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9:38 cemerick: it appears that all of the invoke overloads emitted by genclass (when the genclass specification includes a reference to IFn or something that implements/extends it) attempt to invoke super.invoke with two more arguments than they should -- this leads to the 19- and 20-arg invoke implementations including references to 21- and 22-arg IFn invoke signatures, which don't exist.

12:34 does anyone else see a significant delay in google groups' email gateway (both sending and receiving)? Posted messages get to me about two days after they're visible on the site, and messages I send in by email can take anywhere from 5 minutes to many hours to appear online.

12:35 kotarak: I noticed that, but that was a one time issue for me. A mail of mine took 12hours to show up. It was even overtaken by another one.

12:35 cemerick: it's persistent for me. Totally irritating, especially since email is the only way to attach files to a post.

12:36 kotarak: Yeah. That's also annoying.

12:40 Chouser: 2 days!? I hadn't noticed that.

12:41 cemerick: Yup. I'm reading the alter vs. commute thread online because it hasn't shown up in my email yet.

12:41 or, the latest stuff hasn't.

12:44 Chouser: I've gotten all of that via email. I don't think Rich's last note was more than a few miutes late.

13:30 albino: setting up mailman is definitely preferred

13:52 cemerick: google groups is far preferable to mailman w.r.t. everything aside from its mail handling

13:54 albino: why is that?

14:13 cemerick: mailman is painful in every aspect -- administration, UI, archival access, etc., etc.

14:15 albino: heh

14:15 I thought the opposite

14:16 cemerick: Interesting. I thought everyone hated mailman archives. They have a very gopher-esque quality to them. ;-)

14:25 albino: my personal hate goes to the web arvhives that don't have a thread view

14:25 that always kills me

15:31 solkis: Question: What is the best way to add third-party jars to the clojure installation? I've previously setup command-line and emacs support for clojure via a script but now I want to start to play with it a bit. Do I need to modify the -cp flag of my script to point to each jar I may want to use or is there a way that can dump jars into a directory and they will be available?

15:38 Chouser: I think that's actually a Java question. Whatever the normal way is to add .jars to your classpath, do that.

15:38 No, I don't know what that is. :-) It may very from one OS to another, or even between distros. I'm not sure.

15:39 kotarak: In Mac (and Unix I think) java respects the CLASSPATH env var.

15:39 cemerick: Yeah, Clojure is a Java "app" just like any other. At some point, you need to inject the other jars into your classpath (either -cp or CLASSPATH env variable, etc)

15:40 solkis: Ok, thanks.

16:21 albino: there's a cli agrument you can pass to use a directory full of jars, isn't there?

16:22 and -cp if you want to pass each jar on the command line

16:30 solkis: not sure... I think -cp or -classpath will search in directories for class files but will not automatically add any jars or zips it finds to the classpath.

16:35 albino: http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2005/04/26/extending.html <- -Djava.ext.dirs= according to that

16:40 solkis: ok, yes... I have seen that used

16:46 another easy question: is there a way to use bit-or functionality when I have multiple arguments? I'm checking out clojure while using a little SWT and when trying to create a shell you need to bitwise or some various options... but this won't work because bit-or only takes two arguments: (bit-or (. SWT CLOSE) (. SWT TITLE) (. SWT ON_TOP )

16:46 I could nest another bit-or but I didn't know if there was an easier way

16:48 albino: no clue really, but can't you write a function that takes a variable amount of arguments and returns the bit-or of all the args?

16:48 kotarak: maybe: (reduce bit-or [(. SWT ....)])?

16:51 solkis: I'll investigate these approaches... I'm new to clojure (and lisp) :)

16:53 kotarak: I don't know how far to push this, but...: (reduce bit-or (map #(. SWT %) '(CLOSE TITLE ON_TOP)))

16:53 Probably bad style.

16:54 solkis: (reduce bit-or [(. SWT CLOSE) (. SWT TITLE) (. SWT ON_TOP )]) definitely does it!

16:55 kotarak: I don't like the multiple (. SWT ...), but it's probably pushing things...

16:56 solkis: I like your 2nd example too, especially in terms of me learning more here, but it didn't run... I'm looking to see why

16:56 kotarak: Oops. Ok. Know why.

16:57 It's wrong.

16:57 As I said: pushing things.#

16:58 I shouldn't chat at that time of the day...

21:48 Chouser: if those are class statics, you cant say [SWT/CLOSE SWT/TITLE SWT/ON_TOP] instead

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