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4:14 punya: hi

4:22 AWizzArd: Hello punya

4:23 punya: i'm fairly new to clojure, and i'm wondering if it would be reasonable to make the basic arithmetic ops multimethods

4:23 i'm sure people have asked this before me, so could you point me somewhere to look?

4:24 jdz: punya: what exactly do you mean by basic arithmetic ops?

4:24 punya: you want + to concatenate strings or what?

4:24 punya: jdz: add vectors, actually

4:25 jdz: a bad idie

4:25 idea even

4:25 what does it mean to add two vectors?

4:25 punya: jdz: vectors (in the mathematical sense) are tuples of numbers

4:25 jdz: whatever your answer is i can find another one that's different

4:25 punya: jdz: you add them componentwise

4:26 jdz: i mean vectors the mathematical object, not vectors the data structure

4:26 jdz: well, and Clojure is not APL you know

4:26 punya: jdz: true enough

4:26 jdz: i didn't mean that the standard library should include such a definition

4:27 jdz: i agree with you, that would be a terrible idea because other people might not want their vectors added the way i want mine

4:27 Holcxjo: I assume many people would object to the performance hit that everyone would take on arithmetic

4:27 punya: Holcxjo: absolutely

4:28 no, i was wondering if rebinding + to a generic method in my own namespace was a reasonable thing to do

4:28 jdz: the correct soluition is to create your own namespace and define whatever functions with whatever semantics you want there

4:28 punya: jdz: okay, we're in agreement then

4:29 jdz: is it considered good coding style to shadow names from the clojure core?

4:29 jdz: punya: not really, if you want other people to read your code.

4:29 (read and understand, that is)

4:31 Holcxjo: Well, he won't change the semantics of the op

4:31 just extend it -- thus understanding the code should be ok

4:31 punya: Holcxjo: not quite -- people who expected to get an exception when adding vectors will now get a different behavior

4:31 Holcxjo: Some calls to +, - etc might baffle the reader but I don't think that's a big problem

4:32 Consider the alternative of having to use other names for the usual arithmetic ops

4:32 ... *that* would make code unreadable

4:32 punya: that's what i'm doing right now

4:33 jdz: anyway naming the function add-vectors or vector-sum instead of overloading + would be better, imo

4:33 punya: okay, thanks for your inputs!

4:33 i'm going with names like "add", "scale" etc for now

4:34 jdz: punya: cool, that way you won't have to write + as clojure.core/+ :)

4:34 punya: jdz: right, i realized i wasn't going to buy any brevity by shadowing

4:35 Holcxjo: jdz: He wouldn't have to write that (except for the overload definition of + for numbers)

4:36 jdz: and in some other places (like inner loops) where performance matters

4:36 Holcxjo: jdz: that's the whole point -- his formulas would be completely natural and readable to anybody used to mathematics

4:36 punya: Holcxjo: that was what i thought originally

4:36 jdz: i'm not telling that he can't do it. i'm just trying to point out tradeoffs

4:37 Holcxjo: I thought we had established that performace would suffer and that he was going for readability rather than absolute performance -- anyway -he can always create an alias for the core + (scalar-+ or something like that)

4:38 punya: one nice feature of using separate names for scalar and vector ops is that it serves to document which one i expect to see in a particular place

4:39 accidentally passing in a scalar in place of a vector will fail sooner

4:39 jdz: using a name like "sum" and "product" would feel as natural to mathematician as + and * (and it is not actually * in mathematics, really, it's �)

4:40 and it's not mathematcians who will read the code, it's programmers :)

4:41 punya: jdz: i certainly hope mathematicians and programmers aren't disjoint sets

4:41 jdz: but i take your point

4:42 jdz: well, what i wanted to say is that if somebody reads code, he will know what to expect from the code, and would not want to assume that rules of mathematics are at work.

4:53 p_l: jdz: I get COBOL vibes from that

8:42 gnuvince: ~seen rhickey

8:42 clojurebot: rhickey was last seen in #clojure, 861 minutes ago saying: that's the only promise made by the sequence fns

8:42 gnuvince: ,(/ 861.0 60)

8:42 clojurebot: 14.35

9:24 AWizzArd: ,(doc future)

9:24 clojurebot: "([& body]); Takes a body of expressions and yields a future object that will invoke the body in another thread, and will cache the result and return it on all subsequent calls to deref/@. If the computation has not yet finished, calls to deref/@ will block."

9:24 AWizzArd: ,(doc future-call)

9:24 clojurebot: "([f]); Takes a function of no args and yields a future object that will invoke the function in another thread, and will cache the result and return it on all subsequent calls to deref/@. If the computation has not yet finished, calls to deref/@ will block."

9:29 Holcxjo: ,(let [f (future (do (Thread/sleep 5000) 'done))] (dotimes [i 10] (print i (.isDone f) " - ") (Thread/sleep 1000)) @f)

9:29 clojurebot: Execution Timed Out

9:29 Holcxjo: ,(let [f (future (do (Thread/sleep 3000) 'done))] (dotimes [i 5] (print i (.isDone f) " - ") (Thread/sleep 1000)) @f)

9:29 clojurebot: done

9:29 0 false - 1 false - 2 false - 3 true - 4 true -

9:30 Holcxjo: execution timeout?

9:30 Chousuke: took more than 10 seconds

9:30 cooldude127: Holcxjo: i believe clojurebot cuts execution

9:30 after a certain amount of time

9:30 Holcxjo: I was hoping it'd tell me what the cut-off is...

9:33 durka42: sandbox.clj:9 (def *default-timeout* 10) ; in seconds

9:33 clojurebot: execution timeout is 10 seconds

9:33 clojurebot: Roger.

9:34 Holcxjo: Let's see...

9:34 execution timeout?

9:34 * durka42 needs to write a shell script that checks whether $PWD contains .svn, .git or .hg and do svn up/git pull/hg pull; hg update respectively

9:34 durka42: ~timeout

9:34 clojurebot: execution timeout is 10 seconds

9:34 durka42: clojurebot: how long will you give my code for execution?

9:34 clojurebot: for is not a loop

9:34 durka42: :)

9:35 clojurebot: how long before the timeout is triggered?

9:35 clojurebot: It's greek to me.

9:35 durka42: clojurebot: be more fuzzy

9:35 clojurebot: Gabh mo leithsc�al?

9:43 durka42: clojurebot: what is the sandbox timeout?

9:43 clojurebot: sandbox is http://calumleslie.blogspot.com/2008/06/simple-jvm-sandboxing.html

9:43 durka42: clojurebot: what is the sandbox execution timeout?

9:43 clojurebot: sandbox is http://calumleslie.blogspot.com/2008/06/simple-jvm-sandboxing.html

9:43 durka42: clojurebot: what is the execution timeout in the sandbox?

9:43 clojurebot: execution timeout is 10 seconds

9:44 durka42: first match apparently

9:44 clojurebot: botsnack

9:44 clojurebot: thanks; that was delicious. (nom nom nom)

9:50 alinpopa: clojurebot: botsnack

9:50 clojurebot: thanks; that was delicious. (nom nom nom)

9:50 alinpopa: :)

9:53 clojurebot: svn rev 1279; added intCast from char/byte/short

9:59 AWizzArd: ,(let [x (delay (will-define-this-later 10))] (println 10))

9:59 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: will-define-this-later in this context

10:00 gnuvince: ~seen Chousuke

10:00 clojurebot: Chousuke was last seen in #clojure, 29 minutes ago saying: took more than 10 seconds

10:00 gnuvince: ~seen Chouser

10:00 clojurebot: Chouser was last seen in #clojure, 637 minutes ago saying: good enough.

10:00 AWizzArd: Why does the delay produce an error when I use a not yet defined function?

10:01 jbondeson: AWizzArd: probably because while it doesn't execute, it does attempt to check the validity of the enclosed function.

10:01 it needs to have the proper scope in the delay object

10:01 Chouser: gnuvince: looks like 1279 is for you

10:02 (bit-and (int (.get (ByteBuffer/allocate 10))) 0xff)

10:02 rhickey: Chouser: yes, message on the way to group

10:02 gnuvince: Chouser: I thought so too, but it's not; I tried it already and the reflection warning are still there

10:02 jbondeson: hmmmm

10:02 AWizzArd: but if the delay is lazy, how can Clojure check what I do inside it?

10:03 Chouser: AWizzArd: the code still gets compiled, which is when var resolution is done

10:04 gnuvince: ,*warn-on-reflection*

10:04 clojurebot: false

10:04 gnuvince: ,(set! *warn-on-reflection*)

10:04 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed assignment, expecting (set! target val)

10:04 gnuvince: ,(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)

10:04 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't change/establish root binding of: *warn-on-reflection* with set

10:05 gnuvince: ,(binding [*warn-on-reflection* true] (short (bit-and (byte 0) (byte 0xff))))

10:05 clojurebot: 0

10:05 gnuvince: We don't get the warnings?

10:05 durka42: i believe clojurebot can't do bind

10:05 because it uses try-catch

10:05 Chouser: gnuvince: the warn flag is checked at compile time

10:05 gnuvince: ah

10:05 hiredman_: durka42: uh?

10:05 jbondeson: AWizzArd: also, delay will execute the function with your current scope, so if a var is unbound and you bind it later you'll still get the unbound

10:06 durka42: hiredman_: i thought clojurebot didn't do try/catch blocks?

10:06 jbondeson: (unless i'm crazy, totally possible)

10:06 hiredman_: ,(binding [a 1] (println a))

10:06 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve var: a in this context

10:06 knobo: Can clojure run on j2me?

10:06 gnuvince: Chouser: anyway, if you try the script I posted yesterday to the mailing list, you'll see that you still get the reflection warnings for both functions.

10:06 Chouser: ,(binding [*warn-on-reflection* true] (eval '(bit-and (byte 0) (byte 0xff))))

10:06 clojurebot: DENIED

10:06 Chouser: oh, no eval. :-P

10:06 jbondeson: clojurebot: that's a bad bot!

10:06 clojurebot: No entiendo

10:07 Chouser: gnuvince: right, you need to make changes to your code

10:07 durka42: ,(try (throw (Exception.)) (catch Exception e "boo"))

10:07 clojurebot: Gabh mo leithsc�al?

10:07 gnuvince: Chouser: Yeah, I am reading Rich's reply now.

10:08 durka42: all right, class time

10:09 AWizzArd: How can I enforce a full GC run?

10:09 cooldude127: weird, most of my irc time is during class

10:09 gnuvince: Chouser: finally, yes, it was for me :)

10:09 cooldude127: AWizzArd: (System/gc) i think

10:09 gnuvince: I'll just need to update my code to use use ints

10:13 clojurebot: svn rev 1280; [lazy] fixed take-while

10:15 kefka: Here's a question about using agents for multi-threading. If I'm trying to do an asynchronous-or of several computations (e.g. I want the first result, and the rest are useless) and want the other threads to die (because they might block indefinitely), how do I do that?

10:16 For example, if I do (def *doomed-agent* (agent 0)); (send *doomed-agent* (fn [_] (loop [] (Thread/sleep 1000) (println "ANNOYING THREAD!!!") (recur))))... and then later try to "delete" *doomed-agent* by redefining it, the "ANNOYING THREAD!!!" keeps running.

10:25 AWizzArd: hiredman_: can you extend the clojurebot so that if one asks him something like "clojurebot: definition of count", it would then spit out http://code.google.com/p/clojure/source/browse/trunk/src/clj/clojure/core.clj#856

10:25 cooldude127: that would be so cool

10:25 Chouser: I perfer using 'source' in my own repl, I think.

10:25 prefer

10:26 cooldude127: Chouser: i don't have that

10:26 AWizzArd: Chouser: but then the ,(code-here) could also be done in the repl.

10:26 It just is nice if I am in irssi anyway, or want to show someone the code.

10:26 Chouser: AWizzArd: yeah, I suppose.

10:27 cooldude127: Chouser: how do i get source in my repl?

10:27 Chouser: cooldude127: clojure.contrib.repl-utils <-- shameless plug

10:27 cooldude127: Chouser: there we go

10:28 Chouser: it seems a little confused on my code

10:28 AWizzArd: ,(require '[clojure.contrib.repl-utils :as ru])

10:28 clojurebot: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure/contrib/repl_utils__init.class or clojure/contrib/repl_utils.clj on classpath:

10:29 cooldude127: clojurebot: why don't you have contrib?

10:29 clojurebot: why not?

10:29 cooldude127: AHH

10:29 notyouravgjoel: I'm looking for a way of taking the ith through jth items from a sequence and returning these items as a sequence

10:29 suggestions?

10:29 Chouser: cooldude127: oh, really? I usually only use it on core and sometimes conrib code, but if it's breaking I'd like to know.

10:30 cooldude127: notyouravgjoel: take and drop

10:30 or subseq

10:30 Chouser: it might be the with-test wrapper

10:30 idk

10:30 AWizzArd: rhickey: Is Clojure reading some config file in which one could specify all the libs that one wishes to import/require/use?

10:31 cooldude127: Chouser: the defns after my first two with-test wrapped functions don't have the right code

10:31 Chousuke: AWizzArd: you can pass the repl an --init argument

10:31 cooldude127: AWizzArd: i think your ns is supposed to specify that

10:31 Chouser: kefka: afaik, the only recommended way to halt a thread that's busy doing computation is for it to poll something to see if it should quit.

10:32 AWizzArd: Chousuke: thx

10:32 cooldude127: Chouser: lol (source source)

10:32 how meta

10:33 notyouravgjoel: thankss

10:33 Chouser: cooldude127: ok, that makes sense. I'm not sure there's anything I can do about that.

10:33 the line number stored by 'def' will of course be its own, not its enclosing with-test.

10:33 cooldude127: Chouser: the weird part is it gets the code for the with-test functions just fine

10:34 Chouser: it's everything after that that messes up

10:34 Chouser: oh. hm.

10:35 cooldude127: Chouser: yeah gets the whole thing. even the with-test wrapper

10:35 and the tests

10:35 maybe it's trying to tell me to test my code better

10:35 Chouser: cooldude127: is your code available somewhere, or other code that fails similarly?

10:38 cooldude127: Chouser: this is the file i was working with http://tinyurl.com/dau3so

10:39 Chouser: the first two ones have their source code right, but id and on fail

10:39 Chouser: actually it just got weirder. i just recompiled that whole file in slime, and now all the stuff is working

10:40 Chouser: ah, well if the file and what you're actually running is out of sync, all bets are off.

10:40 cooldude127: and they are not surrounded in their with-test blocks

10:40 Chouser: yeah apparently source is better used on code you're not actively working on

10:40 which is fine actually, since you've probably got it up in an editor already

10:41 reprap: are clojure hashmaps worstcase log32 ?

10:41 AWizzArd: ,(.getCorePoolSize clojure.lang.Agent/pooledExecutor)

10:41 clojurebot: 3

10:41 reprap: or just amortized worst case?

10:42 cooldude127: reprap: i think it's worst case

10:42 AWizzArd: ,(.getMaximumPoolSize clojure.lang.Agent/pooledExecutor)

10:42 clojurebot: 3

10:42 reprap: well i said wrong

10:42 amoritzed is orst case

10:43 i mean is it worst case or average time

10:43 cooldude127: reprap: i'm pretty sure it's worst case

10:43 but i'm not the best guy to ask

10:43 Chouser: clojure hash-maps are O(log32 n) for lookup where n is the number of items stored

10:44 hm... no, I guess if the hash algos are bad for your keys it might get bad sooner

10:44 cooldude127: oh yeah

10:45 Chouser: anyway, the tree caps out at 7 or 8 levels I think, so if you can pretend that's a constant and call it O(1) if you want

10:45 cooldude127: rhickey knows way more about data structures than i do :)

10:49 Chousuke: it's O(almost 1)

10:51 rhickey: Chouser: I was thinking about a debug version of 'if' for easing transition to lazy - some $if$ that you could search/replace in your codebase, and it would throw if its test arg was a LazySeq

10:52 Chousuke: However if you do a *lot* of overwrites it'll ofcourse lose to a mutable structure... even if it's almost O(1), the O(1) access time of a standard array is still a lot faster because the constant is smaller

10:59 reprap: log 32 = 1.50514998

10:59 but where does 32 come from?

10:59 Chousuke: it's not log 32, it's log32 :P

10:59 Chouser: rhickey: that sounds interesting.

11:00 reprap: no, log base 32

11:00 reprap: log(32) = 1.50514998

11:00 ?

11:00 ah

11:00 how do i compute that?

11:00 Chouser: ,(/ (Math/log 500) (Math/log 32))

11:00 clojurebot: 1.7931568569324172

11:01 Chouser: 500 items builds a tree of depth 2

11:01 reprap: ,(/ (Math/log 1000000) (Math/log 32))

11:01 clojurebot: 3.986313713864835

11:01 reprap: ,(/ (Math/log 10000000) (Math/log 32))

11:01 clojurebot: 4.650699332842308

11:01 Chouser: it grows very slowly. :-)

11:01 reprap: yes

11:02 Chousuke: what's the memory overhead by average though? :/

11:03 Chouser: rhickey: any chance of making more like a binding or pragma or something? there are lots of macros that use 'if' that would not themselves by found easily in a search/replace.

11:11 rhickey: Chouser: don't the macros contain "if" ?

11:11 Chouser: sure, but are you suggesting I search/replace in core.clj?

11:12 when trying to port my app code?

11:12 kefka: keys and vals: On a sorted map, they return the keys / vals in sorted order, right?

11:12 rhickey: Chouser: maybe. OTOH, I could build it into the compiler in lazy branch...

11:12 Chouser: kefka: keys in sorted order, vals in the same order as the keys (not sorted themselves of course)

11:14 rhickey: it'd be simple if you made 'if' a macro like 'let' already is.

11:16 kefka: Chouser: Great. That's what I was hoping for. :)

11:17 reprap: is clojure fast enoughf or large-scale image analysis and mahcine learning?

11:18 Chouser: reprap: for that kind of work I'd recommend assembly or ruby.

11:19 reprap: ruby?

11:19 yeah id love to dig around in assembler, illc all you back 2030 when i finished

11:19 rhickey: Chouser: want to try it and send me a patch (to lazy) for that? (using if* for primitive)

11:20 Chouser: rhickey: yes. yes I do.

11:20 * hiredman tries to imagine a problem domain that would require ruby *or* asm

11:20 rhickey: Chouser: thanks! bbl

11:24 Chouser: reprap: just a joke. a lame one, apparently.

11:25 reprap: Clojure can pretty well match Java's speed when you need it to.

11:25 rsynnott: hiredman: or BOTH

11:26 Chousuke: you can always write java for the parts you need speed for, anyway

12:05 reprap: hiredman: webdevelopment requieres quite heavy use of ruby or asm

12:06 jbondeson: you had a problem, to solve it you used ruby... now you have two problems

12:07 reprap: as in: some people think when they have a problem, "I know, I'll use ruby", now they have 2 problems

12:07 i rewrote my webapp in asm today, it took 8 hours, i saved 5 processor cycles

12:13 Chouser: anyone here good with ant?

12:14 jbondeson: define "good" for me ;)

12:14 Chouser: I need to set a sysproperty depending on an ant command-line option (presumably -Dsomething)

12:15 jbondeson: yep, so not me

12:15 Chouser: heh

12:15 jbondeson: quick someone find a java developer...

12:16 hiredman: if only there was a #java full of helpful people!

12:16 * jbondeson hears crickets...

12:16 hiredman: (there isn't)

12:16 technomancy: time to switch to lancet. =)

12:16 * technomancy just realized lancet works *without* ant if you want it to

12:17 reprap: and makes me want to blow my brains out, mostly becuae oyu have to deal with xml

12:17 i use python to smack it together

12:17 jbondeson: you know what really sucks? editing a CC.Net build file when you build 90+ binaries.

12:18 and that's what i'm doing right now.

12:20 technomancy: could be worse... could be makefiles

12:21 actually, I don't have enough experience with either system to say which is worse.

12:21 WizardofWestmarc: makefiles can certainly get ugly

12:21 * WizardofWestmarc remembers his days working in ROM code and fucking with the makefile... oye.

12:22 danlarkin: I donno, I never understood why people hate Makefiles

12:22 they're very capable

12:22 simple syntax

12:22 hiredman: word

12:22 technomancy: the fact that spaces and tabs are interpreted differently is disastrous

12:23 hiredman: *shrug*

12:23 Chouser: unfortunately, but hardly a deal breaker

12:23 hiredman: Yes.

12:23 as demonstrated, it could be much worse

12:23 Chouser: *unfortunate

12:23 technomancy: yeah, manual memory management is enough of a deal breaker to keep me away from hacking the kind of projects that use makefiles. =)

12:24 * hiredman has used make to generate stand alone clojure jars

12:24 danlarkin: oh but that's the best part, you can use a Makefile with any project!

12:24 hiredman: exactly

12:25 I have a makefile with targets for changing tex->pdf svg->png dot->png etc etc

12:25 * technomancy somehow is able to contain his excitement

12:25 hiredman: oh

12:25 and gnuplot files to png

12:26 technomancy: (was actually replying to danlarkin)

12:27 jbondeson: hey Chouser, what's the tool you were using to generate your graphs?

12:27 dot?

12:27 Chouser: jbondeson: yes

12:28 jbondeson: need to do some tree-visualizations and that would be handy

12:28 rsynnott: "oh but that's the best part, you can use a Makefile with any project!" - try with common lisp and see how far you get

12:29 (in principle, you probably COULD, but you'd need a system file to load the result, anyway, and you could have just used it to build in the first place)

12:31 jbondeson: learning how to use graphviz will give me a nice break from looking at 1000+ line build files

12:31 technomancy: graphviz is pretty handy

12:33 jbondeson: i love how when i start a project i spend 90% of the time solving meta-problems

12:33 technomancy: guy at work is learning Groovy, and he's got like five Groovy books in a stack on his desk next to him...

12:33 the stack has grown throughout the week

12:33 I'm wondering how having more books helps you learn faster...

12:34 rsynnott: that seems excessive

12:34 jbondeson: technomancy: blow his mind and show him that the internet has more than porn on it...

12:35 "if only someone had thought to put INFORMATION on the internet"

12:35 WizardofWestmarc: Porn's not informative? Damn it!

12:36 but yeah, getting 5 books about a single language seems silly

12:36 technomancy: WizardofWestmarc: maybe he's a Pok�mon fan... "gotta catch 'em all"?

12:36 I mean, how many books about Groovy can there be?

12:36 jbondeson: my guess would be 5...

12:37 WizardofWestmarc: technomancy: shrug, there are like a billion about ruby and rails

12:37 so the sky's the limit

12:37 technomancy: yeah, but three years ago there were only two

12:37 WizardofWestmarc: ok true

12:38 Chouser: hm, turns out ##java can be helpful after all

12:38 WizardofWestmarc: hah

12:39 jbondeson: Chouser: quick! disinfect yourself before you catch The Java.

12:43 notyouravgjoel: how does one convert a set to a list?

12:43 technomancy: notyouravgjoel: you could just call seq on it

12:44 won't technically be a list, but you can treat it as such

12:44 notyouravgjoel: ah

12:44 right

12:44 I just want it to look prettier than lots of #{}'s everywehre

12:44 technomancy: huh?

12:45 notyouravgjoel: n/m =)

13:05 rhickey: Chouser: any luck with if?

13:05 Chouser: yep, was just about to post.

13:05 you want to look at the patch before I do?

13:06 rhickey: Chouser: no, go ahead

13:06 Chouser: it found a nil pun in proxy :-)

13:06 rhickey: find any issues in core?

13:06 hah

13:07 I've been doing a visual audit - nothing more unsettling than questioning every if you've got

13:07 Chouser: and it complained about one in 'sort' that I'm not sure was actually a problem.

13:07 but I had to change it to avoid the exception.

13:07 * rhickey looks at sort

13:10 technomancy: it seems really strange for me that the test suite is in another repository

13:10 rhickey: yep, false positive

13:10 technomancy: if it were kept together with the code, it would branch together with the code, which would provide some definite benefits in this case

13:10 just a thought...

13:10 Chouser: rhickey: My patch replaces that with (when (seq coll) ... is that acceptible?

13:12 rhickey: yes

13:12 hiredman: technomancy: well, rhickey (who keeps the central repo) does not prioritize the test suite, and other people do

13:12 gnuvince: rhickey: thanks for the (int) fix

13:12 rhickey: hiredman: more important, other people write the test suite

13:14 hiredman: rhickey: well *cough* I decided against saying "rhickey doesn't care about the test suite"

13:14 rhickey: hiredman: I do care about it - you want tests or features from me?

13:15 hiredman: uh, is that a trick question?

13:15 danlarkin: can I choose both? :)

13:15 rhickey: hiredman: no, it's the real tradeoff

13:16 hiredman: I mean, of course I want features

13:16 * Chouser wants a job market.

13:16 Chousuke: I think contrib is a good place for tests

13:17 otherwise, rhickey would have to individually accept every addition :/

13:18 gnuvince: I think a comprehensive unit test suite for Clojure would be a nice addition.

13:18 Chousuke: gnuvince: there's one in contrib. I don't know about "comprehensive", however...

13:19 Chouser: I can't think of how to capture a value at compile time that will...

13:19 gnuvince: You don't know what? If it'd be benificial or if the current suite is comprehensive?

13:19 Chouser: I can't think of how to phrase my question.

13:19 Chousuke: gnuvince: whether it's comprehensive or not.

13:20 hiredman: Chousuke: are you still playing with clojurebot at all? if so, have you tried it on the lazy branch?

13:20 gnuvince: Chousuke: I imagine it's up to us to comprehensify it

13:20 Chousuke: hiredman: not for a while.

13:20 hiredman: I might take a look.

13:21 gnuvince: In the Java world, do people recommend Swing or SWT for GUIs these days?

13:21 Chouser: I want to get a value from a fn at compile time, and use that same value at runtime without checking the fn anymore. Any ideas?

13:22 jbondeson: dynamic inlining...

13:22 heh

13:23 danlarkin: Chouser: isn't that what a macro does?

13:23 jbondeson: danlarkin: that's read time

13:23 danlarkin: ohhh, compile time

13:23 hm

13:23 technomancy: features vs tests is a false dichotomy; without tests, features take longer.

13:23 danlarkin: technomancy: or worse, features may not be correct

13:23 jbondeson: it like you want self modifying code, you want to add an :inline flag that just has the value

13:23 technomancy: but I do agree that tests are easier for the community to work on

13:24 danlarkin: or nearly as bad: features will not be attempted for fear of breaking things.

13:24 jbondeson: Chouser: could you just memoize it?

13:24 technomancy: but the codebase is probably still small enough for that not to be a worry except for minor cleanups

13:25 jbondeson: it's not quite the same thing, because it looks it up, but it won't recalculate

13:26 course that would look it up at load time, not compile. hrmmm

13:26 Chouser: right, that's the problem

13:26 well, the problem is I can't even think about it clearly

13:26 jbondeson: honestly, i think you want to look it up, modify the :inline tag and then compile

13:27 Chouser: (if (foo) (def build-foo true) (def build-foo false))

13:27 jbondeson: oh

13:27 hah

13:27 Chouser: ...but that will run at load time too, right, so no good.

13:27 danlarkin: Chouser: is there a way you can use that *compiling* var or whatever it's called?

13:27 Chouser: danlarkin: maybe, but how?

13:27 Chousuke: Chouser: *compile-files*?

13:28 Chouser: when it's true, store the value in a def, when it's false ... ?

13:29 Chousuke: hmm

13:32 (def *val* nil) (defmacro whatever [] (when-not *val* (def *val* (get-thing))) `*val*)? is that valid?

13:32 hm

13:32 I guess that again does it at read time.

13:32 Chouser: I think I don't sufficiently understand how constants are compiled.

13:33 there was a thread about this recently, using print-dup vs. something else, but I didn't dig in deep enough to grok it.

13:33 bbl

13:58 vsthesquares: are cons and conj both O(1)?

13:59 Chouser: yes

13:59 vsthesquares: nice

13:59 thanks

13:59 Chouser: hm, well, depending on the data structure, conj maybe as slow as O(n log n), I think.

13:59 vsthesquares: ah yes

13:59 on vectors?

14:00 but not on lists?

14:00 Chouser: on sorted sets and maps

14:00 ayrnieu: ,(complexity (conj {} {:a :b}))

14:00 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: complexity in this context

14:00 gnuvince: ayrnieu: that'd be too nice :)

14:00 (set! *warn-on-O-n-squared* true)

14:01 Chouser: on hash maps and vectors, conj is more like O(log32 n)

14:01 O(1) on lists

14:01 vsthesquares: excellent

14:02 rsynnott: Chouser: conj is O(1) in lists?!

14:02 are lists not linked lists?

14:02 technomancy: rsynnott: conj adds to the head of lists

14:02 Chouser: sure they are.

14:02 rsynnott: ah

14:02 vsthesquares: so the list doesn't need to be traversed

14:02 ayrnieu: ,(let [x '(1 2 3)] [(cons 0 x) (conj x 0)])

14:02 clojurebot: [(0 1 2 3) (0 1 2 3)]

14:02 rsynnott: ah, nevermind, I was thinking of it as a concatenate-type thing

14:04 Chouser: concat on lists is O(1) also

14:04 ...as long as you never actually traverse it. ;-)

14:04 technomancy: hehe

14:04 gnuvince: Does the JVM keep a cache of its optimizations between sessions?

14:06 rsynnott: concat is lazy, then?

14:06 Chouser: rsynnott: yes

14:06 * rsynnott is currently looking at clojure but far more used to CL

14:06 gnuvince: ,(class (concat "a" "b"))

14:06 clojurebot: clojure.lang.LazyCons

14:06 rsynnott: and working in CL at the same time

14:06 probably not a great idea; it all gets quite confusing

14:08 alinpopa: ,(conj (list 1 2 3) 0)

14:08 clojurebot: (0 1 2 3)

14:09 alinpopa: ,(cons 0 (list 1 2 3))

14:09 clojurebot: (0 1 2 3)

14:11 gnuvince: rsynnott: how are you liking Clojure?

14:17 lazy-cons is really gonna be gone once the lazy branch is merged?

14:17 Chouser: gnuvince: I think so.

14:17 it's certainly been removed from the lazy branch.

14:18 gnuvince: ok

14:18 I have a couple lazy-cons in my code, I'll add a comment to remind me to change them

14:19 Chouser: it'll remind you

14:19 java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: lazy-cons in this context

14:19 vsthesquares: :D

14:19 gnuvince: :)

14:19 cooldude127: Chouser: isn't cons just gonna be naturally lazy?

14:19 * gnuvince should really implement more tests :-/

14:19 rsynnott: gnuvince: It's quite nice

14:20 gnuvince: rsynnott: nice to hear :)

14:20 rsynnott: I would probably not choose it over CL for random-thing

14:20 but the Java integration is extremely useful

14:20 Chouser: cooldude127: no, I don't think so.

14:20 cooldude127: Chouser: wait, then what is going on in that branch? maybe i'm confused

14:21 Chouser: most places that currently use (lazy-cons a b) will have to change to something like (lazy-seq (cons a b))

14:21 importantly, though, is where the test for the end of the seq goes.

14:22 currently it usually looks like (when not-done (lazy-cons a b))

14:22 gnuvince: rsynnott: yeah. I'm no fan of Java (the language), but the Java integration is what pushed me to try Clojure: knowing that it would have access to a large body of useful code.

14:22 Chouser: in lazy, it's more likely to be (lazy-seq (when not-done (cons a b)))

14:22 this means that even the not-done test is delayed until needed.

14:22 cooldude127: Chouser: oh. i was hoping it would be like haskell where everything is lazy by default

14:22 shoover: any word on a .net port coming to clojure.contrib? I heard a rumor here last month. just wondering if there's any public knowledge of such a thing

14:23 Chouser: people are plowing ahead with ikvm, but the rumor is all I've heard for the other.

14:24 Chousuke: there is some clojure-inspired thing called Xronos, though

14:24 shoover: Xronos logs went silent after November

14:25 Chouser: that's an odd one

14:25 shoover: er, mid December, but still

14:25 Chousuke: it seems it's still active

14:26 at least, somewhat

14:26 Chouser: the license is incompatible with Clojure's, but there's some code in it that would be hard to defend as not a copy

14:26 rsynnott: well, at least they refrained from calling it clo[a-z]ure

14:26 cooldude127: last commit was feb 1

14:27 rsynnott: (as it is, there's clojure, clozure and closure (a web browser))

14:27 Chouser: on the other hand, there is some code that is so different from Clojure's for the same class that it's not clear its profiding the same data-sharing, thread, immutability, etc. properties as Clojure.

14:27 Chousuke: clogure :(

14:27 shoover: cooldude127: pretty minor stuff in those February commits

14:27 cooldude127: but perhaps a sign of life

14:27 cooldude127: it's something :)

14:28 Chouser: the author's been here before, but I've never talked with him.

14:28 shoover: there is also #xronos. I'm asking over there too

14:28 cooldude127: clozure = os x common lisp

14:28 vsthesquares: hm, when I populate a list with structs, the repl weirds it all up with pointers. that's weird since the structs are just maps, right?

14:28 the representation, I mean

14:28 rsynnott: yep, the impl formerly known as openmcl, and the company that maintains it

14:28 cooldude127: vsthesquares: care to paste what you mean?

14:29 rsynnott: are there really enough .NET users to make a .NET version sensible?

14:29 Chousuke: vsthesquares: structs are a special kind of map

14:29 cooldude127: rsynnott: probably not for rhickey

14:29 but for someone, maybe

14:29 shoover: rsynnott: my town is mostly .NET shops

14:29 vsthesquares: Chousuke: they appeart to be equal

14:29 Chousuke: the two versions could never be really compatible though :/

14:30 vsthesquares: I'll paste it, but right now I've got to run, got to pick up the girlfriend ;)

14:30 Chousuke: the host platforms are way too different, and clojure makes no attempt to hide the JVM

14:30 Chouser: it's not unreasonable to have a clojure.core that supports both, I think, but contrib would be another matter entirely.

14:31 shoover: Chousuke: I just want the secret sauce; doesn't have to be 100% compatible

14:31 Chousuke: Chouser: yeah

14:32 maybe some "clojure.host" namespace that clojure.core could use

14:32 Chouser: clojurescript has clojure.JS

14:32 I think

14:32 yeah

14:33 Chousuke: you wrote it, and you "think" it has that? :P

14:33 Chouser: I had to check... wondered for a moment if I had called it clojure.lang.JS or something.

14:33 Chousuke: For integrating those changes to the main source tree to be feasible they should have no effect on performance though

14:34 Chouser: I don't think that'd be a problem.

14:34 Chousuke: shouldn't be.

14:34 Chouser: core currently makes only a few direct Java assumptions that aren't already abstracted by the api to Numbers, RT, etc.

14:35 the remaining ones are, I believe, removed by the clojurescript patch.

14:36 technomancy: what's the delay getting that patch in? Just need to prove that it doesn't affect perf?

14:37 Chouser: technomancy: dunno, though I doubt that's it. I assume it's just not a priority for rhickey at the moment.

14:37 A more significant patch was already applied for clojurescript.

14:38 danlarkin: I don't want a .net port, a majority of user level code will be totally incompatible between the two

14:38 Chouser: svn rev 1035 -- mucked about in Compiler.java and such.

14:38 shoover: danlarkin: are you a .NET programmer?

14:39 cooldude127: danlarkin is right, there are a lot of times when dipping down into java is necessary, any code that does it will just not work on .net

14:39 Chouser: most code would have to be clearly labeled -- clojure, clojure.NET, clojurescript, etc.

14:40 danlarkin: shoover: no

14:40 Chouser: though the same file could support multiple, with some care.

14:40 technomancy: sounds like more work than it's worth

14:40 cooldude127: that sounds like a pain in the ass

14:40 Chouser: more of a pain than writing C# code?

14:41 doesn't C# already have this issue with mono?

14:41 hiredman: eh?

14:41 cooldude127: i think mono is fairly compatible with MS, no?

14:41 danlarkin: mono is just an alternate VM implementation, same libraries

14:41 Chouser: "fairly" perhaps, but aren't the GUI toolkits quite different -- gtk vs. MS-whatever?

14:42 cooldude127: Chouser: well yeah

14:42 * Chouser shrugs.

14:42 Chouser: I want Clojure to be *everywhere*. :-)

14:42 hiredman: I think mono tranlates the windows.forms stuff to gtk

14:42 Chousuke: Chouser: you can use some portable GUI toolkit I guess.

14:42 cooldude127: it doesn't have something like swing

14:42 i don't think

14:42 Chouser: but it could be useful to have a common code base and then just maintain the separate guis

14:42 if you wanted to do windows and linux apps

14:42 hiredman: http://www.mono-project.com/WinForms

14:43 rsynnott: "< shoover> rsynnott: my town is mostly .NET shops" - your TOWN? I hadn't realised it was a geographic thing :)

14:43 isn't mono terribly slow, though?

14:43 hiredman: still in trouble if you want MacOS guis, though

14:44 cooldude127: might as well use java at that point tho

14:44 technomancy: rsynnott: I'm in Seattle, and I don't know any .NET people, so I'm not sure how that works. =)

14:44 hiredman: http://geekswithblogs.net/CISCBrain/articles/Mono_vs_dotNet_Performance_Test.aspx

14:44 rsynnott: apparently winforms also does native stuff on OSX

14:44 * rsynnott has never actually met a .NET programmer

14:45 rsynnott: perhaps I too am in the wrong geographic area

14:45 cooldude127: oh yeah forgot about mono for os x

14:45 shoover: rsynnott: that's why I said my town. my company and my friends' companies use .NET. come to Indianapolis next Thursday night

14:46 rsynnott: odd. Dublin (and possibly Europe as a whole) seems to be pretty much .NET free, except for the odd VB classic thing given new life

14:47 * rsynnott has never had a job involving either .NET or Java, as yet

14:47 hiredman: I thought MS had a large presence in dublin?

14:47 rsynnott: yep, EU headquarters, translation, R&D

14:47 they just don't seem to have convinced anyone to use their stuff

14:47 shoover: I think Chouser said it best: there's nothing in clojure.core that prevents having multiple implementations, if someone wants to take the time to build clojure.lang.RT, clojure.lang.Compiler, etc. on their platform

14:47 hiredman: Oh

14:48 rsynnott: (and Sun also has a large presence in Dublin, as does IBM and Google)

14:48 technomancy: shoover: right now there's not a high priority on implementing as much of clojure as possible in clojure.

14:48 if it ever moves in that direction, alternate runtimes will become much easier to support.

14:49 shoover: agreed. but even the current state it's doable. clojurescript and xronos have shown that

14:49 rsynnott: technomancy: up to a point

14:50 technomancy: rsynnott: sure; I don't know if it will ever be self-hosting

14:50 hiredman: wasn't there some flash port sort of thing?

14:50 Chouser: clojurescript doesn't have sorted-anything or persistentqueue yet. ;-)

14:50 hiredman: yep

14:50 shoover: Chouser: any hurdles, or just effort?

14:50 technomancy: this is what happened with Ruby anyway, as soon as Rubinius focused on implementing as much in itself as possible, it was able to help the JVM and .NET implementations immensely

14:51 Chouser: shoover: just effort.

14:51 WizardofWestmarc: not sure Ruby's implementation model is what I'd want to follow, last I knew it was the slowest language of anything modern

14:51 even with the 1.9/2.0 improvements

14:51 Chouser: PersistentQueue in particular should be a snap, just haven't done it.

14:51 technomancy: WizardofWestmarc: well consider that model came from smalltalk

14:51 rsynnott: self-hosting seems to be the turning point; many self-hosting lisps are REMARKABLY hard to port to other platforms

14:52 WizardofWestmarc: rsynnott: sbcl on windows proves that so true ;-;

14:52 technomancy: rsynnott: I'm not sure if that's comparable though since it's not dealing with a VM

14:52 Chouser: PersistentTreeMap would be roughly as much effort as PersistentHashMap was, after with PersistentTreeSet would be a snap.

14:53 rsynnott: no, there is that

14:54 also, doesn't have to (and nor should it) have its own GC

14:54 (sbcl and clozure both have at least two GC systems, due to the 386's miserliness with registers)

14:57 lisppaste8: gnuvince pasted "Improvement suggestions? This seems ugly and complicated" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/75431

14:58 cooldude127: gnuvince: for one thing, the docstring is in the wrong spot. should go before the arglist

14:59 * technomancy wonders if he'll ever get used to that

14:59 gnuvince: Yeah, I've spotted it just now.

14:59 cooldude127: technomancy: it makes sense when you consider multiple arglists but it is still weird after using CL and elisp

14:59 technomancy: cooldude127: yeah. I need to fix clojure-mode to highlight them differently

15:00 cooldude127: technomancy: really? is there anyway it could treat them like comments so auto-fill would work?

15:00 technomancy: you can already auto-fill them

15:00 oh, sort of...

15:01 cooldude127: technomancy: it pulls the arglist up to the next line

15:02 technomancy: right; should be fixable, but needs work

15:02 cooldude127: technomancy: at the very least, making the indentation system understand that it should be indented two spaces would be AWESOME

15:02 gnuvince: ,(#("hello") 3)

15:02 clojurebot: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong number of args passed to: sandbox$eval--1197$fn

15:03 cooldude127: gnuvince: trying to call ("hello")

15:03 technomancy: cooldude127: that already works if you fix the arg list by hand

15:03 cooldude127: gnuvince: in addition to only creating a zero-arg functions

15:03 technomancy: yeah, but that drives me nuts having to do that

15:03 technomancy: cooldude127: right, what I mean is you only have to fix the arg list problem, not indentation

15:03 well, and font-lock

15:03 gnuvince: cooldude127: yeah

15:04 cooldude127: just checking

15:04 cooldude127: technomancy: except if you manually hit enter or tab, it doesn't indent inside a docstring

15:04 technomancy: cooldude127: oh, ok. I was thinking of M-q

15:04 Chousuke: it kind of sucks that docstrings need to be manually indented.

15:04 Chouser: #(:foo %) is the same as just :foo

15:05 gnuvince: Anyway, I use constantly in this case.

15:05 Chouser: Chousuke: they indent fine in vim. ;-)

15:05 Chousuke: Chouser: I didn't mean that; I mean for them to align properly in (doc)

15:05 the whitespace is actually *meaningful*

15:05 gnuvince: When is whitespace not meaningful?

15:05 cooldude127: technomancy: yeah well i would honestly be ok if just one of them worked

15:06 Chouser: oh. it looks good indented two spaces, doesn't it?

15:06 Chousuke: gnuvince: when indenting :P

15:06 Chouser: yeah, but the two spaces are actually part of the docstring

15:06 gnuvince: Chousuke: one of the rare cases

15:06 cooldude127: docstrings should ignore leading spaces

15:06 Chousuke: so if you print it out, removing newlines, you will get weird spacing.

15:07 it mixes layout with actual content which is what I don't like :/

15:07 Chouser: gnuvince: can't you say (m action-name) for the :when?

15:08 gnuvince: Chouser: oh yeah

15:08 thanks

15:09 great

15:11 Chouser: that even improved performance ;)

15:40 hiredman: is there some handy code around to get the line number of a def or defn in a file?

15:41 jbondeson: grep?

15:41 hiredman: :(

15:41 shoover: (:line ^#'my-fn)

15:41 Chouser: ,(:line ^#'filter)

15:41 clojurebot: 1454

15:41 jbondeson: i try to be helpful!

15:41 Chouser: shoover: oooh

15:41 hiredman: meh

15:41 shoover: I lose with my non-botness

15:41 hiredman: I guess that'll do

15:41 hmmm

15:41 Chouser: shoover: but you win in time

15:42 jbondeson: are you doing the source lookup for clojurebot?

15:42 hiredman: yes

15:42 jbondeson: what about the java files?

15:42 shoover: ,(:file ^#'filter)

15:42 clojurebot: "core.clj"

15:42 Chouser: hiredman: you may want to look at get-source in repl-utils.

15:42 it does some work to find the right source file

15:43 hiredman: hmmm

15:45 so I need to turn a string into a symbol and then resolve the symbol? and get the metadata off the var?

15:45 Chouser: or you could grep

15:45 danlarkin: ,(:file ^#'if)

15:45 clojurebot: java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve var: if in this context

15:46 hiredman: danlarkin: that would be a problem

15:46 Chouser: danlarkin: close, but 'if' is a special form

15:46 oh, was that the point?

15:46 danlarkin: yeah

15:47 I was just wondering if it'd point to the .java file, I guess it does not

15:47 Chouser: but what would you want? http://code.google.com/p/clojure/source/browse/trunk/src/jvm/clojure/lang/Compiler.java#2324

15:47 or http://code.google.com/p/clojure/source/browse/trunk/src/jvm/clojure/lang/Compiler.java#43

15:47 hiredman: hmmm

15:47 Chouser: probably not very useful to most folks

15:48 danlarkin: yeah

15:52 e_0r: So I'm trying to get clojure+slime+emacs going (following bill clementson's , and I'm running into a ( NoClassDefFoundError: clojure/lang/Repl )

15:52 crap.. that was premature

15:52 cooldude127: e_0r: sounds like you're not pointing it to clojure.jar correctly

15:52 e_0r: yea im about to start tinkering w/ my ~/.emacs file

15:52 cooldude127: e_0r: technomancy's clojure-mode on github has a clojure-install function that will take care of it

15:53 e_0r: it also has a clojure-update function written by me to keep you up-to-date :)

15:53 e_0r: oh hell yes

15:53 i'm so excited about this language

15:53 just want to get it in a decent environment

15:54 cooldude127: e_0r: slime is the only way to ride :)

15:58 technomancy: it's the most fun, at least

16:01 mattrepl: technomancy: has jochu said anything about pulling your changes?

16:02 technomancy: mattrepl: it's been quiet since he merged imenu support

16:02 haven't heard about the installer

16:05 danlarkin: he's an illusive guy huh

16:06 hiredman: clojurebot: def filter

16:06 hmmm

16:07 that is not filter

16:07 Chouser: is that the svn rev clojurebot's currently using?

16:08 hiredman: yes

16:08 clojurebot: def filter

16:10 Lau_of_DK: Good evening gents

16:10 AWizzArd: Hi the Lau.

16:12 danlarkin: Hi Lau_of_DK

16:12 e_0r: 'ello

16:12 danlarkin: lots of progress on AYUP

16:12 Chouser: Lau walks in and suddenly this place reminds me of Cheers. :-)

16:13 cooldude127: hiredman: that is cool :)

16:13 hiredman: :)

16:14 AWizzArd: hiredman: thanks for realizing my suggestion so fast

16:14 hiredman: my pleasure

16:15 danlarkin: hiredman: what if instead of "def" it was "source" :)

16:15 hiredman: ~def *compile-path*

16:15 AWizzArd: is the ~ short for clojurebot: ?

16:16 hiredman: AWizzArd: yes

16:16 ~source *compile-path*

16:16 ~def *compile-path*

16:16 does both

16:17 danlarkin: coo

16:17 l

16:17 * hiredman should tighten up the regex

16:21 Lau_of_DK: Chouser: Hehe, which member did you picture me as ? :)

16:22 Chouser: Norm!!!!

16:22 though only because of the greetings you recieve.

16:22 receive

16:24 Lau_of_DK: Funny, I had the same thought... :)

16:51 cooldude127: technomancy: you're watching me!

16:52 * cooldude127 didn't realize that sort of thing would show on my github rss

16:52 technomancy: cooldude127: yeah; don't try anything funny

16:52 cooldude127: lol

16:54 you checking up on my date library? :p

16:54 technomancy: yup

16:54 cooldude127: i figured the linear algebra stuff and the pointless trees weren't it

16:55 although the linear algebra is what's currently being worked on

16:55 technomancy: you ought to fork clojure-contrib and add your date stuff to that

16:56 that way you can keep your tests in the main test suite

16:56 cooldude127: technomancy: you forgot to prefix that with "write some tests"

16:57 lisppaste8: reprap pasted "input" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/75443

16:57 cooldude127: technomancy: you are right about that. i didn't do it at first because i was using svn for clojure-contrib when i started writing it

16:57 technomancy: it would be easier for sure to keep it with the rest of my clojure-contrib

16:57 technomancy: cooldude127: well before too long I'll probably be interested in jumping on board, and what better place to start than with a test suite

16:57 cooldude127: technomancy: cool

16:58 right now the priority is the math stuff cuz i'm gonna need it for a school project

16:59 technomancy: well my read patch got (rightly) rejected yesterday, so I've got to find another way to get some code in. =)

16:59 cooldude127: technomancy: why was it rejected?

17:00 technomancy: cooldude127: it doesn't work as expected when objects aren't separated by whitespace and you want to call read repeatedly

17:00 http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/browse_thread/thread/fedbb2a63af633f0 <= see the second-to-last post in the thread

17:00 I can't figure out a way to handle that gracefully without changing read to peek instead of pulling a char off and pushing it back.

17:05 cooldude127: technomancy: wait, i'm not sure i understand why it works if you wrap yourself, but not with the patch? isn't that all the patch does?

17:06 technomancy: cooldude127: the patch creates a new pushback reader for *every* read

17:06 you're free to do that without the patch, but without the patch the correct thing to do is hang on to the same pushback reader

17:07 if this weren't Java, I could slap the pushback reader into a newly created slot on the wrapped reader and check for it, essentially memoizing.

17:07 which would possibly be too hacky to cut the mustard, but it would address the problem. =)

17:08 cooldude127: technomancy: i see now

17:08 technomancy: it's a tough problem. I was totally oblivious to it due to the limited way in which I was using read.

17:09 cooldude127: yeah

17:10 Chouser: statefulness

17:11 technomancy: I suspect other lisps get around the problem by using peek on the stream.

17:11 Chouser: the underlying reader has state, and the pushback reader adds more. suddenly you start having to pay attention to who owns which state, who mutates it when, etc, etc.

17:12 cooldude127: this is why we're using clojure in the first place

17:12 flowerpower: wow playign aroun wtih scheme now and it really makes me apprecate clojrue even more, plt scheme isnt very mature and basiclaly it is lisp for the 80s or soemthing

17:12 Chousuke: hmm

17:12 technomancy: flowerpower: well considering your nick, I'm not sure why you consider that a bad thing.

17:12 Chousuke: I think it's wrong to say scheme is not mature

17:13 cooldude127: scheme is thin

17:13 lean

17:13 technomancy: flowerpower: you prefer maclisp?

17:13 Chousuke: it... never was expected to grow up :)

17:13 technomancy: 70's style? =)

17:20 it's funny how hard it is for languages to shake the "academic" label

17:20 * technomancy has heard only good things about PLT's standard library

17:21 cooldude127: technomancy: it's ok, it's not great. it's more the drscheme environment that i find unusable

17:21 technomancy: well you can hook it up to slime, right?

17:22 cooldude127: technomancy: i don't know how to do that plt. i know mit scheme supports as well as i think kawa

17:22 WizardofWestmarc: PLT probably has the best set of libraries of any stand alone scheme, or it does of any I've looked at

17:22 cooldude127: yeah

17:22 WizardofWestmarc: it's just the library set is still tiny compared to that available on the jvm

17:23 cooldude127: woo somebody else is watching my clojure-code repo

17:23 technomancy: anyway, I'm relieved we don't have to deal with the academic label

17:23 gnuvince_: cooldude127: link?

17:23 cooldude127: i feel special

17:23 http://github.com/cooldude127/clojure-code/tree/master

17:25 gnuvince_: that's pretty much every piece of useful clojure code i've written

17:42 reprap: scheme sucks so hard

17:42 it doesnt have anything

17:42 you want to do anythign then spend first time coding stuff that has been done a millliont iems already

17:45 technomancy: if you're limiting yourself to the stuff in RNRS, you're doing it wrong

17:45 kawa has all the same advantages as clojure.

17:45 (as far as that goes)

17:50 cooldude127: i tried all the java-based schemes. none of them worked nearly as well as clojure

17:50 technomancy: well Bus Scheme has access to a ton of libraries.

17:50 hiredman: uh

17:51 technomancy: also it comes with my personal guarantee that it will be awesome.

17:51 and slow.

17:54 cooldude127: technomancy: lol

17:54 karmazilla: so... "bus" is a metaphor for how it is to "drive"?

17:54 cooldude127: karmazilla: i don't think intentionally

17:55 technomancy: bus scheme's in ruby right?

17:55 technomancy: karmazilla: Bus Scheme is the only scheme implementation that claim to be implemented while riding the bus.

17:55 cooldude127: yes, hence the guarantee of slowness.

17:55 cooldude127: lol

17:55 wait that's not funny. what the hell ruby?

17:55 Chousuke: why not.

17:56 karmazilla: is it a public transport bus?

17:56 technomancy: karmazilla: yeah

17:56 cooldude127: ruby's such a beautiful language, but its performance is suck

17:56 Chousuke: it also has ultrafail string handling.

17:56 cooldude127: lol

17:56 technomancy: karmazilla: http://transit.metrokc.gov/tops/bus/schedules/s301_0_.html

17:56 gnuvince_: Ruby has some MAJOR fails

17:56 Chousuke: yeah, but the string fail is just unbeliveable.

17:57 technomancy: Chousuke: encoding stuff you mean?

17:57 that stuff is so politicized. =\

17:57 karmazilla: you must have quiet buses and smooth roads around where you go.

17:57 Chousuke: technomancy: the fact that indexing a string will return an integer.

17:57 technomancy: which makes no sense at all.

17:57 technomancy: Chousuke: not any more; that was fixed.

17:57 but yeah, brain-dead decision

17:57 cooldude127: in 1.9?

17:57 technomancy: karmazilla: it's pretty good; most of the ride is on the freeway

17:57 gnuvince_: irb(main):001:0> x = 10 if false

17:57 => nil

17:57 irb(main):002:0> x

17:57 => nil

17:57 technomancy: still loud though.

17:57 hiredman: technomancy: oh man

17:58 * hiredman has a lightbulb go off

17:58 hiredman: or go on

17:58 jbondeson: any language that thinks puts is a better name than print is bound to be bad.

17:58 cooldude127: lol

17:58 Chousuke: heh

17:58 well, ruby has some nice features too

17:58 hiredman: I ride seattle metro every day

17:58 cooldude127: jbondeson: what about haskell? putStrLn ?

17:58 Chousuke: like blocks

17:59 though that's nothing new, it's still nice.

17:59 technomancy: jbondeson: print works too, it just doesn't include a newline

17:59 Raynes: cooldude127: They have a print function that converts whatever it gets into something printable and prints it.

17:59 hiredman: and to think, someone out there was writing a lisp on one of the buses

17:59 cooldude127: Raynes: no way!

17:59 Raynes: cooldude127: Yeah way!

17:59 jbondeson: cooldude127: it's functional, it's allowed to not like side effect functions ;)

17:59 Raynes: :D

17:59 cooldude127: lol

17:59 hiredman: Raynes: doesn't that depend on the show typeclass?

17:59 Raynes: hiredman: Yes.

17:59 gnuvince_: Yes

18:00 hiredman: Yes.

18:00 Raynes: It wont print "everything" you give it.

18:00 technomancy: hiredman: a lot of crazy things happen on the bus. you never know.

18:00 Raynes: But it will print anything that is printable.

18:00 jbondeson: technomancy: that just makes it worse. two printing functions named *completely* differently that differ only in one adding a new line.

18:00 Raynes: Including Integers.

18:00 gnuvince_: print in Haskell is like prn in Clojure

18:00 Raynes: ,(prn 2)

18:00 Chousuke: jbondeson: there's a putStr too though, I think

18:00 clojurebot: 2

18:00 Raynes: Oh thats fuckin' neat.

18:00 gnuvince_: ,(prn "hello")

18:01 clojurebot: "hello"

18:01 Raynes: ,(doc prn)

18:01 clojurebot: "([& more]); Same as pr followed by (newline). Observes *flush-on-newline*"

18:01 hiredman: I started writing a ruby lisp once

18:01 Raynes: :D

18:01 technomancy: jbondeson: there's plenty more interesting things to complain about in Ruby. you're scraping the bottom of the barrel; admit it.

18:01 gnuvince_: technomancy: is the parser bug still there?

18:01 hiredman: but I really hate writing parsers

18:01 WizardofWestmarc: The rampant monkeypatching alone is reason to avoid Ruby

18:01 Raynes: The problem with Ruby is that it exists.

18:01 cooldude127: hiredman: what sort of paper?

18:01 jbondeson: technomancy: if you can't get the easy stuff right i have no confidence in you getting the hard stuff right

18:01 WizardofWestmarc: makes mixing libraries insanely risky

18:02 technomancy: hiredman: I hate writing parsers for things that aren't sexps

18:02 hiredman: my bus scheme parser was around 100 LOC

18:02 cooldude127: oh parser

18:02 nvm

18:02 hiredman: well, I kept trying to take short cuts

18:02 gnuvince_: Just a question of time; the more the "enterprise" programmers try to find new ways to use XML everywhere, the closer they will be to just using Lisp

18:02 * cooldude127 needs to learn how to read

18:10 cooldude127: hmm, i rather like the syntax highlighting that github uses, i wonder if i could translate that to emacs

18:11 danlarkin: cooldude127: they use pygments

18:11 cooldude127: danlarkin: well i meant the color scheme

18:11 danlarkin: ah

18:12 yeah it's pleasant

18:13 cooldude127: god bless google: http://github.com/dudleyf/color-theme-github/tree/master

18:14 danlarkin: sweet!!

18:15 cooldude127: danlarkin: yeah i'm trying it to see how good it is

18:16 danlarkin: it's close but not quite the same

18:16 maybe when i have a chance i can try to improve it

18:17 danlarkin: Hm, what's different

18:17 cooldude127: danlarkin: function names are colored red, not teal, function calls are still black

18:18 danlarkin: maybe that's good when you're actually editing, idk

18:19 Lau_of_DK: danlarkin: any news?

18:19 danlarkin: Lau_of_DK: oh yes, much progress

18:20 Lau_of_DK: No no not the work, the name?

18:20 danlarkin: haha

18:21 no name progress

18:21 Lau_of_DK: :(

18:21 danlarkin: I ran "hansard" by a few friends and they laughed :(

18:21 Raynes: danlarkin: I know you. :>

18:22 danlarkin: Raynes: from my reply to your SO question?

18:22 Raynes: You answered one of my stupid questions on Stackoverflow.

18:22 <:

18:23 Lau_of_DK: Ok, danlarkin, Im going to bed now, when I get back tomorrow I want your decision and following that, a Github project:

18:23 1) Clabango

18:23 2) Bio Hansard

18:23 cooldude127: what is this project?

18:24 Raynes: cooldude127: They are coding an IRC bot that closely replicates your behavior. It's called cooldude128.

18:24 cooldude127: DAMNIT

18:25 hiredman: I could wire up a, uh, what do you call it, starts with an 'm'? anyway wire that up to clojurebot and feed it with a corpus of cooldude127

18:25 cooldude127: i'm scared

18:26 hiredman: god, that are those called?

18:26 cooldude127: hiredman: if i had a clue what you were talking about, i would say

18:26 Fib: markov chain

18:26 cooldude127: oh

18:26 hiredman: ding!

18:27 cooldude127: i do not possess the markov property

18:27 so while clojurebot may replicate my behavior at first, time will cause us to develop into different beings

18:28 hiredman: markov chains are a sufficent corpus text are pretty good for replicating style

18:28 cooldude127: NO. i will not allow myself to be imitated by a bot

18:28 and i still don't know what this project was

18:28 Raynes: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/103895/

18:35 technomancy: cooldude127: if you start seeding it with inconsistent data now, you can still retain exclusivity on your identity

18:36 cooldude127: rabble rabble rabblne

18:36 i need to just start saying everything i hear around me

18:37 hiredman: then you'll be just like the bot

18:37 cooldude127: lol

18:37 well once the bot is seeded, i will continue acting as my normal self

18:37 hiredman: nah

18:37 cooldude127: lol

18:37 hiredman: the corpos would keep growing

18:38 you just lay down new chains

18:38 cooldude127: hiredman: maybe make the bot before i start worrying about it

18:38 hiredman: :P

18:38 lisppaste8: reprap pasted "folding and hashtables" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/75453

18:38 hiredman: I started on it a month or so ago

18:38 cooldude127: i was asking about danlarkin's project lol. how did this even happen?

18:38 hiredman: hmmm

18:39 this is not clojure

18:39 cooldude127: reprap: you know this is #clojure right?

18:40 Raynes: Who is reprap?

18:40 :|

18:40 ayrnieu: the person who just pasted some Scheme.

18:42 Raynes: Oh shit.

18:42 That is illegal in 7 channels. Bad juju.

18:42 I think he should be banhammered for such nonsense.

18:42 :|

18:43 /end off topic jokes and lulz

18:48 reprap: scheme sucks

18:48 ayrnieu: why does it suck?

19:09 dirtmcgirt: greetings. any way to alias an imported java class? ala (alias 'ParserB 'org.parser.Parser)? i get an error currently ("Expecting Symbol + Namespace").

19:09 hiredman: erm

19:09 Chouser: dirtmcgirt: hm, good question. 'alias' doesn't support it directly. what do you intend to do with it

19:10 gnuvince_: (doc import)

19:10 clojurebot: import-list => (package-symbol class-name-symbols*) For each name in class-name-symbols, adds a mapping from name to the class named by package.name to the current namespace. Use :import in the ns macro in preference to calling this directly.; arglists ([& import-symbols-or-lists])

19:10 Chouser: hm, maybe it doesn't matter. You can do (import '(org.parser Parser)) and then just say Parser

19:10 dirtmcgirt: i have two Java libraries each with a Parser class

19:10 hiredman: I thought there was something in contrib that let you do that?

19:10 cooldude127: dirtmcgirt: you might have to do it the java way, address one by its full name

19:12 Chouser: bleh. I guess you could slap together a macro or three.

19:12 danlarkin: cooldude127: sorry, went to get some dinner. my project is yet another web framework

19:13 Chouser: dirtmcgirt: you need to mostly create instances? call statics? some of each?

19:13 dirtmcgirt: Chouser: create instances

19:14 i can always just do a direct reference

19:14 cooldude127: danlarkin: oh lovely

19:14 dirtmcgirt: but i was just curious

19:14 hiredman: yawfie

19:16 danlarkin: what's the ie?

19:17 hiredman: it is, you know, sort an endearment?

19:17 like I have a friend named Jove, who I Jovie

19:18 people sometimes, and only once, call me Kevie

19:18 er

19:18 I call him Jovie

19:18 danlarkin: ah

19:19 hiredman: ~google Yawf

19:19 clojurebot: First, out of 6310 results is:

19:19 1970: Reviving the fighting spirit of Int&#39;l Women&#39;s Day

19:19 http://www.workers.org/2005/us/womens-day-0303/

19:19 danlarkin: clojurebot: google yawfie

19:19 clojurebot: First, out of results is:

19:20 hiredman: uh

19:20 yeah, those corner cases

19:21 danlarkin: upside is there's only 8 results for yawfie

19:21 hiredman: and you could do the argentine Y

19:22 so pronounced like Joffie

19:23 Chouser: dirtmcgirt: (defmacro newParserB [& args] `(new org.parser.Parser ~@args))

19:23 * Chouser shrugs

19:23 Chouser: that's all I've got.

19:37 stimuli: hi

19:37 has anyone noticed the contrib unit tests are breaking on the new mod code ?

19:58 flowerpower: scheme has so mixed up semantics. it makes me really appreciate clojures ways the mroe i try other languages after having tried clojure

20:00 stimuli: I never properly learned scheme .. other than reading sicp

20:02 gregh: flowerpower: can you give an example? I'm curious

20:04 blbrown: if I have a bunch of clojure files (clj) in a jar, within in the clj files is a namespace. How do I load the namespace from another clojure file. I thought I just had to add the clj files in the jar and then add that to the classpath

20:04 ...but maybe I have to compile

20:06 stimuli: blb : does the ns match the folder hierarchy ?

20:09 blbrown: stimuli, I think so, this is what I have... http://paste.lisp.org/display/75457

20:10 stimuli: it uses the ns to find the file

20:10 ns fred.joe.mary is in fred/joe/mary.clj

20:10 fred.joe.mary-with-lispy-dividers is in fred/joe/mary_with_lispy_dividers.clj

20:10 Chousuke: you should name your namespaces deeper than one level

20:10 blbrown: stimuli, I need to move 'octane_main...' into octane/octane_main.clj?

20:11 Chousuke: so a "octane" namespace is not good

20:11 stimuli: uh .. no .. octane-main (the ns) will be found in octane_name the file

20:11 octane is fine

20:11 Chousuke: stimuli: it's not good practice.

20:11 stimuli: namespaces are broken on the dots

20:11 like in java

20:11 Chousuke: blbrown.octane would be better, for example

20:12 to avoid collisions with others

20:12 stimuli: yeah

20:12 blbrown: Yea, but clearly I can't get a directory with one directory right

20:12 stimuli: look in the contrib files and do it like them

20:12 Chousuke: blbrown: you can have an octane.clj file AND an octane/ directory

20:12 stimuli: you should be starting every file with a ns macro that names its imports

20:12 Chousuke: blbrown: and you can load files from that directory in the octane.clj

20:13 blbrown: that way, you can break a single namespace into multiple files.

20:13 you can also have subnamespaces of course

20:13 for example, octane, octane.main and octane.analytics

20:13 blbrown: sorry, where does the namespace have to be defined. 'octane/file.clj' or 'file.clj'

20:14 Chousuke: blbrown: depends on which namespace it is

20:14 if the namespace is octane.file, then it is octane/file.clj

20:14 if it's file, then it's just file.clj

20:14 no directory

20:14 blbrown: right now, namespace ... '(ns octane...)

20:15 Chousuke: that must be in a file called "octane.clj" at the root of the classpath

20:16 clojure inherits from java the source code organisation conventions.

20:16 they might strike newbies as restrictive at first, but you'll just have to get used to it.

20:17 blbrown: Chouser, in the file './octane.clj' I define the namespace?

20:17 Chousuke: with clojure it's not as restrictive either, since it only matters when you create namespaces, not arbitrary files

20:17 blbrown: yeah

20:17 blbrown: though as said earlier, you should not call your namespace "octane"

20:18 Chouser: Beats me, just do whatever Chousuke says.

20:18 Chousuke: :)

20:18 blbrown: Chousuke, got it, I was trying to get it to work, then I will change the structure

20:19 Chousuke: okay

20:20 a common trick with clojure code seems to be to have a namespace corresponding to some file, and then that file uses "subnamespaces" internally

20:20 clojure.contrib seems to use this a lot

20:21 blbrown: I will have to look at it. besides the ability to get information about a namespace, are there are any special rules for namespaces. LIke, can you change the scope of a namespace. Available to some, unavailable to others

20:22 Chousuke: a namespace will be available to whoever has it in the classpath

20:22 but you can define private things in it :)

20:24 clojure.contrib.sql has a subnamespace called clojure.contrib.sql.internal that it uses; it is quite apparent that it's not intended for end users of the library :)

20:24 Chouser: heh

20:25 blbrown: there is no 'com' or 'org' , are we dropping that convention

20:25 stimuli: blb : seriously, look how they do it in the contrib code

20:25 Chousuke: you can use it, but clojure doesn't, nor does contrib

20:25 stimuli: I hope we drop com and org

20:26 blbrown: so, it is sort of like the java convention

20:27 Chouser: blbrown: well, the idea is to be sure you don't have accidental collisions

20:27 blbrown: got ya

20:27 Chouser: people using clojure aren't likely to accidentally make their own clojure namespace

20:27 Chousuke: pick something to identify yourself, and stick with it.

20:28 Chouser: but who knows if someone might make an octane or textjure namespace

20:29 so using the domain names as aribtration is a practical if verbose solution

20:29 of course domain names can change hands, so it's not exactly foolproof either.

20:29 clearly we should all use uuids for our namespaces.

20:30 blbrown: hehe

20:30 Chousuke: I wonder how java handles namespace collisions.

20:30 I'm thinking it doesn't.

20:30 which is probably why the convention is verbose.

20:30 blbrown: are you talking about classpath hell

20:31 * Chousuke adds that to the list of hells to avoid

20:31 blbrown: it is also interesting in Java, that you can compile a package with whatever name you want, the directory that it is compiled in doesn't matter, but runtime does.

20:32 Chousuke: yeah

20:32 the default package is annoying too

20:33 I once wrote some java code that did custom classloading and it confused the hell out of me.

20:33 I was a newbie to Java's package system and it was not fun.

20:34 I think using netbeans further complicated it :P

20:35 blbrown: it never is, I work with 'websphere' (complex j2ee application server crap) and it is not always clear how classes are loaded. I get A.class is not compatible with A.class errors all the time

20:58 stimuli: has anyone noticed the contrib unit tests are breaking on the new mod code ?

20:59 durka42: well the behavior of mod definitely changed

21:01 hiredman: ~def mod

21:01 reprap: whats the easiuest way to do 2d-grpahics in clojure? liek for shoot-emup-sidescroller

21:01 durka42: (yes, the unit tests fail)

21:02 stimuli: luckily I don't use mod on floats or ratios :)

21:02 hiredman: I could have sworn google code syntax highlighted clojure code

21:03 stimuli: so is the new mod wrong .. or do the unit tests need to update

21:03 it is nice to mod floats ... I wonder if java.lang.Math has mod on floats

21:03 durka42: heh, a clojure koan

21:04 "mod is broken in SVN HEAD"

21:04 stimuli: if so we could leave clojure's mod just ints without pain

21:04 durka42: "perhaps you should... change your definition of mod"

21:05 stimuli: Math has no mod

21:05 Chouser: it doesn't look to me like mod has changed

21:05 stimuli: well .. I updated both branches from svn about an hour ago and the tests blew up

21:05 you guys discussed changing it on the list

21:05 durka42: it was fixed recently to give the same answers as ruby

21:06 i remember hearing about it in here

21:06 stimuli: ooooo .. he added multi argument union and intersection

21:06 YAY !!!!

21:06 that will help me

21:07 (sorry ... I get excited easily)

21:09 so ... if I have a macro defined in a namespace ... but I want to *export* it from another namespace as if it were included there .. is there an easy way ?

21:10 * durka42 does not understand

21:10 stimuli: I have a macro defined ... in namespace clojure.datalog.rules

21:10 but I want to create a lib named clojure.datalog.datalog

21:11 and have users just import that

21:11 but I want them to get the macro from rules w/out explicitly importing it

21:11 durka42: oh i see

21:11 stimuli: (def macroname rules/macroname) doesn't work

21:11 maybe some ns interning trick

21:12 someone asked something like this on the list recently

21:12 durka42: wait, if datalog uses or requires rules/macroname, and client uses datalog, it doesn't inherit like that?

21:12 stimuli: no

21:12 when you use a ns .. you get the symbols *defined* there

21:12 not the ones transitively included

21:12 durka42: right

21:15 stimuli: I could just define a macro that expands to the other macro

21:15 I think

21:15 Chouser: yes

21:20 stimuli: that worked

21:21 cooldude127: ~latest?

21:21 clojurebot: latest is 1280

21:21 cooldude127: oh man 1 behind

21:28 flowerpower: whats the easiuest way to do 2d-grpahics in clojure? liek for shoot-emup-sidescroller

21:30 stimuli: flower : java 2d

21:30 cooldude127: hsrhlehnrtrstnenenvsnstntht

21:30 taertnrsta

21:30 attrstinehartr

21:30 stimuli: it isn't necessarily easy

21:30 cooldude127: eiseir

21:30 stimuli: cool : agree

21:30 durka42: eh?

21:30 stimuli: I agree

21:30 cooldude127: yeag it is so easy

21:31 stimuli: I think cool has a cat

21:31 :)

21:31 cooldude127: i have 4 cats

21:31 stimuli: evidently

21:31 cooldude127: but this stuffis soeasy

21:31 Raynes: I have 1 doggy and a snake :>

21:31 stimuli: I have four ferrets and a skunk

21:31 cooldude127: ehh i am not fond of snakes

21:31 skunk?>

21:31 stimuli: yes

21:32 black and white stripey thing

21:32 Raynes: cooldude127: Corn snake. Most docile snakes in the world. He is shedding at the moment, so I can't play with him :|

21:32 cooldude127: how did you obtain a skunk

21:32 stimuli: I purchased her at a pet store

21:32 cooldude127: oh how un forntunate

21:32 stimuli: she's lovely

21:32 cooldude127: where do you live that you can buy a skunk at a pet store

21:32 stimuli: florida

21:33 Raynes: Skunks are pretty. But they smell :(

21:33 stimuli: well .. when you buy a skunk they come disarmed

21:33 cooldude127: oh that is a plus

21:33 stimuli: well .. yeah

21:33 Raynes: I should buy a ferret

21:33 cooldude127: well i will let you talk with the real cool now. i took over his computer :)

21:33 stimuli: people ask me if she can spray and I just look at them funny

21:33 Raynes: I bet they shit constantly.

21:33 :|

21:33 stimuli: ray : always get at least 2

21:33 yes .. they shit a lot

21:34 ferrets need playmates or they go a bit off

21:34 cooldude127: off how?

21:34 stimuli: they get mean and bite a lot

21:34 I mean .. not always

21:34 cooldude127: lol not good

21:34 stimuli: but if they have a friend to play w/ they get along better .. are happier ... and learn not to bite hard

21:34 cooldude127: i would like a hamster

21:35 haha

21:37 hey guys im going to have sex so i will talk to yall later

21:38 flowerpower: java.awt.Graphics2D ?

21:39 cooldude127: lol gf has a sense of humor

21:41 flowerpower: you mean your bf

21:41 cooldude127: what's that supposed to mean?

21:41 Chouser: that's enough guys

21:42 dreish: Let's not have any drunk fights tonight.

21:42 cooldude127: lol

21:42 stimuli: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/2d/index.html

21:42 flowerpower: he has a bf, he cant fight anyway

21:42 stimuli: flower .. ^^^^

21:43 * dreish would like to see flowerpower walk into a leather bar and say that.

21:43 cooldude127: lol

21:46 stimuli: I don't know if I'd actually like to *see* that

21:46 I mean ... read about it perhaps

21:48 flowerpower: if a constructor is proteted what do i import and construct?

21:50 Chouser: you probably have to subclass it, perhaps with 'proxy'?

21:50 or maybe there's a static method you're supposed to use to create them?

21:50 flowerpower: what's the class?

21:50 flowerpower: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/awt/Graphics2D.html

21:50 java.awt Graphics2D

21:52 Chouser: I don't think you make those, you're given them.

21:56 gnuvince_: Is there a document that describes guidelines to improve memory usage in the JVM?

21:56 Rich mentioned that ephemeral objects are super cheap in a couple of his talks for example

21:57 Chouser: flowerpower: (.getGraphics (doto (javax.swing.JFrame.) .show))

21:57 that returns a Graphics2D

21:57 object

21:58 actually, a sun.java2d.SunGraphics2D

21:59 flowerpower: chouser: given?

21:59 what does getGraphics do?

21:59 ah

21:59 Chouser: it's a method of JFrame

21:59 flowerpower: (let [myg2d (.getGraphics (doto (javax.swing.JFrame.)] (.dostuff myg2d)) ?

22:01 gnuvince_: QCon, that's by the site infoq.com, right?

22:01 Chouser: flowerpower: yes

22:02 flowerpower: well, it seems you have to .show it before it has a graphics object

22:02 before that, getGraphics returns nil

22:04 lisppaste8: fp pasted "graphics 2d" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/75462

22:04 flowerpower: ^^ the string doesnt get shown

22:06 Chouser: try 100 100 for the coords

22:07 flowerpower: and I'd recommend finding a Java turorial and following that

22:10 flowerpower: This is an abstract class that cannot be instantiated directly.

22:11 what does that mean? i need to subclass?

22:11 Chouser: didn't I answer that?

22:11 There are concrete classes that may be platform-specific

22:12 that are subclasses of Graphics2D

22:12 things like swing and awt will create the right concrete object for you, and you can get if via .getGraphics

22:18 lisppaste8: fp pasted "doesnt show" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/75463

22:18 flowerpower: do i need to set color or something?

22:20 gnuvince_: Anyone here uses paredit?

22:20 durka42: i used to...

22:20 * Raynes uses netbeans.

22:21 Raynes: Because it has that neat little button that automagically builds jar's for me.

22:21 gnuvince_: paredit.el, the Emacs minor mode.

22:22 Raynes: I know what it is.

22:22 durka42: invaluable for lisp

22:22 gnuvince_: ok

22:22 * Raynes doesn't need it.

22:23 gnuvince_: Just wanted to make sure there was not another program with the same name.

22:23 durka42: You say you used to. You stopped?

22:23 durka42: well, i switched to vim :)

22:23 gnuvince_: ok

22:23 durka42: if i were to use emacs for a lisp, i would use apredit

22:23 paredit

22:24 gnuvince_: I need to learn to use it properly

22:24 Some things felt weird when I tried it

22:25 for instance, because it always inserts a pair of parens at once, I'm not sure how you "wrap" a form into another

22:25 durka42: you've seen http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/PareditCheatsheet and http://mumble.net/~campbell/emacs/paredit-beta.html ?

22:25 gnuvince_: For instance you have (map foo coll) and you want to call count on that. That gives me (count) (map foo coll)

22:25 durka42: i believe it's M-shift-(

22:26 there's also a binding to gobble (i think it calls it slurping) the s-exp to the right

22:26 gnuvince_: Ah, thanks

22:26 I'll bookmark those

22:27 I imagine you need to think of it less as inserting individual characters and more as moving forms around

22:28 flowerpower: do i need to set color or something?

22:29 durka42: gnuvince_: it definitely makes for a more structural editor

22:30 gnuvince_: I'll enable it and work with it this weekend

22:37 durka42: FWIW, flowerpower was just drawing the rectangle somewhere offscreen

22:44 flowerpower: try changing the rectangle's coordinates

22:44 i did setColor but i'm not sure it made a difference

22:44 also, you might get more help in #java, although you'd have to be able to translate their advice

23:00 Raynes: Does anyone know how to turn off that bothersome feature where emacs creates a back up file when you exit emacs so that if you did it accidentally you wont lose anything?

23:00 Because it's annoying.

23:00 ayrnieu: ask in #emacs ; that's not why it does it, or when it does it; C-h i m emacs RET C-s back-up , probably.

23:01 durka42: http://www.lns.cornell.edu/~bxin/computer/emacs/emacs24/emacs047.htm

23:01 Raynes: (setq make-backup-files nil)

23:02 Raynes: Thanks.

23:02 durka42: also known as (setq shoot-self-in-foot t) :p

23:03 Raynes: I don't use emacs enough for it to be a problem. But everytime I save a file I have to delete the backup and that gets annoying.

23:08 reprap: is the backup-files the ojnes with ~ after? ie, hmm.clj~

23:14 http://rafb.net/p/pKtPYn75.html

23:15 p_l: Raynes: change the backup settings then

23:15 Raynes: [22:14] <Raynes> I'm going to read Clojure until I become so gay for LISP that I piss parentheses and jackoff to macros.

23:16 durka42: (identical? reprap flowerpower)

23:17 reprap: clojurebot: Raynes is [22:14] <Raynes>I'm going to read Clojure until I become so gay for LISP that I piss parentheses and jackoff to macros.

23:17 clojurebot: 'Sea, mhuise.

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