#clojure log - Feb 25 2008

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8:54 baggles: wow. ted neward gave me a very detailed response on what to do about the java policy stuff for clojure

8:54 in an applet

8:59 rhickey: yes, very nice of him. But how are you going to get users to make those policy settings?

8:59 baggles: exactly

8:59 this is the problem

8:59 i don't think it looks any more feasible than it did yesterday.

9:00 rhickey: nope

9:00 baggles: hm. i want to write back to explain the brick wall I hit, just in case there are any more ideas out there....

9:01 it's a shame. i think there could be a promising "market" (or community) of people interested in an lispification of processing (a la processing.org).

9:04 i'm still kind of hoping someone will come along and say... "yeah you do it like this"

9:04 vain, i think.

9:05 ^in

9:08 rhickey: do most people use processing in/for applets?

9:09 baggles: well, i find it a great presentation system. and there are certainly a big bunch of them on the web

9:09 it seems to be the preferred delivery system

9:09 rhickey: I thought applets were dead

9:09 baggles: well, i just got a job recently which is to be basically writing applet games.

9:10 starting in a couple of weeks, i am. so i'm really curious about this possibility here.

9:10 rhickey: interesting

9:10 the classloader issue is non-trivial on my end

9:11 baggles: i dunno... well ... i like lisp and now i'm going to be using java... i don't suppose i'll be able to get any major technology decisions such as this in, but it's certainly something for the future to think of.

9:12 i'm just suprised that even with signing it, and having the certificate seemingly properly accepted i'm still locked out of that functionality.

9:15 well, yeah i'll try and investigate later

9:15 * baggles goes back to work

14:29 rhickey: functional zippers are up! - src/zip.clj

14:29 http://www.st.cs.uni-sb.de/edu/seminare/2005/advanced-fp/docs/huet-zipper.pdf

14:32 completely functional tree 'editing'

15:07 hoeck_: cool

15:27 rhickey: more her: http://clojure.sourceforge.net/news/

15:27 here

16:08 Chouser: interesting.

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