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1:04 bradford: what is the best way to do a with-open file and go through a for comprehension doing a write-line ot the file for each member of a sequence?

1:27 slashus2: bradford: Probably want to use doseq for side-effects.

3:30 I was playing around with sending objects over sockets, and it won't let me send a clojure.lang.Keyword because it doesn't implement Serializable.

3:34 I was trying to send a hash map, but using :keywords in the map didn't allow this to happen. Works fine without them.

3:38 Just adding Serializable to the list of things it implements in Keyword.java seemed to work. Is there a reason that a keyword isn't serializable?

3:40 cark: why not print then read ?

3:41 slashus2: cark: I was trying to use writeObject over a socket.

3:43 cark: right, what i mean is that you don't have to go the java way

3:44 it's pretty usual in the lisp world to just print readably, then rebuild your objects with read-string

3:44 slashus2: So I just make the data structure into a string and then read it back?

3:44 cark: right

3:44 ,(prn :bleh)

3:44 clojurebot: :bleh

3:44 cark: (read-string ":bleh")

3:45 slashus2: I was doing this because I was going to eventually send over image data.

3:45 kotarak: beware of references....

3:45 cark: and cycles =)

3:46 though references should be top level

3:46 and cycles couldn't exist without references

11:35 drewr: Why does (future (Thread/sleep 1000) :foo) block?

11:36 I thought that should return the Future object directly and only block with a deref.

11:40 lisppaste8: drewr pasted "future behavior confusion" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/81814

11:41 rhickey: drewr: getting deref'ed to print

11:41 fixed in latest

11:42 http://github.com/richhickey/clojure/tree/master

11:42 drewr: OK, that was from 1.0.0.

11:42 rhickey: hrm - how do people refer to particular revisions in git?

11:42 drewr: Just a shortened commit id.

11:43 rhickey: ugh, hard to intuit the order of those things

11:43 drewr: Like, "that was from 8c2b2b04fed," in my case.

11:43 Yeah, that's the only downside to DVCS IMO.

11:44 rhickey: the only one, eh?

11:44 :)

11:44 drewr: Actually, probably so.

11:52 This is cool. I think it will replace agents in one codebase I have and manual Executor stuff in another.

11:52 rhickey: drewr: what will, futures or promises?

11:53 drewr: futures

11:54 One application I have kicks off agents to query a db in parallel, with an await at the end.

11:55 Latch-like.

11:55 rhickey: drewr: yeah, that use of agent-as-thread is better done with futures

11:59 drewr: Catching up on promise/deliver.. interesting.

12:43 Lomono: would anyone have some time to answer some questions on Reddit?

12:43 http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8s8gv/from_c_on_mono_to_clojure_on_the_jvm/c0a9l98

12:48 blbrown_win: the invokeStaticMethod in lang.Reflector takes an Object array. How do I pass that in clojure. I tried this invokeStaticMethod(c, [ "abc" ])

12:58 Chouser: blbrown_win: (to-array ["abc"])

12:58 ,(to-array ["abc"])

12:58 clojurebot: #<Object[] [Ljava.lang.Object;@160b5e>

13:02 blbrown_win: Chouser you are the man, are you a bot?

13:03 ,Chouser (+ 1 1)

13:03 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: Chouser in this context

13:08 Chouser: Not only am I not a bot, I'm not even here.

13:09 I should go mow

14:26 lisppaste8: Anniepoo pasted "forward reference" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/81821

14:27 Anniepoo: so how do I handle forward references in Clojure? I've got the common case of a couple functions that call each other in the common lisp-y 'first is special case' situation

14:28 (FWIW this code is my feeble attempt to translate a form into a structure of swing panels, an early stage towards a Clojure editor in Clojure)

14:30 lisppaste8: Anniepoo annotated #81821 "untitled" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/81821#1

14:30 Anniepoo: but it's complaining about the forward ref of FirstFormBrowser from FormBrowser

14:33 foo, no response

14:39 hoeck: Anniepoo: you can just use (def my-name) or (declare my-name)

14:41 Anniepoo: thanks, the defn will overwrite the old value?

14:41 hoeck: yes

14:44 Anniepoo: feels like a hack, but I'

14:44 I'm a happy camper

14:45 hoeck: or use declare, to give a hint about your intention

14:46 Anniepoo: ah, that feels more self documenting 8cD

14:46 hoeck: declare just expands to a def for each name

17:04 JasonFelice: Any vimclojure users here?

17:04 kotarak: yup

17:04 JasonFelice: Why do I get a three second lag when I use 'o'?

17:05 kotarak: don't know. No one could explain it to me.

17:05 I also don't see where this should come from, since <CR> in insert works normally.

17:06 JasonFelice: It's kind of a showstopper. If I turn off gorilla, I don't get highlighting.

17:07 kotarak: You should get highlighting for core.

17:07 JasonFelice: what do you mean?

17:08 vim-core?

17:08 kotarak: clojure.core

17:08 With gorilla you get dynamic highlighting based on the required/used namespaces.

17:08 Without Gorilla you get static highlighting for clojure.core

17:11 JasonFelice: I guess I am getting highlighting, just not recognizing any keywords. Just parens and strings, it looks like.

17:11 kotarak: hmmm...

17:12 What are your configuration optionsß

17:12 ?

17:12 For vimclojure I mean.

17:14 JasonFelice: I guess the defaults. All I put in vimrc is the gorilla thing.

17:16 kotarak: try: let clj_highlight_builtins = 1

18:23 JasonFelice: kotarak: you can use normal lisp indenting with the rest of vimclojure with a small edit of the indent file. That solves the "o" problem.

18:24 kotarak: normal lisp indenting is not sufficient due to clojure's specialties like [] or {}.

18:26 What I don't understand is, that 'o' has a delay, but the "normal" <CR> does not.

18:26 JasonFelice: Don't know. I actually use ruby for scripting vim, so I don't know how much of the vim guts works.

18:28 kotarak: I used Ruby before Gorilla was merged into VimClojure. It was to instable and the interfacing was quite ugly. So I tried to get back to pure VimScript.

18:29 Anniepoo: hmm.... I take it subclassing a Java class is painful? I'm making a new sort of swing component, actually making it extend JPanel would make my life easier

18:29 JasonFelice: Reall? I have about 500 lines of ruby in my vimrc (for C++) and it works pretty well.

18:30 kotarak: Anniepoo: (ns my.swing.Component (:gen-class :extends javax.swing.JPanel :main false)) should get you started.

18:30 Anniepoo: thanks!

18:31 JasonFelice: kotarak: how do you switch from the repl split? It traps C-w.

18:31 kotarak: Huh? It surely doesn't.

18:32 I use C-w + up/down or another C-w. Works for me.

18:34 JasonFelice: Ah, ok... the repl puts you in insert mode.

18:35 kotarak: Yeah. The modes are a bit in the way there...

18:37 JasonFelice: This is a bit of a detour from "let me play with clojure." :)

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