#clojure log - Jul 13 2008

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5:22 Lau_of_DK: So...any interesting recent development with/in Clojure ?

10:44 meredydd: So...is anybody else experiencing a weird phenomenon whereby (.sleep Thread 100) will mysteriously hang forever?

10:45 rhickey: meredydd: not here at the REPL

10:45 meredydd: rhickey: Me neither. But I've just seen an invocation of:

10:46 (defn sleep [num-ms]

10:46 (println "Sleeping" num-ms)

10:46 (.sleep Thread num-ms)

10:46 (println "Slept"))

10:46 ...oh, ffs.

10:46 Forgot to flush.

10:46 * meredydd thwaps himself.

10:46 meredydd: On the other hand, I *am* fairly sure the compiler bug I reported the other day is real.

10:47 You taken a look at that, rhickey?

10:47 rhickey: the pr*n fns flush automatically now

10:47 meredydd: fixed already

10:47 meredydd: rhickey: Oh, good. *updates*.

10:48 rhickey: That includes (println)?

10:48 rhickey: yes, the newlines flush was last week

10:48 meredydd: ah - I haven't updated to that yet.

10:49 Oh, excellent.

11:12 rhickey: conj is now variadic

11:19 Lau_of_DK: variadic? :)

11:20 oh, got it

11:20 fancy talk

11:20 rhickey: in your own words, and in a philosofical quotable style, what would you say is the power of Lisp ?

12:02 Chouser: Heh. I knew I had little chance of success, but I tried to dig into meredydd's nested-try bug. I spent several evenings on it.

12:03 took rhickey a few seconds, apparently.

12:05 kotarak: Chouser: hi, thanks for your comments concerning the lazy-map idea. Do you maybe also know some examples of proxy usage?

12:05 rhickey: Chouser: When looking at verifier errors like that one of the challenges is the stuff you don't see, like the fact that (potential) exceptions reset the local stack, so manual stack-tracking gets hard

12:07 Chouser: rhickey: I figured out how to look at the bytecode that Compiler generates, and was picking through how try blocks are compiled. but that's about as far as I got.

12:07 kotarak: xml.clj has an example of proxy for deriving a class from org.xml.sax.ContentHandler.

12:08 kotarak: Chouser: Thanks. I will have a look at it.

12:34 rhickey: Chouser: loop destructuring also fixed

13:41 Chouser: rhickey: I saw that, thanks. you went a different way

13:42 out outer let instead of multiple inside the loop binding.

13:42 s/out/one/

13:43 rhickey: (defn takes [coll]

13:43 (lazy-cat [nil] (map (fn [n c _] (take n c)) (iterate inc 1) (repeat coll) coll)))

13:43 (defn drops [coll]

13:43 (lazy-cat (map (fn [n c _] (drop n c)) (iterate inc 0) (repeat coll) coll) [nil]))

14:20 dudleyf: Anyone else having problems with the svn repo?

14:20 rhickey: I am, can't check in :(

14:20 dudleyf: :(

14:27 hoeck: argh! i was trying to export files from clojure.svn.sourceforge.net using svnkit

14:27 the whole time i thought it was my misuse of their API

14:28 but i can't check out either using the native svn client :(

14:46 Chouser: heh, yeah, I assumed I had messed up my git-svn repo somehow.

15:00 dudleyf: I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with the permissions on my /tmp dir

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