#clojure log - Mar 05 2008

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10:52 Chouser: rhickey: good morning! Is it morning where you are?

10:52 rhickey: yup, ny

10:53 Chouser: do you have an idea for the "best way" to store relations?

10:53 rhickey: store them on disk/

10:53 ?

10:53 Chouser: yeah

10:54 rhickey: Usually the DB is dictated by other constraints, could go in anything relational

10:54 with the caveat of no-ragged rows

10:54 Chouser: ok

10:55 are you at all familier with RDF?

10:55 rhickey: easy to put rowsets from JDBC into relations - (set (resultset-seq rs))

10:55 Chouser: ah, cool.

10:55 rhickey: RDF - yes, I've written triple-stores

10:56 Chouser: I've actually done very little with RDF in practice, but I think I see its utility and I'm working on using it now.

10:56 Although I had actually decided to back off of "real" RDF and just use triples in clojure maps for now.

10:56 triples of whetever -- keywords and strings, I suppose, instead of URIs

10:58 anyway, that was my plan before your addition of relation supprot, so now I'm trying to figure out if I want to make use of that somehow.

11:01 rhickey: you can make relations of triples

11:01 Chouser: that's kinda what I was thinking ...thus the question of disk storage.

11:01 For the short term I'll just dump the maps using print and read with eval.

11:02 read-file

11:02 rhickey: you could use the JAva API to Allegro's

11:02 Chouser: anyway, I have that working, but obviously there's a bit of a size constraint there.

11:02 rhickey: < 50 million triples is free

11:02 Chouser: what's allegro?

11:04 rhickey: http://agraph.franz.com/

11:05 Chouser: ok, thanks.

11:06 rhickey: I haven't used it, but the Java version looks useful for Clojure

11:06 Chouser: I was looking at JRDF some, but I wanted to concentrate on building a nice Clojure query API first.

11:07 rhickey: There's also Jena

11:27 http://yariv.wufoo.com/forms/favorite-lisp/

11:49 Chouser: :-)

14:28 jgracin: rhickey: just a tip... Emacs has fill-paragraph which is bound to M-q. It takes care of formatting in doc-strings.

14:28 rhickey: thanks - I was wondering how I was going to keep up the formatting :)

14:32 jgracin: :-)

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