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0:04 konr: Has anybody used Jambi? Do you know why (for [x (range 3) y (range 3)] (doto grid (.addWidget (lcd-range) x y))) doesn't do anything but (doto grid (.addWidget (lcd-range) 0 1)) works as expected?


0:05 hiredman: for is lazy

0:06 konr: oh yeah! Nothing a dorun doesn't solve. Thanks!

0:07 arohner: konr: or you can just use doseq

0:07 it's like for, but not lazy and returns nil

0:09 konr: arohner: seems more appropriate. Thanks!

0:17 qbg: Is there some way to blocking wait (preferably with timeout) on an atom/ref until it contains a certain value?

0:17 hiredman: promise/deliver

0:19 qbg: But with promise/deliver can't reset it; only create a new one.

0:19 hiredman: you can put a promise in a ref or an atom

0:19 oh hell

0:19 just use a blockingqueue

0:45 qbg: Specifying :reload-all to require should cause all directly and indirectly required libs to be recompiled, correct?

0:47 Because sometimes old definitions don't get replaced for me

0:47 compile-buffer in SLIME also doesn't replace them for me sometimes.

1:25 LauJensen: Morning

2:55 replaca: LauJensen: Morning

3:19 qed: hi all

4:33 spariev: LauJensen: your writeup on Compojure is really nice

4:34 LauJensen: Thanks :)

4:38 zaphyr: ooh, could I have a link to that? sounds good

4:39 spariev: zaphyr: http://www.bestinclass.dk/index.php/2010/02/reddit-clone-in-10-minutes-and-91-lines-of-clojure/

4:39 zaphyr: thanks!

4:39 hehe, title of awesomeness :)

4:58 LauJensen: http://landshape.org/enm/20th-century-warming-not/

4:59 I must say I'm glad my webserver is running Linux, otherwise the amount of activity I get these days would probably have cratered it :)

5:00 Chousuke: are they taking that graph seriously? :P

5:02 LauJensen: Of course

5:14 ambient: proper statistics is sometimes more mysterious than black magic :)

5:18 esj: (inc ambient)

5:19 ambient: you mean (swap! ambient inc)? :)

5:21 it really feels weird being a variable in an immutable language

5:22 do i die when i change?

5:22 i guess the atom protects me

5:33 LauJensen: ambient: I'm not saying that there isn't a myriad of stats that you can run in various ways, I'm just saying that the temperature isn't rising in the NOAA sets :)

5:33 Its weird why so many people believe that cutting up trees and digging ice holes can change that fact

5:36 ambient: carbon dioxide working as a greenhouse gas seems to be the idea, afaik

5:38 esj: ambient: oops, yes.

5:49 * ambient feels weird fascination towards downloading 3 gigabytes of weather data

5:49 AWizzArd: Hallo ulfster

6:00 vu3rdd: LauJensen: I got really fascinated with your post that I downloaded all the NOAA data and have just started to play with it.

6:00 LauJensen: Great - Hows it coming along ?

6:05 vu3rdd: LauJensen: I am midway thru your post. As I told you over email, I got stuck with Java libraries, being a java n00b

6:07 but slime makes it quite easy to explore the java libraries. The C-c I (inspect) and M-.

6:12 LauJensen: vu3rdd: Then I misunderstood your mail, I actually thought you had worked it out

6:13 But the code should run right out of the box, why do you need to fiddle with Java ?

6:31 vu3rdd: LauJensen: yes, code should work. But I was more interested in knowing the java interop and the logic used than the actual result of the code itself.

6:33 LauJensen: ah ok

7:34 vu3rdd: ,quit

7:34 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: quit in this context

7:34 vu3rdd: :-)

7:34 too much use of slime

7:36 LauJensen: hehe

8:23 avarus: hi!

8:26 LauJensen: Hey

8:29 avarus: how are you guys (and girls)?

8:38 well, you seem fine :P

9:03 cemerick: rhickey: I infer from this that clojure is fully osgi-capable: http://lambdalounge.org/2010/01/28/polyglot-osgi-in-february/

9:15 rhickey: cemerick: I'm still waiting for a definition of what OSGi-capable means

9:15 cemerick: rhickey: in some ancient history, clojure would simply fall down

9:17 rhickey: cemerick: I don't really see how that would be the case. It is more a matter of, afaict, people having expectations of providing the core language as a service (or whatever they call it), mostly driven by expectations formed by how interpreters work

9:18 Or, Clojure-loaded code being able to play with OSGi's classloader mechanism, but no one should have any expectation of some standard Java-based code that did dynamic loading doing that, as there is no standard for exposing classes across dynamic loaders

9:19 originally, all OSGi=like things expected al code to use Class.forName

9:19 all

9:20 however, even if it now 'runs' under OSGi, it doesn't mean it can provide the facilities people want

9:20 cemerick: Sure. There was a time when one could not get a repl going at all, for example...at the very least, it appears such issues no longer exist.

9:20 I'm guessing the move to use the context classloader by default helped there.

9:20 rhickey: I never got a much better report than "it doesn't work"

9:21 I do know a few things that will make it more modular, in particular:

9:21 getting rid of symbol maps to class object in namespaces...

9:21 getting rid of global namespace map

9:22 special op all class-naming primitives, like instance? and resolve

9:22 moving away from reflection for type info

9:23 beyond that, I'd be willing to support an OSGi-specific recipe for dynamic loading

9:23 when used in that context

9:23 cemerick: well, jdk7 may end up providing various clever mechanisms that would make such things less necessary (if there's any demand for them at all anyway)

9:24 I get the impression that there's a lot of noise about osgi, but very few people actually using it outside of e.g. eclipse

9:24 rhickey: the dynamic case is still on the fringe - these things are oriented towards static relationships between modules

9:26 * _fogus_ psyched about another Clojure Pragmatic Studio in May

9:26 chouser: has the first one happened yet?

9:26 rhickey: but the bottom line is, Clojure's runtime was doing a lot of loading/resolution work for loaded code. Proxying that is incompatible with modularity systems that want to control which classes can see what

9:26 chouser: March

9:27 * chouser snaps to attention and starts a brisk left-right-left...

9:27 rhickey: :)

9:27 chouser: oh. the month. ok, thanks.

9:27 cemerick: I figured the presence of jsr 292 features would motivate consideration by the modules folks.

9:29 rhickey: cemerick: It simply comes down to: no proxying of class resolution - the language must emit direct references in the compiled code, can't go through a central registry

9:29 things are already better (import)

9:30 other things need work (Namespace.namespaces)

9:42 fdaoud: good morning

9:42 stuartsierra: I can't upgrade someone from Watcher to Member on Assembla myself, can I?

9:43 chouser: stuartsierra: afaik only rhickey can do that.

9:43 rhickey: stuartsierra: who needs an update?

9:43 jcromartie: I was kind of surprised to realize that docstrings are supposed to come before the arg vector

9:43 (in defn)

9:44 I always put them after the args, and nothing ever complained

9:44 chouser: jcromartie: it makes sense when you consider multi-body fns

9:44 jcromartie: yeah

9:44 stuartsierra: rhickey: trolard

9:44 fdaoud: jcromartie: +1

9:45 rhickey: stuartsierra: done

9:49 stuartsierra: rhickey: thx

9:57 avarus: hrm...sometimes I get "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: EOF while reading" and that's it...the last time I simply missed a )

9:57 this time, too :>

9:57 jcromartie: chouser: just made an improvement to that

9:57 chouser: I have a patch to give a bit more info

9:58 jcromartie: (oops, didn't want the ":")

9:58 avarus: oh, makes sense now :)

9:58 cool, where? :)

9:58 chouser: avarus: if you're building your own clojure, you can try this patch: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/clojure/tickets/249

9:59 avarus: but sometimes it tells me that there is no matching blabla

9:59 ah nice, I'll try it

9:59 thx

9:59 chouser: avarus: that's usually when you have an extra close. EOF is on an extra open

10:00 avarus: ok

10:00 jcromartie: minor nitpick: the api docs have an extremely tiny font

10:00 avarus: can you zoom with the ctrl+ + or mousewheel?

10:00 jcromartie: yeah I can

10:00 but that leads to more funkiness

10:01 avarus: hehe

10:02 jcromartie: I think the fixed-width fonts would be much more readable at even 10pt

10:04 avarus: perhaps a user stylesheet can help you for now

10:04 otherwise contact the webmaster and tell him if he had planned to ruin your eyes :P

10:04 ask him actually

10:05 jcromartie: avarus: the webmasters are here I believe :)

10:05 (not 100% sure on that thoug)

10:05 avarus: I have no idea

10:07 jcromartie: yay user styles

10:07 10pt Monaco :)

10:08 avarus: cool

10:08 jcromartie: of course now it messes some sites up unless I make super-specific selectors :P

10:08 avarus: ah lol :)

10:09 jcromartie: div#content_view.wiki.wikiPage pre { font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Monaco" }

10:12 avarus: I'm just wondering...all clojure code I've seen so far is written like this: http://pastie.org/807601 but can't one write it like this: http://pastie.org/807603 ?

10:13 * Raynes is finally buying chouser and fogus' book.

10:13 * avarus already did :>

10:14 avarus: the ebook though because I wasn's sure about international shipment of the book

10:14 wasn't

10:14 and because it was cheaper :)

10:14 * fr0og did too

10:14 fr0og: dead-tree+ebook

10:14 avarus: hehe

10:14 Raynes: avarus: I'm buying the ebook as well. I never buy dead-tree non-fiction books.

10:15 avarus: I did in the past but handling a thick book beside the screen and keyboard sucked

10:15 _fogus_: Raynes: You'll me disappointed to know that at least 75% of our book *is* fiction. :-p

10:15 Raynes: _fogus_: :p

10:16 avarus: so I bought a bigger screen so I can have the ebook and the editor open side by side :P

10:16 fr0og: _fogus_: I only browsed the book so far, so no comments on the content, but is there any reason why it is written in bold-face throughout?

10:17 chouser: avarus: one could write it that way, but one doesn't.

10:17 avarus: that's not bold for me

10:17 _fogus_: fr0og: Odd. It shouldn't be.

10:18 avarus: chouser: got it...I just found it a bit confusing sometimes

10:18 fr0og: oh? is it just a very thick font, or is it evince

10:18 chouser: avarus: you find having all the closing parens on one line to be confusing?

10:18 * fr0og checks in acroread

10:18 avarus: I'm on evince, too

10:18 chouser: yes

10:19 perhaps because my editor doesn't support clojure

10:19 though gedit highlights the parens

10:19 * Raynes can't stand people who put each closing paren on a different line.

10:19 zaphyr: avarus: sounds like you want a less losing text editor :)

10:19 Raynes: They should be stricken down from the heavens.

10:19 fr0og: it does look better in acroread actually, my apologies

10:20 avarus: yes, it's confusing how gedit highlights the parens

10:20 Raynes: Holy... For the last 30 minutes, I was under the impression that this was the year 2012.

10:20 chouser: avarus: I think you'll get used to it. One reason for doing it this way is that it's much more common in lisps than in c-like languages to having nothing much of interest after a close paren.

10:20 Raynes: I need to sleep more often.

10:20 zaphyr: there used to be a convention where you'd separate parens that were closed on a different line with a space, but i think that fell out of disuse and you'd get funny looks

10:20 avarus: chouser: ok, my brain still thinks c-ish I guess

10:21 zaphyr: but that was, hm. common lisp, circa 1980something :)

10:21 _fogus_: avarus: If your editor supports Lisp then that should get you much of Clojure support

10:21 avarus: _fogus_: gedit doesn't even support lisp by default :D

10:21 chouser: but in practice, we all read code often outside our main editor

10:22 avarus: I'm in c mode now so at least strings get highlighted

10:22 zaphyr: :S

10:22 Raynes: That's horrible.

10:22 Why do you subject yourself to such evil editors?

10:22 :|

10:22 zaphyr: you'll find an editor with good lisp indenting will aide your understanding much quicker

10:22 cow-orker: finally got around to buy "the joy..." (paper+pdf) ... looking forward to the rest of the book :-)

10:23 avarus: Raynes: because the "external tools" plugin is useful :)

10:23 jcromartie: connections in clojure.contrib.sql are kind of awkward

10:23 * Raynes is downloading Joy of Clojure as we speak. :D

10:23 jcromartie: although maybe it's MySQL's docs that are weird

10:23 Raynes: avarus: If GEdit can do it, Emacs can do it better.

10:23 :p

10:25 avarus: Raynes: I'm sure of that

10:25 though I never used emacs

10:26 jcromartie: is get-connection deprecated?

10:27 avarus: see you later

10:27 bye

10:31 jcromartie: what's with all the fruit junk in the sql docs?

10:50 zaphyr: hmz. the only thing that i don't really like about "Programming in Clojure" is we seem to keep using multimethods waaay before the chapter on multimethods :(

10:54 LauJensen: Thats just to warm you up a little

10:55 zaphyr: yeah, it's not a major issue (especially since I come from CL), but I'd have liked a little quick box introducing them earlier

10:56 other than that minor quibble on presentation order, the content's good

10:58 jcromartie: how can I return SQL results to something outside of with-connection?

10:59 I've tried things like (vector results)

11:00 but does that not un-lazify the lazy seq returned by with-query-results?

11:00 ohpauleez: jcromartie: use a closure or a ref

11:00 jcromartie: yes, that'll unlazy the results

11:00 jcromartie: it doesn't seem to work though

11:00 stuartsierra: jcromartie: you can also call 'doall' inside with-connection

11:01 ohpauleez: ahh good idea

11:01 jcromartie: (with-connection db (with-query-results results ["select * from venues"] (vector results)))

11:01 throws java.sql.SQLException: Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed

11:01 seems very strange to me...

11:02 or should I design this differently

11:02 this is a compojure app

11:02 stuartsierra: jcromartie: (vector a-sequence) creates [a-sequence]

11:02 You probably want 'vec'

11:02 jcromartie: ah, yes

11:02 lovely!

11:03 stuartsierra: 'doall' will also un-lazy the sequence, without the need to create an intermediate vector

11:06 jcromartie: hmm

11:06 just (doall some-seq)

11:07 LauJensen: jcromartie: (let-query [users (query usertable [username email] (not= "frank" username)] (doseq [user users] (println user))))

11:08 jcromartie: let-query?

11:08 oh that's your fancy layer :)

11:08 LauJensen: Thats just the ClojureQL frontend

11:09 or you could just to a normal run on whatever query you got (run [db query results] (doseq [r results] (println r)))

11:12 With the new front-end, it'll be more like

11:12 (->> (only (either (= :user %) (= :email "some@email.com"))

11:12 (from :table1 [:user :email])

11:12 (run :mysql))

11:12 But the design isn't quite final, however I feel quite convinced that whatever we agree on, you will love

11:22 jcromartie: looks nice LauJensen

11:28 zaphyr: hm, are there any plans to replace clojure.lang.Compiler with a clojure implementation?

11:29 stuartsierra: yes

11:29 zaphyr: goodie :)

11:29 chouser: zaphyr: http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/clojure/Clojure_Compiler_in_Clojure

11:29 zaphyr: excellent, thanks

11:33 are there any notes to help trying to understand the current compiler?

11:33 I guess it's some kind of ANF based thing rather than CPS, given the lack of tco

11:37 chouser: a clojure fn that takes 2 args compiles to a java class with an invoke method that takes 2 args. so no automatic CPS

11:37 _fogus_: There was a trick here (by cgrand?) a few days ago that had nested arrow macros: (-> blah blah ->> blah blah) -- something like that ... I can't find it

11:39 zaphyr: chouser: hmm, yeah, it seems surprisingly simple

11:39 stuartsierra: _fogus_: it was on the dev list

11:39 chouser: _fogus_: http://github.com/cgrand/clojure/commit/9f2e7ed8c678d5619ff7e8baad74a847b07a7973

11:40 though I think he has imporoved versions committed since then

11:41 _fogus_: stuartsierra: Great, thanks

11:41 chouser: zaphyr: keeping interop with java simple is definitely an explicit goal.

11:41 _fogus_: chouser: And to you too sir

11:42 zaphyr: chouser, right, and worthwhile. might be nice to have some "I know what I'm doing" hints to get compiler plugins to do things like block compilation, or compile fns to statics when you know they won't change, with obvious caveats that you must know what this implies if you use it

11:43 chouser: zaphyr: static methods instead of instance methods, or ...?

11:43 zaphyr: static methods for a fn, instead of a class per fn

11:45 i.e. you lose everything- it's no longer first class, etc. but if it's say, part of some horrible matrix library, that's less of an issue

11:47 chouser: zaphyr: I don't know if that would buy you much. hotspot is really good with single-dispatch final instance methods.

11:51 zaphyr: true. I'm getting worst case 1/2 the speed of java so far, which isn't too bad since i'm completely new to clojure anyway

11:52 and in simple cases it matches, which is great

11:53 chouser: the two biggest sources of clojure code being slower than similar java are: runtime reflection due to insufficient type hints, and auto-boxing of numbers instead of using primitives

11:53 zaphyr: yeah, boxing is the big killer for me

11:53 chouser: the former is completely solvable, usually with just a few well-placed hints

11:54 the boxing is still more of an issue. you can have primitive locals, so your small tight loops can be good.

11:54 zaphyr: although i'm not sure of the deref cost when you're extracting a fn from a var, that must have some overhead, surely?

11:55 chouser: right, and i noticed looking at core.clj there is some :inline trickery going on, which surely must help if it does what i think it does

11:55 chouser: yes, a little, though the compiler now supports direct linking (is that the right phrase?) of vars, though that's not exposed for user code quite yet.

11:55 redalastor: Is there some css library that exists for clojure. Kinda like clj-html but for css?

11:55 chouser: yeah, the :inline is to help work around the fact that clojure fns only take and return Objects right now, so no primitive args or return values.

11:56 zaphyr: can i rely on it myself? i looked at definline but that looks more like cl's compiler-macro thing than an 'inline'

11:56 stuartsierra: you can use definline

11:56 zaphyr: see above :)

11:56 stuartsierra: It works more like a macro than a function though

11:56 chouser: and no persistent collections that can hold primitives yet. for now you have to use (mutable) java arrays for best performance

11:57 zaphyr: really i just want to say "beta reduce this into the code as is, because i told you"

11:57 without having to break the clarity of a function def

11:57 stuartsierra: definline is the closest you can get to that right now

11:58 chouser: the only benefit of definline over a macro is that you can still use what you define in a high-order function, unlike a macro.

11:58 zaphyr: yeah

11:59 chouser: persistent collections of primitives and clojure fns that accept primitive args are planned ... eventually. they complicate things enormously though.

11:59 zaphyr: 99% of the time though, clojure is fine. the only reason i'm griping is because i turned up with the specific intention of hurting it. it's stood up quite well really

11:59 chouser: right, that definately calls for a sufficiently smart compiler

12:00 definitely*

12:01 jcromartie: how do I coerce a struct into a hash-map?

12:01 chouser: which will be much more fun to develop when it's implemented in clojure instead of java.

12:01 jcromartie: (into {} thing)

12:01 zaphyr: chouser: heh, s/more fun/actually possible/ :)

12:05 jcromartie: OK this is weird, this function returns nil, while (doseq [x r] (println x)) prints them: http://gist.github.com/293778

12:05 (if I put the doseq in the with-query-results)

12:05 chouser: dorun always returns nil

12:06 jcromartie: ah

12:06 doall

12:06 chouser: yes. :-/

12:06 I get doall and dorun confused, and confuse the names occasionally with doseq

12:06 jcromartie: dosequis

12:06 chouser: I kinda with doseq was called dofor or do-for

12:06 wish

12:07 jcromartie: ui-related doseq

12:08 it will happen, just wait

12:08 chouser: ?

12:08 jcromartie: (dosequis)

12:09 zaphyr: what would that do?

12:09 stuartsierra: Open a beer.

12:09 zaphyr: man, implement it :)

12:10 there's no macrolet equivalent in clojure is there?

12:11 chouser: not yet, though I think there's something in contrib.

12:11 zaphyr: fair enough

12:12 chouser: clojure.contrib.macro-utils macrolet and symbol-macrolet. I've not used them.

12:12 zaphyr: thanks, i'll have a play with them in a bit

12:13 Mec: Is there a way to abort a repl in netbeans?

12:13 zaphyr: Mec: in enclojure I can't figure out how to close the IDE repl, but you can start and stop project repls from the project tree

12:13 chouser: Mec: not sure. have you tried http://blog.n01se.net/?p=85

12:15 Mec: weird, my *print-length* is 40 but it deffinity went infinit

12:16 zaphyr: hands up who wants *print-circle*? :)

12:16 although i think it would be much harder to implement in clojure

12:18 Mec: ok rather than stopping at 40, it just keeps printing ... after that

12:18 chouser: :-( Does the CTRL-C thing work?

12:19 it may not in a GUI like that.

12:19 Mec: No it doesnt

12:20 chouser: zaphyr: is that anything like this? http://paste.lisp.org/display/83647

12:23 zaphyr: chouser: yes, it's exactly like that! :)

12:25 Mec: I think if you hung the IDE repl you may have killed it :(

12:27 jcromartie: hmm

12:27 clojure.contrib.sql doesn't escape column names

12:27 that's bad

12:28 I'd like to use columns like "first-name"

12:28 Mec: ah well i'll just try not to hang my repl :x

12:28 jcromartie: but maybe I should stick with underscores

12:28 rsynnott: jcromartie: in my experience it's relatively unusual for ORMs and similar to escape column names

12:29 jcromartie: it's just a shame because the convention in Clojure is hyphenated names

12:29 and MySQL supports that

12:29 but I am not sure about other databases

12:45 zaphyr: Mec: if you right click on your project and 'start project repl' you may have more luck, although enclojure is a bit flakey

12:46 certainly i just broke out of (cycle [1]) successfully

13:15 LauJensen: Just passed 11k visitors today and still 5 hours remaining - The interest in Clojure is sky rocketing

13:21 cemerick: stuartsierra: HLS' issue (#23) is that if one has an ns A that requires ns B, but only ns A is specified for compilation (e.g. to clojure.lang.Compile), he wants A to get AOT-compiled but not B.

13:21 stuartsierra: oh

13:21 that's a Clojure issue then, not contrib

13:21 cemerick: yeah

13:22 though I don't think it's an issue at all

13:22 stuartsierra: and I'm not sure it's even possible

13:23 technomancy: LauJensen: awesome

13:25 cemerick: stuartsierra: wouldn't it just require *compile-files* to be rebound to false in load if the next ns isn't in the set of ns' specified for compilation (which would have to be in a new var)?

13:26 I guess load doesn't know what ns it's aiming for. *shrug*

13:26 stuartsierra: maybe

13:26 but those libraries are going to get loaded when the AOT-compiled namespace is initialized anyway

13:27 cemerick: yeah, I think HLS just doesn't want to have clojure/contrib/def*.class in his jar file

13:27 or whatever

13:27 stuartsierra: he'll have to deal

13:27 :)

13:28 cemerick: heh

13:28 I'm a little sad about the general push towards minimal AOT compilation anyway.

13:29 hiredman: por que?

13:29 stuartsierra: I wish it were avoidable

13:29 It might be good to AOT releases, but not SNAPSHOTs

13:30 cemerick: hiredman: because HLS has a point insofar as (a) if one is concerned about distributable size, you've got to prune out the duplicated stuff, and (b) not AOT'ing things "in place" and pushing that responsibility up to every single dev that needs to ship classfiles rather than source isn't nice, IMO.

13:31 source-only distribution is more lightweight and apparently hip, but is nothing but a hassle for a lot of use cases.

13:32 stuartsierra: I think it's an unavoidable fact of life that people build production stuff on snapshots, every day. *shrug*

13:32 hiredman: hmmm

13:33 chouser: who needs to ship classfiles?

13:33 * cemerick waves :-)

13:33 chouser: why?

13:33 clojurebot: http://clojure.org/rationale

13:33 stuartsierra: The bigger problem with AOT-compilation is that it breaks compatibility between different version of Clojure

13:33 This is especially problematic for snapshots, because one change to the compiler can break any AOT-compiled namespace.

13:34 cemerick: chouser: because some customers flip out otherwise.

13:35 Nevermind that startup time is a serious consideration in many contexts.

13:35 _fogus_: cemerick: (inc customers)

13:35 That's been my experience

13:36 chouser: oh, if you're providing a lib to non-clojure developers?

13:36 cemerick: yup -- financial services, some gov't, etc etc

13:36 heh, yeah

13:36 zaphyr: chouser: right, say (horror) you want to ship an EJB component

13:36 cemerick: chouser: you've been in open-source land too long, my friend :-)

13:37 _fogus_: Customers tend care less than my bosses though

13:37 chouser: nah, it's just been a decade or so since I was producing (non-free) code to developers instead of some kind of end user.

13:37 end users don't care

13:38 cemerick: stuartsierra: I wonder if those issues aren't resolvable. I don't have any immediate solutions, of course. ;-)

13:38 chouser: I guess I should have ;-)

13:38 chouser: depends on who your end users are

13:38 stuartsierra: cemerick: they might be, but it would require changes to the compiler

13:38 cemerick: yeah

13:39 stuartsierra: I'm following the less-AOT trend, not pushing it. :)

13:39 hiredman: one resolution would be a stable abi

13:39 _fogus_: Anyone know if there are any plans to produce warnings/errors when name-shadowing core fns?

13:39 cemerick: we have a couple of customers that pull apart every jar we send to them and run who-knows-what sort of verification tool on the contents. They *flipped* when a binary file was in there that they didn't recognize.

13:40 alexyk: hey guys, what's the latest and greatest version number for core which sync with contrib from build.clojure.org?

13:40 cemerick: stuartsierra: yeah, I know

13:40 hiredman: hah

13:40 wow

13:40 cemerick: in their context, I totally understand

13:40 hiredman: _fogus_: lexically?

13:40 alexyk: what did I miss which elicited a hah and a wow from hiredman?! :)

13:40 hiredman: I doubt it

13:40 _fogus_: hiredman: yes

13:40 LauJensen: technomancy: Past quarter 7 Googlers have hit my site searching for "autoloading failed to define function swank-cloju"

13:41 stuartsierra: alexyk: both core and contrib have SNAPSHOTS on build.clojure.org, they should sync with each other

13:41 hiredman: _fogus_: do you really have a problem with doing that often?

13:41 alexyk: stuartsierra: 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT?

13:41 cemerick: stuartsierra: do you not like a prior suggestion of mine: simply AOT everything by default, but produce -sources artifacts that contain those minimal set of .class files?

13:41 alexyk: or 1.2.0-...?

13:41 _fogus_: hiredman: I do not, but I am sympathetic to the potential frustrations

13:41 stuartsierra: cemerick: not much :)

13:42 I'm aiming for maximum compatibility right now.

13:42 alexyk: technomancy: does lein look at clojars first, or build.clojure.org can preemt that?

13:42 hiredman: _fogus_: is it really one of those? I don't recall it ever being a problem

13:42 cemerick: stuartsierra: I'll pick up a new épée for you :-D

13:43 stuartsierra: heh

13:43 I was a foil fencer, actually.

13:43 cemerick: stuartsierra: how about the source jar as the primary artifact, and a full AOT as a -binary artifact?

13:43 alexyk: so, 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT or what?

13:43 stuartsierra: alexyk: yes

13:43 alexyk: cool

13:43 stuartsierra: cemerick: that's a good idea

13:43 _fogus_: hiredman: You've never named a seq something like keys, then tried to call the keys function and produced an error? (this is a totally fabricated example and certainly never happened to me... never... no way... stop looking at me like that!)

13:44 stuartsierra: Annoying to implement, though.

13:44 cemerick: stuartsierra: I could take a poke at it this weekend.

13:45 stuartsierra: Another possibility is to make a profile that AOT-compiles everything.

13:45 That would be easier.

13:45 cemerick: that just pushes the complexity to hudson, no?

13:46 stuartsierra: I was thinking of making it an option for people to build themselves.

13:46 Not part of the standard snapshot builds.

13:46 cemerick: hrm

13:47 hiredman: _fogus_: not that I recall, but I'm sure I have, and once I eval -> run the problem is pretty obvious

13:47 cemerick: stuartsierra: that's not a huge improvement over the current situation.

13:47 stuartsierra: cemerick: What is it you're looking for? Fully AOT-compiled contrib?

13:48 _fogus_: hiredman: I definitely do it far less than I did in the beginning, but I fail to see the downside to providing a warning especially for the benefit of newcomers. Maybe I'm missing something

13:48 hiredman: so 98% of the time it is not a problem, and in that 2% the fix is immediately obvious

13:48 cemerick: right, which we produce for ourselves already anyway. Trying to make the path easier for others, and hopefully establish a little precedent for libs. :-)

13:48 hiredman: _fogus_: there is a downside, noise

13:48 I do shadow names from core when I want to

13:49 and I don't want a warning everytime I do

13:49 stuartsierra: cemerick: I'd approve of the precedent IF we can fix the compatibility problems, but that's a big IF

13:49 _fogus_: hiredman: As do I, but I try not to if I can avoid it. Well, noise could be eliminated with some sort of *warn-on-shadow*

13:50 zaphyr: it wouldn't be horribly un-clojure like to make a (with-graphics g & body) macro to make drawing a little less um.. baggy in clojure than java would it?

13:50 cemerick: stuartsierra: you mean breakage when the clojure.core api changes?

13:50 zaphyr: i.e. binding *g* to g within body

13:50 stuartsierra: I mean breakage whenever the compiler internals change.

13:51 cemerick: right

13:51 fdaoud: _fogus_: kudos, how'd you convince Manning to have two simultaneous Clojure books?

13:51 stuartsierra: Right now, something AOT-compiled under 1.0 doesn't work under 1.1

13:51 hiredman: _fogus_: defaults to on or off? surely the majority of developers would not be newbies so you would default to off, then you have to explain the flag just like *warn-on-reflection* to newbies when they have the issue

13:51 stuartsierra: Even if the source is API-compatible

13:51 a_strange_guy: Hi there,

13:52 cemerick: stuartsierra: that's fundamentally not a problem if one is talking about a maven toolchain. It'd be incredibly rare for someone to independently force a different clojure.core dependency.

13:52 a_strange_guy: what is the process to file tickets? do i need the CA for that?

13:52 stuartsierra: Yes, with libs that get updated often.

13:52 But what about all the stuff on Clojars?

13:52 That's really what drove the less-AOT idea.

13:52 _fogus_: fdaoud: I had nothing to do with their decision. I think they liked the idea of having two books that approach Clojure from different angles

13:53 fdaoud: _fogus_: well that's excellent. I couldn't even convince them to have one book on Stripes ;)

13:53 _fogus_: hiredman: Default to "on" of course. The majority of users night not now be newbies, but I imagine that one of the goals is to make it as newbie friendly as possible (within reason)

13:54 cemerick: stuartsierra: clojars is the land of lein, which I don't know well at all. However, insofar as version A of a lib depends (perhaps transitively) on clojure.core version B, it will do so forever. The trouble only happens when people start throwing around jars willy-nilly.

13:55 stuartsierra: cemerick: But with source code, it doesn't necessarily have to depend on clojure.core version X.

13:55 I.e., most code written for 1.0 works with 1.1, but NOT if it's AOT-compiled.

13:55 hiredman: _fogus_: so then if I don't want the noise I have to set! it to off everytime I open a repl?

13:56 cemerick: stuartsierra: yeah, I understand that, but talking about source distros puts us back to where we started.

13:56 hiredman: stuartsierra: is there a list of what doesn't work?

13:56 the only issue I see regular enough to remember it is the RestFn thing

13:56 ordnungswidrig: hi all

13:56 stuartsierra: hiredman: It's not an API problem. It's binary incompatibility between what the compiler generates.

13:56 hiredman: stuartsierra: right

13:56 _fogus_: hiredman: Or better yet, as a flag to clojure.main

13:57 hiredman: :(

13:59 stuartsierra: is there a list of abi changes?

13:59 stuartsierra: yes, in the Clojure source

13:59 as CHANGES.txt

14:00 in the release branch

14:00 hiredman: oh

14:00 that would explain why I've never seen that file

14:10 jcromartie: using clojure.contrib.sql, how would I get the IDs of the records I am insterting?

14:12 or should I manage my own IDs?

14:12 I could generate UUIDs or something like that

14:12 Kruppe: I'm having serious difficulty setting up slime and clojure so that clojure.core/compile works from the slime repl. It works on my simple test file from a clojure repl outside of emacs and slime, and the I've set the classpath to be the same in both. The error I get is "No such file or directory [Thrown class java.io.IOException]". Is there anything obvious this might be?

14:13 cemerick: jcromartie: that's database dependent

14:13 jcromartie: OK so how about a general approach?

14:13 should I perhaps be generating my own UUID

14:16 technomancy: Kruppe: is there a reason you're compiling manually rather than using a build tool?

14:16 cemerick: jcromartie: I don't think there is a general approach for obtaining the primary key of the last inserted row. You can use a UUID, or some natural key, but that decision is highly app-specific.

14:16 technomancy: Kruppe: probably classes/ is not on your classpath, but why don't you try Leiningen instead? it handles that stuff for you.

14:17 jcromartie: cemerick: yeah I mean just in general, are there people here using clojure.contrib.sql who have solved this?

14:17 Kruppe: technomancy: it is on my classpath :(

14:18 technomancy: ill look into Leiningen though

14:20 cemerick: jcromartie: c.c.sql is just a wrapper around jdbc. There's this, although many jdbc drivers don't support it: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/sql/Statement.html#getGeneratedKeys%28%29

14:20 jcromartie: hmm

14:21 I think I am just going to have a required unique short id

14:21 it works for a few reasons in this case

14:25 stuarthalloway: how do I tell from build.clojure.org what names I can use in leiningen dependencies?

14:26 arohner: jcromartie: you can usually grab the next id from the sequence before inserting, and do it yourself

14:26 jcromartie: true

14:28 stuarthalloway: nevermind. link is /snapshots -- which isn't linked anywhere on the main page

14:33 jcromartie: hmm, this is a fun one: Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot convert value '0000-00-00 00:00:00' from column 5 to TIMESTAMP.

14:33 just trying to print the result of a query

14:38 wtetzner_: is there a way to define something such that it only takes that value if it hasn't been bound yet?

14:38 chouser: defonce

14:38 wtetzner_: oh

14:38 thanks

14:38 chouser: that's meant for defining something that will survive a reload of the source file. Is that your use case?

14:39 dakrone: what's the constructor method called when proxying a java class? (proxy [MyClass] (MyClass [] ((proxy-super) ...) ?

14:39 wtetzner_: yes, that's exactly what i want

14:39 chouser: dakrone: you don't get to override the ctor

14:39 * _fogus_ keeps using prefix notation in his Python code.

14:40 cemerick: quote from a friend I showed clojure to once: "Oh, so if I say (defonce foo (ArrayList.)), that list is immutable now?" :-D

14:40 fdaoud: we need amit and luke and we have all the clojure book authors here at once

14:40 cemerick: _fogus_: simple solution: stop writing python ;-)

14:40 chouser: dakrone: instead, provide your users a function (defn make-foo [a b] (proxy [MyClass] [a] (foomethod [] ...)))

14:40 qed: what does it mean for something to be debogonised?

14:40 the-kenny: _fogus_: I always type (if instead of if( in ObjC, Java etc.

14:41 dakrone: chouser: okay, I'll do that, thanks

14:41 chouser: dakrone: note you've got a spot there in proxy to pass args to the superclass ctor.

14:42 dakrone: and all your proxy methods are closures, so they can use the args passed into your make-foo fn

14:42 _fogus_: cemerick: I like Python! (plus it allows me to feed my kids :p)

14:42 dakrone: chouser: cool

14:42 the-kenny: _fogus_: Looks like xkcd is true.. with python, you can do everything

14:44 _fogus_: the-kenny: Hacking Python in Emacs makes me almost omniscient.

14:44 the-kenny: _fogus_: And you can fly, right?

14:44 drewr: _fogus_: do you use pymacs?

14:44 cemerick: funny, I could never make a dime with python

14:45 the-kenny: _fogus_: http://xkcd.com/353/ :)

14:45 _fogus_: M-x superman-mode

14:50 bobo_: i followed http://riddell.us/tutorial/slime_swank/slime_swank.html but get NoClassDefFound clojure/main when invoking slime. any clues?

14:50 _fogus_: drewr: I am not, but one of these days I plan to get it working

14:58 hyp3rvigi1ant: bobo_: I would recommend this approach: http://github.com/technomancy/swank-clojure (scroll down to "Installation")

14:58 bobo_: hyp3rvigi1ant: ok il give it a go

15:05 that was almost to easy

15:10 esj: qed: bogons are reputedly the fundamental particles of bogusness

15:16 * _fogus_ wonders what a fogon is

15:17 zaphyr: esj: I thought that was Lenats?

15:17 * esj googles rapidly to hide his unsightly ignorance

15:18 zaphyr: hehe, douglas lenat, makes Cyc :)

15:18 esj: It is perhaps for this reason that "bogosity" is jokingly said to be measured in microlenats according to the Jargon File, the lenat being considered too large for practical use.

15:18 zaphyr: hahahaha

15:18 esj: from our friends at Wikipedia

15:18 zaphyr: that would be it :)

15:31 duncanm: hmm - what's the best way to represent a fixed-size grid using clojure's data structures?

15:32 ulfster: duncanm: probably 2dimensional vectors

15:32 chouser: or one-dimentional with fns to do the math from 2d

15:41 DeusExPikachu: how do you edit a remote file in emacs such that when you C-c C-l it, it loads correctly in the remote swank server?

15:44 the-kenny: DeusExPikachu: Maybe with TRAMP?

15:44 DeusExPikachu: doesn't work

15:44 gives an error, like file not found

15:44 the-kenny: hm ok. Can you define "remote file" for me? Where does the swank server run?

15:45 DeusExPikachu: so on the server, there is a file bar.clj in directory foo/src

15:45 I can connect to server with tramp and edit it in emacs

15:45 but C-c C-l gives error

15:46 dnolen: DeusExPikachu: is SLIME connected to the remote REPL?

15:47 DeusExPikachu: yeah, I started swank on the server with "lein swank", ssh tunneld 4005 and used slime-connect to localhost

15:47 the-kenny: I'm not sure - Does slime-load-file load the contents locally and pushes them to swank or does it say "hey there, swank, load this file from your file system"?

15:48 dnolen: DeusExPikachu: oh I see, C-x C-e works, just not C-c C-l ?

15:48 DeusExPikachu: yeah

15:49 duncanm: hmm

15:49 chouser: i don't know how to do a scheme-like vector-set! with clojure vectors

15:50 chouser: i can store the vector in a ref, but how do i replace one specific element by index?

15:50 kotarak: ,(assoc [1 2 3] [1] 0)

15:50 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Key must be integer

15:50 the-kenny: ha!

15:50 kotarak: ,(assoc [1 2 3] 1 0)

15:50 clojurebot: [1 0 3]

15:50 the-kenny: DeusExPikachu: slime-load-file (the fun bound to C-c C-l) loads the file locally in emacs and pushes the contents of the file to swank to evaluate it.

15:50 duncanm: ahh

15:51 the-kenny: DeusExPikachu: Looks like it doesn't work together with elpa

15:52 DeusExPikachu: btw, I can manually load the file using (load-file "src/bar.clj")

15:53 the-kenny: DeusExPikachu: Seems logical to me

15:56 _ato: DeusExPikachu: have you tried C-c C-k ? or did you want to load one by name, rather than the current file?

15:57 DeusExPikachu: _ato, I hacked C-c C-k to work specially for my sbcl stuff, so I kinda prefer using C-c C-l for clojure

15:57 _ato: fair enough

16:00 DeusExPikachu: where's the definition for slime-load-file? I might just tweak it myself

16:11 tcrayford: otherwise I'd roll with using mexpand-all, but this has to keep the rest of the code the same

16:11 jcromartie: OK new rule: when your library hits an unexpected EOF, you are NOT ALLOWED to just say "EOF while reading"

16:12 somnium: tcrayford: ah, you only want -> or ->> to expand. why not use clojure.walk and check for lists starting with -> or ->>

16:12 jcromartie: because then the REPL tells me, essentially, that there was an EOF while reading whatever.clj

16:12 tcrayford: ooh!?

16:13 clojure.walk has an implimentation of macroexpand-all as well as contrib.macro-utils

16:13 alexyk: somnium: what's the latest congomongo in clojars, still 0.1.1?

16:13 somnium: alexyk: yup

16:13 duncanm: user=> java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate swank/swank__init.class or swank/swank.clj on classpath: (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

16:13 hmm

16:14 alexyk: somnium: liebke pushed it as 1.0.0, you should fight

16:14 duncanm: ahh

16:14 i get it

16:14 the-kenny: duncanm: added swank-clojure to the lib-directory?

16:14 somnium: alexyk: author's humility :)

16:14 the-kenny: (swank-clojure-1.1.0.jar or something like this)

16:14 alexyk: 1.0.0 is a filed-wise bit not on 0.1.1

16:14 tcrayford: somnim that might work

16:14 cheers for the pointer at walk

16:14 somnium: alexyk: filed-wise ?

16:15 alexyk: somnium: 0=>1 in 0.1.1 => 1.0.0 :)

16:16 somnium: alexyk: the root group is being squatted too, Im more concerned with the accumulating patches I still havent gotten to

16:16 tcrayford: ,(postwalk

16:16 (fn [coll] (if (and (seq? coll) (= (first coll) '->>)) (macroexpand-1 coll) coll))

16:16 '(->> 1 (+ 1))

16:16 )

16:16 clojurebot: EOF while reading

16:17 tcrayford: (postwalk (fn [coll] (if (and (seq? coll) (= (first coll) '->>)) (macroexpand-1 coll) coll)) '(->> 1 (+ 1)))

16:17 ,(postwalk (fn [coll] (if (and (seq? coll) (= (first coll) '->>)) (macroexpand-1 coll) coll)) '(->> 1 (+ 1)))

16:17 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: postwalk in this context

16:17 tcrayford: weird

16:17 works on my repl

16:17 somnium: ,(use 'clojure.walk)

16:17 clojurebot: nil

16:17 alexyk: if I want to exclude a jar from lein, should I use :excusions per a deoendency or there's a global way?

16:17 tcrayford: ,(postwalk (fn [coll] (if (and (seq? coll) (= (first coll) '->>)) (macroexpand-1 coll) coll)) '(->> 1 (+ 1)))

16:17 clojurebot: (+ 1 1)

16:18 tcrayford: yeah that works perfectly

16:18 and I can trivially use it for expanding ->> as well

16:18 alexyk: tcrayford: what's the use case for postwalk?

16:19 tcrayford: macroexpanding any ->> forms inside a list

16:19 alexyk: tcrayford: before applying ->>?

16:19 tcrayford: nope

16:20 I'm doing this as part of a refactoring tool, so if you have an expression that is currently in a ->> form, you can convert it to one without said form automatically

16:20 alexyk: ah, just expanding it for sure

16:24 qed: Lisp Chainsaw

16:24 alexyk: ok I have a sneaky jar which is copied by lein deps every time. How do you folks do explusions again?

16:25 exclusions

16:28 technomancy: ping

16:29 _ato: it's in the FAQ in the readme: http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/blob/master/README.md

16:29 Q: Is it possible to exclude indirect dependencies?

16:29 alexyk: _ato: I try to do that and lein still copies teh damn jar

16:29 so I was wondering why -- is there a tracking/verbose way to make it explain/

16:29 somnium: _ato: oh, youre back. welcome back!

16:30 alexyk: also, do I have to push :exclusions into a dependency, why not have it globally?

16:30 I've added the :exclusions to two deps, and it's still getting it

16:30 _ato: alexyk: not sure. I haven't looked into how that stuff works. Guess you do need technomancy then. :-P

16:30 somnium: _ato: any way I could get the congomongo root group? (it was accidentally squatted by a fork))

16:31 _ato: somnium: yeah sure, just a sec

16:32 somnium: done

16:32 somnium: _ato: great, thanks!

16:34 technomancy: :exclusions need to be on a per-dependency level so you can block one version of a dependency while letting another one through

16:34 leiningen is just exposing the underlying maven functionality

16:35 alexyk: what's the offending jar?

16:36 alexyk: technomancy: so I use org.mongodb/mongo-java-driver "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT". But I also use congomongo which wants 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT. I tell congomongo, no-no, bad dep! -- and lein still gets the 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

16:37 I thought maybe incanter tries to get it, and slapped another :exclusions on incanter -- no luck. I have explicit dep, [org.mongodb/mongo-java-driver "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"]

16:37 technomancy: alexyk: have you tried ordering it so the one that depends on the correct version comes first in the dependencies list?

16:38 alexyk: it could be a bug in the :exclusions support. I haven't used it myself.

16:38 mattrepl might know; he implemented it

16:38 alexyk: technomancy: the fact is. congomongo depends on 1.1.0; I checked I can safely fool it with 1.2.0, so nobody depends on it per se.

16:38 I want to supplant 1.1.0 by 1.2.0

16:39 ah! mattrepl likes to reply that a missing feature is left as an exercise to the reader. We'll see about a buggy one! :)

16:39 mattrepl: alexyk: bah basicauth is deprecated

16:39 =)

16:39 alexyk: mattrepl: I lived it down already :)

16:40 so, what about 'em exclusions?

16:40 mattrepl: they're actually officially removing it this summer, just a heads up

16:40 alexyk: mattrepl: that's ok, I've mastered oauth fine, your stuff works great

16:40 mattrepl: where's the project file at?

16:41 alexyk: mattrepl: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/173588/

16:42 I try to exterminate the mongo-java-driver-1.1.0-... which lein deps pulls from its rear orifice

16:42 tcrayford: somnium etc: cheers for that, everything works properly now

16:42 alexyk: btw, would be nice to have a top-level :exlusions like shown there -- does nothing though

16:44 mattrepl: hmm, looks fine

16:44 somnium: tcrayford: great

16:45 mattrepl: will try to duplicate

16:45 technomancy: alexyk: try putting a few trace lines in deps/make-exclusion to make sure the underlying API is getting called at all

16:45 tcrayford: ended up having to recur through it to expand ->> until it was no longer present, but otherwise its good

16:45 alexyk: technomancy: KDD deadline 2/2, for now will rm :)

16:46 post-lein hook, manual

16:47 technomancy: KDD?

16:48 alexyk: technomancy: kdd.org

16:48 a clojure-driven twitter-eatin' paper, lein-swankin', incanter-plottin'!

16:49 technomancy: nice

16:49 AWizzArd: ~seen rhickey

16:49 clojurebot: rhickey was last seen in #clojure, 424 minutes ago saying: stuartsierra: done

16:49 alexyk: somebody should do something in the real world with all the stuff you kids make up here

16:50 AWizzArd: rhickey: ping

16:50 * tcrayford might do his dissertation on something semi similar (when he gets to it)

16:50 mattrepl: alexyk: was gonna say.. jung, twitter, mongodb.. sounds interesting =)

16:51 alexyk: the real problem, my repls are gone after a day. clojure garbage strewn all over the ram

16:51 I use compressed oops, and give it 30 gb -- it reaches that fast and starts saying, gc overhead reached

16:52 then it's time to restart and reload painfully; mongodb is the persistent savior

16:52 mattrepl: yeah, I inferred you plotting along the same lines :)

16:53 tcrayford: a PhD? where?

16:53 mattrepl: muahaha... not for KDD though =)

16:53 alexyk: mattrepl: yeah, sensed $$$ too :)

16:54 mattrepl: unfortunately, none of that either

16:54 alexyk: ,(def $ 1000)

16:54 clojurebot: DENIED

16:54 alexyk: hmm

16:54 ,(def a 1)

16:54 clojurebot: DENIED

16:54 tcrayford: alexyk, not a phd, just a bsc (at sheffield in ze uk)

16:54 alexyk: tcrayford: ah ok, you guys write a bsc thesis then?

16:55 tcrayford: confirm

16:55 alexyk: nice

16:55 tcrayford: well, dissertation

16:55 alexyk: mattrepl: I'm curious, will ping offline

16:56 there's a gang of twitter clojurers already here

16:56 we need t organize

16:56 to

16:56 hiredman: anyone know a good way to generate an html file with side by side diffs of all the files in a directory?

16:56 tcrayford: the twitter ops guys have been playing around with clojure/hadoop for statistics

16:57 mattrepl: alexyk: use org.clojars.somnium/mongo-java-driver

16:57 alexyk: mattrepl: ah for exclusions! duh.

16:57 mattrepl: org.mongodb ns (or whatever it's called in mvn world) is incorrect

16:58 alexyk: well, it's correct for maven, if only folks wouldn't stuff the jars into clojars under their ns's...

16:58 * alexyk looks at noone in partcular

16:58 somnium: alexyk: they only had the 1.0 jar on mvn at the time

16:58 alexyk: somnium: true. We need a clojars Nazi

16:59 to move them into the right place

16:59 or something

16:59 e.g. it wouldn't let liebke upload congomongo

16:59 technomancy: squatting on the group for a project you don't own is not cool

16:59 alexyk: and enforce naming for things existing in mvnrepository

17:00 sometimes people just want to package stuff and have it there

17:00 and since clojars search was broken, they didnt find it

17:00 we'll have a major problem soon

17:00 mattrepl: wonder if we could provide a symlink or such for groups that have not yet been claimed by the appropriate owner

17:01 have to vet it somehow

17:02 alexyk: mattrepl: should I still stick :exclusions under a dependency, or can I have one global as I've written?

17:03 mattrepl: no global support at the moment. it could be added, but the semantics of it are a little weird

17:03 you exclude it as a dependency of your dependencies yet it's listed as a project dependency

17:03 neotyk: Hi

17:03 ~pastebin

17:03 clojurebot: excusez-moi

17:03 alexyk: mattrepl: it's just next to :dependencies

17:03 neotyk: where is pastebin that clojurebot picsup?

17:04 alexyk: it's a global exlusion, saying, don't auto-pull any version of it, except possibly what :dependencies mentions explicitly

17:04 or, perhaps, :only flag on a dependency in this case

17:04 meaning no other version

17:05 mattrepl: would rather see some way to improve version dependencies

17:08 alexyk: mattrepl: the problem is, I'm enforcing a version bump; the deps wnt an older one. Unless it's auto-detected, need to exclude

17:08 want

17:09 mattrepl: well, needs to be approved by technomancy

17:10 hiredman: neotyk: lisppaste8 is the one with the pastebin

17:12 clojurebot: ~paste

17:12 clojurebot: Pardon?

17:12 hiredman: clojurebot: ~url

17:12 clojurebot: Excuse me?

17:12 neotyk: http://clojure.pastebin.com/m3e22d711

17:12 wtetzner_: is there a way to check if a var is bound?

17:12 neotyk: I'm looking into add-watch

17:13 can someone tell me why this code of "archtect?" is not getting called?

17:13 wtetzner_: i want to create a binding form, like (binding [item 1 ..., item 2 ...]), but i want to keep the existing values only if that symbol is already bound

17:13 hiredman: what makes you think it isn't getting called?

17:13 neotyk: no printin'

17:14 hiredman: neotyk: println relies on *out*, which is thread localy bound, by say, swank-clojure

17:15 neotyk: so this code "works"?

17:15 hiredman: I don't know

17:16 neotyk: let me try outside emacsitor

17:16 hiredman: I am helping you test it

17:17 neotyk: hiredman: briliant

17:17 it works

17:17 as soon as outside of emacsitor

17:18 hiredman: http://www.thelastcitadel.com/lab/master-1.0.x.diff.html <-- diff of the abi of master and 1.0

17:19 ctdean: neotyk: are your running in slime ?

17:19 neotyk: ctdean: yes

17:19 hiredman: line 1011 has the RestFn issue

17:19 tcrayford: check the terminal window where you ran swank from

17:20 or inferior lisp if you're using swank-clojure

17:20 ctdean: neotyk: try looking in *inferior-lisp*also

17:20 :)

17:20 neotyk: yes it is there

17:20 but not very helpful, right?

17:22 kotarak: ,(let [a [5] b [5]] [(identical? a b) (set [a b])])

17:22 clojurebot: [false #{[5]}]

17:23 duncanm: hmm

17:23 i'm trying to use agents, and I see RejectedExecutionExceptions

17:23 how do I debug them?

17:23 the stacktrace doesn't tell me where it's failing

17:23 chouser: that probably means you called shutdown-agents in that JVM already

17:23 duncanm: hmm

17:23 chouser: s/probably/usually/

17:23 duncanm: oh, if i call that once, my JVM is toasted for all subsequent agents?

17:23 chouser: yessir

17:23 duncanm: oh!

17:24 and the only way to fix that is to start anew?

17:24 chouser: I think so.

17:24 hiredman: ,(doc identical?)

17:24 clojurebot: "([x y]); Tests if 2 arguments are the same object"

17:24 hiredman: ^-

17:24 chouser: the thread pools used by send and send-off are static final.

17:28 duncanm: ahh

17:28 chouser: which means they can't be replaced.

17:28 I don't see any way in the api to start up a pool that's been shutdown.

17:28 duncanm: chouser: in a function that's used to update an agent, the first argument is usually the agent itself, right?

17:28 chouser: no, the value of the agent

17:29 hiredman: ~def shutdown-agents

17:29 the-kenny: ,(shutdown-agents)

17:29 clojurebot: java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission modifyThread)

17:30 hiredman: ~def c.l.Agent

17:31 neotyk: ~def restart-agents

17:31 clojurebot: No entiendo

17:43 dsop: whats the best way to do kindof pattern matching, something like (defn foo [x] ([1] (println "foo") [2] (println "2foo"))) ?

17:44 chouser: for that example, I'd recommend 'case' or if you're on 1.1 'cond'

17:44 dsop: okay, I'll try to figure out how to use it, thanks.

17:44 Chousuke: isn't there a pattern matching macro in contrib somewhere too? :/

17:44 the-kenny: When I read "pattern matching", I think of http://www.brool.com/index.php/pattern-matching-in-clojure

17:44 dsop: Chousuke: tit seems that there is match in contrib, but I don't want to use contrib

17:45 wtetzner_: is there a way to do something like (binding []), but for symbols that are not already defined?

17:45 the-kenny: wtetzner_: let?

17:46 wtetzner_: no, i need to be able to set! them

17:46 Chousuke: declare the vars first

17:46 technomancy: there's with-local-vars, but you probably shouldn't be doing that

17:46 wtetzner_: technomancy: why not?

17:47 technomancy: because set! is almost always the wrong thing

17:47 outside of a repl/screwing around context

17:48 there are much better ways provided by Clojure of managing state

17:48 wtetzner_: it's for a DSL i'm writing. I want to have something called defval, which will check if the var has a value already

17:48 so it would be set once

17:49 tomoj: 27 jars in lib/ for a blank project... :/

17:49 wtetzner_: so set! would only be called once, but i need to have "global" values

17:50 technomancy: anyway, thanks

17:50 tomoj: I must not understand you, that sounds like defonce

17:52 wtetzner_: tomoj: it's like defonce, but i don't necessarily want to define things outside of an enclosing function

17:52 tomoj: ah yes, they'd leak out I guess?

17:52 wtetzner_: also, i need to capture the values into a hashmap

17:55 AWizzArd: Why does this await not return when the agent function throws an Exception?

17:55 ,(let [a (agent 0)] (await (send a (fn [_] (throw (Exception. "Bar Foos"))))))

17:55 clojurebot: nil

17:56 AWizzArd: okay, the bot does not react on this, but if i paste this into my repl it stops, the await seems to block forever

18:02 schlafen wohl schon alle

18:02 wtetzner_: is there a way to check if a var has already been defined?

18:03 arohner: wtetzner_: use resolve

18:03 AWizzArd: wtetzner_: yes, (resolve some-symbol)

18:03 wtetzner_: ok

18:03 thanks

18:21 duncanm: hmm

18:22 if i have a data structure like {1 ['foo 'baz], 2 ['mumble 'grumble]} and I want to get to {1 ['foo 'bar 'baz] 2 .... } - how do i do that?

18:22 i need a mix of assoc-in and conj together...

18:23 hmm

18:23 AWizzArd: duncanm: first you should write a function (vector-insert ...)

18:23 duncanm: i'm starting to think that I should just use a Map

18:23 i need to index via x,y,z

18:24 AWizzArd: This was intentionally left out, because the performance would not be good. FingerTrees would make this easier.

18:30 jcromartie: what's a good way to filter through a hash-map and produce another map?

18:30 AWizzArd: in what way you want to filter?

18:31 jcromartie: I want all of the pairs with non-nil values

18:31 AWizzArd: jcromartie: you can do this with reduce.

18:32 somnium: ,(into {} (remove (fn [[k v]] (nil? v)) {:a 1 :b nil :c 2 :d nil}))

18:32 clojurebot: {:a 1, :c 2}

18:32 jcromartie: even better, somnium

18:33 thanks

18:33 I thought it would be something like that

18:34 AWizzArd: reduce could still be more efficient though

18:34 ,(reduce (fn [m [k v]] (if-not (and k v) m (assoc m k v))) {} {:a 1, :b nil, :c 3, nil 5})

18:34 clojurebot: {:c 3, :a 1}

18:36 tomoj: wrote my first emacs function :) https://gist.github.com/c120edd064ad145656eb

18:36 if you're in a lein project in a .clj file under src/, it inserts the appropriate ns declaration

18:37 herdrick: question: i've got a working version of clojure, swank-clojure, slime, etc running. how to i update it? I just did a "git pull" for everything, then tried mvn to build things. Not good. Among other problems, i'm now getting "File error: Cannot open load file, swank-clojure-autoload" when I try to start Emacs.

18:37 is ELPA the accepted way to install swank-clojure? and how much does it do - i.e. do I "git pull" and "mvn compile" myself before using it? does it install clojure?

18:37 also, i just did a "mvn compile" in my swank-clojure dir and its messages said it downloaded a clojure 1.0 jar. apparently, i'm supposed to specifiy a local jar using the -o option. correct? if so, why is swank configured to go get an old one?

18:37 or am i supposed to be using leinigen to manage this?

18:38 tomoj: personally, I use elpa to update slime/swank-clojure/etc and use leiningen to install clojure into each project

18:38 that way you get to pick the clojure version per-project as well

18:39 herdrick: tomoj: ok, thanks

18:39 tomoj: and when I just want a repl, the elpa stuff installed clojure-1.1.0-master

18:39 and M-x slime gives a repl to that to me

18:39 herdrick: tomoj: but when you M-x slime, doesn't it always use the same version of clojure? no matter what project you want to work on?

18:39 tomoj: yeah

18:39 dsop: I'm sorry I'm really new to lisp, how do I expand a list to a set of parameters, so that (foo (list 1 2 3)) is equal to the call of (foo 1 2 3 )

18:40 tomoj: if you want to work on a specific project, you can use swank-clojure-project or lein swank

18:40 those both use the project-specific clojure version you installed with lein

18:40 herdrick: dsop: you want: (apply foo (list 1 2 3))

18:40 tomoj: M-x slime is useful when you just want to get to a repl to play with something outside of a project

18:40 dsop: herdrick: thank you

18:41 jcromartie: what's the test for wether something is seq-able?

18:41 herdrick: dsop: glad to help!

18:41 tomoj: and I think if you want to change the version M-x slime launches, you can just drop the jars into ~/.swank-clojure, though I haven't tried this

18:42 jcromartie: (isa? Seqable)

18:42 dsop: herdrick: is it usual that you define this as a arity overloading?

18:42 herdrick: tomoj: ok, i'll look up lein swank and swank-clojure-project

18:42 thanks

18:43 dsop: not sure what arity overloading is. it definitely is usual in the lisp world to use 'apply' a lot

18:43 Chousuke: if creating maps, into will most likely be most efficient for large ones, because it uses a transient map internally.

18:44 dsop: herdrick: I mean like (defn foo ([x] (apply foo x) ) ([a b c] ...))

18:44 herdrick: tomoj: somehow i knew i was going to hate trying to update my clojure install. sure enough...

18:44 tomoj: yeah.. I run into trouble occasionally

18:44 dsop: herdrick: nevermind, it works so far, thank you :)

18:44 tomoj: the past couple days, though, I've set up clojure on bare emacs on two different boxes, and it was delightfully easy

18:45 package.el, install the elpa stuff, install paredit, add my clojure-mode customizations, install lein, no problems at all starting fresh

18:45 herdrick: tomoj: hmmm... that's probably the way for me to go. my .emacs file is small enough - aside from the clojure stuff - to make starting over easy

18:46 paraedit?

18:46 paredit?

18:46 tomoj: yeah.. if you're using emacs you should look into it

18:46 use paredit-beta.el

18:46 herdrick: i thought it was included in slime

18:46 or swank

18:47 tomoj: dunno, I just grabbed paredit-beta.el

18:47 herdrick: dsop: ok, good luck

18:47 tomoj: it's in elpa but that one is old

18:47 dsop: hmm (defn foo ([x] (apply foo x) ) ([a b c] ...)) looks like a bad hack for lisp startes soehow

18:47 Chousuke: I don't think that's very common

18:48 dsop: okay.

18:48 Chousuke: it IS common in Clojure to use arity overloads to provide default values, though.

18:48 tomoj: herdrick: here is my paredit stuff for .emacs, may be useful https://gist.github.com/3416b90cf4b77d5c3af9

18:48 AWizzArd: Oooh, very good. I just learned about the existance of http://code.google.com/p/google-collections/

18:48 tomoj: though I don't guarantee usefulness or even that it works :)

18:48 AWizzArd: They have several immutable data structures, very interesting.

18:49 Is the Apache 2 License compatible with the Eclipse License?

18:49 tomoj: just grabbed paredit-beta.el and put in on the load-path as paredit.el for that

18:49 dsop: Chousuke: but it is nice that I can do (hsv2rgb (rgb2hsv 242 212 0)) :)

18:49 herdrick: isn't there a documented standard way to install clojure with emacs?

18:49 current, i mean...

18:49 tomoj: elpa is the standard way, I think

18:49 not sure where it's documented

18:50 or if

18:50 I could write up my process sometime I suppose, if it's not out there already

18:50 Chousuke: dsop: well. that works.

18:53 herdrick: how does clojure-mode fit into this? i've got a clojure-mode.el that seems to be directing things

18:54 should i just kill that?

18:54 tomoj: you would just use the elpa version for the putatively standard install

18:54 technomancy: herdrick: it's probably out of date; installing anything from clojure-mode has been deprecated for quite some time

18:54 herdrick: ah

18:54 ok

18:54 i'll wipe it out

18:54 technomancy: possibly since the summer

18:54 herdrick: hmmm

18:55 so this is out of date:

18:55 http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Clojure_Programming/Getting_Started

18:55 tomoj: I'm starting a blog post whether it's needed or not :)

18:55 technomancy: pretty much everything on the wiki is out of date, yeah. =(

18:56 herdrick: tomoj: needed!

18:57 tomoj: i'll be ok, now, though, thanks

18:57 tomoj: thanks, and bravo for doing it

18:58 technomancy: bummer, eh?

18:58 technomancy: wikis are really hard to keep updated

18:58 better just to link to the official documentation

18:59 tomoj: is there any?

18:59 technomancy: the swank-clojure readme is pretty thorough

18:59 if it's not, file a bug

18:59 I guess people just don't know to look there first.

19:00 tomoj: ah, yeah, looks good

19:00 I guess I only remember hearing someone not understand how to follow the step "Install from ELPA using package.el" once

19:01 herdrick: technomancy: on this step: "3. Project: Put your project's dependencies in the lib/ directory,"

19:01 which /lib ?

19:02 technomancy: herdrick: lib inside your project root. if it doesn't exist you can mkdir it

19:02 or better yet, use "lein new" from leiningen

19:03 herdrick: ok, thanks

19:03 technomancy: herdrick: http://vimeo.com/8934942 <= maybe start here

19:03 herdrick: i'm not using leiningen yet

19:03 tomoj: technomancy: do you know why I have lein-clojars and swank-clojure in my dev dependencies?

19:03 herdrick: technomancy: ah, excellent, thanks

19:03 tomoj: I've just always copied a working project.clj to a new project so those are always there

19:04 don't remember why I put them there though

19:05 lein new's not including them makes me wonder if they are unnecessary

19:05 hiredman: http://www.thelastcitadel.com/lab/abi-watch/ <-- abi diffs for the java part of clojure

19:06 tomoj: wow, I hadn't even seen that vimeo series at all

19:24 duncanm: if i just want to use condp for the ::> feature, what do i put it as the 'pred'?

19:25 hiredman: ,(doc condp)

19:25 clojurebot: "([pred expr & clauses]); Takes a binary predicate, an expression, and a set of clauses. Each clause can take the form of either: test-expr result-expr test-expr :>> result-fn Note :>> is an ordinary keyword. For each clause, (pred test-expr expr) is evaluated. If it returns logical true, the clause is a match. If a binary clause matches, the result-expr is returned, if a ternary clause matches, its result-fn, which must b

19:25 Chousuke: identity

19:25 duncanm: and condp doesn't have a :else, right?

19:25 hiredman: identity doesn't take two args

19:26 Chousuke: hmmh

19:26 somnium: do many people use condp with #(%1 %2) as the pred?

19:27 duncanm: i just like the :>> part, it's like the => in Scheme's COND

19:27 AWizzArd: somnium: no

19:28 somnium: I find it useful, but it looks a bit odd

19:28 herdrick: technomancy: i installed ELPA and swank-clojure on a fresh emacs install. but this line: (require 'slime) in swank-clojure.el is failing. can't find the file.

19:29 AWizzArd: duncanm: what is it doing?

19:29 herdrick: did i not delete enough dirs?

19:29 pretty sure i cleaned everything up

19:29 duncanm: AWizzArd: http://gist.github.com/294229

19:30 AWizzArd: that doesn't look right

19:30 herdrick: hmm, sorry maybe not let me clean up some more junk bbiab

19:31 itistoday: is it possible to create a macro that takes a body with unbound symbols and bind them?

19:32 i.e., i'm not an experienced clojure dev, so this is as far as i've gotten, and it throws an exception:

19:32 tomoj: if I understand what you mean, yeah, but it's generally frowned upon

19:32 itistoday: (defmacro foo [body] (binding [a 1] (cons 'do body)))

19:33 duncanm: itistoday: yeah, that's an unhygienic macro

19:33 chouser: but it's actually common

19:33 with-out-str, for example

19:33 itistoday: well 'body' would have an unbound 'a' symbol, that gets bound when you call foo

19:33 (bound to 1)

19:33 so is it possible to write that in clojure?

19:34 herdrick: hmm, i think everything is cleaned up

19:34 tomoj: any thoughts? I installed ELPA and swank-clojure on a fresh emacs install. but this line: (require 'slime) in swank-clojure.el is failing. can't find the file.

19:35 Chousuke: itistoday: it is

19:35 tomoj: herdrick: I just installed slime from elpa as well, did you?

19:35 or were you wanting to use the slime you've got

19:35 herdrick: yes,

19:35 right

19:35 Chousuke: itistoday: (defmacro foo [& body] `(let [~'a 1] ~@body))

19:35 herdrick: but i don

19:35 don't care about that

19:35 let me wipe it

19:36 tomoj: Chousuke: hmm, why doesn't the same thing with binding work? (unable to resolve a)

19:36 Chousuke: tomoj: binding is for dynamically rebinding vars

19:36 tomoj: ah, yes, of course

19:36 Chousuke: tomoj: the var needs to exist beforehand

19:37 herdrick: tomoj: actually it looks like ELPA took care of that and installed a new version of SLIME anyway. which is good. not working tho, i'll try again

19:37 itistoday: Chousuke: thanks!

19:38 tomoj: hmm, strange

19:38 itistoday: Chousuke: i know that should have been obvious to me, but i don't write clojure code ... it's just something i read up on every now and then

19:38 one day i'll fully embrace it :-p

19:39 i'm just not a big fan of dealing with the jvm and maven and all that

19:40 Chousuke: itistoday: the fun thing with macros is that if you can create the code, then macros can too :P

19:40 and if macros can't, then you can't either

19:41 itistoday: :-)

19:41 the issue is that i can't write clojure code for shit yet :-p

19:42 tcrayford: read more and write more

19:42 you'll get it

19:42 Chousuke: of course for a lot of code it makes no sense to write a macro but... it sounds wise, doesn't it?

19:42 itistoday: tcrayford: i will, as soon as i have a need for doing a big web app, i'll do clojure most likely

19:43 tcrayford: macros let you write code that you'd hate to have to write out by hand as well though

19:46 herdrick: tomoj: nope, i installed slime from ELPA first, that worked ok. but then installing swank-clojure from ELPA failed

19:46 tomoj: same as before, but there was an earlier error i didn't see:

19:46 "slime-repl.el:122:39:Error: No setf-method known for slime-connection-output-buffer"

19:46 itistoday: why does the 'a' have a ~' in front of it? (defmacro foo [& body] `(let [~'a 1] ~@body))

19:47 why isn't it simply (defmacro foo [& body] `(let [a 1] ~@body))

19:47 Chousuke: itistoday: it works around the namespace qualification that syntax-quote does

19:47 somnium: ,`a

19:47 clojurebot: sandbox/a

19:47 somnium: ,`'a

19:47 clojurebot: (quote sandbox/a)

19:47 somnium: ,`~'a

19:47 clojurebot: a

19:47 itistoday: Chousuke: gotcha, so this is a clojure-thing, in CL it wouldn't have it right?

19:48 Chousuke: itistoday: I consider the ugliness a featue :) it shows that your macro is doing evil things

19:48 correct

19:48 itistoday: got it, thanks!

19:49 it's actually not doing evil things (IMO)

19:49 i was trying to convert a neat newlisp macro i came up with

19:49 Chousuke: well, generally, introducing bindings out of nowhere is considered evil

19:49 but it is useful in some cases

19:49 as long as you document it well

19:50 itistoday: yeah, but check this out: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/173665/

19:51 so: (for-query-with-db db "SELECT rowid,name,age FROM people" (println NAME)) => prints the names of all the people

19:52 Chousuke: ah, well, that's not really generating the names from nowhere I guess

19:52 itistoday: indeed, and i'm happy to hear that can be done in clojure too

19:55 it might be slower though, because i think that can only be done with 'eval'

19:55 and clojure's isn't very fast :-(

19:55 DeusExPikachu: hmm, how do you close a socket which you forgot to store a reference to?

19:56 itistoday: DeusExPikachu: you kill the process? :-p

19:56 DeusExPikachu: nooo, is there another way? :P

19:57 so I guess the question is, how to I get that lost reference?

19:57 itistoday: DeusExPikachu: what are you doing?

19:57 DeusExPikachu: its running on a server, and there are other threads running that I can't stop

19:58 I started a serversocket on it, and forgot to store it in a var

19:59 itistoday: i personally don't know of any other way to close it

19:59 DeusExPikachu: ooh, maybe *2?

19:59 i'll try it

20:02 itistoday: eh... seriously this is ridiculous, why is clojure's eval so slow?

20:03 DeusExPikachu: damn, doesn't go to *7

20:03 tomoj: herdrick_: no idea, sorry

20:03 I just did the install-from-elpa process again and it worked fine :/

20:11 herdrick: tomoj:ok, thanks anyway for your help

20:19 tomoj: i'm using Aquamacs... i suppose someone will say this is the problem?

20:23 tomoj: herdrick: nah

20:23 I did it with aquamacs just some hours ago

20:23 herdrick: tomoj: great to hear it!

20:24 huh

20:24 tomoj: only difference in my process was where to put paredit and my customizations

20:24 herdrick: ok

20:24 tomoj: that was a freshly installed aquamacs, dunno if some config could break it

20:26 kiba: hello

20:27 where do I put my clojure-contrib.jar ?

20:28 tcrayford: for what

20:32 tomoj: herdrick: I imagine you did everything right and have just run into some incompatibility or config issue, but here's exactly what I did (just did it again on a fresh box): http://tomojack.com/?p=8

20:33 herdrick: maybe check that wherever elpa put the packages is properly on the load path?

20:33 the little initialization bit that the package.el install adds is supposed to do that, I believe

20:34 maybe that got put somewhere aquamacs isn't looking

20:35 this bit https://gist.github.com/654c262d3a32baf0ada3 (adjusted for wherever your elpa packages are) needs to be in Preferences.el or somewhere else aquamacs will find it

20:35 anyway, good luck

20:36 kiba: where do I install clojure-contrib?

20:37 herdrick: tomoj: thanks! that's great. i'll check the load path

20:38 gotta go now, thanks for the help and advice

20:39 kiba: where do I install clojure-contrib?

20:48 where do I install clojure-contrib

21:04 dnolen: kiba: you don't need to install it anywhere, you just need to make sure it is on the classpath when you start the Clojure REPL

21:49 jcromartie: How do I set the current working directory of the clojure process for swank-clojure-project?

21:49 Maybe there's a better way for me to load files?

21:57 I suppose loading from the classpath is better

22:16 itistoday: i need help writing the clojure version of this:

22:16 http://paste.pocoo.org/show/173705/

22:16 that's newlisp code, but it should be simple to understand

22:17 it lets you do this: (for-query-with-db db "SELECT name FROM people" (println NAME)) => prints the names of all the people

22:24 and the api seems to be down, making it even more difficult ... :-\

22:54 hiredman: ugh

22:55 clojure.lang.Repl everywhere :(

23:05 chouser: \3~4~

23:05 um. sorry.

23:06 hiredman: clojurebot: appoligize for chouser

23:06 clojurebot: mea culpa!

23:26 nathanmarz: if i've already called (use 'package) in the repl, how can i reload the file and rebind the defs?

23:27 hiredman: ,(doc use)

23:27 clojurebot: "([& args]); Like 'require, but also refers to each lib's namespace using clojure.core/refer. Use :use in the ns macro in preference to calling this directly. 'use accepts additional options in libspecs: :exclude, :only, :rename. The arguments and semantics for :exclude, :only, and :rename are the same as those documented for clojure.core/refer."

23:28 hiredman: ,(doc refer)

23:28 clojurebot: "([ns-sym & filters]); refers to all public vars of ns, subject to filters. filters can include at most one each of: :exclude list-of-symbols :only list-of-symbols :rename map-of-fromsymbol-tosymbol For each public interned var in the namespace named by the symbol, adds a mapping from the name of the var to the var to the current namespace. Throws an exception if name is already mapped to something else in the current name

23:28 hiredman: dunno where it is documented, but there is a :reload argument

23:30 nathanmarz: yup, (use 'package :reload) worked

23:30 thanks hiredman!

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