#clojure log - Mar 14 2008

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14:26 Chouser: This should be legal, right? (defn f [a & [b & c]] (when nil (recur a b c)))

14:26 I get: Mismatched argument count to recur, expected: 2 args, got: 3

14:36 looks like recur wants the "rest" arg passed in as an actual seq?

14:41 rhickey: yes, recur must match actual parameter count, which is 2

17:22 cgrand: thanks for the details on LNR

17:24 I'm thinking about changing the Repl purge-on-error to:

17:25 while(rdr.ready()) rdr.readLine();

17:25 but don't have an WinXP box to try it on

17:34 Chouser: heh. no destructuring in "binding" yet.

17:34 rhickey: did you really need it?

17:34 Chouser: nope. easy to work around with an extra let

17:34 or "first" and "second" I suppose.

17:35 rhickey: I am not opposed, but would like to see some real-world need

17:37 Chouser: I'm don't know that what I'm doing it correct enough to justify any support.

17:54 bgeron: I think destructuring is not something you "need", as are all other layers around assembly

17:55 but they're convenient, make programs more readable and let you grasp a program / come up with one easier

19:25 rhickey: specifically destructuring in 'binding' though, is less compelling

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