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0:21 wingy: good morning

0:34 gfredericks: you shouldn't have said that so loud; my son woke up and thinks it's morning

0:39 devth: i'm pretty sure this used to return true: (seq? [1 2 3]). at least my 6 month old source code assumes so.

0:39 my clojure is super rusty - is there a function that returns true for both lists and vectors?

0:40 looks like coll? is what i'm looking for.

0:44 zakwilson: ,(doc coll)

0:45 ,(doc coll?)

0:45 ,(clojure.repl/doc coll?)

0:46 musicalchair: &(doc coll?)

0:46 lazybot: ⇒ "([x]); Returns true if x implements IPersistentCollection"

0:48 devth: cool.

1:20 technomancy: https://github.com/technomancy/limit-break

1:24 duck1123: so does the repl have the full scope?

1:24 technomancy: yeah

1:24 duck1123: sweet

1:24 technomancy: it's not as nice as swank.core/break, but it's a start

1:25 well, it's basically useless right now because it requires trampoline and stdin

1:25 but it's a start

1:25 25 lines

1:30 yonatane: would a clojure IDE written from scratch in clojure be cool or redundant?

1:31 duck1123: there's clooj and light table

1:32 possibly others

1:32 yonatane: is light table going to handle projects?

1:32 sproc: I'm trying out Clojure and running into an issue trying to load a data structure from a file with load-file: http://pastebin.com/qnBRCg97

1:33 duck1123: yonatane: that's the plan, I believe

1:40 georgek: hi, I'm trying out the simple example of lein-cljsbuild (with lein2) on Windows XP, everything works up to 'lein ring server-headless 3000', when I get the error "Could not locate example/routes__init.class or example/routes.clj on classpath"

1:41 duck1123: sproc: have you verified that you're getting the correct command line args?

1:41 georgek: no, I'm just following the readme in the example

1:42 duck1123: georgek: is example.route what you named your file?

1:43 georgek: it's named example.routes which conforms to the error msg

1:43 I copied the example from lein-cljsbuild to my directory

1:44 duck1123: so you have a file at src/example/routes.clj with a ns of example.routes

1:44 georgek: right

1:46 duck1123: the advanced example? Looks like it has a non-standard clj src path. Make sure you either have it in src/ or that you have the :source-path key set in project.clj

1:47 georgek: it's the simple example, yes the source-path is set in project.clj

1:47 sorry I answered 'right' to the spirit of your first question :)

1:48 sproc: duck1123: I modifed the app to print the command-line args, and they were as expected. Then I uncommented config-map and noticed that those print statements didn't execute before the stack trace was printed, despite them coming first. The exceptions are from clojure.lang.Compiler; is it trying to compile rather than interpret?

1:48 duck1123: if you launch a repl can you require the ns?

1:49 georgek: I haven't launched a cljs repl before, or do you mean a clj repl?

1:50 duck1123: a clj repl. It can't hind your clj files here

1:50 sproc: I know there's an issue with defining vars within a do, I wonder if something similar is hapening here

1:51 best I could say is "don't do that"

1:51 sproc: duck1123: within a 'do'?

1:52 I'm not familiar with that term.

1:52 duck1123: sproc: Yeah, I can't remember the full details, but if you do something like (do (def a 1) (+ 1 a)) it wouldn't work... or something

1:52 sproc: duck1123: Oh, I see

1:52 duck1123: Alright, I think I can work around that. Thanks for the help.

1:53 duck1123: I would just read the data from the file, and assign it in your ns

1:54 you can look at what I do here" https://github.com/duck1123/ciste/blob/master/src/ciste/config.clj

2:15 Tcepsa: I also have a cljs question: In the ns form at the beginning of the cljs file, I'm attempting to (:use [clojure.string :only [split]]) and then later on I call (split "60 61 62" #" ") but it doesn't seem to work.

2:15 (clojure.string/split "60 61 62" #" ") works just fine though

2:16 Aside from "well just do it that way then!" what should I be doing so that I can just call split instead of having to fully qualify it?

2:25 cheater__: hey guys what am i doing wrong? user=> (if (2 > 1) 2 3)

2:25 whamied: prefix notation :)

2:25 cheater__: this gives me: ClassCastException java.lang.Long cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IFn

2:25 hmm

2:25 right

2:25 i keep forgetting that always

2:25 damn

2:26 whamied: its okay ull get used to it :)

2:27 cheater__: is there a good pastebin for clojure?

2:28 duck1123: refheap is fairly popular, if not gist

2:28 cheater__: i've written a recursive function and it's broken :)

2:28 trying to implement nth

2:28 oh wait i think i know what's up

2:29 https://www.refheap.com/paste/3616

2:29 any tipz?

2:30 IceD^: hey guys

2:30 cheater__: hi

2:30 IceD^: I'm tasked to create java bindings for our services, but I cba writing any java

2:31 'd like some good tutorial on wrapping clojure in java classes

2:31 cheater__: write one!

2:32 duck1123, whamied - any ideas why this function isn't behaving like nth? :)

2:34 whamied: it looks to be working for me

2:34 be sure to use defn

2:34 instead of just fn

2:35 that way you can reference it later on

2:36 duck1123: looks like you're both peeling of the top element and decrementing the index

2:36 cheater__: no i have fn because it's for 4clojure

2:36 and the error was that 4clojure wanted it all on one line

2:36 derp

2:36 whamied: ohh okay haha

2:36 so you got it to pass now?

2:40 georgek: so I've been trying some things with no luck. One weird thing is that starting lein repl from the cljsbuild-example-simple starts the repl with the intro text, but then prints 'nil' and the repl basically is frozen.

2:40 I can create an empty lein new project with clojure 1.4 and the repl works normally

2:43 cheater__: whamied: yup!

2:43 whamied: great!

3:01 cheater__: guys why does this return [3 2 1] and not [1 2 3]? ((fn foo [x] (when (> x 0) (conj (foo (dec x)) x))) 3)

3:02 i basically see conj (conj (conj [] 1) 2) 3

3:02 duck1123: ,(conj [1] 2)

3:03 cheater__: duck1123: not sure what you mean?

3:03 duck1123: conj inserts into the most efficient place for the datatype

3:03 so vectors and lists insert differently

3:03 cheater__: oh

3:04 duck1123: Clojurebot is gone

3:04 cheater__: yeah

3:05 does clojure have pattern matching?

3:05 duck1123: &(conj [1] 2)

3:05 lazybot: ⇒ [1 2]

3:05 sjl: cheater__: google around for core.match

3:06 cheater__: no i meant like argument pattern matching

3:06 kinda like erlang or haskell

3:06 i think you mean regex?

3:06 sjl: cheater__: No, core.match has nothing to do with regexes

3:06 It's pattern patching.

3:06 *matching

3:06 cheater__: oh right yeah

3:06 * sjl is only slightly tipsy.

3:07 * cheater__ just found it

3:07 duck1123: I think someone tried to build something like that once, but no

3:07 cheater__: duck1123: https://github.com/clojure/core.match/ looks good

3:07 duck1123: we have multimethods

3:07 sjl: It's not integrated tightly into the language like haskell, but it's still acceptable concise to use

3:07 cheater__: mhm

3:08 sjl: I'm sure you could write a macro to define functions with pattern matched args using core.match

3:08 I'm not entirely sure it'd be a good idea though...

4:02 xumingmingv: macro can not be passed to a HOF right?

4:03 Raynes: No.

4:04 arohner: xumingmingv: but you can do (map #(my-macro %) [:a :b :c])

4:04 cheater__: are there higher order macros?

4:04 arohner: no, but there is an old contrib project playing around w/ applying macros

4:06 cheater__: what does the hint here mean? http://www.4clojure.com/problem/27

4:07 Hint: "racecar" does not equal '(\r \a \c \e \c \a \r)

4:08 xumingmingv: https://github.com/xumingming/storm/blob/issue72/src/clj/backtype/storm/testing4j.clj#L58

4:08 https://github.com/xumingming/storm/blob/issue72/src/clj/backtype/storm/testing4j.clj#L85

4:08 then do you have any advice how to extract a common function from these two functions?

4:09 here , with-local-cluster and with-tracked-cluster are macros.

4:09 all the logic are the same, just used different macro

4:10 scottj: cheater__: I think they just want you to know that a string is not a list of characters, you have to seq on a string to get that (or use a function that itself calls seq). not sure how helpful that is

4:11 cheater__: oh

4:12 scottj: cheater__: ahh, I see, it probably is necessary to know that

4:12 cheater__: thx scottj

4:21 logaan: with datomic is it possible to traverse a reference in reverse as part of a query?

4:23 as in this example: https://gist.github.com/3115870

4:35 fureddo: Hi, I'm new to Clojure. I'm trying to implement a simple card games to get into the language.

4:36 I have a deck of cards defined as (def deck (ref '(c1 c2 c3 c4 c5))) where c1 c2 c3 are cards. I want to pop a card off the deck. How can I do that?

4:39 If I call pop, I lose the card on the top. That's ok, but I want to move the top card into another list instead. Do I need to copy the top card using (peek deck)?

4:39 logaan: when you de-ref your deck you will get an immutable value

4:39 this means that you can query it multiple times without loosing any info

4:41 so you can call do:

4:41 (let [deck @deck top (first deck) new-deck (rest deck)] [top new-deck])

4:41 and you'll get back a vector (which you can think of as a tupple, with the new deck (sans the card you popped) and the card

4:41 fureddo: I see... Interesting.

4:41 logaan: you may then chose to reset! the deck back to new-deck

4:46 figured it out. updated gist with solution if anyone's curious.

5:47 cheater__: Raynes: hey, can i get lazybot in #codez ?

5:54 guys how can i find my clojure.jar? i can't seem to find it anywhere, and i can run lein repl

5:59 found it :)) it was named differently.

7:54 cheater: does clojure have TCO or do i need to call recur?

7:55 so basically if in my definition of funcfoo, if i call funcfoo in the tail, will i get a stack overflow?

7:56 there's one too many "if" there :)

7:59 hyPiRion: you'll have to use recur.

8:08 antares_: cheater: recur exists because JVM and JavaScript VMs do not have TCO

9:11 wingy_: is there an error in the doc here: http://clojuredocs.org/clojure_core/clojure.core/defprotocol

9:11 shouldn't extends? take a protocol first and then a type

9:12 oh

9:12 unnali: doesn't it?

9:12 wingy_: my mistake

9:12 haha

9:12 just woke up .. must be it

9:12 unnali: :D!

9:17 wingy_: so basically there is 2 polymorphism systems in clj .. one using multimethods and another using data types (defrecord, deftype) and protocols (defprotocol)

9:18 the latter was added for java interop?

9:18 so that you can write clj code and use them in java right?

9:19 also a simpler polymorphism based on type rather than dispatching value

9:19 better performence i guess

9:20 cjfrisz: I'm a big fan of data types myself

9:20 wingy_: wasn't the point of FP not to think in classes/objects

9:20 cjfrisz: Although I'm a speed junkie

9:21 Records and protocols may resolve to classes and objects, but the concept is still valid and very useful

9:21 Scheme has a similar record system

9:21 As does Haskell

9:22 unnali: cjfrisz: ... Haskell's widely believed to be bollocks (despite heavy use) ...

9:23 cjfrisz: unnali: ... Touche?

9:23 I'm not a big types guy, but I hung out with a whole bunch of them while I was getting my MS

9:23 wingy_: there is no inheritance in the type/protocol system in clj?

9:23 cjfrisz: Type guys (and girls), that is

9:24 wingy_ : There *is* inheritance, but it's waaaay more awesome than Java

9:25 antares_: wingy_: multimethods let you easily implement inheritance-like semantics. Protocols do not have inheritance, thanks god. That's what makes them flexible.

9:26 wingy_: antares_: yeah

9:45 does anyone know what the problem is here: https://gist.github.com/3116981

9:46 hm it worked in lein repl but not in Light Table

9:46 what is wrong with light table

9:46 schani: wingy_: i've had a very similar problem with a defprotocol/deftype

9:46 wingy_: they changed something in defrecord in clj 1.5?

9:47 schani: it seems lighttable does some strange magic with defprotocol

9:47 i thought lighttable used clojure 1.4?

9:48 wingy_: *clojure-version*=> {:major 1, :minor 5, :incremental 0, :qualifier "ibdknox5"}||

9:48 schani: hmm

9:50 wingy_: why is it allowed to not implement all methods by interface in a defrecord?

9:50 schani: wingy_: quite strange - even after connecting to a clj 1.4 lein project, it reports version 1.5

9:51 wingy_: schani: yeah i think it is using some feature in 1.5 so it must be on 1.5

9:51 schani: i'm not familiar with 1.5 at all, so no idea

9:51 wingy_: since it's using 1 jvm so it cannot switch

9:52 schani: it's supposed to switch when you do "connect"

9:52 wingy_: probably the end implementation could be running 2 jvms .. one for our project and the other for light table

9:52 cjfrisz: Wow...you can tell that I've been out for a while when I didn't even realize that 1.5 was ready for public consumption

9:52 wingy_: cjfrisz: its not

9:52 still in development

9:53 anyone who knows why im not enforced to implement all methods by interface in my record? what is the point?

10:14 duck1123: wingy_: that's by design

10:16 wingy_: duck1123: what is the purpose?

10:16 duck1123: not forcing the programmer to have to implement a million methods before they can tes

10:17 it should throw an exception for the rest IIRC

10:17 wingy_: but if all collections are implementing an Iterable protocol but now they are not forced to implement the methods a user will find it weird that its documented it is using that interface but the "count" method is missing

10:17 for some implementations

10:18 you mean before they can test?

10:19 duck1123: but if the call count, it'll just throw the not implemented exception saying that it was supposed to be implemented, but never was.

10:20 If you're implementing a protocol, you should implement all the methods, but no one is forcing you to

10:24 wingy_: i c

10:24 i get an AbstractMethodError yobistore.core.Person.run_slow()Ljava/lang/Object; yobistore.core/eval1089 (NO_SOURCE_FILE:1) error when trying to access a method not implemented yet

10:25 the error message wasn't to clear about what was hapepning

10:25 i guess everyone should read it as NOT IMPLEMENTED YET

10:25 duck1123: I'm thinking of gen-claas that has the clear error message

10:27 were you re-defing the protocol in the repl?

10:28 cheater: hi again

10:28 does clojure have automatic tco?

10:28 duck1123: cheater: no, use recur

10:29 cheater: antares_: hmm just saw your answer

10:29 duck1123: ok

10:29 duck1123: are there targets that do tco?

10:29 duck1123: recur has the benefit of asserting it is actually a tail call

10:30 cheater: i understand, as antares_ said, that recur exists because JVM and JS are too stupid to figure it out

10:31 duck1123: cheater: That was the original reason, but it's also a design decision at this point. Rich said he wouldn't add TCO unless he could guarantee it would work in all cases

10:31 is most cases, you can get what you want without needing recur anyway

10:31 cheater: right

10:32 can i?

10:32 by just recursing, without taking care around the stack overflows?

10:32 wingy_: duck1123: yeah

10:33 duck1123: most of the time when you want to recur, you can make it a lazy seq to acomplish the same goal

10:33 cheater: ah ok i see what you mean

10:33 how do you make lazy stuff?

10:33 some sort of yield kw?

10:33 wingy_: cheater: lazy-seq

10:33 cheater: l@@king, thx

10:33 duck1123: (lazy-seq (cons ...))

10:34 cheater: yeah just read the doc

10:35 duck1123: Programming Clojure did a good job of explaining how to not need recur. (at least in the 1st edition)

10:35 cheater: hey speaking of doc, i like that it works like in python. one question though. is there something like python's "dir"?

10:35 docs in the repl are the biggest help ever when learning a new lang

10:36 i dread haskell for that reason

10:37 wingy_: (doc doc)

10:38 hyPiRion: &(doc doc)

10:38 lazybot: ⇒ "Macro ([s]); "

10:38 wingy_: do you guys think a java crash course could be helpful in understanding clojure

10:39 seems that the java interop is everywhere. perhaps it could be good to know the fundamentals about java?

10:39 cheater: not from what i've seen so far

10:39 hyPiRion: It's good to know the JVM, but not essential.

10:40 ,(doc doc)

10:40 Weird, the doc shouldn't be like that.

10:41 wingy_: ,(source doc)

10:41 Bronsa: &(doc doc)

10:41 lazybot: ⇒ "Macro ([s]); "

10:41 wingy_: &(source doc)

10:41 lazybot: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: source in this context

10:41 cheater: i know exactly 0 about java but then i'm a cold beginner

10:41 duck1123: It's helpful to know your way around a javadoc

10:41 wingy_: lynda java crash course seems nice

10:42 hyPiRion: &(doc assoc)

10:42 lazybot: ⇒ "([map key val] [map key val & kvs]); assoc[iate]. When applied to a map, returns a new map of the same (hashed/sorted) type, that contains the mapping of key(s) to val(s). When applied to a vector, returns a new vector that contains val at index. Note - index must be <= (count vector)."

10:42 wingy_: why is there & and , for running code

10:42 different bots?

10:42 hyPiRion: yes.

10:42 wingy_: who owns these bots? can i just create one and use it here?

10:43 duck1123: , = clojurebot & = lazybot

10:43 hiredman and Raynes respectively, I believe

10:47 Bronsa: you can also eval an expression inline like ##'this

10:47 lazybot: ⇒ this

10:47 hyPiRion: lazybot: botsnack

10:47 lazybot: hyPiRion: Thanks! Om nom nom!!

10:47 hyPiRion: I find that oddly comforting.

10:49 wingy_: lazybot: hello

10:49 :(

10:52 when will 1.5 come out?

11:05 one good way to learn clj i think is to read stackoverflow questions .. so many great answers

11:09 so there are 4 reference types (var, ref, agent, atom) for changeable state .. but when i define the latter 3 it seems that i bind them all to a var (def v (ref 0)). this mean that the latter 3 are values which have to be bound to a var?

11:12 duck1123: they don't have to be bound to a var, but they often are

11:12 hyPiRion: You can bind them with a let as well.

11:13 &((fn [a] (swap! a inc)) (atom 0))

11:13 lazybot: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol:   in this context

11:13 hyPiRion: &((fn [a] (swap! a inc)) (atom 0))

11:13 lazybot: ⇒ 1

11:49 wingy_: duck1123 hyPiRion: ok so they are values just like collections and scalar values but Var is not a value

11:49 Var is a mere reference to it's binding value

12:04 it says in the doc "Only Java fields, Vars, Refs and Agents are mutable in Clojure."

12:04 isn't atom mutable as well?

12:41 edon: hello, what resource would you suggest for learning clojure to someone that is already quite familiar with functional programming?

12:44 hyPiRion: edon: 4clojure.com

12:56 kmicu: wingy_: atoms are mutable

12:57 edon: http://clojurebook.com/

13:11 wingy_: they should provide a github repo for us to change the reference doc

13:14 kmicu: wingy_: it is not so hard to join dev http://clojure.org/contributing

13:16 duck1123: In the mean time, you could add examples to clojuredocs

13:17 wingy_: i want to correct doc

13:17 ill read it though later

13:17 hyPiRion: kmicu: About that, would it still be possible to join clojure-contrib, even though it's not monolithic anymore?

13:18 I suppose yes, but I've not really looked into it.

13:22 duck1123: If you have a contrib lib that didn't make it, it's because it was either ill-conceived, or no one cared about it

13:22 I'm sure if you were willing to be point on it, you could get it promoted

13:23 but check if there's a non-contrib that has taken it's place

13:25 hyPiRion: duck1123: I meant "join" as in signing the CA with both clojure and clojure-contrib on it.

13:42 georgek: hi, I'm trying to get the cljsbuild example at https://github.com/emezeske/lein-cljsbuild/tree/master/example-projects/advanced working, and I can get up to 'lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch firefox http://localhost:3000/repl-demo', but then I get 'Could not find the main class: and. Program will exit.' -- this is on Windows, so it's some file path issue; I've seen references to changing colons to semicolons in a cljs build scri

13:42 pt but I don't know where to do this using cljsbuild, any ideas?

13:45 duck1123: georgek: still no luck with that?

13:45 georgek: I've made progress actually, just a different problem that's the same :)

13:45 duck1123: oh, that, ok. :)

13:45 georgek: sometimes using Windows is like wearing a hairshirt I guess

13:46 duck1123: You know what Windows is good for? Running a linux VM. :)

13:46 georgek: ha

13:46 yes, I have one sitting here I can use

13:46 I'm just stubborn ;)

13:48 duck1123: does repl-rhino work?

13:49 georgek: I haven't tried it

13:49 let me find the syntax

13:49 kmicu: georgek: example-projects/simple works?

13:49 duck1123: on the subject of cljs and repls. What's the current state of running cljs repls inside of emacs?

13:49 georgek: yes kmicu

13:50 I've done it successfully with cljs one duck1123

13:50 kmicu: duck1123: no problem? ;)

13:50 georgek: there are other ways like with inferior-lisp too

13:50 sirsublime: Hey, everybody! Could someone help me out with leiningen? I need to compile some Java code, but even the simplest class fails.

13:51 duck1123: are you guys just launching with a terminal inside emacs, or what?

13:51 kmicu: georgek: cljs1 works on windows, but it is half year old :]

13:51 duck1123: I'm just now turning my attention back to cljs

13:52 georgek: yes kmicu, and with lein1x only it seems, that's why I'm trying cljsbuild

13:52 duck1123, you can do with with a terminal, or inferior-lisp directly

13:53 duck1123, repl-rhino gives the same error, 'could not find the main class: and.' -- file path problem somewhere

13:54 at least it's narrowed down to either cljs, lein, or cljsbuild ;)

13:54 my working directory does not contain spaces btw

13:55 is there a way to print what paths cljs is using in process

13:55 kmicu: georgek: maybe because folders start with dot? https://github.com/emezeske/lein-cljsbuild/blob/master/example-projects/advanced/project.clj#L20

13:55 duck1123: not sure of cljs, but lein classpath might help you

13:57 georgek: yep I bet it's bombing on my .m2 file path, in 'Documents and Settings'

13:57 lein puts .m2 there as it's the user home though

13:57 maybe a way to reconfigure that

13:58 kmicu: georgek: but then simple version fo example project should faild also?

13:58 TimMc: sirsublime: What --version of lein? And how are you instructing lein to compile the Java?

13:58 duck1123: lein has a :local-repo key

13:58 georgek: maybe not kmicu, as simple does not launch a repl

13:59 something to do with repl launch screws it up?

13:59 simple is just compilation

14:00 darrenaustin: Hey folks. Newbie here. I was trying to install kibit for lein 1.x and ran into a NPE when running "lein plugin install jonase/kibit 0.0.4". Anyone know what might be causing this?

14:00 georgek: what OS?

14:01 duck1123: Is it normal that my cljs repl has no line editing capabilities at all?

14:01 darrenaustin: Lion on a Mac.

14:04 sirsublime: Alright, Lein version 1.7.1

14:05 I have a simple class in src/java as follows:

14:05 package clj2java;

14:05 import clojure.lang.IFn;

14:05 import clojure.lang.RT;

14:05 import clojure.lang.Symbol;

14:05 import clojure.lang.Var;

14:05 public class Clj2Java {

14:05 TimMc: ugh

14:05 sirsublime: public static void main(String[] args) {

14:05 System.out.println("Hello.");

14:06 }

14:06 }

14:06 Sorry.

14:06 TimMc: sirsublime: Use a pastebin.

14:06 I have you on /ignore.

14:06 duck1123: I noticed that too.

14:06 sirsublime: There we go: http://pastebin.com/3dv84Pmv

14:07 duck1123: ok. I used rlwrap and it's slightly better now

14:07 I'll just do that in the future

14:07 sirsublime: Very basic stuff.

14:07 TimMc: sirsublime: OK, do you have a pastebin link now?

14:07 sirsublime: Yep, here it is: http://pastebin.com/3dv84Pmv

14:08 TimMc: OK, could you pastebin the project.clj file?

14:09 sirsublime: Here's project.clj: http://pastebin.com/9kad3ZiR

14:10 This is very basic stuff. I just want to set up lein to compile java, so I can do some actual work. My idea was, that a class this basic should compile with no problems. But I guess I am missing something.

14:11 hyPiRion: sirsublime: Ok, where did you place the java-file?

14:12 the path to it should be src/java/clj2java/Clj2java.java

14:13 sirsublime: Alright, this explains everything. Sorry, I'm not used to Java's strict path requirements.

14:13 hyPiRion: No worries

14:15 TimMc: sirsublime: You got the syntax wrong for :java-source-path.

14:15 https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/blob/1.x/sample.project.clj#L171

14:16 sirsublime: By the way, Java and Clojure *both* have strict path requirements.

14:16 sirsublime: Ok, **now** it works.

14:17 duck1123: so if I call repl/connect from my webpage and use repl-listen, I should be able to require my lib, right?

14:17 "Error evaluating:" (require (quote [jayq.core :as jayq])) :as "cljs.user.require.call(null,cljs.core.vec([\"\\uFDD1'jayq.core\",\"\\uFDD0'as\",\"\\uFDD1'jayq\"]));\n"

14:17 sirsublime: Well, I've started with the language not long ago. Never even touched Java before. So, thanks for the help. :)

14:18 Btw, is there any way to make the error messages a bit friendlier? Or do you guys just learn to read them like the Matrix code?

14:18 TimMc: The latter. :-)

14:18 duck1123: sirsublime: given time, your eyes learn to find the important parts

14:19 usually, just look for your clj file names

14:19 TimMc: Some of the compile errors are pretty opaque, unfortunately. Runtime stack traces are a lot easier to read.

14:19 In the REPL, use (pst) to get a nice stack trace after something errors out.

14:21 kmicu: georgek: did you get "Running ClojureScript REPL and launching command: (firefox http://localhost:3000/repl-demo)... after running "lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-laun..."?

14:21 sirsublime: Oh, thanks, guys. :)

14:27 georgek: kmicu, yes

14:27 I think the error is unrelated to the launch-repl command

14:28 I'm nuking my lein as we speak and starting from scratch at a top level dir, see if that fixes file path issues

14:34 duck1123: Ok, I'm still having no luck requiring any namespace from cljsbuild's repl. What am I missing?

14:37 georgek: silly question, but are you using :as?

14:37 duck1123: yes

14:38 (require '[jayq.core :as jayq])

14:43 georgek: i wonder if you have to use it in a ns

14:43 just watched an old screencast where they did that, though that was 9 months ago

14:53 so in trying to get lein on Windows up to a dir path without spaces, I edited the .bat (https://raw.github.com/technomancy/leiningen/preview/bin/lein.bat ) to set lein_home where I wanted. However it still creates its .m2 in my user home dir, which is below ".../documents and settings/..." as usual, anyone know how to set the .m2 location?

14:59 duck1123: you can set :local-repo in your project (possibly also in profile?)

14:59 georgek: good idea about profile, I'll check that -- there must be a system-wide setting too though?

15:08 ro_st: is it possible to have noir serving / but somehow have nginx or apache serving all the static assets?

15:08 i want to be able to take advantage of html5boilerplate's caching configs

15:10 duck1123: ro_st: If all your static resources have a static component (ie. /assets/) you can just have your http server bypass the proxy and serve those directly

15:12 ro_st: cool

15:13 georgek: so it appears I can change where maven stores its artifacts if I can get to the maven settings.xml (normally in /conf/settings.xml) but this doesn't seem to be in the lein jar, does lein even use the maven settings.xml?

15:13 otherwise maven stores in user.home/.m2 by default

15:13 which I'm trying to avoid

15:25 so this is weird; now I have lein in a dir path without spaces, but .m2 is still in a path with spaces; running the cljsbuild advanced project now doesn't give me the 'Could not find the main class: and. Program will exit.' error, but instead Exception in thread "main" clojure.lang.LispReader$ReaderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: EOF while reading, starting at line 1

15:25 technomancy: georgek: lein1 uses settings.xml (by accident) lein2 uses :local-repo in project.clj IIRC

15:25 or you can put it in your :user profile to use it across all projects

15:26 georgek: cool, thanks, I'll try that

15:42 my profile's local-repo isn't working somehow, here's the profile and error, https://www.refheap.com/paste/3618

15:42 it looks right according to what technomancy just said and this SO answer, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11460283/how-can-i-make-leiningen-2-respect-the-local-repository-path-in-mavens-settings

15:43 technomancy: needs a closing }

15:43 georgek: son of a biscuit

15:51 cool, it's very close, now I'm just getting this weird reader error when trying to launch the repl with trampoline, https://www.refheap.com/paste/3619, Exception in thread "main" clojure.lang.LispReader$ReaderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: EOF while reading, starting at line 1

15:51 the page is served at localhost OK

15:52 technomancy: if you export DEBUG=y you can see exactly what shell command trampoline is using

15:57 georgek: interesting, while lein now downloads artifacts to my local-repo, the trampoline command uses artifacts from the old .m2 location in user.home/.m2

16:00 technomancy: hm; that'd be a bug. not sure if it's one in leiningen or pomegranate.

16:00 georgek: i'm going to try reboot for the heck of it

16:01 wingy_: clojuredocs is best .. the examples are such a valuable source

16:10 yonatane: In the Transients page it says: "Note that not all Clojure data structures can support this feature, but most will. Lists will not, as there is no benefit to be had.". Why is that?

16:11 you know what, let me read through first

16:14 Raynes: cheater: You certainly can.

16:15 cheater: Do you own that channel?

16:20 georgek: so setting local-repo in lein profiles and/or the project.clj downloads artifacts to the local-repo; running ring with lein ring server-headless port works and uses the local-repo; but then when running lein trampoline like 'lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch firefox http://localhost:3000/repl-demo', it starts downloading to the maven default, not local-repo

16:20 Raynes: technomancy: I've switched to nrepl.el. I feel so liberated.

16:21 technomancy: Raynes: muahaha

16:23 Raynes: technomancy: It's so awesome. SO AWESOME.

16:23 Shivers me timbers.

16:24 technomancy: it's not _that_ awesome ... yet

16:24 it's the potential awesome that'll get you

16:24 Raynes: technomancy: It is not SLIME, which makes it awesome.

16:24 technomancy: Why is it that C-c C-d opens a new buffer?

16:25 technomancy: as opposed to...?

16:25 ned: Raynes: what are the advantages of nrepl.el over slime

16:25 Raynes: Printing to the existing repl buffer.

16:26 technomancy: Raynes: mostly because it's designed to be invoked from clojure-mode buffers

16:26 Raynes: ned: It isn't SLIME and doesn't require crazy hacks for there to be a 'jack-in'.

16:27 That's my favorites.

16:27 Those are my favorites*

16:27 wingy_: if i change a state in a ref/atom/agent, could the previous state still be retrieved or is it "lost" since i have no reference to it?

16:27 technomancy: Raynes: it doesn't even print stack traces yet, much less clj-stacktrace

16:27 speaking of which, I need to bug Chouser about obsoleting that too

16:28 Raynes: ned: nrepl.el isn't better than SLIME in functionality yet, but the whole concept is loads better.

16:28 Might even be some releases every now and then!

16:28 ned: Raynes: hmmm im playing with it now

16:30 Raynes: technomancy: You're kinda ruining the excitement.

16:31 technomancy: Raynes: no, I'm trying to get you to prove me wrong

16:31 Raynes: grab one of these and join the party: https://github.com/kingtim/nrepl.el/issues

16:31 Raynes: technomancy: Well you're right, so how w...

16:31 Oh, I see.

16:31 Yeah, no, Raynes doesn't do elisp.

16:31 technomancy: curses!

16:31 Raynes: refheap.el was out of necessity.

16:31 :p

16:32 technomancy: well in that case there's plenty of backend pieces still needed: https://github.com/technomancy/limit-break

16:32 https://github.com/kingtim/nrepl.el/issues/13

16:32 Raynes: technomancy: Can I call it gadget?

16:32 technomancy: Raynes: no, it has to be Javert

16:32 sorry

16:33 Raynes: NO DEAL!!1!!!

16:33 technomancy: it Has Been Decided

16:33 gtrak``: has it been thought of before, maybe to fix clojure android dev by porting clojurescript to emit java? that would remove the run-time heaviness

16:35 you don't really need eval there either

16:35 maybe not 'fix', but another option

16:36 Raynes: technomancy: Okay, I'll consider this.

16:36 technomancy: I'll do this if you do stacktraces. ;p

16:37 eph3meral: so, recently I saw some JavaScript code that used dollar signs for variable names, like $myVar etc, note that I'm not talking about the jQuery style of $(myVar)... the dev in question, when asked why, I believe said that it came from clojure or it was a standard or stylistic suggestion from clojure

16:37 where the $ indicates a local var

16:38 and all other vars are global or are properties of an instance or class

16:38 Raynes: I think he might be on drugs.

16:38 eph3meral: hahah, he was pretty weird

16:38 I'm being told it's Scheme in ##javascript

16:39 Raynes: Clojure certainly has no convention like that.

16:39 eph3meral: Scheme i a "dialect" of lisp right?

16:39 Raynes, ok great, thanks, that's what I wanted to know

16:39 Raynes: Scheme is indeed a dialect of Lisp as well.

16:40 mononofu: is there a better REPL than the default one?

16:41 technomancy: mononofu: yes, thank goodness

16:41 eph3meral: Raynes, cool thanks, g'day :)

16:41 technomancy: the default one's a joke

16:42 mononofu: technomancy: great, I was a bit put off by it. could you give me a name or a link?

16:42 technomancy: oh yeah; sorry

16:42 try `lein repl` from http://leiningen.org

16:43 mononofu: thanks :D

16:43 cheater_: i strongly suggest you use lein 2 for the repl

16:43 because it's so much better

16:44 yonatane: Regarding transients again, so where a mutable vector can mess with its existing internal array, a list would have to rebuild itself anyway? Is that why transient lists are pointless?

16:44 and on the other hand, a list is not rebuilding itself all the time, and will behave the same as a transient

16:46 actually i'm thinking about functions like replace. I'm not sure how it is implemented for lists.

16:48 gtrak``: yonatane, PersistentList is a pretty simple class

16:49 it has 3 fiields: private final Object _first;

16:49 private final IPersistentList _rest;

16:49 private final int _count;

16:51 Raynes: technomancy: swank.commands.inspector is what I should be looking at, right?

16:55 yonatane: gtrak``: so to replace a value in the middle of a list, you'd have to tear it apart

16:55 gtrak``: yea

16:55 there's no benefit

16:55 it's just a cons cell with a count

16:56 yonatane: unlike vector where you have random access to the internal array

16:56 gtrak``: yonatane, yes, but it's not really an 'array'

16:56 yonatane: yeah

16:57 gtrak``: yonatane, actually, in java LinkedList is usually slower than ArrayList even when you think you would use one due to cache misses

16:58 yonatane: not sure what cache misses are

16:59 but i read that allocating the array should be really fast

16:59 and copying. not sure

17:00 will check

17:02 gtrak``: yea... copying the array when you need to grow it is generally faster than the aggregate lookups of list elements spread in different parts of heap. If you don't do a lot of inserts in the middle it'll lose?

17:02 wingy_: it says in the reference doc "Most data structures are immutable" .. what data structures are mutable in clj?

17:04 georgek: does anyone know what/where the difference might be here -- when running 'lein trampoline repl' the contents of the temp trampoline file (created with the Windows batch file) all refer to jars in my :local-repo; but when running something like 'lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-launch firefox http://localhost:3000/repl-demo' it starts downloading jars to the original default .m2 repo in user.home/.m2

17:04 gtrak``: wingy_, transients

17:04 wingy_: gtrak``: right

17:04 georgek: so trampoline knows about the local repo, but not when downloading what it thinks is missing

17:05 Raynes: technomancy: Holy crap. Raw :use and everything.

17:19 wingy_: what is the best way to make an iOS and Android app in clj land

17:19 sjl: Do I need to do something special to get line/numbers and/or locals with clojure-mode + lein-swank? http://i.imgur.com/DoD7I.png

17:19 wingy_: cljs + phonegap with clj remote server?

17:20 Raynes: sjl: Where do you expect line numbers?

17:20 sjl: ah right, nevermind on the line numbers

17:20 Raynes: In this case, there is no line number where the error occurred because you executed the code in the repl.

17:22 sjl: yeah, I see the line numbers working when I move the problem inside the actual file

17:23 but there are still no locals listed

17:26 georgek: does anyone have a cljs project that uses lein2 I could try to run to see where my setup is failing? the cljsbuild examples are for lein1x

17:27 the failure point is when I try to launch a repl, I can compile a project and run the web server OK

17:37 Raynes: technomancy: ping

17:43 sproc: I'm loading some external config parameters, and so my config file just contains a Clojure map with values defined, and then I'm loading a (load-file "file") in my application; is this a good practice?

17:44 The reason I'm prompted to ask is that it seems to work fine if I call (load-file) from the top level, but if I wrap it in a let, all of a sudden nothing can see the map. I've got the same namespace declared in both files (application and config file).

17:45 georgek: the let binding is only in the let

17:46 sproc: I'm not binding that in the let, though, the only let-binding I'm doing is unrelated and then the (load-file) is called within the body of the let.

17:46 Since the config file uses "(def config-map ...)" I would expect everything from that point on to be able to see it.

17:47 Raynes: sproc: I recommend just putting the raw map in the file and then doing (def config (read-string (slurp "yourconfigfile.clj")))

17:52 sproc: Raynes: Thanks! That works.

17:52 wingy_: i love lynda courses

17:53 i reask my previos question: if i change a state in a ref/atom/agent, could the previous state still be retrieved or is it "lost" since i have no reference to it?

18:09 AWizzArd: wingy_: the previous state is lost.

18:13 wingy_: AWizzArd: aight

18:21 haspaker: Is anyone here familiar with SublimeREPL?

18:24 dnolen: haspaker: I have used it in the past for ClojureScript

18:25 haspaker: dnolen: Do you know how to update it so the changes I have made in the main document takes effect?

18:26 So that I don't have to restart it.

18:26 I could use "(use ____ :reload-all)", but that is quite cumbersome

18:27 dnolen: haspaker: nope, Sublimer

18:27 haspaker: SublimeREPL is not an optimal Clojure dev env in my experience.

18:27 haspaker: works for simple stuff only.

18:28 haspaker: Yeah, seems so

18:28 dnolen: haspaker: could of course be improved, compile-file is really the critical missing bit.

18:28 haspaker: auto recompiling on save is not desirable IMO

18:29 haspaker: I just want something simple but effectiva

18:29 *effective

18:29 Guess I'll have to go back to Eclipse and CounterClockwise

18:29 dnolen: haspaker: or you could submit a patch for compile-file.

18:30 devn: (Math/round 10.5) => 11, (defn guess-a-number [] (Math/round (+ @a-num @another-num))) => Exception

18:30 haspaker: Don't know how to do that, unfortunately

18:30 devn: wat?

18:31 dnolen: ,@1

18:32 devn: dnolen: these are atoms

18:33 dnolen: devn: is that CLJS?

18:33 devn: dnolen: no, i was asking for a friend who apparently has this problem, but i dont

18:33 so im not sure what his issue is

18:33 i also dont know which clj version so hmm

18:34 dnolen: ,(Math/round (+ 1 2))

18:34 devn: has nothing to do w/ atoms, will blow up on that too.

18:53 scottj: sjl: ritz gives you line numbers for code entered at repl.

19:17 saua: hey, could anyone explain what i'm not understanding about this: https://gist.github.com/3119100

19:20 gfredericks: saua: I assume your missing paren on line 4 has nothing to do with it?

19:20 ah I know what it is

19:21 seems like every day somebody comes in here confused about ->

19:21 &(clojure.walk/macroexpand-all '(-> "two words" #(clojure.string/split % #" ") last))

19:21 lazybot: ⇒ (last (fn* "two words" [p1__73668#] (clojure.string/split p1__73668# #" ")))

19:21 cshell: what's the clojure equivalent of instance of? satifies?

19:21 gfredericks: &(doc instance?)

19:21 lazybot: ⇒ "([c x]); Evaluates x and tests if it is an instance of the class c. Returns true or false"

19:22 gfredericks: &(doc satisfies?)

19:22 lazybot: ⇒ "([protocol x]); Returns true if x satisfies the protocol"

19:22 cshell: awesome, thanks

19:22 tomoj: saua: (-> "two words" (clojure.string/split #" ") last)

19:23 if you actually want a fn for some reason you need (-> "two words" (#(clojure.string/split % #" ")) last)

19:23 clintm: is fetching the maven index with 'lein search xx' the first time broken for everyone or am I doing something wrong?

19:23 saua: i see. thanks

19:23 gfredericks: clintm: I have almost nearly never got `lein search` to do anything useful :(

19:23 saua: i think i understand -> now

19:23 gfredericks: saua: it's syntactic

19:24 clintm: gfredericks: seems to work ok for me - though I'm new to this. this is lein2, btw.

19:24 gfredericks: oh I'm afraid of lein2

19:24 clintm: gfredericks: err, it did, i guess.

19:25 hrm - maybe if I delete the self-install jar and rerun lein upgrade

19:25 gfredericks: &(doc ->)

19:25 lazybot: ⇒ "Macro ([x] [x form] [x form & more]); Threads the expr through the forms. Inserts x as the second item in the first form, making a list of it if it is not a list already. If there are more forms, inserts the first form as the second item in second form, etc."

19:27 tomoj: I'd think e.g. (-> foo ((fn [{:keys [bar baz]}] ...)) ...) should be useful but I don't remember doing that much..

19:29 gfredericks: that's a lot of punctation

19:39 wingy_: yeah lein search is not as powerful as npm search

19:40 technomancy: just needs a few tweaks to the query analyzer: https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/issues/243

19:40 any takers?

19:45 cshell: wow, i just figured out the idiomatic way to use protocols - I was using them like java interfaces with new records for implementations

19:47 technomancy: the best way to use protocols is to implement Clojure-in-Clojure

19:47 cshell: I agree - it's just taking some time :)

19:47 to break the java habits

19:48 technomancy: I mean there aren't very many other sensible uses for them

19:49 cshell: I wasn't taking advantage of the fact that the first arg could be bound to an existing type - I was creating a new record which implemented the protocol and then took existing types as secon arguments

19:55 technomancy: any reason you're not using multimethods?

19:59 cshell: hmmm

19:59 I'm using only single, type based dispatch

20:04 technomancy: multimethods are pretty great at that =)

20:06 wingy_: now i get why Java is so bloated

20:07 pppppaul: Java has gas

20:12 wingy_: ok the only thing so far great is the code completion and auto doc in Eclipse IDE

20:13 pppppaul: emacs all the way

20:15 wingy_: pppppaul: even for java?

20:15 pppppaul: um

20:15 no

20:15 java isn't meant to be programmed by hand

20:15 wingy_: :)

20:17 im going through java just to be a better clj progrmamer

20:17 programmer

20:17 quite a lot of fun

20:17 but clojure is the way to code .. no bullshit

20:17 pppppaul: indeed

20:18 can actually code without an editor

20:18 wingy_: i mean are we meant to write code or write class hierachies

20:18 yeah but maybe that is not fun?

20:19 editor helps you with the parens

20:20 pppppaul: parens in clojure can get hairy

20:21 it's really not as big of a deal as other synatxes

20:21 technomancy: nothing beats a magnetized needle and a steady hand

20:21 wingy_: jezz java+eclipse is so the 90s

20:22 i doubt they can see anything beyond their keyboard

20:22 it's such an innovation killer

20:29 eclipse is bloated, java is bloated. it's a bloat culture :)

20:32 kreig1: awoo

20:32 is there a seperate clojurescript channel now?

20:32 wingy_: kreig1: yes

20:37 xumingmingv: I have seen the usage of :private metadata in clojure.core, why not just use def- ?

20:42 gfredericks: does that exist in 1.4?

20:42 no apparently not

20:48 wingy_: gfredericks: you mean exists in 1.5?

20:49 gfredericks: not that I know of

20:58 wingy_: emacs is the best editor for clojure?

20:59 is it worth learning emacs although i think i will switch to light table next year?

21:03 Frozenlo`: wingy_: Yes.

21:03 You might end up doing more than just clojure in emacs :)

21:03 Like... oh I don't know... EVERYTHING

21:05 gfredericks: when will light table get org-mode support?

21:05 Frozenlo`: Let's implement Emacs in light table!

21:06 kreig1: haha

21:07 emacs + slime is alright

21:07 its what I live in basically

21:07 gfredericks: &(let [things ["ruby" "clojure" "java" "erlang" "python" "brainfuck"]] (format "Let's implement %s in %s!" (rand-nth things) (rand-nth things)))

21:07 lazybot: ⇒ "Let's implement clojure in clojure!"

21:07 gfredericks: lazybot: you said it!

21:08 wingy_: Yo Dawg. I heard you like editing code. So we put an editor in your editor so you can edit while you edit

21:10 pipeline: clojure-in-clojure would be hilarious if only to see the author run rings around himself for java interop

21:10 like pypy's pain with c modules, only more complicated

21:11 gfredericks: wouldn't it just emit bytecode?

21:20 wingy_: the only way to run a static method with no args is: (. Runtime getRuntime) ?

21:20 since (Runtime/getRuntime) is trying to get the static field

21:23 gfredericks: that doesn't sound right

21:23 (Runtime/getRuntime) works for me

21:24 wingy_: oh

21:24 my ba

21:24 d

21:24 i forgot to wrap it

21:25 (.totalMemory Runtime/getRuntime) -> (.totalMemory (Runtime/getRuntime)) :D

21:26 i strongly advice beginners to learn Java .. you know how JVM works and many Java APIs that is useful in your clj app

21:26 sproc: I'm putting Oracle's ojdbc.jar on the class path and then doing a (Class/forName "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver") in my program and it is throwing a ClassNotFoundException. Why?

21:28 Nevermind, I found something on Google; it seems Clojure uses a different classloader.

21:30 evildaemon: How do I deal with binary files in clojure?

21:30 sproc: Carefully.

21:31 evildaemon: sproc: I think that's always a condition when doing operations on bins.

21:31 gfredericks: evildaemon: at worst, the same way you'd do it in java

21:31 evildaemon: gfredericks: Okay.

21:31 sproc: Anyone know the name of Clojure's classloader?

21:31 * Hodapp glares at gfredericks

21:31 gfredericks: evildaemon: clojure.java.io might have stuff

21:42 xeqi: sproc: DynamicClassLoader

21:43 sproc: I ended up having to do (clojure.lang.RT/loadClassForName "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver")

21:43 DynamicClassLoader doesn't include a forName() method.

21:44 Err, of course it doesn't

21:49 gfredericks: clojure projects involve a lot of namespacing mechanisms; github username, maven group name, clojure namespace, git branch...

21:50 I guess that doesn't really have anything to do with clojure in particular

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