#clojure log - Mar 07 2008

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6:07 baggles: hi

12:11 rhickey: any emacs folks know how to enter a real tab in clojure-mode?

12:13 baggles: ack! tabs!

12:13 evil!

12:13 <_< >_>

12:15 rhickey: have another suggestion for multiline docstrings?

12:16 baggles: what's wrong with spaces?

12:17 rhickey: when poured into another container, the spaces are in the wrong places, vs stripping tabs first

12:20 baggles: oh. not sure I follow. but ok. is this you using docstrings in gui components?

12:45 albino: what's wrong with tabs?

12:57 baggles: well, for indenting code, it leads to inconsistencies what with some people using 8-stop mixed with spaces and a 2 shiftwidth and some people just using tabs as the base shiftwidth

12:57 http://www.cliki.net/Coding Convention

12:57 :)

12:58 rhickey: right, indenting is unpredictable, I agree, and don't like

12:58 but the docstrings might be used programmatically, not just looked at in the source

13:56 Chouser: If used programmatically, could any set of multiple spaces be collapsed to one?

13:57 rhickey: sure, just more of a pain than stripping tabs, esp if you want to follow the 2 spaces after . rule

13:57 Chouser: or alternatively, a new quoting syntax could be used that strips the leading spaces of each wrapped line. I think bash has that.

13:58 rhickey: bleh, more syntax

13:58 Chouser: :-)

13:59 rhickey: I'm not sure I'll avoid that indefinitely, as it is a common problem (multiline strings)

14:00 Chouser: well, wait -- the newline is in the string too, right?

14:00 rhickey: right, also easily stripped

14:00 Chouser: can't you just replace all \n\s+ with "\n "?

14:00 rhickey: with a regex

14:01 Chouser: oh, or with just " " if you want to get rid of the newlines.

14:01 right. you already included syntax for regex... :-)

17:00 rhickey: jcowan: could you swap the LTU link for a link to Clojure TV? clojure.blip.tv and the main link to clojure.org?

17:22 jcowan: I have no Super-Cow Powers at LtU

17:22 rhickey: no I meant on this IRC header

17:22 jcowan: Oh, sure

17:24 rhickey: thanks

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