#clojure log - Jul 27 2008

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7:54 hoeck: is it possible to query a clojure fn about the number of arguments it expects?

8:01 ahh, yes it is, thanks to reflection!

14:59 Chouser: I know absolutely nothing about this, so I really am asking -- why is the clojure namespace not org.clojure.lang, etc.?

15:37 rhickey: Chouser: for the same reason that java.lang is not org.java.lang (i.e. no good reason)

15:44 Chouser: heh

15:44 ok

15:45 I see this line near the top of PHM.java: new EmptyNode()

15:46 But when I do: (clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap$EmptyNode.) I get No matching ctor found

15:46 what am I missing

16:01 hoeck: Chouser: i guess the inner class EmptyNode is not public

16:02 Chouser: ah, ok. thanks. Shows just how little Java I know, I guess. :-/

16:05 hoeck: i'm used to the openess of clojure too, but i had the "no matching ctor found" exception quite often and now my eyes are trained to recognize the missing `public' :)

16:12 Chouser: seeing something that isn't there is a pretty impressive skill.

16:31 joekarma[lunch]: I see dead people

20:34 Chouser: rhickey: trying to use :exposes is failing for me, and indeed getField returns nil. But getDeclaredField seems to return the desired result.

20:34 This is stock gen-class, testing on javax.swing.DefaultCellEditor's clickCountToStart field.

20:35 (.getField (identity javax.swing.DefaultCellEditor) "clickCountToStart")

20:51 from the Java docs it looks like getField only finds public fields, not protected ones like :exposes is looking for.

21:02 rhickey: Chouser: ok, do you have a fix you want me to add?

21:02 Chouser: I think so, but my test cases are pretty thin.

21:03 I'll post what I've got later tonight, tests and all.

21:03 rhickey: isa-based multimethods and a la carte hierarchies are up!

21:04 Chouser: nice.

21:04 you have the 15 pages of docs and examples up too, right? ;-)

21:04 docs are such a drag.

21:05 rhickey: all the functions are doc'ed, writing up a message to the group now

21:05 also added resolving keywords - ::foo reads as :current-ns/foo

21:06 Chouser: interesting.

21:08 rhickey: keywords make better tags, since they print/read as themselves, but ` doesn't add namespaces to keywords that don't have them

21:08 but namespaces are important (required in fact) for tag hierarchies

21:09 Chouser: I used :xml-filter/something-or-other and felt odd about it. this'll be nice.

21:20 Actually, I probably should merge these two changes. If you want to replace line 415 of genclass.clj, it will fix my one test case:

21:20 I probably should *not* merge these two changes.

21:20 (let [fld (.getDeclaredField super (str f))

21:24 rhickey: Chouser: line 413?

21:25 Chouser: oh, probably. sorry, I've other changes in that file. just replace .getField with .getDeclaredField.

21:26 rhickey: ok, it's up

21:27 Chouser: fantastic -- works for me, now.

21:36 ok, I just posted my tiny gen-class patch and test. biab.

21:37 lisppaste8: rhickey pasted "isa? hierarchies" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/64336

22:17 rhickey: Enhanced multimethods explained: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/browse_frm/thread/9cc9926de1bdb128

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