~botsmack

18:40 clojurebot: clojurebot evades successfully!

18:40 jballanc: ~chocolat

18:40 clojurebot: Excuse me?

18:40 jballanc: ~chocolate

18:40 clojurebot: Cool story bro.

18:40 * jballanc sighs

18:41 jballanc: sometimes I think I prefer lazybot

18:41 brehaut: Wraithan: theres also a django style library under development if your predilection go that way

18:41 Wraithan: brehaut: yeah, that is DSL

18:41 brehaut: the line between DSL and API is blurry and strange

18:41 Wraithan: brehaut: you don't write any html itself, you write clojure and it generates html, that is a DSL imo

18:41 amalloy: also mostly useless

18:42 brehaut: Wraithan: that is completely untrue WRT to enlive

18:42 amalloy: (the line)

18:42 brehaut: amalloy: indeed

18:42 Wraithan: brehaut: from reading their readme on their repo it looks like pure DSL to me, guess I could be wrong

18:42 brehaut: Wraithan: yes, you are wrong

18:43 Wraithan: enlive transforms existing HTML documents. all your HTML is written in pure HTML

18:43 Wraithan: ah

18:43 that sounds terrible

18:43 haha

18:43 I misread how it worked.

18:43 bbloom: amalloy: it's a good point. but you don't necessarily need performant modification, maybe only to preserve the performance characteristics of lookup

18:43 amalloy: bbloom: if you just want to look things up, you don't need a submap at all

18:43 brehaut: Wraithan: its docs are opaque when you dont already know enlive

18:44 Wraithan: but it is a great model for working with html

18:45 Wraithan: if you wish to use a greenspun templating language, there are plenty of those around however. you can use many of the ones for Java etc too

18:45 bbloom: amalloy: *shrug* i haven't really thought about this much at all, i only thought as far as why it doesn't exist :-P that's all he asked, heh

18:46 or rather why subseq is not sorted, and the answer to that is that subseq != submap or subset.... the question of why those don't exist is a whole other matter :-)

18:50 weavejester: Wraithan: There is also Clostache and Stencil for moustache templating

18:50 Wraithan: Comb for erb-like templating

18:50 Wraithan: Think I am going to use clabango

18:50 weavejester: Wraithan: And laser for enlive-like HTML insertion

18:50 Wraithan: it is cloest to django/jinja2 which I know

18:51 brehaut: theres also https://github.com/sjl/dram for django style

18:51 weavejester: I hadn't come across clabango before. Or dram

18:51 Oh, but dram says do not use

18:51 Wraithan: yeah, lol

18:53 brehaut: [smartarse comment here]

18:54 weavejester: Added Clabango to clojure-toolbox

18:55 brehaut: clojure toolbox has gotten quite large since i last looked

18:56 weavejester: http://www.luminusweb.net might fit under web framworks too

18:56 weavejester: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that

18:59 brehaut: the template languages list is getting absurd :P

18:59 likewise SQL abstractions

19:00 weavejester: is clojureql still a thing?

19:00 weavejester: brehaut: docs updated 18 days ago

19:00 brehaut: huh well there you go

19:01 weavejester: dependency on Clojure 1.4.0

19:01 brehaut: well thats good to see. i had the impression it had died a sad death

19:03 amalloy: nothing sadder than a guy with a hole clean through his abdomen insisting he's not dead, brehaut

19:03 brehaut: lol

19:11 weavejester: BTW, if anyone has any suggestions for libraries for clojure toolbox, let me know

19:11 brehaut: weavejester: if you want a 'stupid crap that shouldnt have been invented but now i have to support anyway' category, ive got a lib for you

19:12 hiredman: dnolen: (logic/run [q] (logic/fresh [a b c])) is throwing and exception during macroexpansion for me with the beta4 to the lastest rc of core.logic

19:12 Raynes: necessary-evil

19:12 brehaut is a one trick pony

19:12 brehaut: thats right

19:12 weavejester: brehaut: If you don't want people finding it, then maybe it should be left off the toolbox. :)

19:12 dnolen: hiredman: run* or run n, there is no run like that.

19:12 Raynes: weavejester: You're missing https://github.com/kumarshantanu/basil under templating.

19:12 brehaut: weavejester: well, its xml-rpc i dont want people finding

19:13 hiredman: dnolen: is that a change?

19:13 Raynes: weavejester: Missing https://github.com/davidsantiago/hickory under html parsers.

19:13 edtsech: weavejester: foreplay.vim (Vim Integration)

19:13 Raynes: weavejester: Irclj is not an IRC bot, it is an IRC client library.

19:13 dnolen: hiredman: no there was never a run w/ no integer arg.

19:13 hiredman: oh, no

19:13 hmmm

19:13 edtsech: weavejester: https://github.com/tpope/vim-foreplay

19:13 hiredman: well, run* there says wrong number of args passed to bind*

19:15 my guess is because the macro expansion of bind* is doing ~@g-rest and g-rest must be nil

19:16 Raynes: weavejester: immutant is missing from wherever you'd put something like it.

19:17 weavejester: Raynes: Hmm, what would you call immutant?

19:17 Raynes: Confusing.

19:18 weavejester: Hah

19:18 Raynes: Honestly have no clue.

19:18 Maybe add an "Application Servers" section or something.

19:18 weavejester: Yeah, though "application servers" isn't a very descriptive category...

19:19 Raynes: Which is probably why I still have trouble understanding what immutant is.

19:19 weavejester: I'll put Immutant in when I figure out a good category :)

19:19 hiredman: dnolen: I must have had some bad repl state left around, restarting it got rind of the bind* exception

19:20 weavejester: Maybe "JBoss Server"

19:20 Raynes: weavejester: Do you have 'fs'?

19:21 You do not.

19:21 https://github.com/Raynes/fs

19:21 weavejester: No, but I thought I did

19:21 Raynes: https://github.com/Raynes/clavatar for gravatar stuff, maybe.

19:21 https://github.com/Raynes/tentacles for Github API interaction.

19:22 https://github.com/Raynes/bultitude for finding namespaces.

19:22 weavejester: Those are all pretty unique libraries :)

19:23 amalloy: you need a section for "Raynes libraries"

19:23 then they're easy to categorize

19:23 weavejester: Haha

19:23 Raynes: weavejester: Are you looking specifically for common task sort of things?

19:23 Or do you mean "Wow, what category do I put those under."

19:23 dnolen: hiredman: good to hear

19:24 weavejester: Well, hm, bultitude could go with tools.namespace in a namespaces section

19:24 Raynes: The latter

19:24 Raynes: Got it.

19:24 weavejester: Raynes: I don't want to create a lot of one-entry categories

19:24 Raynes: There is a new file system events library that is better than mine, but I can't think of what it is called.

19:24 weavejester: But sometimes I have to :)

19:25 algernon: Raynes: ojo?

19:25 Raynes: Yeah, I think so.

19:26 It seems like a weird implementation, but it uses native java 7 stuff so it is automagically better than mine.

19:26 weavejester: You could group https://github.com/drakerlabs/ojo and https://github.com/Raynes/filevents

19:27 weavejester: Raynes: I have a Filesystem Watcher category, which is kinda what they are

19:28 Raynes: weavejester: https://github.com/technomancy/serializable-fn, https://github.com/Raynes/innuendo, https://github.com/Raynes/ororo,

19:28 weavejester: Also, sorry for throwing all my own projects at you. Just easy to remember those. :p

19:29 weavejester: Raynes: Nothing to apologize for! It's what I want :)

19:29 akhudek: oooh, serializable functions!

19:29 Raynes: akhudek: Indeed. clojail uses them extensively.

19:29 akhudek: Looks like something I could use. :-)

19:29 Raynes: akhudek: It isn't perfect, but it works well for certain things.

19:31 weavejester: Raynes: What does clojail use them for?

19:33 Hm, I could have a category like "Web Service Clients" or "Web API clients" for libraries that interact with web APIs

19:48 technomancy: ping

19:52 tomoj: ^:higher-order is just for humans?

19:55 TimMc: tomoj: Probably? I've not seen that used before...

19:55 JosephFritzll: how to make a gay fuck a woman?

19:55 shit her into cunt

19:55 TimMc: It could be designed for some tool or other.

19:57 weavejester: Haha, you *did* add necessary-evil!

19:57 brehaut: lol

19:57 weavejester: TimMc: Well, if someone wanted XML-RPC...

19:58 tomoj: TimMc: I mean on leiningen tasks

19:59 TimMc: Oh, wouldn't know.

20:06 yedi: http://shenfeng.me/async-clojure-http-client.html

20:10 gdev: why another clojure http client?

20:11 weavejester: It looks like an easier async HTTP clinet

20:11 gdev: is it thread safe?

20:11 weavejester: Or client, even, if I could spell

20:12 gdev: Presumably. Async stuff usually is, because it relies on a queue of events.

20:13 gdev: was it designed with server side in mind?

20:13 weavejester: gdev: Why would that matter?

20:14 I mean, HTTP async clients are usually for server use

20:14 But I can't think of any inherent difference between client and server in this case.

20:14 gdev: to make sure keep-alive is done right

20:14 weavejester: gdev: keep-alive in what sense?

20:17 TimMc: gdev: It sounds like you're just repeating stuff you're reading on that page...

20:18 gdev: yeah I was hoping someone could explain what those three highlights meant, but alas

20:19 JosephFritzll: how to make a gay fuck a woman?

20:19 shit her into cunt

20:19 gdev: well that was unexpected

20:19 JosephFritzll: gdev i know

20:20 weavejester: gdev: Well, clj-http is thread safe, so I'm not sure why that's a bonus. It's kinda something I'd expect from a HTTP lib

20:21 gdev: weavejester: I know, it's kind of funny that under "why another http client" it doesn't list any unique things

20:22 weavejester: gdev: I'd be interested in knowing how it handles persistent connections (presumably what it means by keep-alive done right)

20:22 In clj-http, you can setup a connection pool… which come to think of it, I should really be using for a project I'm working on.

20:26 JosephFritzll: What is difference between nigger and barrel of shit?

20:26 its the barrel

20:27 brainproxy: JosephFritzll: that's inappropriate for this channel, seems to me

20:27 JosephFritzll: brainproxy i know

20:27 thats why im posting this

20:27 gdev: how do you mute someone?

20:27 JosephFritzll: gdev dont do this :(

20:27 brainproxy: gdev: someone w/ op access needs to do it

20:28 gdev: nevermind, figured it out

20:29 mr fritz, first person on my ignore list

20:29 JosephFritzll: gdev ur mother biitch

20:29 gdev: now, back on topic, http clients

20:29 brainproxy: jcowan, Chouser and rhickey are only nicks w/ op access

20:29 and none of them are around

20:30 Sgeo: Is Chousuke someone else?

20:31 scottj: Sgeo: yes

20:32 JosephFritzll: How to repeat holocaust?

20:32 need answer, fast, thanks in advance

20:34 * Hodapp looks at JosephFritzll

20:34 JosephFritzll: Hodapp :)

20:39 TimMc: Hodapp: Just ignore.

20:40 Hodapp: TimMc: I didn't see his earlier lines, hence the quizzical look...

20:43 bbloom: gdev: i didn't even know i had an ignore list (although i assumed). +1 thanks

20:48 gdev: bbloom: =D glad I could help

20:56 TimMc: Raynes: I'm reading about vim text objects. It's an interesting take on the same editing problem that Emacs modes are used to solve.

20:56 bbloom: TimMc: text objects are crazy useful

20:56 it's also why i don't bother with vim-parenedit or anything

20:57 want to replace the contents of some parenthesis? cip

20:57 er i mean ci)

20:57 my fingers know it so much better than my brain

20:58 want to replace the parens too? ca)

20:58 tpope: cib

20:58 technomancy: weavejester: pong

20:58 tpope: b stands for barentheses

20:58 weavejester: technomancy: Oh hi

20:58 technomancy: tomoj: ^:higher-order is for humans, yeah

20:58 bbloom: tpope: more likely "brackets" :-P

20:58 tpope: i prefer to be explicit in case there are [ or { or whatnot

20:58 but i guess i should learn to use b

20:59 seems that b is the same as ( hmmm

20:59 tpope: it doesn't stand for brackets

20:59 barentheses, like I said

20:59 mthvedt: i prefer to use bar edit for those

20:59 bbloom: as i just discovered haha

20:59 weavejester: technomancy: I was wondering if Leiningen had any capability to only allow packages from a specific set of signatures

20:59 bbloom: mthvedt: heh.

20:59 technomancy: weavejester: not yet, but it's planned

21:00 weavejester: technomancy: Ah, thanks for the info

21:00 technomancy: so far all it can do is walk your deps tree and tell you for each thing whether it's signed or not

21:00 weavejester: technomancy: What command's that?

21:00 technomancy: that'd be `lein deps :verify`

21:01 weavejester: technomancy: Thanks

21:01 technomancy: I wonder if GitHub will still give me stats for my downloads or whether they're lost forever

21:02 weavejester: technomancy: Do you think it might be worth keeping a public page (https) of keys from prominant libraries/authors?

21:02 bbloom: technomancy: i tried tweeterizing at them, but apparently that won't bring back the traffic graph

21:03 xeqi: weavejester, technomancy: wonder if clojars should have say who its signed by (if anyone)

21:03 technomancy: weavejester: I think the existing public key servers might be enough for that, but showing the key fingerprint on the clojars profile page might be nice for cross-referencing

21:04 xeqi: is there a webpage for the trust server keys showing who has signed it?

21:05 technomancy: xeqi: http://keys.gnupg.net/pks/lookup?search=hagelberg&op=vindex

21:06 huh; apparently I generated a key pair in 2005... that must have been right after reading Cryptonomicon.

21:06 TimMc: I need to find a guide on creating and managing GnuPG keys.

21:07 technomancy: I thought we linked to one somewhere from the lein docs, but I realize that discussion may have happened when I was delirious with illness.

21:07 TimMc: I see people say things like "I expire my encryption subkey every year but have no expiry on my signature subkey" and I have no idea what that means in practice.

21:08 I understand RSA but not GPG.

21:08 technomancy: RSA is an algorithm

21:08 jaimef: you sign with one, and sign the one you use to encrypt, and revoke the one you use for encrypting.

21:08 technomancy: RSA:GPG::h246:mp4

21:09 TimMc: technomancy: Yeah, and GPG is basically a wrapper around different algorithms, and I'd be using RSA.

21:10 jaimef: pki + your local key encrypted with rsa/others

21:10 TimMc: What I'm saying is that I understand what the two subkeys are for, but I don't know how they map to GPG keyfiles, etc.

21:14 technomancy: TimMc: start with `gpg --gen-key`

21:15 `lein help deploying` will show you how to use that key to encrypt your clojars creds

21:15 and it'll automatically use your key to sign artifacts upon deploying

21:15 TimMc: What expiry do I use?

21:15 technomancy: I recommend a year or two

21:16 TimMc: And before my signing key expires, I have to create a new one, sign it, and distribute it?

21:16 technomancy: yeah, that's the idea

21:16 Wraithan: So is there something I could do so my template files are lazy loaded? https://github.com/wraithan/leech-tracker/blob/master/src/leech_tracker/handler.clj

21:17 TimMc: technomancy: Does the encryption subkey get used ever? (with software signing keys)

21:17 That is, is there a reason to/to not expire it?

21:17 technomancy: I'm not sure; I don't think you need to worry about it.

21:18 TimMc: And in practice, how the hell do you remember to refresh your keys? I hate things that need to be done yearly or even less often and don't have built-in reminders...

21:18 brehaut: TimMc: see also governments and anything to do with taxes

21:19 TimMc: brehaut: I *hear* about taxes every year, way before they're due. :-)

21:19 technomancy: so just refresh your keys when you do you taxes; problem solved

21:19 =)

21:19 TimMc: haha

21:19 brehaut: TimMc: I live in fear that i have missed some important tax paying deadline and am in the red with the tax department

21:20 TimMc: I guess I should set my keys to expire in 2 years + 3 months, and roll them over every 2 years.

21:21 technomancy: TimMc: emacs has really good gpg integration; if you visit a file ending in ".gpg" it will ask for your passphrase and transparently encrypt/decrypt

21:25 TimMc: And is it smart enough to avoid saving the decrypted contents to a backup file? :-)

21:27 I always worry about that with tools that helpfully offer to decrypt stuff in memory.

21:28 (Having all-but-/boot encryption means having to worry far less about such things.)

21:31 warz: im having a hard time deciding what i want to try to make as my first attempt at a clojure app.

21:31 beyond the simple stuff, and in-repl adventures

21:31 i was thinking, an irc client maybe

21:31 thats pretty universal

21:33 gdev: or a media player

21:33 TimMc: Other classics: Text editor, photo gallery, mail client (*shudder*).

21:33 gdev: I was thinking of writing a media player that played .clj files

21:33 you could hear your source code

21:34 xumingmingv: play .clj files sounds interesting ;)

21:34 warz: or just have it read your code, while layered over samples of other songs pulled from soundcloud or something.

21:37 gdev: I was thinking more of the characters in the file "plucking" a certain note. if all the notes in the list are harmonic then it won't sound like garbage

21:38 unless it encounters something non idiomatic, then it sounds like a piano crashing down the stairs

21:38 audible style checker of sorts

21:40 TimMc: I tried to cat core.clk to /dev/audio, but it seems to be missing.

21:41 metellus: try /dev/dsp

21:43 TimMc: No such.

21:46 cat repos/clojure/src/clj/clojure/core.clj | aplay

21:46 Well, that was a rather disturbing song.

21:47 warz: lol

21:48 TimMc: AFn.java is kinda cool.

21:53 Holy cow, my Windows partition sounds better than some of the techno I've heard...

21:53 ivan: NTFS wubs

21:53 brehaut: lol

21:53 TimMc: parellel invention of dubstep

21:53 TimMc: This is disturbingly good.

21:54 bip bip bip bip biddle biddle bippa dip

21:54 brehaut: WUB WUB WUB

21:55 TimMc: helicopter interlude

21:55 brehaut: speed metal sample glitched up

21:56 TimMc: I just discovered another downside to encrypting one's hard drive.

21:56 gdev: cd /bin : cat * | aplay

21:57 the dog is barking at my laptop now, adds to the ambiance

22:00 TimMc: If I released an MP3 of an unencrypted home partition, I wonder how hard it would be for someone to read my files. :-)

22:02 gdev: hmmm, that would be interesting

22:04 can you set the number of channels when you record it?

22:04 manpage says you can. that seems to change the sound a bit, so they would have to know that

22:05 also you could play with the sampling rate as well

22:08 TimMc: aplay --channels 3 is freaky

22:08 warz: wish i were on linux, heh

22:09 muhoo: warz: only a vm away

22:09 gdev: the license for most linux distros aren't that expensive

22:10 warz: that is true, heh. i tried the other way around, earlier this week. i tried to make ubuntu my desktop OS, and run Windows on a VM.

22:10 couldn't stick with it, though.

22:10 muhoo: i used the sound of an ext2 partition in a song

22:11 gdev: cat * | aplay --channels=3 --format=A_LAW --vumeter=stereo

22:11 mind=blown

22:13 muhoo: http://archive.org/download/KenRestivoInternetArchivePart1/mydisk.ogg

22:14 gdev: well aplay is cool, but my implementation would definitely sound less like skrillex demos and more like a harp being attacked by a pogo stick

22:15 TimMc: shut up and take my money

22:15 muhoo: that was the sample, i thimk the track it ended up in was http://archive.org/download/KenRestivoInternetArchivePart1/552-0.2.3.ogg

22:17 gdev: i like mydisk.ogg better

22:17 it's catchier

22:18 i've been playing with overtone this week, I'm sure there's something in there that could get me started

22:18 TimMc: overtone is ridiculously fun to play with

22:20 gdev: I could just make it so that your source code is the DSL. Parens could be mapped to drum kicks, operaters to high hats, macros mapped to the "wtf boom.wav"

22:21 you could hear your code recurring

22:23 TimMc: There's an old bit of computing lore wherein (IIRC) a speaker was hooked up to a computer's CPU, and the programmers could hear what parts of the program the computer was executing. Interesting tracing technique.

22:26 xumingmingv: Is it possible to hear some bug out of its sound ;) (If the source code sounds too terrible)

22:26 muhoo: a program is rather like a composotion to me

22:27 gdev: well the same way we have "code smells" after a while you could have "code sounds"

22:27 "that function sounded too long, might have to break it up into sub-melodies"

22:28 "this http client needs more cowbell"

22:28 muhoo: get into paralellism and concurrency and you have counterpoint

22:29 xumingmingv: haha

22:29 gdev: yeah, I wonder what threadsafe code sounds like

22:30 * muhoo remembers hearing that rhickey has a degree in music and owned a recording studio

22:31 gdev: whoah, I can see your thoughts

22:31 muhoo: the whole concept of immutability seems like using a nondestructive DAW

22:31 "all the old takes are still there"

22:32 gdev: then the taxi pulls away with your records

22:34 hrm, wonder if I can turn my project into a full on synesteshia api

22:41 i like how 4clojure links an insanely hard problem after you solve one that required you to type in "1"

22:46 TimMc: Yeah, not sure why the order of problems is so bizarre sometimes.

22:54 aphyr: Anyone know where clojure.contrib.reflect went? clojure.reflect doesn't have any of the useful stuff for reading private fields, etc.

22:55 TimMc: wall-hacks?

22:56 aphyr: Ah, right, thanks

22:57 TimMc: muhoo: Here's a chunk of my Windows partition that had some interesting sounds, notably right near the beginning: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5819239/win_skip-900kiB_count-2000kiB.ogg

23:04 WuHoUnited: does someobdy know why the following throws an excption

23:04 (defn rotate-char [rotation char]

23:04 (let [offset (int \a)

23:04 base (- (int char) offset)

23:04 newbase (mod (+ rotation base) 26)]

23:04 (char (+ offset newbase))))

23:04 (rotate-char 13 \a)

23:04 while what should be identical,

23:04 (defn rotate-char [rotation char]

23:04 (let [offset (int \a)

23:04 base (- (int char) offset)

23:04 newbase (mod (+ rotation base) 26)]

23:04 (char (+ offset newbase))))

23:04 (rotate-char 13 \a)

23:04 does not. (the only difference is whether the final char is called inside or outside the function)

23:04 that wasn't supposed to copy/paste like that. -_-

23:06 warz: hm, im trying to decide if i want ubuntu with unity, or to install ubuntu server and then install gnome or something.

23:07 WuHoUnited: oh whoops

23:07 i see what i did wrong

23:08 shadowed the definition of cahr

23:20 TimMc: WuHoUnited: In the future, please use a pastebin (such as refheap.com).

23:48 tomoj: is there a zipper-like data structure for a cycle which just supports left and right?

23:48 is there a simpler representation?

23:52 TimMc: A cycle?

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