#clojure log - Mar 11 2008

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6:27 hoeck: hi, does anyone know what happened to `set' ?

6:27 i mean, (set ref val)?

6:29 ahh, found it, its called ref-set now

11:33 rhickey_: Lunchtime think-tank talk on sequences: http://blip.tv/file/734409

15:08 Chouser: rhickey_: any initial reaction to the talk about regex reader changes?

15:13 rhickey_: just reading right now - my inclination is just to disable treatment of \ as an escape in regex literals except for \"

15:19 la_mer: rhickey: those blip shows are great, BTW

15:21 rhickey_: they're unscripted, from talks we do at lunch, but I'm glad they help

15:27 Chouser: sounds like an interesting group

15:31 rhickey_: yeah, we take turns doing talks about interesting ideas/tools - I always talk about Clojure and/or the underlying concepts

15:31 Hope to get around to STM, agents etc

16:01 Chouser: is apply lazy?

16:01 It could only be for & args, right?

16:04 rhickey_: (apply (fn [a b & c] [a b (first c)]) (repeat 42))

16:04 [42 42 42]

16:04 I'm not sure calling it lazy is quite right though

16:05 Chouser: very cool. I had assumed it would consume all params before calling the fn, since it would have to for the named args.

16:05 rhickey_: it doesn't consume the arguments

16:05 Chouser: ...until I saw in your latest video the implementation of mapcat

16:07 rhickey_: apply is very efficient in passing the rest around without repackaging or examining it any more than needed to match the positional params

16:15 Chouser: very cool

17:24 albino: The rest of the people don't sound like they've done much with lisp based on the questions

17:29 rhickey_: right - Java/C# crowd

19:39 Chouser: using an unsupported escape char in the REPL seems to confuse it quite a bit

19:39 rhickey_: that's what started this disc

19:40 the recent discussion on regex

19:40 Chouser: oh! ok.

19:42 sorry, should have read the beginning of the thread instead of just the end.

21:23 rhickey_: user=> (cons 1 2 3)

21:23 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong number of args passed to: cons

22:10 Chouser: woohoo!!

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