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20:52 chouser: Oops -- I've been failing to log for the last couple days.

20:53 First time that's happened without somebody noticing and telling me.

20:53 So... anyone know how to tell lein cljsbuild to include the closure/webgl lib in my project?

20:56 amalloy: chouser: someone mentioned it in here, but since you weren't logging you didn't notice

20:57 chouser: Noooo

20:58 amalloy: chouser: i can't help you at all with your cljs problem, so instead i'll distract you by noting that http://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/CLJ-865 has a new patch that seems to address the issues you raised last time we discussed it (in like November)

21:00 chouser: hm, interesting...

21:01 but it doesn't help me draw 3D airships in my browser, so I'll just leave it at "hm interesting" for now.

21:01 amalloy: fair. i just wanted to make you aware of it for whenever you have time

21:04 brooksbp: hello

21:04 I hope someone here can help me get started with leiningen and compojure

21:05 `lein version' is 1.7.1 on Java 1.7.0_03 OpenJDK 64-Bit

21:05 I did a `lein new'

21:06 then I added `[compojre "1.1.0"] to the dependencies in project.clj

21:06 I am following the README.md from github.com/weavejester/compojure

21:06 then I run `lein deps'

21:07 but then it doesn't succeed

21:07 weavejester: brooksbp: Could it be because you've added "compojre" as the dependency, instead of "compojure"?

21:08 brooksbp: wow

21:08 it was a typo

21:09 weavejester: brooksbp: Those happen :)

21:09 brooksbp: how come some of the worst mistakes you make when programming requires reaching out for another pair of eyes... usually typos or extremely stupid syntactical mistakes....

21:10 weavejester: I'd guess because debugging relies on chains of logic, and a typo or some other false assumption breaks the chain

21:11 brooksbp: no tool or compiler can save you there...

21:11 sheesh

21:18 are there popular or heavy-traffic web sites/apps powered by clojure?

21:19 nearly every language has their posterchild web site/app... which are clojure's?

21:19 xeqi: brooksbp: prismatic gave a talk at clojure/west about using it

21:22 kovasb_: clojure is not just for web programming

21:22 various poster child applications in other domains, e.g. data processing

21:22 brooksbp: xeqi: link? I don't see links to videos/slides at clojurewest.org

21:23 kovasb_: more like python and less like ruby in the diversity of applications

21:23 brooksbp: ok. what are some posterchild programs / efforts?

21:25 bbloom: brooksbp: http://www.quora.com/Whos-using-Clojure-in-production

21:26 kovasb_: cascalog and storm are pretty cool

21:29 xeqi: brooksbp: http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Why-Prismatic-Goes-Faster-With-Clojure

21:30 storm does seem cool

21:32 kovasb_: most clojure libs solve specific problems, rather than growing to "huge" proportions

21:33 eg, ring, noir, enlive

21:36 jayunit100_: yippee got clojure auto deployed via github using https://github.com/ajlai/github-heroku-pusher (only semi relevant to clojure , but i was moaning about this earlier :) )

21:47 brooksbp: wow... ring + compojure + hiccup == fast ass development

21:47 just whipped up the example app in no time

21:47 actually... more of a tribute to clojure itself... but still...

21:48 * bbloom high fives brooksbp

21:48 brooksbp: and the source for hiccup... is readable.. and small

22:43 jayunit100_: hmmm leon is running some ghost code. lein clean didn't do the trick. anyone see this before ?

22:44 s/leon/lein

22:45 akhudek: no, but I just encountered something similarly strange

22:45 I built a new session store library, pretty simple overall

22:46 if I include it as a dependency before noir-cljs, everything is fine

22:46 if I include it after noir-cljs, I get a compile time error when I do lein run

22:47 I can't imagine there is a namespace collision, the library uses the namespace: aging-session

22:47 chouser: Bleh. So I helped write Clojurescript, but can't figure out how I'm supposed to use it. Frustrating.

22:47 * chouser does something else.

22:48 jayunit100_: hmmm oh well.. leon clean did wind up working

22:48 is there a simple string.contains ?

22:48 .contains

22:49 ha

22:49 ,(.contains "ASDF" "A")

22:49 clojurebot: true

22:50 akhudek: chouser: it's certainly a bit frustrating to use at the moment due to little documentation and other rough edges

22:57 well, at least the new session store works

22:57 it's an in memory session store that has a concept of time

22:57 so it can do autoexpiry and memory cleaning

22:58 among other things that need to mutate the session based on request time intervals or lifetime intervals

22:59 will publish it tomorrow after I write a readme in case anyone else finds it useful

23:03 mmarczyk: chouser: maybe try depending on clojurescript explicitly in project.clj with an exclusion for org.clojure/google-closure-library and provide your own google-closure-library based on a version of GClosure lib which includes WebGL stuff; I'm not positive the explicit dependency will override lein-cljsbuild default cljs version, but I think it should (otherwise some things I've been doing should never have worked)

23:05 chouser: alternatively, if the WebGL parts of recent closure lib work fine when used alongside the older closure lib that cljs uses, you could package them up as a separate jar and depend on that

23:26 loliveira: May I have some help about this error using lein-ring? http://pastebin.com/Lya9fddk

23:35 akhudek: loliveira: it's looking for the namespace ring.server.leiningen for some reason.

23:36 but that's not in the lein-ring code base at all

23:37 did you perhaps use it in your own source somewhere?

23:37 xeqi: https://github.com/weavejester/lein-ring/blob/master/src/leiningen/ring/server.clj#L33

23:38 akhudek: oh, so it is

23:40 loliveira: akhudek: could be.

23:40 akhudek: brb

23:40 akhudek: put this in your deps: ring-server "0.2.3"

23:57 loliveira: i put [ring-server "0.2.3"] and [hiccup "1.0.0"] i know i am getting the following error. java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate hiccup/page_helpers__init.class or hiccup/page_helpers.clj on classpath:

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