#clojure log - Jul 11 2008

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4:21 homayoon: hi. anyone here has any experience with setting up slime with both a common lisp implementation and clojure? i'm getting an error message when i run "M-- N-x slime clojure" saying "Unable to resolve symbol: progn in this context"

4:53 ktne: hi, anyone here using enclojure?

18:30 tomppa: I have searched the Clojure pages and group but I couldn't find any info on if it is it possible to compile Clojure to .class files?

19:06 pjb3_: tomppa: kind of, it depends on what you are trying to do

19:07 You can use gen-and-save-class to create a class file

19:08 but also, clojure code gets JIT compiled at runtime, so if you just have clojure code, you can include in in a jar and have your java program load it

19:57 joubert: hi there,

19:58 Chouser: hi

19:58 joubert: hi Chouser.

19:58 does anybody here use the slime/swank stuff for Clojure? I have a Q about auto paren closing

19:59 may of my expressions end in things like }]}))]}]})

19:59 :-)

19:59 Chouser: yeah, there are people here who use emacs, but I'm not one of them.

19:59 sorry.

19:59 joubert: in CL, you can use slime to auto-close parens, or if you forget the shortcut, just keep hitting ) and with auto-highlighting you know when to stop

20:00 but with ] } and ), this becomes cumbersome

20:00 it totally slows me down

20:00 Chouser: hm, good point.

20:01 I often type open and close brackets together, and then insert code in-between.

20:02 joubert: Yeah. I really love the syntax for maps, vectors, etc. but can make editing a pain if you have larger expresson trees.

20:02 I guess one could add it to the Clojure slime/swank interface

20:02 Chouser: it hadn't struck me as a "pain", but you do have a point

20:03 I guess I never used CL enough to get used to a single kind of close syntax.

20:03 joubert: yeah, because you have to *read* and decide which bracket style comes next, instead of just going ))))))

20:04 Chouser: yep, I understand.

20:05 joubert: I'm going to shoot Jeffrey Chu a note and see whether he can add paren-close to his slime/swank module, if it does not already exist.

20:05 Chouser: what editor do you use?

20:12 Chouser: vim

20:18 joubert: ok; what's the clojure support like there?

22:56 Chouser: oh, it's got syntax hilighting and pretty good indentation support.

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