#clojure log - Jun 24 2008

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8:50 cemerick: Is there a function or var available that contains the path to the current file?

8:50 (current file being loaded, I should say)

9:18 rhickey: cemerick: not officially - (.get clojure.lang.Compiler/SOURCE_PATH) will work

9:20 arbscht: cgrand: thanks for the correction :)

9:22 cemerick: rhickey: Hrm. I think I'll skip that for now. FYI, I'm setting up a build process so that gen-and-save-class forms can always use a consistent output path, regardless of where the .clj files are. For now, I'll just always use "." for the output path, and run that process at the package root.

9:22 Having a clojure/*file* var that files can reference as they're being loaded would be super-handy. :-)

9:22 rhickey: yes

11:15 cgrand: rhickey: about reduce, what I still doesn't understand is that, sometimes, the seq wasn't retained -- hotspot JIT voodoo?

11:16 for 10M lines:

11:16 real 3m33.048s

11:16 user 33m52.490s

11:16 sys 0m53.788s

11:17 rhickey: cgrand: yes, I think hotspot sometimes optimized it away

11:18 are those good 10M line times?

11:20 cgrand: slightly worse than the imperative version I think (let me check)

11:20 rhickey: how many procs?

11:22 cgrand: proc usage is never precise -- only someone with root access could tell. (8 procs with 4 hardware threads)

11:31 imperative on 10M:

11:31 real 3m11.918s

11:31 user 32m35.173s

11:31 sys 0m44.201s

11:41 one lesson so far is to always run with -XX:+UseParallelOldGC on multiproc hardware without that full GCs runs only on one CPU and the others are sleeping

12:09 blackdog: what does this mean? Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Can't let qualified name

12:11 nevermind, it's in a macro, i was confoozed

16:12 Lau_of_DK: Hey guys

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