#clojure log - Mar 30 2008

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1:17 Chouser: is there a way to test for identity equality?

1:20 I want to check if a ref has changed, so I don't really want to scan the entire object each time, I just want to store and test its identity.

3:23 abrooks: Chouser: "identical?" is what you want, I think.

9:28 Chouser: abrooks: yep, "idential?" is what I wanted. I wonder why it's not at: http://clojure.sourceforge.net/reference/api.html

10:41 rhickey: Chouser: identical? doc fixed

13:20 Chouser: rhickey: thanks!

17:33 arbscht: oops

17:34 * arbscht adds it to autojoin

19:03 abrooks: rhickey: What do you think about "_" for numeric spacing ala C 99, Ruby and other languages? (e.g. 1_000_000 -> 1000000)

19:26 rhickey: I liked it in Mathemtica...

19:27 Mathematica

19:27 This optional for entry only, or also print?

19:56 abrooks: rhickey: I was thinking for entry. Pretty printing at the REPL might also be nice but my real desire is for source readability. In C99 and Ruby the _ placement is arbitrary allowing not only millennium marking but word byte, word or special purpose marking of fields.

19:57 rhickey: hmm...

19:57 * abrooks realizes he doesn't know if Closure supports binary, hex or octal numeric representation and goes off to look

19:57 rhickey: not yet, there wasa patch submitted that I still haven't gotten to integrate -

19:58 it will follow moving to Java's boxed numbers

19:58 abrooks: Ah. Okay.

19:59 rhickey: anyone look at the new for?

20:00 abrooks: I did but I haven't tried it yet. It looked nice.

20:01 GINMF (Google Is Not My Friend) on Java boxed numbers. Is there another term I should look for or is there a reference page?

20:02 rhickey: Just talking about the wrapper classes Integer Long etc derived from Number

20:02 abrooks: Ah.

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