#clojure log - Apr 27 2008

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3:14 jteo: how does one send s-expressions to a running instance of clojure in a jvm?

3:14 (from an external process)

7:35 rhickey: jteo: there's an example of a repl on a socket on the wiki

11:52 jmbr: hi

11:52 rhickey_: welcome

11:52 jmbr: thanks

11:52 just installed the latest svn version of clojure

11:52 and so far so good

13:29 rhickey_: Chouser: your patch applied - thanks

18:04 jmbr: hi

18:04 jonathan_: hi there

18:12 Chouser: rhickey_: cool! thanks. :keys, not \: ?

19:13 rhickey_: yes, :keys

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