#clojure log - May 03 2008

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10:08 cmiles74: This may be kind of a dopey question, but I can't figure it out... If I have string that has the name of a function in it, is there a quick way to get at that function? I'm trying parse things the user types in.

10:09 rhickey: 'read' is one way to avoid strings altogether

10:09 and preferred if the input is Clojure code

10:10 else something like:

10:10 user=> (resolve (symbol "list"))

10:10 #'clojure/list

10:12 cmiles74: Yep, that is what I was trying to do! Your other point is well taken, I have to think about if this is really the way I want to do it.

10:12 Thank you.

15:43 rhickey_: gen-class is up!, everything I talked about yesterday, plus auto-load .clj from classpath

15:43 put the .clj next to the .class file

16:04 baggles: hum

16:04 w3ait

16:04 does this mean there's a clojure ... without needing createclassloader

16:04 or whatever it was that was preventing applets from working?

16:05 rhickey_: no, Clojure compiles on the fly and needs its own classloader

16:06 this let's you create statically-named Java classes that end up calling Clojure code, greatly easing integration into Java frameworks like servlets, Netbeans/Eclipse etc

16:07 also mor epowere when deriving from Java classes - access to protected members, adding methods, setting up custom constructors and static factory methods, support for main etc

16:08 plus final state, which can be a ref or agent, allowing for transactional or asynch Java objects

16:09 * rhickey_ is working on docs...

17:26 Chouser: well gen-class allow access to superclass methods?

17:29 rhickey_: kind of - the recipe is, in some method foo in which you want to call super.foo, just bind foo to nil and call this.foo

17:34 Chouser: (gen-class ... :methods foo [void []] ...) ... (def foo nil) ?

17:35 and then calls to foo will actually call super's foo?

17:35 rhickey_: you never need to use methods unless you are adding new methods, not needed for overrides or implementing interface methods

17:35 all of the superclass/interfaces methods will be public in your class

17:36 so the only uncovered case is when you are overriding foo and need to call the superclass

17:37 (defn foo [] (binding [foo nil] (.foo this)) ...)

17:37 Chouser: ok, makes sense. that's actually the case I have.

17:37 oh!

17:37 hehe, I see.

17:37 rhickey_: temporarily unbinding foo causes the default behavior of calling the superclass version

17:38 Chouser: yep, ok, thanks.

20:18 blbrown: does anyone have a clojure test framework out there?

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