#clojure log - Apr 16 2008

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11:04 drewr: Does anyone else think WITH-META is misnamed?

11:04 Seems like SET-META or ASSOCM or something else would be more appropriate.

11:05 The WITH-* nomenclature has the connotation of a macro that evaluates a form with certain context.

11:40 Chouser: oh I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it, I think I agree.

11:40 assoc-meta

11:40 except that since metas are often a map that might be misconstrued.

23:22 drewr: Is the @ significant in @traced?

23:29 Ah-ha, yes it is. It's a reader macro for DEREF.

23:42 Chouser: right on!

23:43 sorry. it's late. I shouldn't be speaking.

23:47 in fact, I'm off to bed. g'night

23:47 drewr: Night :-)

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