#clojure log - May 16 2008

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7:31 ozzilee: rhickey: Morning. What's the procedure for submitting patches?

7:32 rhickey: I'd rather not get unsolicited patches. The first thing to do is start a dialog on the list about whatever the problem/feature is.

7:33 ozzilee: Ok. I added a (readable) procedure as was mentioned the other day.

7:34 rhickey: cool - you can post that to the list or paste it and I'll look at it

7:35 ozzilee: You mean the google group when you say list, right?

7:35 rhickey: yes

7:44 cgrand: the genclass overload changes are up

7:44 not extensively exercised yet

8:21 asbjxrn: set! is not mentioned on the api page, is there a reason for that?

8:22 rhickey: that is auto-generated from the source, and set! is a primitive

8:28 asbjxrn: OK, it might be nice to have primitives there as well. For completeness sake.

8:30 Clojure users seems to be a clever bunch, but once in a while someone like me shows up and need everything explained. :)

8:30 rhickey: one of the problems is that explaining the primitives can take several paragraphs, thus the rest of the docs :)

8:31 There is a special forms page

8:32 there needs to be an index

8:33 asbjxrn: Just about to write that...

8:33 rhickey: It's a long-standing todo for me to get the docs into a tool that will do more of this for me

8:35 jteo: i appreciate the api page very much.

8:36 asbjxrn: I always keep it open in one tab.

8:54 cgrand: rhickey: thanks, I saw the changes when I updated my copy this morning. It was instructive to see how you rewrote the buggy expressions. I'm playing with overloads right now.

11:50 rhickey: fyi, in r831 you replaced the resource name with the resource URI in sourcedebugextension when loading from a resource -- this change appears to break the ability of the Eclipse debugger to locate the relevant source file when a breakpoint get hit (or when inspecting stackframes).

11:54 rhickey: cgrand: Yes, an experiment. I expected to hear from you if it didn't work :) What is the story for Eclipse when the source is in a .jar? Was it finding it the old way? I'll change it back after lunch in any case.

11:58 cgrand: Good question, I'll test with source in a jar.

13:07 rhcikey: I can't set breakpoints if the file is in a jar (it must be an editor related problem) and I can't even step into the source (it looks like the java debugger presumes to find .class files in a jar and to ask the user for a root directory where it can find the .java files)...

14:14 rhickey: cgrand: went back to using plain name in loadResourceScript

14:21 cgrand: rhickey: thanks. (Btw plugins can provide source locators since Eclipse 3.0 so it may be feasible to debug clf files in jars.)

16:28 ozzilee: I'm trying to get Webjure running so I can play with it, but I'm clueless. I've just install jetty, and I've got the webjure.war in the webapps directory, can anyone help me from there?

16:28 I'm running ubuntu.

16:29 Chouser: I suspect webjure is kinda ... deprecated. But I'm not sure.

16:33 ozzilee: Hmm.

16:35 blackdog: ozzilee, this is an interesting link for a jetty webserver using clojure http://robert.zubek.net/blog/2008/04/26/clojure-web-server/

16:36 ozzilee: blackdog: Yup, played with that one.

16:36 blackdog: ok

16:37 ozzilee: What I really wanted to play with was the html/format function from Webjure. I'd like to use it for an app.

16:37 html-format

16:39 Chouser: there's a (slightly different) xml-stream-writer in clojure-contrib that might also work for you.

16:40 ...and I cobbled together a little xhtml function for an app: http://clojure-log.n01se.net/irc-log-split.clj

16:40 I'm sure others have as well.

16:42 ozzilee: Yeah, I threw one together myself. I'll take a look at both of those.

16:47 Chouser: How are you deploying your app?

16:48 Chouser: irc-log-split? cron job on my server and then rsync the results to the web server. :-)

16:48 ozzilee: Ah, heh ok.

16:48 Chouser: "deploy"

16:49 ozzilee: Yeah, not quite what I had in mind :-)

16:49 I'm writing an app over couchdb, I haven't decided between Clojure, Python, or straight client-side javascript yet.

16:50 Chouser: huh! CouchDB looks interesting.

16:51 ozzilee: Chouser: It's a bit mind-bending so far, trying to get out of relational mode. But it looks like it's going to work pretty well.

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