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0:26 slyrus: evening

0:31 defn: I wonder... would anyone cut my head off if I said that Ruby was the OOP version of CL?

0:39 Raynes: defn: I'll ready the hatchet and the guillotine and allow the CL crew to decide which to use.

0:43 slyrus: thanks Raynes

0:47 amalloy: is this feature a recent addition to destructuring, or has it been around a while?

0:47 ,(let [f (fn [& {a :a}] (inc a))] (f :a 10))

0:47 clojurebot: 11

0:47 amalloy: (i mean the ability to pass keyword arguments without a caller-built map, not the :keys feature in general)

0:48 Chousuke: It was introduced in 1.2

0:49 amalloy: ah, okay. i saw stuart sierra's article on map destructuring, and was surprised to find that this works since he said it doesn't, and might even be a bad idea

1:36 sandGorgon: what is the mycroft inspector ? I cant figure out what it does

2:43 scottj: sandGorgon: do you know what an inspector is?

2:46 sandGorgon: scottj, ah.. that would be a negative. I'm a c++ prisoner here - know what valgrind is (sounds similar)

2:47 scottj: basically it just lets you navigate objects/datastrutures and see their contents. I'm guessing c++ debuggers have something similar

2:48 the smalltalk one is realy fun because when you're navigating you can eval code where this refers to whatever is selected in the inspector

2:50 andyfingerhut: I've not used it, but DDD adds a GUI on top of gdb, and it can display some C/C++ data structs graphically. http://www.gnu.org/software/ddd

3:06 LauJensen: Good morning all ya'll - We're into C++ now? :)

3:06 octe: anyone know where i can find an example of parsing xml, transforming it, and outputting new xml?

3:06 bobo_: yes, we changed the channel to c++ and php

3:06 Raynes: Morning.

3:07 LauJensen: bobo_: sweet, those are almost my two favorite technologies

3:07 octe: i'm trying to fit clojure.zip clojure.xml and clojure.contrib.zip-filter.xml together in some way but not succeeding :-)

3:07 clojurebot: vimclojure is state-of-the-art

3:07 Raynes: LauJensen: Also, ya'll is a combination of "you" and "all", so that all before ya'll wasn't necessary. Get your redneck right.

3:09 Chousuke: Raynes: I vaguely remember reading that "all ya'll" is actually in use somewhere

3:10 redundancy in natural languages is nothing new :P

3:10 Raynes: Chousuke: Seriously? Hrm.

3:10 LauJensen: Raynes: I've heard it from Americans "all ya'll"

3:10 Possibly ebonics

3:10 Raynes: "I heard it from Americans"

3:11 Hehehe. That totally makes it right. ;)

3:11 LauJensen: octe: I think the very first Clojure project I did read and emitted xml with zip-filter, but Ive long since forgotten how

3:11 andyfingerhut: http://memphis.about.com/od/midsouthliving/qt/yall.htm

3:11 LauJensen: andyfingerhut: Nice - Seems I speak better english than Raynes :)

3:12 Raynes: To be completely and totally honest, I have *never* heard "all y'all" out of a person's mouth in Alabama. Ever.

3:13 LauJensen: Raynes: No need to make excuses, just accept defeat like a man :)

3:14 andyfingerhut: No one has heard all of the dialects of English, except perhaps Henry Higgins, and he hated most of them :)

3:14 LauJensen: I find it difficult to truly hate any other accent than british

3:15 Chousuke: which british accent? :P

3:15 LauJensen: hehe, right

3:15 Chousuke: I actually like them though.

3:15 some of them are hilarious

3:17 I'm probably biased though, as I was taught British English at school :P

3:20 "Sir, why do you have bananas in your ears?" "Pardon?" ... <- A comic like this in our textbook of first year English

3:20 LauJensen: Our english books made fun of French people, which I was sure to tell Christophe about :)

3:21 I remember a picture of a french guy who was drowning and exclaiming "I am drowning and noone shall help me!"

3:21 Chousuke: Then noone arrived and helped him? :P

3:21 LauJensen: No

3:22 I guess the indian/american accent can also get a little hard on the ears after a while

3:22 And one accent which really bites, is the danish/american accent :(

3:25 octe: LauJensen, my main problem is turning the zipper back into xml..

3:25 LauJensen: octe: I think the function is called emit

3:25 in zip-filter

3:27 octe: LauJensen, can't find anything like that. there's xml/emit but it doesn't want a zipper

3:28 amalloy: LauJensen: all y'all is a regional thing, confined to not very many regions in america. i think it's in the general area of minnesota, but don't quote me

3:28 octe: not exactly a clojure tool, but if your task is fairly simple have you tried an xslt?

3:29 LauJensen: octe: This is nearly the first piece of Clojure I ever wrote so don't laugh, its just to show you what I did way back when https://gist.github.com/11fea14db41cfefa9f54

3:29 "in the general area of minnesota" -- quote, amalloy

3:29 gotcha :)

3:30 amalloy: noooooo

3:30 octe: i think i got it working http://paste.lisp.org/display/114797

3:30 seems kind of convoluted though

3:31 amalloy: another amusing one is "yins". wiki claims that's only used in pittsburgh, but it's basically the same as y'all

3:36 Raynes: LauJensen: I concede. I'll be jumping off a bridge now. ;)

3:37 LauJensen: Raynes: Seeing how you're American I wouldn't joke about that stuff online, next thing you know officers will breaking down the door tasering your dad

3:38 Raynes: The only male in this household is my Uncle. And seeing him get tasered would be amusing enough to warrant inconvenience.

3:38 LauJensen: haha, man you're cold

3:40 * Raynes is surprised that you didn't point out that 'uncle' should not have been capitalized. ;)

3:40 tomoj: are there uncles named "Uncle"?

3:40 Raynes: Uncle Tom

3:58 cais2002: hi, does anybody use leiningen with subversion? how do u do a lein jar?

3:59 I got this error msg: Exception in thread "main" java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry: .svn/entries

4:07 LauJensen: subversion?

4:09 esj: subversion.

4:10 LauJensen: like a sub version of git?

4:13 flintf: hyuk hyuk

4:13 esj: a politically dangerous one

4:13 LauJensen: cais2002: I never heard of lein and subversion in the same sentence, what are you doing with it ?

4:14 cais2002: my project is using subversion for version control and lein for build

4:14 LauJensen: ah like that

4:15 cais2002: i guess the .svn folder in the resource path conflict with the .svn folder of the root folder of the project..

4:15 LauJensen: cais2002: lein will throw an exception if a file is locked, and as I recall it also barks at Emacs temp files, could that be an issue?

4:15 esj: i have used svn successfully in a clojure project before, didn't have such weirdness

4:15 LauJensen: You might want to check if you can exclude the .svn dir from the build then

4:16 esj: (then LauJensen put me in a headlock, and enumerated the benefits of git...)

4:16 LauJensen: esj: come on, did I? :)

4:16 esj: ok, I might exagarate massively

4:17 LauJensen: hehe, thought so

4:17 esj: i figured out I should use git on my own :)

4:17 LauJensen: Although I prefer git to SVN I definitely wouldn't advocate it as the ultimate version control system

4:17 esj: "Well.... if its good enough of Linus and Rich...."

4:18 LauJensen: exactly, 'good enough'

4:18 esj: oh, perhaps a misunderstanding: "..." were my thoughts at the time of switching.

4:19 LauJensen: ok

4:19 bobo_: git > svn >>>>>> perforce

4:19 esj: what about Hg !=

4:19 Hg ~= Git ?

4:19 bobo_: never used it, but yeh, around git

4:20 cais2002: LauJensen: there does not seem to be an option to specify exclusion of folders in th eproject.clj file

4:20 LauJensen: ok

4:21 andyfingerhut: and perforce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> no version control

4:21 cais2002: and i just confirmed that it's due to the .svn folder in the resources folder..

4:21 LauJensen: esj: The major benefits in Hg, is that its a very clean implementation, where as git is an insane mess of intertwined C code which nobody understands. In terms of usability I couldn't get used to the anonymous branching scheme

4:21 esj: cais2002: ah, I did not use a resources directory in my svn project, so could well be.

4:22 LauJensen: cool, thanks.

4:23 cais2002: esj: any quick fix to this?

4:25 esj: take resources out of version control ?

4:26 LauJensen: is anybody working on a test coverage tool for clojure ?

4:27 or have I missed an existing solution ?

4:28 cais2002: the skip-file? function in jar.clj http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/blob/master/src/leiningen/jar.clj#L77 can we update it to skip ^\. for directory? is that a reasonable solution?

4:28 rightnow it just accepts all directories

4:29 esj: cais2002: afraid I don't use leiningen, so couldn't say :(

4:29 LauJensen: esj: I think stuartsierra is cooking up something

4:30 esj: LauJensen: that's great, thanks.

4:30 LauJensen: cais2002: I think it makes sense, I can check with ninjudd who's working on cake and hear what he thinks

4:31 cais2002: LauJensen: thanks. I will just update in my local copy of lein first

4:32 LauJensen: cais2002: Yes start there, then possible migrate to cake in a little while. They're usually überfast in implementing small things like that

4:50 notsonerdysunny: when I execute the code in http://gist.github.com/593350 and run (ns-publics 'clojuratica-exp.core) I only see the following ....

4:50 {kernel-link #'clojuratica-exp.core/kernel-link}

4:50 what happened to the other variables like math-evaluate.. can anybody help?

5:37 AWizzArd: Can one download the Clojure API docs somewhere as .pdf or .html?

5:40 scottj: you can probably generate them yourself from the clojure source

5:51 LauJensen: AWizzArd: Isnt the entire API on a single html page on clojure.org still?

5:54 raek: I'm trying to set up leiningen on a Solaris computer and I get this when I run lein: ".bin/lein: LEIN_VERSION=1.3.1: is not an identifier"

5:55 doesn't solaris sh support "export X=y"?

5:56 flintf: LauJensen: AWizzArd: yea, I think you can just do wget -r http://clojure.github.com/clojure/

5:56 and grab it

5:57 LauJensen: raek: Im not sure solaris accepts assignment without calling export

5:57 bobo_: raek: thinkit has another syntax

5:57 LauJensen: so... try cake

5:57 :)

5:57 bobo_: solaris is weird

5:57 raek: indeed

5:57 bobo_: one could almost think LauJensen has money invested in cake :-)

5:57 cgrand: AWizzArd: just switch to the gh-pages in git

5:58 AWizzArd: just switch to the gh-pages *branch* in git

5:58 raek: LauJensen: line number 3 in the lein script is: export LEIN_VERSION="1.3.1"

5:58 but yes, cake sounds like a very good idea

5:59 I'm going to do a getting started with clojure and emacs mini-talk next wednesday

6:00 LauJensen: In Sweden I suppose, how far away from Cph are you ?

6:01 raek: and now I'm trying to get the usual stuff working at the computers we're going to use

6:01 LauJensen: yes, Linköping. 356 km

6:02 LauJensen: Ok, if you want you can hope on your bike now then, there's a Clojure meeting up 4 hours

6:02 free snacks I hear :)

6:04 raek: wouldn't be too complicated to get there some time... not much longer that to my home town

6:04 bobo_: think x2000 goes al the way?

6:04 LauJensen: Its Ative thats hosting it, they're a pretty cool bunch

6:05 bobo_: ive done some daytrips to copenhagen, its abit to much travel for one day =)

6:06 LauJensen: bobo_: Yea, save your strength for Frankfurt :)

6:06 bobo_: indeed!

6:10 raek: found a quick hack to the Solaris sh problem: replace the shebang line in the lein script with #!/usb/bin/bash

6:13 LauJensen: I promise I'll teach them cake too

6:13 LauJensen: usb? :)

6:14 raek: heh. typo.

6:16 LauJensen: It'll be interesting to see how many Clojurians will turn out. Sweden seems a little more advanced than DK in that regard - but thats just a gut feeling (and a PR statement)

6:25 raek: for the Conj Labs?

6:33 LauJensen: No I just meant in general

6:33 There's not a Conj Labs Denmark in the works yet

6:42 Raynes: raek: Found out whether or not you'll be able to make the Conj yet?

6:43 raek: nope, not yet

6:48 LauJensen: Raynes: Looking forward to going?

6:48 Raynes: LauJensen: Absolutely dreading it.

6:48 ;)

6:48 I'm ecstatic.

6:48 LauJensen: You're afraid chas will get on your back about not using maven I suppose... I understand

6:49 Raynes: If cemerick can be stubborn for 15 years about Emacs, I think I'm entitled to the same privileges with maven. :>

6:50 LauJensen: Raynes: I must say Im a little disappointed that you didn't ask to have your scholarship converted to a trip to Conj Labs, but I guess we all make stupid decisions when we're young :)

6:50 Raynes: Hehe.

6:50 cemerick: Raynes: indeed you are

6:50 Raynes: If it requires a passport, it's way too far for me.

6:50 cemerick: Though you're already using maven via lein and cake. Sorry.

6:50 LauJensen: whoop, there he is, good morning cemerick :)

6:50 Raynes: cemerick: Not for long. cake is to use Ivy soon.

6:50 LauJensen: cemerick: cake is converting to Ivy as we speak

6:51 cemerick: ...which uses maven repos. *shrug*

6:51 LauJensen: well, it doesn't really make sense to copy all of those repos just to change the name now does it? :)

6:51 cemerick: Interesting move, though.

6:52 well, with the repos comes the whole versioning scheme, the semantics of SNAPSHOT, version range semantics, etc.

6:52 Along with the impl. detail of XML pom files..

6:52 * Raynes sticks his fingers in his ears and screams "LALALA" at the top of his lungs.

6:52 LauJensen: I think most of the actual design of the Maven work flow is quite good, its just the implementation and all of thats XML which bugs me

6:53 cemerick: Interestingly, other people in other contexts wont use lisps because of the sexprs. Meaningless syntax battles are...meaningless.

6:54 LauJensen: cemerick: I think the arguments against the bloat of XML are valid, those against lisp arent even rational

6:55 cemerick: I think everybody was impressed by your screencast about Maven, where you start out saying "These simple 40 lines make out the basic config", but I was less impressed when the screencast ended and your simple build had grown to over 100 lines, thats just nuts

6:55 cemerick: Representational compactness is the only objection? They're semantically equivalent w.r.t. config files.

6:56 LauJensen: Its not the only, but its huge

6:56 cemerick: Hrm. If that's the big one, then clojure should switch to yaml.

6:57 LauJensen: I think you're mixing things a bit. What I don't understand, is why you think that its worth the trouble of writing out these huge xml configs, when a few vectors can do the trick?

6:58 scottj: have you considered you might be missing the point?

6:58 cemerick: Because I don't want to reimplement (or help to reimplement) 10 years or more worth of tools.

6:58 bobo_: you can open a maven project in idea, eclipse and netbeans, you can open a lein project in...nothing

6:58 LauJensen: cemerick: Why not? Isnt it plausible that with 10 years passed, we're able to make much better tools?

6:58 neotyk: bobo_: I do it in emacs

6:59 and am much happier person now

6:59 bobo_: neotyk: ofc, but of the "big tools" many developers are used too.

6:59 cemerick: LauJensen: There's no "better version" of a build process for building .war files. This stuff is a commodity, and fundamentally uninteresting.

6:59 scottj: neotyk: ide's give all sorts of features for maven like UI's to tasks and autocompleting of plugins repos etc

6:59 that emacs doesn't give to lein

7:00 LauJensen: bobo_: Its important not to work on the premises of people who are unwilling to learn

7:00 neotyk: bobo_: it is called enterprise not "big tools"

7:00 Raynes: Not sure lein requires such tools.

7:00 neotyk: scottj: I never needed auto completion for project.clj

7:01 bobo_: i dont think it does, i love lein.

7:01 im just saying joe developer might wanna use the ide he is used too

7:01 scottj: Raynes: requires != would be nice

7:01 Raynes: Not sure why it would be useful.

7:02 scottj: Raynes: the same reason autocomplete is useful anywhere

7:02 neotyk: bobo_: for sure he will like to use his ide

7:02 Raynes: I don't think I've ever seen a project.clj that was longer than my Emacs frame.

7:02 neotyk: but I just don't see why would I write pom.xml for clojure project if I can have project.clj

7:02 Raynes: Maven is a bit of a different beast.

7:03 cemerick: Raynes: And you've never seen a project.clj file that could do more than 5 or 6 things, either.

7:03 Raynes: cemerick: I was actually getting to that.

7:03 Like I said: different beasts.

7:03 I'm not defending either one. I'm agnostic.

7:03 LauJensen: Raynes: I have project.clj which almost 100 lines, but then it does everything except wash my clothes

7:03 bobo_: i assume you can mix clojure and java in one project with maven?

7:03 LauJensen: In 100 lines, maven does "Hello, world!"

7:03 bobo_: for example

7:04 neotyk: bobo_: I do that in http.async.client

7:04 Raynes: I just like to use cake, don't care for XML, and simply do not require services that maven requires that cake does not. If ever I am in need of such services, I suppose I'll be learning maven.

7:04 cemerick: Raynes: Fundamentally, I am as well, but LauJensen enjoys baiting me. :-|

7:05 LauJensen: hehe, cemerick I dont mean to bait, I just dont understand your reasons for advocating this ancient and verbose beast of a build system

7:05 cemerick: Raynes: That's a very good perspective. Unfortunately, many others assume reimplementation is a sane strategy.

7:05 LauJensen: cemerick: after 10 years it is a sane strategy!

7:05 hoornet: hey guys, about what screencast are you talking about? Can I see it?

7:05 LauJensen: cemerick: got link to that maven screencast you did?

7:06 cemerick: http://cemerick.com/2010/03/25/why-using-maven-for-clojure-builds-is-a-no-brainer/

7:06 hoornet: ^^

7:06 * neotyk there goes his productivity

7:06 LauJensen: 'no brain' thats for sure :)

7:06 scottj: neotyk: autocomplete will tell you what versions of a lib are available and other info you end up having to google for w/ just emacs

7:06 hoornet: thanks a lot. I'll take a look at it

7:07 neotyk: scottj: point taken, though I only experienced that need in Java projects, as they tend to have a lot of deps

7:07 cemerick: My recent post is worth a read as well if one is interested in build and deploy processes. http://cemerick.com/2010/09/22/wherein-i-feel-the-pain-of-being-a-generalist/

7:08 LauJensen: cemerick: great, look forward to reading it!

7:08 cemerick: LauJensen: So, if you're a fan of reimplementation, why not push to reimplement the JVM, since it's the source of so many limitations and sharp corners that pure-clojure devs often view as obstacles?

7:09 LauJensen: cemerick: You have a funny way of driving your arguments :)

7:09 "If you believe that, why not do this completely unrelated thing?"

7:09 cemerick: Not unrelated at all. I'm simply extending your preference for reimplementation of other tools with flaws to other domains.

7:10 neotyk: cemerick: problem with maven is that once you need a plugin for it you are facing quite some bad time, while you can have plugins local to you project in leningen

7:10 LauJensen: cemerick: Its not that reimplemeting some fundamental things of the JVM is a bad thing, it would be excellent, its just too much work right now

7:10 Raynes: http://raynes.github.com/clj-github/clj-github.gists-api.html Is it just me, or does this page not exist?

7:10 LauJensen: Raynes: doesnt exist / broken

7:11 Raynes: Damn. Autodoc has failed.

7:11 neotyk: ahh, and one more, try working with maven in emacs

7:11 cemerick: LauJensen: Then I wonder why you think reimplementing all of the plugins and tooling available for maven / XML is so much easier.

7:11 neotyk: good luck with that one

7:11 LauJensen: neotyk: no fun?

7:11 cemerick: Because all of the essentials are already done

7:12 cemerick: One man's essentials is another man's barest foundation.

7:12 neotyk: it is nice in IDE, once you decide to go with emacs, no support anymore

7:12 cemerick: neotyk: That is a good point. Though, I've not yet needed plugin functionality that isn't already available.

7:13 One could always simply exec a clojure script if that came along....and I do remember a maven plugin that allowed you to inline clojure code into the pom.xml file, but I never tried it.

7:13 neotyk: I had written those, and shit this was painfull

7:13 Raynes: Nosir, I failed me. Forgot to actually commit that particular documentation page.

7:13 LauJensen: cemerick: I think I need to see more screencasts to appreciate Maven like you do. Screencasts and money

7:14 cemerick: I don't "appreciate" maven, I use it out of sheer necessity. If a more elegant yet similarly-capable tool existed, I'd use that instead.

7:14 LauJensen: Try cake

7:14 Raynes: Something get this man a magic wand!

7:15 somebody, even

7:15 neotyk: or maybe it is that I'm just tired of Maven, and for me verbosity of pom.xml is a bit to much to handle

7:16 scottj: Can't you write pom in several other formats in latest maven?

7:16 cemerick: LauJensen: Seen it. I'm well past an ant-like target model. And again, no sizable plugin ecosystem, and no tool support. Then I'd have to install and maintain ruby everywhere I'm building stuff. Yikes.

7:16 neotyk: scottj: you have maven polyglot

7:16 LauJensen: cemerick: What specifically is it, thats cake missing?

7:16 cemerick: scottj: Yeah, that's polyglot maven. Certainly on its way.

7:17 Raynes: I've been writing plugins for cake because ninjudd promises me sweets. :>

7:17 neotyk: I'm very happy user of leiningen, though must admit that haven't done any commercial project in clojure, yet

7:18 so I don't now really

7:18 cemerick: LauJensen: for starters, plugins for generating NSIS installers, cross-compilng jar files to .NET assemblies via ikvm, and obfuscation via proguard

7:18 LauJensen: cemerick: Do you need obfuscation even when not embedding the source ?

7:18 * cemerick begs everyone within earshot to not waste time reimplementing the above

7:18 scottj: I would guess maven has plugins for deploying to android, GAE, hudson, etc

7:19 Raynes: cemerick: Awww, I was already writing it down. :(

7:19 cemerick: scottj: well, one doesn't "deploy" to hudson, but yeah, if you've got a pom.xml, your hudson configuration is already done

7:20 LauJensen: Nearly all of my projects have some java components -- and yes, I still obfuscate the clojure classfiles as well.

7:20 scottj: maven also builds project files for ides I think

7:21 LauJensen: cemerick: Alright - And all of those items are completed automatically once you initiate the build?

7:21 cemerick: One can have the project files subsumed by the pom in eclipse and netbeans, if one prefers. NB is smoother in that regard.

7:22 LauJensen: Yes. Then there's the plugins for selenium, and functional and unit tests in general.

7:22 LauJensen: Ok, whats the Windows story for Maven ?

7:23 cemerick: windows story?

7:23 scottj: works great, probably has a million people using it

7:23 Raynes: "Does it work properly on Windows"

7:23 scottj: daily

7:23 cemerick: ah

7:23 I'd wager there's more maven users on windows than on flavors of linux / OS X / bsd

7:23 LauJensen: Oh ok

7:24 Interesting

7:35 esj: cemerick: you nailed it on the head with the tyranny of diversity that we face.

7:36 cemerick: esj: oh, in yesterday's post?

7:36 esj: indeed

7:36 cemerick: If I were brighter, I would have used that far more concise phrasing. :-)

7:36 joubert: hi, I have a question about JSON-STR in clojure.contrib.json

7:37 cemerick: ~asking

7:37 clojurebot: asking is Don't Ask to Ask, Just ASK

7:37 * esj *blushes*

7:37 cemerick: joubert: go for it

7:37 esj: if I were brighter i'd understand all this stuff :)

7:37 Raynes: I'd so very much enjoy it if Github would complete it's gist API/documentation. :\

7:37 I feel so limited.

7:37 joubert: cemerick: why does JSON-STR add quotes in the resulting string for strings, keywords, and symbols?

7:38 cemerick: joubert: you mean for keys in maps?

7:39 joubert: cemerick: I expected (json-str :test) to return "test", but instead "\"test\"" is returned

7:39 similarly for strings and symbols

7:39 Raynes: -> (clojure.contrib.json/json-str :hai)

7:39 sexpbot: ⟹ "\"hai\""

7:39 Raynes: I understand why it does it for strings. Not sure why it would do it for symbols.

7:40 cemerick: Raynes: because unquoted strings are not allowed in json

7:40 Raynes: cemerick: Oh, brainfart.

7:40 cemerick: joubert: ^^

7:40 Raynes: I was too busy thinking about Haskell's Show typeclass.

7:41 cemerick: joubert: BTW, there's no "JSON-STR" function. It's "json-str". :-)

7:41 joubert: cemerick: ok, thanks

7:41 Raynes: cemerick: He is probably a CLer. They capitalize everything.

7:41 cemerick: I figured. :-)

7:41 Clojure: saving caps lock keys worldwide. ;-)

7:42 joubert: cemerick: :-) the only reason I uppercase it is because then it stands out in a sentence

7:42 Raynes: Most people use single quotes for that.

7:42 Ohai, I has a question about the 'json-str' function! Halp! :>

7:43 joubert: raynes: at least we're using hyphenated style instead of camelCase!

7:44 Raynes: My dash key has never been the same.

8:08 kumarshantanu: cemerick: I am going to tweet that [caps lock thing] ;-)

8:08 cemerick: kumarshantanu: have at it :-)

8:14 LauJensen: cemerick: Gotta duck out, was good reading your post and hearing your specific reasons in here, thanks

9:17 chouser: cemerick: that blog post of yours is depressing

9:17 cemerick: Yeah. I know. :-(

9:17 Raynes: Morning House.

9:17 cemerick: chouser: The whole state of software development practice is depressing, IMO.

9:17 Raynes: Er, chouser. I keep forgetting that your first name isn't Gregory.

9:18 cemerick: Nearly a fatally-flawed situation, perhaps.

9:18 kjeldahl: chouser: Link?

9:18 chouser: http://cemerick.com/2010/09/22/wherein-i-feel-the-pain-of-being-a-generalist/

9:18 Raynes: :-)

9:19 cemerick: Raynes: chouser is like House in that both are awesome.

9:19 chouser: I think a solid 5-year Englebart-esque program would result in a big leap forward.

9:19 I don't see anyone or any organization stepping up to that, though.

9:20 chouser: cemerick: now, theoretically couldn't one provide a pom.xml (or perhaps a pom-generator) that would provide one-button clojure+processing->applet building, right?

9:20 cemerick: *maybe* MS research, but they're not so great at pollenating productized versions of things.

9:20 chouser: Absolutely. I could put it together in ~4 min.

9:21 That's after ~10 years of JVM background and ~2 of maven though.

9:21 alexyk: cemerick: it's by 9:24 am then, right?

9:22 cemerick: heh

9:22 chouser: *if* maven's internal semantics were dead-on exactly right no reason to complain, then I'd be entirely content learning it and/or building pretty little simplifier tools on top of it.

9:22 alexyk: ok, have it on my desk by 9:25, to be lenient

9:22 chouser: but I'm not fully convinced that's the case.

9:22 * cemerick is busy installing .net 1.1 on a windows vista vbox image so I can rebuild a cross-compiled 1.1-compatible library :-(

9:23 alexyk: chouser: are you saying they are *alive*? (gasp)

9:23 oh, dead-on

9:23 chouser: well "entirely content" might be a stretch, but I would be willing to learn it and wouldn't "waste" time on cake or lein

9:24 alexyk: chouser: maven is just a right of passage. You have to prove your manliness by subduing it.

9:24 cemerick: chouser: I'm not convinced either. Unfortunately, the nature of things is such that a clean break is extremely risky, and existing players are generally unwilling to change.

9:24 chouser: cemerick: I don't honestly care all that much about existing players, at least in regards to "mainstream" programmers or "established" IDEs

9:24 alexyk: the multi-language ability of maven is still what nobody else has

9:25 chouser: perhaps I should, but I don't.

9:25 cemerick: chouser: That's an odd sort of communal solipsism. :-|

9:25 chouser: sorry, don't follow.

9:27 cemerick: Community is oxygen; if you're not worried about uptake, then you'll be forever doomed to building stuff on your own, or with a very small cohort.

9:27 chouser: alexyk: ah, so now it's design begins to make sense...

9:27 cemerick: In any case, the problem is the problem, not the lack of an adequate solution.

9:27 Raynes: cemerick: I had to look up solipsism. Thank you. What a beautiful word.

9:28 cemerick: Raynes: Enroll thyself in an epistemology class. You'll be happy for it.

9:28 chouser: cemerick: Well, let's see... I use the 5% desktop OS (linux), and within that a 5% window manager (ion). I don't use IE or Safari. My favorite language is hated by all who hate the JVM *and* all who hate Lisp...

9:29 cemerick: chouser: Sure, that's fine in your particular corner. But if you are looking at building something that's better than X, you need all those other people.

9:29 chouser: cemerick: so whether they're good decisions or not, you do seem to have discovered my pattern

9:29 cemerick: And, even though you don't use those 95% tools, you benefit by their dominance.

9:30 Raynes: chouser: You're such a maverick. I bet you even put ketchup in your scrambled eggs!

9:30 cemerick: ha

9:30 I used to enjoy grape jelly in my eggs. That was a lifetime ago, though.

9:30 Raynes: I used to put ketchup in mine. Now I just don't eat scrambled eggs.

9:31 chouser: but I don't do it to *be* a maverick. I do it because I prefer better tools, or at least tools that are better for what I do.

9:31 Raynes: Very rarely. Not much of a breakfast person.

9:31 chouser: I have used Windows as my primary OS, and C++ as my primary language, etc. I have specific articulable reasons for choosing other than each of those.

9:32 Some of these choices have become popular enough that enough community has gathered around to make using them much easier than they were before (linux, clojure). Others have not (ion)

9:32 cemerick: Of course, it's a spectrum. Most people tend towards satisficing, insofar as they don't care about the same things you care about.

9:32 shoover__: I use Windows and C# and put ketchup on my scrambled eggs. I don't know what that makes me.

9:34 cemerick: I don't think there's nearly "enough" community around clojure, just to pick on our favorite son.

9:34 But anyway, we've strayed from the point.

9:34 chouser: I suppose to choose to bet on it, maven does not have to be the best imaginable solution, just the best available.

9:35 cemerick: I qualified my "enough". "enough" to be easier to use that it was. growing not shrinking.

9:35 cemerick: Sure.

9:36 chouser: My life would be so much easier if *everyone* used linux, ion, clojure, firefox, bash, vim, etc.

9:36 * Raynes googles ion

9:36 cemerick: Again, I think maven et al. are solving the wrong problem. Build tools and all of the process around software development are an artifice symptomatic of a lot of brokenness.

9:37 chouser: Raynes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_%28window_manager%29

9:39 Raynes: Aww, a discontinued Window manager.

9:39 chouser: :-/

9:39 Raynes: Discontinued software makes me all emotional.

9:41 chouser: cemerick: oh, had you said that before? I missed it.

9:41 what problem should be solved instead?

9:42 * chouser hopes it has something to do with efficiently processing lazy seqs using the fewest number of characters.

9:43 cemerick: There are a lot of problems. :-)

9:43 Specifically related to build tooling, deployment, etc., the problem is that the mode of deployment dictates packaging.

9:43 I shouldn't have to know about .war files.

9:43 I shouldn't have to know about .app directory structures.

9:43 When I shove a file into an app container, the application contained therein should be transparently mirrored across my cluster, if I've set one up.

9:46 To a certain extent, that's screaming at the ocean. In practical terms, I might as well say I want to program in straight C, get the perf that implies, yet not have to manage memory.

9:46 Bad analogy, but perhaps it gets across.

9:46 chouser: :-)

9:47 cemerick: In any case, the situation is not good for people with domain expertise.

9:47 It *is* good for those whose domain expertise is whatever the shifting sands of the software industry are shoveling these days -- which happens to be a friggin' lot of people.

9:53 alexyk: what's the best resource for a comprehensive API docs, including core and contrib?

9:54 with the contrib refactoring and osmosis into core

9:56 cemerick: alexyk: http://clojure.github.com/clojure/branch-master/index.html and http://clojure.github.com/clojure-contrib/branch-master/index.html

9:56 Those track HEAD AFAIK

9:56 alexyk: cuuute

9:58 is re-find etc what people use for regexes? Anything like PCRE?

9:58 clojurebot: max people is 313

9:59 cemerick: alexyk: clojure uses java.util.regex.Pattern, which is an excellent PCRE impl.

10:00 alexyk: cemerick: ok, just checking :)

10:00 cemerick: Arguably second only to perl, IMO.

10:00 alexyk: so looks like re-seq is the most clojure-like of them...

10:01 chouser: re-seq is my most common fn for regex. Then re-find and finally clojure.string/replace

10:19 kjeldahl: ,(bound? somevarname)

10:19 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: somevarname in this context

10:19 chouser: ,(resolve 'somevarname)

10:19 clojurebot: nil

10:19 chouser: ,(resolve 'reduce)

10:19 clojurebot: #'clojure.core/reduce

10:20 kjeldahl: Thanks!

10:35 alexyk: chouser: what's the idiomatic way to walk a directory and grep files for a pattern?

10:44 chouser: (file-seq (java.io.File. "foo"))

10:45 alexyk: chouser: ok, and then duck-streams and re-seq, right?

10:45 chouser: I guess you could use duck-streams

10:46 (filter #(re-find #".svg" (.getName %)) (file-seq (java.io.File. "/home/chouser/misc/art")))

10:46 * shoover__ wonders why file-seq can't take a string

10:48 * mefesto just bought his clojure-conj ticket

10:48 cemerick: shoover__: it's historical, but serendipitous. See clojure.java.io/file

10:48 mefesto: Awesome. Bring three friends! :-)

10:49 mefesto: hah

10:49 alexyk: two of them cute females at that

10:49 shoover__: I'm not sure I've ever heard historical, but serendipitous in any context

10:49 Usually it's just historical

10:51 alexyk: hmm, there will be two rich hickeys and two chousers at clojure-conj... or their evil twins...

10:51 chouser: ???

10:51 alexyk: and two stu's

10:51 clojure-conj.org, two rows of pics

10:53 (is it just for my Chrome or for everybody?)

10:54 esj: alexyk: so THAT'S how they're so impossibly productive.

10:55 cgrand: alexyk: when you zoom out everybody has a "twin"

10:56 chouser: alexyk: yeah, an odd choice of visual design

10:57 alexyk: well, now we just have to go there, to meet the twins! :)

10:57 chouser: he walks like me; he talks like me; he's even got a twin like me

11:06 l_a_m: does someone use compojure ?

11:06 i 've got a problem with my defroutes

11:06 i would like to have an URI like this : "/version?api_key=xxxx"

11:06 how can i do this ?

11:07 i try (GET "/version" (params :params)

11:07 does someone have any idea ?

11:09 kjeldahl: I_a_m: (ANY "*" [& params] ....)

11:11 (ANY "*" [& params] (str (prn-str params)))

11:12 I'm still clueless on how to get the whole session stuff and similar using compojure routes like above...

11:15 bhenry: kjeldahl: i think you want ring middleware. i'm not sure what compojure does to them if anything. look into ring wrap-params

11:17 kjeldahl: er. ring.middleware.keyword-params/wrap-keyword-params

11:19 l_a_m: kjeldahl: so i can use (GET "/users/:id" [id params]

11:19 ?

11:25 kjeldahl: I_a_m: Extracting from the URI string is easy. But how about the headers and similar? There's a little bit too much "magic" for me to grasp yet (or lack of docs..).

11:27 shoover__: l_a_m: did you try what you just wrote? It looks right

11:27 l_a_m: shoover__: yeah i try

11:28 shoover__: l_a_m: well, just id. If you want a map of all the params, you may need something different

11:28 l_a_m: shoover__: and i ve got a NullPointerException

11:29 shoover__: there's special destructuring going on in compojure. If you use a vector, you have to provide the names of the params you want. So [id] should work.

11:29 l_a_m: it works

11:30 GET "/users/:id" [id & params] and not : [id params]

11:30 shoover__: ok, good

11:31 If you want to see the entire request, leave off the [] and destructure a map like {{id "id"} :params :as req}

11:31 (that :as req is untested, just a guess)

11:50 dnolen: wow, composable regexes, http://github.com/cgrand/regex

11:51 alexyk: dnolen: cool

11:51 cgrand: grand! :0

11:53 cgrand: it's just a toy

12:25 alexyk: ninjudd: ping

12:32 amalloy: alexyk: pong (ninja'd! get it?)

12:33 alexyk: amalloy: but you got no cake!

12:35 amalloy: :( i'll try it out one of these days

12:36 alexyk: amalloy: today's the day! cake rocks

12:39 amalloy: gem install cake? or something trickier?

12:40 ohpauleez: alexyk: what advantages does cake give you over lein... or is it just how they each approach the problem?

12:43 amalloy: ohpauleez: it keeps a persistent jvm running in the background to speed up new clojure tasks, for one

12:43 ohpauleez: lein interactive

12:43 The autotest stuff could be cool

12:44 but currently my text editor fires that off for me, in a nailgun instance

12:47 amalloy: alexyk: i notice cake repl says it gives you tab completion, but for me it just types a tab character?

13:20 Bahman: Hi all!

13:20 alexyk: amalloy: didn't try tabs yet

13:25 cemerick: ninjudd: instead of nREPL, what do you think of clojack? (a play on "clojure ack", etc)

13:26 Coming up with project names is straight-up misery.

13:28 * kotarak wishes people avoided "clo-" names. It sounds like "Klo" (german slang for "toilet")

13:29 kotarak: On the other hand: a sister site for clojars called clochards?

13:29 cemerick: kotarak: hrm, good to know

13:29 * cemerick should've realized that via my Oma

13:29 kotarak: cemerick: yeah, we live in a global world.

13:30 ninjudd: cais2002: i just checked. cake uses the ant jar task, so it excludes .svn files by default http://ant.apache.org/manual/dirtasks.html#defaultexcludes

13:31 cemerick: perhaps ackie then :-P

13:31 cais2002: ninjudd: thanks for the quick fix. I will check it out tomorrow morning

13:32 ninjudd: cais2002: no fix necessary ;-) but you're welcome

13:34 cemerick: clojack is certainly better, but i still prefer portal :>

13:35 Toiletjure?

13:35 cemerick: portal will forever mean altavista and such in my head :-/

13:36 ninjudd: portal will forever mean shooting a teleporting door into a wall and walking through it to me

13:36 which is exactly what nREPL aims to do ;)

13:37 cemerick: heh, bugs bunny-style

13:37 ninjudd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_(video_game)

13:37 cemerick: hrm, maybe it was daffy

13:37 kotarak: Yeah. These portable holes. Say are kinda cool.

13:37 bhenry: i've always wanted one of those black circles you could put anywhere to make a hole.

13:37 kotarak: s/say/they

13:38 ninjudd: cemerick: you could name it ASHPD

13:38 which is the technical name for the portal gun (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device)

13:40 nice parallel to nailgun too

13:41 * kotarak wonders whether a similar ruby program would be called railgun...

13:45 ninjudd: yes, except there is already a ruby lib called railgun

13:46 and snailgun

13:47 kotarak: pfff... there is no :or for list destructuring. :(

13:47 dakrone: snailgun? do you send nailgun requests via snail-mail?

13:50 ninjudd: dakrone: something like that

13:54 scottj: kotarak: yeah I've wanted that before too

13:54 cgrand: kotarak: if you are destructuring a vector you can use :or :-)

13:55 kotarak: Hmm.. I thought I *was* destructuring a vector.

13:55 Lemme check again.

13:55 (Maybe I tested with a list...)

13:55 cgrand: '(let [{a 0 b 1 :or {b 43}} (seq [42])] [a b])

13:56 ,(let [{a 0 b 1 :or {b 43}} (seq [42])] [a b])

13:56 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No value supplied for key: 42

13:56 cgrand: don't work but

13:56 ,(let [{a 0 b 1 :or {b 43}} [42]] [a b])

13:56 clojurebot: [42 43]

13:56 kotarak: argh

13:56 cgrand: not pretty and brittle, you are warned

13:56 kotarak: ok

13:57 Well. This whole code is not pretty. But it reduces runtime by a factor of 3. :]

13:57 ohpauleez: cemerick: I just looked at nREPL for the first time right now... I just did a similar thing using aleph

13:57 but am now moving my focus to net-ns, a remote ns system for clojure

13:57 cemerick: "remote ns system"?

13:58 ohpauleez: an ns like macro that lets you :expose :use-remote, etc

13:58 kotarak: cgrand: btw: I'm absoliutely happy, that I got into fighting distance to the vector. :)

13:59 ohpauleez: :use-remote :at "" for example

13:59 cgrand: kotarak: ah, it's vlist stuff... I haven't looked at your latest yet

14:00 sorry

14:00 raek: a RPC library?

14:00 kotarak: cgrand: no hurry. :) I know you are completely booked at the moment.

14:01 cgrand: no matter whether it's useful, but less than factor two away from a vector (written in Java) with a datatype written in Clojure seems pretty cool to me. :)

14:01 ohpauleez: raek: a type of RPC library, yes

14:02 svs`: anyone using carte? any idea what this means? "db-spec null is missing

14:02 a required parameter"

14:05 rhickey: cemerick: any thoughts on contributing nRepl when you are ready?

14:05 duncanm: dum de dum

14:06 it's easy to find the biggest number in a seq (use max), but what if i also want to know its position?

14:07 cemerick: rhickey: Happy to.

14:07 It's early days (I think I'm ~ a full day into it so far!), but it's coming together. I'd like to make sure I've got everyone's bases covered so that it's globally useful.

14:07 chouser: duncanm: which position? the first, last, or all of them?

14:07 cemerick: s/globally/generally

14:07 mrBliss: ,(apply (partial max-key first) (map vector [1 3 2] (range)))

14:07 clojurebot: [3 1]

14:07 duncanm: mrBliss: nice

14:07 mrBliss: duncanm: ^^

14:07 duncanm: max-key?

14:08 mrBliss: so if i have a matrix ([a b c] [d e f] ...) and i want to find the indices to the largest element.....

14:08 hmm

14:08 chouser: mrBliss: nice, I keep forgetting max-key

14:08 (map-indexed vector [1 3 2])

14:08 duncanm: oh

14:08 i know nothing about these functions, are they new?

14:09 chouser: ,(:added (meta #'max-key))

14:09 clojurebot: "1.0"

14:09 chouser: ,(:added (meta #'map-indexed))

14:09 clojurebot: "1.2"

14:12 rhickey: cemerick: that's great. Please also consider WebSockets protocol

14:13 dnolen: +1 for WebSockets

14:13 cemerick: rhickey: HTTP was going to be my first thought, but sure. Maybe I can twist someone's arm to look at that, as I've never touched them. Stacking stuff on top of what's there should be totally straightforward in any case.

14:13 that == websockets

14:14 ninjudd: cemerick: yeah, franks42 suggested websockets earlier too. not sure if i forwarded it along or not

14:15 cemerick: I think this is the first I've heard of it; I'll add it to the design notes just so its not forgotten.

14:15 * cemerick can't type

14:15 ninjudd: who can?

14:16 hiredman: haskellers

14:16 clojurebot: rimshot

14:16 clojurebot: Excuse me?

14:18 rhickey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSockets

14:19 hiredman: it seems like something like websockets would be better added as a proxy clientish thing

14:19 rhickey: hiredman: why?

14:20 hiredman: because not everyone wants to embed an http server

14:21 rhickey: hiredman: you don't need an HTTP server for WebSockets

14:22 just sockets

14:22 cemerick: huh, so that HTTP-esque stuff is bogus.

14:23 rhickey: It just has an HTTP compatible handshake

14:23 so you can initiate it via http from browsers

14:23 cemerick: Browsers: keeping security guys in full-employment since 1995.

14:24 rhickey: but it is a lot easier to send character-by-character data to the reader via websockets than via HTTP

14:25 cemerick: yeah, it looks like it'll be totally reasonable.

14:35 scottj: rhickey: why isn't :or supported in seq destructuring?

14:38 * scottj guesses because seqs aren't associative

14:38 ohpauleez: Does anyone have a good script example for lein's :repl-init-script

14:59 rickmode: As I develop using datatypes (defrecord in my case) I run into a quirk where I create a record, later recompile the defrecord, then use the old record. This old record's methods fail when called and instance? checks no longer work. Now, I presume this is because the underlying class has been recreated and so is simply not the same class as before, but this does seem to be a pain for long running processes.

15:04 chouser: even when using records it may make sense to use extend instead of implementing the methods inline in the defrecord

15:04 rickmode: Is this a side effect of using swank? I assume it would happen with any REPL. I wonder if datatypes could be "fixed" similar to Eclipse's hot code replacement. Am I nuts?

15:04 chouser: would that effectively fix the issue?

15:05 kotarak: rickmode: I don't think so.

15:05 Because the class changes.

15:05 Ah.

15:05 Maybe yes.

15:05 hiredman: you shouldn't be changing datatypes in a long running process

15:05 chouser: hm... no, but it would reduce the reasons for re-evaluating the defrecord to only when the fields change.

15:05 kotarak: The protocol still knows the old one.

15:06 rickmode: kotarak: so satisfies? will work and the protocol would be backwards compatible?

15:06 chouser: hm, actually if you re-eval the extend-type as well, the protocol will know about both

15:06 kotarak: maybe, haven't tested it. But when chouser says "no" ....

15:08 chouser: when you eval defrecord again, you're getting a completely different class with the same name

15:09 using extend means you need to do that less often.

15:09 rickmode: chouser, kotarak: I'm thinking I should put protocols and defrecords (and the like) in separate source files so minimize the problem, though it would be nice if that wasn't needed

15:14 lancepantz: anyone know what time the conj ends on saturday?

15:15 nm, its on the ticket

15:15 5:30

15:17 raek: (off topic: YECH! the colors of ERC on emacs in a terminal are *horrible*... anyone here have any advice?)

15:19 defn: raek: color-theme

15:19 raek: make sure your terminal has support for 256colors

15:19 bhenry: http://alexpogosyan.com/color-theme-creator/

15:20 defn: meh screw those

15:20 just use zenburn :)

15:20 lancepantz: wombat!

15:20 bhenry: i did until i found that. too much yellow in zenburn

15:20 lancepantz: i ported wombat from vim, it was hell though

15:20 bhenry: (if memory serves me correctly)

15:21 lancepantz: that site is awesome

15:23 scottj: lancepantz: too bad, someone did that long long ago

15:23 well a couple years ago, not that long I guess

15:23 lancepantz: :/

15:27 kotarak: How do I find out, where boxing is going on?

15:29 dnolen: kotarak: i think jvisualvm will show you

15:33 defn: Anyone know of a directory watcher written in Clojure?

15:33 Something I can have execute some code everytime something in a diretory changes?

15:36 kotarak: dnolen: wow. jvisualvm is pretty self-explaining. Just fired it up. Connected to my session. And started profiling. Cool.

15:36 bhenry: defn: start here? http://github.com/wilkes/Kibitz/blob/master/src/kibitz/core.clj it looks like it wouldn't be very hard to pass a function to watch-project

15:38 defn: bhenry: yeah I was looking at that, just wansn't initially very enthused given his note on the README

15:39 bhenry: ill try 'er out though

15:39 thanks

16:03 hmph, looks like most of kibbits is Stuart S's handywork

16:03 ninjudd: cemerick: i heard a rumor you're interested in writing some cake plugins for NSIS, ikvm, and proguard ;)

16:04 cemerick: ha!

16:04 :-)

16:04 ninjudd: wouldn't be too hard. i'd recommend just wrapping the maven tasks ;-)

16:04 cemerick: lol

16:04 ninjudd: no point in reimplementing something like that

16:04 cemerick: indeed

16:05 ninjudd: i bet you could do it in less lines of code than your current pom.xml :P

16:06 cemerick: almost surely not -- if so, then polyglot maven wouldn't have been much of a project

16:06 ninjudd: how many lines is you pom.xml?

16:07 cemerick: (not that LoC is a worthwhile metric in either direction)

16:07 My largest pom is 400 lines.

16:07 ninjudd: oh, that's too easy

16:08 cemerick: I beg you not to try :-)

16:08 ninjudd: of course not, you would be able to do it way quicker

16:09 cemerick: never gonna happen

16:09 LauJensen: Great, this is the kind of warfare I was hoping to jump into, good evening everybody! :)

16:09 * ninjudd knows that cemerick want to be part of the solution

16:09 cemerick: ninjudd: polyglot maven is sitting right over *there*, and I still don't use it because then my pom.clj files would be useless with all tools.

16:10 ninjudd: so you're addicted to the tools, huh?

16:10 cemerick: yeah, eclipse and hudson are nifty

16:11 And I'm not an sexpr zealot, so I've little patience with rebuilding things just so I can change a bunch of <>'s to ()'s.

16:11 * dnolen is a sexpr zealot

16:11 ninjudd: can't do a let in xml though

16:12 or map, reduce, et. al

16:12 AWizzArd: cemerick: before I look at the sources, what is the transporter for communication in your nREPL? Just some Sockets? http + rest? soap?

16:12 cemerick: Hrm, right, because I want that in my build definitions. ;-)

16:12 ninjudd: cemerick: you prefer copy and paste?

16:12 cemerick: AWizzArd: Very simple character-based protocol.

16:13 ninjudd: I like not having to run all possible goals/tasks/whatever in a build in order to know exactly what it's going to do.

16:13 ninjudd: me too! that's exactly why cake uses a dependency-based model

16:14 cemerick: nah, that's a red-herring. I did ant for years (and still do, very occasionally). Thanks, but no thanks. :-)

16:15 The point of a declarative build process is that one has the potential of determining exactly what will be done, without running the thing. Not so if you can inject arbitrary code into arbitrary stages/phases/whatever.

16:16 That breaks down a little when you consider ant tasks or exec's in pom files, but buyer beware in those cases.

16:17 ninjudd: that breaks down a little when you have 400 line pom.xml files ;-)

16:18 i certainly cannot look at 400 lines of code and know what it is going to do.

16:18 cemerick: not at all true -- I can open that thing, and see exactly what goals are going to be run for any given phase in this nifty pom viewer in eclipse

16:20 ninjudd: i don't buy that. i think you're just more familiar with maven and the tools you use

16:22 cemerick: vs. what? I'm pretty well-versed in my build tools.

16:23 ninjudd: vs. cake/lein/ant/whatever

16:24 bobo_: one thing i love with maven, is when editing a sourcefile. and netbeans cant find the class. it can search maven and add it to dependencies.

16:24 havent seen that with anything else

16:24 ninjudd: bobo_: doesn't lein-search provide something similar?

16:24 cemerick: ninjudd: and make and gradle and scons and sbt...

16:25 bobo_: ninjudd: well... kinda, but not as smooth. still have to search for it then?

16:25 cemerick: Many things can be said of me, but unacquainted with tools is not one of them. :-)

16:26 rake and buildr are two I've never used

16:26 defn: via SOAP! via SOAP!

16:26 ninjudd: i didn't say that. i used the word addicted i think :p

16:26 shoover_: c'mon guys, give poor cemerick a break. he was in here talking about this stuff 10 hours ago

16:26 cemerick: shoover_: I'm the local build tool piñata

16:27 ninjudd: hey defn, what ever happened to the cake-search plugin you were working on?

16:27 shoover_: cemerick: I'm my own IRC unicode decoder, apparently

16:27 LauJensen: cemerick: I hope you don't mind these talks, I think they're educational

16:27 cemerick: heh

16:27 not AFAICT

16:28 most people in the clojure world appear to have a serious blub blind spot in this particular department

16:28 bobo_: build tools is almost as sensitive as vim vs emacs and dynamic vs static typing

16:29 ohpauleez: bobo_: My mother was a saint!!

16:29 :)

16:29 AWizzArd: cemerick: wait, I didn't follow the discussion, but did someone mention Maven? ;)

16:29 lancepantz: oh jeesus

16:29 cemerick: My life the past couple of days, it seems :-/

16:29 lancepantz: i just got done reading the logs from this discussion this morning

16:29 ohpauleez: I'm waiting for #clojure to turn into a bar brawl so LauJensen and I can settle the vim vs emacs conversation, the celebrate our friendship over awesomewm

16:29 lancepantz: now scrolling back through my irc buffer, same thing

16:29 there's probably going to be multiple fights at the conj :)

16:30 bobo_: i have to get a i love maven t-short for conj-labs

16:30 cemerick: lancepantz: I doubt that

16:30 bobo_: *t-shirt

16:30 LauJensen: hehe, ohpauleez the Vim Vs Emacs discussion was settled years ago by Emacs, its just that the Vim users haven't realized that yet

16:30 lancepantz: </sarcasm> :)

16:30 ohpauleez: true talk, RMS uses vim inside emacs, which he uses as a psuedo screen

16:30 LauJensen: bobo_: Alright, but you understand I won't be able to guarantee your safety though, right? :)

16:30 cemerick: lancepantz: nah, I think you're entirely correct, I'm just being hopeful

16:31 bobo_: LauJensen: :-) il just login to awesome and start emacs.

16:31 ohpauleez: bobo_: You'll be safe

16:31 barely

16:31 but it should work

16:31 bobo_: or i can boot windows and start netbeans

16:31 LauJensen: bobo_: You can log into whatever you want, we'll primarily be working with Emacs and Eclipse, but there's freedom to use whatever you want

16:32 bobo_: LauJensen: yeh im just teasing you :-)

16:32 im one of thoose that dont care what im using.

16:32 cemerick: LauJensen: you *allow* Eclipse? :-O

16:32 LauJensen: cemerick: We even support it :)

16:32 bobo_: "We" must be cgrand? :-)

16:32 LauJensen: cgrand has put in alot of work on the Eclipse plugin

16:32 bobo_: yea, like I said, "we" :)

16:32 cemerick: LauJensen: The churck of emacs will certainly excommunicate you for being associated with such subversive activities.

16:32 bobo_: :-)

16:33 LauJensen: cemerick: Im not a fanatic, I simply use Emacs because its superior to the alternatives, if that position changes I'll likely change with it

16:34 cemerick: I'm entirely unfamiliar with this well-reasoned, pragmatic LauJensen ;-)

16:34 LauJensen: cemerick: riight, when have I not claimed that Emacs is superior?

16:34 ninjudd: i use emacs because i will never be able to forget the command shortcuts. they were drilled into my head at such a formative age

16:36 LauJensen: ninjudd: Do you also get disappointed in Thunderbird or Firefox when you hit C-k and nothing happens? :)

16:36 lancepantz: does in chrome!

16:36 bobo_: indeed!

16:37 rich_holygoat: I am wedded to Vimperator

16:37 bobo_: actualy, it goes to the searchfield in firefox! :-)

16:37 rich_holygoat: keep hitting 't' and 'd' in Safari :D

16:38 bobo_: oh, floss weekly this week was just released, and its about emacs!

16:38 mrBliss: bobo_: Just started to download it :-) about org-mode

16:42 plathrop: I think I'm missing something obvious

16:42 I've been iterating over some code in emacs/swank

16:42 saved my progress in a file because I needed to restart my computer

16:43 Now I've come back to it and I don't want to go over every form and use eval-last-sexp to load it into swank

16:43 But (load "my-file") doesn't seem to load all the code

16:43 bobo_: M-x slime-eval-buffer

16:44 plathrop: thanks, bobo_ I knew it was something simple

16:44 bobo_: :-)

16:51 ninjudd: LauJensen: C-k works for me in firefox

16:51 LauJensen: k, it was just an example, I use Conkeror so I dont remember firefoxs bindings :)

16:52 ninjudd: may be an OS X thing

16:53 bhenry: if i pass a keyword into a function can i turn it into :keyword.dotsomething ?

16:54 ie (let [x :x] (something here returns :x.extended))

16:56 briancarper: ,(let [x :x] (keyword (str (name x) ".extended")))

16:56 clojurebot: :x.extended

16:56 bhenry: briancarper: thanks that's what i just tried.

17:05 amalloy: plathrop: C-c C-k works too, and takes less typing than this M-x blah blah nonsense

17:11 plathrop: What happened to the clojure.string docs?

17:19 jjido: can I assign three values in a vector to three variables at once? Like (let [a, b, c [3, 2, 1]] ...)

17:20 dnolen: jjido: yup

17:20 ,(let [[a b c] [1 2 3]] (println a b c))

17:20 clojurebot: 1 2 3

17:20 jjido: great :)

17:29 amalloy: jjido: you don't even need them to be in a vector already, if this is more convenient for you:

17:29 ,(let [f (fn [& [a b c]] (println a b c))] (f 4 6 8))

17:29 clojurebot: 4 6 8

17:30 ohpauleez: jjido: that above example is called destructuring

17:31 it's used extensively in clojure, if you need to dig up more docs on it

17:31 you can also do it with maps (which is very helpful)

17:35 amalloy: ,(let [{name :first} {:last 'smith, :first 'david}] name)

17:35 clojurebot: david

18:50 lancepantz: anyone know if there is a way to get the arity of a lambda?

18:58 replaca: lancepantz: no, I don't believe there is

18:58 technomancy: lancepantz: it seems like a bug that metadata on fns is very sketchy

18:58 lancepantz: yeah, i expected meta to do it, returns nil though

18:59 amalloy: lancepantz: meta of a defn gets you arglists, but meta of a lambda doesn't seem to

18:59 replaca: technomancy: can you tell me how to install my own version of clojure for lein to use?

18:59 technomancy: really, nil? I get {:line 1}

18:59 replaca: you mean to make lein itself use a version other than it uses out of the box?

19:00 ninjudd: ,(contains? (transient #{1 2 3}) 3)

19:00 clojurebot: false

19:00 ninjudd: huh?

19:00 replaca: technomancy: no, so that my program uses a custom version that I made myself

19:00 lancepantz: ,(meta #(println "hi"))

19:00 clojurebot: nil

19:00 amalloy: ,(some #{3} (transient #{1 2 3}))

19:00 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Don't know how to create ISeq from: clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet$TransientHashSet

19:01 technomancy: replaca: oh, I see. I would change the groupid in clojure's own pom.xml and mvn install from there, then make your project.clj match the new groupid

19:01 ninjudd: ,((transient #{1 2 3}) 3)

19:01 clojurebot: 3

19:01 hsuh: hey... whats the current state of enclojure vs emacs+swank+slime ?

19:01 ninjudd: i guess i can't use contains? for transients

19:01 replaca: technomancy: cool. what do the args to mvn install look like?

19:02 technomancy: does it just look at ./pom.xml?

19:02 technomancy: replaca: I'm not sure; I haven't built clojure from source in over a year

19:02 probably

19:02 replaca: technomancy: believe it or not, I think I just found a showstopper bug in keywords

19:03 ohpauleez: ninjudd: How are you using the transient?

19:03 replaca: want to play with it and understand it better before I file

19:03 ohpauleez: I'm having a hard time to think of a case where you'd want to do that

19:03 replaca: (and also fix my program :-))

19:04 ninjudd: ohpauleez: why does one ever use transients? to make constructing large, persistent data structures faster

19:04 ohpauleez: right, typically in a loop

19:05 ninjudd: correct

19:05 ohpauleez: but I can't think why end that process using a contains? on the collect itself

19:05 typically it's a function return or some other value that is used as a sentinel to return

19:06 ninjudd: ohpauleez: are you arguing that contains? shouldn't work on a transient because you can't think of why i would need it?

19:06 ohpauleez: haha, I'm not arguing for anything, I just couldn't come up with a use-case for using contains? on a transient

19:07 ninjudd: ohpauleez: i doing a breadth-first search of a large graph

19:07 the result of that search is an object which encapsulates all the paths that were found.

19:08 to avoid infinite loops, i have to check if a node has already been traversed, thus i need to call contains? on a transient

19:09 amalloy: ninjudd: it looks like clojure.lang.RT.contains() just checks whether something is an IPersistentSet

19:09 ohpauleez: the only way I can think of making that work is persistent!, checking, and transient'ing again

19:09 ninjudd: ohpauleez: that would kill performance

19:09 ohpauleez: totally

19:09 completely defeats the purpose

19:09 ninjudd: ,(get (transient #{1 2 3}) 3)

19:09 clojurebot: nil

19:10 ninjudd: get also doesn't work on transients

19:10 ohpauleez: ,(get (transient #{1 2 3}) 0)

19:10 clojurebot: nil

19:10 ninjudd: ,(get-in {:foo (transient #{1 2 3})} [:foo 3])

19:10 clojurebot: nil

19:10 ninjudd: and get-in

19:10 ohpauleez: right, this is very atypical usage

19:11 ninjudd: ohpauleez: i disagree

19:11 ohpauleez: can you gist the block? I'd totally love to take a look

19:11 ninjudd: ;)

19:11 amalloy: ninjudd: sounds like a bug. ITransientSet has get/contains methods, but RT doesn't actually invoke them since it's using (instanceof) instead of polymorphism

19:12 ninjudd: ohpauleez: http://github.com/ninjudd/jiraph/blob/deftype/src/jiraph/walk.clj

19:12 ohpauleez: thanks

19:12 ninjudd: i am changing :includes? from a map to a set

19:13 which is what is causing the breakage

19:13 haven't checked the broken code in though

19:15 ohpauleez: i guess you're right about it being uncommon, otherwise someone would have found the bug already

19:16 ohpauleez: ninjudd: yeah, I'm gisting you a typical use of transients

19:16 you usually transient in the let block that does the loop

19:17 http://gist.github.com/594584

19:17 ninjudd: ohpauleez: that's what i'm doing. look at init-walk, which is called in the binding part of the loop

19:22 defn: anyone here ever remote pair?

19:22 anyone here ever pair on clojure before?

19:23 ohpauleez: defn, as in pair programming?

19:23 defn: ohpauleez: yea

19:23 ohpauleez: yes, I have

19:23 a few times

19:23 in person and remotely

19:23 defn: i dont know anyone around my area who does any clojure, and i know precious few who pair

19:23 technomancy: defn: every day

19:23 defn: id like to get together and pair on a project some time

19:24 ninjudd: defn: where are you?

19:24 defn: Madison, WI

19:24 ohpauleez: defn: I use screen often to pair remotely

19:25 defn: but I'd totally jump into a one-off channel on IRC, on screen, or PM a lot of gists

19:25 defn: ohpauleez: use Emacs? http://github.com/scymtym/rudel

19:25 ohpauleez: as in, you'd be interested in pairing sometime?

19:26 technomancy: defn: I've found tmux/screen nicer than rudel if you're sharing more than one buffer

19:26 ohpauleez: I'm fine in both in emacs and vim. I use vim more, but that looks like a cool project

19:26 defn: technomancy: yeah i was looking at a link from HN today about tmux technomancy

19:26 sorry for the double nick highlight, terrible [TAB] habit

19:27 yeah ohpauleez -- i use vim at work mostly because the vim-rails bundle is far and away better than anything ive seen anyone come up with for Emacs

19:27 there's just no comparison

19:27 but i prefer emacs -- im not one of those vim-mode on the CL guys -- give me set -o emacs please

19:28 technomancy: do you have any dotfiles or configuration stuff hanging out in your dotfiles related to tmux/screen for pairing?

19:28 technomancy: defn: sure, http://p.hagelb.org/.tmux.conf

19:28 defn: win.

19:29 technomancy: wanna let me try it out on you? :D

19:30 ninjudd: i keep meaning to switch to tmux

19:31 technomancy: defn: already pairing w/ someone; sorry

19:31 defn: you could join our seajure meetings; they're held in a tmux session. =)

19:31 ohpauleez: defn: rad, but yeah holler if you want another set of eyes or pairing

19:31 technomancy: for real?!

19:31 I'm in Eugene, OR and keep meaning to get on the train and head up for a meeting

19:33 defn: technomancy: no problem -- is that info on the seajure page?

19:33 ohpauleez: im going to hold you to that.

19:33 technomancy: well it wouldn't be that useful without voip though

19:33 defn: ohpauleez: are you interested in pairing tomorrow?

19:33 i just spent all day pairing and am a little worn out

19:35 ninjudd: ohpauleez, amalloy: thanks. i'm going to post this bug to clojure-dev

19:35 ohpauleez: ninjudd: cool, sorry I couldn't be more of a help

19:44 ninjudd: ohpauleez: no worries. for now i'm just using the alternate sytax

19:44 ,((transient #{1 2 3}) 3)

19:44 clojurebot: 3

20:07 dreish: Well this is unpleasant. Leiningen can't build an uberjar for a project that uses native-deps, since it cleans up and does lein deps, but not lein native-deps, before trying to make the jar.

20:08 technomancy: dreish: you can do a :disable-implicit-clean in project.clj

20:08 dreish: technomancy: That was easy.

20:08 technomancy: =)

20:09 you could also add-hook on the deps task to run native-deps along with deps

20:09 but this is easier

20:10 dreish: Yes, and now I have an uberjar.

20:10 Thanks.

20:10 dnolen: dreish: I don't think anyone's try to create a jar that contains native deps. From what I understand something fancy needs to be done to load native libs out of jar. Could be wrong tho.

20:10 dreish: I'll look into the add-hook later. I had a feeling it would be one or the other. Not too surprised it's both. :)

20:10 dnolen: s/try/tried

20:11 dreish: dnolen: Really? I could have sworn it worked a couple of versions ago, since I thought I'd run an uberjar that was doing a little test GL thing. I noticed it broke earlier this week.

20:11 dnolen: dreish: if you get it working, or if it just works, let me know :)

20:12 dreish: It does not work.

20:12 I could have sworn it used to.

20:12 ninjudd: dnolen: i implemented it, but there is a bug in clojure that prevents it from working correctly without a patch

20:13 http://github.com/ninjudd/classlojure

20:13 dnolen: ninjudd: oh yeah, I remember you talking about that.

20:13 ninjudd: cemerick actually blocked the patch because he said "it probably doesn't work in netbeans"

20:13 dnolen: huh

20:14 ninjudd: wasted a whole weekend trying to recreate the bug that he thought my patch would cause ;-)

20:14 i'm still planning to punch him for that when i see him...

20:15 dnolen: heh, well perhaps it should be reopened. Did you try the patched jar with Netbeans?

20:16 ninjudd: i did, and couldn't cause the bug. but netbeans is so confusing, i don't really know if my test was valid

20:16 but, cake supports native deps in jars just fine

20:16 dnolen: do you have a link to the ticket/patch, I'll try to check this out this weekend.

20:17 ninjudd:^

20:17 ninjudd: automatically extracts them and sets your library path and everything

20:17 dnolen: ninjudd: yeah I've looked at classlojure

20:17 dreish: I guess I'll be trying cake this weekend.

20:17 ninjudd: dnolen: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure-dev/browse_thread/thread/f61b550abf7f9c52/da25ba7e31b9431c?q=

20:17 dnolen: ninjudd: thx

20:17 ninjudd: i remember cemerick said "this is something your tools should handle for you!"

20:18 he didn't realize i was going to write a build tool though rather than use maven ;-)

20:18 lancepantz: lol

20:21 defn: haters gonna hate

20:22 isn't chas the guy who was all about polyglot build system and all of that, saying leiningen et al were a waste of time?

20:22 ninjudd: aye

20:22 defn: obviously not the guy who should be reviewing your patch then :)

20:23 conflict of interest and such

20:23 ninjudd: i wouldn't say he's a hater though. just opinionated

20:23 defn: well said -- im down with opinionated software

20:23 im just /more/ down with it when i agree with the opinion

20:23 * ninjudd is opinionated too.

20:23 ninjudd: hehe

20:24 so defn, you're almost done with your cake-search plugin, right?

20:24 defn: :X

20:24 * defn slowly leaves the room

20:25 ninjudd: maybe we can use tmux to pair on it one of these days ;-)

20:25 defn: ninjudd: that'd be cool actually

20:26 im deeply introverted in certain ways

20:26 ninjudd: defn: you going to clojure-conj?

20:26 defn: but having a conversation about technical stuff is important to me

20:26 something that has been hard with clojure given the community in my area

20:26 ninjudd: i havent committed yes or no yet

20:26 im going to strange loop

20:27 im not currently employed and am running on fumes -- unless i can get a scholarship like ole Raynes to head down and hang out I think I may be out of luck

20:30 'twould be awful nice to go, though -- i've spent a lot of time on disclojure, planet.clojure.in, reddit.com/r/clojure, groups.google.com/group/clojure, and so on over the last nearly two years and would like to meet some of you jerks

20:30 ninjudd: i take it you're going?

20:30 lancepantz: he just left, but yeah, we're both going

20:31 replaca: technomancy: doing an "ant ci-build" seemed to do the trick (mvn install just created an empty file)

20:31 defn: lancepantz: cool

20:32 lancepantz: strange loop is actually my first conference ever

20:32 lancepantz: yeah, i've never been to one either

20:32 defn: going alone to a conf makes me sort of nervous

20:32 ive tried to get friends excited in clojure but im their weird friend who they dont invite to dinner parties for fear I bring up the STM

20:33 lancepantz: heh, well atleast it sounds like your friends program atleast

20:33 defn: debatable

20:34 some of them get paid to write code but don't get my stamp of approval as being real programmers

20:35 writing PHP web apps until the end of time is not being a programmer -- doing .NET for an insurance company for 10 years is not programming -- they work in environments where "design" and all of that are dirty words, things that are a "waste of time", mostly because they dont know how to do them

20:35 </rant>

20:35 clojurebot: have you heard about the bird? is<reply>The bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word.

20:35 technomancy: clojurebot: you crack me up sometimes

20:35 clojurebot: Excuse me?

20:36 defn: trying to imitate an infobot

20:36 for shame, clojurebot... for shame...

20:39 do conference putter-onner-guys prohibit the taping of talks at conferences?

20:39 i ask because ive seen mention of like 10 rhickey talks but never is there any video

20:40 hiredman: clojurebot: tv?

20:40 clojurebot: blip.tv is http://clojure.blip.tv/

21:28 alexyk: lancepantz: WTF is *shell-env* anyway? :)

21:29 lancepantz: a map of your bash environment

21:29 dnolen requested it for the textmate bundle

21:29 alexyk: lancepantz: I know, you renamed *env* to it and it screwed up that bundle! It used to be *env*, and Unix uses env, and Emacs ENV, and it's always $ENV!

21:29 :)

21:30 so now we found out and it's *shell-env* everywhere and it's ugly! :)

21:30 lancepantz: i wanted to use *env* for a more important feature

21:30 alexyk: lancepantz: like what?

21:31 there's nothing more important on a Unix system than ENV. I dare you to search till the end of the Universe and find anything more important!

21:32 and JVM has no env anyway. So rename it back! :)

21:32 lancepantz: i added an environment map the the project.clj

21:32 alexyk: hmm...

21:32 so you'd have :env?

21:33 lancepantz: so :environment{:qa {:foo "bar"}} sets *env* to {:foo "bar"} when you set env=qa in your your .cake/config

21:33 alexyk: cemerick: when you see *env*, what comes to mind?

21:34 * alexyk cemerick will be our focus group

21:34 cemerick: shit, who am I gonna piss off? :-)

21:34 alexyk: cemerick: nobody, it's just a test

21:34 don't look up

21:35 cemerick: something named *env* make me think someone made a bad design decision.

21:35 ninjudd: ha!

21:36 lancepantz: so *shell-env* would make more sense, right?

21:36 cemerick: Yup, I definitely pissed someone off.

21:40 ninjudd: a bad design decision would have been naming alexyk's *ENV* and lancepantz's *env*

21:40 alexyk: cemerick: wow, you deserve to represent UMass in Confgress!

21:40 Conjgress

21:41 ninjudd: which lancepantz talked me out of

21:41 alexyk: I meant Western Mass

21:41 cemerick: Conjgress, huh?

21:41 alexyk: lancepantz's *env* is just *fake-env*

21:41 or *presets*

21:42 or *args-alist* or some such; it's not really an env

21:42 env is shared by all shell things

21:42 lancepantz: i think cemerick has a good point, maybe *shell-env* and *cake-env* would make sense

21:42 ninjudd: yes it is *deploy-env*

21:43 alexyk: doesn't understand what it is for

21:43 alexyk: ninjudd: who doesn't?

21:43 ninjudd: cake/*cake-env* huh?

21:44 veto

21:44 alexyk: you

21:44 alexyk: ninjudd: I understand, but your *env* is not set by anything but cake right

21:45 ninjudd: it is for deployment environments.. equivalent to RAILS_ENV

21:46 neither is set by anything but cake

21:46 alexyk: yeah, Rails is to blame, DHH personally :)

21:47 ninjudd: alexyk: come up with a better name for deployment environment and you can have *env* back

21:47 * alexyk thinks

21:48 alexyk: ok I'll ponder it over some fishing on the weekend :)

21:48 ninjudd: ok

21:49 can't have the word cake or lancepantz in it

21:49 cemerick: I have no idea what the topic is really, but any quasi-global dumping-ground environment is generally bad, regardless of what it's named.

21:49 alexyk: cemerick: blame Unix! it's useful for decades not for nothing

21:50 ninjudd: i believe maven calls them properties?

21:50 cemerick: Sure, but you're using a programming language with top-notch FP facilities and data structures to go along with it. If you've got a clean slate, why not use 'em?

21:51 alexyk: cemerick: you live and die in an env. Windows has env and Unix too... "Reality is something which doesn't stop to exist when you stop believing in it."

21:52 cemerick: bah. Compojure / ring eliminated the notion of global contexts for web applications.

21:52 There *is* an environment, but it can be encapsulated, and restricted to local fn scope.

21:52 Makes a lot of stuff easier.

21:53 * cemerick will stop shouting from the bleachers at people actually doing work now

21:53 ninjudd: alexyk and i are talking about two different things

21:53 alexyk: our *env* is to interface cake with TextMate on a Unix platform; an artefact of iterop with the big bad world out there

21:54 ninjudd: actually, it looks like maven calls them profiles: http://maven.apache.org/guides/introduction/introduction-to-profiles.html

21:55 alexyk: ninjudd: aha! cake/*profile* for you

21:56 or cake/*maven-profile*

21:56 :)

21:56 ninjudd: lancepantz: what about *context*?

21:57 alexyk: maybe we should keep discussions about what to name an obscure cake var in #cake.clj next time

21:57 alexyk: ninjudd: sure

21:58 cais2002: ninjudd: good morning

21:58 ninjudd: cais2002: good morning

21:58 alexyk: ninjudd: thanks for pondering it anyway

21:58 the main thing TM/cake works beautifully

21:59 lancepantz: i think we can find something more obvious than context

21:59 alexyk: lancepantz: thanks too! you guys are doing a great job, nitpicking is all for sport

22:00 cais2002: ninjudd: I am a bit confused about how to use cake to do lein jar to exclude .svn folders

22:00 lancepantz: dont mind at all

22:01 ninjudd: cais2002: you would use cake instead of lein

22:01 cake jar

22:01 * ninjudd and lancepantz and alexyk continued talking about variable names in #cake.clj

22:01 lancepantz: i'll let alexyk fish on it :)

22:02 trying to buy these damn tickets

22:07 nroot7: Is Actors in clojure have a 1:1 mapping with java threads or is it running on a thread pool ? What is the overhead of creating a actor ?

22:11 cemerick: nroot7: they're agents, not actors; and yes, they use two threadpools. The overhead involved is a single object creation IIRC.

22:14 nroot7: cemerick: Thanks. also found some reference here http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/browse_thread/thread/2a2b24ffef5d1631

22:17 cemerick: nroot7: Sure; old, but still accurate. I presume you've seen this: http://clojure.org/agents

22:17 The example gives an example of what the overhead is like.

22:17 i.e. essentially none at all

22:21 ninjudd: alexyk: you can have *env* back. we came up with a better solution

22:22 and he's gone

22:22 i don't want him to spend his whole fishing trip thinking of variable names

22:24 does memoserv actually work?

22:25 clojurebot: does memoserv work?

22:26 clojurebot: http://haacked.com/images/haacked_com/WindowsLiveWriter/IConfigMapPathIsInaccessibleDueToItsProt_1446B/works-on-my-machine-starburst.png

22:26 ninjudd: good enough for me

22:26 sexpbot, do you agree?

22:28 dnolen: ANN: textmate-clojure, http://blip.tv/file/4160578

22:28 nroot7: What is the key binding on emacs to execute a line in buffer on the repl ?

22:28 lancepantz: congrats dnolen!

22:29 amalloy: nroot7: try C-c C-c

22:30 nroot7: amalloy : C-c C-c is undefined. I am using clojure box on windows.

22:30 amalloy: and you're in clojure mode?

22:31 dnolen: lancepantz: thx! most of the credit goes to other people tho :)

22:31 amalloy: you have to be in clojure mode, and have a connected slime/swank session, but after that C-c C-c should work

22:31 ninjudd: dnolen: awesome

22:31 hsuh: will i enter a world of pain if i try to develop a site with clojure these days? (needs mosfly file upload & sessions)

22:37 cais2002: ninjudd: finally managed to exclude .svn folder in lein by modifying jar.clj

22:37 amalloy: hsuh: i haven't tried it myself, but various #clojure regulars use compojure and seem to still be alive and sane

22:37 lancepantz: hsuh: compojure is great, but i don't have any experience with the html generation modules

22:39 hsuh: i read about it, and ring too.... which apparently has a session module

22:39 lancepantz: compojure is built on ring, and yeah sessions will probably be pain free

22:39 hsuh: cool

22:41 ninjudd: cais2002: ok

22:41 dnolen: if you're on HN and you like TextMate, upvote por favor, http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1722413

22:44 hsuh: dnolen: por favor?

22:48 dnolen: hsuh: oh sorry, please

22:50 kumarshantanu: hi, I need a slightly different merge-with behavior

22:50 ,(merge-with vector {:a 10 :b 20} {:a 30 :c 40})

22:50 clojurebot: {:c 40, :a [10 30], :b 20}

22:51 kumarshantanu: I need {:c [40], :a [10 30], :b [20]}

22:51 any suggestions?

23:07 chouser: ,(reduce (fn [m [k v]] (assoc m k (conj (m k []) v))) {} (concat {:a 10 :b 20} {:a 30 :c 40}))

23:07 clojurebot: {:c [40], :b [20], :a [10 30]}

23:07 chouser: ,(apply merge-with concat (map (fn [[k v]] {k (list v)}) (concat {:a 10 :b 20} {:a 30 :c 40})))

23:07 clojurebot: {:c (40), :b (20), :a (10 30)}

23:08 chouser: kumarshantanu: a couple options there. hm, I wonder if there's something in contrib

23:09 kumarshantanu: chouser: thanks, it looks good

23:09 chouser: I'm sure I've seen a better way, but it's not coming to me.

23:34 kumarshantanu: chouser: I am using these functions where the keys :a, :b etc are actually maps -- I am getting nth not supported (maybe due to de-structuring?)

23:37 amalloy: kumarshantanu: hard to guess what you're doing wrong without a sample?

23:43 kumarshantanu: amalloy: right, maybe will post later -- got to rush now :(

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