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8:04 asbjxrn: If I want to call clojure from java, I guess I have to add clojure as a library and import some classes? Is clojure.jar enough?

8:08 I'm thinking of using something along the lines described in the "java web start and clojure application" thread. (http://groups.google.com.sg/group/clojure/browse_thread/thread/f0c69735c5a9bd03/1e0dced366af9077?lnk=gst&q=webstart#1e0dced366af9077)

8:09 So I can use the interface designer in netbeans and just have the main function start the RT and hand over the control to clojure.

8:18 cgrand: asbjxrn: are you using a recent clojure form SVN or the last release?

8:19 form -> from

8:19 asbjxrn: From SVN

8:21 cgrand: ok, now it's even silmpler to embed Clojure. You only need clojure.jar and a file named user.clj (in the classpath).

8:21 asbjxrn: I'm trying to use enclojure. Not sure how to get the clojure.jar included. I've added it to the libraries of my project, but I get a package jvm.clojure.lang does not exist when I try to import jvm.clojure.lang.RT

8:22 cgrand: In java code, just do something like RT.var("namespace", "name").invoke(....) and you are done.

8:23 I don't have experience with enclojure but RT is clojure.lang.RT not jvm.clojure.lang.RT, "jvm" is the name of the root source folder

8:24 asbjxrn: Ah. It should be import clojure.lang.RT, not import jvm.clojure.lang.RT...

8:24 cgrand: yes

8:30 asbjxrn: Hmm. That user.clj trick is neat. But I guess I should then make my gui as a class instead of an swing application.

8:30 To avoid conflicts with main().

8:35 cgrand: user.clj won't get

8:36 (oops I hit [enter])

8:38 Clojure won't get initialized (and thus user.clj executed) until you use it. I don't understand where you see a conflict with main().

8:45 (I read what you wrote on #enclojure:) Yeah user.clj is here to help you automatically define and populate your namespaces, I don't think Rich intended it to be the main entry point to the program.

8:47 asbjxrn: I thought I saw something on the google group about user.clj being used as an entry point. Could be for the REPL/script class? Or more likely, I misunderstood.

9:05 Ok, got that part working... Now to do something useful...

9:05 cgrand: :-)

17:29 nsinghal: is there a function in clojure for doing modulo arithmetic?

17:29 Chouser: rem

17:34 nsinghal: thanks

18:34 meredydd: So, what *is* the official entry point for a Clojure program?

18:35 References are made to compilation, but is there a compiler that will give me a class with the traditional static main() method?

18:37 The method in scrollback seems to be about dynamic loading from a java class

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