#clojure log - Apr 20 2008

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8:07 rhickey: Modius: in biasing for insertion/removal is it not going to be persistent?

10:34 jteo: projecteuler is good fun for learning clojure

12:41 Modius: rhickey: I probably didn't explain that well. Structurally the same - I meant the functions take lists of removals/additions to be done en masse - it's still functional, and still structurally the same.

13:01 rhickey: Modius: are the bulk adds/removes for performance or convenience?

13:01 Modius: rhickey: I may not have tested this as much as you have - but they are in the vain attempt to cycle out less buckets in bulk-insert cases (performance) - for convenience itself, either can be built out of the other.

13:03 rhickey: not sure there's much perf gain to be had given the (hopefully) random distribution of hashes

13:05 Modius: It would mean, for example, in a bulk add the root array (and rootward arrays) are only rebuilt once. The inserts split down the inserts into per-bucket sublists (it has not escaped me that *this* may make it a wash)

17:31 abrooks_: jteo: re: Project Euler + Clojure -- truly the perfect match. I've been having fun with that pairing as well.

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