#clojure log - Aug 06 2008

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15:13 ericthor: rhickey: anything change today related to classpath or resource lookups?

15:35 slava: rhickey: how does the performance of your persistent hash maps compare to java hash maps, in particular for updates?

16:14 rhickey: ericthor: no

16:15 slava: about 2-4x slower for inserts, can be as fast or faster for lookups, depending on number of items

16:16 slava: ah, ok

16:19 that's pretty much what i got with my implementation, but i'm hoping to close the gap with compiler optimizations

16:19 but man, persistent hash maps are pretty hairy to implement

16:19 it took me a while to understand how BitmapIndexedNodes work -- bitCount(bitmap & (bit - 1)) is a bad-ass trick

16:42 rhickey: slava: sorry about that :)

16:43 slava: no worries :)

16:44 so what's next for clojure?

16:45 rhickey: slava: mostly refinement over the next few months - October will be a year in release, might be nice to call something 1.0

16:46 longer-term, some sort of integrated Prolog-like rule engine, and a distributed computing story

16:46 I hope for web frameworks etc from contributors

16:47 slava: rule engine? interesting

16:48 rhickey: slava: makes more of a program declarative

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