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0:10 jakko: anyone have any recent instructions (e.g. a blog post) for setting up emacs+slime+clojure on ubuntu 12.04?

0:10 thx

0:14 crassus: jakko: http://www.tekbot.com/clojure-simple-start.pdf

0:14 jakko: http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/clojure/brief-beginners-guide/

2:34 eggsby: what's the simplest way to give a function parameter a default value?

2:40 specifically I have a function that takes [[arg OPTIONAL_ARG] some-other &args], how can I say 'if optional arg isnt provided set it at some default value' ?

2:41 I guess by using :keys and :or ?

2:49 jakko: crassus: thank you

2:52 zii-prime: I have (in essence) (defn called-with-some-sort-of-input [name val] (eval `(def ~name ~(do-processing-on val)))); is there any clean way to avoid the eval? I'm only using it because def is (like) a macro.

2:55 michaelr525: heya

3:08 zii-prime: in short: Wrapping a macro in a function, like say (fn [& args] (eval `(def ~@args))): is there any clean way to avoid the eval?

3:49 muhoo: somewhat off-topic, but note the presence of "like" and "dislike" keys on the far right of symbolics lisp keyboards, long before mark zuckerberg was born: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/47/Space-cadet.jpg

3:54 AimHere: The 'It wasn't me, it was that guy next to me' keys below the like and dislike keys have yet to find their implementation on the greater internet even now. Truly, the Lisp machines were ahead of their time

3:57 muhoo: i think those are the "i'm with stupid" keys

3:57 indeed, they are coming.

4:17 laurus: Is there a network analysis library for Clojure?

4:49 espeed: How do you use defmulti to create a function that can have zero, one, or two arguments?

4:52 thorwil: espeed: you don't need defmulti for that, a normal function with several signatures/bodies will do

4:54 espeed: Normally yes, but I need to use type hinting to distinguish between a single Integer arg and a single Map arg

4:55 (I'm wrapping a Java method)

5:03 Hali_3031: hi! how to :use a protocol? I mean what's the easiest way to :use all methods of a protocol ?

5:13 raek: Hali_3031: if you have (defprotocol P (a ...) (b ...) (c ...)) in namespace foo, then you can access a, b, and c from foo like if they were defns

5:13 for example, (ns bar (:use [foo :only [a b c]]))

5:29 pooya72: hello, i'm trying to compile a simply program, but I get a "NoClassDefFoundError" http://pastebin.com/5FHhRU6t

5:32 tomoj: what do you run that produces that error?

5:33 pooya72: java -cp [programname].standalone.jar "sample text"

5:35 tomoj: java -cp [programname].standalone.jar "sample text"

5:38 tomoj: hhmm

5:39 can you paste the exact command you ran?

5:39 the error seems to be caused by incorrect arguments to java, but what you just wrote looks correct to me..

5:39 oh, no

5:40 you need `java -cp scribee-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar class.name.to.run "sample text"` I think

5:40 where class.name.to.run in your example would be program.core I think

5:41 pooya72: tomoj: you da man

5:41 it worked

5:42 any way to do it without needing the classname at the command line?

5:42 tomoj: are you using leiningen?

5:42 pooya72: yes

5:43 lein uberjar

5:43 tomoj: oh, then if you specify :main in your project.clj

5:43 it will set up the uberjar main-class

5:43 so that you can `java -jar uberjar.jar "sample text"`

5:44 pooya72: yeah, i have added that

5:44 :main program.core

5:51 tomoj: so using -jar instead of -cp should make what you originally had work

5:52 you should also be able to do `lein run -- "sample text"`

5:52 even without an uberjar

5:54 pooya72: yeah I didn't know about lein run

5:54 it works perfect with that

5:54 with java it still needs the classname

5:55 tomoj: even when you use -jar instead of -cp?

5:56 it should either say "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute..." or run your main class

5:57 pooya72: tomoj: no you're right, it works fine! thanks!!

5:58 tomoj: don't thank me, thank təchnomancy :)

5:58 pooya72: first command line program made http://www.memecreator.net/images/success-kid.jpg !

5:58 laurus: I am getting the error "Could not find artifact net.sf.jung:jung2:jar:2.0.1 in central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2)". But according to the web site, it's there. What is wrong?

6:00 raek: laurus: what did you put in the :dependencies in your project.clj file?

6:00 laurus: raek, [net.sf.jung/jung2 "2.0.1"]

6:01 tomoj: there is no jar there

6:01 only a pom

6:01 laurus: tomoj, oh, weird. Why?

6:01 tomoj: dunno, ask jung.sf.net.. :/

6:01 laurus: Hah. OK. But how do I fix the problem in the meantime?

6:01 raek: I think it is one of those poms that contains sub-poms

6:02 (I don't know the correct maven terminology)

6:02 tomoj: yeah..

6:02 so.. does that mean you have to go find the actual jars you want and add them to deps manually?

6:02 raek: I wouldn't expect so

6:03 tomoj: I don't think lein1 can traverse pom dependencies like maven

6:03 laurus: I am on lein2.

6:03 tomoj: I don't think lein2 can either, but I don't use it and don't know :)

6:03 laurus: tomoj, it's ok. But should I just download the .jar and put it into that directory?

6:03 tomoj: well, if you can find the jars you really want in http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/net/sf/jung/

6:04 you can just add them to :dependencies like normal

6:04 raek: laurus: I think it would be safer to put all the sub-projects in :depednencies instead

6:04 downloading jars manually is rarely worth the effort

6:05 laurus: Interesting. Maybe "jung2" isn't even a real thing, it's just a name for a bunch of smaller libraries.

6:05 raek: yes, I think so

6:05 look at "<modules>" here: http://jarvana.com/jarvana/inspect-pom/net/sf/jung/jung2/2.0.1/jung2-2.0.1.pom

6:06 it's weird. I'm pretty sure contrib used this approach at one time.

6:07 laurus: It's funny, people complain a lot about this Maven stuff, but in some ways it seems better than the Python Package Index in that you can control all this stuff

6:07 With PyPI as I recall if you use easy_install it just installs things right into the OS, making a mess

6:07 raek: hrm, it has "profiles". maybe you need to qualify the [net.sf.jung/jung2 "2.0.1"] line with "all", "awt, or "j3s" somehow

6:08 laurus: Ah I see that part.

6:08 Well it's ok. I'll just use the partial ones for now.

6:08 I've never even used this library before so I don't know what I'm doing anyway.

6:08 :)

6:10 raek: laurus: you can also try asking here (or in #leiningen) again in a couple of hours

6:11 at this time, it's usually just the europeans who are active

6:11 laurus: Ah ok. :)

6:11 That reminds me of that recent video of Larry Wall when he talks about how they even have a Perl programmer in Antarctica.

6:12 fliebel: There must be some sort of algo for generating raster/integer/step/pixel values for a line, right?

6:14 tomoj: fliebel: one is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bresenham%27s_line_algorithm

6:14 fliebel: tomoj: Thanks

6:15 What I'm trying to do is move 2 stepper motors in a diagonal line. They take input in the form of a byte, with a bit for every motor.

6:16 So I need to figure out a pattern that will move them the correct angle.

6:19 tomoj: is there a more abstract way to describe that?

6:21 laurus: I have the jung-api listed in dependencies for the project. I have run lein repl. How do I use that library now? (or is there somewhere that explains this in detail for newcomers?)

6:28 fliebel: tomoj: Well, I need to translate a line into a sequence of commands like 'wait', 'up', 'down'

6:33 So of a line goes diagonal, it's just 11,11,11, but it might also need to go 11,10,11,10, or even more elaborate patterns.

6:36 tomoj: I don't see how 11,11,11 corresponds to a diagonal line. each bit is a command to a stepper motor, but what do the commands mean?

6:37 fliebel: tomoj: Make one step. there is another command to set the direction. So 0 means no step, 1 means step.

6:39 hehe, probabilistic method: make a list of steps al steps in the x and y direction, shuffle it. :D

6:43 laurus: I am running (:import [edu.uci.ics.jung.graph SparseGraph]) but receiving ClassNotFoundException. However, the library has been properly installed through lein in Maven. What is going on?

6:46 tomoj: laurus: jar tf deps/the-jar-you-think-the-class-is-in.jar

6:46 (| grep SparseGraph)

6:47 also, did you restart your jvm after installing the dep?

6:48 laurus: tomoj, what is that line of code?

6:48 And yes I restarted the JVM, thanks.

6:48 tomoj: `jar tf foo.jar` lists the contents of foo.jar

6:49 if you do `jar tf foo.jar | grep SparseGraph` (assuming you're not on windows), it should show you whether or not foo.jar contains a class named SparseGraph

6:49 laurus: Wait a sec. The name of the thing in Maven is different from the package.

6:50 tomoj, yes, it shows that it does contain it.

6:51 tomoj: and `lein classpath` includes the jar that contains the class?

6:51 I can't explain that

6:52 laurus: Let me check that.

6:52 Yes, it does contain it.

6:52 I'm using inferior-lisp mode. Is that part of the problem?

6:54 tomoj: the only explanations I can think of are: you didn't restart the jvm, or the class (and package) name you are trying to import does not match the one in the jar

6:54 laurus: How do I restart the JVM from the command line?

6:54 tomoj: dunno, how did you start it?

6:54 laurus: I just ran "lein repl"

6:55 tomoj: then ctrl+c or ctrl+d should work

6:55 laurus: Right, let me try that again.

6:55 tomoj: followed by `lein repl` again, which I assume you did..

6:55 fliebel: Wow, what a clusterfuck. http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Bitmap/Bresenham's_line_algorithm#Clojure

6:56 laurus: Ah, I see the problem.

6:56 How do I make lein use a dependency for any project?

6:57 tomoj: put the dependency in that project's project.clj?

6:59 laurus: It still failed.

6:59 But I'm running "lein repl" from a directory that isn't the one for the project that includes that dependency.

6:59 Does that make a difference?

6:59 tomoj: ..yes

6:59 laurus: Right, so how do I make lein load a dependency for *any* project?

7:00 tomoj: put the dependency in *that* project's project.clj

7:00 laurus: Hmm. The problem is that I don't know how to control "where" the lein command is run from.

7:00 tomoj: plugins can be installed globally

7:01 laurus: Right now it's (setq inferior-lisp-program "lein repl")))

7:01 Wait, plugin?

7:01 tomoj: why aren't you using clojure-jack-in?

7:01 Hali_3031: raek: sorry for the late answer. with regards to protocol :use-ing, importing the method names one by one is what I'd like to avoid. Is there some syntax for importing protocol P and then later referring to P's method with some syntax like P/methodname?

7:02 as if P were a namespace

7:02 laurus: tomoj, I never had a problem with just using inferior-lisp mode until now

7:02 tomoj: because you never used any dependencies outside the one project that `lein repl` happens to get called in (the place you started emacs?)?

7:02 laurus: tomoj, yeah I guess that's why :)

7:03 Also, I didn't know that people had separated things from SLIME.

7:03 tomoj: do you have a function called clojure-jack-in available?

7:03 laurus: Not yet. Let me set that up now

7:04 tomoj: the readme here is the best I think https://github.com/technomancy/swank-clojure

7:04 laurus: Yes, reading it now, thanks :)

7:05 fliebel: tomoj: This looks more like it: http://www.cb.uu.se/~cris/blog/index.php/archives/400 Although it does some implicit array magic...

7:05 laurus: Does lein2 support this?

7:08 fliebel: Clojure kept giving me syntax errors, until I realized I was in the Python shell.

7:08 tomoj: I haven't upgraded yet, but `lein2 swank` seems to work here

7:09 laurus: Thank goodness. It worked.

7:09 tomoj, thank you so much!

7:21 fliebel: hrm, why doesn't Clojure have arithmetic operations on lists? That matlab code looks soo sweet.

7:22 Iceland_jack: fliebel: what do you mean?

7:22 fliebel: Iceland_jack: http://www.cb.uu.se/~cris/blog/index.php/archives/400

7:22 I need to do all sorts of apply/map/reduce combos.

7:23 Iceland_jack: For real...

8:17 raek: Hali_3031: no. the protocol methods are vars in their containing namespace.

8:17 Hali_3031: but you can use the regular 'require' and 'use' to access them more conveniently

8:18 (ns bar (:require [namespace.that.defines.the.protocol :as p])) (p/method ...)

8:18 (ns bar (:use [namespace.that.defines.the.protocol :only [method]])) (method ...)

8:18 (ns bar (:use [namespace.that.defines.the.protocol])) (method ...)

8:18 the last one is discouraged

8:19 I'd recommend going with 'require' and an :as prefix

8:23 name structure is much more flat in clojure than in languages with classes

8:27 Bahman: Hi all!

8:27 How can I call a function if I have only its fully qualified name like "someapp.somens.foo"?

8:29 raek: Bahman: if you have the name as a symbol, you can use 'resolve'

8:29 &(resolve 'clojure.core/print)

8:29 lazybot: java.lang.SecurityException: You tripped the alarm! resolve is bad!

8:30 Bahman: raek: What if its namespace is not imported/required/used?

8:30 raek: Bahman: beware of the security implications of doing this. there is a good reason that the bots don't allow it.

8:30 Bahman: then you need to require it first

8:30 Bahman: raek: I understand. I have it fully under control.

8:30 raek: But is it possible during runtime?

8:32 raek: if you have a fully qualified symbol in "sym", it should be as simple as (do (require (namespace sym)) ((resolve sym) ...))

8:32 Bahman: certainly

8:32 Bahman: raek: Thank you very much!

8:32 _KY_: Can someone guide me to install emacs clojure mode on windows?

8:33 raek: _KY_: sure, have you followed the instructions on https://github.com/technomancy/clojure-mode ?

8:33 _KY_: I think I did it before... but I forgot

8:33 I'm not even sure if I'm in clojure mode or not

8:34 raek: _KY_: the mode-line should include "Clojure" when you visit a .clj file if it is installed

8:35 _KY_: Oh yes... it has (Clojure)

8:38 raek: you can also do M-: (clojure-mode-version) <RET> to determine which version you have

8:39 _KY_: another pointer: when you want to run clojure in emacs, follow the official docs for swank-clojure https://github.com/technomancy/swank-clojure

8:42 _KY_: Not sure if I have Leiningen yet... can I install it on windows?

8:42 raek: yes

8:53 _KY_: Where is my project.clj?

8:54 Licenser: _KY_ in theory in your poject folder

8:54 _KY_: Is it emacs?

8:55 Bahman: raek: It works wonderfully! https://gist.github.com/2392610

8:56 mdeboard: _KY_: No it's just a file on your hard drive

8:57 _KY_: But where is its path?

8:58 unlink: Is there a better idiom for this? (if (some-condition) x (-> x (f) (g)))

8:59 i.e. conditionally thread x based on

8:59 raek: _KY_: even if you just want to play with the clojure repl you need to create a project

9:00 _KY_: I'm talking about this line: Aed [lein-swank "one.4.4"] to the :plugins section of either project.clj or your user profile.

9:00 raek: _KY_: the project.clj file specifies the version of clojure and libraries to use

9:00 _KY_: so you need to do something like "lein new tinkering"

9:01 _KY_: I see... got it...

9:02 mdeboard: Does compiling Clojure seem like a brittle process to anyone else?

9:02 I have a hell of a time getting my standalone jars to run at all, and the error message is never useful

9:03 "Could not find the main class: datdoop.core. Program will exit."

9:03 Oh ok, thanks

9:03 raek: mdeboard: is this an uberjar?

9:04 _KY_: you can add lein-swank both in your user profile or in the project file. it's recommended to keep it in your user settings, but I don't know where that file is on windows

9:05 _KY_: So it's lein's user profile?

9:05 raek: on unix-like OSes it is in ~/.lein/profiles.clj

9:06 _KY_: yes. you want to tell leiningen that you would like to have lein-swank available in all projects you work with

9:06 _KY_: I see...

9:07 raek: so profiles.clj should contain {:user {:plugins [[lein-swank "1.4.3"]]}}

9:10 _KY_: sorry, did you install the stable (1.7.1) or the preview (2.0.0) version?

9:20 _KY_: I got a "could not start swank server" error in emacs

9:22 raek: _KY_: profiles is a new fieature of lein2. if you installed the stable version you need to run `lein plugin install lein-swank 1.4.4` instead of adding it to the profiles file

9:24 things are a bit messy now in the lein1 -> lein2 transition period

9:25 _KY_: you could try running `lein swank` in the project directory to see what the error is

9:25 _KY_: It says unable to find lein-swank:jar:one.4.4 in repository central

9:25 raek: after it is solved, you can kill the swank server and go back to clojure-jack-in

9:26 that line isn't an error. that just maven spitting out it thoughts.

9:26 (leiningen searches multiple repositories)

9:26 _KY_: So it says "created lein-swank-1.4.4.jar

9:27 But when I do "lein swank" in project dir, java throws an exception "no source file"

9:28 raek: _KY_: can you paste the stacktrace somewhere?

9:28 what does the exception say?

9:28 _KY_: "Dependencies must be specified as vector:lein-swank"

9:30 raek: sounds like you wrote :plugins [lein-swank "1.4.4"] instead of :plugins [[lein-swank "1.4.4"]]

9:30 _KY_: Oh... hold on =)

9:35 Ok it says "connection opened on 4005"

9:36 So "lein swank" works?

9:37 I closed that now

9:37 raek: good. yes.

9:37 clojure-jack-in should work now

9:37 _KY_: It still doesn't work...

9:37 (Error "Could not start swank server: '$SHELL' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

9:37 Operable program or batch file.

9:40 raek: _KY_: which version of clojure-mode are you using?

9:41 _KY_: How do I find out?

9:41 raek: in emacs, do M-: (clojure-mode-version) <RET>

9:42 volton: ,24

9:42 clojurebot: 24

9:42 volton: Hi, why doesn't this work?

9:42 ,(def (symbol "fourty two") 42)

9:42 clojurebot: #<Exception java.lang.Exception: SANBOX DENIED>

9:42 volton: well, you get the point ;-)

9:42 llasram: volton: What do you expect it to do?

9:42 raek: volton: because the 'def' special form does not evaluate its first argument

9:43 volton: raek: A-ha!

9:43 and why is that?

9:43 raek: I don't think def is meant to be called programmatically

9:44 volton: are you doing some kind of meta-programming?

9:44 _KY_: Is that M-:?

9:44 raek: yeah, alt + colon

9:45 volton: raek: No, I just wanted to try if I could bind something to fourty two

9:45 raek: heh I should have put quotes around that.. :)

9:46 volton: which would be logical in a way since fourty two is a symbol but illogical in another way since I don't know how you could evaluate that symbol

9:46 _KY_: "1.11.5"

9:46 raek: volton: yeah, clojure does not enforce symbol name rules very strictly

9:47 you can do (intern *ns* (symbol "fourty two"))

9:47 AimHere: I think you can make your own def with (defmacro mydef [a & body] `(def ~(quote a) ~@body))

9:47 raek: but you cannot use that var in ordinary code (because of the space)

9:47 AimHere: That'll resolve the expression

9:47 raek: sorry, (intern *ns* (symbol "fourty two") 42)

9:48 but you can still access it programmatically: (deref (resolve (symbol "fourty two")))

9:50 _KY_: I think the error is in clojure-mode, since lein swank started without errors

9:50 _KY_: It says "Debugger entered--Lisp error: ...."

9:51 volton: AimHere: your code leads to 42 getting bound to the symbol a

9:52 gfredericks: AimHere: yeah I think you meant for ~a not ~(quote a)

9:52 though I don't think that macro buys you anything over def

9:53 volton: So I guess the thing to learn here is to always create symbos implicitly and not call (symbol)?

9:53 AimHere: Yeah, I made a mistake

9:53 Chousuke: you can use symbol but you have to be careful that the created symbols are valid

9:53 since there are no checks

9:54 raek: _KY_: the problem seems to come from here: https://github.com/technomancy/clojure-mode/blob/master/clojure-mode.el#L967

9:55 volton: Chousuke: that seems illogical to me: why does symbol create invalid symbols?

9:56 raek: _KY_: is the lein.bat file on the PATH so emacs can find it?

9:56 Chousuke: volton: because it doesn't check if the input strings are valid

9:56 _KY_: Ahh... I have lein in cygwin...

9:56 But I'm running emacs in windows

9:56 Could that be the problem?

9:56 Chousuke: volton: basically, if you give it invalid parameters, you get invalid symbols

9:56 volton: Chousuke: well and I guess the symbol is not really invalid sine it can be used for intern just fine

9:57 Chousuke: it is invalid in that your program might stop working one day

9:57 it's like C's undefined behaviour

9:57 it executes, but the results are not guaranteed

9:58 volton: So you say that (intern)'s behaviour is not defined in this regard?

9:58 Chousuke: what does intern do? :/

9:58 raek: _KY_: I suspect so. I think all clojure-mode needs is for the lein script to be on the path

9:58 Hali_3031: raek: yes I know methods are regular functions as seen from the outside, however my problem is the following: I'd like to re-use a specific overloaded version of a protocol method. For example I'd like to call "method" that dispatches on java.lang.String WITHOUT actually having a string. i just know the class, but don't have an instance. is this possible?

9:58 volton: ,(doc intern)

9:58 Chousuke: anyway, it's just symbol. you can give it strings that have invalid symbol characters in them like spaces

9:58 clojurebot: "([ns name] [ns name val]); Finds or creates a var named by the symbol name in the namespace ns (which can be a symbol or a namespace), setting its root binding to val if supplied. The namespace must exist. The var will adopt any metadata from the name symbol. Returns the var."

9:59 Chousuke: right, that can break too if you give it an invalid symbol

9:59 currently it works I think but it might not

9:59 so if you use symbol, you should take care not to create invalid symbols with it

9:59 raek: Hali_3031: I don't think so. not unless the protocol implementation is also available as a function

10:00 volton: Chousuke: okay :-)

10:00 well I leaned something new today, thanks everybody!

10:01 Chousuke: I think there's an issue about making symbol validate its input

10:01 but no-one has got around to doing it.

10:01 Hali_3031: raek: I see, thanks. I'll look into some workaround then

10:01 volton: well, actually I think that symbol should always return a valid symbol

10:02 Chousuke: Do you think I should open an issue?

10:02 Chousuke: volton: there already is one

10:02 volton: it just doesn't matter enough to get solved

10:03 _KY_: I started emacs in cygwin, but now clojure mode is lost

10:03 Chousuke: part of symbol's contract is that you don't call it with invalid input :p

10:03 raek: ah, different environment variables...

10:04 volton: would there be any harm in having (symbol "my pretty symbol") return my-pretty-symbol?

10:05 raek: _KY_: you could try adding (setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH") "path/here")) (setq exec-path (append exec-path '("path/here"))) you your non-cygwin emacs configuration

10:05 Chousuke: volton: yeah, that makes no sense.

10:05 volton: it's too magical

10:05 raek: where "path/here" is the path to the directory that contains lein.bat

10:06 Chousuke: volton: symbol should just throw an exception in a case like that

10:06 there are other invalid symbols too, like "..." or ",,,"

10:06 volton: Chousuke: You are probably right

10:07 raek: _KY_: I also think you can use M-x customize-variable <RET> clojure-swank-command

10:07 and set the command to "C:\path\here\lein.bat jack-in %s"

10:07 volton: Chousuke: Where can I find the corresponding issue?

10:08 _KY_: The current command is:

10:08 echo "lein jack-in %s" | $SHELL -l

10:09 raek: yup. that won't work on windows...

10:09 _KY_: So I just replace the whole line with yours?

10:09 raek: if I understand the elisp code correctly, clojure-mode resorts to that approach if it can't find leiningen on the path

10:09 yeah

10:10 _KY_: With or without quotes?

10:10 raek: without

10:10 if you enter it through the customization interface

10:11 _KY_: But my lein needs cygwin to invoke

10:11 So it's not lein.bat

10:11 raek: I see

10:11 then it's probably wiser to start emacs from cygwin

10:12 but with an option that tells it where to find you .emacs files

10:12 did you install emacs through cygwin too?

10:13 _KY_: No emacs was installed in windows I think

10:13 groovemonkey: hi guys; having a problem with altering a ref (hashmap):

10:13 clojure.core=> @test

10:13 {}

10:13 clojure.core=> (dosync (alter test (assoc-in @test [:new :stuff] ["in here" :now])))

10:13 raek: (man, why is always so messy to set up dev tools on windows?)

10:13 groovemonkey: nil

10:13 clojure.core=> @test

10:13 nil

10:13 volton: _KY_: Do you need swank? I find clojure-mode to be sufficient...

10:14 _KY_: Not sure yet...

10:14 groovemonkey: is assoc-in returning nil for some reason and that's being bound to @test?

10:15 raek: volton: how do you reload function definitions and try them after you have changed them?

10:15 groovemonkey: alter does not take a new value, it takes a function from the old value to the new value

10:16 (dosync (alter test assoc-in [:new :stuff] ["in here" :now]))

10:16 or (dosync (alter test (fn [old] (assoc-in old [:new :stuff] ["in here" :now]))))

10:17 volton: raek: I don't. I'm a noob :-P

10:17 _KY_: Maybe I should re-install lein on windows?

10:17 groovemonkey: raek: ahhh, thanks. I tried a horrible mix of those two suggestions.

10:17 namely

10:17 (dosync (alter test assoc-in @test [:new :stuff] ["in here" :now]))

10:17 thanks!!

10:17 raek: there is also 'ref-set' which behaves as your "alter" in the first example

10:18 but using alter is more ideomatic here

10:18 groovemonkey: ah, thank you for that tip.

10:18 clojurebot: Huh?

10:22 raek: _KY_: probably a good idea. mixing stuff from cygwin-land and windows-land has mostly resulted in pain for me personally

10:27 _KY_: Now "lein swank" in windows says "this is not a task"

10:29 * fliebel is going to love numpy+clojure-py

10:29 raek: _KY_: the location of the .lein directory is probably different

10:30 _KY_: did you end up using profiles.clj or "lein plugin install ..."?

10:30 volton: ,(clojure.string/split "abc" #"")

10:30 _KY_: Oh I didn't do that yet

10:31 clojurebot: ["" "a" "b" "c"]

10:31 volton: why does it return the "" at the front?

10:32 raek: probably comes from java

10:32 you can also do ##(seq "abc")

10:32 lazybot: ⇒ (\a \b \c)

10:32 _KY_: Lein plugin install swank-clojure 1.4.4 right?

10:32 raek: lein-swank, I think

10:32 depending on which version you use

10:33 volton: raek: that is a lot better, thanks

10:33 raek: this has also changed recently :-)

10:33 or ##(map str "abc") ; if you want the letters as strings

10:33 lazybot: ⇒ ("a" "b" "c")

10:35 _KY_: Oh I did swank-clojure 1.4.2

10:35 And now emacs clojure-jack-in works

10:36 Should I re-do lein plugin install lein-swank 1.4.4?

10:36 Or just leave it at that?

10:36 raek: you could probably just leave it like that

10:37 if you decide to upgrade, remember to remove the older version

10:37 _KY_: Ok looks good now... =)

10:37 raek: _KY_: happy hacking!

10:37 _KY_: So it lets me evaluate clojure expressions from the buffer?

10:38 raek: yes

10:38 a lot of useful commands are listed in the swank-clojure docs

10:38 _KY_: Ok=)

10:39 raek: if you did "lein new tinkering", a good place to start playing around is the src/tinkering/core.clj file

10:40 if you have it open, press C-c C-k to load the contents of it

10:40 _KY_: I'm already writing my project now... =)

10:40 raek: and then C-c M-p to cause the repl to be in the tinkering.core namespace

10:41 when you change a def, just press C-M-x while having the point in it to reevaluate it

10:41 volton: raek: you are right, clojure.string/split behaves identical to Java :-/

10:58 _KY_: I can't compile file in emacs swank... any idea?

10:58 "Compilation failed - no warnings"

10:59 solussd: ibdknox: any chance of light table becoming a kickstarter project? I know several people in the clojure community would be more than willing to donate to compensate you for your time (and I personally tihnk that that is important). The kickback would be an open source implementation. I don't know if I can program another day in a world without something like light table being my IDE. :D

11:02 zamaterian: solussd, ibdknox wrote earlier that he has submitted a kickstart project

11:02 solussd: zamaterian: ha. I must have missed that!

11:10 mdeboard: Any cascalog users here?

11:14 raek: _KY_: are there any messages in the *SLIME Compilation* buffer?

11:14 _KY_: Compile-load file works

11:15 But "compile file" fails... guess it doesn't matter

11:44 autodidakto: once I add a plugin to lein2's profiles.clj, what command do I run to install (missing) plugins?

11:49 krsanky: ive been doing the 4clojure questions, its cool seeing how other people answer the same problems

11:49 mdeboard: ya

11:50 krsanky: my 1st ones were super complicated, and id see others with like 2 word answers

11:51 (fn enth [s n] (loop [cnt n sq s] (if (zero? cnt) (first sq) (recur (dec cnt) (rest sq)))))

11:51 thats 21 (rewrite nth without nth)

11:54 ddlp: dear #clojure ... i'm looking at compiler plugins (gcc, ghc, scala) and wondering if is there any plan or work for a clojure compiler plugin API?

12:03 autodidakto: technomancy: Once I add a plugin to profiles.clj, how do I tell lein2 "ok, download it"

12:05 mfex: autodidakto, often with lein2 the old explicit "lein deps" step happens whenever it is required. Does the plugin not just work already?

12:06 autodidakto: it's lein-newnew + a template I'm trying to use

12:07 So, it, like, goes, without checking... the "new" commands doesn't download lein newnew, and it takes my template name to mean project/src/template-name

12:10 mfex: I haven't used newnew myself, but "lein2 new your-template-name project-name" fails?

12:10 autodidakto: mfex: for example, with lein1 -> lein plugin install lein-newnew 0.2.6 will download the jar and over-ride lein new right away, but with lein2, adding lein-newnew to profiles doesnt

12:11 xeqi: autodidakto: does `lein deps` get it?

12:11 *download

12:11 mdeboard: ddlp: What sort of things would you like plugins for?

12:12 autodidakto: it does fail, but it lein new is still expecting "Expected ([project-name] [project-name project-dir])"

12:12 xeqi: "Couldn't find project.clj, which is needed for deps"

12:12 mdeboard: ddlp: I think (completley ignorant of the topic so this is a guess) if you use leiningen to build your projects, leiningen supports plugins... presumably plugins to effect compile-time behavior

12:13 autodidakto: I'll nuke lein1/2 and reinstall to make sure I dont have some weird conflict...

12:22 krsanky: /statusbar window add usercount

12:22 woops

12:22 <-- irc noob

12:24 autodidakto: krsanky: it happens to the best of us

12:25 /msg Obama I'm tellin you bro, fo' mo' years. It's in the bag

12:26 krsanky: i pasted my nick password in yesterday :)

12:27 yoklov: i'm always worried i'll do /join #someotherchannel

12:27 with a space before it

12:29 hrm, I feel like clojurescript should have some sort of way of making async a bit less awkward.

12:29 callbacks feel un-idiomatic, but the browser demands it.

12:30 ddlp: mdeboard: to add or modify new features to the compiler without having to modify the compiler itself

12:32 yoklov: hm maybe i should use ibdknox's state machine library

12:37 ddlp: mdeboard: i don't know if lein modifies the compiler itself.

12:38 mdeboard: but, for example, ibdknox mentions using "a modified version of the Clojure compiler" for Light Table.

12:38 mdeboard: ddlp: Ah I see, yeah I don't know. I'm sure he would have an answer for you.

12:39 yoklov: the clojurescript compiler's weird to include though. definitely not as seamless integration as, clojure, for example

12:40 plugins to extend compile behavior would be interesting.

12:50 ddlp: yoklov: yes, a unified api to extend/modify compiler behavior when needed

12:50 yoklov: eh

12:51 actually

12:51 you know

12:51 that sounds like it would be un-namespaceable

12:51 and it would make code incompatible with other code

12:52 you can probably do a large portion of that already with macros too.

12:53 i know in racket, some macros end up being basically compiler extensions/directives, and i don't see why the same thing couldn't be true of clojure, unless you _really_ wanted to change things

12:57 autodidakto: Ok, so where does lein2 save the plugins to?

13:00 raek: autodidakto: everything is kept in the .m2 directory

13:00 autodidakto: raek: ahh ok, so no more plugins/ directory with lein2?

13:00 raek: yeah

13:00 at least this is the case for :dependencies and lib/

13:01 autodidakto: and :plugins in .lein/profiles.clj ?

13:02 raek: it didn't add any plugins there for me

13:02 autodidakto: same here. Ok, that helps, thanks

13:02 raek: lein-swank worked (from :plugins) with an empty .lein/plugins

13:04 autodidakto: yeah same here. Making the transition to lein2, and it was really confusing me...

13:07 ibdknox: ddlp: I modified and rebuilt the compiler

13:07 to preserve some metadata

13:08 so instead of using clojure 1.3.0 I'm using ibdknox/clojure

13:23 autodidakto: xeqi, mfex: I think my hangup was not understanding the lein2 installs to .m2, and I already had the plugins inside .m2 because of installing them previously with lein1

13:24 * autodidakto starts hackernews thread-fight about clojure vs ibdknox/clojure

13:24 autodidakto: "i hear idbknox is going to implement REAL reader macros"

13:24 ddlp: heh

13:25 gfredericks: what is unreal about clojure's reader macros?

13:26 autodidakto: their nonexistance

13:26 1.4 will have an alternative

13:26 gfredericks: so what is #() and #' and etc?

13:26 autodidakto: but 1.4 CLOJURE-TO-THE-KNOX, will have REAL reader macros!

13:26 you can't make your own

13:27 gfredericks: so clojure has reader macros but because it's not extensible we say that clojure does not have reader macros?

13:27 autodidakto: or maybe "their existance" is unreal... tricksy...

13:27 gfredericks: I'm just trying to figure out terminology

13:27 autodidakto: gfredericks: correct

13:27 Rich hickey does, we don't... clojure do.does..nt... yeah I think we say "it doesn't"

13:28 at least, people will say "CL has reader macros, but clojure doesn't"

13:28 $seen rhickey

13:28 lazybot: rhickey was last seen joining on clojure 6 days and 5 hours ago.

13:29 autodidakto: I'm gunning for you, rhickey!

13:29 * autodidakto promises to stop spamming #clojure

13:30 _KY_: I'm using enclojure and got "Error occurred during initialization of VM" not enough heap space

13:31 ddlp: ibdknox: yes. a compiler plugin api would be useful only for features that are not suitable for inclusion in the main compiler.

13:31 bbl

13:35 TimMc: gfredericks: People talk about #-stuff being reader macros, but it's really just part of the parser.

13:36 gfredericks: TimMc: I definitely don't know the diff between "reader" and "parser"

13:36 unless the reader eats strings and the parser eats tokens

13:36 TimMc: eh

13:37 The "reader" is an API-level construct.

13:37 lexers and parsers are implementation-level

13:38 Chousuke: the reader is what takes a string and gives you a data structure

13:38 it's usually implemented with a parser :P

13:38 well, string or input stream

13:38 gfredericks: TimMc: I still don't understand your earlier statement then

13:38 of course something at the API level is "really" just part of a lower level

13:40 TimMc: Hmm. I guess I kind of object to the term "reader macro" in general.

13:40 They should really be called parser plugins, or lexer plugins.

13:41 gfredericks: well. okay.

13:44 so what does 1.4 have in this area then?

13:44 TimMc: gfredericks: I actually don't know much about how Clojure's reader works.

13:46 autodidakto: gfredericks: extensible reader -> http://www.infoq.com/interviews/hickey-clojure-reader

13:46 hsteak: hello

13:46 autodidakto: hsteak: yo

13:51 gfredericks: so is #=() still around?

13:51 dnolen: bbloom: hey I applied your patch to master but there's a small issue that didn't crop up from just running the tests.

13:53 ibdknox: dnolen: are there any thoughts on having compiler modes? E.g. can there be a flag that adds position information on all forms? not just lists.

13:54 dnolen: I understand the size issue, so it probably shouldn't be on normally, but for tools..

13:55 dnolen: ibdknox: something like that sounds reasonble to me - still need to happen in the CLJ reader first.

13:56 ibdknox: yeah, I'm more interested in the reader anyways

13:57 if the analyzer was just better about keeping meta, that would be all that needed to happen

13:57 dnolen: ibdknox: I'm not convinced there's a size issue - we work on code one top level form at a time.

13:58 ibdknox: dnolen: having all those meta entries has to take up space at runtime though, right?

13:59 dnolen: ibdknox: those meta entries don't exist at runtime.

13:59 ibdknox: oh?

13:59 oh right

13:59 duh

13:59 dnolen: I retract my size statement then

13:59 dnolen: can we just have position information on all forms? :D

14:00 haha

14:00 dnolen: ibdknox: yes, want.

14:00 ibdknox: dnolen: I started messing around with esprima, their parse trees are so much more complicated ;)

14:00 code rewriting is going to be interesting

14:01 dnolen: ibdknox: heh yeah JS ain't simple.

14:02 ibdknox: seems doable, just definitely not a 6 day prototype lol

14:02 _KY_: Im using Enclojure and maven cannot start the JVM due to insufficient heap space... what should I do?

14:05 yoklov: #"regex" still doesn't work in cljs, right?

14:06 dnolen: bbloom: basically the REPL is broken at the moment.

14:06 rodnaph: anyone got tips for dealing with cljs compile error? there is literally no useful info, and reverting everything I can remember doing in the last few minutes hasn't helped... HELP! :)

14:07 dnolen: rodnaph: what's the error?

14:07 ibdknox: rodnaph: a compile error or a runtime error?

14:07 rodnaph: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: nth not supported on this type: Symbol

14:08 i'm using lein cljsbuild and getting that during compile (along with a stacktrace from clojure.* and cljs.*

14:08 ibdknox: rodnaph: you probably have an incorrect number of args in a defn

14:08 yoklov: check your function arguments to make sure they're a vector, also try the (:use [foo :only [bar baz]]) forms to make sure [bar baz] is a vector

14:09 usually the later one complains about a seq

14:09 rodnaph: ok thanks yoklov i'll check that!

14:10 is there any way of getting some more useful info from the compiler though? (file/line/etc...) if not maybe a page of common problems would be helpful, i'll start putting one together

14:10 yoklov: i don't know of any :/

14:12 trying stuff out in a repl first helps catch errors

14:12 rodnaph: GAH! ok i had (:use jayq.core :only [$])

14:12 * rodnaph puts eyes back in

14:12 rodnaph: thanks yoklov

14:13 yoklov: np, you get somewhat used to the errors it throws at you, though better messages would be amazing

14:13 the weirdest thing is the google closure compiler running out of memory all the time.

14:14 ibdknox: I've never had that happen

14:14 yoklov: no?

14:14 clojurebot: no is tufflax: there was a question somewhere in there, the answer

14:14 yoklov: hrm.

14:14 rodnaph: yah defo - the eternal problem of someone not passing up the message, always bugs me. "unknown error" - SOMEONE BLOODY KNOWS!! hehe

14:14 yoklov: after usng lein cljsbuild auto for a while, i'll eventually get "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" followed by a stack trace deep in the closure compiler

14:15 "TokenStream.java:1256 com.google.javascript.jscomp.mozilla.rhino.TokenStream.getStringFromBuffer" or stuff like that. not the same place always either.

14:16 rodnaph: ibdknox: any idea on when we'll be able to try lighttable out? :)

14:16 ibdknox: it'll be a bit

14:16 writing an IDE from scratch is a lot of work

14:16 2000 people work on Visual Studio ;)

14:16 rodnaph: is that like when my wife says she'll clean up in a bit? or when by boss says i'll get a payrise in a bit? :D

14:17 dnolen: bbloom: no worries, I went ahead and fixed the REPL in master

14:17 rodnaph: yah i bet! well we'll be waiting.

14:17 ibdknox: rodnaph: I'm hoping for a solid beta by end of year

14:17 but that's me naively estimating right now

14:17 it could be way faster, could be a little longer

14:18 rodnaph: i understand, well good luck anyway, prototype looks fascinating.

14:18 dsantiago: ibdknox: Are you using a web view as the display component?

14:19 ibdknox: dsantiago: yep, it seems dumb to me not to at this point

14:19 it's also the fastest path to something decent

14:19 dsantiago: I agree.

14:19 dnolen: CLJS users - I'm thinking about pushing the static fn optimization into the :advanced opimization phase only. you can of course start up a custom REPL with the static fn optimizations on.

14:19 opinions?

14:20 dsantiago: But I was afraid that it might not be flexible enough to enable a really advanced text editor. But I don't know about that stuff.

14:20 ibdknox: dnolen: is it slow? or is it just that it munges code too much?

14:20 yoklov: dnolen: static fn optimization?

14:20 dnolen: ibdknox: no my main concern is that it stinks for redefinition.

14:21 yoklov: direct calling fns, and well as direct dispatching to a particular arity.

14:21 ibdknox: dsantiago: I think it'll work out, it'll take some time, but eh - that's how it goes

14:21 dnolen: good point. That sounds reasonable

14:22 yoklov: dnolen: right, okay. hm. yeah, sounds fairly reasonable

14:30 ibdknox: dnolen: is there some trick to getting cljs working with node? I keep getting: Cannot set property 'Unicode' of undefined

14:30 clojurebot: You don't have to tell me twice.

14:30 dnolen: k fn optimizations now only applied under advanced optimizations in CLJ master. Redef in peace.

14:31 CLJS master I mean of course.

14:31 ibdknox: yeah you'll see that if you use :simple or :whitespace optimizations I think.

14:32 ibdknox: one second while I remind myself of the issue.

14:35 ibdknox: yes I think the issue is "goog.global = this;" under Node.js

14:35 ibdknox: I see

14:35 so I need to use advanced then?

14:38 dnolen: ibdknox: looking seems like you should be able to set goog.global to something else.

14:57 ibdknox: I think you just have to avoid using only :whitespace optimizations, :simple works.

14:58 ibdknox: the issue is that goog.provide is somewhat meaningless under node

15:08 hcumberdale: Hi ;)

15:08 I'm getting error messages like "Could not find artifact org.clojure:clojure:pom:1.+ in central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2)" with lein2

15:22 bbloom: dnolen: d'oh! Sorry about that

15:24 dnolen: thanks for fixing it. Although the presence of emit-str makes me fear that someone may use it in the compiler itself ;-) I guess we'll just need to get source maps implemented quickly, so that the position tracking logic doesn't have a chance to break :-)

15:25 dnolen: Maybe it should throw an exception if *position* is not nil?

15:33 hcumberdale: I do not understand the whole (and (or thing ... https://github.com/kremers/mongodb-session/blob/master/src/hozumi/mongodb_session.clj

15:34 dnolen: bbloom: emit-str not used in the compiler itself, I think CLJS compiler hackers can figure it out.

15:34 bbloom: dnolen: fair enough :-)

15:35 hcumberdale: let [entity (and key (congo/fetch-one << ?? why "and key" what does it mean

15:36 dnolen: bbloom: and since you're here, I'm curious about your workflow as you've described on the ML.

15:36 antares_: hcumberdale: that code seems to guard against nil key values that way. It's not idiomatic Clojure if you ask me.

15:36 bbloom: yeah, let's talk about it

15:36 dnolen: bbloom: so I take it you don't watch the files and run the REPL at the same time?

15:36 bbloom: nope

15:36 antares_: hcumberdale: if key is nil, and will not evaluate subsequent values

15:36 bbloom: i like to evaluate individual forms as i work

15:37 dnolen: bbloom: hmm yeah, that's what I do to avoid the specific situation you're talking about.

15:37 bbloom: because sometimes i have various functions in half finished states

15:37 antares_: hcumberdale: looks like we need to add support for that thing to Monger, huh

15:37 dnolen: bbloom: but in general I use the REPL a lot as well.

15:37 bbloom: so in my personal cljs fork, i have dynamic Vars ;-) and those vars implement IWatchable

15:37 so in the little project i'm working on, redefining certain vars can cause parts of the dom to automatically re-render

15:38 but only those rendered by the redefined function!

15:38 eggsby: Hey #clojure, what sort of questions can I ask about exceptions?

15:38 bbloom: in order for that to work right, i need to know which symbols go to Var objects and which go to plain old javascript variables

15:39 antares_: hcumberdale: monger now has a clojure.core.cache implementation which is similar implementation-wise to this session store. Take a look at monger.cache, maybe code there will be easier to follow ;)

15:39 eggsby: I'm trying to make an exception logging client and it expects a json dict of 'exception_class', 'backtrace', 'message', 'environment', 'data', and 'url', how could I ask those questions about a given exception?

15:39 dnolen: bbloom: it's still not clear to me why just watching an re-analyzing the files wouldn't work for you, especially if there was defonce support.

15:40 hcumberdale: antares_, thx

15:40 antares_: hcumberdale: so support for ring session stores will be very similar to support for clojure.core.cache

15:40 hcumberdale: antares_, I try to rewrite it

15:40 bbloom: dnolen: it's got to do with the fact that i don't always recall when i last ran the build process… it may have been HOURS ago :-P so what i do, as part of the build process, is save the analysis results to the "out" directory.

15:40 antares_: hcumberdale: if you file an issue about this for Monger, I will get to it some time next week

15:41 bbloom: dnolen: so basically when the browser refreshes, i have a file which matches the state of the browser

15:41 hcumberdale: yeah, I try to port the session store so it uses monger

15:41 dnolen: bbloom: oh so you actually try to debug multiple files?

15:41 yoklov: eggsby: clojure uses its host exceptions, so on the JVM you have java exceptions and in cljs you have JS exceptions

15:41 antares_: hcumberdale: very nice. Don't worry about code quality, I will be happy to give you advice or rewrite some bits if necessary. It took us all some time to learn.

15:41 bbloom: dnolen: oh yeah, it's a various file project with various namespaces

15:42 antares_: hcumberdale: by the way, I think this can go to monger.ring.sessions

15:42 dnolen: bbloom: so how would source mapping affect that? you could easily debug multiple files even if you have a single file in reality.

15:43 hcumberdale: yeah!

15:43 bbloom: dnolen: it doesn't really matter if it's one or more files. what matters is that when the repl connects to the browser, the repl has some compiler state and the browser assumes some other compiler state

15:43 hcumberdale: I'll try me best. The code quality of the existing adapter seems not to be the golden grail

15:43 bbloom: dnolen: either i can re-analyze what i *think* is the right code. or i can load the exact state that was assumed by the browser

15:44 dnolen: again, consider the debug symbols analogy in the C/C++ world.

15:44 dnolen: I can say "ok, i'm running a release build of commit 12345… so ill git co that version and then rebuild my symbols…. then i'll attach my debugger"

15:45 dnolen: all i'm doing is copying my symbols to the output directory and loading them on attach

15:45 dnolen: make sense?

15:46 unlink_: When I run lein ring server, it deletes my java-source-file-compiled classes. lein ring war works.

15:46 bbloom: dnolen: so i have a :repl key in my project.clj and that repl file just has: (reset! compiler/namespaces (read-string (slurp "out/namespaces.clj")))

15:46 dnolen: which is produced by my build code with (spit "out/namespaces.clj" (prn-str @compiler/namespaces))

15:46 dnolen: works a treat :-)

15:48 dnolen: bbloom: yes, I got that from your ML post - that's pretty interesting. perhaps a feature request for lein-cljsbuild.

15:49 bbloom: I take it you building a largish project in CLJS

15:49 bbloom: dolen: i'm not using cljsbuild, but only b/c i haven't even looked at it yet

15:50 dnolen: bbloom: there's lots of stuff better handled by an external tool. I suspected something like lein-cljsbuild could fill holes in what the CLJS compiler provides out of the box. And I think it's turned out to be very true.

15:50 bbloom: dnolen: and i'd *like to* build a largest project in cljs… but right now, i'm mostly just tinkering with it. my startup runs on ruby, coffeescript, and a hodgepodge of make/bash/sed/awk/whatever, but i'm trying to find an excuse to use some clojure :-)

15:52 dnolen: ok, i'll study cljsbuild a bit

15:52 dnolen: is emezeske the current maintainer?

15:52 dnolen: bbloom: yes

15:54 bbloom: dnolen: does he hang out here at all?

15:55 dnolen: anyway, gotta run. thanks for merging my patch! cheers

15:56 dnolen: bbloom: he does! np, thx much. later.

15:58 unlink_: with `lein ring server`, I get Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException <my java class>

16:00 hcumberdale: What means _ here? [_ key data]

16:00 (parameter list)

16:00 unlink_: hcumberdale: bind the first argument and ignore the value

16:01 Chousuke: hcumberdale: it's just an idiomatic way to indicate an unused parameter

16:01 hcumberdale: ahh thx

16:01 bpr: i'm trying to write a function that takes a function f and returns the arglists of f. My first attempt https://refheap.com/paste/2136 doesn't compile, because f isn't a var. I know this is possible, because the slime repl provides agrname hints. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a pointer to the relevant sections of slime/swank?

16:02 gfredericks: bpr: the metadata for that is stored on the var, not the function

16:02 bpr: yes

16:02 gfredericks: which means if all you have is the function, you can't get much

16:02 so there's a couple ways to go from there depending on what you can control

16:03 bpr: how does slime do it then?

16:03 gfredericks: I assume slime obtains the var one way or another

16:03 if you know the qualified symbol that points to the var you can get it

16:03 but if you just have a function with no name or anything...

16:04 bpr: ok. I'm doing this from within a macro, so I should have the qualified symbol

16:04 gfredericks: ,(resolve 'clojure.core/for)

16:04 clojurebot: #'clojure.core/for

16:05 bpr: thanks

16:05 gfredericks: well that does something

16:05 I'm not 100% sure that's` what you want but it might well be

16:06 bpr: https://refheap.com/paste/2136 <-- seems to be good enough for my uses

16:06 thanks, gfredericks

16:06 gfredericks: bpr: yep

16:08 mfex: bpr, this is how (doc ...) does it: https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/553f4879cad019dd9dc1727165d8a41c216bd086/src/clj/clojure/repl.clj#L120

16:09 bpr: mfex: nice. thank you

16:10 gfredericks: ooh it _does_ involve resolve :)

16:10 bpr: :-)

16:13 hcumberdale: mhhh seems the old mongodb session stuff does rely on another ring version

16:14 https://github.com/mmcgrana/ring/blob/master/ring-core/src/ring/middleware/session/store.clj << in the tests is something like (write-session store nil {:foo "bar"})

16:15 krsanky: ibdknox still here ?

16:32 hcumberdale: antares_, what can lead to java.lang.ClassCastException: clojure.lang.Keyword cannot be cast to java.lang.String ?

16:32 antares_: hcumberdale: you are passing a keyword somewhere when a string is expected

16:32 hcumberdale: the line is: (mng/insert collection-name (merge data { :_id newkey :_date (Date.) }))

16:33 antares_: possibly collection-name is a keyword

16:33 monger always uses strings

16:33 hcumberdale: ahhh, sec i'll have a look

16:33 antares_: if you get a keyword somehow, use (name kwd) to turn it into a string

16:33 not (str kwd)

16:34 hcumberdale: okay, thx antares_...!

16:38 antares_ you were right!

16:39 ibdknox: krsanky: pong

16:52 hcumberdale: https://github.com/kremers/monger-session

16:52 mdeboard: Can you specify a single test to run with lein test?

16:55 hcumberdale: antares_, works with the tests defined for the old congomongo-session things

16:56 antares_: hcumberdale: woohoo! great job!

16:58 hcumberdale: I get addicted

17:00 oO java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: can't serialize class clojure.lang.Keyword

17:00 at org.bson.BasicBSONEncoder._putObjectField(BasicBSONEncoder.java:234) ~[mongo-java-driver-2.7.3.jar:na]

17:01 espeed: How do you use defmulti to create a function that can have zero, one, or two arguments?

17:01 (I'm wrapping a Java method)

17:02 mdeboard: espeed: This is about the only topic that I think the CLojure docs do a good job of explaining

17:02 espeed: http://clojure.org/multimethods

17:04 hcumberdale: antares_ I thought keywords can be serialized with monger?

17:06 antares_: hcumberdale: they can

17:06 in document values

17:06 but you cannot use them as collection names

17:06 hcumberdale: okay, I'll try to trace it down

17:12 groovemonkey: I'm having a problem where (read-line) works fine at the REPL but when I do 'lein run', the terminal doesn't seem to be registering any input (I don't see any letters as I type, and have to ctrl-c out of the process).

17:12 hcumberdale: antares_ what is going to be written:

17:12 {:_flash {:login {:form [Username and password do not match!], :form-data {:roles #{:admin}}}}, :_id 6d591e4f-0967-4f30-b2c8-002a489f36e5, :_date #<Date Sun Apr 15 22:55:30 CEST 2012>, :_sandbar_session {:auth-redirect-uri /admin}}

17:12 the data has to be escaped, right?

17:12 antares_: hcumberdale: from what I see in this example, no

17:13 groovemonkey: is stdin mapped differently in a REPL session than when I run from lein?

17:13 antares_: as long as it is useful as is

17:13 ibdknox: groovemonkey: lein trampoline run

17:13 groovemonkey: you need lein's JVM to get out of the way

17:13 dabd: I'm trying to create a standalone jar. My -main function has [& args] signature and I want to pass 3 args: one string, one sequence of strings and another string. How can I pass the seq from the linux shell? java -jar myjar "str1" ["a" "b"] "str2" does not work

17:13 groovemonkey: d'oh, thanks!

17:14 hcumberdale: antares_ here the complete stacktrace: https://refheap.com/paste/2139

17:16 antares_ and here the file. Error occurs on line 24 https://github.com/kremers/monger-session/blob/master/src/kremers/monger_session.clj

17:18 antares_: hcumberdale: hm…

17:18 hcumberdale: can you add a test for monger that stores a similar map and reproduces the issue?

17:18 hcumberdale: actually, I'll do it

17:19 hcumberdale: keep in mind that once we store a keyword, it will really be stored as a string

17:20 hcumberdale: so when loaded back, it will be a string. I think for all intents and purposes, that's fine

17:21 hcumberdale: https://github.com/michaelklishin/monger/commit/5c62e47de77717cf22ad1beca8ebe81e13734428

17:21 hcumberdale: I pushed a new snapshot, maybe this is something the most recent beta does not support, I don't really remember

17:22 espeed: mdeboard: thanks. maybe I'm overlooking something, but I don't see anything about defmulti or defmethod taking a variable number of arguments

17:24 mdeboard: well, that's what they're for. You define one method per signature, iirc anyway. I've never used them seriously. I'm sure someone else has some better info for you than me

17:31 hcumberdale: antares_, okay I'll write a test for you

17:32 antares_: hcumberdale: I already pushed one :)

17:40 hcumberdale: huh antares_ can't find it. Or do you mean the new snapshot?

17:40 antares_: hcumberdale: https://github.com/michaelklishin/monger/commit/5c62e47de77717cf22ad1beca8ebe81e13734428

17:46 hcumberdale: antares_ and it works against the test?

17:46 antares_: hcumberdale: it does

17:46 hcumberdale: antares_: see https://github.com/kremers/monger-session/blob/master/test/kremers/test_mongodb_session.clj

17:47 (deftest mongoserializablekeywords

17:47 this is exactly what is generated by sandbar

17:47 I serialized it using (str (binding [*print-dup* true] (prn-str data)))

17:48 antares_: hcumberdale: that's what I am saying, try with SNAPSHOT

17:48 maybe it is something specific to master

17:48 I am not sure

17:48 hcumberdale: okay, I'll try

17:49 ERROR in (mongoserializablekeywords) (BasicBSONEncoder.java:234)

17:49 Uncaught exception, not in assertion.

17:50 My test is still failing, also with the most up to date snapshot

18:01 Xorlev: clj-zoo-service-tracker -- interesting...

18:08 pastime: Any positive experience with incanter (Excel lib) http://clojars.org/incanter/incanter-excel

18:10 zenom: Anyone familiar with leiningen? I am trying to do lein uberjar and when I run the jar with java -jar <filename> I get NoClassDefFoundError

18:13 gfredericks: zenom: does your class appear in `jar tf <filename>`?

18:13 zenom: checking

18:14 https://gist.github.com/2395056

18:15 its smuggler/core.clj

18:15 plus after that is a bunch of more clojure stuff and clojure-contrib

18:15 gfredericks: zenom: did you set up (:gen-class) for your main ns?

18:15 zenom: https://github.com/zenom/clojure-knapsack

18:16 there is the project right there

18:16 I have (ns smuggler.core) in src/smuggler/core.clj

18:16 gfredericks: that is handy

18:16 change to (ns smuggler.core (:gen-class))

18:17 that tells the compiler to generate the class for which your -main function will be the main method

18:17 zenom: ah ok, let me do a clean and re-uberjar :)

18:17 S11001001: and for a smaller jar, add :clean-non-project-classes true to the project.clj

18:18 zenom: S11001001: will do

18:18 gfredericks: thanks that worked :)

18:18 gfredericks: zenom: happy smuggling

18:18 zenom: hehe

18:18 its an interesting challenege

18:18 never used clojure before this weekend

18:19 would love to figure out how to streamline some of the code as well

18:19 if you have hints :)

18:19 S11001001: com.keminglabs/c2 sounds like a client for the PPR

18:19 zenom: get-random-number is a slow rand-int

18:19 zenom: So once I have the standalone jar I can just send that off to someone right? they don't nee anything else?

18:19 S11001001: zenom: don't put trailing ) on their own line, ever

18:19 zenom: S11001001: i just didn't want a 0 possible

18:20 S11001001: zenom: then add 1

18:20 hcumberdale: antares_ have you seen my test case?

18:20 gfredericks: zenom: yes the uberjar is self-contained

18:20 zenom: gfredericks: thanks

18:20 antares_: hcumberdale: no

18:20 zenom: S11001001: ok , will change up the get-random-number and such

18:20 gfredericks: zenom: avoid def-ing inside a function; you should be able to replace those with let

18:20 S11001001: sorry, this is going to be style-wise

18:21 never use _ for your names, always use -

18:21 zenom: yeah i thought I changed all those, I guess not

18:21 even for vars?

18:21 or just methods?

18:21 (let [{doll_weight or (let [{doll-weight ?

18:21 gfredericks: clojure prefers - for everything, unless you have something externally you're coordinating with

18:21 zenom: gotcha

18:22 gfredericks: they're prettier :)

18:22 zenom: I am a ruby/python guy mostly

18:22 so used to _ :)

18:22 but will change those

18:22 gfredericks: yeah

18:22 my snooty opinion is that - is better and would be used in other languages except those languages have an incompatible syntax

18:23 e.g. in ruby foo-bar is equivalent to foo - bar which obviously means something different

18:23 zenom: right

18:23 S11001001: truth

18:24 zenom: (+ (rand-int maxsize) 1))

18:24 antares_: hcumberdale: just paste me a value

18:24 zenom: is that bettre than what I had?

18:24 gfredericks: zenom: you could use inc instead of +1, but otherwise yeah

18:25 S11001001: (dec maxsize) too

18:25 zenom: ok

18:25 gfredericks: S11001001: really?

18:25 zenom: is inc faster / better than + ?

18:25 S11001001: ,(vec (take 20 (repeatedly #(inc (rand-int 10)))))

18:25 gfredericks: eh, just idiomatic I think

18:25 clojurebot: [7 10 6 2 2 ...]

18:25 S11001001: ugh

18:25 clojurebot: I don't understand.

18:25 S11001001: so there's a 10 in there

18:26 gfredericks: S11001001: I assumed maxsize was inclusive

18:26 so

18:26 I guess we both know what we're talking about then

18:26 S11001001: not in original get-random-number

18:26 though I suppose it's up to zenom whether it's meant to be inclusive or exclusive, really

18:26 hcumberdale: antares_ see : https://github.com/kremers/monger-session/blob/master/test/kremers/test_mongodb_session.clj

18:26 zenom: basically when i pass 10, I want 1-10 (inclusive)

18:26 S11001001: then don't dec

18:27 but also know your original func was inclusive-exclusive :)

18:27 dnolen: zenom: inc + will be much the same perf wise.

18:27 antares_: hcumberdale: it may be :roles #{:admin}. I am not sure why you needed to use Java methods to build maps, though

18:28 hcumberdale: I will take a look tomorrow

18:28 hcumberdale: antares_ it is what sandbar creates

18:30 S11001001: zenom: you are from ruby, you're familiar with collect, select, and such?

18:31 zenom: S11001001: collect yes

18:31 never messed with select so much

18:31 S11001001: these are strongly preferred in clojure

18:31 generate-shipment is (vec (map #(hash-map :name (str "doll-" %) ...) (range 1 (inc total-dolls))))

18:32 antares_: hcumberdale: I can reproduce it, it is an issue with sets of keywords. I'd recommend that you convert them to strings anyway

18:32 zenom: will check that out in a min; trying to clean up my _'s :)

18:32 antares_: hcumberdale: although I will try to find a solution

18:35 hcumberdale: antares_ with (binding [*print-dup* true] (prn-str .. ? or what is the best way to do this?

18:36 antares_: hcumberdale: I have a fix

18:36 hcumberdale: (map str set-of-keywords)

18:36 sorry

18:36 map by clojure.core/name

18:37 hcumberdale: (map name set-of-keywords) ?

18:37 S11001001: ,(name 42)

18:37 clojurebot: #<ClassCastException java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long cannot be cast to clojure.lang.Named>

18:37 S11001001: ,(name "42")

18:37 clojurebot: "42"

18:38 S11001001: following Brucio's REEPL method of understanding lisp, name is clearly a function that checks whether its arg is a string, returning it if so, throwing an exception otherwise

18:40 antares_: hcumberdale: https://github.com/michaelklishin/monger/commit/6a2698dce2684355fbc2c43b7e580a99c0d2033d

18:40 hcumberdale: yes. But I've pushed a new snapshot that should resolve your issue anyway. Good catch.

18:42 hcumberdale: okay, pushed new snapshot?

18:43 Lajla: hcumberdale, you taste like poo.

18:43 Boy, you must get that a lot.

18:46 hcumberdale: Lajla?

18:47 dnolen: hcumberdale: Lajla is a troll, just ignore him.

18:48 hcumberdale: ahhhh

18:49 laurus: Why can't I use the doc function in the clojure-jack-in repl?

18:50 gfredericks: laurus: (use 'clojure.repl)

18:51 laurus: gfredericks, thanks. So I have to run that every time?

18:51 autodidakto: gfredericks: lein-swank doesn't automatically require it? isn't there a line you can add somewhere to make it do that?

18:51 I coulda sworn there was...

18:51 gfredericks: laurus: I think there's a way that autodidakto is alluding to, but I don't know the details

18:51 well more than alluding

18:52 he is explicitly talking about it

18:52 autodidakto: Turn on the technomany signal! And go through the docs just in cas!

18:52 * autodidakto gets explicit

18:52 laurus: Well this will do for now, thanks! Is there anything else I should include?

18:52 clojure.somethingelse I mean

18:52 gfredericks: technomancy: would probably just say to use the emaxy-swank-whatsit functions instead

18:52 C-x C-d M-x M-u C-d or something

18:52 autodidakto: laurus: for doc, no

18:52 laurus: autodidakto, I mean, for other useful things.

18:53 autodidakto: gfredericks: lol, i think in this case it goes in your init.clj/project.clj or something

18:53 laurus: autodidakto, l

18:53 autodidakto: laurus: you'll find them in time. pprint is common

18:53 laurus: clojure.pprint?

18:53 autodidakto: think so

18:53 gfredericks: yeah

18:53 laurus: Thanks.

18:54 antares_: hcumberdale: does the most recent snapshot work for you?

18:55 autodidakto: The technomancy bat signal -> triggering all his keywords at once -> "technomany, emacs, vim, heroku, xmonads, leingingen, debian" ... hmm what else?

18:55 ibdknox: to answer some of the questions on Light Table: http://www.chris-granger.com/2012/04/15/light-tables-numbers/

18:55 autodidakto: bah, misspelled his name anyways

18:55 leiningingiengienge

18:55 gfredericks: "technomany" is his plural name

18:55 autodidakto: Must be slavic

18:56 Or his undead computer army

18:56 zenom: Ok, any ideas how to clean up the fill-handbag? :)

18:56 https://github.com/zenom/clojure-knapsack/blob/master/src/smuggler/core.clj

18:56 i cleaned up the rest, and greatly appreciate your help guys

18:57 gfredericks: (= 0) is (zero?)

18:58 zenom: ok let me look that up, im assuming thats just a helper for = 0

18:58 but increases readability

18:58 gfredericks: yeah that's all

18:59 there's a lot of stuff like that when learning clojure

18:59 not too important I guess

19:03 zenom: it's much better than I'd expect for someone starting out

19:03 Lajla: hcumberdale, it's not from salad fingers?

19:03 THe cartoon?

19:03 There's a chatracter called humbert cumberdale in iot

19:03 zenom: cool, still want to figure out how to clean up fill-handbag, so going to try and look around more

19:03 seems bulky to me. like it needs a refactor hehe

19:04 hcumberdale: Lajla, cartoon spoon

19:05 yes

19:05 It is from salad fingers

19:07 Lajla: hcumberdale, ah yes

19:08 Well, Salad Finger says in it 'Ohhh, Huber Cumberdale, you taste like poo' when he tastes him

19:08 which, dnolen is by the way why the word 'troll' is completely overrated and nowadays just sprayed around by every person who doesn't understand what some-one means.

19:11 hcumberdale: he really said this?

19:12 Lajla: Yes

19:12 in the episode cumberdale was introduced in

19:13 hcumberdale, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuCw5k-Lph0&feature=fvsr seconmd episode apparently

19:17 emacs_newb: so I recently tried using slime + clojure

19:17 mind = blown

19:18 it's amazing; I can't believe I haven't used this for the past 10 years

19:18 hcumberdale: yeah!

19:18 it works now

19:19 emacs_newb: life without slime :: life with clojure = using a keyboard :: having computer read my mind

19:19 s/clojure/slime

19:19 there's something about having a live repl that just increases flow / focus

19:21 hcumberdale: Lajla, super awesome

19:24 Is there a tool to get rid of all things I do not use from my .jar files?

19:25 slamhound is nice for imports but it does not work in my project

19:28 S11001001: hcumberdale: no; clojure tree-shaking is a reduction of the halting problem

19:28 hcumberdale: antares_ it's working!

19:28 I pushed the latest version to github and clojars

19:28 antares_: hcumberdale: cool. We will release next beta soon.

19:31 hcumberdale: I also changed it to work with strings ,... ;)

19:31 super-super-awesome

19:31 now it's time to go to bed

19:31 01:26 ...

19:35 _KY_: Is 2Gb memory too small for Enclojure to compile projects?

19:48 zenom: does clojure 1.3 have a min java version or anything?

19:53 septomin_: ibdknox: looking forward to seeing the reward tiers

19:53 ibdknox: here's the preview: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306316578/698018053?token=27376c21

19:54 if there are suggestions for the rewards, I'd be interested in hearing them :)

19:59 septomin_: hmm, maybe some kind of fancy printed manual

19:59 aperiodic: stickers!

19:59 everybody loves stickers

20:00 brehaut: ibdknox: have raynes and amalloy complained about the color scheme yet?

20:01 ibdknox: lol

20:01 brehaut: :)

20:01 ibdknox: people and their damn colors :p

20:01 aperiodic: oo, I did forget stickers...

20:03 septomin_: that's an interesting idea too

20:04 we used to give out shortcut cards for VS

20:17 rofl

20:17 I just got this email: https://refheap.com/paste/2140

20:21 _KY_: How can I change directory in the REPL?

20:22 brehaut: ibdknox: thats… wow

20:22 gfredericks: _KY_: jvm doesn't let you change working directory

20:22 $google github raynes fs

20:22 lazybot: [Raynes/fs · GitHub] https://github.com/Raynes/fs

20:23 Licenser: ibdknox seriousely?

20:23 gfredericks: but that ^ might interest you

20:23 Licenser: I mean the people thing .NET is a language o.O

20:23 *think

20:23 brehaut: i presume he wants support for .NET IL

20:23 devn: 200k?

20:24 ibdknox: brehaut: that still doesn't really make sense

20:24 lol

20:24 CLR IL would, I guess

20:25 though you couldn't do anything meaningful with *just* that

20:25 in any case I loved the "clojure is outdated"

20:25 brehaut: especially compared to python

20:26 ibdknox: half a decade = time to deprecate ;)

20:26 brehaut: in favour of a decade and a half old language

20:27 septomin_: ibdknox: maybe tutorial videos?

20:27 ibdknox: I thought of doing some totally different things

20:27 septomin_: or an in-person thing, you're in SF right?

20:27 ibdknox: yeah I was thinking of something like that

20:27 _KY_: How do I display the classpath in REPL?

20:27 ibdknox: one of the company ones would be have me come in and speak

20:28 or more startupy one, use me for a day to solve a problem

20:28 not sure if those are interesting though

20:29 TimMc: &(find {:a 1 :b 2 :c 3} :b)

20:29 lazybot: ⇒ [:b 2]

20:29 TimMc: Huh.

20:29 ibdknox: devn: were you questioning the 200k goal?

20:29 ,(doc find)

20:29 clojurebot: "([map key]); Returns the map entry for key, or nil if key not present."

20:30 ibdknox: TimMc: ?

20:30 TimMc: Oh, it's just new to me, that's all.

20:30 gfredericks: ,(-> {:a 1} (find :a) type)

20:30 clojurebot: clojure.lang.MapEntry

20:30 ibdknox: I knew it existed, but have never cared to use it

20:30 lol

20:31 gfredericks: I can't imagine it has any high-level use

20:31 well _maaaay_be

20:31 TimMc: I discovered it when a defn collided with it.

20:31 ibdknox: me too

20:31 lol

20:31 TimMc: like an uncharted shoal

20:32 bpr: haha

20:32 gfredericks: I guess it might be the easiest way to filter a map by a set of keys?

20:32 as in (into {} (map #(find m %) my-keys))

20:33 ibdknox: gfredericks: select-keys

20:33 ,(doc select-keys)

20:33 clojurebot: "([map keyseq]); Returns a map containing only those entries in map whose key is in keys"

20:33 gfredericks: crap and I even know all about select keys

20:33 find has foiled me again

20:33 ibdknox: lol

20:34 ,(source select-keys)

20:34 clojurebot: Source not found

20:34 ibdknox: &(source select-keys)

20:34 lazybot: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: source in this context

20:34 ibdknox: aw

20:34 gfredericks: you bots are worthless

20:34 ibdknox: I was wondering if maybe it used find under the covers

20:34 gfredericks: $source select-keys

20:34 lazybot: select-keys is http://is.gd/SzyhyJ

20:34 gfredericks: I bet the link goes to the wrong line

20:35 ibdknox: yeah not even close

20:35 gfredericks: ibdknox: it does!

20:35 I mean it does use find

20:35 ibdknox: well there you go

20:35 gfredericks: but that contradicts my "high-level" qualification

20:35 so maybe we're back to it's worthless

20:36 well it does keep TimMc from using nice simple function names

20:37 ibdknox: so that's a win really :p

20:40 _KY_: Can someone tell me how to run a simple clj file? just using the REPL or java -cp ?

20:40 gfredericks: load-file from the repl should work

20:41 _KY_: Thanks...

21:00 Licenser: if I've a syntax error in a cljs project can I find out where the problem is?

21:03 TimMc: _KY_: There's also a one-off plugin for leiningen

21:04 krsanky: ibdknox: nice email u must have fans :P

21:04 _KY_: I'm trying to use enclojure... but the JVM won't start because of low memory... I have 2GB RAM, dunno why

21:05 yoklov: Licenser: not really

21:05 Licenser: :(

21:06 septomin_: is there a shortcut for (partial keep identity)?

21:06 yoklov: what's the problem?

21:06 krsanky: sry ibdnox im just reading your posts because im all up in noir

21:07 ibdknox: krsanky: lol, I get some weird emails sometimes ;)

21:07 yoklov: Licenser, i've found that running the repl helps a lot, as does compiling frequently. you also get good at telling what the errors mean

21:07 krsanky: that means your doing something right !

21:07 ibdknox: haha

21:07 does anyone know if python devs still outnumber ruby ones?

21:07 Licenser: yoklov yea I have a bad {} in there somewhere

21:07 krsanky: i LOVE python

21:08 ibdknox: krsanky: what's your favorite python dev tool?

21:08 krsanky: ?

21:08 septomin_: that's probably going to depend a lot on how you define "python dev"

21:08 krsanky: i learned python just for django way back

21:09 ibdknox: krsanky: what editor/IDE did you or do you use for it, is what I was asking :)

21:09 krsanky: but ii use vim or emacs

21:09 ibdknox: septomin_: I know for the longest time academia pushed it well above ruby

21:09 Licenser: is there a way to run a remote reply on a node.js deployment?

21:10 septomin_: ibdknox: well, that and a lot of scripting

21:10 ibdknox: also true

21:10 septomin_: not many people consider themselves bash devs

21:10 krsanky: i do!

21:10 ibdknox: lol

21:10 krsanky: im a sysadmin 1st

21:10 ibdknox: I'm just thinking around what the next language might be

21:10 krsanky: clojure duh !

21:11 septomin_: the python IDEs were all quite bad the last i looked

21:11 ibdknox: krsanky: clojure + JS are first ;)

21:11 krsanky: python is just easier and doesnt have the startup time problem

21:11 yoklov: Licenser: hm, no clue, maybe someone else knows. There also might be something in the https://github.com/emezeske/lein-cljsbuild docs.

21:11 krsanky: clojure makes me smile when i do get it

21:12 Licenser: yoklov thanks :) sadly not using lein

21:12 septomin_: i think the main reason is that it's very hard to do static type analysis well in python

21:13 krsanky: dont lisp people shun IDEs ?

21:13 ibdknox: lisp has had quite a few interesting dev envs over the years

21:14 krsanky: yeah i spoke fast i saw an old vid with steele and some others steele liked the IDEs

21:14 clojurebot: It's greek to me.

21:15 krsanky: ive only liked using the MS one way back

21:15 eclipse kinda is not fun

21:15 yoklov: i really like that you can view changes in your code live in eclipse.

21:15 live == when you save

21:15 krsanky: is that the counterclockwise one ?

21:15 ibdknox: yoklov: hm?

21:15 septomin_: ibdknox: so generally I think something like lighttable is most interesting where people are mainly using text editors

21:16 ivan: ibdknox: why would you want to suffer the pain of Python?

21:16 (and IntelliJ/PyCharm is nice)

21:16 ibdknox: septomin_: I believe that's mostly true

21:17 ivan: python's a decent enough language :) I was mostly thinking in terms of expanding reach

21:17 no one collects good stats on the number of devs for things it seems

21:17 yoklov: ibdknox: if you are running in debug mode, you can edit some method in a class, save the file, and then next time that method gets called, the change occurs. i've found it quite useful for UI/game development

21:17 septomin_: i'm also kind of skeptical of performance on something like a large C++ project

21:17 ivan: I have used Python for large applications and you run into pretty much all of the problems that Clojure has solved

21:17 ibdknox: I know there are around 6 million .NET folks out there

21:17 krsanky: ibdnox: i dont envy you trying to make a paradigm shifting editor/env

21:17 ivan: plus it is slow

21:18 and does not really compile to JS

21:18 ibdknox: yoklov: ah, that

21:18 krsanky: id for sure try it

21:18 ibdknox: krsanky: I have at least some idea of the mess I've gotten myself into ;)

21:19 krsanky: ibdknox: you can do it!

21:19 :)

21:19 septomin_: why do you think it is that the state of the art is so bad, anyway

21:20 yoklov: ibdknox: yeah, it's quite limited but still more powerful than a lot of other ways of doing gui development… tragically. (hopefully you'll change that though :)

21:21 ibdknox: septomin_: are you asking me?

21:22 ivan: ibdknox: if you get into Python, #twisted is where the cool people hang out. #python is agony.

21:22 ibdknox: I wrote a fair amount of stuff in python a couple years ago

21:22 septomin_: i just mean in general

21:22 kovasb: for clojure the state of the art is emacs, which is showing its age..

21:23 not great for webdev or graphics

21:23 septomin_: why we still have largely the same compilation model as in the 70s

21:23 ivan: Sublime Text has brought some really cool editor innovations that no one is copying

21:23 yoklov: kovas: why do you say its bad for graphics?

21:23 ivan: multiple cursors/selections, especially

21:23 Emacs can't even keep the cursor outside of the viewport

21:23 ibdknox: ivan: we had that in VS :)

21:23 ivan: ibdknox: really? did it ship?

21:23 ibdknox: septomin_: a number of reasons

21:23 yeah

21:24 ivan: whoa. how come it's not on reddit and stuff?

21:24 ibdknox: nobody likes VS :p

21:24 well correction, the people on HN and Reddit don't like VS

21:24 yoklov: kovasb: (whoops, had spelt your name wrong)why do you say emacs is bad for graphics

21:24 kovasb: yoklov: if you are calling outside packages to render your graphics, that is suboptimal in many ways

21:24 ivan: ibdknox: I see "multiple line". does it handle multiple cursors in the same line?

21:25 ibdknox: that might have ended up as an extension, but it definitely exists

21:25 ivan: okay

21:25 ibdknox: I think it was called multi-stream selection or something

21:25 kovasb: yoklov: the consequence is that the graphics is no longer integrated into the working environment, its in an outside box somewhere

21:25 yoklov: kovasb: hm, not quite sure what you mean, outside packages as in… not rendering in an emacs buffer

21:25 ibdknox: septomin_: I think one of the main reasons our tools are the way they are is because only devs care about them and in my experience design and dev are a very rare combination of skill sets

21:26 kovasb: yoklov: yes, the choice is either to use emacs directly for graphics (which no one does for clojure), or use a JVM-based graphics lib

21:26 yoklov: kovasb: ah, okay, i agree that that sucks, however i don't know how much better newer tools are for that. (aside from full-blown IDEs)

21:27 kovasb: yoklov: I used / worked for Mathematica for many years, its light years better

21:27 ibdknox: wooooow

21:27 what a troll

21:27 kovasb: yoklov: but there are other beefs with emacs besides that. Its just showing its age in many ways

21:28 gfredericks: I used bananas for eating for many years; they're light years better

21:28 kovasb: lol

21:29 ibdknox: http://groups.google.com/group/light-table/browse_thread/thread/f3109d5fdfea5f90

21:29 it is way too early for that shit

21:29 lol

21:29 kovasb: loool

21:30 looks like the honeymoon is over :)

21:30 ibdknox: haha

21:30 yoklov: kovasb: i'll agree web development can be a bit awkward, especially if you don't have control over the file (e.g. someone used a <style> or <script> tag, as MuMaMo et al. are awkward)

21:31 kovasb: yoklov: yeah. I mean I like emacs. But its a problem when you can't natively/easily represent the stuff you are trying to create

21:31 gfredericks: I like "Chris himself"

21:32 kovasb: I mean, he has a point about size of market

21:32 but funny

21:32 how big is the lua market anyway??

21:32 lazybot: kovasb: Definitely not.

21:32 ibdknox: kovasb: hence JS

21:32 kovasb: yea exactly

21:33 ibdknox: lowest level of annoyance for highest return

21:33 support JS will be at least one if not two orders of magnitude harder than Clojure

21:34 in any case, the more money it raises, the more people I can hire to expand the languages out

21:34 that will address itself

21:34 especially with it being an open platform

21:34 gfredericks: ibdknox: separate kickstarter for each language :)

21:34 ibdknox: haha that would be interesting only in order to see how it played out

21:35 it would be a very good way to understand the market associated with each sector of the dev world

21:35 but I have plans for more than just the IDE portion :)

21:36 kovasb: henceforth I will refer to myself as "a member of the code writing industry"

21:36 clearly this guy programs in java for a living

21:36 ibdknox: lol

21:36 kovasb: how many lines of code did you produce today, huh??

21:36 lazybot: kovasb: Definitely not.

21:37 gfredericks: kovasb: why do you always have to trigger lazybot's boolean replies???

21:37 lazybot: gfredericks: Oh, absolutely.

21:38 kovasb: gfredericks: i haven't read the source yet

21:38 gfredericks: either that or it has it out for me

21:38 gfredericks: kovasb: I was facetiously complaining; just wanted to trigger it myself. it's just the repeat question makrs at the end

21:39 right lazybot???

21:39 lazybot: gfredericks: Yes, 100% for sure.

21:39 ivan: Are you sure it's just that??

21:39 lazybot: ivan: What are you, crazy? Of course not!

21:39 gfredericks: I miss sexpbot

21:39 yoklov: lol

21:39 great name

21:39 kovasb: Anyway I came into the room because I have a serious question

21:40 I'm getting the cljs "Can't recur here" error

21:40 ibdknox: you AOT'd the compiler

21:40 kovasb: its not the "delete the classes folder" solution

21:40 ibdknox: delete classes

21:40 hm

21:40 kovasb: I'm trying to combine several cljs projects

21:40 ibdknox: you need to add the skip-aot thing too

21:41 kovasb: ok will try that

21:41 but that error = aot'ing the compiler?

21:42 ibdknox: usually

21:42 or you're actually recuring someplace you can't

21:42 but that's pretty hard to do

21:42 kovasb: its weird because it seems transient

21:42 ibdknox: it's likely the AOT stuff then

21:42 kovasb: I'm using noir-cljs and himera

21:42 ibdknox: if the cljs compiler gets aot'd terrible things happen

21:42 kovasb: id did some exclusions and i thought i fixed it..

21:43 ibdknox: does noir-cljs do the same thing as the lein cljsbuild once?

21:43 ibdknox: no, it watches

21:43 kovasb: right, but once its starts to compile

21:44 i think i have clojurescript in 3 places here

21:44 ibdknox: could be version mismatches or something then

21:44 kovasb: cljsbuild, noir-cljs, and himera

21:45 i guess i will try excluding more libs until it works again

21:48 ibdknox: I suspect CodeMirror is about to get a shit ton better

21:48 lol

21:49 kovasb: that would be awesome

21:49 what made you choose that over ace?

21:49 ibdknox: haha someone asked that on the latest HN thread: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3845316

21:50 tldr: it had better clojure support and wasn't a pain in the ass to setup

21:50 either I was just doing it wrong or the ACE instructions are terrible (haven't checked in a while, maybe it got better)

21:50 Something about the CodeMirror project just made me like it more too

21:52 kovasb: I spent an evening looking at the various options

21:52 I like how ace highlights closing brackets

21:52 ibdknox: so does codemirror :)

21:52 you just have to turn it on

21:52 kovasb: ah :)

21:52 ibdknox: I'm really hoping someone writes paredit for it :)

21:53 shouldn't be *that* hard

21:53 kovasb: i was able to get it to work easily but the ace api does look a bit ughly

21:53 i would kill for that

21:53 ibdknox: and might be a neat exercise

21:53 lol maybe that should be one of the filters for hiring

21:53 write paredit for CodeMirror

21:54 I'm really interested in how the balancing act between open source and business plays out here.

21:54 ivan: wishlist: variable-width fonts in CodeMirror with automatically fixed alignment

21:55 kovasb: there is always the hosting route

21:55 people create cool shit with your tool.. want it hosted somewhere

21:55 septomin_: it might be nice to clarify what a license entails

21:56 ibdknox: septomin_: I agree

21:56 kovasb: in terms of quick wins, could get bought by heroku/salesforce

21:56 ibdknox: longer term vision is a lot bigger than a quick win, which I think I would want to stick out for

21:57 kovasb: how are all these other projects getting funded

21:57 firebase etc

21:57 ibdknox: they're YC

21:57 kovasb: ah

21:57 ibdknox: which I may be too, we'll have to see.

21:57 septomin_: I think to download the actual thing (not the source) you will need a license, but ultimately I expect that will probably be a pay what you think it is worth model.

21:58 eggsby: I know the biz I work for is really interested in clj, they're pretty ~enterprisey~, then there's stuff like runa too

21:58 ibdknox: septomin_: in terms of the future I think there are plugins that would be worth a lot in specific domains

21:58 eggsby: ibdknox: just go the jetbrains route of community version and licensed

21:59 ibdknox: oh man, I completely forgot they did this

21:59 eggsby: good call, I should talk to those guys. I worked with them at MSFT

22:03 muhoo: ibdknox: i'd suggest, write it in cljs. do it for clojure. then hire someone to port it to js

22:03 gfredericks: licensed version supports vectors and maps

22:03 muhoo: who wants to do that? someone who actually likes js, that's who.

22:03 ivan: why would you need to port it to JS?

22:04 muhoo: well, not port it, but add the modules to make it handle editing js

22:04 ivan: ah

22:04 muhoo: but if you do all the design and productization stuff in cljs, really finish it up, not only will it go faster, and be more fun, but it'll be awesome for all of us :-)

22:05 then, like i said, shouldn't be hard to find someone who just LOOOVES js. they seem to be everywhere. and your cljs code serves as a design document and interface document.

22:06 spoon16: Anyone know how to get clojurescript to output a comment at the top of the compiled output.js file? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10167896/building-a-user-script-for-chrome-using-clojurescript-how-can-i-get-the-userscr

22:09 echo-area: How to specify compilerarg for javac-opts in leiningen?

22:14 espeed: Anyone working with Datomic yet?

22:16 kovasb: espeed: I'm holding off until the dynamodb version is released

22:17 espeed: any idea when that will be?

22:19 kovasb: i hope in the next month or two, but who knows

22:19 they are probably spending a lot of time on debugging and testing

22:26 y3di: granger on a roll

22:27 unlink_: I can't seem to get lein ring war working with leiningen 2. http://dpaste.com/732296/ /cc weavejester

22:28 krsanky: i am a level 23 magic user and here come the fireballs to the emacs haters

22:29 its one thing to improve in a thing ...

22:29 on*

22:40 zenlike: Anyone there? I need a spot of help.

22:40 Can't figure out how to store functions sequentially...

22:40 this works fine:

22:40 ,(list + - * /)

22:40 clojurebot: (#<core$_PLUS_ clojure.core$_PLUS_@1b04ab2> #<core$_ clojure.core$_@cbee0d> #<core$_STAR_ clojure.core$_STAR_@91bc33> #<core$_SLASH_ clojure.core$_SLASH_@103cd1b>)

22:41 zenlike: but I can't figure out how to get, say, a sin function in that list

22:41 this works:

22:41 ,(Math/sin 3.14)

22:41 clojurebot: 0.0015926529164868282

22:41 kovasb: Math/sin is not a function

22:41 zenlike: but this throws an exception:

22:41 gfredericks: oh you want a java method

22:41 zenlike: it's a java method, not a clojure function?

22:42 gfredericks: what's the function that makes a function from a java method :/

22:42 zenlike: yeah

22:42 kovasb: try #(Math/sin %)

22:42 gfredericks: well that'll work

22:42 zenlike: ,(list #(Math/sin %) + - /)

22:42 clojurebot: (#<sandbox$eval80$fn__81 sandbox$eval80$fn__81@181392b> #<core$_PLUS_ clojure.core$_PLUS_@1b04ab2> #<core$_ clojure.core$_@cbee0d> #<core$_SLASH_ clojure.core$_SLASH_@103cd1b>)

22:42 zenlike: cool, that seemed to work

22:42 kovasb: care to elaborate a bit on that syntax?

22:42 or point me to good references?

22:43 kovasb: yes, thats shorthand for (fn [x] (Math/sin x))

22:43 zenlike: interesting

22:43 is there info about that in the clojure docs?

22:43 that shorthand, i mean.

22:43 gfredericks: that's generic anonymous function syntax

22:43 equivalent to (fn [x] (Math/sin x))

22:44 kovasb: sort of. its under the "reader" section

22:44 zenlike: gfredericks: So the # demarcates that as a function, and the % is "anonymous args"?

22:44 *demarcates as an anon function

22:44 devn: zenlike: % is 1 arg

22:45 zenlike: would %(+ % %) be for a two argument function?

22:45 whoops, i meant #(+ % %)

22:45 eggsby: % is all args isn't it?

22:45 and %1 %2 %3 for nth of the forms

22:46 devn: ,(#(+ %1 %2 %3) 1 2 3)

22:46 gfredericks: %& is all

22:46 clojurebot: 6

22:46 gfredericks: ,(#(vector % %1 %2 %3 %&) 1 2 3)

22:46 clojurebot: [1 1 2 3 nil]

22:46 gfredericks: hrmph

22:46 devn: ,(#(apply + %&) 1 2 3)

22:46 clojurebot: 6

22:47 gfredericks: ,(#(vector % %1 %2 %3 %&) 1 2 3 4 5 6)

22:47 clojurebot: [1 1 2 3 (4 5 6)]

22:47 kovasb: you repeated %1

22:47 % = %1

22:47 gfredericks: I guess %& is the rest of the ones you didn't mention

22:47 ,(#(vector %3 %&) 1 2 3 4 5 6)

22:47 clojurebot: [3 (4 5 6)]

22:47 devn: yes

22:47 %& is the same as & args

22:47 gfredericks: so there isn't an all-the-args form

22:47 zenlike: interesting. thanks for the help.

22:48 so using that / syntax, as in #(Math/sin %), that "/" indicates a method of a java module, in this case Math?

22:49 kovasb: its a static method

22:49 gfredericks: zenlike: the slash indicates a fully-qualified symbol

22:50 the first part can be one of several different things

22:50 kovasb: if Math was a class instance, then you would use (.sin Math x)

22:50 zenlike: so what is Math? a library?

22:50 TimMc: ibdknox: I'm getting my introduction to Noir by writing a wedding gift registry site for myself and my fiancée. :-D

22:50 gfredericks: zenlike: Math is a class

22:50 zenlike: ah, i see.

22:50 zakwilson: Noir is good stuff.

22:50 zenlike: in java you can just use methods from classes like that without having to make an instance?

22:51 zakwilson: Static methods.

22:51 gfredericks: zenlike: that's the difference between "static" and "instance" methods

22:51 ibdknox: TimMc: nice!

22:51 zenlike: i see.

22:51 TimMc: ibdknox: and Korma, and Hiccup...

22:52 Gonna check out Lobos at some point too.

22:52 ibdknox: I love the Clojure community :)

22:52 TimMc: amen

22:52 200 lines of code, and I almost have a gift registry

22:52 just need to handle one more POST

22:53 kovasb: i don't understand why clojure doesn't provide a standard library for all that math stuff

22:53 ibdknox: I'd call that a win

22:53 TimMc: Adding administrative stuff would take a bunch more code, so we'll just edit the SQLite DB directly. :-P

22:53 eggsby: How do you guys write tests for the routes in noir/compojure ?

22:53 kovasb: why require people to learn about java for basic things..

22:54 zenlike: kovasb: yeah, that kind of confuses me too. do you think it's because the language is still pretty young, or because it's supposed to be set up that way?

22:54 TimMc: and calling it a night.

22:54 eggsby: kovasb: meh, it's generally useful information and helps you learn about interoperability features too

22:54 zenlike: like, if i didn't have any previous OO or java experience i'd be really lost trying to pick up clojure

22:54 gfredericks: the folk don't like wrapping things just for the sake of wrapping them

22:54 kovasb: zenlike: i think that the core clojure team just doesn't feel the pain of the newbie

22:55 ibdknox: I think people just aren't doing that much math?

22:55 not enough for a full-featured lib to exist

22:55 zenlike: kovasb: haha.

22:55 ibdknox: someone just needs to get fed up and write it

22:55 eggsby: Hmm, interesting point kovasb, do you think that clojure would be a suitable first language?

22:55 kovasb: eggsby: yes, every language has its warts

22:55 zenlike: TimMc: So are you going to write ClojureMyAdmin? :)))

22:55 eggsby: ibdknox: ~clojure in clojure~

22:56 kovasb: eggsby: clojure makes up for it with simplicity where it counts

22:56 ibdknox: not it

22:56 lol

22:56 eggsby: absolutely

22:56 I think I can teach people to code much faster in Clojure than most other languages

22:56 assuming no prior knowledge

22:56 gfredericks: let's write an "unhosted-clojure"

22:57 ibdknox: lol

22:57 zakwilson: You can avoid the underlying platform leaking through a lot more now than when I started using Clojure.

22:57 septomin_: do you think their head will explode with the first error message?

22:57 gfredericks: terrible performance, but ideal everything

22:57 zenlike: zakwilson: how so?

22:57 eggsby: that recent interview with rhickey on infoq, he had some words about clojure in clojure and the work cljs was doing

22:57 ibdknox: septomin_: your first error messages suck no matter what language you're using

22:57 zakwilson: zenlike: you don't have to know Java to read a file, for example.

22:57 septomin_: sure, but some suck more than others

22:58 zakwilson: slurp wasn't always in core.

22:58 ibdknox: you haven't yet learned how to understand failure in this case

22:58 septomin_: i just have flashbacks of trying to use STL as a 16 year old

22:58 zenlike: zakwilson: I have been trying to figure out how to use slurp.

22:58 ibdknox: programming is unique in that regard, I think

22:58 zenlike: septomin_: HAHA! I am familiar with that

22:58 gfredericks: zakwilson: if slurp were a core java method they probably might not have bothered

22:58 eggsby: heh, I couldn't get slurp to work how I wanted without declaring a java io resource :)

22:58 zakwilson: zenlike: slurp takes a path and returns a string of its contents. What's to figure out?

22:59 gfredericks: ,(slurp "/etc/passwd")

22:59 zenlike: when I try to (slurp "core.clj") i get an exception that says... (hang on please)

22:59 zakwilson: gfredericks: quite possibly.

22:59 clojurebot: #<AccessControlException java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.io.FilePermission /etc/passwd read)>

22:59 zenlike: Unable to resolve slurp, no such file or directory

23:00 I'm pretty sure I'm in the right directory. What am I missing here?

23:00 zakwilson: zenlike: pastebin the whole stacktrace

23:00 yoklov: my hunch would be that you're not in the right directory

23:01 zenlike: What's that code for the stack trace again? (.exception e) or something... sorry, I'm blanking

23:02 zakwilson: How are you running Clojure?

23:02 zenlike: In the leiningen REPL.

23:03 zakwilson: I'd expect it to just print the stacktrace when you attempt to run code that throws an exception.

23:04 zenlike: I don't get the whole stacktrace, just one line.

23:05 zakwilson: I'm not sure about your specific situation, but try giving it a full absolute path to a file you're sure exists.

23:06 espeed: I'm new to Clojure and am working on getting Clojure 1.3, Datomic, and Leinigen 2.0 to play nicely together, but I'm getting a java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: clojure.lang.Util.equiv(CC)Z error when running lein test.

23:08 I put the code in a Datomic Skeleton project on GitHub (https://github.com/espeed/dskel) -- would someone take a look at it and let me know what I'm missing?

23:09 zenlike: zakwilson: absolute paths did it.

23:10 thanks for the help.

23:11 cmajor7: how much category theoretical elements are used in clojure? (e.g. applicative functors, monads, semigroups, etc..)

23:11 kovasb: cmajor7: very few if any

23:12 zakwilson: zenlike: You're probably confused as to your current working directory. Try (get (System/getenv) "PWD")

23:12 kovasb: cmajor: though there are people doing stuff with monads etc

23:12 ibdknox: jimduey is preaching the monad gospel, so there's a little

23:12 but not much

23:12 there are other mechanisms that make them less important, I think

23:12 but you should talk to brehaut or someone who knows more than I do on the subject :)

23:12 zakwilson: I've found Clojure to be fairly low-theory high-getting-stuff-done.

23:13 xeqi: espeed: that datomic requires 1.4.0-beta3

23:13 cmajor7: right, I saw some clojure takes on monad, but it did not really look very monadic.. would that be because of the dynamic dispatch?

23:13 e.g. no need for higher kinds, etc..

23:13 zenlike: zakwilson: Yeah, PWD is how I got the absolute path to work, I think it'd just that relative paths don't work at all? or at least don't seem to on my system.

23:13 xeqi: I've seen that error when I did a 1.4 aot and tried to run it on 1.3

23:13 zakwilson: zenlike: relative paths *should* work.

23:14 espeed: xeqi: ahh...ok

23:14 xeqi: with another project

23:14 brehaut: cmajor7: theres a functors somewhere as well as monads, but most of the categorical classes are absent (or implicit)

23:14 zakwilson: I have production code using slurp and relying on relative paths.

23:15 cmajor7: brehaut, I see.. what would be a reason for the absence (dynamic typing)?

23:15 zenlike: zakwilson: but not in the REPL, I think is what my problem might be? probably will work with code in core.clj but not in the REPL.

23:15 brehaut: cmajor7: theres nothing unmonadic about the clojure monad library though, its a bit more unweildy than haskells (because it has to use dynamic binding and explicit monad declarations rather than return type based polymorphism) but the operations you perform are exactly the same

23:15 zenlike: because my lein is actually is /usr/bin i think

23:15 brehaut: cmajor7: the biggest rason for the absence is that a lot of the uses of monads in particular are needed in clojure because the problems are solved in other ways

23:16 zenlike: so maybe paths used in the REPL need to be relative to usr/bin?

23:16 zakwilson: zenlike: it should be relative to your current working directory.

23:16 cmajor7: brehaut: you mean "are _not_ needed"?

23:16 brehaut: cmajor7: there are still times when something like the state or maybe monad is useful and those of us who know about them do reach for them

23:16 cmajor7: brehaut: would IO monad be one of such cases?

23:16 brehaut: yeah

23:16 and yes re:IO

23:17 that also goes for STM and ST

23:17 cmajor7: right.. STM is a natural monad..

23:17 interesting

23:17 brehaut: a lot of operations are implictly nil aware so maybe-m isnt as useful

23:17 (and fnil covers a lot of the remaining cases)

23:17 finally we have for which is list comprehensions / monad anyway

23:18 cmajor7: right..

23:18 brehaut: the biggest disadvantage is that when you dont use the monadic interface you dont get some of the generality that monads provide

23:18 on the other hand, its less unweildy

23:18 which is great if you dont need that generality

23:18 emacs_newb: is there any project to implement an editor, say emacs, in clojure?

23:18 cmajor7: so it seems in clojure, a monad is just something implicit and "not to worry about"

23:18 emacs_newb: it would be great to have an entire clojure based IDE

23:19 cmajor7: brehaut: can you give an example (a link is cool), on how an IO monad used on clojure?

23:19 brehaut: cmajor7: there is no IO monad in clojure

23:19 emacs_newb: you don't need monads in clojure

23:19 kovasb: emacs_newb: http://www.chris-granger.com/2012/04/12/light-table---a-new-ide-concept/

23:19 emacs_newb: you can do IO without the IO monad

23:19 brehaut: cmajor7: its implicit in the strict evaluation with side effects model

23:20 emacs_newb: kovasb: I'm throwing my credit card at my monitor, but nothing is happening

23:21 cmajor7: I see.. "with side effects" => that means it actually does not wrap into an "abstract IO type".. is there any case you would not want that.. I am thinking "something within a transaction" (but not STM, e.g. Transactional Monad)

23:21 brehaut: cmajor7: in clojure you might us a monad when you want an alternative reasoning strategy: eg a backtracking parser (state-t maybe-m) or a logic engine (core.logic has monadic underpinnings, although its not iimplemented in terms of algo.monads for performance reasons)

23:21 kovasb: emacs_newb: throw it at ibdknox

23:22 brehaut: cmajor7: the io! macro allows you to wrap up side effecting code to cause an error when its used in a transaction

23:22 kovasb: emacs_newb: there should be a kickstarter announcement imminently

23:22 ibdknox: I have no idea how long they take to review them, hopefully it'll be up tomorrow?

23:24 brehaut: cmajor7: have you looked at the tutorials on clojure.net ?

23:25 cmajor7: brehaut: niice.. (to io! macro and http://www.clojure.net/2012/02/02/Monads-in-Clojure/) reading… but in general, when you say "problems are solved in other ways", would you say these "ways" are more side effect approving/tolerant?

23:26 brehaut: well the side effecting stuff yes

23:26 in particular atoms, agents and stm refs

23:26 for stuff that you would use IO,ST and STM monads for in haskell

23:27 cmajor7: where I am coming from is "are these other ways" lose the way to be as composable as e.g. with a category pitch languages?

23:28 brehaut: i dont see your argument

23:28 if you need monadic composition

23:28 use a monad

23:28 and clojures stm without a monad is composable anyway

23:29 emacs_newb: without intending to start a flamewar -- did smalltalk really have all these features?

23:29 if so, what caused it to fail, the child-like UI?

23:29 (in reference to HN comments on "everything in light table = already existed in smalltalk")

23:29 kovasb: emacs_newb: there was an extinction event around 1990

23:29 smalltalk, lisp

23:30 emacs_newb: kovasb: are you referring to symbolics?

23:30 kovasb: much broader than just that

23:30 pipeline: emacs_newb: bad vendor support, ai winter, lousy performance

23:30 kovasb: "ai winter"

23:30 other platforms took off

23:30 pipeline: emacs_newb: let us not forget: much of lisp's early success in the 80s was based in custom hardware

23:31 kovasb: what platforms took off in the 80s besides as/400

23:31 emacs_newb: so basically, if the symbolics or smalltalks guys

23:31 thought to port their work to java vm

23:31 the world could be a very different place

23:31 pipeline: symbolics actually survived the ai winter

23:31 they were killed off by idiot real estate deals

23:31 and they had a working VM predating the jvm

23:31 aka opengenera

23:31 kovasb: possibly, though it took a long time for the JVM to become awesome

23:32 cmajor7: brehaut: no argument. all questions. the biggest pitch for haskell / scalaz / etc.. is composability => use higher kinds (via e.g. type constructors) / wrap everything into another "pure" type and "fmap" (e.g. tranform) everything to return a wrapped world.. which allows for most if not everything to be referentially transparent. clojure is a lot simpler and cleaner (in my opinion), but what I'd like to understand is "which "other ways" is

23:32 pipeline: i'm not even kidding here, and a little bit of google can confirm it for you

23:32 kovasb: also, programming languages research abandoned that tradition as well

23:32 pipeline: symbolics bit it in large part becouse of a bad office real estate deal

23:32 kovasb: getting more into type theory, monad stuff :)

23:32 pipeline: at the time that they bit it, they were selling two of their most compelling products: opengenera, lisp targeting a VM, and embedded ivory processors for network switching

23:34 kovasb: pipeline: if they were doing well, that wouldn't have killed them tho

23:35 cmajor: clojure is the most composable language i've seen

23:35 cmajor: there is a lot more to it besides nice mathematical properties

23:36 cmajor: check out the "simple made easy" talk by rich hicket

23:36 y

23:36 cmajor7: kovasb: I'd like to agree with you, just wanted some comparative feedback

23:36 kovasb: cmajor: yeah, totally

23:36 cmajor: rich does talk about certain things that are easier in haskell

23:37 i believe its brought up in the talk, but i don't remember for sure

23:38 the closest thing to a composability "silver bullet" is immutability

23:38 and functions

23:39 cmajor7: right, but there are also side effects..

23:39 kovasb: but beyond that its all about designing a multitude of things right

23:40 side effects can potentially be broken down into classes of problems

23:40 espeed: xeqi: thanks, it works now.

23:41 kovasb: trying to cram the whole space of them into a single solution might not be ideal

23:41 but I'm just one guy talking

23:41 if your side effect is "change this value in memory" then the stm is a potential solution for that class

23:42 other kinds of side effects might have different solution

23:42 like resource management

23:43 maybe monads are the best thing for io, but its a problem that does not come up that often for me personally

23:43 eggsby: it's a subset of problems, when you need them you need them

23:44 the guys who work almost exclusively w/ derivatives/trading seem to love them tho

23:47 kovasb: interesting. i did not know that

23:47 i thought they generally code in languages that don't support them

23:47 the guys i know use java, python

23:55 cmajor7: kovasb: makes sense, thanks for thoughts..

23:55 kovasb: cmajor7: sure!

23:56 yoklov: ibdknox: is it normal for waltz to say "WARNING: Use of undeclared Var waltz.state/get-in-sm at line 30" the first time it gets compiled?

23:56 weirdly it only complains the first time, and it always works

23:56 ibdknox: never seen that

23:57 but I think I have those off

23:57 or rather, they weren't on by default

23:57 JS doesn't have the same limitations as Clojure does

23:57 so I probably did something stupid clojure-wise

23:57 that works fine in javascript :)

23:57 kovasb: i think that is a new warning

23:57 ibdknox: likely just need to reorder the var

23:57 kovasb: i just started seeing it today

23:57 yoklov: they catch bugs where i mispell names, i don't think that i have it turned on...

23:58 i'm using cljs master though

23:58 i really like waltz though.

23:59 ibdknox: I need to add the deterministic mode

23:59 so much to do :)

23:59 yoklov: yeah, i'm using it as a deterministic fsa

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