#clojure log - Apr 18 2008

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9:00 bstephenson: Newbie-ish question: I have written a cloure module that runs from the command line: java -cp clojure.jar clojure.lang.Repl MyCoolCode.clj -- C:\Interesting\Directory . The code works and does console output as required, however, at the end I stay in the Repl, and must hit Control C to get back to the command line. Is there a preferred way in clojure to exit the entire program and get back to the command prompt.

9:01 rhickey: use clojure.lang.Script instead of clojure.lang.Repl

9:42 bstephenson: had to reboot for a rare (!) Apple software update. Thx for the answer on command-lines. Much help

10:49 cgrand: If I need to locally bind a multimethod (eg a with-method macro) am I doing something wrong? (given there's no support in boot.clj for this, I'm doubting)

12:04 rhickey: cgrand: hard to say universally, but you'll have to anticipate that by defining your method in terms of an ordinary function, which you can then dynamically rebind

14:03 Chouser: The exception question in the group is interesting. I can get the class of a proxy, but I can't use it in a catch clause.

14:05 And even if I were to create a macro that produced try/catch clauses with the proxy's classname inserted, Clojure doesn't seem to be able to resolve that class name.

14:05 rhickey: all proxies of the same list of classes/interfaces are of the same class

14:07 Chouser: But I have to provide an actual class name for (catch Foo), right? I can't do (catch (class foo) ...)

14:10 rhickey: (get-proxy-class Exception)

14:10 clojure.lang.Proxy__14485

14:10 but the classloader hierarchy won't let you find it

14:10 user=> clojure.lang.Proxy__14485

14:10 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.lang.Proxy__14485

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