#clojure log - Feb 16 2008

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8:17 * bgeron wonders what tools

13:20 Chouser: Is there a way to test if something is a keyword?

13:21 rhickey_: not built in, I should add it

13:21 instance? clojure.lang.Keyword

13:21 Chouser: ok, thanks.

13:22 BTW, I'm poking casually at a query tool for map/seq trees like the kind xml.clj produces (as well as in general).

13:23 I like xpath, so it's definitely influencing the direction I go, but I don't what the queries to be strings that have to be parsed.

13:24 Anyway, I realized just a moment ago that there is at least one thing xpath allows that I think will be essentially impossible because of the map/seq structure: ../

13:27 rhickey_: well, there are noi parent references (tricky in a functional language), but that doesn't mean the traverser can't maintain a stack

13:28 I imagine there'd be much interest in something like xquery for Clojure maps

13:33 Chouser: well with "normal" DOM implementations, you can start your query on any node and still go to a parent, in which case a stack wouldn't be sufficient.

13:35 ...a stack in the context of the query, of course.

13:38 rhickey_: Have you read: http://www.st.cs.uni-sb.de/edu/seminare/2005/advanced-fp/docs/huet-zipper.pdf

13:41 * Chouser reads now

15:18 jh06: I asked about a day ago about not being able to redefine if

15:19 rhickey_: ok

15:19 jh06: apparently you cannot define a function named if and it have any impact, but you can name a macro named if and it will take precedence. Is this how mosts Lisps work?

15:19 I mean I understand that if is a special operator

15:21 rhickey_: If you were able to define a macro, that's just a hole I'll end up plugging at some point. The recommendation is not to redefine special ops. What were you trying to do?

15:21 jh06: honestly nothing in particular, I was just looking at how Clojure is implemented

15:22 I would like to see if CL and Scheme do something similar

15:23 rhickey_: In general I'm not looking to support redefining the primitives - it leads to code that won't interoperate. That's why the reader is still closed. So, in that respect more restrictive than CL

15:24 jh06: makes sense

15:45 Chouser: so you won't let me use a thread-local binding to, say, instrument "if", or log it or anything.

15:46 rhickey_: no, it really is primitive

15:46 not many things are

15:47 16?

15:48 Chouser: :-) ok

17:10 ericthor: assuming there may be multiple streams writing clojure into a running JVM either for development purposes or possibly accessing a remote REPL, is the best way to do this to serialize the requests on a LinkedBlockingQueue and send them back to streams running the the requesting thread?

17:10 oops...no Rich

22:33 jonathan_: hi Rich, thanks for the help today!

22:35 And thanks for pointing out function literals. I'm really looking forward to trying them in something useful

22:36 oops...no Rich

22:36 doh

22:37 "Cheers" to anyone enjoying a beer. And "Snap" to anyone enjoying a Boddingtons...

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