#clojure log - May 06 2008

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11:34 Chouser: has anyone gotten gen-and-load-class working with an :init and :state ?

12:15 rhickey: Chouser: did you get :init and :state to work?

12:23 * rhickey is at java one and will be flickering in and out

14:40 Chouser: I've got it mostly figured out. Things I've learned:

14:41 put the gen-class *before* using (clojure/in-ns ...) to set up the namespace

14:41 If you use :state 'foo, refer your state using (.foo this), not just foo

14:56 Use :only in (refer 'clojure) in your class namespace, because any non-trivial class is like to have a large number of conflicts. Favorites include: print read replace find send

14:57 s/is like/is likely/

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