#clojure log - Mar 12 2008

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16:07 Chouser: Is there a way to test if something is a set?

16:11 (instance? clojure.lang.IPersistentSet x) I guess

16:22 * bgeron wonders why it isn't called ISet

18:53 hoeck: hi

18:53 rhickey: hey

18:53 hoeck: i have a problem with hash-map

18:54 (hash-map ..) with 10 :key val arguments returns a hash map on the repl

18:54 but (let [a (hash-map ..)] a) throws an exception

18:55 but only if there are 10 or more key val args to hash-map

18:55 rhickey: what exception?

18:55 hoeck: java.lang.VerifyError

18:56 rhickey: I'll look into it

18:56 hoeck: i was just trying to init a big struct map

18:56 great, thanks!

18:57 btw, (let [a (apply hash-map (list key val ..))] a) works with more than 9 keyval args

18:59 rhickey: I'm sure you are bumping up against the positional arg limit (20), and the codegen is screwy

19:01 hoeck: so i have to use apply and a list?

19:02 rhickey: I have to look at it

19:03 the limit should just be on defining fns with more than 20 params, not on calling fns with more than 20 args

19:40 * hoeck going to sleep

19:41 hoeck: bye

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