#clojure log - May 18 2008

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9:52 blackdog: would it be fair to say that clojure would have a performance closer to scala than jruby for example?

9:55 rhickey: I can't comment on Scala, but let's say Java instead. Yes, should be closer to Java _except_ for numerics, where Clojure is currently stuck with boxed numbers like the other dynamic languages. There are opportunities to inline some ops within-function (I think Kawa does some of that, but Clojure currently does not).

9:57 blackdog: thanks for the answer, i'm trying to learn clojure as my first lisp

9:58 so far so good, thanks!

9:58 rhickey: you're welcome

10:38 ozzilee: rhickey: I've been reading backwards in the "enhanced host call syntax" thread. If we get rid of the "hosty" (s.substring 2 5) syntax, couldn't we always assume (x.y ...) refers to package.class, thus using (foo.bar baz) as (new foo.bar baz)?

19:08 Chouser: I (and therefore the channel log) was offline for a while there.

19:08 The last thing I have is ozzilee asking about the hosty syntax this morning. Did I miss anything?

19:10 agriffis: no

19:11 Chouser: great, thanks.

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