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0:00 gfredericks: 1) your call to print is causing things to be printed (a side effect)

0:00 y3di: im gettin the same error that this guy had: https://gist.github.com/1326747

0:00 gfredericks: 2) print is returning nil, and those nils are being collected into a list which is the return value of the for expression; that list of nils is being printed at the repl because the repl prints the return value of the expression you give it

0:01 so two things are printed: "0123" and "(nil nil nil nil)"

0:01 and they're somewhat interleaved in the output

0:01 SrPx: actually

0:02 if that was true then I would get the output "0123 (nil nil nil nil)". but I'm getting the output "(0123 nil nil nil nil)"

0:02 how is the 1234 getting inside the parenthesis

0:02 gfredericks: welp

0:02 for is lazy

0:02 it returns immediately with a lazy seq

0:02 the repl say "oh I have a seq; that means I need to print an open paren and the print the contents"

0:03 so it prints the open paren and then proceeds to read the contents of the seq

0:03 which causes the side effects

0:03 you might expect (0nil 1nil 2nil 3nil) or something like that

0:03 ,(for [a '[0 1 2 3]] (print a))

0:03 clojurebot: (0123nil nil nil nil)

0:03 gfredericks: ,(for [a '(0 1 2 3)] (print a))

0:03 clojurebot: (01nil 2nil 3nil nil)

0:03 gfredericks: ah like that ^

0:04 the reason you don't get something more interleaved like that, and instead get the whole "0123" up front is because some seqs are chunked for optimization

0:04 so when you request the first thing, the first 32 things are computed. or 4 in this case since there are only 4.

0:04 SrPx: wow

0:04 gfredericks: this whole thing can be avoided if

0:04 SrPx: ,(for [a '[0 1 2 3]] (print a))

0:04 clojurebot: (0123nil nil nil nil)

0:05 gfredericks: you don't mix laziness with side effects

0:05 SrPx: ,(for [a '[0 1 2 3]] (print a))

0:05 clojurebot: (0123nil nil nil nil)

0:05 SrPx: ,(for [a '[0 1 2 3]] (print a))

0:05 clojurebot: (0123nil nil nil nil)

0:05 SrPx: wat

0:05 gfredericks: for is lazy and print is a side effect

0:05 doseq is good for side effects

0:05 SrPx: how did you manage to get that different output

0:05 gfredericks: ,(doseq [a (range 4)] (print a))

0:05 clojurebot: 0123

0:05 gfredericks: SrPx: using a list instead of a vector

0:05 SrPx: oh I see

0:05 gfredericks: vectors are chunked, lists are not

0:05 apparently

0:06 SrPx: ,(for [a '(0 1 2 3)] (print a))

0:06 clojurebot: (01nil 2nil 3nil nil)

0:06 gfredericks: you got chunked output originally because range is also chunked

0:06 SrPx: ,(for [a '(0 1 2 3)] (print a))

0:06 clojurebot: (01nil 2nil 3nil nil)

0:06 gfredericks: ,(for [a (take 4 (iterate inc 0))] (print a))

0:06 clojurebot: (01nil 2nil 3nil nil)

0:06 gfredericks: ^ that's another way to avoid chunking

0:06 SrPx: hm

0:07 gfredericks: 99% of the time you don't have to think about these things

0:07 SrPx: anyway

0:07 for generates a list

0:07 gfredericks: yep

0:07 SrPx: would be more to a list comprehension on python than python's for itself right

0:07 gfredericks: correct

0:07 SrPx: (=

0:08 very cool.

0:08 gfredericks: so the second question was about a succincter syntax for function composition?

0:09 SrPx: I dont know the word succincter but well, just asking if some syntax sugars are possible

0:10 gfredericks: with macros most sugars are possible, within a couple constraints

0:10 1) you still have to use s-expressions -- i.e., only what the clojure reader accepts

0:11 2) macros have to be called as a list, i.e. (macro-name ...other-things...)

0:11 SrPx: so I definitely cant make something like (+ 3*2 2) >> 8

0:11 (not that I want that, just wondering)

0:11 gfredericks: per constraint 2, you could arrange that IF that expression were wrapped in a macro that was managing it for you

0:11 well

0:12 constraint 1 will probably say that 3*2 is unreadable

0:12 but (+ 3 * 2 2) should be possible

0:12 ,(read-string "3*2")

0:12 clojurebot: #<NumberFormatException java.lang.NumberFormatException: Invalid number: 3*2>

0:12 SrPx: gfredericks: should it?

0:13 gfredericks: SrPx: if it was wrapped in a macro; e.g. (with-funny-syntax (+ 3 * 2 2))

0:13 SrPx: gfredericks: how? + is not a macro so... ?

0:13 gfredericks: or I suppose you could also define a macro called +

0:13 different tradeoffs in each case

0:18 bhenry: has anyone else run into this? http://i.imgur.com/kVdJB.png

0:18 i can't figure out where my code is making that happen.

0:19 gfredericks: bhenry: that's interesting looking

0:20 bhenry: you have an re-matches in your code somewhere?

0:20 bhenry: nope!

0:20 it must be used in ibdknox's remote stuff with his fetch library

0:21 gfredericks: it looks like something that could get compiled from (let [[x y z] (re-matches ...)] ...)

0:21 but in clojure when re-matches returns nil then it should just bind x y and z to nil

0:21 rather than crash

0:21 I can't imagine cljs behaving differently

0:22 surely someone would have noticed by now :)

0:22 but can't say more than that without seeing the source for that line

0:22 and I'm going to bed anyhow

0:22 * gfredericks goes to bed

3:04 michaelr525: 2.5 hours of full channel sleep

4:54 4.5 hours of full channel sleep

4:54 Erika_Mustermann: hush

5:52 muhoo: zzzzz

5:52 this has been a much less chatty channel in recent months than it used to be

5:52 not sure tht's a bad thing tho

5:52 * muhoo sleeps

6:00 michaelr525: muhoo: if you want to sleep, sleep! don't talk!

6:24 bartj: hello, can someone please have a look at this tiny example of multimethods: http://pastie.org/4142109

6:24 antares_: clojurebot: anyone

6:24 clojurebot: Just a heads up, you're more likely to get some help if you ask the question you really want the answer to, instead of "does anyone ..."

6:25 bartj: I am not sure why the multimethod is not getting executed. Instead it throws the error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No method in multimethod 'test' for dispatch value: true (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

6:27 antares_: bartj: because you defined implementations for [true] and [false]

6:27 not true and false

6:27 2nd argument to defmethod is an exact value, not a vector: https://github.com/michaelklishin/welle/blob/master/src/clojure/clojurewerkz/welle/conversion.clj#L310

6:28 bartj: ok, I think you mean the first argument?

6:29 because when I do this: (defmethod mtest true [_] (println "hello"))

6:29 (defmethod mtest false [_] (println "world"))

6:29 it works

6:29 antares_: yes, that's the 2nd argument

6:29 Guest52069: hi

6:30 antares_: bartj: so it is [name of multimethod] [dispatch value] [vector of args] [body]

6:31 bartj: antares_, thank you very much!

6:31 antares_: bartj: no problem

7:22 gtuckerkellogg: i just upgraded to 1.4, and now clojure-jack-in fails :(

7:23 anyone else seen this: "error in process filter: slime-require: Assertion failed: (keywordp module)"

7:23 bhenry: gtuckerkellogg: did you also upgrade lein-swank?

7:24 gtuckerkellogg: hmm

7:25 bhenry, you mean swank-clojure?

7:26 bhenry: gtuckerkellogg: yes that's exactly what i mean, sorry

7:27 * gtuckerkellogg runs off to check his installs

7:31 gtuckerkellogg: i seem to be using lein-swank 1.4.4, but lein 1.7.1

7:31 antares_: gtuckerkellogg: I have lein-swank 1.4.3 here and it works great with 1.3 and 1.4 codebases

7:31 I use lein2, though

7:31 for everything

7:31 gtuckerkellogg: maybe I should upgrade

7:32 to lein2

8:32 espeed: what's the recommended Thrift library?

8:39 dfgdfgdfg: am planning to do SICP in the next couple of months..would it be advisable to use clojure instead of scheme?

8:40 michaelr525: dfgdfgdfg: dfgdfgfhgdfgdg

8:40 dfgdfgdfg: michaelr525: I cannot decipher

8:42 antares_: dfgdfgdfg: yes

8:42 dfgdfgdfg: antares_: alright, I am going to give it a shot

8:42 antares_: dfgdfgdfg: there is nothing wrong with scheme but clojure has many nice aspects about it and some traditional Lisp baggage that was dropped (for good)

8:43 dfgdfgdfg: antares_: cool, I might even be able to do something with it at work :)

8:45 antares_: dfgdfgdfg: right :)

9:15 samrat: ok, so i've downloaded this repo https://bitbucket.org/drcabana/euler but i've no idea about how to try out the programs

9:16 also, i already have lein installed

9:16 can anyone help me

9:18 antares_: project.clj has a comment that says there are unit tests

9:18 so, lein test

9:20 michaelr525: samrat: you can 'lein repl' and then '(load "file.clj")' and then you can run any of the functions from that file

9:21 samrat: michaelr525: thanks, i'll try it

10:02 tenso: Hi, this gives me an error in slime / swank:

10:02 (do (println "LOG: Computing...")

10:02 (+ 1 1))

10:02 sry

10:03 it makes slime-repl print "; Evaluation aborted."

10:04 Vinzent: tenso, that's all? No buffer with stacktrace?

10:09 tenso: Huh, the error disappeared after I restarted Emacs

10:10 xeqi: I've had that occasionally, when I restart swank it disappears

10:10 Vinzent: you probably sent something BAD before :)

10:10 tenso: weird, it might be I still had a stacktrace open in the background

10:29 jhowarth: Is there a keybind in emacs paredit mode for swapping a s-expression's surrounding character? e.g. change ( to [?

10:33 AimHere: Unlikely, since paredit is really for all lisps, and users of not-Clojure lisps have no need of brackets that aren't your traditional rounded parentheses

10:33 It's the sort of thing you'd write your own binding for if you had a pressing need for it

10:37 jhowarth: AimHere:

10:37 Thanks

10:43 y3di: getting swank-clojure on windows is feeling impossible, sigh

10:43 Scorchin: What are the best "introduction to clojure" lightning talks (10-15 min) out there? Bonus points if you can provide a link to view/download a video.

10:48 nonrecursive: Scorchin: this is a good talk but it's an hour and ten minutesL http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Are-We-There-Yet-Rich-Hickey

10:48 Scorchin: nonrecursive: cool, thanks!

10:49 nonrecursive: np

10:49 Just put my first noir site on heroku :) :)

10:57 jhowarth: grats!

10:57 Hoping I can do the same this weekend :D

10:58 Frozenlo`: Why on Heroku VS your own machine?

10:59 jhowarth: I actually was more hoping to get my first noir site done this weekend. Hadn't thought about hosting.

10:59 heroku is easier initially to get setup

11:36 bartj: ,(+ 18.99 1.90)

11:36 clojurebot: 20.889999999999997

11:37 bartj: why is the above result not simply 20.89

11:37 how can I get clojure to output: 20.89 ?

11:37 AimHere: Because you're using floating point numbers, which are necessarily inaccurate

11:38 ,(+ 1899/100 19/10)

11:38 clojurebot: 2089/100

11:38 AimHere: You could try rounding the numbers somehow

11:38 zomg: wut, does 1/2 to mean 0.5 work?

11:38 Neat

11:39 AimHere: Well clojure does support rationals

11:39 bartj, if you want it as a String, eventually, you could use format

11:39 ,(format "%.2f" (+ 18.99 1.90))

11:39 clojurebot: "20.89"

11:39 zomg: AimHere: well a lot of languages do but first time I see that syntax for it :)

11:42 bartj: , (+ (Double/parseDouble "18.99") (Double/parseDouble "1.90"))

11:42 clojurebot: 20.889999999999997

11:42 bartj: I tried using double instead of float but, still the precision does not seem enough

11:42 gfredericks: ,(let [third (double 1/3)] (+ third third third))

11:42 clojurebot: 1.0

11:42 gfredericks: ^ why does that happen?

11:43 bartj: if you don't like floating point spookiness, use rationals

11:43 it's not too hard to write an exact function that outputs a rational in decimal format to any precision you like

11:44 AimHere: Trouble is, you see, bartj, floating point numbers are always going to have artifacts of that nature. You could write a dinky little function to round the function to the nth significant figure, if there isn't one pinched from Java in Math/foo or whatever

11:48 bartj: AimHere, gfredericks thanks!

11:49 gfredericks: ,(first (drop-while #(= 1.0 (apply + (repeat % (double (/ 1 %))))) (drop 2 (range))))

11:49 clojurebot: 6

11:49 gfredericks: ,(let [x 1/6] (+ x x x x x x))

11:49 clojurebot: 1N

11:50 gfredericks: ,(let [x (double 1/6)] (+ x x x x x x))

11:50 clojurebot: 1.0000000000000002

11:50 gfredericks: I still don't understand why 1/3 and 1/5 escape

11:51 kaoD: gfredericks, what do you mean escape?

11:52 gfredericks: kaoD: why is (+ 1/3 1/3 1/3) equal to 1.0 in floating point addition?

11:52 (double 1/3) must be rounded either up or down

11:52 so it stands to reason that the sum should be either greater or less than 1.0

11:53 it's as if there's some sort of trivial exception logic built in to the floating point ALU

11:53 mmarczyk: ,(+ 0.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 0.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333 0.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333)

11:53 clojurebot: 1.0

11:54 gfredericks: or else the software is silently rounding things that look really close to other things

11:54 but that's disturbing as well

11:54 * gfredericks tries it in ruby

11:56 gfredericks: ruby has the same threshold (6 breaks, 3 and 5 don't)

11:56 but stranger, the result for 6 it still prints as "1.0" despite reporting that it doesn't equal 1.0

11:56 mmarczyk: huh?

11:57 kaoD: gfredericks, I guess rounding is right there

11:57 mmarczyk: irb says 0.333... + 0.333... + 0.333... == 1.0

11:57 gfredericks: x=1.0/6;y=x+x+x+x+x+x;[y.to_s,y==1.0]

11:57 mmarczyk: oh, for 6

11:57 bartj: gfredericks, you are very curious

11:57 kaoD: ,(float 1/3)

11:57 clojurebot: 0.33333334

11:57 mmarczyk: well, nothing suspect about this

11:57 kaoD: ,(* 3 0.33333334)

11:57 clojurebot: 1.0000000199999999

11:58 mmarczyk: an extra digit of precision appears "to the left", so some precision might be lost "to the right"

11:58 gfredericks: mmarczyk: about what?

11:58 kaoD: ,(float (* 3 0.33333334))

11:58 clojurebot: 1.0

11:58 kaoD: see?

11:58 it's just lucky about the rounding error

11:58 gfredericks: mmarczyk: what extra digit of precision?

11:59 mmarczyk: gfredericks: just before the decimal point in our representation of choice

11:59 gfredericks: 101 vs 110 both have 3 digits

11:59 whence the difference between 5 and 6?

11:59 mmarczyk: what kaoD said

12:00 kaoD: floating point representation is quite different from binary

12:00 gfredericks: well they're inverted so 101 vs 110 doesn't apply I guess

12:00 kaoD: see IEEE754

12:00 gfredericks: kaoD: I'm familiar with it

12:00 kaoD: (double 1/3) must be either slightly less or greater than the ideal 1/3, right?

12:00 mmarczyk: you could draw diagrams of ieee 754 doubles and do the calculations by hand to check :-)

12:01 kaoD: let's see

12:01 ,(double 1/3)

12:01 clojurebot: 0.3333333333333333

12:01 kaoD: ,(* 3 (double 1/3))

12:01 clojurebot: 1.0

12:01 kaoD: you don't see the rounding error really

12:01 you can see it in float (using double)

12:01 but double is the max representation

12:01 mmarczyk: that doesn't mean that when you add three of them you won't get 1.0

12:01 gfredericks: why not?

12:02 oh hmmm maybe I can imagine

12:02 mmarczyk: since the "ideal" result of adding three copies of the double closest to 1/3 might turn out to be the double closest to 1.0

12:02 that is, 1.0

12:02 gfredericks: so perhaps it is larger by a slight amount but that amount gets lopped off?

12:02 kaoD: gfredericks, that's it

12:02 gfredericks: okay, I can buy that

12:02 kaoD: I insist: it's easier to se in float because you can use double to see the actual rounding error

12:02 but it happens in double too

12:03 mmarczyk: I mean, might turn out to be closest to the double closets to 1.0 :-P

12:03 kaoD: and not only that, most FPUs have extra bits of precision

12:03 mmarczyk: closest

12:03 gfredericks: ,(first (drop-while #(= 1.0 (apply + (repeat % (float (/ 1 %))))) (drop 2 (range))))

12:03 clojurebot: 3

12:03 kaoD: and once that bit's trimmed, there's an extra rounding error there too

12:03 (which luckily turns 1.3*3 into 1.0)

12:04 gfredericks: ,(take 10 (remove #(= 1.0 (apply + (repeat % (float (/ 1 %))))) (drop 2 (range))))

12:04 clojurebot: (3 5 6 7 9 ...)

12:04 kaoD: in fact, think about the internal representation

12:04 the implied 1 bit

12:04 and a lot of zeroes

12:04 (in the mantissa, of course)

12:04 gfredericks: of course

12:04 kaoD: if, after rounding, you lose all the ones, it will be rounded to 1.0

12:05 gfredericks: so for 1/6, too much error is accumulated

12:05 kaoD: no

12:05 the error is at the end

12:05 once the floating point value is truncated

12:05 as I said, most FPUs have extra bits

12:06 and it might be truncated only at the end

12:06 y3di: hm, i can't seem to find clojure-mode in the package list for emacs, does that mean i might already have it installed

12:06 kaoD: y3di, nope, that means you oughta add marmalade to your package list

12:07 see the slime-clojure (or swank-clojure, not sure) README.md at their GitHub repo

12:07 gotta go, cya!

12:09 rlb: ...and with x86 you those extra bits can be confusing if you forget they're there. gcc has some options to control their use.

12:10 y3di: i followed a tutorial, and this is in my init.el file: (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/")

12:10 (require 'clojure-mode)

12:10 i assume this may mean i already have clojure-mode?

12:11 and i installed swank-clojure through lein

12:11 so i think i should be good to go

12:13 hm but doing m-x swank/slime shows no match

12:13 m-x clojure-jack-in works however

12:17 Vinzent: y3di, well you also need slime, slime-repl and swank-clojure in your emacs

12:20 y3di: hm, I installed swank-clojure through lein

12:20 im having trouble figuring out how ti install slime/slime-repl/swank-clojure

12:20 reading the swank readme, it says to get marmalade

13:08 SrPx: how can I see a list of variables on local namespace?

13:19 jhowarth: y3di: I recently setup slime so I might be able to help. Did you end up upgrading to emacs 24?

13:24 kaoD: y3di, as I said, you've got to add the Marmalade package repositories

13:24 see the README.md of related projects at GitHub, it's there somewhere

13:25 you might need Emacs snapshot, if you're not using it already

13:25 and make sure you just add clojure-mode and paredit

13:25 don't install anything else, clojure-mode takes care of SLIME for you

13:25 (just invoke clojure-jack-in and it'll download and install everything)

13:26 and don't even try clojure starter kit, it didn't work very well for me

14:01 Rakin05: hi guys. i'm a vimmer at heart and found my love for clojure. i downloaded VimClojure and installed it. now i have the question if there is any syntaxchecker for clojure that can work with syntastic?

14:36 y3di: kaoD, thanks, imma pm you

14:45 kaoD: y3di, answered your pm, not sure if you've read it

14:58 Scorchin: what's the easiest way to convert a ByteArrayInputStream into clojure string?

14:58 *into a clojure string

14:59 S11001001: ,(doc slurp)

14:59 clojurebot: "([f & opts]); Opens a reader on f and reads all its contents, returning a string. See clojure.java.io/reader for a complete list of supported arguments."

14:59 S11001001: ^^ Scorchin

15:01 Scorchin: S11001001: thanks

15:04 shawnlewis: Is there a way to specify contrib.datalog as a dependency in leiningen, given that contrib is gone and datalog didn't move?

15:04 (with clojure 1.3)

15:04 S11001001: no; put it in your own source under a different namespace, or offer to maintain it

15:05 shawnlewis: S11001001: word, thanks

15:06 S11001001: you could complain to jstraszheim about it, but I'm not sure that will work

15:08 shawnlewis: S11001001: well… no complaint really. I was just wondering if I was right that its gone away.

15:12 jicksta: Can anyone explain why doing (take 5 (cycle (range 6)) in the REPL would hang?

15:13 raek: jicksta: the repl waits for one more closing parenthesis

15:14 jicksta: Haha, a much stupider problem that I expected. I was getting problems with the (cycle (range 6)) outputting an infinite sequence just before this so I thought it was the same problem. Thanks :)

15:22 Rakin05: is there anything like "~ compile" from sbt/scala in leiningen?

15:24 S11001001: Rakin05: no; compilation doesn't take long, and doesn't really help you code anyway

15:25 Rakin05: S11001001: what about live error checking? is there anything?

15:25 S11001001: Rakin05: also, in clj-land, we code by installing new source into a running program, not compiler loops

15:25 Rakin05: I make edits and press C-c C-l to load my source changes into the running program

15:26 Rakin05: S11001001: You use Emacs?

15:26 S11001001: yes

15:26 for scala too

15:27 Rakin05: S11001001: tried emacs...my pinky still hurts

15:27 S11001001: swap your caps lock and control keys

15:27 or just replace caps lock, who needs that

15:27 I guess there is also a vimclojure thing if you're into that, but I don't care about vim usage

15:28 and some IDE things, but I don't care about those either

15:28 Rakin05: S11001001: does'nt that mean that i write Uppercase and Lowercase randomly?

15:28 S11001001: uh, what

15:28 I am fairly sure they all provide live loading into a running program

15:28 so, I replaced caps lock with control

15:28 when I hold down caps lock, it just does what ctrl does

15:29 even the vim people I know do this

15:29 rlb: (and it's much better)

15:29 Rakin05: Ohhh...okay...i understand. you mean via system settings

15:30 bartj: hello, was the "run/test" task added to leningen after version 1.1 ?

15:30 i can't seem to find them in version 1.1

15:30 S11001001: 1.1?!?!

15:32 bartj: yes :)

15:32 S11001001: bartj: can you not upgrade for some reason?

15:34 Rakin05: you may like to peruse my intro to clojure for scalawags at https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~scompall/+junk/clojure-stuff/view/head:/src/com/nocandysw/cloj_dummy/scala.clj ; instructions for cloning at https://code.launchpad.net/~scompall/+junk/clojure-stuff

15:34 in progress :)

15:35 SrPx: How do you guys organize your project? For example, in C++ it would be .cpp files for class implementation, .h files for header implementation, with the old OO design of classes and methods...

15:35 How are clojure projects organized?

15:35 Rakin05: S11001001: The idea with Caps Lock Ctrl switching is great. thanks for that hint

15:36 uvtc: SrPx, `lein new` gets you off to a good start.

15:36 SrPx, The newest version will also create a "doc" dir for you and start you off with, I think, an "intro.md" file.

15:37 S11001001: I assume due to github bias?

15:37 SrPx: lein new,? let me see

15:38 uvtc: S11001001, may as well settle on a standard, IMO. .md files in a "doc" directory seems to work fine.

15:38 Which brings me to...

15:38 S11001001: hmm.

15:39 uvtc: I've been working some more on my project to centralize project docs. I added a way to create examples for a given project, similar to how there's examples at clojuredocs.

15:39 The project is called "The Alcove" and it's at http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/alcove/index.html

15:40 I'll announce it on the ML, but thought I'd post here first, and maybe get some feedback and also suggestions on projects to add.

15:40 It works now for projects without a "doc" directory,

15:40 and also even for projects without a README.md file.

15:40 bartj: SrPx, https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/blob/master/doc/TUTORIAL.md

15:42 jhowarth: Does Korma guard against sql injection?

15:44 uvtc: S11001001, regarding creating docs for a project, I don't think it's necessarily a github bias, though github does use markdown all over the place. But so do sites like reddit and various blog commenting systems. And marginalia uses it too. And it's the nicest of the bunch (of markup formats that I've used). And pretty much everyone already knows it or can learn the basics in a few minutes.

15:45 S11001001: alright, good

15:46 uvtc: What other projects should I add to the alcove? For what projects do you think others might be interested in adding examples?

15:49 S11001001: uvtc: slingshot, tools.macro, and algo.monads are good example fodder

15:51 uvtc: S11001001: Some of those are contrib. I think contrib docs/examples are at clojuredocs, correct?

15:51 wingy: how is closjurescript doing in async programming?

15:51 S11001001: I don't know

15:52 uvtc: S11001001, Looks like they are. For example, monads: http://clojuredocs.org/clojure_contrib/clojure.contrib.monads

15:52 S11001001: that would be ancient history

15:53 your chance to grab onto the new hotness while clojuredocs is stuck with the old and busted

15:54 uvtc: S11001001, added slingshot. Thanks.

15:55 S11001001, I actually emailed clojuredocs to see about having the alcove hosted there. Have not heard back yet.

15:55 S11001001, I mean, Zachary.

15:56 SrPx: seriously what is that

15:56 o.o

15:56 what do you use instead of classes, just this?

15:57 S11001001: SrPx: that what?

16:01 SrPx: lein

16:01 S11001001: lein is a build tool

16:01 it knows how to create project trees and set up a REPL with your code and libraries you're using

16:02 if you mean organization at the source level, clojure programs are organized mostly as functions in namespaces

16:12 technomancy: rlb: did you say you're working on getting emacs 24 into Debian?

16:28 bartj: is the error: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: defrecord in this context" because of an older clojure version ?

16:30 S11001001: Yes

16:31 still wondering why you're stuck with lein 1.1

16:32 bartj: S11001001, I've upgraded

16:32 Leiningen 2.0.0-preview6 on Java 1.6.0_22 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

16:32 S11001001: ok, so your clojure version in project.clj...

16:38 clj_newb_024587: I have a clojure web app currently setup using ring, compojure, friend, clojurescript. Now, I want to add ssl support to it. What is the easiest way to do this?

16:39 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: Usually it's easiest to proxy from nginx or something similar.

16:39 clj_newb_024587: I am using ubuntu 12.04. I have no exprience setting up ssl, though I am familiar with crypto. Which one do I have the smallest chance of fucking up?

16:39 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: The Ring Jetty adapter does support SSL, but it's often useful to separate it out into a proxy.

16:40 clj_newb_024587: nginx SSL is fairly straightforward.

16:40 clj_newb_024587: weavejester: this is very low bandwidth, i.e. I have a dual 8GB machine, and there's be a max of 3 concurrent users at any time.

16:40 So I can set this all up using just ring-jetty, without nginx?

16:41 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: It's often useful to proxy a web server through a proxy nginx as a matter of course. That way you can bind nginx to port 80 as root, but have your web app run as an unpriviledged user.

16:41 clj_newb_024587: right now, I have an iptables rule forwarding port 80 to port 8080

16:42 but it sounds like I should learn about ngninx

16:43 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: I think nginx would be my choice, whether I was writing a web app in Clojure or Ruby or something else.

16:43 clj_newb_024587: weavejester: can you recommend something better than http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/configuring_https_servers.html ?

16:44 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: Let me see if I can find something...

16:45 clj_newb_024587: weavejester: one more thing; how do I get a signed ssl certificate?

16:45 do I just go and throw my wallet at godaddy ?

16:45 arrdem: clj_newb_024587: that'll work.... but I would look around some first

16:46 godaddy is not what you would call cheap.

16:46 clj_newb_024587: arrdem: what would you use?

16:46 arrdem: clj_newb_024587: honestly? no idea. I have never worked with SSL/HTTPS certs. I've just had sub-optiomal experiences with GDDY

16:49 clj_newb_024587: http://emspace.com.au/article/installing-ssl-ubuntu-nginx damn this is compliated

16:49 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: Try looking at this for examples of proxying: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Nginx/ReverseProxy

16:50 clj_newb_024587: It's actually not that complex… You just need to dump one file in a directory, and then run one command, if memory serves.

16:50 clj_newb_024587: it's like NP-complete; an expoenntial amount of work for a short solution

16:57 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: This file should be all you need to proxy (HTTP at least): https://gist.github.com/2984900

16:57 clj_newb_024587: intersting you merged in proxy.conf

16:57 (I was just working through the tutorial)

16:58 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: You just dump that in /etc/nginx/available, and sym-link ot to /etc/nginx/enabled and then reload

16:58 clj_newb_024587: so I have this weird situation right now, where (1) ssh-ed into my server, "lynx localhost:80" works (it gets me localhost:8080's content); however, from my laptop, going to remote-addr:80 ... it hangs

16:58 weavejester: For SSL, add another server to listen on 443

16:59 clj_newb_024587: crap ; I think I just nuked my ssh conections

17:00 okay; my current problems = firewall problem; not nginx problem

17:00 weavejester: thanks for help

17:00 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: np

17:01 clj_newb_024587: weavejester: one more dumb question; I acutally don't need to change anythign on the ring/compojre/clojure side right? i.e. I can just redirect 443 to port 8080, and not modify my clojure code, and everything will wor as is, since nginx handles everything?

17:02 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: Right

17:03 clj_newb_024587: If you wanted to work with client SSL certificates, you'd have to have Jetty handle the SSL, but client SSL certs are rarely used

17:03 clj_newb_024587: Once nginx is setup, you can use any back end web server and not have to worry about SSL anymore

17:03 clj_newb_024587: I like this separation of concerns.

17:04 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: Another benefit is that you can configure nginx to wait if the web app is down, so you can restart your app with new code, and users wouldn't see any downtime - their connections would just be delayed for a few seconds while the app restarts.

17:05 clj_newb_024587: weavejester: oh boy, I'm not sure if that is possible with jvm start up times

17:07 weavejester: clj_newb_024587: The JVM only takes a few seconds to boot, right?

17:07 clj_newb_024587: Alternatively, you could have two servers, and restart each separately, so you always have one server up.

17:11 bartj: in clojure.test is there a diff b/w error and failure ?

17:13 cky: bartj: Yes. A failure means your code has a bug. An error means some unexpected error occurred, which means your code may or may not be buggy.

17:13 xeqi: did it throw an exception or fail an (is ..)

17:14 bartj: i purposefully changed an expected test-case which it showed as "failure"

17:14 clj_newb_09824: weavejester: okay, after firewall fixing, port 443 forwarding works now

17:14 so correct me if i"mwrong all I need now is to generate the fiels cert.pem and cert.key

17:14 bartj: xeqi, failure

17:15 is it possible to write a multimethod for this scenario:

17:15 input is a string

17:16 weavejester: clj_newb_09824: I can never remember the exact steps, but essentially a cert is a public key plus metadata about the site (domain name, owner, etc.). You need to generate the key-pair, generate the cert, then upload the cert to a cert authority to sign it.

17:16 bartj: if input contains the string "abc" return 1, if input contains the string "xyz" return 2, input is "pqr" return 3

17:16 weavejester: clj_newb_09824: Then nginx needs to have a file with the signed cert, and the private key.

17:16 bartj: i think it is not possible because the dispatch value has to be a *constant*

17:19 Raynes: mmarczyk: The problem we were seeing in refheap was that mongo-session had a transitive dependency on an ancient version of the java mongo driver. Updating it fixed that issue.

17:20 bartj: That would require predicate dispatch which Clojure's multimethods do not support.

17:26 mmarczyk: Also, this is ridiculously slow.

17:26 :(

17:26 20 seconds to highlight a 655 line java file.

17:27 bartj: Raynes, I meant something like this: http://pastie.org/4144823

17:28 do you think that implementation is wrong, for the problem I posted above?

17:29 Raynes: bartj: That looks about right. (nth foo 1) is just (second foo) though.

17:29 &(nth [1 2 3] 1)

17:29 Damn bot.

17:29 bartj: but, you said it wasn't possible ?

17:29 so I was wondering...

17:30 Raynes: I thought you were asking for something much more general.

17:30 It sounded like you wanted to execute a different function for each method implementation until one matched.

17:46 clj_newb_09824: hmm

17:46 where can I get my *.csr file signed?

17:49 rlb: technomancy: yes, should be soonish (next few days I hope).

17:50 cky: clj_newb_09824: Any certificate authority will do that for you for some $$$.

18:00 technomancy: rlb: godspeed =)

18:01 rlb: thx -- nearly finished; the dfsg split and debian "multiple flavor" infrastructure just takes some time.

18:11 hcliff: hey, anyone know how to bring up the chrome debugger from the clojurescript reply? (js* "debugger") isn't working

18:13 brehaut: hcliff: are you wanting to just make it appear, or to break at a certain point?

18:28 jlewis: do the runtime characteristics of assocEx differ from assoc in IPersistentHashMap?

18:33 gfredericks: I was wondering what assocEx was the other day

18:33 is that assoc where you know the key to be already present?

18:33 jlewis: well, i think what it does is throw an exception immediately if the key already exists

18:33 but... if that's the case, what does assoc do when the key already exists?

18:36 oh, i see

18:36 assoc replaces the value

18:36 assocEx blows up

19:11 ibdknox: dnolen: have you run into this showing up with master: clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap.create.call(null, b)

19:11 dnolen: it's appearing in cljs.core.js->clj and blowing up

19:34 iwillig: does anyone know if i can call a compojure application with a ring request ?

19:35 weavejester: iwillig: Yes; Compojure is built on top of Ring.

19:35 iwillig: cool

19:35 weavejester: iwillig: Compojure's effectively a routing library for Ring

19:36 Almost every function in Compojure returns a Ring handler

19:36 iwillig: so if i have an compojure app... I should be able to call (app (request :get "/"))

19:36 mmarczyk: ibdknox: do you have an example of code where this happens?

19:36 weavejester: iwillig: Right

19:36 iwillig: where request is from request ring-mock

19:36 cool weavejester thanks

19:36 ibdknox: mmarczyk: it's in cljs.core

19:37 weavejester: iwillig: A compojure app = a ring handler

19:37 mmarczyk: ibdknox: I mean, a call to js->clj which is guaranteed to blow up

19:37 I've never seen this happen

19:37 iwillig: lovely thank weavejester

19:38 ibdknox: mmarczyk: here's what is in my output: https://www.refheap.com/paste/3304

19:38 mmarczyk: any call to js->clj will trigger that path

19:39 mmarczyk: whoa

19:39 iwillig: weavejester: when i try (app (request :get "/"))

19:39 i keep on getting an key must be an integer error

19:39 ibdknox: mmarczyk: yeah, I have no idea what's going on

19:39 mmarczyk: makes no sense to me

19:40 weavejester: iwillig: It sounds like there's a problem in your app

19:40 iwillig: okay

19:40 ibdknox: mmarczyk: this started happening after I picked up the analyzer split changes

19:40 mmarczyk: I was a little behind though, so it could be anything since then

19:40 iwillig: shoot silly error sorry to bug you

19:44 gfredericks: there is no cljs.core/format?

19:44 I guess because it'd have to be implemented from scratch instead of deferring to jvm?

19:45 ibdknox: gfredericks: correct

19:45 gfredericks: is that a wanted feature?

19:46 dnolen: ibdknox: I just looked at my output, I don't see this. Did you try cleaning everything?

19:46 ibdknox: dnolen: yeah

19:46 dnolen: I'll recheckout

19:46 gfredericks: I'd love it :D

19:46 gfredericks: is there a jira ticket for it?

19:46 dnolen: gfredericks: no

19:46 gfredericks: dnolen: shall I?

19:46 dnolen: gfredericks: please do.

19:46 gfredericks: or are there design questions?

19:46 mmarczyk: ibdknox: yeah, I don't have this in my compiled output either

19:46 gfredericks: on it

19:47 ibdknox: dnolen: mmarczyk: I'm on 1.5, not sure if that might make a difference

19:47 mmarczyk: ibdknox: https://www.refheap.com/paste/3305

19:48 dnolen: ibdknox: that looks like map destructuring is completely broken.

19:48 ibdknox: hmm ... that might, on 1.4 here. are you using 1.5 specific things?

19:48 ibdknox: yeah

19:49 mmarczyk: oh yeah

19:49 replacing clojure.jar in lib with 1.5.0-alpha1 breaks things for me

19:49 *but*

19:49 not in the same way :-P

19:49 ibdknox: lol

19:50 I'm using clojure master

19:51 dnolen: ibdknox: yeah destructuring macro changed.

19:51 gfredericks: cljs.core/format sounds like a good target for the macro-and-function pattern

19:51 dnolen: ibdknox: inline clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap/create reference in Clojure HEAD

19:51 ibdknox: which of course does not exist in CLJS.

19:51 ibdknox: dnolen: right

19:52 mmarczyk: hah

19:52 dnolen: this a pretty argument for continuing with static fields pattern even though not necessary for JS target ...

19:53 ibdknox: dnolen: suggestion? If necessary I can likely recreate my changes on 1.4 instead. If there's a straightforward path to a fix, I can work on that instead though.

19:54 mmarczyk: this is also possibly an argument in favour of bbloom 's host-specific-macro-based approach to map creation, although here I guess it wouldn't help (since any macros imported from clojure.core would still have been compiled to use clojure.core's helpers)

19:54 dnolen: mmarczyk: ibdknox: http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJS-325

19:54 ibdknox: seems like a simple patch.

19:54 mmarczyk: how was the 1.5 breakage you were seeing different from ibdknox's?

19:55 mmarczyk: dnolen: Reflection warning, cljs/analyzer.clj:234 - call to create can't be resolved.

19:55 dnolen: Reflection warning, cljs/compiler.clj:500 - call to create can't be resolved.

19:55 dnolen: and loads more with different line numbers

19:56 dnolen: compiled output looked ok at first (cursory) glance

19:56 dnolen: mmarczyk: oh right ...

19:56 mmarczyk: that's a Java class reference.

19:56 mmarczyk: yeah

19:56 freaked me out though

19:56 until I looked at the output :-P

19:57 dnolen: mmarczyk: we probably need to move destructure into core.clj macros file.

19:58 mmarczyk: dnolen: ...and possibly revisit :properties destructuring? :-)

19:58 dnolen: wouldn't that entail moving let, loop, fn, defn, defmacro (... ?) into cljs also?

19:59 not that I necessarily see a problem with that

19:59 dnolen: mmarczyk: ah ... yeah since they will be calling the wrong destructure.

20:00 mmarczyk: also, with cljs-specific macros c.l.PHM/create wouldn't be needed

20:01 dnolen: mmarczyk: yeah

20:02 mmarczyk: at some point those macros may simply need to be imported -- certainly if cljs were to become *the* Clojure compiler (w/ a JVM backend), possibly if non-JVM cross-host issues or something else of importance required cljs-specific changes

20:04 dnolen: mmarczyk: I don't think we need to move that many macros. only let and loop far as I can tell.

20:09 mmarczyk: dnolen: oh, it does look that way

20:18 was there a ticket for 93c795fe10ee5c92a36b6ec6373b3c80a31135c4 (in Clojure)?

20:18 I'd like to read the rationale

20:22 technomancy: rlb: yeah, I don't envy anyone who has to get in the middle of the dfsg and the gfdl.

20:22 I'd imagine it's something like http://wondermark.com/657/

20:26 dnolen: mmarczyk: hmm I vaguely recall something

20:27 mmarczyk: dnolen: ?

20:27 gfredericks: it looks like the example test sort of uses it as a way to provide default values?

20:27 SrPx: is there any way to save REPL state?

20:27 dnolen: mmarczyk: http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-763

20:28 mmarczyk: dnolen: thanks!

20:29 now this really makes me see bbloom's emitter idea in a new light

20:30 bbloom: mmarczyk: :-)

20:30 mmarczyk: expanding to (unchecked-create-map ...) w/ unchecked-create-map inlined on the JVM would save as some hassle

20:30 bbloom: :-)

20:30 bbloom: thanks for the extensive reply, by the way, I'll be answering soon

20:30 bbloom: what did i miss?

20:31 mmarczyk: bbloom: I do think I came across in a more negative way than I aimed for -- I just think macro-based constant handling should happen no sooner than generic factories are in place

20:31 bbloom: cljs breaks with Clojure 1.5 because of a change to clojure.core/destructure

20:32 bbloom: which now calls clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap/create directly

20:32 bbloom: mmarczyk: ah. yes, need a generic factory function for it to call directly?

20:32 mmarczyk: bbloom: ah, also, set is comparable to vec, not vector... hash-set is the analogue of hash-map

20:32 bbloom: right

20:33 bbloom: mmarczyk: yeah, in that patch, i used set*

20:33 mmarczyk: set* ?

20:33 bbloom: mmarczyk: yeah, didn't know what else to call it to differentiate the same was as vec vs vector

20:34 mmarczyk: bbloom: ah, right

20:34 bbloom: mmarczyk: because you need the vector-version of set to work well with a macro otherwise you need to break down the form to get the tems

20:34 and the form might just be a symbol! which is no good

20:34 tems -> items

20:35 simply (defn set* [& items] (set items))

20:35 and then you can define a set* macro

20:35 probably needs a better name :-P

20:35 i guess could use hash-set directly

20:37 mmarczyk: create-$foo ?

20:38 and unchecked-create-foo for places where the standard ctor / factory objects to some kind of errors (like duplicate keys in sets/maps)

20:39 bbloom: incidentally, that PHSet/fromArray thing could be a separate patch -- should be a 100% clear gain right now, I think

20:39 imo, at any rate

20:39 bbloom: mmarczyk: ok ill look at that in a sec

20:39 mmarczyk: cool

20:54 bbloom: mmarczyk: https://www.refheap.com/paste/3306 what do you think? that's just the fromArray bit

20:55 seems like a win to me :-)

20:56 mmarczyk: bbloom: hah! cool :-)

20:56 bbloom: ignore that -equiv thing on string

20:56 didn't mean to have that in there :-P

21:00 mmarczyk: dnolen: so I have a working version of cljs with destructure, let and loop in cljs.core; tests pass

21:00 dnolen: mmarczyk: great make a ticket and a patch and I'll take a look.

21:00 mmarczyk: dnolen: k, just a sec

21:01 dnolen: mmarczyk: er I mean attach patch to existing ticket :)

21:01 bbloom: mmarczyk: dnolen: http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJS-326

21:01 SrPx: Okay after playing with windows command prompt I really need an editor for the REPL

21:01 are you guys all using emacs?

21:02 leo2007: it is the only sensible option.

21:02 bbloom: mmarczyk: you mean let and loop implemented as macros? or just namespaced? or what?

21:02 mmarczyk: bbloom: I mean copy & paste + adjustments to make them work again (because some things they use are on the :refer-clojure :exclude list)

21:03 bbloom: http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJS-325

21:03 bbloom: part of cljs's struggle for independence ;-)

21:03 bbloom: mmarczyk: yup :-) hence why i keep adding missing bits and pieces from clj proper heh

21:03 mmarczyk: right

21:03 SrPx: that's one good choice

21:03 bbloom: mmarczyk: one small step at a time towards the canonical CinC ;-)

21:04 mmarczyk: I don't know of another one

21:04 bbloom: totally! :-)

21:04 SrPx: mmarczyk: I can't install it u.u

21:05 mmarczyk: (actually I do like my Vim, used it to write thousands of lines of Scheme, but Paredit put me under a spell)

21:05 SrPx: what OS?

21:05 SrPx: xp

21:05 bbloom: i'm still wed to vim… haven't tried the vimparedit thing yet

21:06 mmarczyk: bbloom: don't try the Emacs version if you want to stay faithful

21:06 SrPx: mmarczyk: is it bad?

21:07 mmarczyk: (actually I haven't tried Vim's paredit impls, but I'm told they don't implement the full range of functionality -- and I think I use most of what's available)

21:07 SrPx: oh nvm

21:07 bbloom: mmarczyk: i figure i need to try emacs&slime at some point but the last time i tried i wanted to cry b/c my vim muscle memory is very very deep. also i do *a lot* of different languages in any given coding session, so i just need my vim bindings and no vim-emulation mode will ever cut it

21:07 SrPx: anyway

21:08 mmarczyk: SrPx: hm, I'm not sure I can be much help except to say I have run Emacs on XP with no problems

21:08 SrPx: I've cloned slime, swank clojure, clojure mode... I have slime working... no idea what to do with that code, though

21:08 mmarczyk: SrPx: slime on the other hand... would you be willing to try cygwin?

21:09 SrPx: why not?

21:09 mmarczyk: bbloom: I know what you mean, Vim is absolutely the best editor

21:10 SrPx: I'm under an impression that vim doesn't matter that much for lisp

21:10 bbloom: minus vimscript… *cringe*

21:10 mmarczyk: bbloom: supposedly evil (latest vim emulator for emacs) is very good -- I must give it a try, but I'll be really surprised if it solves the problem

21:10 SrPx: All your code is small s-expressions, right?

21:10 mmarczyk: ah, vimscript doesn't come into it for me

21:10 I said "editor" :-)

21:10 bbloom: heh

21:10 mmarczyk: so the Emacs text editing experience is somewhat inferior imo

21:10 in general

21:10 bbloom: i don't know of any hardcore vim guys who have tried evil and stuck

21:10 and i know a few who tried hard

21:11 but it was a while ago

21:11 mmarczyk: certain modes offer so much on top of the basics though

21:11 bbloom: maybe i'll try it sometime

21:11 SrPx: but mmarczyk does it matter that much for clojure?

21:11 mmarczyk: plus there are fantastic emacs "apps" -- org mode etc.

21:11 magit

21:12 SrPx: )=

21:12 mmarczyk: SrPx: as mentioned above, I've written thousands of lines of scheme in Vim and I loved that experience

21:12 I switched to Emacs for a number of reasons

21:13 but for lisp editing paredit made the most difference

21:13 plus the fact that I simply came to prefer a workflow where I have hundreds of buffers in a single editor session :-P

21:13 a server running in the background, clients -- X and terminal -- coming and going...

21:13 ah, the Emacs life

21:14 anyway. there are new addons for Vim which introduce stuff like text objects useful in lisp, some subset of paredit functionality etc.

21:15 it's well worth a try

21:15 bbloom: i use the shit out of text objects in vim

21:15 gfredericks: mmarczyk: I work with a bunch of vimmy folk and they're always closing vim and CDing somewhere and opening another file in a new vim session...........it pains me to watch it

21:15 bbloom: dap baby dap all the way

21:15 mmarczyk: gfredericks: yeah :-)

21:16 bbloom: gfredericks: why is that painful? i don't do that when working on a project, but on a server editing configs? i do that non stop

21:16 mmarczyk: gfredericks: I used to open loads of files in Vim too -- with tabs, NERDtree -- but it never felt as natural as it does in Emadcs

21:16 Emacs.

21:16 gfredericks: bbloom: because they do it when working on a project

21:16 bbloom: heh

21:16 gfredericks: mmarczyk: yeah I was using nerdtree during my last few months of vim

21:16 bbloom: luckily vim starts fast :-)

21:17 mmarczyk: SrPx: but if you want slime, I think cygwin might help

21:17 gfredericks: well, I actually still use Vim a fair bit -- I'd really love it for Evil to be as good as it's made out to be

21:18 bbloom: i've even got one of those kenisis concave keyboards with the modifiers on the thumbs… people assume i'm an emacs guy :-P

21:18 mmarczyk: I was planning to give it a spin come end of June, so I guess I'll find out soon :-P

21:19 bbloom: oh cool, always wanted to touch one of those things

21:19 bbloom: mmarczyk: took about 1 week to get back up to speed a few years ago

21:19 mmarczyk: I don't believe they're stocked by any brick & mortar 'round here :-(

21:19 bbloom: mmarczyk: love this dopey thing

21:20 mmarczyk: :-)

21:20 bbloom: yeah, i ordered online

21:20 mmarczyk: I think it'd be slightly dangerous in my current situation

21:20 SrPx: no idea how to use it sigh

21:22 mmarczyk: moving around with a laptop quite a lot, I mean

21:23 the switch from a MS keyboard to the laptop keyboard was already painful, if the kinesis thing is anywhere near as good as it looks ... :-P

21:23 SrPx: cygwin?

21:24 bbloom: *cringe* @ cygwin

21:25 Hodapp: cygwin helps keep my sanity on my Windows box at work

21:26 SrPx: õo

21:26 S11001001: truth

21:28 gfredericks: mmarczyk: I never even considered being proficient at both editors simultaneously

21:28 that sounds like a recipe for confusion and frustration

21:28 ditto for qwerty and dvorak

21:29 y3di: have you guys tried out haskell? and if so, why do you like clojure better?

21:30 bbloom: gfredericks: probably pretty easily overcome. i used to think the same thing when i started doing a few different languages for a few different projects at the same time or in the same file. HOW DO I KEEP ALL THESE ESCAPE SEQUENCES RIGHT!?! but eventually you just get good at it

21:31 mmarczyk: y3di: I have, I love it

21:31 y3di: as for the why question, there are two answers

21:33 S11001001: y3di: who said I like clojure better? :?

21:33 mmarczyk: the first is that I like the Lisp style of programming best, I find Clojure's design particularly elegant etc. -- could go on

21:33 the second is Cabal

21:34 w/o the second answer I think this would be a pretty close call, I absolutely love doing stuff in Haskell when I'm not fighting the packaging facility

21:35 there's hsenv now and the Yesod thing (cabal-meta?) which I haven't tried yet, so things are getting better

21:38 SrPx: What is cabal?

21:39 mmarczyk: the blog post on cabal-meta is dated April 5, 2012 and it includes the sentence (describing the pre-cabal-meta state of affairs) "Even with all these tools, one day I found myself completely incapable of installng Yesod from source."

21:40 I still think Haskell is a marvellous language and an overall glorious achievement, but *argh*

21:40 SrPx: Haskell package manager

21:40 SrPx: well, build tool

21:41 S11001001: sort of both

21:41 mmarczyk: that's actually an acronym

21:41 S11001001: fetches deps anyway

21:41 mmarczyk: http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Cabal

21:42 with certain recently developed utilities it can be used sort of like lein

21:43 but getting the correct versions of deps resolved seems to be more of a problem

21:52 treehug: how would i go about using goog.dom.query in a clojurescript app? i got this far: https://gist.github.com/2985921 but i'm confused why it is not finding the right provides even though they are in the deps i listed in project.clj for cljsbuild to use

21:53 bbloom: treehug: hmm.. looks like you're getting errors in core, not your code

21:53 i see you're using cljsbuild, have you managed to compile an empty project at all?

21:54 treehug: yes, if i leave out the deps i have listed there it compiles. even using goog.dom.* functions if i 'require them

21:54 (that is, i remove the reference to good.dom.query from mutest.cljs)

21:54 technomancy: mmarczyk: it's funny that build nightmares are also my biggest complaint with ocaml

21:54 the general advice is "just use apt"

21:55 mmarczyk: ouch

21:56 jhowarth: Is there an equivalent in emacs for M+( that will wrap an s-exp in brackets instead?

21:56 bbloom: treehug: is that the right sep? do you want (:use [goog.dom :only [query]]))

21:57 or (:require [goog.dom.query :as query])

21:57 i think you're running into the export == module name issue

21:57 mmarczyk: jhowarth: there's no default binding, but the function is called paredit-wrap-square

21:58 bbloom: treehug: let me know if either of those work

21:58 jhowarth: mmarczyk: Thanks!

22:02 cgag: i'm messing with aleph and my code looks like this: https://www.refheap.com/paste/3307, but when i open up three tabs and send 3 requests, rather than all of them finishing around the same time, it looks like it's just chugging through them synchronously

22:02 rlb: technomancy: yeah, it's unfortunate, but I understand how we got here, and at the moment, it's the situation we have.

22:03 technomancy: though I was very happy when guile dropped the non-dfsg bits.

22:03 (Running candidate 24.4+1-1 build now...)

22:05 cgag: anyone know if my that code looks reasonable?

22:06 treehug: bbloom: i tried (:require [goog.dom.query :as query]) w/ (query/query …), also (:use [goog.dom.query :only [query]) w/ (query …) and (:use [goog.dom :only [query]) w/ (query …) -- basically the same error message with only the namespace text different

22:07 bbloom: treehug: what version of cljs are you using?

22:07 treehug: or, i guess revision

22:08 ibdknox: I have very exciting news for tomorrow :)

22:09 mmarczyk: ibdknox: http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJS-325

22:09 bbloom: treehug: are you sure you have the right namespace? i think it's good.dojo.dom.query

22:09 ibdknox: mmarczyk: ah, thank you!

22:09 bbloom: treehug: http://closure-library.googlecode.com/svn/docs/closure_third_party_closure_goog_dojo_dom_query.js.html

22:09 treehug: bbloom: interesting question… i take it that cljsbuild provided me lein-cljsbuild-compiler-0/cljs/core.cljs but i'm not sure where from

22:10 bbloom: hmm maybe there is goog.dom.query too

22:10 treehug: ok i'll try that

22:10 bbloom: is there a git repo in there? what revision is it?

22:10 mmarczyk: ibdknox: now I'm going to wonder what kind of news :-P

22:10 is tomorrow many hours away in your TZ? :-)

22:11 ibdknox: I'll be releasing the playground tomorrow :)

22:11 treehug: nothing in it, i'll try a clean & deps and see where it downloads from

22:11 bbloom: ibdknox: ah, cool.

22:11 ibdknox: I suspect there will be a sudden spike in interest for "learning clojure" materials

22:11 mmarczyk: ibdknox: oh great, now you've ruined my start-of-week productivity :-D

22:12 ibdknox: haha

22:12 bbloom: ibdknox: presumably only to kickstarter backers? or more boradly?

22:12 broadly*

22:12 ibdknox: the playground will go out to the world

22:12 mmarczyk: seriously though, can't wait to have a look :-)

22:14 gtuckerkellogg: is anyone here using clojure in with org-babel?

22:16 treehug: bbloom: looks like org/clojure/clojurescript/0.0-1236/clojurescript-0.0-1236 is downloaded by cljsbuild

22:19 i think it must be my project.clj -- even if i just have (ns mytest) and that

22:20 's all i get the same kind of error

22:20 bbloom: treehug: oh, heh, that's what i was asking about before…. like i said: you're getting errors loading stuff at the top of cljs core… you're not importing goog.string for example, but core is

22:21 pterygota: hello, anyone working with overtone in here?

22:21 treehug: bbloom: yeah sorry, i've been messing around with my project and at one point a simple empty file did compile properly…

22:22 bbloom: treehug: try to break it down to a minimal repo & the problem will hopefully become more apparent :-)

22:24 treehug: bbloom: ok https://gist.github.com/2986062 does compile simple (ns mutest) file, but uncommenting any comination of those google-closure-library deps will break it

22:25 bbloom: i don't use cljsbuild myself, so i don't know: do you need a gclosure dep? or is that implicitly provided by leon?

22:25 lein* stupid apple auto correct

22:28 treehug: it looks like leon cljsbuild is downloading a clojurescript and a closure-library to ~/.m2/repository and then compiling a cljs.js info ./.lein-cljsbuild-compiler-0/cljs/core.js maybe my explicitly including closure-library/closure-library-thirdparty on top of the gclosure bits compiled into cljs.js conflict

22:29 bbloom: maybe. again, i don't use cljsbuild… have you tried just using query without the deps in project.clj ?

22:31 technomancy: clojurebot: leon is a good sign it's time to turn off auto-"correct"

22:31 clojurebot: c'est bon!

22:31 bbloom: leon.

22:31 xeqi: ~leon

22:31 bbloom: no? :-P

22:31 clojurebot: leon is a good sign it's time to turn off auto-"correct"

22:31 technomancy: I should write a library named after Ponce de Leon just to mess with people

22:31 bbloom: heh.

22:32 i use Textual irc which doesn't disable auto correct in it's little message box, it's pretty much the only time i ever encounter a normal cocoa text box

22:33 chrome, terminal, and vim is pretty much the only other times i type anything :-P

22:34 SrPx: https://github.com/technomancy/swank-clojure <- Add [lein-swank "1.4.4"] to the :plugins section of either project.clj or your user profile. <- what does this mean?

22:35 abp: ibdknox: Holding my breath. ;D

22:35 bbloom: SrPx: what does which part mean?

22:36 SrPx: do you have a project.clj file?

22:36 SrPx: No, I don't even know what this is?

22:36 bbloom: leon, er i mean lein

22:36 pterygota: SrPx: if you create a project with lein new projectname, you should get a directory with a project.clj in it called projectname

22:36 bbloom: SrPx: it's clojure's project system https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen

22:37 treehug: bbloom: no doesn't work either - i think because clojurescript doesn't use the thirdpaty closure stuff. anyway i just discovered domina uses good.dom.query and depends on a goog.jar for it and does some magic :libs ["goog/dom/query.js"] in the project.clj. i'll experiment a bit more with that

22:37 pterygota: and in project.clj there will be a plugins section

22:37 treehug: bbloom thanks for your help and ideas

22:38 SrPx: but how can I install it? I don't have any of those package manages

22:38 managers

22:38 pterygota: just install lein by downloading it as described on that page and running it

22:57 dnolen: mmarczyk: ping

22:57 wolgo: hi

22:57 mmarczyk: dnolen: pong

22:57 dnolen: mmarczyk: see my comment on 325?

22:58 wolgo: I want to start learning clojure. Outside of writing, programs what is recommended as a decent first read for someone that has some lisp exposure and can program in other languages?

22:58 mmarczyk: dnolen: assert-args was already in cljs.core, I just moved it to the top of the file

22:59 dnolen: it's only used to validate macro args, not in the expansion

22:59 scottj: wolgo: fav book of the channel is clojurebook.com

22:59 mmarczyk: expansions

22:59 dnolen: mmarczyk: oh right, gotcha.

23:00 wolgo: okay thanks

23:00 I will be back when I have questions. You have been warned!

23:03 dnolen: mmarczyk: ibdknox: CLJS-325 resolved.

23:04 mmarczyk: great!

23:04 rlb: technomancy: probably won't upload emacs24 until at least tomorrow fwiw -- everything looks good, but I need to test the install a bit more.

23:27 technomancy: rlb: no worries; I'm on testing anyway

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