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0:04 Anniepoo: I'm not seeing documentation of #= in the list of reader macros

0:04 ,(doc *read-eval*)

0:04 clojurebot: "; When set to logical false, the EvalReader (#=(...)) is disabled in the read/load in the thread-local binding. Example: (binding [*read-eval* false] (read-string \"#=(eval (def x 3))\")) Defaults to true"

0:06 Anniepoo: so what's this do?

0:11 ,(binding [*read-eval* false] (read-string \"#=(eval (def x 3))\"))

0:11 clojurebot: Unsupported character: \"#=

0:11 Anniepoo: I take it the eval reader evaporated somewhere?

1:00 mikehinchey: Anniepoo: it's the \ in your code that gives that error

1:28 Anniepoo: thanks Mike, that's a copy/paste from the *read-eval* docs

1:29 ,(binding [*read-eval* false] (read-string "#=(eval (def x 3))"))

1:29 clojurebot: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: EvalReader not allowed when *read-eval* is false.

1:29 mikehinchey: which is what you set in the binding

1:29 Anniepoo: yes, I understand

1:30 so where the heck's the docs for #=

1:30 there's no #= in the reader macros

1:30 8c/ I'm trying to work my way thru all the api docs

1:32 mikehinchey: are the others doc'ed other than clojure.org/reader?

1:32 Anniepoo: that's all I know of

1:32 http://clojure.org/reader

1:32 #= doesn't appear on the reader page

1:33 mikehinchey: right, I think it was mostly internal, and doesn't work 100%. Not sure if it's a public api or not.

1:34 Anniepoo: ok

1:34 mikehinchey: it's quite useful when you need it, so I hope it gets full support

1:36 Anniepoo: I'm making this injected agent server, it's a security hole, since it allows arbitrary eval

1:37 how's it supposed to work?

1:38 ,(read-string "#=(eval (def x 3))")

1:38 clojurebot: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: EvalReader not allowed when *read-eval* is false.

1:40 Anniepoo: ,(binding [*read-eval* true] (read-string "#=(eval (def x 3))"))

1:40 clojurebot: #'sandbox/x

1:42 mikehinchey: that does seem to be a hole, at least in clojurebot

1:43 ,x

1:43 clojurebot: 3

1:43 Anniepoo: yes

1:43 clojurebot's real security is simply that killing it isn't important

1:44 so what's the semantics supposed to be?

1:44 mikehinchey: or maybe read-string needs to disallow binging *read-eval*

1:45 Anniepoo: the form following #= is to be evaled and the value inserted?

1:45 mikehinchey: yes

1:45 Anniepoo: ok

1:46 maybe it's the hour, but that wasn't clear

1:47 appreciate the help

1:53 8c9 writing this thing is an adventure

1:56 the auto doc generator doesn't put the right URL in the Source href apparently

1:56 ,(doc *print-readably*)

1:56 clojurebot: "; When set to logical false, strings and characters will be printed with non-alphanumeric characters converted to the appropriate escape sequences. Defaults to true"

6:26 vy: How long have clojars.org been down?

6:34 unfo-: helloh. Should I be able to create sockets from the REPL? I am trying to figure out whether that is my error or if I just fscked up the code :)

6:40 LauJensen: unfo-: which REPL?

7:04 unfo-: LauJensen, I used IDEA's clojure plugin and started a new clojure REPL... :-)

7:04 LauJensen: unfo-: I'm an emacs-guy myself, but I can't imagine a restriction on the REPL which would prevent you from spawning sockets

7:05 unfo-: LauJensen, ok. well that's good enough for me :)

7:06 http://github.com/unfo/stutter/blob/master/src/bot.clj this is what I am working with

7:07 and when I do (start-bot "mybot" "irc.freenode.net" 6667 "") I get java.net.SocketException: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: create (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

7:13 LauJensen: '...Windows...error...'

7:14 unfo-: yep. I knoez

7:14 LauJensen: I can't tell you more than your call to create is failing, so you have to figure out how to call it correctly

7:14 Actually I think you should be able to check out http://technomancy.us/swank-clojure and see how he works with sockets

7:15 unfo-: thanks!

7:25 vy: unfo-: What does (java.net.Socket. "www.google.com" 80) return?

7:26 unfo-: vy, same error

7:27 vy: unfo-: JVM?

7:27 unfo-: java version "1.7.0-ea"

7:27 Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-ea-b66)

7:27 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 16.0-b06, mixed mode)

7:28 I was able to create sockets in IDEA on my Scala project whose codebase I am trying to port to Clojure now

7:30 A HA!

7:30 vy, when I started the REPL with java -jar clojure.jar clojure.main

7:30 I was able to create a socket to Google!

7:30 LauJensen: "I forgot to plug in the internet"

7:30 unfo-: but from IDEA's plugin I am not

7:31 vy: unfo-: I think, it has something to do with environment variables.

7:31 unfo-: IDEA and/or its Clojure plugin is the culprit :)

7:31 vy: See http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=329241&start=0

7:31 LauJensen: unfo-: time to try out Emacs perhaps?

7:32 vy: LauJensen: Can you use SLIME of clojure with CLs (SBCL, CCL, etc.)?

7:33 unfo-: LauJensen, nah, if anything I'll go with vim ^^

7:33 LauJensen: unfo-: You mean M-x viper ?

7:33 vy: Yes

7:33 vy: IMHO, since Clojure is not that interactive as CL and has no interpreter (but just a compiler), it should prefer using a simple interface (aka haskell-mode) instead of trying to stand in the shoulders of a giant like SLIME.

7:33 unfo-: LauJensen, but I'll just prolly keep a separate cmd prompt in conj with IDEA for now :-)

7:33 LauJensen, what is this viper?

7:34 LauJensen: Did you guys catch my screencast showing you how easy it is to set up ?

7:34 vy: LauJensen: SLIME version?

7:34 unfo-: LauJensen, I just joined. Please gimme url :-)

7:34 LauJensen: http://www.bestinclass.dk/index.php/2009/12/clojure-101-getting-clojure-slime-installed/

7:34 Lets see if that cant change your mind :)

7:35 unfo-: ^^

7:36 if that is as easy as you make it sound, I shall boot to my ubuntu and try it ^^

7:36 LauJensen: Its a 12 minute screencast and I'm going real slow, so if you just follow the instructions you can get set up in about 5 minutes

7:37 unfo-: LauJensen, but what is viper? vi-mode in emacs?

7:38 LauJensen: unfo-: I'm told that Viper-mode makes Emacs act exactly like Vim for editing - though I don't see why that would be attractive, but usually when people say that Vim is better, I tell them that Vim is M-x viper, because then you get all the integration goodness of Emacs

7:38 vy: LauJensen: FYI, vimeo is dead slow!

7:38 LauJensen: vy: Really? Not from here

7:39 unfo-: LauJensen, I am not saying vim is better, I am saying, I am used to vim (edit/insert mode) + its keybindings :)

7:39 LauJensen, but. time to boot to ubuntu and follow your screencast! :)

7:39 LauJensen: Cool :)

7:39 vy: LauJensen: Mid. East and Asia colocations of vimeo is crawling.

7:45 LauJensen: Ok, which alternatives work for you guys ?

7:46 vy: LauJensen: youtube is generally the best -- excluding regional alternatives.

7:49 LauJensen: k

8:58 unfo-: yeah! got my ircbot to connect and play PING PONG with server ^^. Thanks vy for helping :-)

9:21 LauJensen: unfo- congrats, did you get it to work from within IDEA ?

11:49 fliebel: What is the most simple way to parse some command line options? Some list magic? Java lib? Clojure-crontrib?

12:03 the-kenny: fliebel: I'm sure there are some java classes for this

12:04 fliebel: Oh, there's also something in contrib

12:04 http://github.com/richhickey/clojure-contrib/blob/ddd7bc2226927634dc0216554194877fa6f170e1/src/clojure/contrib/command_line.clj#L91a

12:18 quizme: can you make new hierarchies during runtime?

12:49 chouser: seems like it might be interesting to use this to install and update clojure and/or lien: http://code.google.com/p/omaha/

12:50 oh, it's Windows only

12:50 * chouser loses interest

12:53 ohpauleez: qed: You around?

12:57 chouser: quizme: yes

12:59 quizme: chouser thnx

13:08 arj_: I'm wondering. Is set! only for java or can it be used on refs as well?

13:38 quizme: anybody here know of a good P2P library to build a P2P game on?

13:40 ohpauleez: Depends on what you're going for, but take a look at JXTA

13:40 I built a P2P usenet-like system with it for a pet project, pretty powerful

13:41 KirinDave: Hey folks

13:41 If I'm looking at a clojure profile trace

13:41 what's clojure.lang.RestFn.invoke

13:42 ohpauleez: You could also use rendezvous quizme if that seems more appropriate for your game. It really depends the type of data communication your game needs

13:42 KirinDave: I'm curious why the code given in http://jng.imagine27.com/articles/2009-12-25-174540_palindromes_clojure.html is very slow compared to SBCL.

13:43 quizme: ohpauleez thanks i'll look at those.

13:44 ohpauleez: KirinDave: That is weird, let me look at it. I mean, SBCL is super fast, but it seems odd to be 20x faster

13:45 KirinDave: ohpauleez: Well it's not 20x faster.

13:45 He only runs it once.

13:45 So derp, yeah, pre-JIT it's going to be slower.

13:45 ohpauleez: right, there's no priming

13:45 KirinDave: But

13:46 It's still a factor of 5 or so.

13:46 25ms compared to 120ms.

13:46 I thought maybe the use of vectors there was the problem

13:47 But I remembered that clojure vectors are not the O(N) beasts everyone seems to expect. So I profiled

13:47 http://gist.github.com/264367

13:47 It looks to me like there is no clear bottleneck.

13:50 quizme: ohpauleez Rendezvous is called Bonjour now ?

13:51 ohpauleez: technically it's zeroconf

13:51 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonjour_%28software%29

13:51 KirinDave: quizme: Apple got into a legal battle over the name.

13:51 ohpauleez: it's just a way to do machine discovery and messaging

13:52 KirinDave: So it seems to me that the algorithm in question just doesn't perform well in clojure, at least by comparison to what SBCL is doing.

13:52 Of course, SBCL is notoriously fast.

13:52 With crap like churning through data and recursing big data structures.

13:53 Ask it to build a string and it'll fall over and die, ask it to compute factorial 1000 and it'll be done in 4 cpu cycles.

13:53 quizme: which is easier to use? jxta or zeroconf ?

13:55 ohpauleez: KirinDave: totally, I think it just comes down to that

13:56 quizme: it really depends on the type of game you're making and the type of communication you're going to need

13:56 KirinDave: Huh, I ran it again with more runs

13:56 ohpauleez: KirinDave: ie: priming the JVM to jit it?

13:56 quizme: ohpauleez: pong

13:56 KirinDave: ohpauleez: well I just ran it like 10 times :D

13:57 ohpauleez: http://gist.github.com/264369

13:57 Actually i am slowly seeing more vector stuff rise to the to

13:57 ohpauleez: quizme: it's a nice simple project to learn the basics of JXTA (discovery, etc)

13:58 quizme: ohpauleez: yeah. i just want to teach myself p2p programming using clojure

13:58 ohpauleez: JXTA is a great set of protocols and utilities

13:58 and the guy who heads the project is an awesome dude

13:59 quizme: ohpauleez: k. i'll try JXTA out. is the o'reilly book the best one ?

13:59 ohpauleez: quizme: for pong, you can probably get away with just tutorials and information online

14:00 KirinDave: is the optimized version really that optimized for clojure?

14:01 when I optimize clojure I do things like primitive types where I can, transient when building via auxiliary functions, pmap when it makes sense, and use agents to disect the problem space

14:02 it's optimized in runtime complexity, but not really optimized to play to clojure's strengths

14:02 KirinDave: ohpauleez: It's "optimized" in that it's complexities are better.

14:02 Well

14:02 Sir

14:02 May I recommend that you tackle the optimization. :D

14:03 As I'd love to see how an experienced clojure-ite would deal with this

14:03 There's no smoking gun in the profiling.

14:03 ohpauleez: haha, i did just finish up with qed's optimization, I'll take a stab at it

14:03 KirinDave: Okay.

14:03 ohpauleez: nah, I just looked at the new link you dropped in, nothing super obvious

14:07 KirinDave: And of course the news.ycomb folks are having a field day. :\

14:10 ohpauleez: link?

14:13 KirinDave: ohpauleez: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1016566

14:13 ohpauleez: KirinDave: thanks

14:13 KirinDave: Sorry on the delay

14:13 gotta be heading out soon, so I gotta make mah latte.

14:24 LauJensen: Evening gents

14:25 ohpauleez: evening lau

14:26 I haven't watched your web dev video yet, but it's on my TODO list for today

14:29 replaca: Q: when using "mvn clojure:swank", does anyone know how to up the java vm size? I tried MAVEN_OPTS, but that only influenced the maven's VM, not the swank VM.

14:36 arj_: I'm wondering. Is set! only for java or can it be used on refs as well?

14:38 ohpauleez: set! and be used on vars arj_

14:38 http://clojure.org/Vars#toc1

14:39 arj_: yeah that's the part I read and I didn't understand it properly

14:39 so you say it can, do I need a dosync outside, like ref-set?

14:40 ohpauleez: ref-sets must be in dosyncs. You can use an atom and use swap!s and reset!s

14:41 all operations to mutate a ref have to be in a dosync though, that's really their power, being done with an STM

14:41 but you can set! a var

14:42 Chousuke: only if it's been thread-locally bound though.

14:42 ohpauleez: here's a good resource: http://java.ociweb.com/mark/clojure/article.html#ReferenceTypes

14:42 arj_: Chousuke: so only if I use like binding or let?

14:42 ohpauleez: arj_: yeah a binding form

14:43 Chousuke: arj_: binding only

14:43 arj_: let creates locals, which are not vars at all

14:44 arj_: ok, the link that ohpauleez sent explains it pretty well

14:44 thanks :)

14:44 ordnungswidrig: hi all.

14:44 ohpauleez: totally welcome

14:44 ordnungswidrig: what's the current state of the art unit test framework?

14:45 I remember something moved either into contrib or from contrib into core

14:47 replaca: ordnungswidrig: as of the 1.1 branch (master and the 1.1 release candidates), testing is in clojure.test

14:48 ordnungswidrig: replaca: ah, thanks. are the docs uptodate on clojure.org or do they refer to 1.0?

14:48 replaca: clojure.org api docs refer to the master branch

14:49 you should see clojure.test in the left column when you jump into the API

14:50 ordnungswidrig: replaca: oh, yes.

14:55 hmm, I dislike the selection of fixed-with font at the clojure api page. I'd prefer that my selection in the browser would be used

14:55 ohpauleez: LauJensen: in the compojure video...

14:55 you used a for, but doesn't it make more sense to use a doseq?

14:56 since you don't need evaluation results

14:57 or is the point moot?

15:02 ordnungswidrig: Can I determine the version of clojure quickly from a REPL?

15:03 ohpauleez: ordnungswidrig: when you start the repl, it'll be the first line printed

15:03 from the command line

15:03 ordnungswidrig: ohpauleez: I swank-connect to a repl started long time ago :-)

15:04 ohpauleez: ahhh gotcha

15:06 ordnungswidrig: clojars down?

15:19 LauJensen: Its answering pings

15:19 But other than that yea, its toast

15:21 _mst: I sent _ato an email last night but haven't heard back unfortunately

15:22 his site at meshy.org runs off the same box and seems to be up, so not sure what's going on there...

15:22 ordnungswidrig: _mst: I guess an update took place :-)

15:22 LauJensen: Would be nice to see the backtrace

15:23 _mst: the new version sure is minimal :)

15:39 replaca: ordnungswidrig: re: fixed width in docs: unfortunately variable width fonts muck up the formatting of lots of doc strings (which include code, indenting, etc.)

15:40 ordnungswidrig: so even though regular fonts would be preferable, fixed width seems to end up working better

15:40 ordnungswidrig: replaca: yes, but the container is a pre, IIRC. And a pre must be rendered with a fixed with font.

15:41 replaca: ordnungswidrig: I'm not getting your point...

15:42 ordnungswidrig: replaca: the documentation text is formatted as <pre> which I consider ok following you argument above. but I dislike that the font is specified for the pre by the css stylesheet (in wiki.css) as I, personally, prefer Menlo over Monaco as fixed width font.

15:43 the pre is ok, but omit the font declaration in the css. pre is rendered with a fixed width font by default.

15:43 replaca: ordnungswidrig: ahh, ok. That makes sense. I think the problem there was different browsers made radically different choices that messed things up

15:44 ordnungswidrig: but let me play around with it and see if I can drop the css and have it work right

15:45 ordnungswidrig: replaca: I see. IIRC there was a browser which interpreted pre in a way to value the line breaks but to use a proportional font. setting "monospace" as font shall give a reasonable default on many systems.

15:45 replaca: or consider a <pre><tt></tt></pre>

15:47 replaca: ordnungswidrig: yeah, I think you're right (re: proportional default). I'll play with some of the other choices you suggest cause I'm not very happy with the current setup either

15:47 * ordnungswidrig is still confused in alpha/master and test in core

15:48 ordnungswidrig: I have a lein dep on clojure-master-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT

15:49 which reports in the repl as 1.1.0-alpha-SNAPSHOT and comes from clojure-1.1.0-master-20091223.150146-8.jar

15:50 replaca: ordnungswidrig: so you should have clojure.test there

15:50 ordnungswidrig: replaca: (use :clojure.test) (is (= 1 1)) -> java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: is in this context (NO_SOURCE_FILE:2)

15:51 replaca: (use 'clojure.test)?

15:51 ordnungswidrig: replaca: *doh*

15:51 replaca: I don't think keyword works for the namespace (unless something's changed)

15:52 gotta go!

15:53 ordnungswidrig: replaca: cu!

16:28 mebaran151_: if I put a seq on an iterator, will the seq immediately consume the iterator or does it keep it pseudo lazy?

17:03 ordnungswidrig: does anybody have a pointer on howto use leining with 1.1-master? I keep having 1.1.0-alpha in bootclassapth

17:06 technomancy: ordnungswidrig: that shouldn't be a problem; stuff on the boot classpath should be shadowed by stuff in the project classpath

17:06 all the project stuff is run in a subclassloader

17:08 ordnungswidrig: hm, I just did a lein self-install and will see if it updated itself. Maybe thats the issue

17:09 technomancy: self-install is just for pulling in the jar file when all you have is the bin script. haven't got any code to pull in a new version.

17:10 ordnungswidrig: hmm. the repl reports a 1.1-alpha in project.clj I have 1.1.0-master-SNAPSHOT

17:11 clojure.test exists in the repl. Now I'll try swank

17:11 technomancy: oh... that's a known issue; the repl task is the one place where a subclassloader is not used

17:11 swank should be better

17:13 ordnungswidrig: hmm, I have (ns foo (:require clojure.test)) (is (= 1 1))

17:13 -> Unable to resolve symbol: is in this context

17:15 when C-c C-l'ed in emacs

17:18 technomancy: ordnungswidrig: yup

17:18 require is not use

17:18 ordnungswidrig: technomancy: *doh* you actually might be correct. I copy-pasted it from the clojure.test docs

17:20 technomancy: ordnungswidrig: yikes; if it really says that you should report it as a bug

17:20 ordnungswidrig: technomancy: see yourself http://richhickey.github.com/clojure/clojure.test-api.html

17:21 Chousuke: the docs are correct, but misleading.

17:22 ordnungswidrig: Oh man, I doubt I get around use and require...

17:22 Chousuke: you should use :require, but the overview obviously assumes you have used :use :)

17:22 ordnungswidrig: Chousuke:

17:23 Chousuke: is there some overview on require and use and import and ns when loading, gen-classing and in the repl?

17:23 technomancy: ordnungswidrig: that's really weird; I don't see why the HTML docs say that

17:23 it's not in the source the docs are generated from

17:23 replaca: ^ any idea about that?

17:24 Chousuke: well, import is for java stuff, require is for importing the namespace without importing its names into your current namespace (ie. you need foo/bar to access them) and use just imports the names to your namespace (can access them as just bar)

17:24 you shouldn't really use use :)

17:25 require supports aliasing the namespace, so it doesn't lead to much more typing either.

17:25 ordnungswidrig: Chousuke: I'll print this one. Thanks.

17:25 Chousuke: there has been talk about redoing the ns macro to something less confusing

17:25 but I don't think anyone has yet implemented anything

17:26 ordnungswidrig: Chousuke: I'm currently fighting many loose ends. Clojure is still new for me, back to emacs since a long time. Now on OSX since two weeks (different key in emacs) and so on. Thanks for your help.

17:26 and good night

17:28 technomancy: it'd be helpful not to use the word "import" for bringing an ns's vars into another

17:41 patrkris: the way to emit from an xml-zip is by using clojure.xml/emit?

17:41 *emit xml

17:42 LauJensen: Think so

17:45 patrkris: thanks LauJensen (fellow dane :))

17:45 LauJensen: uuh :)

17:45 patrkris: gode webcasts i øvrigt

17:46 (i'll quit the Danish now :))

17:46 LauJensen: Thanks a lot!

17:52 replaca: technomancy, ordnungswidrig: The docs say require because "use" is considered bad form (and may cause problems if there's a conflict). But if you use require, you need to spec the namespace on the funcs. But that's just an example, of course you can use any variation, as appropriate.

17:52 that having been said, probably I should just drop the usages altogether from the clojure namespaces

17:53 that was more for contrib, where the pages aren't named the same as the namespace

17:53 technomancy: replaca: yeah, if the docs for each namespace don't agree about require vs use then it could just be confusing.

17:56 replaca: technomancy: well, everything says require now, I think

17:56 It used to say use way back in the google wiki days

17:58 technomancy: let's just deprecate them both and move on. =)

18:02 replaca: sounds about right :-)

18:21 chouser: mebaran151: it'll stay lazy

18:21 mebaran151: thanks chouser

18:42 ieure: How do I cast a numeric string to an int? e.g. (int "5") just throws: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Character.

18:43 pdk: same way as in java, (Integer/valueOf "5")

18:43 gotta remember all the java classes and crap are still accessible through clojure

18:43 ieure: pdk, I don’t know Java at all. Thanks.

18:43 I know they’re accessible. I just don’t know Java.

18:43 pdk: hm ok

18:44 ieure: Is that preferable to (Integer. "5")?

18:44 pdk: i dont see much reason to do one over the other

18:44 ieure: Okay. Thanks.

18:44 pdk: though people are probably used to using valueof

18:47 ieure: I googled, but I think I used the wrong terms.

18:48 I really can’t stand Java, but Clojure is interesting to me.

18:48 It makes the Java bits mostly tolerable. I just don’t know the library well.

18:59 _mst: looks like clojars is back up

19:17 mebaran151: how do you install lein plugins: I'd like to push my bdb library to clojars

19:18 it's the best one I've seen on the internet (I sort of compulsively wrapped everything, and then wrote some nice seq code over it over again)

19:20 I actually thought parseInt was the more Java-y way to do it

19:35 webuserid: hi folks,

19:36 I'm new to clojure and java. I've got emacs set up with slime and clojure. I now have a REPL. I was trying to get clojure-processing running. I need to know how I can add libraries to clojure.

19:36 pdk: you can load additional jar/class files from the command line with the -cp option

19:37 e.g. javac -cp misc-classes.jar myprogram.java; java -cp misc-classes.jar myprogram

19:37 webuserid: I got emacs set up following i

19:38 this guide. http://www.bestinclass.dk/index.php/2009/12/clojure-101-getting-clojure-slime-installed/

19:38 I don't start clojure manually, emacs does it for me. So how may I go about my way in this case?

19:40 pdk: ^^

19:40 technomancy: webuserid: if you start a new project with leiningen, (putting all the deps in lib/) you can do M-x swank-clojure-project to set up the classpath for you

19:40 you don't have to use leiningen, but it's the easiest way to get your dependency jars handled

19:40 (you don't want to do that by hand; it's a huge pain0

19:41 )

19:41 webuserid: can i use the "java.library.path" paths?

19:45 technomancy: I'm a newbie, what's my best bet to get the darn thing working? :)

19:47 technomancy: webuserid: for sure the easiest way is to create a project directory if you haven't already and just toss the jars in lib/ inside that. then use M-x swank-clojure-project to launch slime.

19:47 webuserid: cool.

19:48 technomancy: see the README under usage

19:48 patrkris: is clojure.contrib.zip-filter.xml/xml-> unable to filter on tags that have namespace prefixes?

19:48 technomancy: the swank-clojure readme, that is

19:48 webuserid: was about to ask.

19:48 thanks.

19:51 technomancy: webuserid: if you use leiningen, you can have it download processing as a dependency by adding [org.clojars.fyuryu/rosado.processing "1.0.7"] to the :deps section of project.clj

19:54 webuserid: technomancy: cool.. I will look into that.

20:00 mebaran151: yay I pushed my first clojar

20:01 who would have thought maven could be so .... useful (and not hire fire inspiring in the least)

20:01 *hair

20:01 webuserid: technomancy: sorry to sound dumb, but how do i get leiningen to set up the project for me.

20:03 Do I have to be root to install using lein?

20:03 technomancy: ^^

20:10 the-kenny: webuserid: What should do leiningen when it "sets up the project"?

20:12 webuserid: resolve the dependancies?

20:13 He said I could add clojure-processing as a dependency. I was trying to figure out how and how to get it to play along with emacs and slime.

20:14 the-kenny: ^^

20:15 the-kenny: webuserid: If you have all dependencies etc. in your project.clj, just run "lein deps"

20:15 webuserid: from the project directory?

20:15 the-kenny: After that, you can just start a repl in emacs with M-x swank-clojure-project

20:15 yes

20:15 it will pull all deps for you and put them in lib/

20:16 webuserid: cool..

20:16 You're a star.

20:18 the-kenny: You're welcome ;)

20:29 webuserid: the-kenny: I get an exception with lein. http://pastebin.com/m7b6c75ae

20:30 the-kenny: webuserid: Check you sources. Looks like you try to redefine "test"

20:31 webuserid: the-kenny: The directory is named test. Perhaps that's why.

20:35 the-kenny: It's not the directory name. I get the exception again. What do you mean check my sources? I haven't written anything yet to redefine anything.

20:37 the-kenny: webuserid: hm.. sounds strange

20:38 * webuserid slow nod

20:43 * webuserid bored

20:58 KirinDave: Is there a summary of the performance characteristics of the various clojure data structures?

20:59 mitchellh: KirinDave: If I recall, the data structures section (or primitives) of the clojure.org website mentions it.

20:59 KirinDave: http://clojure.org/data_structures does not mention.

21:00 mitchellh: KirinDave: I know Lists = O(1) insert, O(n) lookup (singly linked lists, inserts at head)

21:01 the-kenny: Uhm.. anyone has problems with emacs 23 and (require)?

21:01 mitchellh: KirinDave: Vectors = O(1) lookup, and I think its average O(logn) insert (or nlogn, I can't remember how they're implemented tbh)

21:01 the-kenny: I get weird errors, but it works in *inferior lisp*

21:01 mitchellh: KirinDave: I saw these in a talk, I think its channel 9's interview with Rich Hickey

21:02 KirinDave: mitchellh: There is no asymmetry in vectors for prepend or append tho, right?

21:02 They're like giant tries.

21:02 mitchellh: KirinDave: Correct

21:02 KirinDave: KirinDave:

21:02 errr

21:02 KirinDave: http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Going+Deep/Expert-to-Expert-Rich-Hickey-and-Brian-Beckman-Inside-Clojure/

21:02 He goes over imlementation details of the primitives at some point there, just seek until you see a trie drawn, then seek backwards a bit

21:03 replaca: technomancy: is there anyway to increase the heap size for swank-clojure through "mvn clojure:swank", lein, or some other mechanism?

21:03 KirinDave: Fucking silverlight.

21:03 I'm not going to install it. I need that shit at work already, and I hate it.

21:03 replaca: my read of the code says "no"

21:03 the-kenny: replaca: Maybe with the "extra-jvm-args" in swank-clojure.el

21:05 replaca: the-kenny: yeah, I think that works when you start inside emacs. I've been starting externally from maven (to run incanter)

21:05 maybe I'll have to switch

21:06 KirinDave: So let me guess

21:07 For problem #1, you made a lazy sequence of multiples of 3 and 5, zipped them, then kept iterating over it while below 1000. :)

21:08 Don't even need to zip, I guess.

21:08 the-kenny: woho, new design for github

21:14 replaca: the-kenny: what's different?

21:14 oh, I see - on the project pages

21:15 the-kenny: replaca: Yes, the project page.

22:00 tolstoy: Hm. So, clojure.main doesn't handle -D params automatically?

22:01 You have to java -cp ... -Dthis=that clojure.main?

22:01 chouser: put them before clojure.main on the ... right

22:01 tolstoy: That means my shell script invoker needs to be smart.

22:01 chouser: the stuff after clojure.main gets passed into your code via *command-line-args*

22:02 tolstoy: Yep, that makes sense, of course.

22:03 chouser: yeah, the launch script I use picks out -D, -X, -cp ...

22:05 tolstoy: Workable enough. Eventually I figure I'll go the leiningen uberjar route for this little app, which solves that prob.

22:06 technomancy: KirinDave: actually I think append and prepend are asymmetric for vectors

22:06 vectors grow cheaply only at the tail

22:06 replaca: it might respect JAVA_OPTS, but I haven't confirmed it myself

22:25 KirinDave: technomancy: Hum

22:26 technomancy: We were earlier looking at that news.ycomb example of palindromes.

22:26 So that's why it came up.

22:54 _mst: KirinDavE: I wrote to the author of that palindromes article to point out that running repeated test runs gets a lot faster

22:55 from 500ms to around 60-70ms on my machine here

22:55 KirinDave: It never gets to 60-70 on mine.

22:55 Perhaps you have a more powerful machine.

22:56 I never get below the range of 150ms, which is still a bit more than a halving of the total time.

22:59 _mst: KirinDave: I might've run with -XX:UseAggressiveOpts and -server when I was testing, not sure if that makes a difference

22:59 I gave it a quick run with hprof and nothing jumped out as being terribly slow, but I didn't really pick it apart to see how the code worked

23:00 KirinDave: Yeah

23:00 I posted some profile runs earlier

23:00 The vector opts all together do stand out, but only in the 5% of the top 10% range

23:01 replaca: technomancy: ok, thanks, I'll give it a try

23:01 KirinDave: _mst: Unrecognized VM option 'UseAggressiveOpts'

23:02 _mst: ah sorry, -XX:+AggressiveOpts

23:02 KirinDave: Oh wow

23:02 I got some runs down by 90ms.

23:03 That's a heck of a magical invocation there

23:03 _mst: heheh excellent

23:39 replaca: no luck on JAVA_OPTS via maven. Looks like folks have hacked on some "clojureOptions" stuff, but I don't see how to set it

23:39 technomancy: replaca: oh, I meant for leiningen

23:45 ozarusan: How do I get from [1 2 3 4] to [1 [2 [3 [4]]]]?

23:47 technomancy: ozarusan: (reduce (fn [acc x] (conj acc (vec x))) [] [1 2 3 4])

23:48 ozarusan: ,(reduce (fn [acc x] (conj acc (vec x))) [] [1 2 3 4])

23:48 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to convert: class java.lang.Integer to Object[]

23:52 tolstoy: ,(reduce (fn [acc x] (conj acc (vector x))) [] [1 2 3 4])

23:52 clojurebot: [[1] [2] [3] [4]]

23:58 technomancy: uh... yeah that's not right

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