#clojure log - Feb 28 2008

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5:08 arbscht: so what's the status of IDE (specifically Emacs) integration for clojure? is anyone working on it?

9:19 alpheus: I'm reading Swank code with the goal of a port to clojure. No promises, of course.

9:20 rhickey: Good luck! It would be really neat to have

9:24 arbscht: alpheus: hah, so am I

9:26 alpheus: great! do you know clojure? I don't, yet, and this looked like a good way to learn the language

9:26 arbscht: I guess we're in the same boat

9:26 alpheus: common lisp?

9:26 arbscht: yes

9:27 alpheus: are you strong with the java libs

9:27 arbscht: I know my way around

9:27 alpheus: good, good

9:28 arbscht: well, keep us posted on your progress with swank

12:14 Chouser: What's the recommended way to save a map between runs?

12:14 "str" it out, and then eval?

12:15 Hook up to a relational SQL database? (ew)

12:21 I guess I'll use "pr-str". And then not eval, but ... maybe read?

12:22 "load-file"

12:39 hoeck_: i would use load-file and pr-str a you suggested, works well as long as your map fits into memory

12:41 but maybe you want to implement serializable

13:02 :)

18:16 Chouser: no destrucuring bind for maps?

18:16 I know, I'm a whiner.

18:24 rhickey: sure there is

18:25 (let [{a :a b :b} amap] ...

19:53 Chouser: oh! cool. It's backwards from what I was trying.

19:58 rhickey_: right

22:19 Chouser: I'm trying to refer to javax.mail.Message.RecipientType.TO

22:19 I guess TO is a static of class RecipientType

22:20 oh, no, the class name is Message.RecipientType

22:20 rhickey_: RecipientType$TO

22:21 Message$RecipientType

22:21 i.e. nested classes are separated by $

22:21 Chouser: ok

22:22 Do I need to use (.) somehow?

22:22 rhickey_: that's how Java does it under the hood, not Clojure

22:22 no, $ replaces . between parent and nested class

22:22 Chouser: right, sorry, I meant the . special form

22:22 javax.mail.Message$RecipientType$TO is giving me a ClassNotFound

22:23 rhickey_: is TO a member of RecipientType?

22:23 (. javax.mail.Message$RecipientType TO)

22:23 Chouser: docs say a static member

22:23 ah, perfect. thanks.

22:24 rhickey_: sure

22:59 Chouser: ew. Apparently I need to subclass a Java class.

22:59 I tried to use "implement", but it says: javax.mail.Authenticator is not an interface

23:00 rhickey_: I'm working on that now

23:00 what do you need to do?

23:00 Chouser: javax.mail.Authenticator is an abstract class, not an intereface

23:00 I just need to override a protected method

23:01 these Java APIs sure can get convoluted.

23:13 hm, sorry, connection dropped.

23:33 So would I have to write a Java class to do this now? There's no way to do it from a .clj file?

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