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5:59 MikeSeth: can clojure run on non-Sun JVMs?

6:28 kotarak: MikeSeth: I would think so.

6:41 asbjxrn: Openjdk is non-sun? I saw a thread in the clojure group just now where someone used it.

11:47 dbudworth: hi folks, anyone awake?

11:48 durka42: yes

11:49 dbudworth: I'm trying to create a printwriter / proxy output stream so I can re-define stdout. can't seem to get it to work. any chance someone can explain why this returns nil?

11:49 (.println (java.io.PrintWriter. (proxy [java.io.OutputStream] [] (write [& args] (println args)))) "foo")

11:50 not why it returns nil, by why the println never gets called

11:52 but, i get output if I remove the printwriter part from it and just call write on the outputstream

11:52 (.write (proxy [java.io.OutputStream] [] (write [& args] (println args))) (.getBytes "foo"))

11:52 (#<byte[] [B@fef72ea>)

11:52 nil

11:54 wow, ok. i'm dumb. just realized I was using PrintWriter, instead of PrintStream.

11:54 it worked after all, nevermind

13:15 maacl: dbudworth: Did you get emacs/slime to work with the book code ?

13:17 dbudworth: yep, i dumped "emacs-starter-kit" and am just using elpa with my own swank-clojure-bin script that forces the classpath. easier for me to monkey with bash files than figure out the starter kit's init sequence

13:18 finally up to lazy sequences in the prog clojure book. though, i had to figure out how to proxy the output stream on ant loggers so it showed up in the emacs repl

13:18 (since the emacs repl masks system.out)

13:19 maacl: dbudworth: you are using clojure-mode right? look for swank-clojure-extra-classpaths - there you can add the path to the book source

13:19 dbudworth: maacl: yep, that's what I was trying to do. starter-kit was overriding swank-clojure-extra-classpaths directly, so there was no work around I could find (other than edit the starter-kit)

13:20 maacl: dbudworth: ah, ok

13:20 dbudworth: maacl: plus the starter kit had all sorts on funkiness I wasn't used to (like ; adds a new line, doesn't comment an existing line)... easier to just use plain .emacs configs

13:21 maacl: dbudworth: yeah, that's i what I ended up doing too

15:08 duck1123: If I wanted the results of a sql query in a vec of my own structs, would it be better to map over the seq and return new structs, or create something new that didn't use resultset-seq

15:10 I wish that resultset-seq could accept an optional param for the struct that you wanted the results returned as. (as opposed to row-struct)

16:18 hiredman: ,(+ 18 15)

16:18 clojurebot: 33

16:21 technomancy: whew; math still works

16:27 heh: "You can now write LISP and compile it to target the JVM. all arguments should now immediately end." (http://twitter.com/bengl3rt/statuses/2067336126)

19:18 dbudworth: anyone familiar with swank-clojure? this works from shell repl but not *slime-repl clojure* (def foo 10) (defn printfoo [] (println foo)) (printfoo) (binding [foo "bound foo"] (printfoo))

19:38 drewr: dbudworth: What error do you get?

19:38 dbudworth: don't get any error, just the binding doesn't apply (it prints 10 both times)

19:39 copy/paste to a terminal running the cmd line repl, prints "10" followed by "bound foo"

19:39 Chousuke: hm

19:39 dbudworth: specific to slime-clojure it seems. maybe due to stealing the outputstreams, not sure if the print becomes lazy there (wouldn't think so)

19:40 Chousuke: might be that slime runs it in a different thread and it confuses the binding

19:40 drewr: I get the correct output, so it must be a recent slime issue.

19:40 Chousuke: since bindings are thread-local

19:40 drewr: I haven't updated in a while.

19:40 dbudworth: that's what I was thinking. it was an example from programming clojure. oddly enough, the very next example that uses binding is correct

19:41 but it's not actually printing anything

19:41 so i thought it had something to do with *out* being re-defined by swank, somehow making the output async or something

19:41 (obviously, i'm still learning this stuff, otherwise I'd know)

19:44 duck1123_: interestingly, when I eval that last line, I ger "bound foo" twice

19:44 dbudworth: there's a few incompatibilities with slime / prog clojure examples. ie: the ant tasks print to the wrong buffer. *out* is redefined, but System.out isn't

19:44 duck1123_: other than that, it works for me with 1.0

19:45 dbudworth: ended up writing my own printstream / outputstream proxy (which was a fun experiment as the book gives no clue there)

19:45 duck1123_: of course, I'm connecting to an already runnung clojure instance

19:46 dbudworth: ahh! the programming-clojure example ships with Clojure 1.1.0-alpha-SNAPSHOT

19:46 that repl doesn't work either

19:46 but does with 1.0

19:46 and that's what I'm running with slime, the 1.1 snapshot

19:47 duck1123_: I gave up on post 1.0 clojure when I started getting weird errors, and haven't needed any post-1.0 stuff

19:48 dbudworth: yep, really no reason to use it for the book as it's based on 1.0 it's just the git repo (as of 2 days ago) has 1.1 alpha. i'll switch it

19:48 duck1123_: is that chunked seq stuff ready to go yet? It looked interesting, but haven't played with it.

22:14 Tulsi: hi

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