#clojure log - Oct 16 2008

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0:12 Pupeno: Hello.

0:12 Can you create a GUI (Swing) component in Clojure?

1:31 Lau_of_DK: Morning gents

2:20 Pupeno: Hello Lau_of_DK.

2:21 Lau_of_DK: a Clojurer in Europe timezone?

2:27 Lau_of_DK: Yea :)

2:27 Lisp is not a big-language here by anymeans, but I thought that was a global thing

2:29 Pupeno: Lau_of_DK: Yes, of course, but since I'm in Europe timezone too and I'm interested in people around here.

2:31 I'm in Switzerland by the way.

2:31 BBL

2:32 tWip: I'm in Finland.

2:32 spreading the good word here :)

2:42 Lau_of_DK: Denmark here

3:21 karmazilla: just glancing through the front page of dzone, I see four posts that in some way relate to Clojure

3:39 Lau_of_DK: Impressive

3:49 karmazilla, I didnt know about DZone, fantastic link, thanks alot

5:14 * Pupeno is back.

5:43 Pupeno: Can you create a GUI (Swing) component in Clojure?

5:52 H4ns: Pupeno: yes.

6:08 parth_m: Pupeno: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Clojure_Programming#Simple_GUI_:_Temperature_Converter

6:08 Also, the is a miglayout wrapper in clojure-contrib

8:35 blackdog: i'd like to be able to connect to a repl via ssh, any recommendations for ssh libs, examples?

8:36 H4ns: blackdog: maybe you can use ssh port forwarding? no libs needed for that.

8:36 blackdog: mmm, yea that's an option, i wonder if enclojure has something,

8:38 i'd quite like something self contained so i can deploy a jar and run, no other dependencies

8:40 H4ns: blackdog: the clojure promise is: leverage the java platform. i don't believe that there is some clojure ssh library, but you may be able to use a java one, like maybe http://www.trilead.com/Products/Trilead_SSH_for_Java/

8:41 cemerick: blackdog: enclojure has all of the infrastructure to support remote repls -- its repl is actually accessed via sockets (locally in the base case), but there's no reason why it couldn't be used to connect to remote repls

8:41 I *think* the only thing missing there is a UI to allow one to connect to a specific IP address, rather than local.

8:41 arbscht: blackdog: establish a tunnel with ssh and you will be able to use enclojure or slime through it

8:43 blackdog: ok, thanks all for the suggestions

8:44 Chouser: you'd want the clojure bit to be on the server side, right? That implies user and priv control -- probably best to leave that up to sshd and use a tunnel.

8:46 tWip: that's what I've done with webjure... just listen to socket and provide repl through that

8:46 then ssh in with tunnels set properly

8:47 blackdog: ok, seems like i just want a tunnel, simplest option

8:59 pjb3: I have some clojure code that creates a new class using gen-and-load-class

9:00 Then from clojure I call some java code then ends up doing Class.forName("myclass")

9:00 and it throws a ClassNotFoundException

9:00 tWip: different classloaders?

9:00 pjb3: but when I just call (Class/forName "myclass") from clojure, it finds it

9:01 but isn't Class.forName the system classloader, so it should be the same, right?

9:01 rhickey: pjb3: different classloaders

9:02 Invoking this method is equivalent to:

9:02 Class.forName(className, true, currentLoader)

9:02 where currentLoader denotes the defining class loader of the current class.

9:03 pjb3: hmm...so there's no way to do gen-and-load-class, but then have java code be able to find that class

9:04 rhickey: gen-and-load-class has decidedly restricted utility, and is only for consumption by Clojure. Java is a static world and needs gen-and-save-class

9:04 tWip: I have yet to need any gen -stuff.

9:05 pjb3: rhickey: ok, makes sense

9:05 So if I use gen-and-save-class, that class that gets saved ends up calling functions defined in clojure at runtime

9:05 rhickey: alternatively, you could have a Clojure fn that makes the instance and get it from Java using RT.var("yourns","yourfn").invoke()

9:05 pjb3: so I can redine those methods in clojure, it I need to

9:06 rhickey: pjb3: yes, still dynamic on the Clojure side - the class is just a contract

9:06 pjb3: cool

9:06 rhickey: there really isn't a good reason to define a class dynamically, since you can't redefine it dynamically, from a signature standpoint

9:08 cemerick: you may win on the ns/file relationship after all - in thinking about AOT and genclass, it seems now like the best mapping of a Clojure ns is to a Java class

9:08 turbo24prg: morning

9:09 from http://stuartsierra.com/2008/08/08/clojure-for-the-semantic-web:

9:09 "The first thing Rich did when experimenting with the semantic web was to pull data out of the Jena API and get it into Clojure data structures."

9:09 "Screencasts and code from the talk should appear soon -- watch clojure.org or the Clojure Google group for an announcement."

9:09 is that code already available?

9:10 i'd like to play with jena via clojure

9:10 cemerick: rhickey: whoo, that seems like a lifetime ago. It's been a busy year. :-)

9:10 isn't it somewhat too late to change course on the ns stuff, especially now that lib's been integrated?

9:11 rhickey: cemerick: it ends up the interface of lib doesn't change, just where you put things

9:11 com/mycompany/myns.clj

9:12 instead of com/mycompany/myns/myns.clj

9:12 pjb3: rhickey: when you said "there really isn't a good reason to define a class dynamically"

9:12 you mean that I should just use gen-and-save-class

9:12 cemerick: OK; so, the main advantage of the latter was that a namespace could transparently be composed of multiple files. Would that go away?

9:12 rhickey: because myns is going to end up being a class, with a static load() and optional main()

9:13 pjb3: instead of gen-and-load-class, since I can redefine the functions that gen-and-save-class calls

9:13 cemerick: (or, main advantage aside from tooling, etc., which is another issue to be reconsidered)

9:14 rhickey: cemerick: the only advantage of the latter was as regards resources, now all with same Java package share, e.g. one segment up

9:15 I think I've got the tooling sussed out, all fns end up looking like nested classes instead of top-level

9:15 com/mycompany/myns$foo.class etc

9:15 will work with debuggers

9:15 cemerick: yeah, that's a lot more straightforward, IMO

9:16 rhickey: cemerick: right, I'm still on the fence about multi-file - it really makes a mess, needs an 'include' notion etc

9:16 cemerick: there were a couple of people that were very pleased with dirs-as-namespaces though, so you could split a large ns into multiple files

9:17 personally, I'd be perfectly happy with a hard rule where one file == one namespace (or, has hard a rule as you can get given load-file)

9:17 rhickey: if there's a need to split them there's probably a logical partitioning, which need not incur a hard ns subdivision:

9:17 com/mycompany/myns.clj com/mycompany/myns-utils.clj

9:19 cemerick: If I follow you, that's perfectly reasonable in virtually all cases. Requiring a (use 'myns-utils) isn't hard.

9:19 rhickey: a big advantage, not yet fully cooked, is the replacement of genclass entirely by metadata annotations in your .clj file

9:19 cemerick: It gets smoothed out even more if clojure eventually grows the notion of friendly access between namespaces.

9:20 rhickey: since each ns is a class, for loading purposes, can define some fns as maping to methods etc

9:20 cemerick: rhickey: don't tease me :-)

9:21 rhickey: cemerick: It's going to happen - there's no reason for separate AOT options, and everyone struggles with the signature/def dichotomy

9:21 of genclass

9:21 cemerick: Oh, I'm all for it

9:21 rhickey: so, the sig and initial defs go together, but no limitations on dynamic redef

9:23 also, with the main() gen, makes the delivery story so easy - AOT+jar

9:24 pjb3: yes

9:25 cemerick: rhickey: what's your timeline look like? We're in the middle of trying to squeeze out a release; once that's done, then we'll bring our clojure up to date.

9:25 At that point, I'd be in a position to give something resembling useful feedback.

9:26 rhickey: cemerick: this decision is the final sticking point, most of the rest is mechanical - compile method is underway

9:27 cemerick: is it a sticking point still? You sound pretty convinced already.

9:27 rhickey: there will be some semantics of compilation, i.e. a shared-world model, since the compiler needs to evaluate the things it's compiling in order to make macros-in-same-file work

9:28 cemerick: I think I decided last night and still feel good about it this morning, floating it here for any feedback I haven't thought of

9:28 cemerick: might want to wait until noonish, anyway; Chouser's probably not up yet :-)

9:29 rhickey: shared-world means strewing side-effecting statements at top level not a good idea, but will eventually beg for eval-when

9:30 cemerick: yeah, we rolled our own poor-man's eval-when so our build process wouldn't puke on itself in conjunction with some self-referential genclass stuff

9:30 it sounds like AOT might leave room for resolving interleaved dependencies down the road....

9:30 rhickey: cemerick: maybe, still very complicated

9:31 part of me says, just don;t do it - you'll app will be cleaner if you stick interfaces in a separate, shared project

9:31 cemerick: definitely, but having a standard AOT process makes the problem tractable, anyway

9:32 rhickey: AOT is going to propel Clojure forward into many areas, I think

9:32 big feature

9:32 cemerick: it's definitely a problem on the margins, but where it is a problem, it usually can't be resolved through separate projects, and one's left in quite the bind

9:33 All of the "alternative" jvm languages will need to address it eventually

9:33 rhickey: cemerick: can you generically describe that situation?

9:36 Today marks Clojure's first year in release!

9:36 blackdog: congrats!

9:36 very successful year I'd say

9:38 rhickey: blackdog: yeah, I couldn't possibly have imagined the year it's had

9:38 Chouser: I'm up, but this is all over my head. I don't grok classic lisp or Java deployment deeply enough to have anything useful to say.

9:39 blackdog: your upcoming talk on the future of lisp is a good way to finish up, with all the big names there

9:40 Chouser: rhickey: I suppose you're mainly talking about imagining the community as it has become, but had you tried to imagine what feature set you'd have by now?

9:41 walters: Chouser: the way i think of it is in a dynamic language you can get away with A depends B, B depends A in many cases; the AOT is making Clojure less dynamic in a sense

9:43 rhickey: walters: not really affecting Clojure's dynamism at all, this is just a Java interop thing, which exists already

9:44 Chouser: yes, the community, the academic and other attention, all the talks etc

9:45 As far as the language, I knew doing a Lisp meant a small, manageable core, and tremendous ease in adding new capabilities, and that has proven out

9:46 Chouser: At the next anniversary you'll have a rather more high-profile interview than this.

9:47 rhickey: The only feature I'd imagined having that's missing is some sort of declarative rules

9:47 I though ti might be combined with predicate dispatch, but am happier with where multimethods ended up - ad hoc hierarchy

9:48 Chouser: Is the timing of v 1.0 (and related breaking changes) at all coordinated with the book release?

9:48 cemerick: rhickey: No, I can't generically describe the situation right now; we ran into it some months ago in connection with some clojure tests that introduced the interleaved dependencies. I think we resolved the problem by tweaking the build process for just that one clojure file.

9:49 rhickey: Chouser: not coordination - you know how it is with books, but whenever it is released, it will cover what is known then. Little I am planning to do would negate anything in the book, as it's been over the year, most changes are just additions

9:50 blackdog: rhickey: re java integration have you put thought into using annotations? e.g. i noticed the servlet spec v 3.0 yesterday is all about annotations, and i suppose it would be good for clojure to leverage that work

9:51 rhickey: Chouser: the only lingering breaking changes are, some code file layout issues relating to AOT, and the binding-form standardization, for which someone needs to do due diligence and find all the changing forms

9:52 blackdog: I think it will be important for Clojure to be able to generate annotations at some point, but they are still a very static Java thing, not that useful for Clojure itself

9:53 Chouser: will binding forms all be changed to allow multiple bindings, or is that not necessarily needed yet?

9:54 rhickey: Chouser: it won't always make sense - e.g. dotimes

9:54 so, othogonal

9:54 doseq being imperative for is the biggest need, IMO

9:55 blackdog: i agree not that useful for clojure itslef, but a lot of people moving over will expect the functionality, to inject predefined stuff, would it be possible?

9:55 rhickey: blackdog: inject into what?

9:55 blackdog: for Clojure?

9:56 blackdog: well say in a gen class situation, tagging the class as a servlet

9:57 rhickey: blackdog: that falls under "generate annotations" above, yes

9:57 blackdog: i haven't really looked at the new spec, but i think that's part of what they have - i should go and research a bit

9:57 ah ok

9:58 i thought you meant actually creating the annotation,

9:58 ok, cool

9:58 rhickey: metadata to the rescue

10:18 lisppaste8: wlr pasted "is this -> abuse or a bug?" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68628

10:19 achim_p: hi!

10:20 turbo24prg: rhickey: do you have any examples for clojure+jena?

10:20 Chouser: wlr: abuse. -> is a macro that "physically" inserts the result of one expression as the first arg of the next expression.

10:20 rhickey: wlr: -> is a macro defined in terms of manipulation of the forms it is passed

10:21 achim_p: rhickey: with files and namespaces being 1:1, will there still be a way to execute some code before the imports and requires are evaluated? alternatively, will there still be a non-declarative way of doing import and require (outside of ns)?

10:21 i'm currently using some runtime code to pull missing libraries from various sources (maven, svn, etc.) and adding them to the classpath, because i don't think xml config files are a good fit for smaller scripting-like usages of clojure.

10:21 rhickey: turbo24prg: sorry, saw that before, not on the machine I'm on - I'll try to post them on the group later

10:21 wlr: rhickey,chouser: thanks

10:22 turbo24prg: rhickey: cool, thanks!

10:22 Chouser: -> can be abused to get non-errors like: (-> [a 5] (let a))

10:22 rhickey: Chouser: yikes

10:22 * Chouser bows

10:23 rhickey: achim_p: yes, only load-file is at risk with AOT

10:26 achim_p: rhickey: that's good to know, thanks!

10:27 looking forward to AOT

11:02 fyuryu: rhickey: apropos non-errors, I lost almost an hour today because (merge nil {:a 1}) returns a seq. I have a patch if you want, but won't be able to send a CA untill tomorrow

11:27 Pupeno: I've already took a look at the temperature converter example, but I still don't know how to break down the UI of a program. In Java I have a component that inherits JComponent and is a brand new widget with its custom drawing. Can I make such a component in Clojure?

11:31 Chouser: Pupeno: have you seen this? Does it help at all? http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/b093a28d69692479

11:32 Pupeno: Chouser: I haven't going there now.

11:34 is (.setBlah blah) the same as blah.setBlah()?

11:35 Chouser: yes

11:36 Pupeno: Ok... so I should make a function (make-my-component) that will basically do (let [c (.JComponent)] (.setTitle c "My component") ...etc... c)?

11:37 Chouser: "JComponent." but yes

11:37 Pupeno: Except that JComponent is abstract.

11:37 Chouser: ah, hm.

11:38 ok, if you actually need to create a new class (and not just compose instances of existing classes) you may need to use proxy

11:38 Pupeno: So, there's no way to make a Java class/subclass in Clojure?

11:38 Chouser: (doc proxy)

11:38 rhickey: Pupeno: proxy can subclass abstract classes

11:38 Pupeno: Oh! excellent, thanks.

11:39 Chouser: sure there is. proxy is the easiest, but gen-class is also available.

11:39 * Pupeno goes to read.

11:39 Pupeno: Bah... Enclojure's REPL doesn't work at all.

11:39 asbjxrn: I didn't study that GUI thread that closely, but I made this toy gui lib that basically updated the GUI by having an agent update the repaint function.

11:40 My lib only draws in a JPanel, but could that approach work for more usual swing guis too?

11:41 Pupeno: asbjxrn: I'm still new with Clojure (and agents and all), but I've been teached to be scare of modifying GUIs outside the Swing thread... otherwise the sky will fall.

11:41 asbjxrn: For callbacks I used a macro eg. (on-mouseclick agent fn)

11:41 wwmorgan: Pupeno: what behavior are you getting from the enclojure repl?

11:42 asbjxrn: Pupeno: Exactly.

11:42 Pupeno: wwmorgan: I type something, I press enter, and it never comes back.

11:43 wwmorgan: Pupeno: alt + enter

11:43 Pupeno: wwmorgan: Oh! :)

11:43 wwmorgan: I think that happens to everybody

11:46 rhickey: (SwingUtilities/invokeLater any-clojure-fn)

11:47 asbjxrn: Hey!

11:50 Pupeno: Is it as easy as (proxy [JComponent] [])?

11:50 rhickey: Pupeno: yup

11:50 asbjxrn: Pupeno: Have a look at the ant colony code.

11:51 Pupeno: Amazing! Thanks.

12:43 rhickey: fyuryu: fixed - thanks for the report

13:10 leafw: Fiji is out: http://pacific.mpi-cbg.de -- an imaging application that supports plugins written in Clojure

13:12 cemerick: leafw: fancy -- is that yours?

13:15 leafw: partly yes.

13:16 I founded it. My hacker friends took it to much higher goals I ever intended.

13:16 (I'm Albert in the Contributors list)

13:17 cemerick: leafw: are you using any UI framework in particular?

13:17 leafw: there are Clojure examples under plugins/Examples/ : http://pacific.mpi-cbg.de/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=fiji.git;a=tree;f=plugins/Examples;hb=HEAD

13:17 no: we mix awt and swing.

13:17 ImageJ, the core, uses only AWT.

14:09 "Jython, lest you do not know of it, is the most compelling weapon the Java platform has for its survival into the 21st century" -- from http://www.jython.org

14:09 that sentence needs updating

14:09 in the current multicore world, Clojure is the best chance for the JVM to survive into the XXI century.

14:10 Chouser: Clojure is the best chance for lisp to survive into the XXI century.

14:10 leafw: I guess we have a synergy here, like symbiosis

14:11 Chouser: Symbiosis is the best chance for synergy to survive into the XXI century.

14:12 leafw: that sentence makes nosense Chouser. Never mind.

14:12 Chouser: I guess maybe others have a better sense of what computing will be like for the next 100 years, but to me none of those assertions are very compelling.

14:12 leafw: it's just PR.

14:12 Chouser: yeah, I'm sure you're right.

14:14 kotarak: What was it? Same month of release as lisp 50 years ago.... Hmmm....

14:14 leafw: someone said that in the mailing list.

14:15 kotarak: So let's see how Clojure looks like in 50 years...

14:15 leafw: considering how computers looked like 50 years ago, there's no hope we can even begin to visualize that.

14:16 kotarak: Maybe we are again in the Stone Age by then...

14:21 * H4ns hopes so

14:21 * Chouser would miss the computers.

14:24 kotarak: "Look my new fifty stone abacus! Running on granite core with marble UI!"

14:24 * abrooks would love to see how chouser beautifully crafted smoothly rolling rocks and logs.

14:24 abrooks: Chouser: You'd do fine in any medium.

14:24 kotarak: ;-)

14:37 Lau_of_DK: Evening gents

14:38 danlarkin: afternoon!

14:46 Lau_of_DK: Is there anyway to use (println) so that it automatically even-spaces the whitespace, like using the full width of the console?

14:48 Chouser: you're asking for fully-justified text, like a newspaper column?

14:50 Lau_of_DK: yes sir

14:51 Chouser: I don't think clojure provides anything like that -- dunno about Java.

14:51 Lau_of_DK: Java has a curses library

14:52 I'd just feel that it would be overkill - I just need to output some statistics :)

14:52 Chouser: there's (doc format) which could get you fixed-width columns of numbers and such.

14:53 kotarak: OCaml has pretty-print library, which can do such things IIRC. Maybe one can rip-out the interesting parts.

14:53 Lau_of_DK: Chouser, (doc format) throws an exception

14:55 Chouser: maybe your version of clojure doesn't have format. It just makes it easy to use java.util.Formatter

14:55 Lau_of_DK: are you thinking SBCL now?

14:55 ah okay, I'll look that up instead, thanks for the tip

14:55 Chouser: no, what little CL I knew has long since turned to vapor.

14:56 Lau_of_DK: Might as well, Clojure is the way to go

14:56 In my oppinion. Its more robust and modern (multi-thread) and also, SBCL and other non-proprietary Lisps have some very frustrating short comings

15:08 I'm still fighting this bug, if anybody has some input, I'll be happy to hear it: http://pastebin.com/m42056586

15:18 Pupeno: I don't see any other way of implementing custom painting that overriding paintComponent, which pretty much forces me to go the gen-class way.

15:18 StartsWithK: Lau_of_DK: what exactly is is the bug?

15:18 Lau_of_DK: That it gives mathematically incorrect results, as shown in second run of test-frac

15:18 wwmorgan: (fraction 1.0 11.0) => 0.99

15:20 Chouser: Pupeno: you can use proxy to override methods

15:20 Pupeno: Chouser: really? how?

15:21 Chouser: hm, well ...

15:21 * Chouser tries it.

15:23 Chouser: doesn't this work? (proxy [javax.swing.JComponent] [] (paintComponent [g] (prn g)))

15:23 wwmorgan: Lau: how does your algorithm detect an infinite cycle?

15:23 Pupeno: Chouser: I don't think so, but let me try.

15:27 Chouser: Oh! it does! I totally missunderstood the proxy documentation. Thank you.

15:27 Chouser: Pupeno: ah, great.

15:28 drewr: Does lazy-cons "look ahead" a few spots?

15:29 Chouser: drewr: users of it might

15:29 drewr: I'm trying to figure out if I am.

15:29 I think I am but I can't figure out how.

15:30 Lau_of_DK: wwmorgan, there's mathematical evidence that says that if a result of (modulus x a) gives a result, which has already been given once before, then an infinite cycle is detected

15:30 so this is what it looks for

15:32 rhickey: drewr: lazy-cons doesn't - it creates suspensions of both the first and rest expressions

15:32 drewr: I must be calling the fn that returns the lazy-cons multiple times.

15:33 If I'm concat'ing lazy-conses together, does that cause anything counterintuitive?

15:33 rhickey: drewr: with lazy-cat?

15:34 drewr: No, manually. I didn't know about lazy-cat when I wrote this code.

15:34 (concat (fn-that-returns-a-lazy-cons) ... )

15:34 rhickey: concat will eval each arg

15:34 doesn't run the seqs, but enough to know there is a seq

15:35 drewr: It looks like I'm getting three calls per fn.

15:35 rhickey: so will run the fn in which you call lazy-cons

15:35 drewr: I'm basing this on a prn that I've put in the fn-that-returns... call.

15:36 Pupeno: Chouser: It doesn't seem to work. The documentation says "Expands to code which creates a instance of a proxy class that implements the named class/interface(s) by calling the supplied fns." It seems the fns are kind-of like a constructor, but I'm not sure.

15:38 Chouser: you don't get to customize the constructor with proxy, just override the methods.

15:41 wwmorgan: Lau_of_DK: modulus is a list of String objects of length 1?

15:42 Lau_of_DK: No, its a series of digits

15:42 wwmorgan: "0"-"9"?

15:42 danlarkin: 1 through n-1

15:42 Lau_of_DK: but yea, for ease of use, I mean them string objects, that correct

15:43 danlarkin: 0 through n-1 actually I guess

15:44 Pupeno: oh... maybe I should anotate the arguments.

15:44 lisppaste8: Chouser pasted "custom JComponent overriding paintComponent" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68642

15:46 Lau_of_DK: wwmorgan, , as far as I can see, this is a problem of the algo inserting too few, or too many zeroes

15:50 kotarak: Lau_of_DK: maybe you want to use a set to store the previous results. I think this is more efficient then some + a list

15:50 Lau_of_DK: youre right

15:52 kotarak: Lau_of_DK: and after a quick look maybe vectors instead of list. so conj adds to the end. No need for concat...

15:52 Lau_of_DK: good tip, thx

15:53 Pupeno: Chouser: thanks.

15:53 Chouser: Pupeno: sure -- got it working?

15:55 Pupeno: Chouser: yes, but couldn't figure out why mine wasn't working, because it was very similar to yours. I was missing pack and invokelatter, but I've added them to mine and still couldn't make it work. Anway, thank you a lot!

15:55 Chouser: hm. Hope you figure it out.

15:55 Feel free to post the whole thing, if you want.

15:56 Pupeno: It's already gone, but thank you.

15:56 Chouser: hm, ok.

16:14 Lau_of_DK: wwmorgan, its working now :P

16:15 wwmorgan: Lau: very cool. What was it?

16:15 Lau_of_DK: The function fdigit should not be applied with using (rem a x), only (/ x a)

16:16 wwmorgan: ah.

16:17 Lau_of_DK: This is a decimal expansion that works ! :) http://pastebin.com/m379554bf

16:26 (insert applause)

16:28 (help refactor)

16:31 kotarak: Lau_of_DK: my suggestions with set and vector: http://pastebin.com/mf62a20b

16:31 Lau_of_DK: Thanks, those were some good tips

16:32 kotarak: Lau_of_DK: yeah, but not tested. ;)

16:32 Lau_of_DK: it'll come 'round

16:32 kotarak: Would like to see some comparison in performance on large inputs.

16:32 Lau_of_DK: yea, so far mine runs from 2 -> 1000 in 50 secs on my old slow CPU

16:32 I'll do a comparison tomorrow and let you know how it goes

16:33 kotarak: ok, would be nice

16:33 Lau_of_DK: (note: tomorrow could both mean saturday and sunday depending on circumstances beyond my immediate control, including but not limited to mood-swings and energy loss)

16:33 kotarak: :)

16:34 Lau_of_DK: Pretty sweet to be able to work with infinite floats though

16:34 wwmorgan: Lau_of_DK: (fraction 1.0 2.0) => 0.05

16:34 Lau_of_DK: little bug, use (fraction 2.0) instead

16:35 if you supply both args, it needs to multiply the numerator by 10, which I forgot to put in there

16:37 I gotta hit the sack, thanks for all your time and inputs guys

16:38 drewr: Chouser: Thanks for the regex backslash patch!

16:38 Chouser: drewr: sure! not much code, but my goodness all the talking!

16:39 drewr: Heh, I'm behind on list mail like a couple months.

16:40 Chouser: abrooks has suggested a weekly or monthly summary of clojure goings-on. I wonder how much audience that would have.

16:40 drewr: That's a great idea.

16:41 Chouser: sounds like work, though.

16:41 abrooks: Chouser: I've actually been working on that. I'm trying to find the right level of detail so it's (A) useful and (B) regularly completable by me...

16:41 drewr: I wish I had the time and foresight to pull that off.

16:41 abrooks: I'd hate to start it up and not follow through.

16:41 I'm intending a summary for October. I have part of September.

16:42 * drewr wonders why there isn't a "join" in boot.clj => (apply str (interpose ... ))

16:42 abrooks: Naturally, this will be called "Over Expojure"

16:42 drewr: :-)

16:42 abrooks: I'm aiming for monthly.

16:43 Chouser: abrooks: sounds great!

16:45 albino: Like Haskell Weekly, only Clojure Monthly

16:47 Pupeno: I think it would be nice if proxy would get real functions instead of things that look like functions, so that I could get a sane indentation.

16:48 kotarak: Pupeno: what editor do you use?

16:48 Chouser: heh. that's a funny reason for it, but it's been mentioned before.

16:49 kotarak: For me the indentation for proxy methods or functions is just a difference of two spaces....

16:50 Pupeno: kotarak: right now, Emacs.

16:50 kotarak: Pupeno: ok. Can't speak for emacs.

16:50 Pupeno: kotarak: what do you use?

16:51 kotarak: vim. What else? ;)

16:51 cemerick: is there no way to call a superclass' implementation of a method from a genclass impl fn?

16:52 Chouser: hm, there must be. That used to be a reason to use genclass instead of proxy.

16:52 achim_p: cemerick: you have to dynamically nil-bind the overriding function

16:53 and then call it

16:53 weird hack

16:53 cemerick: achim_p: ha-ha!

16:53 kotarak: proxy has proxy-super...

16:53 cemerick: yeah, I saw that proxy improved since the last time I looked at it

17:02 achim_p: cemerick: yes, it's not entirely obvious ... i already had patched gen-class to include a :retain-supers argument (super.anything() would become superAnything() for the generated class) when i learned this trick. IIRC, rhickey suggested it, so it's authoritative ;)

17:03 cemerick: achim_p: thanks -- it's unpleasant enough that I was motivated to find a workaround :-)

17:05 Pupeno: It seems that printlns from paintComponent, at least when running in Slime, do not reach the screen.

17:10 danlarkin: this is great, http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=68497070@N00&lang=en-us&format=lol

17:10 wwmorgan: Pupeno: I think I've run into that. I believe it's because *out* is not bound correctly in the AWT thread. I had a text widget that I just sent my output to, but you might try (. System/out println "foo")

17:12 kotarak: is the clojure group the right place to announce things? I'm always spamming the list, but I'm a bit uncomfortable.

17:15 Chouser: As long as it's clojure-related, I wouldn't expect it to be a problem.

17:19 cemerick: rhickey: is auto-creating arrays for variadic method calls still on your to-do list?

17:26 rhickey: cemerick: probably not, but literal syntax for native arrays is. Java variadics really need types to disambiguate the Object/Object[] problem. So I'm likely to add #[x y z] == Object[], with some variant for specifying the types

17:26 useful in places other than variadics too

17:30 cemerick: rhickey: adding a type indicator to into-array isn't sufficient? Array literals are expensive, in terms of taking up that #[ dispatch.

17:32 rhickey: cemerick: It might be, 'array' is also still available for some more succinct syntax. I basically punted on this when doing the recent print/read work, but print/read for arrays is going to come up soon

18:06 Pupeno: lisppaste8: url

18:06 lisppaste8: To use the lisppaste bot, visit http://paste.lisp.org/new/clojure and enter your paste.

18:07 Pupeno pasted "Can this be made less ugly?" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68654

18:08 Pupeno: Can that piece of code be made less ugly?

18:11 achim_p: Pupeno: how is it ugly? you could replace (. Color WHITE) by Color/WHITE (same for RenderingHints), but apart from that ...

18:12 Chouser: someone posted a macro to produce proxy calls that defered all the methods to top-level defn's -- but I can't find it.

18:13 Pupeno: achim_p: well, the method is indented so much, and by the time I finish putting the 500 lines of code I need in the paintComponent method, it'll be much uglier and harder to understand. It'll be very hard to know what's this component is inside the let.

18:14 Chouser: ah, http://paste.lisp.org/display/68075

18:14 achim_p: mmh, just use 2 spaces for indentation, defn style?

18:14 Chouser: but that's just an example, not an implementation.

18:15 Pupeno: you could certainly replace your paintComponent body with (my-paint component g) and defn that at the top.

18:16 Pupeno: achim_p: yes, I could, but I leave indentation to my editor, and when the editor messes up, generally I know I did something wrong. If I indent by hand the editor would mess up in normal cases. Maybe the editor should be fixed. I'm not sure.

18:18 Chouser: You mean (paintComponent [g] (my-paint this g))? I could do that, right. I was feeling I was depending on the internal workings of a macro, but hey! just by using this I'm already doing that.

18:21 Thank you for the tips.

18:28 rhickey: Clojure's birthday party: http://clojure.org/

18:31 danlarkin: looks delicious!

18:31 drewr: Nice!

18:34 Pupeno: Still waiting for it to load here :(

18:36 rhickey: Don't settle for a language that doesn't have cake!

18:36 * Pupeno wants the cake!

18:36 achim_p: happy birthday to clojure! congratulations to rhickey and everyone else involved

18:36 Pupeno: Anyway... happy birthday Clojure!

18:36 drewr: Bring a piece for me to Nashville.

18:37 danlarkin: ...the cake is a lie :-o

18:37 Pupeno: rhickey: I really can believe it's been only a year, the language look much much more mature than that. I'd say it's more mature than Ruby, which it's almost a teeneger.

18:37 * drewr has been using it for 10 months

18:38 Pupeno: drewr: wow! you are an old-timer!

18:38 drewr: It's amazing it was so usable 10 months ago!

18:39 rhickey: Pupeno: I worked on it a couple of years before releasing it

18:40 Pupeno: rhickey: I'm sure Matz did that as well. Not intending to create a flamewar. I'm just really surprised at Clojure.

18:46 lisppaste8: achim annotated #68654 with "emacs indentation" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68654#1

18:47 Pupeno: achim_p: *my* Emacs doesn't indent it like that.

18:49 achim_p: Pupeno: if emacs indents too much, inserting linebreaks after the first symbol of a form helps a bit. not perferct, but better than coding in cinemascope

18:58 drewr: How do you expand "~/foo" to "$HOME/foo" in java?

18:58 I thought File/getCanonicalPath or File/getAbsolutePath would do it, but no.

18:59 Those aren't static methods though.

19:02 Pupeno: drewr: Isn't that very shell specific?

19:02 drewr: Pupeno: $HOME is just a placeholder there.

19:02 I just want the tilde to expand to whatever is appropriate.

19:03 Pupeno: Is there a shorter way to do (int (/ someRandomInt 2))? to get 3/2=1, 4/2=2, 5/2=2, etc.

19:03 drewr: I thought the tilde was just an alias for $HOME, and the shell must interpret that. Different shells might or might not interpret it in different ways. But, not sure.

19:04 drewr: Hm. I suppose Python and elisp parse that manually and insert HOME from the environment.

19:04 Seems like Java could do the same.

19:05 Chouser: what's that partial logo under the cake plate? some kind of Clojure button?

19:08 Pupeno: (quot 3 2)

19:13 Pupeno: Chouser: thanks.

19:17 achim_p: some kind of metadata marker convention for fns with side effects would be nice ... i dabbled on a "find-by-example" function which let you do sth like (find-by-example [3 2] 1) and return all functions that yield 1 when called with any permutation of the given args. but the presence of side effects makes such things kind of dangerous

19:19 lisppaste8: achim pasted "find-by-example" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68658

19:21 achim_p: that's the code, maybe someone has an idea how to improve this

19:32 emacsen: hey rhickey I read your post today. Just want to say, honestly, that Clojure, even if it doesn't do everything you want, is doing something we all needed- that is jazzing people up about Lisp

19:33 I'm seeing old disgrunteled Lispers talking optimistically

19:33 I'm seeing Java people taking notice

19:33 it's awesome

20:00 scgilardi: jochu has been working on updating swank-clojure for the recent clojure changes. if you're using slime for clojure, it's worth a fresh pull. http://github.com/jochu

20:02 rhickey: emacsen: thanks, yeah, it's been a great start

20:25 scottj: Any compojure users here? I just downloaded it with git and running script/run in cygwin fails saying it can't find clojure/lang/Script. I'm guessing the classpath is not getting set correctly. /bin/sh is bash 3.2.

20:27 I'm supposed to run script/run from the compojure directory, not run run from the script directory, right?

20:30 jerryk: Is there a current or preferred unit testing framework or discipline for code written in Clojure?

20:31 fyuryu: jerryk: there is something for that in clojure-contrib

20:31 jerryk: fyuryu: thx, will look.

20:50 emacsen: mattrepl, hey... are you in fringedc?

20:51 mattrepl: emacsen, hey, never attended but am on the list. keep meaning to

20:52 emacsen: mattrepl Conrad did a cool talk on non-deterministic regex in arc

20:52 I need to bug him about the audio and slides from last talk

20:52 the embeddedml

20:52 not to be off topic- just trying to drum up more people to come to meeting :)

20:53 mattrepl: yeah, there was one on xmonad awhile back that looked good too. heh, will try to make it

20:53 emacsen: the xmonad one was decent

20:54 I used Xmonad for like... two weeks

20:54 the xmonad one got huge attendance

20:54 last one, not so much

20:54 (I hosted it and was prepared for double the number who turned out)

20:54 not that I'm complaining. we had I think 10 people at the end

20:55 and I wasn't just dissapointed in fringedc. I was pissed no one from hacdc came either

21:37 lisppaste8: q pasted "q" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68664

21:38 a pasted "a" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68665

21:49 Chouser annotated #68665 with "converted to clojure" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/68665#1

23:40 abrooks: Happy Birthday, Clojure!

23:40 * abrooks notes the edit this afternoon: http://clojure.org/page/diff/home/42336501

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