#clojure log - Aug 17 2008

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7:16 Chouser: kage:

7:16 Code: Select all

7:16 (defpackage #:minesweeper

7:16 (:use #:cl)

7:18 hm, sorry about that -- the baby must have found the paste button.

7:26 roblally: minesweeper, huh. I know what you're doing!

7:38 Chouser: :-)

7:39 yep, http://www.lispforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=108

22:33 ericthor: rhickey: are you online? debugger discovery (I think)

23:00 Chouser: he may be on as rhickey_ in which case using that nick may notify him somehow.

23:00 or maybe not. :-)

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