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0:16 arohner: did anyone check out my expectation test post today? Since nobody responded I'm wondering if I'm off base by proposing it in a functional language

0:29 fyuryu: arohner: I think it's pretty cool. I hope it gets added to contrib

0:30 arohner: (unless you want it remain its own thing)

0:30 arohner: no, I was hoping it would be useful

1:43 _Jordan_: My stupid question for today: Why aren't ((fn [] 42)) and (#(42)) equivalent?

1:46 notallama: #(42) is the same as (fn [] (42))

1:47 _Jordan_: notallama: Thanks! As an aside, is there a shortcut for a function that just returns 42?

1:49 albino: Isn't (fn [] 42) a shortcut?

1:49 _Jordan_: you trying to get rid of the argument vector?

1:49 _Jordan_: yeah, but I was pretty sure I saw a shorter way used in a snippet on here once

2:11 hiredman: #(identity 42)

2:14 _Jordan_: hiredman: thanks, that does read better

2:32 Pupeno: Good morning.

2:32 How would you iterate over the keys and values of a map?

2:34 hiredman: map?

2:34 _Jordan_: :)

2:35 hiredman: (seq ...) on a hash map gives you a seq of [key val] vectors

2:35 most sequence functions call seq on what you pass in first

2:36 so if you (map ...) on a hashmap, the function you map with sees a vector

2:36 _Jordan_: hiredman: I thought you were making a joke about using (map ...) to iterate over a map

2:37 hiredman: I am pretty hilarious

2:37 _Jordan_: lol

2:56 Pupeno: Thanks.

3:08 _Jordan_: in (take-while (complement #{some-value}) coll), is a new set created for every iteration of take-while? (e.g. if some-value never changes, is it better to do (let [v #{some-value}] and call (complement v)?)

3:21 hiredman: uh

3:33 Pupeno: Is there a simple way to concatenate a list of strings?

3:35 ah, (reduce str ...)

3:42 fyuryu: I compile a lib, no exceptions thrown, I see #{my.lib} in the repl, but no files are saved in the classes dir

3:55 1. create dirs: /test and /test/classes, 2. in /test create /test/my/lib.clj. 3 put (ns my.lib) in it 4. enter a directory with existing project and classes directory (eg. /som/proj/classes). 5. run java -cp /test;/test/classes;clojure.jar clojure.lang.Repl 6. invoke (compile 'my.lib).

3:56 and class files appear in /some/proj/classes/

4:01 binding *compile-path* to /test/classes does the job, but why did it work in the first place? /some/proj is not even in the classpath

5:05 Lau_of_DK: Hi guys =)

5:07 danlei`: Top of the morning, Mr. Lau

5:55 Lau_of_DK: Good morning rhickey. I had a question which I almost posted for the group yesterday, but you might have the deciding insight. I made an ant simulator, in many ways similar to yours. One difference was that mine read its sleep times from globals refs (yours used static values). When I profiled the app, I saw that all agents had 2 tasks, getTask() and runTask(). getTask() usually took 80-90% of the available 100% for each thread, causing

5:55 a great performance drop. Even before the first call to render, each thread averaged with 1000 calls to getTask(). Do you have any idea how I can get around this?

5:57 rhickey: Lau_of_DK: sounds like you have a bug

5:59 Lau_of_DK: rhickey: What should I be looking for?

6:01 rhickey: I ask because, it must be that I somehow am not using the STM correctly.

7:59 aperotte: hello all!

8:01 I had a quick question. I was trying to define several things in a loop and do it by generating symbols like this (def (symbol (str "test" "123")) (+ 1 1))

8:02 which I thought would create a new mapping in the environment for test123 to 2

8:03 Chousuke: I think you need a macro for that.

8:03 aperotte: ok

8:03 I created a macro

8:04 but then I got an InstantiationError

8:04 Chousuke: though def'ing a lot of generated symbols like that sounds a bit fishy.

8:04 aperotte: ok

8:04 Chousuke: what are you trying to accomplish with it?

8:05 aperotte: I was using a 3d library to create many instances of a sphere

8:05 and wanted to name each object in the environment

8:06 hmm ... now that I think about it, I could probably use a hashmap

8:07 I'd still be generating keys though

8:14 Using keywords worked fine

8:14 I'm still a little confused as to why using def didn't work though

8:15 rhickey_: aperotte: def is a special operator, not a function

8:18 aperotte: I wanted to be able to do something like this (dotimes i 20 (def (symbol (str "sphere" i)) ("Sphere constructor")))

8:18 rhickey_: aperotte: you could make a macro that emitted defs in a do

8:20 aperotte: rhickey_: It seemed like the problem was that def required that the first thing be a symbol, and not a list that evaluates to a symbol

8:21 I wrote this macro:

8:21 (defmacro def-sym [sym & body]

8:21 (if (symbol? sym)

8:21 `(def ~sym ~@body)

8:21 `(def ~(eval sym) ~@body)))

8:21 rhickey_: hmm... eval

8:24 aperotte: after defining a ref named spheres containing the empty list

8:24 code that looked like this:

8:24 (defmacro def-sym [sym & body]

8:24 (if (symbol? sym)

8:24 `(def ~sym ~@body)

8:24 `(def ~(eval sym) ~@body)))

8:24 oops, that wasn't corrent

8:24 correct

8:25 like this:

8:25 (dotimes i 20

8:25 (dosync

8:25 (ref-set spheres

8:25 (conj @spheres

8:25 (def-sym (symbol (str "sphere" i))

8:25 ("Sphere Constructor here")))))

8:25 gave me an InstantiationError

8:31 Chousuke: aperotte: any reason you need a separate symbol for each sphere?

8:31 aperotte: you could just have a vector of spheres

8:32 aperotte: eventually I am going to have more unique names for each sphere (not indexed) and would like to be able to refer to them by name

8:33 the hashmap did work without giving me an InstantiationException

8:33 Chousuke: (def spheres (ref [])) (dotimes [i 20] (dosync (ref-set spheres (conj @spheres (new-sphere i)))))

8:33 aperotte: I just didn't understand why I was getting the exception in the first place

8:33 Chousuke: or just use a map with strings as keys

8:34 rhickey_: aperotte: using do like this is not the way to build up data structures - use map or reduce

8:34 aperotte: ahh, ok

8:35 rhickey_: you won't need a ref

8:36 aperotte: but if I want to be able to add and remove elements later, I would need a ref, no?

8:37 Chousuke: if the set of spheres is to be shared, yes.

8:38 aperotte: if it weren't going to be shared, I would use a var?

8:38 rhickey_: aperotte: It's a bit hard to understand what you are trying to do - why put names into a namespace with def - what code could reference them?

8:39 Chousuke: aperotte: you don't really "add" or "remove" anything though. the sets of spheres you have never change, the ref will only point to different sets over time :)

8:39 aperotte: rhickey_: I apologize, I realize now that using a hashmap is the appropriate thing to do, but I was just trying to understand the exception

8:41 Chousuke: haha, yes, I remembered that but I should probably force myself into using the right vocabulary

8:41 rhickey_: ok, so if you are going to have a map as a runtime environment, that will be modified over time, you would put that in a ref, but still would keep you 'modification' logic (creating a changed map), separate from storing it into the ref after change, don't use the ref inside a loop/reduce/map

8:45 aperotte: rhickey: ok, I'll do that, thanks!

8:45 Chousuke: Thanks!

8:58 lisppaste8: SnowBuddy pasted "Re-binding in recur" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/71016

9:00 SnowBuddy: Quick question. I thought that bindings in recur were done sequentially, but the paste suggests otherwise. The reduce seems to work on the unfiltered sequence rather than the other way around. What am I missing?

9:02 rhickey_: SnowBuddy: nope, parallel: http://clojure.org/special_forms#recur

9:07 SnowBuddy: So what would be a good way to have one binding depend on a previous binding? I know I can do it by restructuring so that it's not done in the recur, but that doesn't feel as clean.

9:09 rhickey_: SnowBuddy: you'll have to use let

9:10 Trampolines for tails calls added: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/3addf875319c5c10

9:19 Chouser: ifn? sounds like some corrupt offspring of defn and if

9:20 rhickey_: Chouser: get your alternative in before it becomes legacy :)

9:21 cemerick: callable?

9:21 Chouser: heh, yeah, I'm useless.

9:21 rhickey_: cemerick: the problem with callable? is Callable

9:21 Chouser: cemerick: not bad, except isn't Callable a Java interface name?

9:21 runnable?

9:21 rhickey_: Runnable

9:21 Chouser: :-P

9:21 funnable

9:22 rhickey_: argh

9:22 * Chouser laughs

9:23 cemerick: rhickey_: the struct mismatch issue is proving *very* thorny. You had an idea to avoid that, but I'll take a shot if it's not really on your radar.

9:23 rhickey_: Actually, I'm quite happy to leave it out, only there for legacy conversion

9:23 Chouser: and it has to be shorter than (instance? IFn x) to justify its existance.

9:25 rhickey_: cemerick: the hash technique can't be on the fast path, as it could still be wrong. Could do interned concat of field names

9:25 patch welcome

9:26 cemerick: rhickey_: what do you think of interning Defs to begin with (using a thorough .equals), so object identity can continue to be used?

9:27 rhickey_: just include a symbol-illegal separator, like comma, so foo bar and foob ar are different

9:27 with interned strings it's still an identity compare

9:27 just of the strings, not the Defs

9:28 cemerick: interning Defs means another intern table and all of the MT and GC complexity of that

9:29 the string goes in the Def, still space efficient

9:30 cemerick: rhickey_: sure. Q: you threw out the idea of struct-maps becoming classes with the def-ed keys becoming instance fields. Are you really planning on that? If so, I'll wait for it; otherwise, I'll put together a patch.

9:31 rhickey_: I have not thrown that out, just haven't gotten to it - proxy is next up for AOT special handling

9:32 cemerick: by "thrown out", I meant "casually suggested"

9:33 rhickey_: I understood, and I have to say that what's pending is really thinking about it, not simply doing it, so I can't commit that it will happen

9:34 I imagine the concat-of-names will be a very small patch if you are stuck

9:35 cemerick: yeah, it should be cake. I didn't think you would go for that approach, is all.

9:36 I'm not stuck, but struct mismatches are happen every 5 minutes when I'm plugging away at running code through a remote REPL.

9:36 rhickey_: of course, it changes the semantics to structural 'type' equality - you might want to ask on the group if anyone is relying on identity type equality for structs

9:38 cemerick: that'd be a little hard to do unless you explicitly carry the def in a slot of your map. PSM doesn't offer a way to obtain its Def.

9:38 rhickey_: could fix by including the struct name in the string, but that isn't passed in right now

9:38 cemerick: right, it's just the error protection semantics that change

9:40 accessor mismatch

9:41 probably a non-problem

9:41 blackdog_away: i just had an error in my user.clj but message was simply that it could not initialise clojure.lang.RT, it would be good to get a more specific error there

9:50 cemerick: rhickey_: is the name at all relevant, anyway? A struct is defined by its keys. The fact that a unique Def is returned by create-struct each time is entirely an implementation detail right now, right?

9:52 put another way, I'd expect that two structs with the same set of keys would be interchangeable in every circumstance

10:00 sethtrain: wilkes: should that error handling middleware also handle 404 errors?

10:00 i just built it for 500 but could continue with 404 if needed

10:58 Chouser: Well, I give up. 'ifn?' is fine unless it's sufficient to by default bring in the clojure.lang.I* interfaces, so you could just say (instance? IFn)

10:59 I'd suggest allowing (inst? IFn) for brevity, but the only options would be a rename (a breaking change) which isn't worth the trouble, or an alias (both 'inst?' and 'instance?' would work) but I very much dislike aliases.

11:00 of that sort, anyway.

11:00 So. :-P

11:06 * rhickey is sad that trampoline is overshadowed by ifn?

11:09 danlarkin: poor rich

11:09 rhickey: :)

11:10 gnuvince: trampoline? The technique to get TCO?

11:10 rhickey: gnuvince: manual tco

11:18 cemerick: rhickey: don't be sad. The fact that the biggest topics are typically bikeshed discussions about naming means that everyone's pretty thrilled with the meat of it all. :-)

11:19 The same thing happened with isa?; meanwhile, the multimethod impl is killer.

11:20 rhickey: I'm really happy at how clean a transformation is, just prepend #s on tails and add trampoline to the top-level call

11:21 cemerick: Yeah -- and that's the point. People like to provide feedback, but when the impl is so clean and obviously useful, that energy is channeled to the first obvious point of friction.

11:22 cooldude127: ok what the hell does this error mean: arg literal not in #()

11:22 it's an illegalstateexception

11:22 cemerick: cooldude127: it means you're using '%' outside of an anonymous fn

11:22 cooldude127: oh

11:22 Chouser: cooldude127: you've got a % where you shouldn't

11:23 rhickey: I snipe because I care. :-)

11:23 cooldude127: i see, i used a % in a macro name, i guess that's not cool

11:23 which makes sense now that i think about it

11:23 cemerick: yeah, it's reserved by the reader

11:23 cooldude127: i forgot about stuff like %1 and such

11:38 well fuck

11:38 Chouser: i finally tried to port the continuation macros

11:39 i was not lucky

11:39 Can't use qualified name as parameter: clojure.contrib.onlisp/*cont*

11:40 Chouser: cooldude127: in your macros, use ~'*cont*

11:40 cooldude127: it looks like clojure is more restrictive on parameters than cl

11:40 well, let's give it a try

11:42 ok that fixed basic functions, i need to try some crazier examples.

11:44 Chouser: nice

11:50 cooldude127: ahh this is not working

11:51 also why do we not have a clojure macroexpand that will do subforms?

11:53 cemerick: cooldude127: macroexpand should fully expand a macro. macroexpand-1 only does the top level

11:54 cooldude127: neither one works on any subforms

11:54 macros inside macros

11:54 for example: (let [f (fn= [n] (add1 n))] (bind= [y] (call= f 9) (return= (str "9 + 1 = " y))))

11:54 everything that ends in = is a macro

11:54 but macroexpand only handles the let

11:54 it stops after that

11:55 we need a macroexpand that actually walks the tree

11:55 cemerick: huh: (doc macroexpand) => "... Note neither macroexpand-1 nor macroexpand expand macros in subforms."

11:55 cooldude127: yeah wtf?

11:55 macroexpand just keeps going until the first element of the form is no longer a macro

11:56 cemerick: There might be a deep macroexpand -- I haven't needed one as of yet.

11:56 cooldude127: i've got so much going on there, a deep one would help me, maybe i'm the only one

11:58 mmcgrana: there is one on the group

11:59 http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/browse_thread/thread/bba604cee3b232d9/28837d55525306d8?lnk=gst&q=recursive+macroexpand#28837d55525306d8

12:09 Lau_of_DK: Good evening gents

12:11 brb

12:16 mibu: hmm, someone tagged the wikipedia article of clojure for deletion last week because it looked like spamcruft. maybe it's time to beef up the entry...

12:35 duck1123: rhickey: Have you thought about getting in touch with Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz to do FLOSS Weekly?

12:35 Clojure is on the list of projects they would like to talk about

12:36 http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pYAJMbVobYCTro_z4LGo3ZQ

12:44 gnuvince: duck1123: that would be cool

12:46 danlarkin: aye it would be

12:46 <3 leo

13:38 flonk: anyone good with java.swing?

13:39 im foing a simple gui and i want a layout like: row1: play stop next prev; row2: text-area the length of 3 buttons, find-button

13:39 how do i set individual button-sizes?

13:58 Lau_of_DK: Gooooood evening gents :)

14:00 AWizzArd: Hello

14:12 flonk: GridBayLayout might e it

14:12 but it seems i have to do quite a lot to make it work as i want, is there no really simple way?

14:12 Lau_of_DK: Do what?

14:13 jedediah: flonk: I think you could nest gridlayouts

14:13 flonk: im foing a simple gui and i want a layout like: row1: play stop next prev; row2: text-area the length of 3 buttons, find-button

14:13 row3: results

14:14 Lau_of_DK: flonk, sounds like a simple job with mig layout?

14:15 (doto panel (.add results "wrap") (.add text-area "span 3, wrap") (.add button1) (.add button2) (.add button3))

14:16 I think if you check out miglayout.com, you'll find a get-started .pdf which has examples just like that

14:16 blackdog_: there's a miglayout lib in clojure.contrib

14:18 AWizzArd: Anyone of you know an easy to use web development framework for Java, that should be straightforward to use from Clojure, ready for commercial development? Rife?

14:18 Lau_of_DK: If such a thing exists, Blackdog will know about it :)

14:19 AWizzArd: something like AllegroServe, but for Clojure

14:28 Lau_of_DK: Has anyone here made any interesting findings, when profiling the STM ?

14:29 cooldude127: wow i can't believe i had never seen MIG layout before

14:31 Lau_of_DK: Miglayout is descent for GUIs, but in my oppinion still a few light years behind qtDesigner

14:35 cooldude127: i have never used qtdesigner before

14:36 what's good about it?

14:38 Lau_of_DK: Which OS are you on ?

14:39 Mr. Dude ?

14:39 flonk: Lau: thanks

14:40 Lau_of_DK: flonk: np

14:42 cooldude127: Lau_of_DK: i'm on os x

14:43 sorry i keep irc on a different desktop, i sometimes forget about it lol

14:43 Lau_of_DK: Emacs, you should integrate it into Emacs, keeps things very simple. 4 split window. 1x code, 1x repl, 1x irc, 1x mail :)

14:44 Anyway, if you were on *nix you would already have the designer installed and you could try it out. Its actually about the same quality as Visual Studios GUI editor

14:44 cooldude127: Lau_of_DK: i do. i keep emacs on its own desktop full screen

14:44 Lau_of_DK: i was browsing the interwebs

14:44 Lau_of_DK: oh... :)

14:45 cooldude127: Lau_of_DK: i know that in experience with java gui designers, they usually suck because they generate code, and the generated code is not always good

14:45 is qtdesigner protected from this problem?

14:46 Lau_of_DK: Yes, QtDesigner outputs xml

14:49 AWizzArd: what is the easiest way in Clojure to connect to a (mysql) db?

14:49 cooldude127: Lau_of_DK: oh nice. kind of like interface builder uses nibs

14:53 hoeck: AWizzArd: there is clojure.contrib.sql which uses (shows how to use) jdbc

14:54 Lau_of_DK: hoeck: are you working on anything exciting in clojure these days?

14:55 hoeck: Lau_of_DK: no, not really, except relational algebra

14:56 AWizzArd: danke

14:56 Lau_of_DK: hoeck: whatever that is :)

14:57 Pupeno: Hello.

14:57 hoeck: Lau_of_DK: at least a little bit of fun :)

14:58 Pupeno: > 1

14:58 cooldude127: Pupeno: hello to you as well

14:58 Pupeno: Is there a Clojure REPL on the channel?

14:58 cooldude127: just for some basic math

14:58 (+ 1 2)

14:58 clojurebot: 3

14:58 Lau_of_DK: hoeck: good, I'll look it up later :)

14:58 cooldude127: and documentation

14:58 (doc doc)

14:58 clojurebot: Prints documentation for a var or special form given its name; arglists ([name])

14:58 Pupeno: ah, ok.

14:59 Lau_of_DK: (doc map)

14:59 clojurebot: Returns a lazy seq consisting of the result of applying f to the set of first items of each coll, followed by applying f to the set of second items in each coll, until any one of the colls is exhausted. Any remaining items in other colls are ignored. Function f should accept number-of-colls arguments.; arglists ([f coll] [f c1 c2] [f c1 c2 c3] [f c1 c2 c3 & colls])

14:59 Pupeno: How are the Clojurist doing?

15:00 cooldude127, Lau_of_DK: oh, ok... :/

15:01 Lau_of_DK: Pupeno: ?

15:03 cemerick: hrm, does it try to evaluate any parenthetical form?

15:03 Pupeno: nevermind.

15:03 cemerick: (fooey 5)

15:03 Pupeno: (+ + +)

15:03 cemerick: guess not

15:03 Pupeno: (+)

15:03 (+ 1)

15:03 clojurebot: 1

15:03 cemerick: (apply + (range 5))

15:03 Pupeno: (- 4)

15:04 cemerick: odd. where does clojurebot come from?

15:04 clojurebot: help

15:04 clojurebot: I don't understand.

15:04 cemerick: clojurebot: (apply + (range 5))

15:04 clojurebot: 728=8B5?

15:04 cemerick: clojurebot: "fooey"

15:04 clojurebot: I don't understand.

15:04 cemerick: clojurebot: 34

15:04 clojurebot: No entiendo

15:04 cooldude127: wtf happened with the apply one

15:04 cemerick: nothing, I guess

15:05 clojurebot: #(identity %)

15:05 clojurebot: Huh?

15:05 technomancy: cemerick: hiredman created clojurebot

15:06 duck1123: clojurebot: how much do you know?

15:06 clojurebot: I know 28 things

15:07 Pupeno: hehe.

15:07 cooldude127: clojurebot: what do you know?

15:07 clojurebot: Huh?

15:07 cooldude127: dumbass

15:07 Pupeno: clojurebot: about

15:07 clojurebot: No entiendo

15:07 Pupeno: clojurebot: who are you?

15:07 clojurebot: Titim gan ?ir? ort.

15:07 cooldude127: how many languages does it know?

15:07 Pupeno: clojurebot: who created you?

15:07 clojurebot: Titim gan ?ir? ort.

15:08 cemerick: looks like it's wired for doing math, doc lookups, and a few other things: http://gist.github.com/raw/27733/fdfe3db932a7c95809af00f5147ede4cb2817e67

15:10 Pupeno: Ahg, a spurious parenthesis that accidentally gets balanced can be hard to find on Lisp. I need that Emacs mode that highlight forms. Does it work with Clojure?

15:10 technomancy: Pupeno: yeah, it works fine.

15:10 clojurebot: clojure-mode?

15:10 clojurebot: Pardon?

15:11 Pupeno: technomancy: I'm using clojure-mode already3

15:11 technomancy: clojurebot: clojure-mode is an Emacs mode for Clojure, found at git://github.com/jochu/clojure-mode.git

15:11 clojurebot: Alles klar

15:12 technomancy: Pupeno: oh, gotcha. (show-paren-mode 1) ;; <= is that what you want?

15:12 (no idea why that's not enabled by default...)

15:13 Pupeno: technomancy: I have that enabled as well, let me find what I mean.

15:13 duck1123: I wonder if it would be worth it to replace dashes with spaces when doing pattern matching

15:13 hiredman: clojurebot: how much do you know?

15:13 clojurebot: I know 29 things

15:13 technomancy: Pupeno: oh, like it highlights the whole form when you have the point on the paren or something?

15:14 Pupeno: technomancy: it highlights the whole form when you are in the form, and the sorounding forms with other colors, very handy. lisppaste does that.

15:14 technomancy: Pupeno: paredit is supposed to provide a number of handy paren-matching features, but I haven't used it myself.

15:14 oooh... yeah, the stuff that lisppaste does is awesome. never seen that in Emacs, but I'm sure it's possible

15:14 flonk: im trying to use miglayout from contrib

15:14 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout (miglayout.clj:0)

15:15 mehrheit: Pupeno: show-paren-mode has whole form highlighting as a custom option

15:15 Lau_of_DK: flonk: (import '(net.miginfocom.swing MigLayout))

15:15 mehrheit: Pupeno: ant there's hl-paren which colors parenthesis based on their depth relative to point

15:16 Pupeno: mehrheit: interesting.

15:17 Lau_of_DK: flonk: retraction. Thats how you import when using the miglayout-swing.jar, Ive never used the one in contrib, its probably (use clojure.contrib.sql)

15:20 Pupeno: mehrheit: can't find the options, I suppose they can only be set with elisp?

15:22 mehrheit: Pupeno: M-x customize-variable show-paren-style

15:27 flonk: (ns clojure.contrib.miglayout.test

15:27 (:import (javax.swing JButton JFrame JLabel JList JPanel

15:27 JScrollPane JTabbedPane JTextField JSeparator))

15:27 (:use clojure.contrib.miglayout))

15:28 adding (import '(net.miginfocom.swing MigLayout)) diesnt help

15:29 mehrheit: flonk: if the class is not found, it's apparently not in the classpath

15:29 flonk: well how do i add it then?

15:29 Chousuke: how do you run clojure?

15:29 flonk: i thought clojure-box automatically fixed that for me?

15:29 Chousuke: flonk: clojure-box doesn't automatically add things to your classpath

15:30 flonk: downloaded clojurebox, start it with M-x slime

15:30 mehrheit: flonk: it only adds clojure to the classpath

15:30 flonk: ok, how do i add o classpath(on windows) then?

15:30 AWizzArd: (add-classpath "/file/here.jar")

15:30 Chousuke: hm :/

15:30 flonk: C:/?

15:30 in the repl?

15:30 Chousuke: that works, but only use it from the repl

15:31 it's only supported as a quick hack kind of thing :P

15:32 hoeck: flonk: or M-x customize-group swank-clojure

15:32 flonk: do i only need the contrib.jar, does that collect them all?

15:32 Chousuke: no

15:32 mehrheit: clojurebox should probably have some simple configuration tool for the classpath

15:32 flonk: you need miglayout's jar. it's separate from clojure-contrib.

15:32 Chousuke: flonk: the miglayout thing is probably a completely separate jar that you'll need to get from somewhere.

15:32 probably :P

15:33 flonk: there is no miglayout.jar

15:33 just .clj-files

15:33 mehrheit: flonk: clojure.contrib.miglayout is just a clojurier binding for the java library

15:34 flonk: so i need to download the lib separately? couldnt it get shipped with clojurebox?

15:34 pwade: Chouser: Where is your reflection helper code?

15:34 mehrheit: flonk: clojurebox ships clojure, emacs and swank. miglayout is a java library

15:35 Chousuke: flonk: that'd just be an unnecessary dependency for most people.

15:35 mehrheit: s/swank/slime

15:35 Chousuke: http://www.migcalendar.com/miglayout/versions/3.6/

15:35 you probably want miglayout-3.6-swing.jar

15:37 Pupeno: Is there any shorter version to (not (nil? x))?

15:38 Chousuke: x

15:38 :)

15:40 (nil? foo) is generally nonidiomatic. you can usually just use "foo" or (not foo)

15:40 Chouser: pwade: you mean 'show' for at the REPL?

15:40 Pupeno: or (seq x) is x is a container

15:41 mehrheit: Chousuke: unless you want to test only for nil and not for false

15:41 Chousuke: you really need nil? only if you need to make a distinction between false and nil I guess.

15:41 pwade: Chouser: yes

15:42 mehrheit: hivemind

15:45 cooldude127: for clojure-contrib, what's the most up-to-date repository?

15:50 hoeck: cooldude127: the one from sourceforge

15:50 cooldude127: ok

15:58 Chouser: pwade: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/96ed91f823305f02

15:59 clojurebot: show is http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/96ed91f823305f02

15:59 clojurebot: Roger.

16:03 flonk: http://www.migcalendar.com/miglayout/versions/3.6/

16:03 which of those do i need?

16:04 oh you said already

16:07 pwade: Chouser: thank you

16:08 flonk: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: c (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

16:08 when

16:08 user> (add-classpath "C:/Program Files/Clojure Box/libjars/miglayout-3.6-swing.jar")

16:09 mehrheit: flonk: add-classpath expects an URL; prepend the string with file://

16:10 flonk: can you show exactly how?

16:10 user> (add-classpath "://C:/Program Files/Clojure Box/libjars/miglayout-3.6-swing.jar") doesnt work

16:10 mehrheit: (add-classpath "file://C:/Program Files/Clojure

16:10 Box/libjars/miglayout-3.6-swing.jar")

16:14 flonk: hmm import works now thanks

16:14 still program crashes, oh well first prison breka then back to coding

16:21 ok the import retusn nil, but so does it if i mess up the path

16:21 couldnt that be changed, silent errors is the worst thing i know

16:33 Lau_of_DK: flonk: I dont get silent errors when I import something thats not there

16:36 hiredman: flonk: what is the exact import form you are using?

16:37 there are import forms that, infact, do nothing, so no errors are ever thrown

16:37 hiredman.clojurebot=> (import '(does.not.exist))

16:37 nil

16:38 you need to import specific names from the class

16:39 hiredman.clojurebot=> (import '(does.not.exist something))

16:39 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: does.not.exist.something (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

16:41 shoover: mehrheit: good point about clojurebox and the classpath. I will fix it to at least pick up jars in ~/.clojure

16:51 flonk: when you're done watching tv, you might also try add-classpath with file:///c:/... note the third slash

16:56 Lau_of_DK: flonk: you still havent got miglayout working?

17:08 traskan: (add-classpath "file:///C:/Program Files/Clojure Box/libjars/miglayout-3.6-swing.jar")

17:08 same again

17:08 Lau: no it is not working

17:08 i downloaded the lib you said and placed it ^^

17:09 Lau_of_DK: And youre on windows?

17:12 traskan: yes

17:12 sometime i have to do Progra~1

17:13 but it doenst seem to work either

17:13 hiredman: traskan: how do you know the add-classpath is not working?

17:13 hoeck: traskan: on my win2k machine add-classpath works with "file:/c:/program ..." (don't know why)

17:13 Lau_of_DK: Ok, traskan, just as an experiment, can you open a cmd, and move to the directory wherein you have miglayout-swing.jar ?

17:13 (ex. "cd c:\test"

17:14 traskan: i am there

17:14 Lau_of_DK: Can you copy clojure.jar to the same dir ?

17:16 traskan: done

17:16 Lau_of_DK: then try "java -cp . clojure.lang.Repl"

17:17 If that gives you a repl, try "(import '(net.miginfocom.swing Miglayout))" which should return nil

17:17 traskan: exception in thread main

17:17 Lau_of_DK: Which one?

17:17 traskan: java -cp . clojure.lang.Repl

17:17 Lau_of_DK: Which exception?

17:18 traskan: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: clojure/lang/Repl

17:18 Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.lang.Repl

17:18 Lau_of_DK: oh thats right, Windows has got a different syntax for cp

17:19 Maybe "java -cp "." clojure.lang.Repl" ?

17:19 traskan: huh?

17:19 Lau_of_DK: ?

17:19 traskan: two parts?

17:19 Lau_of_DK: sorry

17:20 'java -cp "." clojure.lang.Repl'

17:20 traskan: same

17:20 Lau_of_DK: I seem to remember that Windows wants quote, so that it doesnt mess up the command line

17:20 oh

17:20 hiredman: Lau_of_DK: he needs to name the jar in the cp

17:20 just having a . does not work

17:20 Lau_of_DK: hiredman: on windows?

17:20 hiredman: every where

17:20 Lau_of_DK: hiredman: It works fine on Linux

17:20 traskan: i must have in .emacs in my "real" emacs, wait

17:21 Lau_of_DK: traskan: We can solve this in a way that takes a little longer, but will give you the best result. Browse to www.ubuntu.org and follow the installation guide, report here when ready for step #2

17:21 hiredman: Lau_of_DK: It may apear to work that way on linux, but I really doubt it does

17:21 Lau_of_DK: hiredman: it does

17:21 traskan: Lau: ok done

17:21 hiredman: Lau_of_DK: I doubt it

17:21 Lau_of_DK: hiredman: dont doubt, it works

17:21 hiredman: traskan: how do you know the add-classpath is not working?

17:22 traskan: i have ubuntu installed

17:22 hiredman: i dont but the program doesnt start

17:22 hiredman: traskan: which program?

17:22 traskan: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout (miglayout.clj:0)

17:22 [Thrown class clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException]

17:22 contrib miglayout test.clj

17:22 Lau_of_DK: traskan: in ubuntu 'java -cp /path/to/clojure.jar:/path/to/miglayout-swing.jar clojure.lang.Repl

17:22 '

17:23 Chouser: For me, on ubuntu, this works: java -cp ~/build/clojure/clojure.jar clojure.lang.Repl

17:23 traskan: giot the rrepl

17:23 Chouser: This fails: java -cp ~/build/clojure/ clojure.lang.Repl

17:23 traskan: java -cp clojure.jar clojure.lang.Repl

17:23 hiredman: Chouser: word

17:25 traskan: i try to import and get classnotfoundexception there too

17:26 Lau: im not intereste din Ubuntu anyway, I run it on vmware and it is to slow

17:28 lol did i offedn anone? i didnt trahs ubuntu just saying im not gonna use it for this. probably will make a real install one day though

17:29 hiredman: traskan: good, tell him to take is ubango and shove it

17:29 traskan: youre what, a Suse guy?

17:29 hiredman: no

17:29 traskan: archlinux?

17:29 fedora?

17:29 debian?

17:30 hiredman: the idea of suggesting that you install a whole new OS as part of trouble shooting this issue is outragous

17:30 traskan: what does it matter what my personal choice is?

17:30 traskan: yes but he as just joking i think

17:30 just asking

17:31 hiredman: FreeBSD actually

17:31 traskan: im fairly new to linux an im not blown away,

17:31 ok

17:31 it is better than windows ina lot of ways but some not

17:31 hiredman: uh, in my personal opinion, just about anything is better then windows in everyway

17:32 but I am evangelical about it

17:32 traskan: lol, is freebsd easy to use?

17:32 hiredman: I find it easy to use

17:33 but I have been using it for about eight years

17:33 traskan: i jsut want something easy to use that is superstable and fast and good for programming. and youtube and stuff works..

17:33 danlei: it's very well documented

17:33 traskan: ok

17:33 anyway back to clojure

17:33 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout (miglayout.clj:0)

17:33 [Thrown class clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException]

17:33 so i need to get Miglayout in my classpath

17:33 hiredman: so what exactly are you doing to get that error?

17:34 traskan: and i never get the friggin java classpath

17:34 uim running miglayout/test.clj in clojure-contrib

17:34 im

17:34 hiredman: how are you running it?

17:34 traskan: C-c C-l

17:34 hiredman: I see

17:34 traskan: clojure-box

17:35 mehrheit: traskan: add-classpath may not work for some java libraries

17:35 traskan: ok

17:35 hiredman: rhicky has stated that add-classpath was a mistake

17:35 and may be removed

17:35 blackdog_: it's only for the repl

17:36 traskan: but now i have decided to put all my jars in ~pathto/clojure box/libjars/

17:36 blackdog_: he said yesterday

17:36 danlei: mehrheit: why might it not work?

17:36 traskan: how do i permanently add that to my classpath?

17:36 mehrheit: danlei: I don't know exactly; it doesn't work for Qt-Jambi, I think

17:36 hiredman: traskan: I think you have to right click on my computer

17:36 traskan: go to the advacned tab

17:36 danlei: mehrheit: hm, good to know

17:37 hiredman: traskan: click environment variables button near the bottom

17:37 and one of the variables is CLASSPATH

17:37 but add the directory the jars are in to the classpath is not enough

17:37 each jar file needs to be explicitly in the cp

17:38 traskan: ok i see

17:38 retarded but ok

17:38 hiredman: *shrug*

17:38 traskan: windonks + java -> uberclusterfuck

17:38 danlei: rhickey wrote 2 days ago, i think, a way to set a directory up, so that you would just have to put your jars in that directory

17:38 AWizzArd: why? :-)

17:39 hiredman: there are trade offs

17:39 as always

17:39 I rather like jar files myself, so tiddy

17:39 blackdog_: -Djava.ext.dirs=$LIBS

17:39 danlei: blackdog_: yes, that's what i meant

17:39 hiredman: clojurebot: jar directory is -Djava.ext.dirs=$LIBS

17:39 clojurebot: Alles klar

17:39 danlei: huh

17:40 blackdog_: onto your java command to get at all the jars in $LIBS

17:40 hiredman: good to know

17:40 danlei: der schwaetzt deutsch?

17:40 AWizzArd: danlei: yes :-)

17:40 danlei: =)

17:40 AWizzArd: but you will now wonder much more how in the world I could answer so fast

17:40 hiredman: clojurebot: der schwaetzt deutsch is <reply>#who: dah!

17:40 clojurebot: Ack. Ack.

17:42 hiredman: clojurebot: der schwaetzt deutsch is <reply>#who: Jah!

17:42 clojurebot: Ok.

17:42 hiredman: *cough*

17:42 danlei: clojurebot: schwaetzt du deutsch is <reply>aber sicher, #who!

17:42 clojurebot: You don't have to tell me twice.

17:43 danlei: clojurebot: schwaetzt du deutsch?

17:43 clojurebot: aber sicher, danlei!

17:43 danlei: clojurebot: botsnack

17:43 clojurebot: thanks; that was delicious. (nom nom nom)

17:47 traskan: still the same error after adding to classpath

17:47 hiredman: clojurebot: halting problem is <reply>not a problem, the average bid for it on getacoder is $821.00

17:47 clojurebot: c'est bon!

17:48 traskan: can i apt-get clojure-box on ubuntu?

17:48 Chouser: Isn't clojure-box only for Windows?

17:48 AWizzArd: Anyone here who has used Rife in either Java or Clojure?

17:48 hiredman: traskan: do you still have the miglayout jar and the clojure jar together in a directory somewhere?

17:49 traskan: yes

17:50 hiredman: java -cp clojure.jar;miglayout.jar clojure.lang.Repl

17:50 miglayout.jar replaced with the name of the jar

17:50 actually

17:51 java -cp clojure.jar;miglayout.jar clojure.lang.Repl c:\where\ever\miglayout\test.clj

17:51 ugh, but that will throw an exception about not finding clojure.contrib

17:53 traskan: java -cp clojure.jar;miglayout.jar clojure.lang.Repl

17:53 lol that didnt complaing

17:53 hiredman: yeah

17:53 traskan: when it should right?

17:53 hiredman: well, type in net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout

17:53 no quotes, no parens, see what it does

17:54 traskan: works

17:54 or returns what iw rote

17:54 hiredman: ok

17:55 so that means that somehow miglayout.jar has just not been in your classpath this whole time

17:55 traskan: yes

17:55 but it still doesnt seem to work from clojurebox

17:55 hiredman: yeah

17:56 what kind of settings knobs does clojurebox have?

17:57 mehrheit: traskan: C-h v swank-clojure-binary

17:57 what is the value of this variable?

17:58 traskan: swank-clojure-binary is a variable defined in `c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/swank-clojure/swank-clojure.el'.

17:58 Its value is nil

18:02 mehrheit: traskan: M-: (setq swank-clojure-extra-classpaths (list "C:/path/to/miglayout.jar"))

18:02 then you should restart slime

18:03 or, better, insert that form into your .emacs and restart clojurebox, but I don't know where .emacs is found on windows

18:05 traskan: i do

18:05 but i dont know where lcojurbeox is reading it from because it isnt the normal place

18:05 still the same though

18:05 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout (miglayout.clj:0)

18:06 mehrheit: traskan: did you restart slime?

18:06 traskan: no

18:06 how?

18:06 the whole clojure-box?

18:06 hiredman: heh

18:06 mehrheit: you should only the whole box in case you put the change into .emacs

18:07 hiredman: clojurebot: emacs?

18:07 clojurebot: uggada buggada

18:07 mehrheit: ,sayoonara in slime-repl, M-x slime

18:07 hiredman: clojurebot: emacs is also <reply>emacs is hard, lets go shopping!

18:07 clojurebot: You don't have to tell me twice.

18:07 mehrheit: actually, maybe (add-to-list 'swank-clojure-extra-classpaths "C:/path/to/miglayout.jar") would be better, since that wouldn't remove the contribs

18:09 traskan: stillt he same

18:09 mehrheit: don't know then. try posting in the google group's clojurebox thread

18:09 clojurebot: group?

18:09 clojurebot: group is http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/

18:20 traskan: (ns clojure.contrib.miglayout.test

18:20 (:import (javax.swing JButton JFrame JLabel JList JPanel

18:20 JScrollPane JTabbedPane JTextField JSeparator))

18:20 (:use clojure.contrib.miglayout))

18:20 when i eval that i get error too

18:20 (ns clojure.contrib.miglayout.test

18:20 (:import (javax.swing JButton JFrame JLabel JList JPanel

18:20 JScrollPane JTabbedPane JTextField JSeparator))) works though

18:20 so the problem is :use clojure.contrib.miglayout

18:21 hiredman: you may have clobbered the clojure.contrib entry in classpath

18:21 traskan: uh oh

18:22 i dont have it in my classpath *red face*

18:22 hiredman: (.get (System/getProperties) "java.class.path")

18:22 traskan: "c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/clojure/clojure.jar;c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/clojure-contrib/clojure-contrib.jar"

18:22 oh

18:22 hiredman: hmmmm

18:23 still no miglayout

18:23 traskan: nope

18:23 ah

18:23 it should be there?

18:23 danlei: hm,

18:23 hiredman: from my understanding of the swank stuff mehrheit spoke of, yes

18:24 danlei: yesterday, someone mentioned, that (System/getProperty "java.class.path") doesn't get updated

18:24 traskan: but where is that

18:24 hiredman: danlei: if you use add-classpath

18:24 traskan: i didnt

18:24 danlei: hiredman: yes

18:24 hiredman: yeah

18:24 traskan: i add do CLASSPATH in windows

18:24 .;C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\lib\ext\QTJava.zip;C:/Program Files/Clojure Box/libjars/miglayout-3.6-swing.jar;C:/Program Files/ImageJ/ij.jar

18:24 hiredman: hmmm

18:25 swank must be ignoreing that

18:25 traskan: hmm why si a zip int he path?

18:25 hiredman: jars are zips

18:25 traskan: ok

18:25 danlei: as far as i know (not sure), the CLASSPATH won't be used, if java is called with the -cp option

18:25 hiredman: danlei: yeah

18:25 which swank does

18:26 the swank in clojurebox will add all the jars in ~/.clojure to the classpath

18:26 but where ~/.clojure is on windows is, uh, unkown to me

18:26 traskan: so i place it there?

18:26 ok

18:26 hiredman: yeah

18:26 if you can figure out where it is

18:29 hoeck: traskan: or try M-x customize-variable swank-clojure-extra-classpaths and append the path, sth like "c:\\bla\\bar"

18:29 traskan: who created clojure-box?

18:31 i can in nornal emacs do $home to get to .emacs

18:31 isnt there a way to find out where .clojure is ?

18:31 like that?

18:31 hoeck: traskan: dot-paths are sometimes under c:\ (eg my .xemacs) and normally in the documents'n'settings\username\

18:33 hiredman: traskan: try and edit ~/foo in emacs, and see where it is

18:35 traskan: ~/foo ?

18:35 hiredman: uh

18:35 traskan: how do i get that?

18:35 hiredman: I dunno emacs

18:35 but vim :e ~/foo

18:35 or maybe on windows :e ~\foo

18:35 traskan: well how do then get where that is

18:36 i know what u mean to do

18:36 i did now

18:36 but when i do C-c C-f again i only get ~/ as apth anyway

18:36 hiredman: well

18:36 look around for the file :P

18:36 Docs and settings\username

18:36 traskan: the slime-history.eld is there

18:36 hiredman: all the usual places

18:37 look in the clojurebox dir

18:37 c:\program files\clojurebox

18:48 traskan: is last expensive?

18:48 or O(1)?

18:49 linear time it says

18:49 for both lists and vectors?

18:51 hiredman: traskan: O(n) I believe

18:52 O(1) is constant time

18:56 traskan: out of memory error, java heap space

18:57 summing over 10K elem list abd building a list(scanl for you who know haskell), can i do something about that?

18:57 hiredman: clojurebot: out of memory error, java heap space is <reply>hmm... sounds like your out of heap space

18:57 clojurebot: Roger.

18:57 Chousuke: traskan: building a list of what?

18:57 hiredman: traskan: my guess is you did this recursively?

18:58 traskan: loop-recur

18:58 Chousuke: can you show the code you have?

18:58 traskan: yes last is very slow

18:59 lisppaste8: trasken pasted "scanl" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/71049

19:04 Chousuke: hmm :/

19:05 I can't see anything wrong with the looping versin

19:05 version*

19:08 the default maximum heap size for java appears to be 64MB. maybe your million items just can't fit in that :/

19:09 traskan: yeah

19:09 hiredman: H4ns said something many moons ago about scanl

19:09 traskan: anyway could loop [fun f] be faster than not having the f in the loop?

19:09 i not declaring it again?

19:09 i emans till using it obv

19:09 (loop [fun f

19:09 i init

19:09 [x & xs] coll

19:09 acc []]

19:09 (loop [i init

19:09 [x & xs] coll

19:09 acc []]

19:09 seems it shouldnt matter

19:10 but the result differs slightly, maybe just coincidence

19:10 Chousuke: shouldn't matter that much.

19:10 hiredman: hmmm

19:11 lose the loop and maybe recur to the function frame?

19:11 traskan: how?

19:11 recur scnal?

19:11 hiredman: (recur ...) can target the function body

19:12 so you just take all the bindings in (loop [ ...] and but them in the function args list

19:12 it can making calling the function a little messier

19:13 I think that might not make a difference

19:13 I am unsure

19:17 Chousuke: it shouldn't matter

19:18 traskan: uh

19:19 i did foldl(reduce) with and without loop

19:19 and no loop was twice as fast

19:19 how come?

19:19 is it the destructuring?

19:20 yeah seems like it

19:20 doing first and rest is a lot faster than [x & xs]

19:57 this feels like premature optimization but i investigaed the above and it seems by my naive profiling(just using time ) that having 2 functions(nested ones) and binding recur to the fucntion instead of loop and not using destructuring spees it up

20:01 Chousuke: hmm :/

20:02 I wonder why having two functions would be faster than loop

20:02 destructuring is understandable I guess.

20:15 rhickey: 1000th member on the Google Group!

20:16 mmcgrana: nice

20:30 abrooks: rhickey: Congrats!

20:36 danlarkin: traskan: indeed, I have found destructuring to be slower than not, so for inner loops it makes sense to avoid it, but elsewhere the convenience can outweigh the (small) efficiency loss

20:37 traskan: yes that sounds reasonable, felt like i was doing pointless optimizations but you have a good point, could be used for inner loops

20:59 mattrepl: argh, having a difficult time pulling up examples of new class definition. anyone have a link handy?

21:15 that wasn't very clear, I was referring to the new Java class creation format that replaced the gen-class-*

22:04 Chouser: clojurebot: main?

22:04 clojurebot: 728=8B5?

22:04 Chouser: clojurebot: AOT main?

22:04 clojurebot: Pardon?

22:06 Chouser: clojurebot: AOT genclass is http://paste.lisp.org/display/70665 and http://clojure-log.n01se.net/date/2008-11-18.html#14:19

22:06 clojurebot: Roger.

22:06 Chouser: mattrepl: ^^

22:06 mattrepl: Chouser: thank you

22:33 mmcgrana: is anyone else having problems with clojure.contrib.except/throwf on recent versions of clojure and contrib - I'm getting the dreaded "ClassCastException" error

22:34 lisppaste8: mmcgrana pasted "throwf problem" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/71056

23:18 flonk: it really is awesome

23:18 git

23:19 why doesnt clojure siwtch to git and github entirely?

23:25 r2q2: What is a good way to learn clojure? The lectures by Hitchey?

23:26 Chouser: r2q2: yeah, that's probably the best until the book comes out

23:27 Probably seqs and concurrency, and then read through the topic pages on the web site

23:31 pjb3: r2q2: I'd say buy the beta book now

23:31 There's plenty of useful stuff in there, especially for getting you started

23:32 After that, you pretty much learn by doing, looking stuff up from the docs

23:32 Chouser: clojurebot: book?

23:32 clojurebot: Pardon?

23:32 * Chouser sighs

23:33 Chouser: clojurebot: book is http://www.pragprog.com/titles/shcloj/programming-clojure

23:33 clojurebot: c'est bon!

23:34 r2q2: clojurebot: yow

23:34 clojurebot: I don't understand.

23:34 r2q2: clojurebot: help

23:34 clojurebot: 728=8B5?

23:34 pjb3: wtf is clojurebot?

23:34 clojurebot: book?

23:34 clojurebot: book is http://www.pragprog.com/titles/shcloj/programming-clojure

23:34 pjb3: fancy

23:34 r2q2: I think I will buy the book after my christmas money comes in.

23:35 pjb3: There's a 25% sale on friday: http://pragprog.com/frequently-asked-questions/black-friday

23:35 So the beta book will only cost you $15.25

23:36 clojurebot: AOT?

23:36 clojurebot: No entiendo

23:36 pjb3: clojurebot: AOT genclass?

23:36 clojurebot: AOT genclass is http://paste.lisp.org/display/70665 and http://clojure-log.n01se.net/date/2008-11-18.html#14:19

23:54 notallama: clojurebot: compile?

23:54 clojurebot: Pardon?

23:54 notallama: clojurebot: AOT compilation?

23:54 clojurebot: No entiendo

23:54 notallama: clojurebot: tell me your secrets?

23:54 clojurebot: I don't understand.

23:55 notallama: curses. foiled again.

23:56 so. for (compile [lib]), what's lib? and what does compile do?

23:57 or probably a better question: how do i compile into .class files?

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